Umpqua Trapper Index: 1965-2023

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Ara–Arago; AV-Ash Valley; Aza-Azalea; BR-Battle Rock; Brk-Brockway; Cala-Calapooia; UCala-
Upper Calapooia; Cal-Callahan; CS-Camas Swale; CaV-Camas Valley; CavCk-Cavitt Creek; CB-Civil
Bend; CCC-Civil Conservation Corp.; CH-Coon Hollow; CBWR-Coos Bay Wagon Road; Corv-
Corvallis; CC-Cow Creek; LCC-Lower Cow Creek, below Glendale; UCC-Upper Cow Creek, above
the Canyon; Clev-Cleveland; CoosB-Coos Bay; Coq-Coquille; CIM-Coquille Indian Massacre; CoV-
Coles Valley; Cnv-Canyonville; DC-Days Creek; DCM; Douglas County Museum; Dil-Dillard; Div-
Divide (Calapooya-Willamette); Dr-Drain; DrCk-Deer Creek; Dxv-Dixonville; Eden-Edenbower;
Elg-Elgarose; Elk-Elkton; Elkh-Elkhead; Emp-Empire; Eug-Eugene; FO-Fair Oaks; FV-Flournoy
Valley; FS-French Settlement; Galsv-Galesville; Gard-Gardiner; GP-Grants Pass; GV-Garden
Valley; Gl-Glide; Glen-Glendale; Grn-Green; GrV-Green Valley; HBC-Hudson Bay Co.; Hh-
Hayhurst; IP-Idleyld Park; Jv-Jacksonville; Kel-Kellogg; KeCr-Kent Creek; Lg-Lookingglass; LL-
Loon Lake; LP-Long Prairie; LR-Lone Rock; LRiv-Little River; MC-Myrtle Creek; NMC-North
Myrtle Creek; SMC-South Myrtle Creek; Mel-Melrose Mwd-Millwood; MS-Mt. Scott; MP-Myrtle
Point; NA-Native American; NoMC-North Myrtle; SoMC-South Myrtle; Np-Nonpareil; NWC
North West Co.; Oak-Oakland; OC-Oregon City; OkCk-Oak Creek; Ola-Olalla; OHS-Oregon
Historical Society; PFC-Pacific Fur Co.; PaCk-Pass Creek; pna-previously known as; PO-Port
Orford; Port-Portland; Reed–Reedsport; Res-Reston; RiCk-Rice Creek; RoCr-Roberts Creek;
RoCkN-NUmp Rock Creek; RCk-Roberts Creek; Rd-Riddle; RH-Rice Hill; Ros-Roseburg; RP-Round
Prairie; RWV-Rogue Indian War Veteran; RR-Rogue River; RV-Rogue Valley; Ruck-Ruckles; LSb-
Lower Scottsburg Sb-Scottsburg USb-Upper Scottsburg; SR-Smith River; Sd-Sunnydale; Sut-
Sutherlin; SV-Scotts Valley; Til-Tiller; Tm-Tenmile; TriC-Tri City; UAs-Umpqua Academy student;
UC-Umpqua County; Ump-Umpqua; MUmp-Main Umpqua River; NUmp-North Umpqua River;
SUmp-South Umpqua River; WlCk-Wells Creek; WiCk-Willis Creek; Wil-Wilbur; WinB-
Winchester Bay; Winc-Winchester; Wins-Winston; WoV-Wolf Valley; Yon-Yoncalla;
1) The Issue marked Winter Hunt 1980, Volume XV No. 4 with a photo of the North Umpqua at
Winchester should be Winter Hunt 1979.
2) The issue marked Winter Hunt 2004 Vol XXXX #1 with a photo of Mr. & Mrs. Moore on the
cover should be marked Winter Hunt 2003 Vol XXXIX No 4.
3) The issue marked Winter Hunt 2005 Vol XXXX No. 4 with a photo of the Umpqua Valley on the
cover should be marked Winter Hunt 2004 Vol XXXX No. 4.


2 nd Oregon Regiment: Wi04 p7.
4-H Club: Su02 pp43,44.
“4F”: Su05 p17.
4 th Company National Guard Rifle Team, Roseburg: Su08 p21.
12 Mile Ranch (SoMC): Wi20 p3.
“29er Gals”: Norma Strader Hatfield Sp91 p13.
54-40 or Fight: Fa18 p14.
88¢ Store (Ros): photo Fa72 p63.
99 Club (Winc): Sp87 p5; Su88 p42.
“100 th Anniversary Dedication of the Town of Elkton”: Fa90 p68-71, Jerry Winterbotham.
“100 Year History of Douglas County Theaters and Drive-Ins”: Steve Swanson Sp13 p9-23.
Continued in Su13 p2-21.
101 Service (Reed): Wi98 p92.
“120 Years of the U.S. Census”: Elizabeth Portia Schiltz Sp80 p17-22; duplicated here Su10 p15.
911 emergency system: Fa10 p8.
1774 “Declaration of Rights”: Sp07 p5.
1857 Oregon Constitutional Convention: Fa78 p52; Fa98 p51; Sp07 p11.
“1870 Cattle Drive: From Oakland to Upper Touchet” Susie Sheffield Sp73 p21-24.
“1905-Basketball introduced in Camas Valley”: Wi92 p83-87 by Margie Brown.
I951 Callahan Fire (Hubbard Creek Burn): Wi96 p86.
1976 Bicentennial: Su03 p40.
“A Bear Story”: Charles L. Mosher Wi76 p79-82.
“A Brief History of Women’s Suffrage”: Sp20 p3-5, Dale Greenley.
“A Dirge for the Milltown”: prose by Betty L. Koop Fa09 p17.
“A Centennial Dawning, in Oregon’s Sesquicentennial”: Emily Blakely Su09 p10.
“A Century Farm in Scott’s Valley”: Susan Applegate Blake Sp83 p3.
“A Day with a Cow Column”: Jesse Applegate Su75 p29.
“A Douglas County Album”: Su69 p36.
“A Family Affair” Douglas County Farmer’s Co-op: Wi02 p75.
“A Hard Winter”: Su65 p16.
“A Journal”: Wi78 pp87-96, Sp79 p4-24; George Munford Clark
“A Light in the Wilderness”: by Jane Kirkpatrick based on Letitia Carson Wi14 p4.
“A Long Road to Stony Creek”: Rufus Burrows Fa76 p72.
“A Long Walk to Roseburg”: Don Good Fa09 p9.
“A Night on the Oregon Trail”: song by Bob Mayer Fa08 p7.
“A Partial History of the Taft Mountain Ski Area”: Dale Greenley Wi19 p3.
“A Road to Douglas County”: poem by Celia E. Langenberg Fa08 p22.
“A Song of a Farmer”: LaVerne Murphy Fa08 p16.
“A Sporting Event”: Su82 p39-42, Portia Schiltz.
“A Stagecoach Tragedy”: Su71 photo p47.
“A Tragedy of the Rails”: Sp70 p13-24 by George Abdill.
“A Tribute to Round Prairie Valley”: poem by Blanch Burnett Elliott Sp85 p19.
“A Trip through Southern Oregon”: Philip Ritz Su21 pp18-20 Mining and Scientific Press, San


Francisco, July 6, 1861 p4.
“A Trip to the Coast”: Sumner Brawn Fa 80 pp51-55.
“A Unique Agricultural Colony”: Gabriel Davidson & Edward A Goodwin, Wi65 p13.
“A Very Special Time”: Sp99 pp27-35 by Tom Dillard; same story again in Su09 p3.
“A Walk Through the Garden of Memory”: Jay L. Chaney Fa82 p55.
A.J. Root Co.: Su04 pp6,12.
A.O.U.W. Lodge: Wi87 p74.
A.S. Miller & Sons: Su65 p5; Sp11 pp13,15.
Aaron Rose Dam: see New Era Dam.Su08 p14.
Abbot, Camp: Sp21 pp8,9.
Abbott Butte (SUmp): Wi91 p78.
Abbott Grave (SR): Wi11 p4.
Abbott, James: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Abbot, Henry L.: Wi77 p88.
Abbot, Teresa: Su82 p39.
“Abbreviated Swimwear”: Wi09 p20.
Abdill, Archie Bassett & Vivian Varee Dodge: Wi12 p15.
Children: George Bateman.
Abdill, George Bateman & Joyce Ruff: “Trapper editor Sp65 to Fa82; Su65 pp6,13; Wi65 p10;
Su67 p10, photo 11; Wi67 p7; Sp68 p7; Wi68 p77; Sp69 p3; Wi69 p87; Sp70 pp3,13; Su70
p32; Fa70 p58; Sp71 p27; Fa71 p51,70; Wi71 p75,85,87; Sp72 p16; Su72 p27; Fa72 p51;
Wi72 p75; Wi73 p84; Su74 p41; Su78 p30; Sp81 p2; Sp82 p18; Su81 p32; Wi82 Cover, issue
dedicated to George, a bio and stories of his life, photos 77,79, et seq.; Sp85 p10; Sp89 p3;
Fa92 p52; Su96 p37; Wi97 p75,79; Sp98 p13; Su03 p38, et seq.; Fa09 p6; Wi09 p21; Photo &
mini bio Wi12 p15; Wi14 p13.
Children: Daniel Bruce, Karen Ann, Michelle DeDobbelaere Wi82 p75.
Abernathy, Mr. (Oak): Su77 p37.
Abernathy, Gov. George: Su79 p28; Wi97 p75
Abeel, Paul: Wi98 p78.
Abeene, John: Sp78 p20 photo 21; Wi03 p20.
Abeene, Mollie (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Abeene, Pheapa (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Abeene, Verner (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Able, Tom: Wi09 p4.
Abolitionists: Wi01 pp86,89.
Abraham and Abrams appear to be used interchangeably in Douglas County History accounts
Abraham Family: Su75 p35.
Abraham Brothers, Sol & Hymen: Sp85 pp3,6; Wi90 p91; Fa18 p5.
Abraham Building (Ros): Su75 p35; Fa86 p51.
Abraham, Sol & Hymen’s Store: Sp67 p14; Su75 p35; Su76 pp47,48.
Abraham Store: Su75 p35; Fa95 p51; Sp09 p4; Sp16 p5.
Abraham, Wheeler & Co. Building (Umpqua Hotel site): Su75 p35; photo Wi87 p92; photo Sp05
p16; photo Sp09 p5.
Abraham, Mr.; Sp65 p13; Su00 p32.


Abraham, Atty. Albert: Wi09 p18.
Abraham, Deb: Wi86 p75.
Abraham, Hyman & Jane Owens: Sp85 pp3,6; Sp20 p12.
Abraham, I. (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Abraham, Morris: Sp09 p4.
Abraham, Solomon “Sol” & Julia Hinkle: Sp65 p13; Wi65 p12; Wi66 p21; Su69 p37; Sp71 p2;
Su75 p39; Wi75 p75; Sp83 p4,13; Sp85 pp3,6; Su85 p40; Wi97 p88,90; Sp09 p4; Sp19 p13.
Children: Morris, Mollie (Mrs. John C. Floed, Jr.) Su12 p15.
Abraham’s Silk Store (Ros): Fa91 p53.
Abrams: Su75 p31; Su03 p42.
Abrams Brothers- Solomon & Hyman: Su75 p31; Su12 p15. Fa12 p16.
Accusta, William (Perdue): Wi71 p91.
Ace Williams Mountain: Sp70, p9.
Ackert, Edith (Ros): Fa91 p50; Wi92 p88; Wi99 p84; Wi03 p15.
Act 3 Theaters: Su13 p18.
Ada, Ore.: Su11 p4.
Ada aka Fir Grove Cemetery-1899: Wi11 p4.
“Adak” gas launch: Su66 p18.
Adair, John, Col. (Ast); Fa72 p70;
Adam’s Apple (Oak): owned by Roger& Jodi Helliwell Sp69 photo p10.
Adams Cemetery-1857, (MC): Wi11 p4; Sp12 p6.
Adams Creek (Yon): Sp83 pp2,3; Sp93 p14.
Adams School (MC): Wi67 p14.
Adams, Dr. (Glen): Fa94 p68.
Adams, Mrs.: Fa20 p12.
Adams, Bill (MC): Wi92 p76.
Adams, Dick (MC): Su76 p32.
Adams, Henry Sr. & Mrs. (MC): Wi67 pp14,15; Fa68 p70; Fa74 p62; Sp83 p15; Fa83 p71; Sp91
p3; house photo Wi94 p89; DLC Sp12 p6.
Adams, John: Myrtle Creek DLC, error, Myrtle Creek Pioneer Cemetery is on the Henry Adams
DLC, Sp12 p6.
Adams, John (Dil): Fa06 p4; Sp12 p6 (error Henry Adams, not John); Su16 p8.
Adams, John “Jack” E., Rev. & Jan (Ros): Sp99 p19 photo 22; Fa21 p12.
Adams, John F. (Cala): Su72 p30.
Adams, Mrs. L.E.: Fa70 p58; Su78 p30.
Adams, Mac (DrCk): Su89 p36.
Adams, Matthew & Irena Sutherlin (Ros): Su65 p18; Fa65 p20; Su70 p33; Fa75 p67.
Adams, W.L. “Argus” editor: Wi97 p75; Sp13 p4.
Adderton Restaurant: photo Fa77 p62.
Addis, Dick: Fa67 p2.
“Adel” gas boat: Sp73 p18.
Adkinson, John & Harriet “Hattie”: Fa92 p67, photo p68.
“Adkinson, Harriet Brown 1858-1959”: Fa92 p67-70 by Leona Johnson.
“Admiral Nicholson” ship: Su84 p45.


Advance Thresher Co.: steam traction engine Fa67 pp15,19.
Advance-Rumley engine Fa67 p18.
Adventist Church (Oak): Sp77 p9.
“Adventures of Wm. G. Hill”: Wi68 pp84-96; continued Sp69 p14-24 & Su69 p27-35.
Advertisements in Douglas County: Wi15 issue Parrott Bros. Cover Ad.
Ady, Clarence K.: Sp12 p5.
Ady, Iris (MC): Sp67 p2.
Ady, Lloyd (MC): Sp67 p2; Fa74 p63.
Ady, Solomon (MC): Su76 p36; Fa82 p65; Sp99 p8.
Aerial Spray: Fa01 pp61,62.
Agard, David: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Agate, A.T. (Emmons Party Artist): Su66 p8.
Agee, Annie Kent, Mrs.: Wi65 p9; Su73 p41; Fa73 p54; Sp74 pp7,9,17; Su86 p41; Fa87 p70; Sp88
Agee, Benjamin C. (CB): Fa74 pp67,68.
Agee, Earl & Mrs.: Fa67 p3.
Agee, Emma (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Agee, Norman (CB): Fa74 p67.
Agee, Roy: Sp00 p23.
Agee, Zopher (Winc): Su08 p7.
Aguilar, Capt. Martin: Sp65 p4.
Aiken Ferry (Winc): Wi93 p75.
Aiken, Mrs. Dee E. Chapman: Wi09 p22.
Aiken, John C. & Mary Elizabeth Gillam (Winc): Su66 p14; Wi67 p2; Wi68 p95; Fa75 p53; Wi75
p85; Fa85 p49; Sp86 pp3,4; Wi88 p75; Wi90 p91; Wi93 p76; Sp08 p5; Fa09 p4; DLC
Sp12 p16.
Children: Sarah Jane (UAs) (Mrs. Simon R. Lane) (Ros): Fa12 p18;
Aiken, Sarah Jane (UAs) (Mrs. Simon Lane): Fa79 p71; Su03 p44; photo Fa12 p18.
Air Warning Service: Wi12 p13.
Airport Road: Fa01 pp59,67.
“Ajax” steamer: Fa08 p19.
Aker, George, Jr.: Su97 p44.
Aker, Zenobia S. (MC): Su75 p28; Su78 p26; Fa81 p69.
Akers, Al (MC): cover Sp67 p2.
Al G. Barnes Circus: Wi86 pp88, photo 90.
Al’s Market (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle: Fa00 p54.
Albany, Ore.: Sp01 p9.
Albeene, Royal: photo Wi03 p12.
Albertson, Larry & Toni Diane Ollivant: Wi92 p91.
Albino Deer: cover Fa92 p49.
Alcan Mill (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Alcove, The Confectionary (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Alden, Capt. (1853 RIW): Wi06 p20.


Alden, J., Navy Lt.: Fa13 p2.
Alderbrook, Ore.: Su75 p31; Su79 p27; Su11 p4.
Aldridge, Lucille (Cave) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Aldridge, Mary Jane Long: Wi11 p20.
Aldridge, M.S.C.: Wi11 p20.
Alexander Addition: Sp22 p10.
Alexander Bridge (Ros): Fa72 pp50; Fa10 p7.
Alexander Home (Dil): Wi00 p84; Sp06 p11.
Alexander Park (now Umpqua Park): Fa72 p50; Su95 p30; Su99 pp27,28; Su09 p3,4; Wi09 p20;
Su14 p21; Wi23 p9.
Alexander, Abe (Gl): Wi00 p84.
Alexander, Arthur: Sp06 p11.
Alexander, John & Anna Blakley (Gl): Sp67 p10; Sp68 p7; Reminiscences of Anna Su83 p42-45;
Fa84 p61; Wi86 p80; Wi00 p78,84; Fa02 p62.
Alexander, Robert: Su65 p13.
Alexander, Susan Rose Walker (Dil): Su86 p43; Sp06 p7.
Alexander, Tom (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Alexandrea, Cora (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Algae, spawning bed: Su08 p18.
“Alida Udora Lewis”: Sp80 p11, George Abdill.
“All Over Oregon & Washington”; Fa67 p17 by France Fuller Victor.
“All Quiet Along the Yamhill”: Wi69 p95 by Cpl. R. Bensall.
“All You Can Eat”: Fa90 p62-67, Gertrude Adams Gordon (Author incorrectly states that the
railroad line ended in Oakland. It never did except maybe for a few days in 1871 or 1872
while construction progressed to the end at Roseburg in 1872.. Ed.)
Allegany, Ore.: Su73 p47; Wi73 pp90,92.
Allen Evaporator: Fa74 p54.
Allan, McKinley (McKinlay) & Co. (LSb): Sp65 p13; Fa75 p67; Sp76 p11; Fa78 pp52,53; Su00 2,36;
Fa07 p9, et seq., wharf in Lower Scottsburg 16; Sp23 p9.
Allen & Lewis: Su10 p7.
Allen, Alfred L. & Melissa Ann Davis: Su72 p27.
Allen, Ana: m. Guy Cordon:
Allen, Bill (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Allen, Delton (Hh): Sp81 p16.
Allen, E. W.: Sp01 p3.
Allen, George T.: Su10 p7.
Allen, John & Emma Pearson: Su08 p4.
Allen, L.A., Mr. & Mrs.: Su23 p6.
Daughter; Ana.
Allen, Margarette (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Allen (Allan?), Nathan, Rev. W. & Anna W.: Sp69 p18; Su10 p17; DLC Wi11 p15.
Children: Mary, six siblings then infant Rosa Ellen, Su10 p17.
Allen, Ray (MC): Sp67 p2.
Allen, Rev. (Cala): Fa88 p58.


Allen, Rex: (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Allen, Tim: Sp21 pp22,27.
Allen, William (Ros): Wi85 p76.
Allenby, Bert: Fa67 p2.
Allensworth, S.H. (Elk): Fa99 p66.
Alley Cat Treasures: Su13 p5.
Alley, Fred: Sp21 p28.
Alley, Sandy: Fa22 p3.
Allied Organizations: Sp01 p22.
“Alliance” ship: Fa89 p68.
Alma, Ore.: Su11 p4.
“Almira, The”, brig: Fa05 p19.
Alpha Zeta: Sp06 p18.
Althause, Herman (Ros): plumbing store Fa91 pp67,68.
Althause Creek: Su10 p6.
Alvord, Benjamin, Maj: Sp83 p5 (note MC still in Umpqua County); Wi89 p75; Fa99 pp57,67;
Sp02 p15; Wi14 p14.
Am Olemites: Wi65 p12,13,14; Sp66 p18,19,21.
Amacher Auto Park: Su08 p8.
Amacher, J.P. (Winc): Su08 p8.
Ambrose, Alfred T. (Yon): Wi74 p80; house photo Wi80 p85.
Ambrose, George H.: Wi84 p85; mini bio Sp16 p8; Su16 p3,4.
“Ambush at Fort Gordon”: Sp75 pp3-10.
American Association of Commercial Executives: Fa00 p52.
American Association for State and Local History: Su03 p37.
American Bridge Construction Co.: Su13 p11.
American “Bull Dog” revolver: photo Wi16 p4.
“American Detective: “Doctor Dynamite” Photo of Brumfield story, page Fa14 p21.
American Flags from the Floed-Lane house collection: Fa19 pp23,24.
American Fur Company: Sp72 p12.
American Hotel: Sp67 pp16,18; Su75 p39; Sp76 p21; Su06 photo p9; Wi76 p74; Su23 p21.
American Legion, Umpqua Post #16 (Ros): Hall Fa70 p58; Wi86 p91; Fa00 p56; Sp01 p16;
Su23 p11 et seq.
American Legion Auxiliary: Su03 p33; Wi12 p6; Su23 p7.
“American Pioneer, the Iron Will that Settled America”: poem by Cain Pence Su16 p14.
American Railway Express Co.: Su92 p35.
American Red Cross: Fa98 p62; Wi08 p8; Su13 p18; Sp16 p11.
American Society of Civil Engineers, Oregon Section: Wi10 p14.
Amery, Mr. (Oak): Su77 p33,35.
Amorde, Joan Berg (Miss Oregon): Sp87 p6.
Amos & Andy: Su05 p17; Sp13 p10.
“An Early Cattle Drive”: Wi78 p75, J.P. Rogers
“An Incident in the Postal Service”: H.C. Stanton Sp70 p10-12.
“An Oakland Gallery”: Sp69 p3.


“An Unusual Train Accident”: George B. Abdill Wi72 pp75-77.
Anaheim Creek (MUmp): Wi90 p75.
Anaheim, Leon (RWV)(Sb): Wi90 p76.
Anchor, Ore. (Aza): school Su11 p5; Wi11 p13.
Anchor Post Office (UCC); Su11 p5,8,19.
Ancient Order of United Workmen: Gardiner Fa69 p67; Sp72 p24.
Ancon, U.S.S.: Sp09 p10.
“And a Bough to you, Mr. Pseudotsuga Taxifolia”: Fa73 pp51-54 Charles L. Emerson.
Anderson Hill (Kel): Su88 p32.
Anderson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Anderson Family (UC): Sp93 p17.
Anderson, sea Capt. (Gard): Fa69 p68.
Anderson, A.G., Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p76.
Anderson, A.J. (Mel): Fa81 p66;
Anderson, Betty Falkner (Ros): Su88 p39; Fa95 p54.
Anderson, Carl G. (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Anderson, Charles (GV): Sp74 p3.
Anderson, Clara: Wi96 p80.
Anderson, Clarence (RoCr): Wi20 p14.
Anderson, Corrine Moore: Su09 p11.
Anderson, Dan: Su68 pp39,40.
Anderson, Dora: Wi96 p80.
Anderson, Emel & Paula (Kel): Su88 p33; Su00 p42.
Children: Harry Su88 p33.
Anderson, Enoch (Dxv): Su01 p35.
Anderson, Frankie (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Anderson, Hannah (Gard): Fa69 p65.
Anderson, Harry (Ros): Su88 p33.
Anderson, J.M., Rev.: Fa85 p49.
Anderson, John P. (Kel): Sp68 p3; Su88 p33; Su00 p42.
Anderson, Katherine (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Children: Emel.
Anderson, Lenore Scott: photo Wi17 p19.
Anderson, Lou: Wi03 p23.
Anderson, Matt (Sut): Sp88 p12Wi93 p82.
Anderson, Milton (UC): Sp93 p11.
Anderson, Oscar (Gard): Wi72 p85; Wi79 p87.
Anderson, Paul: Fa81 p67.
Anderson, Pearl Hawkins: Su09 p23.
Anderson, Rice (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Anderson, Ruby (Np): photo Wi03 p12.
Anderson, Verner J., Dr.: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 toSp83; Sp65 pp3,4; Su65 p6; Wi66
p6; Sp67 p13; Su67 p10, photo 11; Fa67 p2; Su70 p32,33; Sp81 p2.
Anderson, William (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.


“Andover” ship: Su84 p45.
Andrews place (Sb): Fa80 p53.
Andrews, Bela & a Jake Culy daughter, 8 kids (Sb): Wi72 p92.
Andrews, Henry H.: Fa04 p4,21; Wi04 p7; Sp05 p4.
Andrews, John (Ros): Sp67 p2.
Andrews, Theodore (Sb): Wi72 p96.
Andrus, Buell & Manske Lumber Co. (Dil): Wi89 p92.
Andrus, Fern(e): Wi06 p23; Sp09 p23; Memorial bio Su12 p23; Fa21 p23.
Andy’s Ferry (Kel): Wi72 p80.
Angel, Charles & Ellen Rackleff: Wi78 p84.
Angel, Martin: Wi06 p14.
Angelou, Maya: Sp03 p25.
Angst, Ossie (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34.
Angst, Rollie (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34.
Anlauf, Ore.: Su11 p4; Wi11 p4.
Anlauf aka Comstock Cemetery: Wi11 p4,10.
Anlauf Road: Wi11 p18.
Anlauf, Franz & Agnes: Wi11 p4.
Anlauf, Herman (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Anlauf, J.J. (MC): Sp83 p15.
Anlauf, Robert: Su11 p4;
Anna Chandler Wells Bridge: Sp68 p5.
“Anne Applegate Kruse” Beatrice L. Young in the Roseburg “News Review.” Sp85 p20.
Annie’s Acres (West Park Place) (Yon): Sp85 p23.
Annes, G.N., Rev. (Ros): Fa72 p53.
Annette’s Fine Foods (Ros): Su81 p27.
Anthony, Susan B.: Fa75 p64; Fa89 p51; Fa02 p66; Sp08 p3; Sp20 pp4,et seq.
Antlers Theater: Wi86 p88; Sp87 pp3 et seq., photo 20; Fa91 p59; Fa00 pp52,60,71; Sp09 p20
photo p21; Cover Sp13 pp9,10.
Anvil Salute or Chorus: Sp71 p8; good description Su72 pp43,47; Wi75 p89.
Aparejo packsaddle: Sp10 p16.
Aperson family (Ros): Su90 pp39,41.
Apples: Gloria Mundi, Northern Spy, Maiden’s Blush, Fa75 p50; Red Spitzenberg, Yellow
Delicious Su78 p29.
Apple Creek (NUmp): Wi00 p78.
Applegate Ferry (RV): Wi76 p85.
Applegate Mountains (Brk): Su86 p43.
Applegate Indians: Wi06 p20.
Applegate Party: Fa65 p4 (Terminology error here, late fall of 46 would have been the Levi Scott
Party, the first emigrant train to use the Scott-Applegate Trail. ed.)
Applegate Pioneer Cemetery-1880: Wi11 pp4,11,18.
Applegate River & Valley: Fa00 p60; W14 p15.
“Applegate Section”: Fa09 p6.
Applegate Survey Party: See Scott-Applegate Survey Party


Applegate Trail: see Southern Route.
Applegate Trail Marker Fund: Su03 p47.
Applegate Wagon Train: Wi77 p76.
Applegate Family: Sp83 p4; library Su96 p39; Sp02 p7; Cemetery Wi11 p5; Fa16 p6.
Applegate, Albert: Fa67 p15; Cover Sp83 p2,3; Sp93 p12.
Children: Grant, Fred, + 5 more, Sp83 p3.
Applegate, Anne (later Kruse): Fa67 p15.
Applegate, Charlie (Yon) Su82 p27,35.
Children: Percy
Applegate, Charles & Melinda: Wi p6; Sp70 p8; Sp72 p10; Wi74 p74; Fa81 p59; Sp83 p2,3; Sp85
p20; Wi88 p89,91 house photo p94; Sp93 pp2, et seq.; Sp00 p3; House of Su03 p40; Su06 p3;
Children: George “Buck”, Albert, John, Mary (Mrs. John Webster Perit Huntington) Fa81 p59

  • 11 more.
    Applegate, Edward Bates: drowning Su68 p44.
    Applegate, Elisha L. “Lish”: Wi74 p80; Fa75 p61; Wi75 p77; Wi01 p89.
    Applegate, Eve: Wi74 p74.
    Applegate, Evea: Wi74 p74; poem by Su06 p3.
    Applegate, Frederick & Jane “Jan” Shepherd (Yon): Sp81 p19; Sp83 pp2,3; bridge Sp93 p12.
    Children: Susan Jane (Mrs. Richard Blake), Marie Christine (Mrs. Russell Helmer), John
    Frederick Sp83 p3.
    Applegate, George “Buck” & Flora McKee: Violin made by, cover Wi74 p74; Wi88 p90; Jesse
    sketch by, cover Sp93 & Fa13 p18.
    Children: Vincent, twins Eve & Evea Wi74 p74.
    Applegate, Gertrude (Mrs. James Fay): photo Wi96 p92.
    Applegate, Grant & Myrtle Stowe: Sp81 p19; Sp83 p3; bridge Sp93 p12.
    Children: Frederick
    Applegate, Henry: Fa71 p53.
    Applegate, Howard & Jean (Yon): Sp81 p20; Wi88 p89, photo p91.
    Children: Dr. Roger, Lora (Michaud), Bob, Wi88 p91.
    Applegate, Ione: Fa80 p51.
    Applegate, J.C.: Wi08 p8.
    Applegate, Jerome B.: Wi11 p4.
    Applegate, Jesse & Cynthia Ann Parker: Fa66 pp3,6; Fa67 pp5,7; Sp68 p19; Su68 p44 et seq.;
    Sp70 p8; Su71 p36; Sp72 p15; Su72 p30,39,41; Wi72 p85; Wi74 pp74, et seq.; Su75 p27, “The
    Sage of Yoncalla” 29; Fa75 pp60,62; Wi75 pp90,91; Wi77 p76; Wi80 p75 (Records show 14
    men, Hoy wasn’t one of them. Apparently another family legend. Ed.); Fa81p59; Wi84 p84;
    Wi88 p89; Wi90 pp74,94; Wi92 p74; cover Sp93 p2, mini bio 3,8,14; Wi93 p89; Su96 p29;
    Wi96 p87-95, photo 94 house plan 95; Fa97 p54; Fa98 p51; Fa99 pp57,59; Sp00 pp3,6,12;
    Wi01 pp86,89; Sp02 p6,14; Fa02 pp56,58; Wi06 p15; Fa08 p3; Su10 p5; Wi11 photo p4;
    historical marker 5; Sp12 p12; Su13 p5; Fa13 p3,5,6; Wi13 p4 et seq. sketch 18; Wi14 p10,14;
    Fa19 p11; Sp20 p14; Sp23 p6 .
    Children: Rozele (Putnam), Alexander McClellan, Edward Bates, Robert Shortess, Gertrude,
    William Henry Harrison, Daniel Webster, Sarah “Sallie” (Long); Peter Skene Ogden, Ailena or


Alena or Ellen (McCall); Florence or Flora “Flo” (Long); William Milburn, Ellen Applegate,
Henry. (children from internet)
“Jesse Applegate and Honest Abe”: Austin Mires Su68 pp44-47.
Applegate, Jesse Grant: Sp83 p3.
Applegate, John & Laura V.: Fa67 p15; Wi68 p95; Fa71 p53; photo Su82 p30; Sp83
p3; Sp85 p20, et seq.; Su11 p7.
Children: Anne Sp85 p20.
Applegate, John Frederick: Sp83 p3.
Applegate, L.C.: Fa89 pp62,63.
Applegate, Lindsay & Elizabeth B. Miller: Wi69 p94; photo Sp70 p8; Su74 p35; Wi74 pp74,77;
Fa81 p59; photo Wi84 p83,84; Sp85 p21; Su85 p37; Wi89 p75; Wi92 p74; Sp93 pp2, et seq.;
Fa98 p51; Fa99 p57; Sp02 p6; photo Sp16 pp6, et seq., mini bio p11.
Children: 6 th son Oliver Cromwell Sp70 p8.
Applegate, Lon: Wi68 p81 et seq.
Applegate, Lora (Later Michaud): Wi88 p91.
Children: Lindsay, Meghan
Applegate, Marie Christine (later Helmer): Sp83 p3.
Applegate, Mercy, Miss: Su75 p42.
Applegate, Minor (Yon): Sp93 p14.
Applegate, Oliver Cromwell: Sp70 p8; Su74 pp35,36; photo Wi74 pp76,80; photo Fa81 p62.
Applegate, Oscar & Mrs.: Fa80 p51.
Children: Ione.
Applegate, Paul: Fa80 p55; Su82 p29; Wi98 p94.
Applegate, Percy (Yon) Su82 p35.
Applegate, Peter Skeen: Su68 p47.
Applegate, Rex, Col. & Mrs. (Sb): Wi88 p91.
Applegate, Rozelle (Mrs. Charles Putnam): Su75 p33; Sp00 pp3,4; Fa02 p57; Su10 p3.
Applegate, Sally (later Long): Fa71 p51; Wi74 p76,80.
Applegate, Seth: Sp83 p3.
Applegate, Susan Jane (Mrs. Richard Blake): Sp83 p2,3.
Applegate, Thomas & Hortensa Reed: Sp86 p3.
Applegate, Tracy (Yon): Su82 p33.
Applegate, Vincent & Edythe Howard (Yon): Wi69 p91; Sp70 p8; Wi74 p77; photo Su82 p34;
Wi88 p90 photo p92; photo Fa14 p17.
Children: Howard, Wi88 p90.
Applegate, William: Wi08 p8.
Applehoff Family (Ros): Wi66 p23.
Applewhite, Ernie (Ros): Fa91 p51:
Appleyard, Walter W., Rev. (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Arant, Erma (later Wilson): photo Wi17 p19.
Arant, Jesse (Elg): Wi96 p75; Sp98 p10.
Arbor Vitae Rebecca Lodge (MC): Sp83 p18.
Archambeau Family Cemetery (Mel): Sp98 p6; Wi11 p5.
Archambeau House (FS): photos Sp98 p4,13.


Archambeau, Adolph (CS): Sp78 p22.
Archambeau, Alfred (CS): Sp78 p22.
Archambeau, Archie (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Archambeau, Charles “Shambo”: Su71 p47; Sp82 p17.
Archambeau, Earnest (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Archambeau, Elena (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Archambeau, Francis (Francois) Xavier & Josephine Malinda (FS): Su80 p26; Wi80 pp75,78; Su96
p33; photo Sp98 p5,6; DLC Wi11 p5.
Archambeau, Lauretta (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Archambeau, Lee (Ros-Mel): Wi87 p93; photo Wi17p18.
Archambeau, Lizzette (CoV): p77.
Archambeau, Mary (CoV): Wi83 p77, et seq.
“Archer” magazine: Sp85 p20.
Archibald, C.C.(Ros): Su83 p33.
Arcutt, Fern (Winc): Su08 p7.
Arden Ice Cream: Su13 p7.
Ardray Hotel (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Ardray, T.J. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
“Argo” steamer: Fa69 p65; Su18 p7,18.
Arlene’s Café (Elk): Fa81 pp51,52,53.
Armer, Henry & Lucinda Hebard: Fa93 pp55,57.
Armer, Samuel: Fa93 pp55,57
Armfield, Bob: Wi02 pp83,86.
Armory, (Slocum Building) (Ros): Su05 p4,17; Wi08 p11; Sp13 p7; Sp22 p12; Su22 p5.
Armour, Wanda (Ros): Sp87 p6.
Armstrong, Capt. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p20.
Armstrong, A.N.: Fa99 p52.
Armstrong, A.P. (Cnv): Wi75 p78; Sp82 p10.
Armstrong, Lee (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Army Corps of Engineers: Su18 p5.
Arnold, Pastor, Bro. (Eden): Sp04 pp6, Fa04 p6 et seq.; Wi04 p10 et seq. Sp05 pp3 et
Arnsberg, Asa (Ros): Fa86 p53.
Arrastra: photo Sp78 p18.
Arrieros: Sp10 p15.
Arrington, Albert Maurice: Wi81 p84; Su21 pp12,13.
Arrington, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs. Aaron Rose then Albert Shaw Chappell): Sp66 p2; Wi92 p91.
Arrington, James Madison & Alice Haynes: Wi92 p92; Su22 p16, et. seq.; Fa22 p9, et.seq.
Arrington, James Merville & Kitty Ann Caroline Halpin (Happy Valley): Su70 p46; Fa70 p59; Su75
p44; Fa75 p57; Wi80 p84; photos & bio Wi92 p90 et seq.; Su16 p7.
Children: (Caroline C. Wi81 p84) Vincent Lusk, Mary Merville (Mrs. Abram Rose), Frances
Elizabeth, James Madison, Kitty Ann, Samuel Allen, Laura Esther (Mrs. Fredrick Burnell), Aaron
Rose, Charlie Marion, Albert Maurice. Wi92 p91.
Arrington, Samuel Allen & Rose Lyones: Wi92 p92.


Child: Charlie.
Arrington, Vincent Lusk & Julia McConnell then Sydna Anderson: Wi92 p92.
“Arthur Godfrey Program”: Su09 p21.
Artichoke Hollow: Wi03 pp11,20.
Arthur, Pres. Chester A.: Su06 p18; Fa19 p23.
Arthur, James (Ros): Su95 p38.
Arundel, Victor (Woodchuck) & Dorothy: Fa95 p56,58, photo 61, “Pome” by 62.
Arzner, John L. (Cnv): Sp66 p21; Fa74 p62; Su79 p47.
Asam, Fred “Fritz” (LRiv): cover Wi71 p74; Wi86 p79; Su91 p35; Fa92 p59, homestead on map
60, et seq; Wi00 p84; Su11 p7; cover Su22.
Ascott, John: Wi17 p23.
Ascuena, Claude: Sp13 p18.
Ash, Lowell: Su20 p12.
Ash, Ore.: Wi73 p90.
Ash Valley: Wi73 p84,90; su97 p3; Fa09 p9; Su11 p5.
Ashcraft, Margaret: Fa20 p12.
Ashland Normal School: Fa69 p69.
Ashley, Frank, Co. Comm: Sp85 p5; Wi12 p3.
Aspey, Gideon: Fa67 p2.
Associated Oil Co. Wi95 p82.
Associated Plywood: Fa01 p56.
Associated Press: Su09 p21.
Associated Wool Growers: Su75 p31.
Association of Writers: Fa09 p20.
Astor Expedition: Wi65 p3.
Astor, John Jacob (PFC): Sp65 p5; Su66 p11; Fa69 p59; Sp72 pp3,5; Su84 p44.
“Astoria”: Washington Irving Sp72 p3.
Astoria & Columbia River Railroad: Wi70 p75 et seq.
Astoria Expedition; Wi65 p3.
Astoria, Ore.: Sp65 p5; Sp72 p5; Sp01 p3; Sp02 pp3,7,9.
Aten, Blanche Barns: Sp91 p13.
Atiyeh, Gov. Vic: Sp88 p11.
Athabascan Umpqua tribe: Sp70 p7; Fa21 p14.
Atkinson, M.: Fa19 p10.
Atterberry, Mr.: Wi00 p78.
Atterburry, Josiah (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Atterbury, Ken (Winc): Sp13 p15.
Atterbury, Lloyd: Su08 p15, photo p16.
Atwood, Kay: Wi16 p12.
Audenried, Mrs.: Sp71 p10.
Aultman-Traylor engine: Fa67 pp14,19.
“Aunt Grace’s Scrapbook Yields History” Portia Schiltz Sp83 p5.
Aunt Mildred’s Scrapbook: Lane family history and tree: Fa18 and Wi18 issues.
Aussant, Rose: Sp71 p4.


Austen, Ralph (Sut): Su78 p29.
Austin, Mr.: Fa20 p12.
Austin, Ed: Fa97 p53;
Austin, Jeannie Lewis: Sp97 p3.
Ausums, Lloyd: (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Author Rally and Book Fair: Su03 p41.
Autry, Gene: Sp11 p20; Sp22 p6.
Avery Manufacturing Co.: engines Fa67 p19.
Avery, “Bert”: Su05 p6.
Avery, Joseph C.: Sp72 p14.
“Awakening of Conservation-Oregon Land Fraud Trials”: Daniel Robertson Su84 p26-39.
Award of Excellence: Wi69 p87.
“Away Back When” by Maude Cole: Sp65 p3.
Azalea, Or.: Su75 p39; Su11 p6; hotel Fa11 p2,14.
Azalea Cemetery: Wi11 p5.
Azalea Masonic Lodge Cemetery: Wi11 p15.
B. Free Franklin: Post Office Fa11 p3.
B & B Tavern & Restaurant, (Sut): photo Fa15 pp16, et seq.
B & M Tavern (Ros): Fa00 p60.
Bachelor Creek; Su07 p17.
Bacher, Dr.: Fa91 p63.
Bacher, June Masters: Fa87 p70.
Backlund Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Backlund, Paul & Arleen: Su74 p48; Wi96 p84, Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22.
“Back Home” by Raymond W. Marr: Su02 p27.
Backen, Arrigoni, Ross & Lagier: San. Fran. Architects Wi67 p7; Su70 p32.
Backen, Brittany: Wi22 p3.
Backer, Mrs. George: Fa09 p5.
Bacon, Col.: Fa75 p51.
Bacon Family: cover Su05 p2,7.
Bacon, Fannie Mel Leatherwood: cover Su05 p2.
Bacon, Mr.: Su04 p11.
Bacon, George Garfield: cover Fa71 p50; photo Fa74 p59; Wi79 pp93,95; Su05 photo p8.
Bacon, Gerald: Fa82 p70; photo Wi95 p84.
Bacon, Henry Nieman (Ump): prune dryer photo Fa74 pp59,68,69; home photo Su93 p33,
photo 44,47; cover Su05 pp3,7, prune Dryer photo pp8,12,15 house photo 18.
Bacon Home: Su03 p45.
(Index editor not always sure which John Bacon is which. Use your own discretion to sort them.)
Bacon, John: Fa70 p51; Sp71 p11; Wi79 pp93,95.
Bacon, John Gannaway & Lottie Griffin then Vera James: Sp71 p11; photo Su93 p44; Wi03 p18;
Su04 p11; cover Su05 pp2, et seq.
Children: John Gerald Lorraine.
Bacon, John Gerald & Doris Louise Haines (Ump): Doris: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 to


Wi86; Su71 pp40,41; Fa71 p50; Wi73 p96; Fa74 pp59,68,72; Sp77 p16; Fa82 p70; Sp85 p10;
Sp87 p6; Fa87 p50; Wi89 p75; Su90 p47; Wi90 p75; Wi91 p75; Sp93 p4; Wi93 pp76,80,88;
Su94 p27; photo Wi95 p84; Sp03 p16; Su03 pp45,46,50; Su05 p3, et seq.
Children: Judith Gail Su05p3.
“Bacon, John Gerald-A short History of”: Su05 p3.
Bacon, John Gerald II: Fa74 p68; Su05 p3.
Bacon, Judith “Judy” Gail: Su05 p3.
Children: John Gerald Bacon II. Su05 p3.
Bacon, Joseph: photo p23.
Bacon, Katherine “Kate” Farnsworth: cover Su05 p2.
Bacon, Margaret Ellen Hannan: cover Su05 p2; Su93 p44.
Bacon, Virginia Smithson Winniford: photo Su93 p44; cover Su05 p2.
Badger, Daisy Viola: Fa89 p62.
Badgley & Zigler Hardware (Ros): Su91 p42.
Bailey & Van Houten Hotel: Sp17 p13; Wi76 p74.
Bailey, Mt.: lookout Wi00 p80.
Bailey Place (Dxv): on map Su01 p36.
Bailey, Miss (Rid): Fa75 p53.
Bailey, Bernard: Fa06 p6.
Bailey, Dr. Don: Fa09 p9.
Bailey, Frances (Dxv): Su01 p42.
Bailey, Holland: Su85 p30.
Bailey, Howard: Su19 p27.
Bailey, Isaac (MC): Wi67 p15; Wi91 p86.
Bailey, J. (MC): Wi67 p12; Sp83 p9.
Bailey, J.B.: Photo Su11 p3.
Bailey, James Francis Marion & Ellen Burt (Dxv): Fa96 p50, photo 71.
Bailey, Joe: Sp68 pp19,20.
Bailey, Joseph, Capt. (RWV): Sp75 p3, et seq.; Fa76 pp64,66,70; Wi77 pp88,89.
Bailey, Kyle: Sp08 p19.
Bailey, Metta (Dxv): Su01 p42.
Bailey, Smith: Fa11 p18.
Bailey, Winona (Dxv): Fa90 p54; Sp98 p19.
Baille, Thomas, sea Capt.: Sp13 p3.
Baillie, Mr. (Ros): Sp01 p20.
Baimbridge, Hattie (Whitney)(Oak): Fa90 p62.
Baimbridge, Mary: Su07 p11, photo 13,14.
Baimbridge, Maxine: Su07 pp15,20,21.
Baimbridge, Sarah “Sally” Alice (later Kanipe: Su07 p11.
Baimbridge, Thomas & Emily (Oak): Su07 p3 photos p5, et seq.
Children: Sarah Alice Kanipe, William, Emily Young, Hanna Green, Mary Ann, Elizabeth
Bainbridge, Thomas Diary: Trip from England to Oakland in 1870 Su07 p3-6.
Baimbridge, William: Su07 p14.


Bain Family: Su03 p50.
Bain, Katherine Waite (UAs): Sp85 pp6,7; bio Sp88 pp22,23; Su03 p35, et seq.; Su12 p12; Fa12
mini bio & photo Wi12 p4.
“Bain, Katherine Waite 1900-1987”: Sp88 p22 photo p23.
Bain Wagon: Sp73 p3; Sp77 p6.
Bain, Walter M. & Katherine Waite: Fa70 p58; Su78 pp30,44; Sp88 pp22,23; Wi12 p4.
Children: Walter, Jr., Eva Ruth (Mrs. Henry Schroeder), Sp88 p22.
Baird Family: Sp65 p3.
Baird, Henry (Oak): Sp77 p9.
Baken, C.W. (Elk): Wi90 p83.
Baker Buick Garage (Ros): Su91 p40.
Baker City: Fa02 p62.
Baker: engines Fa67 p19.
Baker Ranch (John Baker) (Rid): Wi70 p83.
Baker Family (Eden): Su91 p32.
Baker, Mr. (Boomer Hill): Sp92 p15.
Baker, Clarence (Eden): Su91 p34.
Baker, Dorsey Syng, Dr. & Caroline Tibbets: Fa65 p3,4 grist mill 7; Sp69 p3,17; Su71 p39; Fa76
p51, photo 53,55; Biography Su81 p32 et seq., photos pp35,46; Sp93 p11; Su97 p44; Wi10
p16; mini bio Sp16 p10; Fa19 p7,8.
Children: 5 + Edward Franklin & W.W. Su81 p39
“Doctor Dorsey S. Baker-Douglas County Pioneer”: Georg Abdill Su81 pp32-48.
Baker, Dorsey Family Cemetery: Wi11 p5.
Baker, Eva (Later Marsh): Su92 p38.
Baker, Floyd (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Baker, Hesket (Eden): Su91 p34.
Baker, Jonathan L. (Ump): Fa93 p59.
Baker, Jack & Alice McClay (LL): Wi73 p90.
Baker, James, sea Capt.: Sp72 p7.
Baker, Miss Joanne: Su19 p8.
Baker, John (Rid): Wi70 p83.
Baker, Leo: Fa79 p68.
Baker, Lois: Sp00 p20.
Baker, Orrin & Mrs.: photo Wi12 p17.
Baker, Rebecca Melvina (Mrs. Hardy Crier Elliff): Su80 photos pp31,33; Wi14
Baker, Sheldon (Ros): Wi09 p4.
Baker, W.W.: Su81 p32.
Baker, Warren (Elk): Fa81 p53.
Baker’s Umpqua Mill: Su81 p41.
Bakken, Mrs. Harry Carola: Wi67 p8; Wi68 p80,84; Su70 p33; Sp80 p23.
Bakken, Lavola J. McMillen: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 toWi79; Fa68 p68; Wi68 p75; Wi69
p89; Sp70 p7; Su70 p27; Fa71 p57; Su72 p26; Wi72 p80; Sp73 p21; Fa73 p54,55; Wi73 p96;


Su74 p27; Fa75 p51; Wi75 p75; Sp76 p4; Fa76 p63; Wi77 p75; Wi79 p75,87; “In Memoriam”
Sp80 p23; Fa82 p67; Wi90 pp91,93; Sp00 p21; Wi21 p22.
Balathar, Earl: Su13 p11.
Baldra, Merie H.: Fa20 p12.
Baldree, George B.: Su75 p39; Su85 p40; Fa11 p14.
Baldwin, Arthur (CaV): Fa98 p68.
Baldwin, Bruce (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Baldwin, Brumbuly (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Baldwin, J.P.: Su71 p48.
Baldwin, John: Su08 p7.
Baldwin, R.R. (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Baldwin, Wallace, Col.: Sp01 p11.
Baldwin Locomotive Works: Su66 p2; Sp70 pp14,16.
Bales Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Ball, Mr.: Sp69 p17.
Ball, Judge C.: Wi22 p11.
Ball, Elbert, Mrs.: Wi66 p24.
“Ballad of the Stumbo Strip, The” by Charlie Pope: Fa10 p17.
“Ballads of Heaven and Hell”: Clarence E. Eddy Sp14 p13.
Balloon, Honey Creek: Sp67 photo pp9 & 11.
Balm Mountain: Wi00 p76.
Bamber, A.E. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Bancroft, Hubert H.: Fa66 p3; Su00 p27; Wi01 pp93, et seq.; Sp07 p17.
Bancroft Library: Sp07 p18.
Bandon, Ore. aka Bandon City: Sp12 p7; Su23 p13 .
“Bandorille” shipwreck: Fa69 p66.
Bandford (Carter) Field: Su05 p17.
Banham, Anna Miers: Sp19 p9.
Bank of Gardiner: photo Su97 p43.
Bankers Special, cane & gun: Su03 p34.
“Banks & Banking in Douglas County”: Su97 p26-47 by Irene Zenev.
Banks Creek (Np): Wi03 p11,15; Road Wi11 p16.
Banks & Kelly Livery Stable (Oak): photo Sp69 p6.
Banks, Florence Aiken: photo Fa92 p53; Wi09 p22.
Banks, John (Oak): Wi66 p15.
Banks, Thomas & Catherine Davis (Oak): Wi76 p90,95; Sp77 p20; Su77 p30, et seq.
Banning, Claude (Ros): Wi02 pp77,81, photo 82.
Banning, Vera: Wi76 p75.
Bannock Indian War: Fa66 p14; Fa02 p60.
Bar Lazy Eight Ranch: Wi10 p8.
Bar WP Ranch (NU): Fa90 pp50,55.
Barager, Frank: Sp89 p22.
Children: Sylvan, Letha, Greta.
Barber, William M.: Fa98 p51; Wi98 p75; Fa99 p51; Su00 p27; Sp02 p3; Fa05 p3; Wi05 p3; Fa07


p3; Sp10 p3; Wi12 p21; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23; Dr. Fiske bio Sp23 pp4-11.
“Barbecue Days at Riddle”: George Abdill Su71 p3.
Barden, C.B. (Milo): Wi91 p82.
Bardsley, F.: (UCC): Su85 pp35,37.
Barclay, Al J.: Su66 pp18,19.
Barclay & Company: Su65 p14; Fa13 p13.
Barcus, Reta (Ros): Sp87 p6.
“Barge & Culver families of Sutherlin”: Subject of Fa15 by Elizabeth Barge VanDam.
Barge, Elizabeth (later VanDam): Fa15 p3.
Barge, Carl “Henry” & Bertha Culver: Cover Fa15 p2 et seq. photo p11.
Barge, Johan Augustus Albert (aka John A.) & Louisa Schmidt: photo Fa15 p4.
Children: Henry
Barge, Leonard “Pete” & Edna: Cover Sp86 p2; Fa15 photos pp12,15.
Children: Bertha, Bob
Barge, Robert “Bobby”: Cover Fa15 p2 et seq. photos pp7,9.
Barker & Co. J. F.: Sp04 p9, et seq.; Su04 p6, photo & ads,18; Wi04 p17; Sp05 p5 et seq; Wi23
Barker Place (Dxv): on map Su99 p36.
Barker Family (LR): Sp66 p4.
Children: Zach photo Sp66 p5.
Barker, Mr.: Su16 p7.
Barker, Billie (Dr–Elk): Sp73 p3.
Barker, Burt Brown, Dr.: Fa66 p5, Sp85 p8; Su03 p36.
Barker, Charlie: photo Sp66 p5.
Barker, Ida: photo Sp66 p5.
Barker, Mrs. J. F. (Ros): Sp03 p9; Sp08 p5.
Barker, Jesse: Sp76 p21.
Barker, John (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p3.
Barker, John (Ros): Su96 pp42,44.
Barker, Lily: photo Sp66 p5.
Barker, Rosie: photo Sp66 p5.
Barker, X. O.: Su04 p10.
Barker, Zack: photo Sp66 p5.
Barlow & Sanderson Stage Co.: Su67 p19.
Barlow Road: Sp65 p8; Fa71 p67; Fa82 p50; Su85 p27; Wi00 p75; Fa02 p54; Fa18 p4.
Barlow, Anderson J. & Melissa Melvina Lane: Sp78 p7; Fa18 p4.
Barlow, Eliza Jane (Mrs. Ratliff Boone Lane then Mrs. Thomas Ledgerwood): Fa12 p20; Fa18 p4,
photo 5.
Barlow, Samuel Kimbrough: Sp65 p8.
Barnard Family: Sp16 p4.
Barnard & Hamilton (Cala): Su72 p30.
Barnard Rolls: Sp67 p22.
Barnard, Timothy (Calap.): Su72 pp30,32.
Barneburg, Kenneth F.: Fa11 p4.


Barnett, Carrick H. & Sarah Reed (Oak): Wi67 p4; Su76 pp46,47,48; Su77 p46; Wi83 p77.
Barnett, Dr. “Stiffy”: Su67 p12,13.
Barnes Area (NRos): Fa75 p58.
Barns, Dr.: Fa02 pp64,66.
Barnes, Mr.: stagecoach driver Su65 p20.
Barnes, Al G. – Sells Floto Circus: Wi86 p88, photo p90; Fa10 photos p6.
Barnes, Daniel Parker & Harriet Sutton (NRos): Fa75 p58; Wi77 pp 82,83, photo 84; Sp78 pp
4,10; Sp81 p2.
Children: Dau. Frankie, William Wi77 p83.
Barnes, Daniel Parker Hospital: Sp81 p2.
Barnes, James T., Capt.: Sp75 pp4,6; Wi77 p83.
Barnes, Jo: (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Barnes “Lather” Barber Shop (Ros) Fa91 p61.
Barnts, Alta Hutchinson: Fa87 p70.
Barnum & Bailey Circus: Sp85 p15.
Barr Creek (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Barr Bros. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Barr, T.F.: Su71 p43.
Barr, William (Calap.): Su72 p30.
Barren Valley: Fa66 p14,16.
Barrett, Charles (Calap.): Su72 p30.
Barrett, Henry Hudson “Hank” (Gard): Wi72 p85; Wi78 p82; Grave Wi11 p5.
Barringer, D.F.: Wi83 p75, et seq.
Bartges, George (H., M. or W.?) & Emily Scott (Elk): Wi71 p78 et seq. photo p83; Wi72 p91;
Wi90 p76.
Children: Robert Wi71 p82.
Bartges, Robert & Mrs.: Wi71 p83.
Bartges, Velma L.: Wi71 p75.
Bartholomew, Milt (Ros): Wi02 pp86, photo 87,90.
Bartlett, Nellie (GV): photo Fa77 p52,53.
Bartlett, Robert L.: Su20 p10.
Bartley, Joyce (later Benson) (Ros): photo Sp87 p9.
Barton’s Cheap Cash Store (Ros): Wi21 p20; Su23 p21.
Barton Homestead (Glen): Wi65 p12.
Barton Park Covered Bridge: photo Sp11 p12.
Barton Family Cemetery (Glen): Wi11 p5.
Barton, Capt.: Su80 p27.
Barton, H.W.: Su23 p21.
Barton, Orin: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Barton, William L. Sr. (RWV) & Anna Rebecca Smith, DLC (Glen): Su85 p35; Wi11 p5.
Bartram, Smith. C.: Sp82 pp4,8, Sp85 p16; Wi91 p90; Wi00 p84.
Bartrum, Smith C.: see Bartram.
Bartrum, C. & F. Store (Til): photo Fa73 p58, photo Wi91 p91.
Barzee, Mr.: Fa89 p62.


Base Ball Club of Roseburg: Fa75 p60.
Bashford, Al (Ros): photo Su88 p43; Fa91 p67; photo Su99 p35; photo Su09 p9; Wi23 p13.
Bashford, E.L. (Ros): Su75 p38.
Bashford, G.W. (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Bashford, Louise; Wi92 p89.
Bashford’s Flour Mill: Su75 p38; Su91 p27; Su19 p5.
“Basketball Introduced in Camas Valley, 1905”: Margie Brown Wi92 p83.
Bass, James Wessley, & Martha Ann Crane: Fa81 p63;
Children: Laura Eunice, Nellie Pearl, Violet.
Bass, Martha Ann Crane (Mel): reminiscences of Fa81 p63.
Batchelor Creek: Su07 p17.
Bates, Mr.: Fa14 p19.
Bates, Bert G. (Ros): Fa91 p61; Su14 p9; Su23 p8, et seq.; Wi23 p11 et seq.
Bates, Edward: Su68 p44 et seq.
Bates, G.W. (MC): Su76 p29.
Bates, Lester (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Bates, Ray: Sp22 p16.
Bates, Toby & Gwen: Sp03 p27; Wi09 p23; Wi12 p21; Fa15 photo p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 pp21,22.
Bates, Walt & Marge: Sp87 p11; Su13 p17.
Batey Family: Wi86 p82.
“Battle at Rice’s Cabin”: Wi69 p75-86.
Battle of the Bands: Sp22 p16.
“Battle of the Bulge” (Gardiner): Wi09 p19.
Battle of Big Bend: Wi77 p95.
Battle of Big Meadows: Wi67 pp8,11; Fa75 p63, Wi77 p95.
Battle Rock, Battle of: Su68 p31; Sp02 p18; Fa05 p3, photo p5; Wi05 p20 News Review 1951
article (confused by Mrs. Kruse with the Coquille Battle).
Battleship USS Oregon: Captain’s desk from Su03 p40.
Batty, “Sis” (Oak): Sp73 p22.
Batty, Thomas & Effa Miranda Mershon (Oak-Sut?): Su65 p18; Fa65 p20; Sp69 p17; Wi76 p83,
et seq. 94; Sp77 p17 et seq.
Batty, William: Sp79 p24.
Bauer, Mr.: Fa69 p65.
Bauer, George (Sb-Elk): Sp79 p24; Wi90 p83,86; Fa07 p16.
Baughman Lookout (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; cover Fa03 pp54,64.
Baughman, Dexter & Family (Cal): Sp94 p3 on map pp 12,13; Wi95 p90; Fa03 pp54, et seq.
Baughman Family: Fa03 pp54,62,64.
Baum, Arthur Waller & Natalie Wollenberg.: Sp85 p5; Su12 p4; Wi12 pp7, photo 17,20.
Baum, Ike: Sp73 p18.
Baum, L. Frank: “The Wizard of Oz” Su17 p4.
Baun, Margaret (later Hannan) (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Baun, Mell (later Leatherwood) (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Baur & Black Support Hose: Su09 p9.
Baxter Family: Wi08 p11; Su16 p20.


Bay Bottom (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Bay, William F. (Elk): Wi67 p18; Fa81 p51; Sp93 p11; Fa99 p55.
Bays, Alex: Sp06 p16.
Bazzill(?), John (DrCk): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Be Bop Alula Boy: Sp22 p6.
Beach Wagon: photo Su67 p13; photo Wi72 p82.
Beach, Miss (Ros): Sp91 p14.
Beal, Mr. (Ros): Su90 p42.
Beale Ford (Ros-Dil area): Su74 p43.
Bealman Creek: See Jackson Creek.
Bealman Family DLC: Fa02 p60.
Bealman, Charles & Caroline Weber Weaver (Cnv): Su79 p43,47; Sp82 p8 photos pp9,13.
Children: Jennie, Emma, Edward, Sp82 p8.
Bealman, Edward (Cnv): Su79 p43; Sp82 p8.
Bealman, Emma (Cnv): Sp82 p8.
Bealman, Jennie (Mrs. Henry Long DeWald) (Cnv): Sp82 p8.
Bealman, Jesse (?) (Cnv): photo Sp82 14.
Beals, Clifford (Cnv): Su80 p40.
Beals, H., Dr.: Sp02 p17.
Beals, Jack, Architect: Su03 p47.
Beaman, Rufus H. “Beam” & Caroline: Sp90 pp3,6.
Bean Electric: Fa17 p20.
Bean & Pea Hybrids: Moss Beans, Coffee Peas, Bird Egg Beans, Day’s Leafless, Burlingame
Medium, Su04 pp20,21; Snap, Lima, string Fa04 pp4,11;
Bean, Daniel & Andrea Cummins (Ros): Su90 p46.
Children: Mariah Elaine, Maxwell Willis Su90 p46.
Bean, R.S. (Ruck): Wi89 p94.
Bean, Vicki (Mrs. Don Cooper) (Ros): Sp90 p3.
Bean, Victor & Eleanor Jean Myers (Ros): Su90 p45.
Children: Vicki (Mrs. Don Cooper), Christi (Mrs. Gerald “Gary” Hebling), Daniel Su90 p45.
Beane, Emaline “Emma” (MC): (photo not Emma, probably son Clarence) Sp12 p8,9.
Beane, Florence M.: Sp12 p9.
Beane, Henry Jones: Sp12 p9.
Beane, James H. & Harriet Wright then Emmaline Speak Eddy (MC): Sp83 p11; Sp12 p8,9; Sp14
Children: Winifred by Harriet, Ralph Waldo, Henry Jones, Florence M. with Emmaline Sp12
Beane, Ralph Waldo: Sp12 p9.
Beane, Winifred: Sp12 p8; Sp14 p18.
Bear Claw Ski Binding: Wi19 p20.
Bear Creek (Main Ump): Su08 p18.
Bear Meadows (Wallow) (LRiv): Fa73 p70; Wi73 p79; Sp23 p21 .
“Bear” steamship: photo Fa16 pp7,8.


Beard, Al: Su67 p20,21; Fa67 p3.
Beard, Fred (Yon): Su82 pp27,38.
Beardsley, Christine: Wi79 p87.
Beasley, Dick: Wi17 photo p19.
Beasley, Harrison (CoV): Wi87 p74.
Children: Tennessee (Mrs. Duel D. Jarvis)
Beaton, Jim (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Beaux Arts Hotel; Sp03 p15.
“Beaver” Sternwheel steamer: photo Sp89 pp7,8.
Beaver, Herbert, Rev. & Jane (HBC): Sp71 pp5, et seq.
Beaver Marsh: Wi00 p80.
Beazley, Dick (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Becker, Carl & Claudia: Sp22 p20.
Beckham, Steven Dow: Author, Wi72 p79; Su74 p47; Wi81 p89; Wi82 p75; Wi87 p82; Fa13 &
Wi13 issues; Silas Newcomb Bio Wi13 p12; “Trail of Tears” Sp16 and Su16 issues; Su16 p22;
Wi17 p23.
Beckley Bridge: Wi11 p16.
Beckley Bros. General Merchandise (Charles & Pat) (Oak & Elk): photo Sp69 p9; N. Ump. Farm
Sp72 p13; Fa75 p67; Fa89 p69.
Beckley, Bessie Bell Mulkey (Gl): Fa89 p67.
Beckley, Charles L. (OCk-Dxv): Sp69 p9; Wi81 p80; Sp82 p4; Su84 p46; Fa89 p56; Fa89 pp56, et
seq.; Wi94 p75, home photo p77, photos 78,81,85.
Beckley, Clyde & Mary Lyons (Elk): Wi80 p92; Su84 pp45,46; Fa89 p68.
Beckley, Henry & Mary M. Woodson (Elk): Fa66 p8; Sp67 p20 photo p21; Su67 p4; Fa67 p23;
Sp68 p5; Sp72 p13,14; Wi72 p91; Sp73 p16; Wi73 p92; Su75 p34; Fa75 pp50,66; Sp79 p19,
house photo 21; House photo Wi80 p92; Sp84 p9; Su87 p26; Fa89 p56,67; Fa90 pp69,71.
Children: Pitzer Woodson, Fa89 p56, Jesse Levi, Charlie, Fa89 p67,69.
Henry Beckley Store: sketch Sp67 p23.
Beckley, Jesse Levi & Nellie B. Mulkey: Fa89 p67.
Beckley, John Wesley Sr.: photo Sp79 p13.
Children: Henry, Preston, Levi, Simpson & John. Group photo Sp79 p17.
Beckley, John Jr.: Sp79 p13, photo 17, Fa89 p56.
Beckley, Levi “Sime” (Elk): Sp67 p20; Su75 pp34,66; Sp79 p8, photo 9, et seq; Fa89 p56.
“Levi Beckley’s Book”: Sp79 p8-24.
Beckley, Lynn (Dxv): Wi94 p79, photo p82.
Beckley, Mary Josephine “Mollie” (Mrs. Orange “Pete” Mattoon) (Elk): Wi72 p93; Sp73 p9; Fa81
p53; Fa89 pp64,67.
Beckley, Orval (Orville) & Mrs. (Elk): Sp65 p4; Sp66 p14; Fa66 p8.
Children: Phil, Fa66 p8.
Beckley, Pat (Elk): Fa89 p69.
Beckley, Pet (Oak): Sp77 p9.
Beckley, Phil: Sp66 p14; Fa66 p8.
Beckley, Pitzer & Emma Lavina Mulkey (Oak): Sp69 p9; Fa89 p56.
Beckley, Preston “Pet”: Sp79 pp13, photo 17; Fa89 p56.


Beckley, Susan: Fa89 p64.
Beckley, Will (Elk): Fa75 p64.
Beckley Ranch: photo Sp10 p15.
Beckwith (Cnv-DC): farm & ferry Wi91 p82.
Beckwith, C.W. (CB): Wi22 p5.
Becon, Bob (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.
Becroft, Cotton (Beecroft?) (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Beds for Less: Su13 p18.
Bee, Miss Noanie: Fa20 p13.
Be-el: son of Halo Wi69 photo p91.
Beebee, Mr. & Bea B. Long (Sut): Su78 p29.
Beecher, Red Cross General: Wi96 p86.
Beef and Brew Restaurant (Eden): Su91 p33.
“Beer, A Revolution in”: Wi22 pp7-8.
Beeson Family: Wi69 p75;
Beeson, John & Mrs.: Su74 p42.
Children: Wilborn.
Beggir, James C., Lt.: Wi08 p7.
Beggs, William J. (Sb): Fa75 p72; Sp78 p3; Wi97 p75; Wi90 p78; Wi22 p19.
Beinecke Library, Yale Univ.: Fa19 p7.
Belcher, Elmer & Mrs. (Til): Fa83 p64.
Belfiels, Louis: Sp76 p13; Wi04 pp18,23.
Belieu Creek: Su68 p43.
Belieu, J. Green (RWV): Su68 p39.
Belieu, James & Elizabeth Dean: Su68 p39; Wi75 p89; DLC Wi11 p8.
Children: Eliza, Charles, Finley, Cora (Mrs. Cora Busch), Melvin, Su68 p39, Corda Su68 p41.
Beliue, L.D. & Mrs.: Su68 p43.
Belieu, Mike & Eliza: Su68 p39.
Children: Samuel
Belieu, Samuel L. “Uncle Sam” (CaV) (RWV): Su68 p39; Sp75 p10; Wi92 p89.
Belieu, William (Ros): Wi71 p91.
Belin, Richard (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Belknap, Corrington G., Rev.: Fa85 p49.
Bell animal: Sp10 p17.
Bell Family Cemetery (Elk): Wi11 p5.
Bell Mt.: lookout Fa01 p59; Wi11 p5.
Bell Telephone Co.: Sp09 p6.
Bell, Alexander Graham: Sp09 p4.
Bell, J. R. N., Rev.: Wi67 p9; Su79 p43; Sp83 p21; Sp99 p8; Roseburg Review publisher, Su01
p47; Wi22 p11.
Bell, Lester (Elk-Oak): Wi72 p91; Sp73 p7.
Bell, Louis (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Bell, Scott (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Bell, Sidney (Port): Fa20 p12,14.


Bell, W.D. “Pop”: (Ros): Wi71 p94; Rose Confectionery Fa91 p51; Su95 p30.
Bell, William (Ros): Sp67 p10, Fa00 p66.
Beller, Dorothy T. (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Bellows Field (Ros): Wi86 p89, photo p90; Fa10 p6.
Bell’s Basket Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Bell’s Confectionery Store (Ros): Sp13 p22.
Bellows, Mr. (Ros):
Bellows, A. J. & Mrs. (Ros): Su68 p44; Wi86 p89; Su90 pp41,42; Su95 p30; House photo Su98
p40; Sp01 p9;
Sp08 p5.
Children: Bertha (Mrs. George M. Brown), Roy
Bellows, George Britton (Ros): Sp99 p14.
Bellows, Roy: (Ros): Wi86 p89; Radio Shop Su91 p45; Men’s clothing store Fa91 p53.
“Beman B.Brockway – Letters of 1852”: Fa71 p62-66.
Bemis, Adelle (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Bender, Edward & Nellie Hermann (MP): Su86 p30.
Bender, Paul: Sp13 p13.
Bendergard, Sea Capt. (Coos B): Sp72 p19.
Benetta Theater (Win): Sp13 pp13,15.
Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks (BPOE): Fa72 p67; Fa91 p61; Fa00 pp52,60; Sp13 p9.
Benjamin, Charles Y. (Cnv): Su82 p45.
Benjamin, Dan L. (Cnv): Su82 p45.
Benjamin, Hattie R. (Mrs. Gov. Frank W. Benson) (Cnv): Su82 p45.
Benjamin, Robert (Cnv): Su82 p45.
Benjamin, William F. & Ruth M. Leven (Cnv-Ros): Sp75 p13,15; Sp76 p13; ancestors & bio Su82
p43 et seq., photo p45; Su96 p42.
Children: Charles Y., Dan L., Hattie R. (Mrs. Gov. Frank W. Benson), Robert W. S82 p43.
William F. Benjamin bio: Su82 p43-47 by wife Ruth M.
Bensall, R.A., Cpr.: “All Quiet Along the Yamhill” Wi69 p95; Sp76 p9; Su77 p26.
Bentley Stockade (UCC): Su80 p36.
Bentley, Isaac: (UCC): Su80 p38; Su85 p35.
Bentley, Paul, Architect: Wi08 p22.
Bentley, William (Oak): photo Sp69 p13.
Benedict Road: Wi11 p21.
Benedict, Earl (Ros): Cover Sp12 p2.
Benedict, G.W. (Elk): Fa90 p69.
Benedict, Mattie Pearson: photo Su08 p6.
Benedict, Oscar: Wi73 p79.
Benedict, Philip & Mrs. (Ros): Sp99 pp10,14.
Benight Family (UC): Sp93 p17.
Ben More, Mt.: misspelled as Benmore Su21 p7.
Bennet, Grace (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Bennet, William J., architect & Hanna A. Poley: Sp17 p3, bio p13-19; (Bennet is misspelled
throughout the article and no credit was given to Ben Truwe, Southern Oregon Historical Society,


for providing sources cited here) (For more on Bennet, see Ben Truwe’s website, Southern
Oregon History Revised)
Children: Howard Leffel, Minnie Slyvania, Sp17 p16.
Bennett Rock (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Bennett, Mr. (CaV): Su09 p16; Wi92 p89.
Bennett, Addison: Su00 p38; Fa20 p19.
Bennett, Dorothy: Fa20 p12.
Bennett, George (Cala): Su68 p34; Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Bennett, J. (Elkh): Fa70 p71.
Bennett, Kenny: photo Fa10 p12.
Bensell, R.A.: Fa66 p5.
Benson Apartment Building: photo Su98 p44.
Benson Grade School; Su82 p45; Su99 p32; girls Su09 p7; photo Su98 p44; Fa10 p5; Wi12 p13.
Benson-Hyde Ring: Su84 pp33,34.
Benson, Mr. (Wil): Su96 p42.
Benson, Frank W., Gov. & Harriet “Hattie” R. Benjamin: Sp66 p3; Sp82 p3; Su82 pp43,45; Su97
p31; Sp08 p5.
Children: Clifford, Wallace Su82 p45.
Benson, Henry: Sp82 p3.
Benson, Joyce Bartley, Mrs. (Ros): photo Sp87 p9.
Benton, Mr. (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Bentson, R.R. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Berdine, J.M. (MC): Fa74 p65.
Beresford, Merle: Mrs. Dr. Richard M. Brumfield then Mrs. Howard W. Mozena Fa14 p8, then
Mrs. Jesse Lattin: Fa14 p9.
Bonnady Stock Ranch (Dxv): Wi94 p76;
Berg, Bonnie Jean: Wi08 p18,19; Su19 p3.
Berg, Horace (Ros): Su91 p42; Wi20 p19, et seq.; Sp22 p11.
Berg, Joan (Later Amorde) (Ros): Miss Oregon Sp87 p6.
Bergerman, John (Gard): Su66 p18;
Bergh, Mr. (Dxv): Su01 p40.
Bergman, John, sea Capt. (The Cannery Man) & Lena Moy (Gard): photo Fa69 p66; photos Sp72
pp18,21, brief bio of p24; Wi75 p80.
Children: Otto, Frederick, John W., Henry, Carl, Mary (Mrs. Fred Hollister) + unnamed
daughter, Sp72 p24.
Bergman, J.W.; Su66 p18.
Bering Strait: Fa09 p22.
Berkrem, Nels “Bismarck” (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.
Berks Family (GV): Sp74 p18.
Children: Henry, George, Frank & Bill Sp74 p18.
Berks, Henry: Wi79 p75.
Berks, Will (NUmp.): cover Wi71 p74.
Berney, Richard L. (Ros): Su79 p27.
Bernhard, Clayton V.: Sp09 p3.


Bernhardt Furniture (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Bernhardt, Joe, Sea Capt. (Gard): Sp72 p24.
Bernhardt, Paul: Su18 p12.
Bernard Family (UC): Sp93 p17.
Bernard, Reuben F.: Fa66 p17.
Bernard, T.W., Mrs.: Wi71 p85.
Berns, Peter: Wi83 p86.
Berries: Dillard history of Fa06 pp14-17.
Berry, Tim (West Fork): Sp95 p15.
Best School of Art: Fa20 p7.
Bethel Cemetery (Mel): Wi11 p5.
Betts, Floyd: Su02 p35.
Betty Long Unruh Theater: Sp01 p22.
“Beulah”, ship: Fa69 p65.
Beutgen, Father: Sp88 p15; Wi93 p83.
Bevans, Gordon: Sp22 p5.
Bevier, Jeff: Sp88 p7.
Bevill, James W.: S.P switchman Wi08 pp16,17.
Bewley, James: Sp22 p3.
Bicentennial, 1976: Su03 p40.
Big Camas: cabin photo Fa73 p62; Fa90 p58; Ranger cabin photo Wi00 pp83, Ranger District 84,
et seq.; Garwood Grave Wi11 p5.
Big Canyon: see Canyon.
Big Falls (Fish Lake): Wi73 pp80,82.
Big Hill (Paradise Creek) (MUmp): Wi90 p76.
Big Mill Creek Covered Bridge: photo Sp11 p9.
“Big Rock” (Winc): Su08 p9.
Bigger, Linda: Su19 p8.
Biggs, Mr. (Edenbower): Wi04 p3 et seq.
Bigham, Harriet (Mrs. Hans Weaver): photo Sp83 p12; Sp15 p8.
Bigham, Mary Alice (Mrs. Joseph Jr. Lavadour): Wi14 p8,10,17; Sp15 p8;
Su15 p5, photo p10.
Bigham (Bingham), Solomon & Josephine Wright: Wi67 p14; Sp83 p9; Sp15 p7,9; bio Su15 p22.
Children: Mary Alice (Mrs. Joseph Lavadour Jr.) by Martha Carson. Then one plus Henry,
Charles, twins Ella & Eva, Sp15 p10.
Bilger Creek (MC): Wi88 p82.
Bill Stock Motors: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.
Bill Tipton Ranch (LR): Fa00 p60.
Billy Blakley’s Quartet; Sp22 p5.
Billy Creek: Su69 p42.
“Billy Yank and Johnny Reb”: George Abdill Fa72 p51-55.
Bilow, Darrell: Wi08 p15; Su19 p25.
Bi-Mart Store (Ros): Fa92 p57.
Binder, Anthony & Mrs.: Su67 p4.


Children: Irl, Charles, Frank, Mary, Millie.
Binder, Carl (Irl?): Su78 p44.
Binder, Charles (Elk): Sp67 p24; Fa67 p20.
Binder, Gilbert: Sp67 p20; Su67 p3; Su94 p40.
Binder, John (Elk): Sp67 p20, et seq.; Su67 p3 photo p4 et seq.
Children: Irl, Gilbert,
Binder, Irl (Elk): Sp67 p20; Su67 p3; photo credits Fa67 pp8,12,21,23; Sp68 p5; Wi72 p80; Sp;74
p6; Wi76 p74; Sp84 p5; Su94 p40; Wi90 p78.
Binger Post Office: Su11 p5,8.
Bingham, George Greenwood, Judge: Su14 p20; Fa14 photo p5, et seq.
Bingham, Solomon: See Bigham.
Binker, E.J.: Sp71 p2.
Bintliff, Mrs. Lewis: Fa09 p8.
Birch, Mr.: Sp69 p17.
Birch or Burch Benjamin F.: Wi92 p74.
Bird, Levi: Wi68 pp90,95.
Bird, Louis (Wil): Sp69 p23.
Birdsall Co.: engines Fa67 p19.
Birdseye, David & Clara Fleming: Fa85 p50.
Children: Mrs. William Colvig.
Birling (log rolling): Su71 photo p31.
Birmingham, J.F.: Fa99 p69.
Birnie, James (HBC-HBC): Wi65 p3; Sp66 p15; Su66 p5; Sp71 p6; Sp84 p5.
Children: Elizabeth, Sp71 p6.
Birtch, Dave: Wi10 p11.
“Birth of a Nation”: KKK movie Sp09 p20.
“Birth of the Beliews”: Cora Belieu Busch Su68 p39-43.
Birthday Club: Fa07 p19.
Bishop, R.S., Rev. (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Bitulithic paving; Fa00 p64.
Bitzer’s Market: Fa85 p53.
Bjornstad, Margaret Morgan: Su94 p38.
Children: James
Black Beauty feather dress: Cover Wi02 p74.
Black Butte Mine: photo Fa70 p68; Sp93 p15.
Black Eagle Mine: photo Sp78 p15.
Black Mud, technically named Dixonville Soil Type: Wi94 p76; Wi95 p83; Wi01 p87,92; Sp04 p8.
Black Mud Hollow (OCk): Fa92 p59; Sp98 p17.
Black Mud Ranch, Gen. Lane (NRos-Winc, now the airport): Wi01 p87,92.
Black Republican Cherries: Sp91 p20.
Black Rock Creek: Wi73 p79,80; Fa22 p14.
Black Rock Desert: Fa02 pp56,60.
Black Rock Lookout; Wi00 pp78, photo 79.
Black Rock Peak (LRiv): Fa73 p70; Wi73 pp79,80,82; Sp23 p19.


Black Family (Mwd): on map Fa93 p60.
Black, Miss Allie (Ros): Wi88 p78.
Black, Miss Arrie (Ros): Wi88 p78.
Black, Arthur: Su65 p10, et seq.; Fa65 pp12,13.
Black, Bill (Mwd): Fa93 p62; Su05 p4.
Black, “Billy” Roseburg Girls Drum Corps: Sp87 p8; Wi08 p12.
Black, Carl (Ros): Su88 p39; Fa91 p53,59; Fa95 p50; Fa20 p6.
Black, Cecil & Mrs.: Su88 p40; Su14 p9; Fa91 p59.
Black, Henry & Sally McGee: Su89 p32.
Black, Hugh, Dr. (OSU): Fa01 p67.
Black, John (Mwd): Fa93 p62
Black, Marion & Margaret (Yon): Fa93 p57,62.
Children: Lydia (Mrs. Saumel Hebard), Fa93 p57; John, Bill, Margaret (Mrs. Clarence
Waggoner) Fa93 p62.
Black, S.L.: Sp66 photo p9.
Black-Tailed Deer: Su08 p10, photo p20.
Blackford Cemetery (Sd): Wi11 p5.
Blackhawk War; Sp02 p6.
Blackwell, Eva: Sp80 p13.
Blackwell, Lincoln & LaAmi Etta Frater (SR): Sp80 p14.
Children: Eva.
Blackwood, William (Milo-Cnv): Su79 p47; Wi91 p82.
Blaine, Lizzy (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Blaine, Tom: Su89 p32.
Blake, Bertha: Fa83 p50.
Blake, Daniel Applegate: Sp83 p3.
Blake, Grover: Wi66 p24; Su70 p33.
Blake, Richard & Susan Jane Applegate: Sp83 p3; Wi88 p95.
Children: Daniel Applegate
Blakley Family: Fa08 p11.
Blakley, Annie (later Mrs. John Alexander) (Gl): Sp67 p10; Sp68 p7;
Reminiscences of Anna Su83 p42-45; Fa84 p61; Wi86 p80; Wi00 p78,84; Fa02 p62.
Blakley, Billy; Sp22 p5.
Blakely, Cecil (Gl); Sp06 p17.
Blakely, Emily: Su09 p9.
Blakely, Matilda: Su83 pp42,44; Fa11 p6.
Blakely, Nettie: Sp66 p6.
Blakely, Robert Temple & Laura Elanor Bard (OCk): Farm photo Fa73 p60; Wi81 p80, et seq.
Children: Agnes May, Robert Plumb, Margaret
Blakely, Samuel Plumb & Matilda Mallard (DLC) (Gl): Fa73 p60; Wi81 p80; Su83 pp42,44;
Fa02 p62;.
Children: Henry Arthur, Robert Temple, Anna, Lester, Agnes Phinnette, Forest Samuel, Wi81
p80, (Annie, Fa02 p62)
Blakeny, Mr.: Fa01 p62.


Blancartee, Peter: Fa19 p20.
Blanchard, Rose Lyons Arrington: Su00 p38,42; Su10 p7.
Blanchet, Archbishop Francis Norbert: Su66 p11; Wi96 p88; Sp07 p17; Fa18 p21.
Blanco Hotel (CoosB): Fa89 p71.
Bland Mt. and Old Baldy: Wi91 p82; Su15 p14.
Bland (Aka Bland Mountain or Perdue) Cemetery-1867 (DC): Wi11 p5.;
Bland Mt. Fire: Sp15 p12.
Bland Mt.: lookout Fa01 p59; Wi91 p82.
Bland, H.M.: Wi83 p86.
Blanke, Judith: Sp12 p23.
Blast of 1959: Sp85 pp6,17; Wi85 p81; Fa86 p53; Sp87 p5; Fa91 p69; Su92 p36,42; Sp99 pp4,19-
23; Fa00 p51,56; Fa01 p65, photo 66; Wi02 p81, photo 85; Sp03 p6; Su03 p43; Wi08 p3,10 et
seq.; Fa09 p13,14; Fa10 pp8,12; Sp11 p21; Su12 p12; Sp13 p10; Subject of Su19 issue.
“Blast Memories”: Su19 pp6,7 Dale Greenley.
“Blast Memories from Karen Engle Jones”: Su19 pp13-18.
“Blast Memories from Don Young”: Su19 p19.
“Blast Memories from Ellnora Young” Su19 p19
Blattner Building (Cnv): Sp13 p17.
Bledsoe, Theodore PM: Su11 p17.
Bledsoe, Thomas E. PM: Fa11 p4.
“Bless Oregon”: song by Bob Mayer Fa08 p6.
Bligh, T. (Ros): Sp87 p3.
Blinn, Douglas D. (UCC): Wi83 p77; Su85 p35.
Bliss, Beatrice L.: author of “Mary Vowell Adams: Reluctant Pioneer” Sp72 p15.
Blizzard of 1888: Su05 p10.
Bloberger, Joe (Ros): photo Fa85 p62.
Block, Dave: Sp03 p26.
Blocktoberfest: Wi23 p3.
Blood Trail (Tyee): Wi95 p95.
Bloody Point: Sp69 p18; Su69 p31.
Bloody Springs aka Hungry Hill: Wi78 p81; Wi82 p95; Wi91 p93.
Bloom, “Skinny”: Wi96 p84.
Bloomquist Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Blue Branch, Creek (UCC): Su80 p27.
Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps, Umpqua Post American Legion: Wi86 p91.
Blue Grouse: Su08 p10.
Blue Heron Home: Wi12 p14.
Blue Lake pole beans: Wi01 p83.
Blue Mountains: Fa13 p19.
Blundell, E.P.: Fa70 p58; Wi12 p20.
Blundell, James (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Boak, John & Pearl Colby (LL) Sp97 pp11,14.
“Bob Cavitt Tree”: Fa73 p51.
Bob Creek: steelhead in, Fa01 p53.


Bodie, Glen: Photo Su11 p3.
Bodie St.: Wi08 p11.
Bodley, Richard, PM: Su75 p30; Su11 p9.
Boehrs, Ed: Su07 p17, et seq.
Boeing, William: Su20 p18, photo 20.
Bogard, Bill Real Estate (Ros): Fa91 p63.
Bogard, Agnes (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Bogard, Blanche (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Bogard, Samuel (UC): Sp93 p17.
Bogard, V.L. & Mrs. nee Cooper (Ros): Fa86 p71.
Bogard, William (CS): Sp78 p22.
Bogard, Willard (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Boggess: School (DrCk): Wi00 p76.
Boggess Cemetery-1882 (Dxv): Wi11 p6.
Boggs, Bill: Sp06 p20.
Boggs, Bob: Sp06 p20.
Boggs, or Boygus or Bogus, Henry: Wi92 p74.
Boggs, John & Mrs. (Ros): map Sp90 p12; Su90 pp31,39.
Bogus School aka South Deer Creek School (Dxv): on map Su01 p36.
Bogus, or Boggs or Boygus, Henry: Wi92 p74.
Bohemia, Bohemia City: Sp82 p23; Fa01 p62; Su11 p6; Sp19 p7.
Bohemia Mines: Fa68 p72; Fa75 p51, photo p52; Sp76 p22; Wi76 p87; Sp77 p10; Wi78 p81.
Bohemia Post Office: Sp76 p9.
Boileau, Mr.: Su66 p8.
Boise, Ruben P.: Wi06 p19.
Bollenbaugh aka Briggs Cemetery-1856: Wi11 p6,11.
Bollenbaugh, George (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Bolin, C., Major: Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Major C. Bolin by Lewis Osborne.
Fa68 p50.
Bolon Island: Su13 p11(Misspelled here); Wi72 p88.
Bolsinger, Dale: photo Fa87 p64.
Bolsinger, Joan: Fa87 p64.
Bosard, James (Mel): Fa88 p70.
Boslinger, Roscoe (Sb-Dr): Su73 p47.
Bolsinger, Sam (Brk): Su71 p48; Sp75 p2; Fa06 p14.
Bolt, Ron: Fa09 p20.
Bolter, George & widow Snow Willis: Sp71 p19; Su71 p45.
Bolter, Phyllis (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Bolton, George & Snow Willis: Sp71 p19; Su71 p45.
Bonanza Quicksilver Mine: Sp78 p20; Wi03 p22; Fa15 p14.
Bond Family (Peel): Fa92 p61.
Bond, I.E. (MC): Su14 p17.
Bond, Stephanie: Sp88 p18.
Bond, William H.: Fa68 p71.


Bonebrake, Oden & Watson: Fa90 p60.
Bonebrake, Miss: Wi99 p79.
Bonebrake, Mr.: Wi92 p89.
Bonebrake, Mr. & Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 p28, et seq.;
Bonebrake, Rev. (Oak): Su77 p38.
Bonebrake, Clara Teresa: Wi00 p75.
Bonebrake, Ida (Dxv): Su01 p35.
Bonebrake, J. Fred (Dxv): Su99 pp40,41.
Bonebrake, John Starr & Mary (Arnold): Wi00 p75.
Children: Clara Theresa (later Mrs. Joseph Alexander McLaughlin, Jr.): Wi00 p75.
Bonebrake, Robert (Ros): Fa91 p50.
Bonebrake, Will (Dxv): Su01 p40.
Bonnell, Dale: Fa01 p64; Wi19 pp6,11.
Bonneville, Capt. B.L.E.: Sp65 p2.
Boon, John: Fa06 p14.
Boom, H.S. Roseburg Booterie: photo Fa77 p63.
Boomer Hill: Wi69 p81; Sp92 p15, school photo p22; Wi92 p75; Fa01 p65; School Wi12 p13;
Su14 p5; Fa14 pp2;18.
Boon, John (Brk): Fa06 p14.
Boone, Capt. A.D. (CoosB): Sp89 p5.
Boone, D.B. (Ros): Fa85 p57.
Boone, Dan: Wi82 p94; Su85 p30.
Boone, Daniel (Kentucky): Fa75 p64;
Boone, Kate (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Booster Club: Fa00 pp52,69.
Booth Bridge: Cover Wi79 p74.
Booth Chapel (Cleveland): Wi78 p91; Wi79 p94.
Booth Post Office (Azalea): Su75 p39; Sp85 p40; Su11 p6,19;
Booth, Robert A. Bridge: Wi75 p83.
Booth Kelley Lumber: photo Fa06 p5.
Booth Orchard (Ruckles): Su14 p12.
Booth Ranch Road: cover Fa14.
Booth, Amy (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Booth, Brian Geddes: Fa09 p7.
Booth, Edwin S. & Margaret Hewitt: Fa09 p7.
Children: Molly Margaret (Walters), James Henry.
Booth, George: Sp79 p4.
Booth, Harriet Catherine: Fa09 p7.
Booth, Harry W. & Lois Marian Geddes: Fa91 p53; Fa09 p7.
Children: Harriet Catherine, Brian Geddes
Booth, Henry (Ros): Fa85 p55; Fa91 p53; Fa20 p19.
Booth, J.O. (Ros): house photo Wi80 p89.
Booth, James Henry & Catherine A. Campbell: Sp83 p22; Su84 p38; Su97 p31,36,41, photo 46;
Cover, Roseburg home photos Su98 pp26,28,29; Su14 p7; Fa09 p7.


Children: Harry W., Edwin S.
Booth, James Henry Ranch (Ruckles): Fa09 p7.
Booth, John (GV): photo Wi78 p91,95; Sp79 p4, et seq.
Booth, John Wilkes: Wi16 p5.
Booth, Molly Margaret (later Walters): Fa09 p7.
Booth, Robert Asbury, Jr., Hon. St. Hwy. Comm. & Clintona Ann LaRaut: Sp83 p22; Su97 p31,36,
photo 46; Fa09 pp3,4,6; Wi08 p3,6; Su11 p6.
Booth, Robert, Sr., Rev. & Mary Minor (GV): Su69 p34; Wi70 p74; Fa80 p70; Wi08 p3,6; Mini
bio, statue photo & info Fa09 p6.
Children: John
Booth, Ted (Ros): Fa79 p61; Fa91 p53.
Booth, Winfield S. (UCC): Su85 p40; Su11 p6.
Booth, Winniford: Su11 p6.
Boren Creek (Div): Sp74 p22.
Boren, Fred (CaV): Fa98 pp65,69,70.
Borrevik, B.: Su18 p12.
Bos, Christian F. (Glen): Sp71 p2; Wi00 pp76,78.
“Bossy”: William Dysinger biography Fa85 p66.
“Bostonian” schooner: Fa66 p6; Fa69 p59,61; Fa75 p51; Wi90 p75; Wi05 p4; Sp10 p8; Fa13 p5
et seq.
Boswell, Benjamin D., Capt.: Wi65 p8; Su11 p6.
Boswell Post Office: Wi65 p9.
Boswell Springs: Wi65 p6, photo p7; Wi75 p75,93; Sp85 p23; Wi10 p17; Sp11 p3; Su11 p6;
“Boswell Springs-Pioneer Spa”: Wi65 p6.
Botcher, John (Eden): Su91 p34; Su11 p13.
Bottle Creek (MUmp): Wi83 p90.
Boucock Meat Market (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Boulder Creek (Camas Valley area): Wi79 p89; Su10 p11.
Boundary Ranger Station: Wi00 pp76,78.
Bounds Cemetery-1854: Wi11 p6.
“Bounty Hunter, The”: Wi99 p94-95 by Welcome Combs.
Bourgeau Family (Cala)(HBC): Fa67 p13.
Bourne Cemetery-1856 (WlCk): grave cover photo Sp81 p2; Wi11 p6.
Bourne, Charles F. (WlCk): grave, cover photo Sp81 p2; Wi11 p6.
Bouwsema, Edward A.: Wi08 p8.
Bovington Furniture Store (Oak): photo Sp69 p10.
Bovington, Ben (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Bovington, J.C. (Oak): Sp99 p10.
Bowen, A.J., Mrs.: Su68 p26; Wi79 p92.
Bowen, Fred (Ros): Su91 p35, house photo p36; Su95 p38.
Children: Adrian Su91 p35.
Bowen, Grace Marsters: Wi79 p95.
Bowen, Hale: Sp68 p10.
Bowen, J.B.: Fa79 p63.


Bowen, John D. & Ruthinda: Sp67 p13,14; Wi75 p80; Wi89 p94; Wi15 p6; Su21 p11.
Children: Annie Meliza (Mrs. Joseph Mitchell), Louisa (Mrs. Vincent Davis).
Bowers, Joe (Cnv): Sp82 p12.
Bowill, J.W.: Su19 p27.
Bowles, Samuel, Mass. Editor & Mrs.: Su75 p44.
Bowley, Sam: Sp79 p4.
Bowman, E.N.: Wi77 p91.
Bowman, F.E.: Su97 p44.
Bowman, Walter: Su14 p7.
Bowser, A. (UAs)(Winc): Fa79 p71.
Boxwell Springs: (Typo of Boswell Springs?): Wi10 p17.
Boy Scouts of America: Troop 4 Su70 p32; Fa95 p56,61; Wi95 p85; Wi19 pp5,11; Wi21 p12;
Troop 130, Su22 p3; Troop 4, Su22 p12, et. seq; Su23 p11; Wi23 p5 et seq.
Boygus or Boggs or Bogus, Henry: Wi92 p74.
Boyd & Blakely: Wi15 p7.
Boyd, Bonnie: Su17 p3.
Boyd, E.E. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Boyd, Mr. (Rick): Fa06 p3.
Boyd, Mrs. (Eden) Fa04 p6, et seq.; Sp05 p17.
Boyd, T.M. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Boyd, Verne Brown: photo Fa70 p68.
Children: Eleanor Unrath.
Boyd, Victor (Nofog): Wi86 p79; Fa92 p61.
Boyer Ranch: Wi94 p84.
Boyer, Betty (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Boyer, Dee (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Boyer, Fred (Dxv): photo Wi94 pp78,84.
Boyers Meat Market: Su91 p37; Su92 p36; Sp98 p17.
Boyers, Ira (Dil): Fa92 p55.
Boyle, C.H.: Su78 p28.
Boyle, Isaac: Su80 p36.
Boyle, John C.: Su77 p29.
Boyle, J.L. (DC): Fa74 p54.
Boyle, John T. (Cnv): Su75 p29; Su79 p45.
Boyle, Lawrence (Cnv): Wi69 p88; Wi91 p95.
Boyle, Phoebe (DC): Fa74 p54.
Boyles, John (MC): Sp67 p2.
Boyles, S.W. (MC): Fa74 p62.
Boyner, Les: Fa90 p51.
Boys and Girls Club: Su13 p17.
Boys Band: Fa00 p69.
Banton, Ed & Mrs. nee Grubbe: Sp86 p10.
Brackett, Albert: Wi01 pp85,91.
Brackett, William H. “Billy”: Wi13 p7,11; Fa76 p54.


Bradbury and Dearborn Store: Sp67 p14; Su67 p16; Fa75 p72; Sp76 p11.
Braden, Bob: Su85 p43.
Braden, Samuel C. & Susanna (Oak-Ros): Su77 p45; Sp91 p5.
Bradford Brothers sawmill (Elkh): Sp93 p14.
Bradford, Frank (Yon): sawmill Sp93 p14
Bradford’s Texaco Station (MC-TriC): Su13 p17.
Bradley Creek: see Gassey Creek
Bradley Flats (NUmp): Sp82 p20.
Bradley Homestead (Np): Wi03 p5; photo Wi04 p21.
Bradley House: Wi03 p5 photos 7.
“Bradley Trail, The”: Sp82 pp20-22.
Bradley, Mr. (CoV): Su93 p32.
Bradley, Ben, Dr. & Rose Bushey: Wi79 pp75, et seq.; Sp82 p20.
Bradley, Bill (NU): Sp82 p20, photo 21, Wi03 p5.
Bradley, Derwin (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Bradley, Eula, Miss: Sp08 p5.
Bradley, John V. (Oak): Wi79 p75; Sp82 p20.
Children: Ben, Bill.
Bradley, Kennon F.: Su93 p34.
Bradley, K.W.: on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Bradley, Lee (Drew): Sp89 p21.
Bradley, William D.: Wi03 p5; Grave-1872 (Cnv) Wi11 p6.
Brad’s Creek: see Gassey Creek
Brady, Louis, Mrs.: Sp72 p2.
Brady photo: Wi01 p91.
Bragg, John (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Brainard, Fay King (MC): Wi88 p88.
Branch, Merle (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Brand, Charles A. & Mrs. (Winc): Fa87 p70; Su88 p42.
Brand, Rachel (Mrs. Sam Cobb) (GV): Fa77 p53.
Brand, Romaine (Ros): Su99 pp32,34; Su09 p8.
Brand’s Bar-B-Q (Winc): Sp86 p6; Sp87 p5; photo Su88 pp41,42,
Brandt, John Jr.: Su71 p44,
Brandy Bar (MUmp): Su66 p14; Wi83 p93; Sp00 p10; Sp02 p7; Su08 p19, Fa21 p14.
Brannon, Clinton & Nina (SB): Wi98 pp90,95,
Children: Judy, Clinton Jr., Grandfather Ed Brannon.
Brant, Addie, Mrs. (Yon): Fa71 p56; Sp81 p24; Sp82 p23,
Brant, H.: Wi21 p16.
Bratland, LLC: Sp21 p27.
Bratton, Karen: Su07 p23,
Brawn Family: Portrait Fa80 p52.
Brawn, Grant & Lillis Williams: photo Fa80 p52,55.
Brawn, Harry (Yon): photo Su80 p52,55; Su82 p27.
Brawn, Richard & Sheryl (Yon): Fa84 p68, photo p70.


Children: David, Robert, Duane.
Brawn, Sumner Sr. & Mrs. nee Thompson (Yon): Fa80 p51, photo 52.
Children: Harry, Grant, Ruthe (Later Ledbetter), Leah (Later Kresse), Sumner Jr. Fa80 p52.
Brawn, Sumner Wallace Jr. & Dorothy Elizabeth McKaig (Yon): Fa 80 pp51, photo 52; Sp81
pp7,11; Su82 p27, et seq.; Sp84 p11; Fa84 photos pp 67,70.
Children: Richard Fa84 p68
Sumner Wallace Brawn, “Star Man”: Fa84 p67-70, Betty Kruse.
Brayton, Charles: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Breamed Creek Road: Su09 p13.
Breckinridge, John Cabell: Sp85 p2; Wi01 p87; Sp07 p13; Fa12 pp10,13,14.
Breckinridge-Lane Ticket: Sp78 p6; Sp07 p13; Fa18 p12, campaign poster 13; Wi18 p3.
Breen, Edward & Margaret:(Gard): Fa69 p61, et seq.; Su77 p26; Wi90 p86.
Breen, Robert (“Tacoma” rescue) (Gard): Sp72 p23.
Bremmer, Margaret: Sp06 p17.
Bremmer, William (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Children: Margaret, Mary.
Bremner, Margaret (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Bremner, Mary (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Brenan & Prim: Wi15 p9.
Brewer, Arrena (MC): photo Wi88 p85.
Brewer, Clara Belle (later Strong) (MC): photo Wi88 p85.
Brewer, Dade or David (MC) photo Wi88 p85.
Brewer, David & Susannah Small then Julia Underhill Dow Hulburt: Wi88 p81, photos
Brewer, Ella Francis (Mrs. Joseph Deardorff) (MC): photo Wi88 p87.
children: George W.
Brewer, Ellsberry B. & Justin Wright then Hillah Freeman (MC): Sp83 p19; Wi88 p82.
Children of Justin: Bessie, Belva, Jennie. Wi88 p82; children of Hillah, Leona Fay, Elwin.
Brewer, Estella: photo Wi88 p85.
Brewer, Ethel (later Hamm): photo Wi88 p87.
Brewer, G.E. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Brewer, George W. & Susan Elizabeth Taylor (MC): Wi88 p81, et seq. photos 84,85.
Children: Mary J., Ellsberry, Thomas Leonard, Clara Belle (Mrs. Jefferson Davis Strong),
Arrena (Mrs. William A. Newton), Estella
Brewer, Tempa (Mrs. Otho Hunsaker): photo Wi88 p87.
Brewer, Thomas Leonard & Kate Albina Rice (MC): Sp83 p19; photo Wi88 p85,86, family photo p87.
children: Tempe or Tempa Claire (Mrs. Otho Hunsaker), Ella Frances (Mrs. Joseph Deardorff),
Ethel (Mrs. Frank Hamm), Horace: Su09 p14.
Brewster Trail: Su09 p14.
Brewster Valley: Sp79 p2; Fa06 p15; Su09 pp14,16,17.
Breswer (Winc): Su08 p7.
Brice Creek: Wi00 p85; Su11 p6.
Brickle family (Eden): Su91 p32.


“Bridge at Umpqua Ferry, The”: George Abdill Wi71 p87-95.
Bridge Creek (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Bridge River: See Smith River.
Bridgeport, Polk Co. Ore.: Su00 p30.
Bridger, Jim: Sp65 p2.
Bridges Store (Sut): Wi03 p9.
Bridges, Miss (Oak): photo Su72 p44.
Bridges, Belle (Mrs. Jefferson Tester): Fa20 p8.
Bridges, Bruce B. (Ros): Wi72 p77.
Bridges, J.T. & Belle Hollifield (Oak): Sp69 p9; Fa72 p57; Si97 p31.
Bridges, Lucy: Wi88 p78.
Bridges, Rolston D. & Ruth Powell (Oak): “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 to Su72; Sp65
pp3,12,17; Fa65 p3; Wi66 p7,24; Sp67 p6 photo 7; Fa67 p9; Wi67 p3; Su68 p44; Sp69 pp3,9;
Fa70 p58; Wi71 p85; Su72 pp31,43; In memoriam /photo Fa72 p56-57; Sp73 p21; Su76 p45;
Sp77 p11; Fa77 p64; Sp86 pp20,22; Wi87 p93; Fa89 p54; Su03 p38; Wi12 p20.
Children: Daniel, Joyce.
Bridges, William (Oak): Sp69 p9.
Briggs aka Bollenbaugh or Pardee Cemetery-1856 (Cnv): Wi11 p6,11.
Briggs Camp: Su22 p9.
Briggs Ferry: Wi68 p93.
Briggs, Miss (Rid): Fa75 p53.
Briggs, Mr.: Su66 p14; Wi69 p81.
Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 p5, et seq.; Su04 p3; et seq.; Fa04 p22,23; Wi04 p3, photo p4, et
seq.; Sp05 pp3 et seq.
Granddaughter: Lillian photo Wi04 p4.
Briggs, Bolt: Sp17 p17.
Briggs, C.A.: Wi90 p91; Su08 p7,10.
Briggs, Ermel (Cnv): Su66 p9; Wi66 p23; Su67 p19; Sp85 p6; Wi12 p17.
Briggs, Jonathan: Wi91 p93.
Briggs, Nathaniel: Wi91 p93.
Briggs, R.A.: Sp67 p2, et seq.
Briggs, Samuel Bates & Susanna (Cnv): Su75 p46; Wi91 p93.
Children: Jonathan, Nathaniel, William Wi91 p93.
Briggs, Webster & Jane Matthews: photo Wi12 p17.
Briggs, William & Susanna (Cnv): Su79 p46.
Children: Mrs. Daniel Parsley, photo Su79 p46.
Briggs, William Fernando. (RWV) & Elizabeth Veatch (Cnv): Su67 p20; photo Sp71 p11; Sp82
p12; Wi91 p75, et seq. photo p79, Map by, Elk Ck. to Jackson Co. pp84 & 85, mini bio p93.
Children: William Jr., Marcus, Minnie, Della, Alice, Dora, George Wi91 p93.
Brimlow, George F.: Fa66 p17.
Brisbin, Maxine (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Brisbin, Rose (Ros); Fa95 p50.
Brisco Automobile: Su91 p40.
Brisco Sisters (Eden): Su91 p33.


Briscoe, George (Oak): Wi76 p90; Sp77 p20.
Bristol Sisters (Eden): Su91 p33.
British Northwest: Wi01 p86.
Britt, Peter: photo by Wi69 p84; Su74 p26.
Britt, Sam (Gl): Sp66 p4.
Britt, W.S. (Rid): Fa74 p51.
Britt, Walter Samuel & Lucy Baker (Rd): Sp82 p10; Sp92 p19.
Children: Emma (Mrs. Joseph Mercer Ledgerwood), Hazel, Sp92 p19.
Britton, Earl A.: Wi95 p85; Su02 p44.
Brix Restaurant: Sp16 p21.
Broad-tired beach wagon: photo Fa89 p70.
Broadway, Mrs. Velle: photo Wi12 p17.
Brobant, Mr.: Wi93 p76.
Brock, Josephus (CoV): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Brockway, Ore.: Ag. Dist. Fa74 p65; Wi01 pp76,78,83; Fa03 p75; view Sp06 p8;
Su06 p5, store photo 15; Fa06 p7, blacksmith shop p14; Wi09 p6;
Brockway aka Davin Cemetery: Wi11 p6;
Brockway Covered Bridge: photo Sp11 p7.
Brockway General Merchandise Store: Cover Fa86 p50; Sp91 p18; Fa95 p63; cover Sp06 p2;
photo Su06 p15; Wi11 p10.
Brockway Post Office: Fa86 p50; Su11 p6, photo 11,19.
Brockway School: photo Su73 p41; Sp91 p8; Wi01 p76; photo Sp06 p9, student photo 17.
Brockway, Beman. B. & Margaret & Rhoda Cockelreas: Fa71 p62; Su75 p42; Fa76 p56; Su77
p27; Wi83 p77; Fa86 p50; Su11 p6, sketch of home 11.
Children: Ulysses, Jess, Mary (Later Henson) Fa71 p62.
Brockway, Burban: Fa71 p62,65; Fa76 p56; Wi83 p77.
Broiler Restaurant: Fa09 photo p13.
Brokaw, Tom: Sp21 p4.
Brookes, Harry (Plaindealer editor): Wi75 p75; Wi84 p91; Wi90 p93.
Brookhardt, Walter (Sb): Sp73 p20; Sp97 p17.
Brooks, E.M. (Oak): Sp77 p8.
Brooks, Nathan: Su10 p19.
Children: America, Thomas, Jane, Mary, Mary Ann. Su10 p19
Brooks-Sumner Affair: Sp07 p6.
Broom Factory (Ros): Su84 p27.
Bross, William, Ill. Gov. Chicago Tribune Editor: Su75 p44.
Brothers, Mr. (Eden): Sp05 p4 et seq.
Brown, Drum(m) & Co. (USb): Fa92 p69; Su00 p37; Sp10 p5; Su10 p6.
Brown, H.G. Family Cemetery-1868 (Dr): Wi11 p6.
Brown & Halley: Su09 p8.
Brown & Newman (Elk): Sp75 p13.
Brown Ferry: Sp79 p5.
Brown Stockade (Brown’s Bridge): Su05 p11.
“Browns of Camas Valley”: Sp96 p2-16 by Margie Brown.


“Browns of Dixonville”: Sp98 p16-19 by Norma Strader Hatfield.
Brown Place (LL): Sp97 p7.
Brown Family Picnic: photo Su16 p18.
Brown, Dist. Atty.: Sp97 p17; Wi21 p5.
Brown, Mr.: Wi68 p75; Su16 p8.
Brown, Aaron V., PM Gen.: Su11 p4.
Brown(?), Uncle Aaron & Frona(?): Su01 pp35, et seq.
Brown, Abigail, PM (Mrs. William Carll: Wi75 p82.
Brown, Allena (Mrs. Sam L. Rose then Mrs. Aelred Farenbaugh): photo Fa95 p60,61; Wi12
Children: Ellnora & Mary Lynn by Sam, Grace by Aelred, Wi12 p8
Brown, Allena Waltermate (later Mrs. Sam L. Rose): Wi12 p8.
Brown, Alonzo F. (Oak): Fa67 p9; Wi67 pp4,5,6; Fa72 p50; Su76 pp45, et seq.; Sp77 p3; Su77
p35; Fa81 p64; “Autobiography”; Su10 p9.
Brown, Amanda Lillian: Su01 photo p39.
Brown, Anderson Hugh & Minerva Burt (Dxv): photo Fa96 p62; Sp98 p17; Su01 p27 et seq.,
photos p29,30, on map 36, Photos of daughters 34,39, et seq.
Children: Saphronia, Sumner, Omar (?), Clarinda, Edmond, Wilbur Hugh, Amanda Lillian,
Myra, Minerva, Violet, Eliza “Ellie”, Chauncey Temple.
Brown, Bessie (Mrs. Ernest Wheeler) (CaV): Sp96 p5,14, photo 15; photo Fa98 p62.
Brown, Bill (Ros): Su19 p20.
Brown, Bob (Gl): Su72 p47.
Brown, Bob (Oak): Sp69 photos pp6,8; Sp77 p13.
Brown, Charles and Clara Matilda Todd: Su70 p36, photo 68; Wi87 p78.
Children: Ellen Luetta (Mrs. Charles Moser)
Brown, Charley: Su76 pp27,33.
Brown, Chauncey Temple (Dxv): Su01 pp31, et seq., photo 43.
Brown, Clara Matilda Todd: Fa70 photo p68.
Brown, Cliff (MC): Wi92 p76.
Brown(?), Uncle Cy: Su01 pp44,47.
Brown, D.H.: Su08 p14.
Brown, E. (Mrs. Thomas C. Parker): Wi15 p6.
Brown, Edith Arlyn (Mrs. Harold McKay): photo Fa10 p5.
Brown, Edmond Sumner: Su01 pp27, et seq. photo 32,44, obit 47.
Brown, Edyth (Powell): Sp98 p16.
Brown, Elinor Henry: Fa87 p70.
Brown, Ella L.C. Hill: Wi12 p7,10. (probably the same as below)
Brown(?), Ellie:(wife of Omar(?)) Su01 pp31,33, photo 34, et seq.
Brown, Eliza May (same as Ellie?): Su01 p31, photo p39; Su16 family picnic photo p17.
Brown, Miss Esther: Wi66 p15; Sp96 p9, bio 11, (Central Jr. Hi. was not replaced by Joseph Lane.
Central was renamed Fremont Jr. Hi. after being destroyed in the Blast of 1959. Ed), photo 13.
Brown, Ethel, Mrs. (DCHS): Wi66 p15.
Brown, Frank R. & Winnie (CaV): Sp96 p5; Fa98 p63; Su00 p42.


Brown, Mrs. G.M.: Sp08 p5.
Brown, Gary: Wi71 p91.
Brown, George Albert & Mary Ellen: Fa10 p5.
Children: Edith (Mrs. Harold McKay)
Brown, George H. (Sb): Wi90 p79, et seq.
Brown, George M., atty. & Bertha Bellows (Ros): Wi66 p2; Su68 p44; Wi75 p93; House
photo Wi80 p92; photo Wi86 p93; House photo Su98 p41; Sp08 p5; Fa14 p16;
Su16 pp20,21; Fa16 p6.
Children: Marjory, Elaine, Thomas Leland, Su68 p44.
Brown, H.G. & Priscilla Stearns (Elk): Wi75 p74; Sp77 p17,23.
Brown, Harold & Blanche (Dxv): Wi94 p76.
Child: Brownie
Brown, Henry G. & Priscilla Stearns (Elk): Fa67 p9, Wi75 p74; Su77 p31, et seq.; Wi90 pp83,86;
Fa92 p67, house photo p69; Su00 p44,45; Su10 p8;
Children: Harriet.
Brown, J. Dist. Atty. (Ros): Fa99 p71.
Brown, Jacob (DC): Fa74 p54.
Brown, James (F. Sutherlin family): Fa71 p69.
Brown, Jemima (Mrs. Samuel Casebeer): Fa02 p62.
Brown, Jim (Dil): photo Fa92 p55.
Brown, Jim (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Brown, John: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Brown, L.W., Dr. (MC): Fa68 p68; Wi68 p75.
Brown, Laura (Dxv); Sp98 p19;
Brown(?) Aunt Lavina: Su01 p38.
Brown, L.P. (Brown & Drumm): Su10 p7.
Brown, Len (Anlauf): Su82 p33.
Brown, Lillian: Su01 p27, photo 34, et seq.
Brown (?), Lorella: Su01 pp27, et seq. (apparently not a Brown sister p40)
Brown, Loyal: Su00 p44.
Brown, M.L. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Child: Bessie
Brown, Malvin L.: Smokejumper, story of Su20 p3-11, Dale Greenley.
Brown, Marcus Lafayette “Faye” & Eliza Shepherd (CaV): photo Wi84 p94; Cover Wi92 pp73,89;
Cover Sp96 pp2,3, house photo 4; Eliza photo p7.
Children: Alva, Arthur, Eunice (Mrs. Author Church), Wilfred “Fred”, Mildred, Lewis,
Frank, Bessie (Mrs. Ernest Wheeler), Sp96 p3.
Brown, Margaret “Margie” (Mrs. Leo Vescogni): Wi92 p83; Fa95 p63, et seq; Sp96 p3, photo 12;
Wi96 p87; Fa98 p69, photo 71; Sp00 p3.
Brown, Mary: Su65 p17.
Brown, Mary A.: Sp04 p4.
Brown, May: Su01 pp31, photo 34, et seq.
Brown, Dr. Myra: Wi75 p95; Su01 pp31, photo 34, et seq.
Brown, Neal & Cora Ellen Markham: Fa95 p63, et seq., photo p68; Sp96 p5, bio 11, photo 13.

Brown, Omar Clarence & Ella Luella Casbianica Hill: Wi68 p84; Su69 p35; Fa71 p68; Fa73 p56;
Wi73 p79; Sp76 p22; Su78 p29; Sp82 p3; Su01 pp27, et seq. photo p41; Su01 p37; graves
Wi11 p6; Su12 p4; Wi12 p7, mini bio 10, photo p14.
Brown, O.C. gravesite (Ros): Wi11 p6.
Brown, Quincy Adams & Minnie (Dxv): Su85 p47; Fa90 p52; Sp98 p16 et seq., photo 18.
Children: Mildred Sp98 p19.
Brown, Ray; Fa10 p15.
Brown, Robert N.: Sp92 p21.
Brown, Rod (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Brown(?) Aunt Saphrona: Su01 p38.
Brown, Samuel (Elk): Sp73 p6.
Brown, Saphronia Clarinda: Cover photo & journal of, Su01 pp26-47.
Brown, Sarah: Sp04 p3, wife of Marcus Moore 4.
Brown, Sumner (Dxv): Su01 p27 et seq., photo 32.
Brown, Thomas: Wi78 p96; Fa79 p63; Su83 p31; Sp01 p9,23; Wi06 p14; Wi16 p8; Sp17 p3.
Brown, Thomas & Sarah Flett: Su68 p44; Wi75 p93.
Children: George M., Myra
Brown, Violet (Dxv): Su01 pp28, et seq., photo 34.
Brown, W.H. (Sut): Sp99 p10.
Brown, W.R. Mrs.: Fa95 pp56,58.
Brown, Wilbur Hugh & Laura (Dxv): Wi73 p79; Sp98 pp16,17; Su01 p27, et seq., photo 43,
Children: Quincy Adam, Sp98 pp16,19.
(Index editor not always sure which Wilford Brown is which. Use your own discretion to sort
Brown, Wilford (Yon): Sp20 p20.
Brown, Wilfred B. “Fred” Sr. & Ethel Putnam (CaV-Wil): Wi68 p81; Fa78 p54; Fa81 p56; Wi84
p94,95; Fa87 p70; Wi92 pp73,83, photos pp85,86,87, p89;Fa95 p63 et seq, photo 64; Sp96
p3, photos 10,12; Fa98 p63.
Children: Wilford Jr., Esther, Neal, Mary Margaret “Margie” Sp96 p6; Fa98 p63.
Brown, Wilford Jr. & Elinor Henry: Fa71 p51; Fa81 p56; Wi92 p89; Fa95 p63; photo 64; Sp96 p6,
bio 9, photo 12; Fa98 p63.
Brown, Will Q. (Rid): Su71 p30; House photo Wi80 p88; Wi12 p13.
Brown, William “Bill” & Grace Waltemate: Wi12 p8.
Children: Allena (Mrs. Sam L. Rose then Mrs. Aelred Farenbaugh)
Brown, Winnie: Su73 p36; Fa98 p63.
Brown’s Bridge: Su66 p12; Wi75 p85; Wi86 p92; Su05 p11; Su08 p10.
Brown’s Ferry: Su16 p5,6.
Browne, Frederick D.: Su66 p16,18,19.
Browne, Marion; Fa08 p20.
Browning Brothers Amusement Co.: Fa10 p11.
Browning, Edmond Green, Rev., Dr. (MC): Fa70 p65; Sp76 p8; Wi88 pp82,88; Sp12 p5.
Children: Susan Sarah (Mrs. James S. Dunnavin) Sp12 p5.
Browning, Robert, Mrs.: Sp71 p18.
Browning, Susan Sarah (Mrs. James S. Dunnavin): Sp12 p5.


Broyles, Miss (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Brozio, Fred: Su05 p7, prune dryer photo 8.
Bruce, James, Maj. (RWV): Wi67 p11; Wi77 pp89, photo 93; Sp78 p4.
Bruce, Robert: Su08 p16.
Bruce, Roy: Wi20 p10.
Bruckman, G.H.: Sp17 pp13,15.
Brueger, August: Fa15 p9.
Brumback, Joe P. Sr. & Mrs. (DrCk): Fa67 p2; Su12 p4.
Brumbach, Alice (GV): Fa77 p54.
Brumbach, Joe W.& Alda Watson (LR): Su65 p2; Fa67 p2; Su99 pp38,46.
Brumbaugh, Joe: Wi12 p20.
Brumfield Murder: Su14 p3-21.
Brumfield window”: cover Su14 p2.
Brumfield, Richard Melvin, Dr. & Merle Beresford; Fa94 p53; Murder story Wi08 p22,23; Story
of, Su14 & Fa14 issues. Brumfield Window, cover Su14 p2; Wi23 p9.
Children: Richard C., Fa14 p8; George R., Gilbert O., Robert M.: Su14 p17.
Brumfield, brothers of Dr. R.M: John & Vincent: Su14 p21; Fa14 p3.
Brumfield, sister of Dr. R.M.: Patricia, (later Clark) Fa14 p8.
Brundage, Chuck & Lucille (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Brundage, F. N.: Wi75 p85:
Brundage, Frank W.: Wi79 p75.
Bruning, Pat Talbot: Su88 p41.
Brunn, Irvin “Goldie” (Ros): bootery Su91 p47; Fa91 p63.
Brunn, Shirley Mae (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Brunner, Beryl (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Brurer, Clara: Su01 p37.
Brush Creek; Sp67 p22; Su67 p4; Fa01 p55.
Brush, Gilbert (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Bruton, Royd (Ros): Shoe Repair Su91 p42 Su99 p28.
Bryan, William Jennings: Wi76 p75.
Bryan’s Jewelry Store (Ros): Su92 pp30,40.
Bryant Cemetery-1879 (SoMC): Fa82 p68; Wi11 p6.
Bryant sawmill (SV): Sp93 p14.
Bryant, Captain: Su75 p29.
Bryant, J. Ranch (SoMC): Wi11 p6.
Bryant, Dr. Harold C.: Sp23 p24.
Bryant, Lucille Penelton: Su05 p13.
Bryden, Cliff: Fa01 p52.
Bubar Jewelry Store (Ros): Fa91 p56.
Bubar, Grace (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Buchanan family (Nofog): Fa92 p63.
Buchanan, Mr., Judge (Ros): Wi20 p3.
Buchanan, Kate (Ros): Fa95 p51.
Buchanan, Pres. James: Sp78 p6; Sp07 p6,13; Su16 p3.

Buchanan, John Andrew (Ros): house photo & mini bio Wi85 p90; Fa08 p19 photos p20,21;
Fa21 p13.
Buchner Family (Mel): Sp98 p6.
Buck Creek (Dil): log camp photo Fa06 p4.
Buck Fork (LRiv): Fa92 p59.
Buck Fork, Ore. (North Myrtle): Sp67 p2; Fa92 p66.
Buck Fork Post Office: Fa92 p66; Cover Su11 pp2,7.
Buck Mountain (Ola): Su74 p45.
Buck Peak (No Fog): on map Fa92 p60,66.
Buck Rock (LR): Sp70 p9.
Buckaroo Square Dance Club: Su09 p20.
Buckhead Camp Cemetery (NUmp): Wi11 p6.
Buckhorn Creek: Wi81 p77.
Buckhorn Road: Su65 p2; Sp69 p21; on map Fa92 p60,65; Fa01 p53; Su02 p27,40; Sp03 p 22;
Fa07 p19; Wi10 p20; Fa11 p5; Wi11 p13; Sp12 p16; Fa12 p14.
Buckingham, Mrs. E.R. (Ros): Wi66 p23.
Buckner, N.S., Rev. (Ros): Fa72 p53.
“Buckshot”: Su74 p35.
Buckwalter, Art: Su67 p10.
Buell, Franklin Cyrus &Virginia Susanna Braden (DrCk-Lg): Wi83 p77; Sp91 p5.
Children: Frederic George, photo Sp91 p4.
Buell, Fredric George & Mercy (Mary) Estelle Rice (MC-Dil): photo Sp91 p4, et seq.; Fa92 p57;
Su06 p15, photo p16; Fa06 p20.
Children: Mary Vivian, Stanford Clyde, Virginia (Mrs. Bert Laurance)
Buell, Leonard: Sp91 p5.
Buell, Sank (MC): Sp92 p19; Wi92 p75.
Buell, Stanford: Su67 p10; Su70 p32; Sp91 p20; Fa92 p57.
Buell, Virginia (Mrs. Bert Laurance): Sp91 p4, et seq., photo p17.
Buena Vista Cinnabar Mines: Su23 p12.
Buenzle, Victor and Mary: Su03 p51.
Buffalo Bill Wild West Show: Su75 p40; Wi76 p76; Sp85 p15; Wi86 p89.
Buffalo Pitts Co. Thresher: Fa67 p15,19; Su06 p11; Sp73 pp13,14.
Bugh, Mr.: Fa79 p69.
Buick Automobile: Su73 p46; Sp87 p14.
Buick House (MC): Wi67 p12.
“Buick Family, The” Su74 pp27-33 by Lavola J. Bakken.
Buick, Charles David & Emma Hall (MC): Su74 p29; Su76 p36; Sp83 pp17,18,20.
Children: James Clifford Sp83 p18.
Buick, David: Fa73 p69.
Buick, D.S.K. & Janet Brown: Fa73 p66,69; Su74 p27 et seq. photos 28,32; Su76 p36; Sp83
p15,19,21; Fa09 p21, Fa21 p7.
Children: William John Alexander (died in infancy), Edmund Arthur, John Hastings, William
Alexander, Walter Carrick, Charles David, James J. Owen “Doc”, Nikolas Jane, Marion Kate
Su74 pp27,29.


Buick, Edmond Arthur: Su74 pp27,30.
Children: Ed.
Buick, James Clifford & Emma L. Smith: Sp83 p18,20.
Buick, James J. Owen “Doc”: Fa73 p69; Su74 p29; Sp76 p11; .
Buick, John Hastings & Mrs.: Fa73 p69; Su74 pp27,29.
Buick, Leila: Fa73 p69.
Buick, Miss Marion Kate (Mrs. G.L. Sewell): Su74 p29 et seq.; Fa09 pp21,22.
Buick, Nikolas Jane “Jeannie”: Su74 p29 photo p32; Sp08 p5.
Buick, Veva (later Poorman): Su74 pp27, et seq.
Buick, Walter Carrick & Mrs.: Fa73 p66,69; Su74 p29.
Buker, Amos O & Cora E.: Fa11 pp6,11.
Bulkley & Heald (Hudson): Fa75 p62.
Bull Creek (SUmp, now Marster’s Creek): Su21 p12.
Bull Tractor: photo Fa67 p22.
Bulling, Fred: Wi21 p18.
Bullock Bridge: Wi03 p24.
Bullock Ferry (Kel): photo Su88 p35,36.
Bullock, Fred Ferry: photo Su88 p35.
Bullock, Blanch Hutchinson: Su81 p42.
Bullock, Fred (Kel): Su88 pp33,34.
Bulls Stockade (Tm); Fa76 p72.
“Bully Washington” Steamer: Wi75 p75; Su88 p26.
Bunch Farm (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Bunch, Flora, Mrs.: Fa99 p67.
Children: William.
Bungalow School: on map Su99 p37; photo Su02 p29.
“Bunker Hill, U.S.S.”: Fa15 p16.
Bunker, sea Capt.: Fa75 p69; Su77 p26.
Bunton’s (Bunting’s) Gap, Pass (Now Wilbur): Wi68 p95; Wi76 p96; Wi90 p76; Su93 p41; Sp02
p18; Su05 pp12,15; Fa09 pp3,4; Su10 p5; Sp23 p8.
Bunton, Elijah (Wil): Wi68 p95; (UAs) Fa79 p62,70; Wi93 p76; Su05 p12; Fa09 p3.
Children: Elijah A., M.E., R.M.
Bunton, Elijah A. (UAs)(Sb): Fa79 pp55,70,71.
Bunton, M.E. (UAs): Fa79 p68.
Bunton, R.M. (UAs); Fa79 p55.
Bunyan, Paul: Sp22 p13.
Buoy, Capt. Laban (RWV): Sp75 p8; Fa76 pp55,71; Wi77 pp88,89; Wi89 p94; Wi14 p15,17; Su15
Burch Family Graves: Wi11 p12.
Burch or Birch, Benjamin F.: Wi92 p74.
Burch, George (MC): Fa74 p63.
Burch, Peter (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Burchard Creek (LP): bridge Wi72 p95; Su00 p31.
Burchard Dry Goods Store: Su14 p6.


Burchard (Buchart?) Family (LP): Sp02 p22; photo Wi05 p10.
Burchard Family (LP): Fa67 p24; Sp73 p10; Sp02 p22.
Burchard, Mrs.: Su14 p6.
Burchard, Grandma: Su18 p10.
Burchard, Ephraim H.: Su65 p16; Su75 p35.
Burchard, Gard (Sb): Wi72 p96.
Burchard, Mary Sawyers: Su65 p16.
Child: William J.
Buchart (Buchard?) Family: photo Wi05 p10.
Burchard, William J.: Su65 p16.
Burdett, Galen: Sp23 p5.
Burdick, William & Mrs. (Reed): Sp74 p2.
Children: Virginia (later Leach)
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA): Wi84 p75.
Bureau of Land Management: Sp79 p2; Cover photo Fa01 p50.
“Informal History of the Roseburg BLM District”; Jim Hart Fa01 p51.
Burgess Creek (Sb): on map Wi90 p84.
Burgess, Mr. (George H. Bartges?) (Sb): Wi90 p76.
Burgess, C.S.: Su66 p18.
Burgess, Dossen (Ros): Wi82 p92.
Burk, C. William (KFalls): Su70 p32;
Burk, William C. & Henrietta Madantz Lehmann (Cala): Su72 p30; Fa80 p66.
Burke, Bill (Ros): Restaurant Su91 p45.
Burkhardt, W. H.: Sp04 p5.
Burkhart Rapids (photo): Wi21 p14.
Burkhart, J.E., Rev. (Ros): Sp99 p14.
Burks Blue Fruit Stand (Dil): Sp91 p20; Fa92 p55.
Burks, Anna (Eden): Su91 p32,33.
Burks, Bernice: Sp06 p17.
Burks, Bill (Eden): Su91 pp32,33.
Burks, Fred & Lena Laurance (Brk): Fa92 p59; Sp06 p17.
Burks, Hank (Eden): Su91 pp32,33.
Burks, Roy (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Burlingame, Joel; Su68 p46.
Burma Shave: Wi20 p24.
Burnell, Fredrick & Laura Esther Arrington: Wi92 p92.
Child: Charlie Morris.
Burnett, A.J. (RP): Wi75 p91; Sp78 p7.
Burnett aka Dole or Bounds Cemetery-1854 (RP): Wi11 pp3,6.
Burnett, Blanche: see Archie Elliot.
Burnett, George F.: Sp70 p12; Wi80 p91; Sp85 p17.
Burnett, Gordon & Opal Elizabeth Laurance: Su71 p46; Wi80 p91; Sp91 p14.
Burnett, James Danforth & Margaret Love (RWV) (RP): Su67 p19; Fa68 p70; Wi70 p85;
Fa76 pp64,71; House photo Wi80 p91; Sp85 p13; Wi01 p81; photo of home Su06 p6,7,8;


Wi08 p7; Fa11 p13; sketch of home Fa11 p20; Sp19 p13.
Children: Tomas Bolivar
Burnett, Josiah A. “Joe” & Lucy A. Foster (RWV): Sp69 p22; Cover Fa81 p50.
Burnett, John Sims & Lydia Danforth (RP): Fa67 p9; Fa72 p51; Wi75 p91, photo 92; Sp78 p10;
Fa81 p50; Sp85 p13; photo Su06 p6; DLC Wi11 p6 photo p7.
Children: Martha, (Mrs. Michael Hanley) James Danforth, Andrew Jackson, Josiah A. Fa81
p50; Wi75 p91.
Burnett, Margaret: Wi80 p91.
Burnett, Martha (Mrs. Michael Hanley) (RP): Fa81 p50.
Burnett, Opal Elizabeth Laurance: Sp91 pp8,13.
Burnett, Ruth (Ros); Fa95 p50.
Burnett, Smiley: Sp22 p6.
Burnett, Thomas Bolivar & Jennie Cook (RP): Wi66 p23; Su67 pp19,20; Wi68 p95 (probably
meant John Sims Burnett, not Tom, ed.); Sp70 p12; Su71 p45; Su75 p36; Wi75 p91, Su80 p46;
Wi80 p91; Sp85 p13,et seq.; Su06 photo p6.
Children: Tom Jr., George F., Ruth (Mrs. Herbert Britt), Gordon Su06 p6, Blanch (Mrs. Archie
Elliott) Wi66 p23
Burns, C.R. (Elk): Su84 p46.
Burns, E.J. (Sb): Fa99 p55.
Burns, Richard: Sp12 p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23..
Burnt Flat (Foster’s Camp): Wi00 p94.
Burnt Mt.: Sp67 pp6,8; Fa77 p64, Road Su09 p16.
Burr Dryer: Su05, p15.
Burr, Mrs. T.R.: Fa95 p57.
Burr, W. A.: Su05 pp7,15.
Burrell Co., Portland: Fa67 p15.
Burris, E.C. (Gard): Su77 p26.
Burrows, Rufus: Fa76 pp72.
“Burrow’s Bray, The”: Clarence E. Eddy Sp14 p2,13.
Bursik Place (Mel): Sp98 p3.
Burson, Clara: Fa98 p51.
Burt Cemetery-1857: Fa96 p50; Wi11 pp2,7.
Burt, Aaron: photo Fa96 p58.
Burt, Abigail (Abbie): (May be Abigail Brown, sister of Minerva Brown or sister of Thomas
Brown) Sp82 p3; Su01 p31 et seq.
Burt, Agnes: Sp91 p13.
Burt, Cyrus: photo Fa96 p58.
Burt, Ella Wilson: Sp72 p15.
Burt, Ellen (Mrs. James Francis Marion Bailey) (Dxv): cover & Diary of, Fa96 p50.
Burt, Father: Fa79 p58.
Burt, Gene (Ros.): Wi86 p91.
Burt, George A. (Yon): Wi74 p80; Fa81 p60; Wi83 p77; DLC Wi11 p4; Sp20 p18.
Burt, Henry & Mary Goodall: photo Sp20 p17, photo 21.
Children: Warren, Arthur, Elmer, Helen, Sp20 p18.


Burt, John: Fa75 p72.
Burt, Martin & Abigail (Dxv): Fa96 p50; on map Su01 p36.
Children: Ellen, Aaron, Cyrus, Omar, photo Fa96 p58, Minerva (Mrs. Anderson Hugh Brown):
Fa96 photo 62.
Burt, Minerva (later Mrs. Anderson Hugh Brown) (Dxv): Su01 p27, et seq.
Burt, Omar (May be Omar Brown, brother of Thomas or brother of Minerva) Fa79 p56; Fa96
p54; Su01 pp27, et seq.
Burt, Pearl: Fa89 p62.
Burton, Mr. (Coq): Su69 p27.
Burton, Robert, Mrs.: photo Wi12 p17.
Burton Prairie: Sp69 p24; Su69 p27; Wi70 p93.
Burton’s Shoe Repair: Su09 p6.
“Bus Stop” TV series: Fa10 p17.
Busch, Cora Belieu: Su68 p39,43.
Busenbark Family: Wi17 p17.
Busenbark Farm (FS); Wi86 p91.
Busenbark, David J. (DCHS): Wi66 p15.
Busenbark, David Naylor, Judge & Mable Duncan: Sp85 p3,5; Wi12 p9, photo & mini bio 11.
Busenbark, Jack: Sp94 p18.
Busenbark, John: Wi08 p7.
“Bush” Osborne Fire Finder: Wi00 p78,91.
Bush, Asahel: Sp75 p6; Fa76 p63; Wi77 p88; Wi90 p80; Wi97 p75; Wi01 pp86,89; Wi06 p19;
Sp07 p4, et seq.
Bush, D.B.,Col.: Sp04 p19,22; Fa04 p9.
Bushey, Mr. (Ros): Su89 p42.
Bushey, Miss Rose: Sp08 p5.
Bushy, Dave (Ros): Wi97 p90.
Bushnell, Annie (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Bushnell, Henry (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Bushnell, Linus (Martin?) & Lucinda Rice (Ola): Wi75 pp75,76.
Bushnell, Martin (Tm): Wi75 p75.
Children: Thankful Lucretia (Mrs. Elijah Ollivant)
Bushnell, Ossie (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Bushnell, Thankful Lucretia (Mrs. Elijah Ollivant) (Tm): Wi75 p75 photo 76; Fa81 photo p57.
Business and Professional Women: Sp00 p18; Sp16 p19.
Buswell, Bill: Su78 p30.
Butcher, Belle, PM: Su11 p15.
Butler Creek (Reed): Wi72 p84; Wi98 p80.
Butler Hotel (LP): on map Wi90 p84.
Butler, Mr.: Su10 p6.
Butler, Mr. (Eden): Wi04 p19.
Butler, James: Wi66 p12 (Oak); Sp02 p7.
Butler, Joseph H.:(Gard): Fa69 p61; Sp76 p6; Su18 p12.
Butler, Rufus, Sea Capt. & Sarah Wells (Sb-Reed): Su65 p14; Wi72 p84; Su75 p30; Su85 p35;


Wi98 p80; Fa99 p58; Su00 p44,45; Sp02 pp7,14; Sp15 p4.
Children: 2 by 1 st , 11 by Sarah.
Butler Post Office (Drain P0): Sp76 p16.
Butterfield Family (LL): Sp97 pp7,10.
Butterick Bridge: Sp93 p12.
Buxton place (Brk): Wi01 p76; Wi11 p10.
Buzzard Bay CCC Camp (Elk): photo Fa83 p55.
“By Wagon Train to Oregon”: Wi81 pp75-79, Richard L. Cannon
Byars, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. Lewis Stout): Fa68 p51.
Byars, Emma A. Reed Slocum: Reflections on her life as told to Fred Lockley Sp19 p6-9.
Byars, Flemming & Anna Deardorff: Fa68 p58.
Children: William H., Elizabeth (Mrs. Lewis Stout), Mary (Mrs. Hamilton), Rebecca (Mrs.
McKee) Fa68 p58.
Byars, Will F.: Sp19 pp9,10.
Byars, William H. & Emma A. Reed Slocum: Fa65 p16; Wi66 p12 W. (E. sic) H.; Fa68 p51, photo
p58; misspelled here as Byers Su72 p34; Wi75 p93; Fa76 p51; Sp78 p13; Su80 p45; Wi97 p90,
92; Sp01 p11; Sp08 p5; Fa09 p5; Sp19 pp3, et seq. photo w/his sisters 9,10.
Children: Ina (Mrs. S.W. Thompson), Will, Fred, Vera (Mrs. Ronald C. Glover) & two deceased.
Sp19 p9.
Bybee, Bill; Su69 p31.
Byers, Bob (Sut): Wi95 pp85,87.
Byers, Lee (Sut): Wi95 p83,85; Wi99 p84.
Children: Bob Wi95 pp85,87.
Byers Station (Cow Creek Canyon): Wi70 p77.
Byland, Al (MC): Wi92 p76.
Byrd, Ira, Sheriff (Ros): Wi86 p91; misspelled in Fa10 p8.
Byrd, Robert E. & Doris “Lucille” Hebard: Fa93 p67.
Byrd’s Market (Ros): Fa93 p67.
Byron Creek (Ola): Wi11 p21.
Byron, James: (Ola): Wi76 p83; Wi79 p89; photo Fa81 p57; Sp01 p9; Su10 p10; Sp18 p10,11.
Byron, John (Ola-CaV) Byron Creek: Fa76 p71; Wi92 p88.
Byron, Lucy (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Byron, Mary (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Byron, Norma (Clev): Wi79 p95.
CCC Camp Melrose: Wi95 p88, et seq. photo 89,95.
CCC Camp South Umpqua: photo Wi91 p89.
CCC Camp Tyee: photo Wi95 p91.
C.E. Loss Co.: Su66 p19; Sp73 p18.
C. Giles Hunt Charitable Trust: Sp85 p10; Su03 p43, et seq.
C.J. Bryer Store (Ros): Su91 p45.
C & O stage barn: Su06 photo p9.
Cabbage Flat (Sut): Su78 p27.
Cabin Creek: Fa65 p4; Fa66 p3; Fa76 p54; Sp80 p5; Su96 p39; Rest area Sp03 p26; Sp12 p19.


Cachelin, Mrs. (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
“Cadboro” ship: Sp72 p7.
Cadillac Automobile: Su73 p46.
Cadwallader Jesse (CoV): Su72 p30; Sp16 pp4, mini bio p9; on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16
Cady, Harry & John (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Cain, Frank: Sp70 p17.
Cain, J.W.: Sp79 p24.
Cairns, R.G.: Su18 p12.
Calahan Creek (SUmp): Wi91 p88.
Calapooia, Calapooyia, Calapooya area: Fa65 p3; Ladies Club Su72 p35; Club House Sp85 p6;
Fa01 p59; spelling Wi03 p3, et seq.; Bridge at Stephens Su05 p11; Sp12 p17; Indians Sp16
p3; Sp23 p8.
Calapooia Bridge: At Stephens, Su05 p11.
Calapooia Church: Fa88 pp51,58,
Calapooia Creek: Sp65 p16; Sp66 p11; Su65 p6; photo Fa65 p4; Sp02 p18; Wi03 p3, et seq.; Fa04
p23; Su05 p3, et seq.; on map Wi05 p18; Fa10 p6; Wi10 p2, et seq; Su11 p13; Fa11 p8; Wi11
p12; on map Wi13 p3,6,7; Sp16 p4,9; Sp19 p11; Wilcox swimming hole photo Fa19 p6; Su21
Calapooia Dairy: Wi09 p7.
“Calapooia McGee Family”: George Wilcox Su89 pp27,34.
Calapooia Mountains: Su65 p14; Sp02 pp6,18; Wi05 on map p18; Fa09 p4; Su11 p13; Fa13 p19;
Fa19 p11; wolves in Su21 p7; Wi22 p19.
Calapooia River, North: on map Wi13 p3.
Calapooia River, South: on map Wi13 p3.
Calapooia school: Su72 p30; Fa88 pp51,58, photos 64 & 65; Sp19 p4.
“Calapooia School Memories”: Charlene Nichols Su72 p30-35.
Calapooia Tribe: Su65 p9; Wi96 pp90,91,94; Fa21 p15.
Calapooia (Yoncalla) Tribe: Sp16 pp2 et seq.
Caldera: Sp22 p18.
Caldwell, Mr.: Sp69 p17.
“Caleb Curtis, The” ship: Fa05 p19.
Calf Gulch (RiCk): Wi69 p81.
Calhoun, Ivan (Ros): Su14 p6,9.
Calhoun, L.: Su04 p4; et seq.; Fa04 pp7,21; Sp05 p6.
“California Bound 1903”: John Calvin Sergent Fa86 p59-64.
California Fig Syrup Co.: Wi15 15.
California & Oregon Stage Co.: stage photo Su70 p30; Su67 p19; Sp71 p10; Su71 p37; Sp82 p8.
California-Oregon Power Company, “COPCO”: Wi08 p12; Su77 p29; Sp82 p17; Su91 p44; Sp98
p17; Su22 p12.
California & Oregon Railroad company: Fa97 p52.
California-Oregon Road: See Southern Route.
California Packing Co. (Del Norte): Su05 p9.
“California” pilot boat: Su65 p14.


California State Joint Stock Land Bureau: Su23 p8.
“California” steam ship: Sp71 p17; Wi01 p76; sketch of Fa16 p4; Wi21 p22.
California Trail: See Southern Route.
Calkins family (Eden): Su91 p32.
Calkins, B.J.: Wi08 p8.
Calkins C.B. (Ros-Drew): Sp89 p21; Wi08 pp3,6,8.
Calkins Road: Fa04 p3; Wi08 p11.
Callahan: Sp94 p3, map of pp12,13; Fa03 p54, et seq.; Su09 p17; Wi11 p7.
“Callahan Addendum”: Lois Wright Thomas Sp94 p18-23.
“Callahan Connection, The”: Ross Myers Sp94 pp6-17.
Callahan Mill: Sp17 p4.
Callahan Road: Wi95 pp88-95.
Callahan School: on map Sp94 pp12,13, photo p16.
Callahan Trail: Wi95 p90; Fa03 pp55,56.
“Callahan Trail, Homesteaders making good on”: Fa03 pp55-57 Orpha Collins.
Callahan Brothers: Fa93 p65; Sp94 p6.
Callahan, George J. (DLC) (Elg): Fa81 p66; Fa03 p56; Sp17 p4.
Children: Henderson, (Millard and/or Milton? Sp17 p4) William, George Jr., Adrian Fa81 p66.
Callahan, James: Wi79 p77.
Callahan, Milton (Elg): Fa81 p66; Sp17 p4.
Callahan, Nan: photo Wi17p18.
Callahan, William (Elg): Fa81 p66; Sp17 p4.
Callipoo Indians: Su65 p9.
Calliope: Fa10 p11.
Callison, Rufus: Fa70 p71.
Callwell, H.A.: Sp73 p16.
Calvary Cross Community Church (Lg): Sp86 p19.
Calvert: Su11 p7.
Calvert Post Office: Su11 p7.
“Calvin B. West of the Umpqua”: Reginald R. & Grace D. Stuart Sp65 p9.
Cam, Alan (Cnv): Fa10 p19.
Camas Hotel (CaV): Wi92 p88.
Camas Mt.: Sp68 p9; Su85 p41.
Camas Mt. Wayside Park: Fa01 p52.
Camas, the plant: Fa67 p15; Su68 p43.
Camas Swale (now Sutherlin): Fa67 p15; Fa71 p67; Sp72 p13; Fa76 p54; Wi76 p83; Sp78 p20;
Sp12 p17; Sp16 p9; Fa21 p15.
Camas Swale School: photo of students w/names Sp78 p21; Sp88 pp15.
Camas Valley, Ore. originally Wheat Prairie: Sp68 p9; Wi68 pp81 et seq. Sp69 p23; Su75 p29;
Su94 p27; Sp06 pp8,21; Fa06 pp3,7; Su09 p16; Wi09 p6; Su10 p10; grave Wi11 p7, Sp12 p17;
Su16 p12; Sp19 p8.
“Camas Valley Celebrations”: Wilfred Brown Fa81 p56-58.
Camas Valley High School: photo Wi92 p86.
“Camas Valley Red Cross”: Fa98 pp62-71.


Camas Valley School, Lower: Sp06 p18.
Camas Valley School, Upper: Sp06 p18.
Camas Valley Store & Post Office: photo Sp96 p8.
Camas Mt.: Wayside Park, Fa01 p52.
Camel, Dan (Reed): Sp73 p7.
Cameron, Lois (later Cobb) (Ros): Fa06 p16.
Cameron, Pvt. (RWV): Su65 p20.
Camman, James: Sp69 p18.
Camp Adair: Su05 p22.
Camp B (Cow Creek): see Ft. Gordon.
Camp Baker: Su22 p11, et.seq.
Camp Creek: map Su00 p28; log crew photo Fa06 p5.
Camp Elliff (Aza): Sp75 p3; Wi77 p94; Wi11 p14, Sp19 p15.
Camp Fire Girls: (Ros): Fa95 p56-62; Wi12 p8; Su23 p9.
“Camp Fire Girls Never Chew Gum”: Fa95 pp56-62.
Camp Gordon (Cow Creek): Sp75 p3; Wi77 pp94,95.
Camp, Griffith & McCoy: Sp75 p17.
Camp Gulch: Wi69 p76.
Camp, Joan D.: Wi12 p21.
Camp Melawka: Su22 p12.
Camp Siltcoos: Su22 p11.
Camp Smith (Galsv): Sp19 p17.
Camp Stuart: see Fort Lane.
Camp Tyee: Wi08 p11.
Camp White: Su05 p22.
Campbell, Mr.: Su99 p27; Su09 p4.
Campbell, Alice: Sp90 p7,11; photo Su90 p28.
Campbell, Audie: Su07 p18.
Campbell, Bessie Rose (DrCk): Wi68 p80.
Campbell, Betsy Sheffield: Sp90 p3, et seq.; cover Su90 p26.
Campbell, Daney: Su14 p8.
Campbell, Elizabeth (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Campbell, Frank: Sp17 p17.
Campbell, George Sheffield & Temperance “Tempie” Spaur (Ros): Sp90 p7, et seq.; Su90 p27 et
seq. photos pp43,44.
Children: May (Mary?) Pearl (Mrs. Willis Dean Myers), James Sheffield 1899, Su90 p45.
Campbell, Jessie Marie (Ros): Sp90 p7,9,11; photo Su90 p28.
Campbell, John (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Campbell, John Keyes & Betsy Sheffield: Sp90 p3, et seq., photos p10; Cover Su90 pp26, et seq.
Children: Alice, George Sheffield, Mary “Minnie”, Jessie Marie Sp90 p7; Su90 p26.
Campbell, Mary Pearl (later Myers): Sp90 p7.
Campbell, Matt (Ros): Wi99 p86.
Campbell, Myrtle (Mrs. George Neuner, Sr.): Fa14 p16.
Campbell, Robert: Sp65 p2.


Campbell, T.F.: Fa70 p65.
Campbell, Mrs. W.M: Fa20 p13.
Campian, Fred & Susan McGinnis: Su15 photo p10.
Children: Virgil “Matt.”
“Camping at Cavitt Creek”: Henry Weber Fa92 p59.
Canady, H. A. Atty. (Ros): Fa00 p54.
Canady, Z.M.: Su73 p39.
Canby, Gen.: Sp76 p6.
“Candidate from Lookingglass, The” (James Inman): Lavola Bakken Wi84 p89.
Canemah, Ore.: Su00 p29.
Canfield, Mr. & Mrs. Maude Cathcart (Sut): Su78 p29.
Cannery Island: Fa69 p67: Su18 p8.
Cannon, artillery: photo, cover Sp01.
Cannon, Alysa: Wi09 p23.
Cannon, E.L. (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Cannon, George W. Sr. (Elkh): Sp93 p8,14.
Cannon, George W. Jr. & Mary Jane Cowan (Elkh): Sp93 p9,14; Sp12 p21.
Children: Sarah Sp12 p21.
Cannon, Jeron: Wi09 p23.
Cannon, Jim (Ros): Wi87 p93.
Cannon, John Collard & Mary Nichols (OC) Wi81 pp75,77.
Children: Richard L., Isaac Shelby, Ira Smith, Mahlon.
Cannon, Richard L. “Uncle Dick” & Mary Adeline Chapman (Gl): Wi81 p75, photo p76, et seq.;
Fa90 p56.
Children: Laura, Mary, Elsie, Lee, Thurman, Edna.
Cannon Sarah (Yon): Grave Wi11 p7; Sp12 p21.
Cannon, Washington: Sp93 p14.
Canon, The: see Canyon, The.
Canon, Jaron: Wi12 p23.
Cantaloupe, Muskmelon: Long, E. Hakensack, Columbus, Emerald Gem, Rocky Ford Sp06 p4;
Grand Rapids, Fordhook, Vicks, Sweetheart Su04 p20.
Cantell: see Quintal.
Canton Creek: Fa01 pp51, et seq.
Canyon City: Fa02 p62.
“Canyon Passage” Movie: Sp87 p6.
Canyon, The: (aka Umpqua Canyon, the Big Canyon, Great Canyon, Big Ten Mile Canyon, South
Umpqua Canyon, Canyon Creek Pass, Cannon, Canon, Conus,): The Canyon south of
Canyonville was so infamous, that it needed no description. Just Canyon, Cannon or Conus
was all that was needed in any letter or newspaper article for any reader to know what and
where it was. Fa66 p9; Wi67 pp12,16; Sp68 p19; Wi68 p93; Wi70 p79; Sp71 p10; Su72 p45;
Su75 p48; Fa75 p61; Wi76 p74,84; Su77 p27; Wi77 p80; Wi78 p75; cover Sp80 p2; Su80 p32;
Wi80 p78; Wi82 p93; Su85 p27, photo p29, 37,40; Fa86 p61; Fa87 p51; Sp92 p3; Wi93 p91;
Su96 pp25,33,39; Wi97 p78; Fa99 pp57,65,66; Road Su00 p34; Sp02 p6; Jesse Quinn
Thornton description of Fa02 p56; Wi08 p3; Sp16 p8; Su16 p3; Sp19 p15; Fa19 p13; Su21


Canyon Creek: Su69 p38; Sp80 p2; Su85 p30; Sp11 p11.
Canyon Creek Bicycles: Sp21 p22.
Canyon Creek Covered Bridge: photos Sp11 p11.
Canyon Mountain: photo Su85 p34.
Canyon Road Company: Wi97 p90.
Canyon Variety Store (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Canyonville, Ore.: Wi65 p12, Fa66 p9; Fa68 p71; Wi68 p75; photo Su69 p38; Wi70 p79; Sp71
p10; Su75 p33; Fa75 p57; Wi75 p78; photo su79 p45; Su80 p30; photo Su85 p34; Su00 p30;
Wi00 p75,76; Fa01 pp53,61; Fa02 p56; Su08 p23; Fa09 p22; Sp10 p11; Su10 p17; Sp12 p17;
Su15 p17; photo Sp10 p12; Sp19 p15.
“Canyonville Airmail Plane Wreck”: Su20 pp17-22, Dale Greenley.
Canyonville Bible Academy: Su79 p47; Fa10 p19; Cemetery Sp12 p14.
Canyonville Drug Store: Su20 p18.
Canyonville Hotel: Sp69 p16.
Canyonville aka Masonic or IOOF Cemetery (1882): Su79 p43; Wi11 p7; Sp12 p14.
Canyonville County Park: Fa01 p53.
Canyonville-Ft. Klamath Road: Cover Wi99 p74.
Canyonville Pioneer Cemetery (1860): Wi11 p7.
Canyonville Sawmill: Sp69 p16; 1854 sawmill Wi69 p76.
Canyonville School: photo Sp82 p11; Fa10 p19.
Canyonville Yearbook: Su70 p33.
Cape Arago: on map Wi13 p3.
Cape Arago Life Saving Station: Sp72 p17.
Cape Blanco: Sp65 p4; Fa05 p10.
Cape Foulweather: Wi75 p85.
Cape Horn, Coos Bay Wagon Road: Cover Wi72 p74; Cover Sp79 p2S.
Cape Horn, Hancock Mt.: Cover Fa76 p50.
Capendale, Mrs. William (HBC): Sp71 p4.
Caps Illahee: Wi86 p82; Fa90 p50; Wi00 p94.
Capt’s Place: photo Sp06 p7.
“Capt. Levi Scott” by Levi Scott: Sp02 p7.
Captain Jack Fa75 p61; Su08 p4.
Captain Jane: Su80 p30.
“Captain Job Hatfield”: George Abdill Su65 p13-16;
“Captain L. L. Williams” by Richard W. Stickroth Sr.: Fa05 p3.
Car, circa 1900 hack: Su01 photo p46.
Car-Prill: Wi08 p15.
Carbuncle: Sp04 p5.
Card, Douglas: Wi01 p85,93; Sp03 p21; Su03 pp43,50; Wi12 p8.
Cardwell, Benjamin W. (MC): Fa82 p68.
Cardwell, John (MC): Fa82 p68.
Cardwell, Judith (MC): Fa82 p68.
Cardwell, Julius: Sp15 p9; Su15 p14.


Cardwell, William W. (Ros): Wi79 p83; Wi88 p75; Sp08 p9.
Cardwell, Zachariah (MC): Fa82 p68.
Carey, E.J., Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Carl, Billy: Su67 p22.
Carlile, King: Su05 pp6,7.
Carll Family: Sp76 p18; Su11 p8.
Carll, William “Billy” & Abigail Brown: Sp71 p10; Su71 p37,45; Wi75 p82; Fa22 p8.
Carll Post Office: Wi75 p82; Su11 p8.
Carlon, Bill: Fa67 p3.
Carlon, Joe: Fa67 p3; Sp09 p4.
Carlon, Richard: Sp09 p4.
Carlon’s Livery Stable (Ros): Fa75 p68; Sp09 p4.
Carlson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Carlson, Gordon (Ros): Su03 pp45,46.
Carlson, John E., PM (Elg): Su11 p13.
Carlson, S.E., Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Carl’s Haven (Ros): Su88 p40.
Carl’s Jr.: Sp17 p3.
Carl’s Tavern (Ros): Su88 p39.
Carlson, Jen: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 to Fall 1973.
Carmichael, Richard: Su19 p3.
Carnahan Family (Eden): Su91 p35.
Children: Mary
Carnegie, Andrew: Wi84 p89.
Carnes, Or. (Green area): Railroad name Wi20 p10.
Carnes, J.E. (Grn): Wi20 p10.
Caro Bros. Dry Goods (Ros): photo Su84 p27; sketch of Sp23 p26.
Caro, Berry: Wi08 p7.
Caro, Isidor & Simon: Wi65 p12.
“Caroline”schooner: Fa69 photo p59,65,68; Sp73 p15.
Caronie: Sp10 p17.
Caros, S.: Wi08 p6.
Carpenter, Fred (Cnv): Fa10 p19.
Carpenter, Horace, M.D.: Sp02 p18.
Carr, Dick: Sp88 pp17,18.
Carr, Gwen: Wi14 photo p9.
Carr, Leroy (SV): Grave Wi11 p18.
Carr, Margaret, Miss (Ros): Fa20 p12,13.
Carr, Picky: Sp74 p20.
Carr, Samuel & Emmeline: Wi11 p18.
Children: Leroy, plus more
Carr’s (Ros): Su99 p27,30.
Carrager, Jack (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Carrigan, James (BR): Fa05 pp6,7.


Carriage House Museum, Canyonville: Wi69 p88.
Carr’s Variety Store: Su09 p3,6; Su91 p45.
Carrol, Lonnie: Sp22 p16.
Carrol, Richard: Sp22 p16.
Carroll, Mr., Roseburg City Marshall: Fa70 p50.
Carson Evaporator: Fa74 p52.
Carson, A.C.: Fa82 p68 (Jack Carson)
Carson, Allan Hamilton; Sp03 p14.
Carson, Adam J. “Jack” & “Jack Tish”: Su80 p34 (incorrect, Jack, son of
David Carson, was mullato); Fa82 p68, photo p69; Su85 p35; Wi14; Sp15 &
Su15 issues; 1919 newspaper article about Wi14 p20.
Carson, Andrew Jackson (Same person as Adam J. Carson? Jack Carson?): Sp85 p35; Sp15 p4,5.
Carson, David & Letitia: Fa82 p67; Wi14 p12,13,18 (Stephen Staats error here, mistook Joe
Meeks for his brother Steve, the one who did get lost.); Sp15 & Su15 issues
Children: Martha Jane, Adam (Jack?) Fa82 p67; (Andrew? Su15 p17)
Carson, Jack: photo Fa82 p69; Son of David & Leticia Carson. Called different names in different
places, i.e. Adam, Adam J., Andrew Jackson, Andrew C., A.C., Jack Tish all seem to refer to
Jack carson, the name he went by locally.
Carson, John: Wi76 p95.
Carson, Kit: Wi75 p91; Fa05 p6.
Carson, Letitia “Aunt Tish” (MC): Su80 p32,34; Fa82 p67, et seq.; Story of by Bob
Zybach Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 Issues.
Children: Martha, Jack
“Letitia Carson, Pioneer Black Woman”: Fa82 p67-70 George Abdill.
Carson, Letitia grave (SoMC): Wi11 p19.
Carson, Margaret (Cala): Wi76 p88,95.
Carson, Marian Andree; photo Sp03 p14.
Carson, Martha Josephine (Jane?) (Mrs. Narcisse Lavadour): Fa82 p67; Wi14, Sp15
& Su15 issues et seq.
Children: Mary Alice Bigham by Soloman Bigham.
Carson, William: Wi76 p95.
Carstens, Clyde & Irma: Fa72 p55; Fa77 p65; Wi81 p76; Fa85 p68; Fa00 p69; Wi08 p15; Fa09
p13; Fa20 p10.
Carstens Packing Company, Seattle: Fa00 p60.
Carter Field (Banford): Su05 p17.
Carter Tire Company Bldg.: Fa81 p56; Fa91 p59; Su05 p9; Su19 p22.
Carter, Bruce: Su05 p4.
Carter, “Doc” & Pearl Wilson (Win): Fa81 p56.
Carter, H.G., Mrs.: Su68 p37.
Carter, Harlan B. & Ora Weaver: Fa66 p9,10; Wi66 p22; Wi67 p13; Fa70 p58; Fa72 p65; Wi80
pp87,93; Wi12 pp2, et seq.
Carter, Howard (MC): Sp67 p2.
Carter, J.W.: Wi83 p77.
Carter, O.T. “Bud” (Dil): Fa06 p8.


Carter, Ora Weaver: Fa66 p9; Wi67 p12; Su68 p36.
Cartoonet, Mary (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Cartwright, George W. (Yon): Wi65 p8; Sp93 p14, Sp99 p8.
Cartwright, J.E.B.: Wi79 pp74,77.
Caruthers, Miss (Ros): Su99 p27; Su09 p4.
Carveal, B.: Sp15 p9.
Carver, “Doc”: Su08 p19.
Cascade Forest Preserve: Wi00 p76; Fa02 p60.
Cascade Historical Motor Club: Su70 p33.
Cascade Line: see Natron Cut-off.
Cascade Mountains: Fa69 p52; Fa13 p19.
Cascade Utilities: Fa81 p53.
Cascara “Chittum” plant: Wi86 p92; Wi03 p8.
Case International Harvester: Su03 p35,44,46,48.
Case portable engine: Fa67 p14.
Case steam engine: Su05 p6.
Case traction engine: photo Fa67 p14.
Case, Sam: Su68 p35.
Casebeer, Evalyn: Wi00 pp75,80.
Casebeer (?), Florence: Su01 pp28, et seq.
Casebeer, John L. (Dxv): Su83 p44; Sp00 p23; Su01 pp28, et seq., on map 36.
Casebeer, Lorella Bailey: Fa96 p70.
Casebeer, Robert & Francis: Wi00 p88.
Casebeer, Robert L. (Jr.?), Prof. & Audrey Marier: Fa02 p51.
Casebeer, Samuel & Jemima Brown (Dxv): on map Su01 p36; Fa02 p51,62.
Casebeer, Sarah: Su01 pp35,40,42.
Casebeer, Will: Su01 p35.
Casebeer, Zina (Elg): Wi96 p80.
Casey, Mr. (Sb-Elk): Wi90 p76.
Casey, “Bat” (Ros): Su95 p30.
Casey, Helen, Miss: Sp76 p5; Sp91 pp13,14,16; photo Wi12 p17.
Casey, J. Von (Ros): Su95 pp27, et seq.; Wi23 p12.
Cash Market (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Cash, Johnny: Sp22 pp6,8.
Caskey, George (Ros): Su91 p37.
Children, Don Su91 p37.
Caskey, Paul (Ros): Su91 p37.
Cass St.: Sp12 cover photo.
“Cass St. Cameos”: photos Fa77 p58-68. Douglas County Museum photos
Cass St. Market: photo Sp05 p17; Wi15 17; Sp23 p27.
Cassidy Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Caster, Mrs. Laurie Rice: Wi65 p6.
Castleman, Fred: Fa76 pp66,71.
Castleman, P.F.: Fa76 p71.


Castor, Adam & Laurie L. Rice (RH): Sp80 p3.
Castor, Henry & Myra Myrtle Thiele (RH): Sp80 p3.
Castor, Louisa Caroline, (Mrs. Clare Johnson, then Mrs. Henry Lewis Kruse): Sp80 p3.
Castor, Theodore & Anna Barbara Schwander (RH): Sp80 p3, photo p5, et seq.
Children: Helen Margralda (Mrs.George E. Lawrence), Louisa Caroline (Mrs. Clare Johnson
then Mrs. Henry Lewis Kruse (Oak), Henry, Adam, William
“The Theodore Castor Family”: Sp80 p3-10.
Castor, Wanda (Mrs. Herman Schosso) (Yon): Sp80 p5.
Castor, William & Addie Ellison: (Yon): Sp80 p3,4; Su82 p27.
Caswell, Mr. (Eden): Sp05 p6, et seq.
Caswell, Arthur (MC): Su76 p29.
Caswell, Carl (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Caswell, Cleo (MC): photo Su82 p40.
“Cat Lickers” (Catholics): Wi03 p13.
Catching Creek (Coq); Su69 pp27,28.
Catching, C.A. (Ros): Su86 p47, et seq.
Catching, Ephraim (Coq): Su69 p28.
Catching, James: Wi83 p86.
Catching, Louis (MC): Fa68 p68.
Catching, Roy & Mrs.: photo Wi12 p17.
Catching, S.S.: Wi75 p85; Wi79 p87.
Catching Slough: Su09 p15.
Cates, John: Wi80 p77.
Cathcart, Hannah (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Cathcart, Maude (Mrs. Canfield): (Sut): Su78 pp27,29.
Cathcart, Simon B. (Cle-CoV): Su68 p35; Wi75 p95; Sp76 p9; Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Cathey, A.B. & Elizabeth (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Catholic Church: photo Wi91 p81; Wi01 p92; Sp07 p17; Wi11 p11.
“Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest”: Mikell Warner & Harriet Munnick Wi72
p78; Su74 p34.
Cathy, B.A., Prof. & Mrs. (Rid): Sp06 p20.
“Cattle Country of Pete French”: Giles French Fa66 p17.
“Cattle Drives of David Shirk, The”: ed. By Martin F. Schmitt; Fa66 p16.
Cattle Thieves Trail: Fa22 p11.
Caton, Earl & Grace (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Caton, Lynn & Edith (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Cattle, wild: Su89 p40.
Caufield Family: Su03 p37.
Caulfield, J.J.: Wi08 p7.
Cauliflower (aka) Winter Broccoli: photo Sp91 p12.
Caulk (cork) Boots: Fa01 p52.
Cavitt Creek (LRiv): Wi66 p6; Sp68 p7; Fa68 p70 et seq.; Fa73 p51; Wi73 p75; Wi75 p78;
Wi76 p76; Wi86 p79; Su91 p45; Fa92 p59, et seq.; Wi10 p6; Fa11 p8; Road Sp12 p10,.
Cavitt Creek Covered Bridge: Cover Wi10 pp2, photos 6, sketch of by Emily 19.


Cavitt, John: Wi10 p6.
Cavitt, Robert L. (LRiv): Fa68 p71; Fa73 p53; Wi73 p75,79 photo & mini bio p81; Wi86 p79; Su91
p35; homestead on map Fa92 p60, et seq; Wi10 p6.
Cawles Valley: see Coles Valley.
Cawley, Daniel Martin: photo Su67 p23; Fa67 p3.
Cawlfield, Mr. (Ros): Fa70 50.
Cawlfield, James (Ros): Wi22 p10.
Cawlfield, J.B.: Wi75 p85.
Cawlfield, J.J.: Fa73 p55,69.
Cawlfield, S.F.: Wi20 p10.
Caylor, “Cammy” & Mrs. (Ros): Fa84 p59.
Caylor’s Bakery: Fa84 p59; Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Cayuse Indians: War Wi90 p74; War Sp00 p21; Wi06 p13 photo p16, war 18; war Sp07 p3; war
Su08 p4.
Cecil’s Sandwich Shop (Ros): Su88 p40.
Cedar Creek (Cal): Wi95 p94.
Cedar Creek: canyon (aka Little Canyon) (Kel): Sp02 p18, Sp23 p8.
Cedar Hills aka Oakland or IOOF Cemetery: Sp77 p15; Su07 p22; Wi11 p8; Sp12 p11.
Cegauske, Caris: Su79 p37.
Cellers Commercial Hotel (Dr): Wi72 p91; Wi76 p74.
Cellers, Blanchard (Yon): Su82 p29.
Cellers, Buck (Yon): Su82 p33,35.
Cellers, Elbert (Yon): Su82 p33.
Cellers, Jimmy (Yon): Su82 p35.
Cellers, (Cellars?) Joseph, Dr.: Sp73 p16; Sp84 p9
“Cemeteries in Kellogg”: Su79 p37-42 Caris Cegauske.
Cenotaph: Sp12 p5.
“Centennial History of Oregon, The” by Joseph Gaston & George H. Himes: Fa05 p3; Wp18 p5.
Center Bend Post Office: Su11 p8.
Central City: Wi75 p88.
Central Hotel (Cnv): Wi76 p74.
Central Hotel (Dr): Wi76 p74.
Central Hotel (Ros): Sp06 p16.
Central Junior High School (Ros): Su73 photo p42; Sp85 p6; Sp96 p9; photo Su99 p33; Wi08
p3,11; Su09 p8; Fa10 p5; Sp13 p10; Su19 p7,8 photo p12; Wi22 p12.
Central Oregon Normal School (Dr): See Drain Academy
Central Oregon Railroad Co. Su06 p12.
Central Pacific Railroad: Sp72 p16.
Central School (Ros): photo Su73 p42.
Century Farms: Sp03 p46.
Cermak, John: Sp09 p16.
Chadwick, Jake J. (MC): Fa68 p70; Fa74 pp62,68; Su83 p47.
Chadwick, Stephen Fowler, Or. Sec. of State & Gov. & Jane Ann Smith: Fa65 p5; Sp67 p18; Su67
p18; Sp69 pp17,18; Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83; Wi74 p82, et seq., photo 91; Su75 p44; Fa75 pp53,

62,66; Wi75 p75; Sp78 p12; Wi83 pp77,88; Fa86 p70 (1 st initial in error here. Ed.); Wi90
pp76, 80,81; Su93 pp39,45; Fa99 p58,62; Sp02 pp11, et seq.; Wi08 p3, et seq.; Fa09 p6; Sp10
p3,6; Su10 p6; Wi15 p7,9; Sp19 p12; Sp20 p14; Sp23 p9.
Chainsaw: Fa01 p58.
Chalmers, Wilma: Sp71 p19.
Chamber of Commerce movement: Fa00 pp52,69.
Chamberlain, George K., Hon. Gov.: Sp97 p16; Sp01 p11; Wi20 p8.
Chamberlin, A.C. “Bert” (Ros): Su95 p38.
Chamberlin, Joseph & Marguerite Dumont Rondeau (SUmp): Wi93 p77.
Chambers, R.L. (Ros): Sp87 p3,5; Sp13 p9.
Chambrook: see Shambrook.
Spellings of Champagne vary widely in Douglas County History. For simplicity, the most
common spelling is used for all.
Champagne Creek: Su80 p26; Sp98 p6; Su11 p14; Fa11 p17.
Champagne Family Cemetery 1873: Sp98 p13; Wi11 p8.
Champagne, Belle (Mel): photo Wi17p18.
Champagne, Joseph & Elizabeth “Eliza” Ann Ridenour (FS): Su80 p26; Wi80 p75; Cover
Wi83 p74,75,77; Sp98 pp3,6; DLC Wi11 p8; Su16 p8.
Children: Mary Esther (Mrs. James Rile Dixon), Isadore, Henry, Lettie “Jane”, Anna, Josephine
Ella (Rose), Melvina, Joseph Jr., Mary Belle (Mrs. Ernest Arrant), Philomath (Philomine), Katie
and Naomi, Wi83 p74.
Champagne, Kate: photo Wi17p18.
Champagne, Philomen: photo Wi17p18.
Champagne place (Mel): Su68 p34; Sp98 p3.
Champagne Riot: Fa75 p62; Sp98 p6; Fa21 p3.
Champaign, F. (HBC): Sp66 p11.
Champain, Joseph: Su16 p8.
Champion Intl.: Fa01 p56.
Champion Mine, Bohemia: photo Sp82 p23.
Champlain Society: “The Letters of Dr. John McLoughlin”: Sp66 p13.
Champoeg, Ore.: Sp71 p3; Su00 p29, Fa08 p3.
Chandler, Anna (Later Wells): Sp68 p5.
Chandler, Eva (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Chandler, George (Ros): Wi20 p19.
Chandler, Jay: Wi19 p11.
Chandler, John (Cnv): Su10 p17.
Chandler, John G., Lt.: Su75 p33.
Chaney, A.S. (MC): Fa74 p63; Fa82 p55, et cet.
Children: Cloyd, Jay L., Alice (Andrews), Thurman
Chaney, Bob (MC): Su13 p21.
Chaney, Altadena (Stevenson) (MC): photo Su82 p42. ,66.
Chaney, Ernest (MC): Fa82 p66.
Chaney, Jay L. & Francetta Kissage then Sarah Jane Trask (MC): Su76 p35; Fa82 photos pp56,57;
Sp83 p19.

Children: Verna by Francetta, Roscoe, Earnest, Yolo (Neal), Altadena (Stevenson) by Sarah
Fa82 p66.
Chaney, Pam: Fa86 p69.
Chaney, Roscoe (MC): Fa82 p66.
Chaney, Thurman (MC): Fa82 pp62,66.
Chaney, Verna (Mrs. Guy Conley) (MC): Fa82 p63.
Chaney, Yola (later Neal): Fa82 p56,66.
Chantell(e) see Quintal.
Chantelle, Charley: Su74 p36.
Chantell(e), Sam (Toussaint Quintal) & Anna Moses: Su74 pp35,36.
Children: Charley + 2 more.
Chapin Furniture (MC): Wi92 p75.
Chapin, Cordelia (Rice) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Chapin, Sherman: (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Chapman Family (Peel): Fa68 p71.
Chapman, Andrew J., PM & Sarah Marks (Gl-Wil): Sp75 p13; Wi83 p77; Wi09 p22; Fa11 p6,
Photo p7.
Children: Dee E. (Mrs. Aiken) Wi09 p22.
Chapman, “Bulger”: Su65 p2; ranch Wi10 p20.
Chapman, Caleb P.: Fa70 pp61,63,65.
Chapman, Clare D. (Reed): Sp74 p22.
Chapman, Dick: ranch Su65 p2; Wi10 p20.
Chapman, Dee E. (later Aiken): Wi09 p22.
Children: Florence (Later Banks) Wi09 p22.
Chapman, G.: Su66 p18.
Chapman, Douglas & Mary Halter (LR): ranch Su65 p2; Sp66 p6.
Chapman, Fred & Alice (Ros): Wi67 p24; Su73 p42; Fa79 p50; Su88 p50; Fa91 p55; house photo
Su95 p32.
Chapman, George (Cnv): Su10 p17.
Chapman, Hildred McLaughlin: Fa95 p54; Fa96 p70; Wi00 pp78,84; Sp03 p25.
Chapman, Jack (GV): Sp75 p13; Su04 p11; Wi21 p15,17.
Chapman, John Henry & Martha Ann Ells (Eells, Eels?): Su69 p26; Su80 p46; Fa02 p62.
Children: Susan Elviner (Mrs. William Singleton) Fa02 p62.
Chapman, Lewis (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Chapman, Luke (DC): Fa74 p54.
Chapman, Sherman (Div): Sp74 p23.
Chapman, Steve (Oak): Su77 p33,47.
Chapman, Susan (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Chapman, Susan Elviner Singleton: Fa02 p62.
Chapman, Thomas: Fa66 p8.
Chapman, W.F. & Mrs. (Ros): Fa91 p55; Su95 p30.
Children: Fred.
Chapman, W.W., Col., atty (RWV): Fa66 p7,8; Sp75 p6; Sp78 p3; Wi78 p81; Su81 p32; Fa86 p71;
Fa90 p68; Fa99 p59; Su10 p6.


Chapman, Wiley: Su79 p26.
Chapman, William Lang, Dr. & Margaret E. Floed: photo Fa18 p7,8; Wi18 p2,13.
Chapman’s Pharmacy: Fa77 p60; Wi86 photo p87,88; Fa91 p55; Su95 p30; Su99 pp28,34; Su09
pp4,9; Su19 p20.
Chappell, Albert Shaw & Francis Elizabeth Arrington Rose: photo Wi92 p94.
“Charter Oak”: Rochester Grist Mill brand: Sp65 p16; Fa88 p62.
Chase, E.A. (Cala): Fa70 p65; Sp12 p17.
Chase, George: Wi66 p12 (Oak); Fa67 p3.
Cheap Store (Winc): Wi77 pp82,83,84.
Cheever, Warren: Sp73 p18, house photo p19.
Cheever, William & Clara (Elk): Sp73 p20; Fa90 p69.
Children: Percy, Gilbert
Cheevers, Mrs. (CoV): Wi99 p84.
Chenoweth & Stearns (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Chenoweth, C.L. (Oak): Sp77 p10,14.
Chenoweth, Iva Blanche McAllister: photo Sp00 p15; photo Sp09 p7.
Chenoweth, J. Virgil (Oak): Sp70, p2; Su73 p38; Wi81 p74; Sp86 p9.
Chenoweth, Jane: Fa89 p67.
Chenoweth, Josephine (Mrs. Aaron Hayes Mulkey): Fa89 p56 et. Seq.
Chenoweth, LeRoy: photo on cover Wi81 p74.
Chenoweth, Minnie Smith (Oak): Su72 p43,45.
Chenoweth, Nancy (Mrs. Arba Stearns): Wi67 p6.
Cherry Creek Recreation Area: Su09 p15.
Cheshire, W.L., Dr. & Gussie Palmer: Fa65 p18.
Chevgny’s Restaurant (Winc.): Wi90 p91.
Chevrolet Automobile: Cabriolet Fa91 p69; panel (Suburban) Fa01 p55.
Chicago School Architecture: Fa00 p56.
Chicken George, Old (Ros): Su91 p29.
Chieftain Mine: Sp67 p2.
Child, George R. & Sarah B.: cover Wi88 p74; Fa89 p55; Sp08 p3, photo p4,5, photo p6.
Children’s Day (11 June): Fa04 p11.
Chillecoose Creek: Wi05 on map p18.
Chin, Frank (Ros): Fa86 pp51,58, Fa91 p55.
Chin’s Restaurant: Fa86 p51.
China Ditch: Fa68 p68; on map Fa92 p60,63; Sp14 p18.
China Palace (Ros): Sp09 p23; Fa11 p23; Sp13 p23..
China Pheasant: (Supposedly introduced to Oregon in 1903, but this is 1899) Sp05 p5,9.
China Sam (Yung Sam) (Ros): story of Sp68 p14 photo p15; Su72 p47; Fa85 p50, photo p51, et
seq.; Su91 p26, et seq.; Fa00 p60.
China Sam’s Bazaar (Ros): Fa85 p53,54; Wi86 p88; Su91 p42; Fa00 p60.
“China Sam” Fa85 p50-65.
“What I know About China Sam”: Eddie Kohlhagen Sp68 p14-17.
“China Sam Tribute Poem”: Fa85 pp57-65 by Ruth Woolley Laws.
Chineworth, W.E.: Fa79 p63.


Chinook Jargon: Fa13 p21.
Chinook Salmon: Sp65 p20; Fa81 p66; Wi81 p82,83; Su08 p13; Su18 p9.
Chin’s Restaurant (Ros): Fa86 p51.
Chisholm, (Chism, Gard? Fa69 p61) Gardiner “Gard” (Gard): Su65 photo p15; Fa69 p61; photo
Su00 p41; photo Fa13 p13.
Chism, Gard (Gard): Fa69 pp61,64; Sp79 pp23,24.
Chautauqua: Sp85 p16; Wi86 pp77,89; Sp87 p3; Su91 p42; Su96 p44; Su23 p6.
Chittum bark: see Cascara.
Cholera: Su96 p27.
Chowler, Ruth (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Christian Church: Sp05 p15; Sp09 p21.
Christian Education building: Sp99 p4.
Christian Endeavor Society: Sp99 p3,14, photo 20.
Christian, Harry: Wi72 p81,83.
Christian, Henry C. (Elk): Wi72 p81; Su75 p32.
“Christians Secret of a Happy Life”: Su01 p44.
Christison, R. (MC): Fa74 p62.
“Christmas in Edenbower”: by H.R.F. in the Roseburg Review 31 Dec 1900, Wi13 p18.
Chronister, Denver & Geneva (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Orville Dodd, Jimmy Dodd, Geraine Chronister.
Chubs -fish: Su99 p30; Su09 p7;
Church, Allen CaV): photo Fa98 p68.
Church, Arthur H. & Eunice Brown (CaV): Wi92 p89; Fa95 p63; Sp96 p3; Fa98 p63.
Children: Allan, Frank, Claude, Mildred, Elvira, Henry, Helen, Fa98 p63, (Rachel ? Fa95 p63)
Church, Bob: Sp22 p5.
Church, Elta Casebeer: Fa96 p70.
Church, Elva: Wi12 p13.
Church, H.B. (Ros): Fa20 p7.
Church, Janet: Fa10 p10.
Church, Ray & Helen (Sb): Wi98 pp94,95.
Children: Kenny & Dick Hoile.
Churchill-Murphy Farm: Wi99 p80.
Churchill & Woolley (Ros): Fa72 photo p63; Sp83 p22; Fa85 p65; Sp04 p15; Su04 p6; Fa04 p12;
Sp05 p9,11.
Churchill, Alvah & Bernetta: Wi69 p92.
Children: Martha Ann, Sarah, John S., David C., Charles W., Alvah Jr., Alexander H., Fitzhenry
W., Shelby F. Wi69 p92.
Churchill, Burnetta: on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Churchill, Edith: Sp08 photo p6.
Churchill, Frank: Wi04 p18, et seq.; Sp05 p8.
Churchill, George (H.?): Wi00 p79; Sp05 p8.
Churchill, J.F.: Wi71 p94.
Churchill, Joe: Su05 p12.
Churchill, John S.: Wi69 p90; Wi75 p74; Sp16 p3; on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.


Churchill, Kate: Wi67 p24.
Churchill, T.F. (Dil): Fa74 p65.
Churchill, William G. (CoV): Sp65 p9; Fa76 p51; DLC Wi11 p10; on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16
Churchill, Willoughby: on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Churchill’s Hardware (Ros): Sp86 p6; Wi86 p88; Sp89 p2; Su91 p45; Su99
p30; Su09 p6 photo p7; Wi15 p18.
Chuck Gouge and the Sons of the Saddle; Sp22 pp6,9,16.
Cider: Fa75 p50.
Cinema 7: Su13 p21.
Circle H Ranch (NUmp): Fa91 p65; Fa01 pp56; Wi21 p9,10.
Circus: Al G. Barnes-Sells Floto combined: photos Fa10 p6.
Circuit Rider Statue: Fa09 p6.
Citizens State Bank of Myrtle Creek: Sp83 p15; photo Su97 pp38,44.
“City of Chester”: steamer Fa66 p18.
City Market (MC): Wi92 p75 photos pp81,82.
Civic Center Campus, Drain: Wi10 p10.
Civil Aeronautics Authority: Su20 p13.
Civil Bend, Ore.: Su68 p39; Su75 p41; Wi81 p84; Su96 p27; Su06 p5; Su11 p6.
Civil Bend: Ag. District Fa74 p65; Su06 p5; Post Office Su11 pp6,8.
Civil Bend Cemetery aka C.B. Pioneer Cemetery 1877: Assoc. Fa76 p56; Sp06 p22; Wi11 p8,10;
Sp12 p12.
Civil Bend Post Office: Fa86 p50.
Civil War: Su00 p40; Wi01 pp85,87,91; Wi02 p91.
Civil War Veterans: Sp01 p16.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC): Fa83 p54; Fa84 pp55,58; Sp85 p16; Wi91 p92; Sp93 p6; Wi95
p88; List of camps Wi00 pp85,88, road building photo 93; Wi09 p5,6; Wi10 p14; Fa15 p10.
“CCC, a Pragmatic Response to the Great Depression”; Gerald W. Williams Fa83 pp50-60; Wi23
Clackamas County Female Seminary: Wi06 p13.
“Clam Digging”: Irl Binder Su94 p40-43.
Clapp, J.C.: Sp83 p15.
Clarence Eddy Bar: Cover Sp14.
Claridge, Rosa: Fa87 p70.
Clark Grave (Sb): Wi11 p8.
Clark & Baker: Sp76 p12.
Clark, Arthur, Mrs.: Sp85 p5.
Clark, C.W.: Wi87 p80; Sp88 pp13,14; Sp91 p14.
Clark, Cardwell & Ruth America: photo Wi78 p89.
Children: George Munford, Sallie (Later Ntuferd?) Wi78 p89.
Clark, Charles & Carmen (Ros): photography Fa91 p59.
Clark, David T.: Sp69 p18.
Clark, Earl & Doris: Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22.
Clark, George Munford & Nancy Miller: Wi78 p87, photo 94, et seq.

Children Thylissia “Lissy” California (Myers), Luta, Theodossia (Leach) photo Wi78 p94
Clark, Hazel (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Clark, Helen, Mrs.: Sp85 p5.
Clark, James (laborer)(Ros): Su10 p18.
Clark, James “Jimmy” G. & “Aunt Rachel” Berry (Cnv): Wi68 p93; mini bio Su75 p33; DLC Wi11
p7; Sp12 p15; Sp15 p10,12; Sp19 p15.
Clark, James G. & Eliza Huff (UC): Sp93 p16.
Clark, James & Jane Ratcliff: Sp69 p18; Sp02 pp21,22.
Clark, Joanne nee Roadman: photo Fa10 p12.
Clark, John & Cicely Hogan: Wi18 p15.
Clark, Joseph (UCi): Fa69 p63.
Clark, Leland (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Clark, Capt. Lewis: Fa13 p4.
Clark, Lucille: Fa70 p52.
Clark, Mrs. Patricia Brumfield: Fa14 p8.
Clark, Peggy nee Murphy: photo Fa10 p12.
Clark, R.R. (Millwood): Wi67 p21.
Clark, Robert (U of O Pres.): Su70 p33.
Clark’s Photo Shop (Ros): Su66 p15; Fa91 p59.
Clarke & Baker Sawmill: Fa93 p57, on map 60, sketch of p61.
Clarke Hotel (Catherine) (Glen): Sp71 p2; Wi76 p74; photo Sp95 p19; photo Sp20 p6,9.
Clarke Mill (Mwd): Sp77 p9.
Clarke Family (UC): home photo Sp93 p21.
Clarke, Ann: Fa02 p70.
Clarke, Arthur & Helen Jane Hamilton: Fa70 p58; Wi75 p81; Wi85 p74; Wi93 p95; Fa95 p54;
Su96 p39; Su98 p27; Sp00 p13; Fa02 pp68,70 photo 71; Spring 2003 “Trapper” dedicated to
Helen Jane Clarke, a biography w/photos; Su03 p51; Sp04 p3; Su12 p4; Wi12 pp9, mini bio &
photo 11,17.
Children: James Hamilton Sr., Sarah, Sally? Anne, Helen Jane, Sp03 p15.
Clarke, Belle N., Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Clarke, Benjamin & Cassie Stephens (Millwood): Fa88 p50.
Mr. & Catherine (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Children: Kathyrn
Clarke, Hazel Young: Sp85 p17.
Clarke, James E. & Jane Rackleff: Su78 p33.
Clarke, James Sr. & Ann: Fa02 p70.
Children: James Jr. Fa02 p70.
Clarke, John & Catherine McGregor (Gard-Glen): Fa69 p61; Sp71 p2; Sp20 p6.
Children: Kathryn, Sp20 p6.
Clarke, Kathryn (Glen): photo Sp20 p5, et seq.
“Kathryn Clarke”: Nicholas Schabert Sp20 p6-9.
Senator Kathryn Clark Cloakroom (Salem): Sp20 p8.
Clarke, Rush R. (Oak-Mwd): Wi67 p21; Fa74 p69; Wi03 pp18,22; Su05 pp7,12.
Clarke, Sarah Ann (Sally): Sp03 photo pp13,14, et seq.


Clarke, W.B., PM (CoV, Mwd): Wi71 p89; mill Sp73 p15; Su75 p41; Fa11 p6;
Clarke, W.D. (Mwd): Fa88 p62.
(above 2 probably all the same person, Ed.)
Clarks Branch: School Sp85 p13; Wi11 p6.
Clarksburg (?): (Maybe Clarks Branch area? John Churchill is a Cole’s Valley name.) Wi75 p74.
Clatsop County Historical Society: Fa08 p20.
Claver, Lloyd & Ruth (Ros): Sp87 pp6,8; Su13 p11.
Clay, John: Su19 p10.
Clayton Bros.: Wi77 p85.
Clayton Family (Dil): Sp91 p10.
Clayton, Ashford “Ash” & Jemima Harper (CoV): Su68 p33; Fa70 pp52,53 photo p55 et seq.;
Su75 p36; Wi83 p75, Photo p76,77,78; Su05 pp11,20, mini bio 21; Sp06 p4, photo p5; on
map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Children: 13 total Su05 p21, Mary (later Mrs. Alex Fabrique), Jasper, Grant S. Sp06 p4.
Clayton, Elzic (Brk): Sp06 pp11,17.
Clayton, Eva Estella Walker: Sp05 p6; Sp06 p6,7,13-15, sourdough biscuit recipe 14.
Clayton, Grant S & Eva E. Walker (KeCk): Su86 p39; Sp06 p4 et seq.
Children: Sherley, Elzie, Su86 p39; Sp06 p11.
“Grant Clayton Helped with Dillard Melons”: Rosa M. Heinbach Su86 p39-44.
“The Story of Grant S. & Eva E. Clayton”: Sherley Clayton Sp06 pp4-15.
Clayton, Jasper: Sp06 p4.
Clayton, Jesse “Clatie” (Tyee-CoV): Su68 p33; Sp69 p17; photo Fa70 p52, et seq.; Sp77 p17;
Wi83 p76; Su05 pp20,21; Sp06 p4 photo p5.
Clayton, Mary Ellen (Later Mrs. Alex Fabrique): Sp06 p4, photo p5.
Clayton, Sherley: (Dil): Fa67 p23; Fa76 p55; Sp06 p4,11 et seq. p17; Su06 p4.
Clayton, William E.; Su93 p47.
Clear Lake (Reed): Su18 p13.
Clear Lake & North Pacific Stage Company: Fa67 p3.
Cleghorn Creek (SR): Fa01 pp52, et seq.
Clemens, Frank: Wi08 p7.
Clements, Charles (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Children: Alta (Trowbridge)
Clements, J.F. (Ros): Sp13 p7.
Clements, W. Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
Clemo, Fred (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Cleveland, Ore (Cleveland Mills, Cleveland Hills): store Su68 pp2; Fa72 p50; Fa97 p70; Fa04 p14;
Su11 p19; Sp19 p7.
Cleveland aka Cleveland Hill or United Brethren Cemetery (1877): Wi11 pp8,16.
Cleveland Distilling Co.: Sp76 pp7,8.
Cleveland Foothills: Sp65 p7.
Cleveland Hill: Wi11 pp11,18.
Cleveland Hill Road Wi11 pp5,11.
Cleveland Mill: Fa75 p69.
Cleveland Motorcycle: Su91 p37.


Cleveland Post Office: Su68 p26; Fa75 p69; Sp98 p10; Su05 p12; Su11 p8.
Cleveland School: photos Wi79 pp92,94; Sp98 p13.
“Cleveland School”: Wi79 p93-95 by Mabel Woodruff Krohn
Cleveland, Ada Wilkes: Su11 p4.
Cleveland, Aileen: Fa87 p70.
Cleveland, Pres. Grover: Fa73 p69; Su74 p29; Su84 p27; Wi87 p87; Su01 p38; Fa14
p13; Fa19 p23,24.
Clifford, Isabel Gray: poem by Wi98 p75.
Clifton, William: Su01 p31.
Climax Sweep: Fa67 p13.
Cline, C. E., Rev.: Wi04 p7.
Cline, Joseph (Cala): Su72 pp30,32.
Cline, Mike (Cala): Su72 p32.
Clinkenbeard, Alice (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Clinkenbeard, James L. & Mary Ann Holman: Sp69 p17; Sp76 p13; Fa79 p68.
Clingenpeel & Landstrom (Ros): Fa83 p71.
Clingenpeel, W.F.: photo Fa14 p17.
Clinger, Mr. (Ros): Grand Hotel Fa91 p61.
Children: Nippy Fa91 pp61,63.
Cloak, Mr.: Su01 p44; Walter (?) Fa04 p22; Wi04 p9.
Cloake, Alfred (Eden): Su91 pp32,33.
Children: Bud Su91 p33.
Cloake, Elvin (GV): Su91 p33.
Children: Ella Mae (later Young) Su91 p33.
Cloake, (Cloak?) Walter (Eden): Fa04 p22; Wi04 p9, et seq.
Cloake, Warren (Ros): Su81 p31.
Cloakes Family (Cloakes Ferry): Fa67 p24.
Cloak(e)s Ferry (West Harvard past V.A.) (Ros): Su81 p31; Fa01 p64; Su14 p8.
Closh Camp: Fa73 p72.
“Closing of a Honk-i-Tonk”: Harry Brooks Wi75 p75.
Cloud, Lynn (Ros): Fa91 p53.
Clough, Bess Adams: Su80 p27,38 photos pp42,42; Sp85 p5; Su03 p35; photo & mini bio Wi12
p16; Wi14 p15.
Clough, Huron Willoughby, Co. Comm: Wi66 p23,24; Fa67 p3; Su80 pp31,38,42, photo p43;
Su84 p46; Sp85 p5; Wi12 pp3, photo 16.
Children: Donna, Jean Joann (Mrs. Ralph Sandstede)
Clough, Joseph Lyford & Margaret Adeline “Addie” Elliff (DC): Wi66 p23; Fa67 p3; Fa74 p52;
Su80 p38, photos pp41,42, mini bio p44; Su85 p33; Wi12 p16.
Children: Bess Adams, Huron Willoughby, Su80 p38.
Clough Ranch: Su03 p36; photo Wi12 p18.
Clough, sea Capt. William H.: Su18 p18.
Clover Creek: Fa66 p12.
Clover, wild: Fa19 p16.
Clover leaf Drive-In Theater (Sut): Sp87 p11; Su13 pp15,17.


Cloverdale (Ros): Sp91 p5.
Cloyd, Al (Ros): Sp70 p23.
Cluggage, Mr. (‘53 RIW): Wi06 p20.
Coal: Sp73 p18; Su73 p46.
Coal, Mr.: Su01 p33.
Coarsegold Creek: Sp06 p11.
Coast Bridge Co.: Fa06 p21.
Coast Fisheries, Gardiner: Su08 pp13,19.
Coast Fork Willamette: Fa65 p12; on map Wi13 p3; Sp19 p10.
Coast Range: Sp68 p9; Fa03 p55; photo Su09 p17.
Coast Wagon Road: Fa11 p13.
Coats Bakery (Ros): Su75 p30.
Coats, Mrs. (Tm): Fa81 photo p57.
Coats, Rev.: (MC) Su76 p32.
Coats, Edward B. (UC): Sp93 p16.
Coats, Louisa; Fa81 p57.
Coats, Thomas & Caroline Carter (Tm): Fa65 p18; Fa75 p56; Fa76 pp66,71.
Children: Jennie E. (Mrs. William E. Palmer)
Coats, Walter, Mrs.: Fa76 p71.
Cobb Brother’s Cheese Factory (Sut): Su05 p4.
Cobb Island: see Elk Island.
Cobb Ranch, (Kel): Fa99 p67; photo Su05 p4.
Cobb Real Estate Co. (Ros): Wi20 p9.
Cobb, Asa (Dil): Fa06 p14.
Cobb, Effie (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Cobb, Fannie (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Cobb, H.N.: Wi08 p8.
Cobb, Jim (Ros): Su88 p40.
Cobb, Joe (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Cobb, Lois: photo Wi80 94;
Cobb, Lucian: Fa80 p50; Wi80 p74, photo p94; Su86 p42.
Cobb, Lulu (GV): Fa77 p53.
Cobb, Mollie (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Cobb, Sam & Rachel Brand (GV); Fa77 p53.
Cobb, W.L. (Dil): Fa74 p65; Wi20 p10.
Cobb, W.L. (Kel): house photos cover Wi80 pp74 & Roseburg house 94.
“Cobblestone’s Umpqua Correspondence”: Caleb Cobblestone Fa78 p51.
Coca Cola Bottling Plant: photo Fa91 p68; Wi08 p10; blast photo Fa09 p14; Su19 pp5,22.
Cochran, J.H., Prof. (Oak): Su76 p47.
Cochran, Jerry: Fa09 p8;
Cochran, Louise Buchanan.: Fa08 p20.
Cochran, Ralph: Wi83 p77.
Cochran, William (Lg): Sp90 p3.
Cochrane, Margaret (Mrs. Ilo Dyer): Su68 p38.


Cockeram, Harvey (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Cockeram, Ward & Mrs.: Wi02 p76.
Cockelreas, Rev. (Dxv): Sp98 p17.
Cockelreas & Son: Fa09 p16.
Cockelreas, Nathaniel & Rhoda: Su77 p27.
Children: Rhoda (Mrs. Robert W. Drew then Beman B. Brockway)
“Code for the Smaller Community”: Kiwanis Magazine, Wi09 p17.
Cody, William “Buffalo Bill”: Su75 p40.
Coe, Mr.: Fa19 p7.
Coe, Nathaniel: Fa19 p14.
Coen, Frank (Ros): Fa95 p70.
Coen Lumber, building supply Co.: Fa91 p69; Fa95 p70; Fa09 pp15,16.
Coffee Creek: Sp67 p16,17; Fa68 p69; Wi70 p79, 81 (mines not active until 1858, certainly
Not 1851. Ed.); Wi91 p95; pack train photo Su10 p13,17; Fa22 p11.
Coffee Creek Cemetery (Til): Wi11 p8.
Coffelt, Miss Brontie: Wi73 p93.
Coffin, Capt. (Gard): Fa69 p59 et seq.
Coffin, Stephen: Su81 p32.
Coggswell, Francis (Yon): Su82 p33.
Coho, Silver Salmon: Sp65 p20; Fa81 p66; Fa01 p53; photo Fa06 p6; Su08 p13; Fa08 p8 photo
p9; Wi13 p7; Su18 p6.
Colby, Pearl (Later Boak) (LL): Sp97 p14.
Colby, Orville & Mrs. (LL): Sp97 pp11,14.
Children: Jess, Sp97 p11; Pearl (Mrs. John Boak), pp11,14.
“Cold and Silent”: poem by James G. Fuller Fa09 p19.
Cold Springs: Su10 pp12,13.
Cole, Abe (Oak): Wi72 pp91,92.
Cole Family aka Dr. James Cole Cemetery-1864: Sp65 p11; Wi11 pp9,10.
Cole, George E.: Fa66 p6; Sp02 p17; Fa13 p3; Sp23 p6 .
Cole, Grace (Sut): Su78 p27.
Cole, Guy & Maude: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 to Sp83; Sp65 pp3,7; Wi66 p23; Su70 p33;
Su82 p33; Su05 p16.
Cole, Mrs. Hamilton Miars: Sp19 p9.
Cole, Hugh (Yon): Fa71 p53; Fa80 p66.
Cole, James, Dr. & Louisa Leeper (CoV): Sp65 p3, bio pp7-11 photos p8; Su68 p35; Su72 p30,32,
35; Fa75 p71; Su11 p9; mini bio Wi11 photos p9; on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Children: Joe, Sp65 p11; Joel Wi11 p9.
“Cole, James, Pioneer Doctor”: Maude E. Cole Sp65 p7-11.
Cole, Jesse (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Cole, Joe: Sp65 p11; Wi72 p91.
Cole, Joel: Wi11 p9.
Cole, Juanita: Wi79 p87.
Cole, P.M.: Su67 p3.
Cole & Sweeny: Sp73 p18.

Coles Valley, Ore. (aka Big Bottom, Emery, Cawles Valley): Sp65 pp7,8; Sp68 p18; Wi69 p90;
Wi71 p87; Su80 p26; Reservation Sp93 p6; Su05 pp4,11,21; Sp06 p4; Su10 p19; Su11 p9;
Fa11 p6; Wi11 p9; Sp12 p17; Sp16 p3.
Coles Valley Cemetery-1854: Su68 p33; Wi75 p91; Fa93 p67; Wi11 pp2,10 photo p22; Wi99 p75.
Coles Valley Grange Hall: Su05 p4.
Coles Valley Indians: Su05 p11.
Coles Valley Lumber Company: Wi21 p7.
Coles Valley Post Office: Fa75 p71.
Coles Valley School: Wi99 p75, et seq.
Coles Valley Steam Sawmill: Su75 p41.
Coles Valley Stockade: Su05 p11.
Coleman, Dr. (CoosB): Su69 p27.
Coleman, Kathleen: Fa75 p55.
Colfax, Schuyler, U.S. V.P. & Hannah Stryker: Su75 p44.
“Collectibles or Trash?”: Don Good Sp11 p22.
College Equal Suffrage League: Oregon Chapter Sp20 p16.
Colley, Ted (Elk): Fa81 p53.
Colliding Rivers (Gl): Sp00 p21; Wi00 p84.
Collins County, Ore: proposed description Wi93 p75.
Collins Hotel (Oak): Sp69 p4; Sp77 p13; Fa90 p62, photo 63.
Collins, Mrs.: Su03 p37 (probably Mrs. Chuck or Orpha.)
Collins, Charles M. “Chuck”: Fa70 p58; Su78 p30; Fa78 p54; Wi91 p92; Wi12 p20.
Collins, Edna (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Collins, George (Ros): Sp76 p18.
Collins, Ivan: Su70 p33.
Collins, James Layton: Fa98 p51.
Collins, Orpha: Su85 p41; Wi89 pp75,87; Fa03 p55.
Collins, Ruth Gilmour: Fa95 p54.
Collins, W.: Su66 p18.
Collumber, Joe (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Colston (Sp?), Sammy: Sp22 p11.
Colonial Drive (pna Criteser Road) (Mel): Sp98 p3.
Colt Arms: Pocket Pistol photo Wi16 p4,6.
“Columbia” Steamer: Sp68 p18; Cover Sp69 p2; Wi69 p75; Sp71 p17; Sp72 p10; Su78 p38; Wi01
p76; Fa19 p17.
“Columbia” bar tug: cover Sp69 p2.
Columbia College: Sp19 p4.
Columbia River: Sp00 p3; Su00 p29.
Columbia River Fishing and Trading Co.: Sp16 p12.
Columbus Day Windstorm: Fa01 p67; story of w/photos Fa10 pp17-22; Fa22 p24..
Colvig, Dr. (Cnv): Sp19 p8.
Colvig, James: Fa09 p22.
Colvig, Miss (Sister of James Colvig): Fa09 p22.
Colvig, William & Mrs. (Cnv): Fa85 p52.


Colvin aka Eureka Valley Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p10.
Colvin Ranch: Sp12 p13.
Colwell, Mr. (Elk): Fa67 p23;
Colwell, J.C.: Wi78 p75.
Combs, Dell: poem by Wi08 p21.
Combs, Welcome Martindale, Mrs. (CaV): Wi66 p24; Wi67 p24; Su68 p39,43; Wi99 p94.
“Comet” gas boat: Su66 p18,19; Sp73 p18.
COME TO ROSEBURG!!: Commercial Club Advertising: Fa01 pp62-68.
Comfort, Sid: Fa01 p65.
Commercial Bank, Oak: Su05 p19.
Commercial Club (Ros): Sp87 p3; Fa00 pp51,52 photo 53,65.
“Commercial Club Recycled”: Fa01 p69.
Commercial Club Ladies Auxiliary: Fa00 pp54,65.
Commercial Club Pavilion: photo of Fa00 p55.
Commercial Architecture Style: Fa00 pp51,52, photo 53,56,58.
Commercial Fishing: Sp66 p7-10; Su66 p12-15; Su08, chaps. 3 & 4.
Commercial Sales & Lumber Co. (Dil): Wi89 p92.
Commission on Indian Affairs: Wi84 p75,79.
Commons, Melchior (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Commons, Melville (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Community Concert Association: Sp16 p19.
Community Gas & Oil Co.: Fa 80 p50.
Compton, Mr. (Ros): Wi75 p82.
Compton, Ray, Atty. (Ros): Su97 p26.
Computer Solutions, (MC): Sp13 p18.
Comstock Affair: Wi13 p2.
Comstock, Ore.: Su75 p30; Fa80 p65; Fa06 p19; Post Office Su11 p9; Sp16 p12.
Comstock aka Anlauf Cemetery: Wi11 p4, 10;
Comstock Lumber Mill: Wi85 p78.
Comstock Planing Mill (Ros): Su96 p41.
Comstock, Croesus Bonaparte & Martha Phillips Jane Scoggin: Wi18 p22.
Children: Mary Letitia, Emma, Artemus
Comstock, James J.: Su65 p5; Sp11 p15; Su11 p9.
Comstock, Martha Jane Scroggin: bio of by Harriet H. Lesher, Wi18 pp22,23 (has factual errors).
Conchie Camp (Sb): Wi98 p75,90.
“Concretions”: J.R. Wharton Sp75 p18-23.
Condray, A.P., PM: Su11 p4.
Conenburg’s Bakery (Sut): Wi95 p75.
Conscientious Objectors: Wi00 p90.
Constance, Capt. (wagon train): Fa71 p62.
Constitutional Convention of 1857: Su74 p26.
Confederacy: Wi01 p86.
“Confidence Promotion Campaign”: Fa09 p15
Conley, Guy & Verna Chaney (MC): Wi79 p95; Fa82 photo p57,63,66.


Conn Ford: Wi83 p74; Wi86 p91; Sp98 p13,15,23.
Conn Ford Bridge: Fa88 p70; Sp98 p3,15.
Conn Family: Sp98 p6; Sp12 p6; History and Family Tree w/photos Wi17 issue
“Conn Family of Douglas County”: James Conn Wi17 pp2-22.
Conn, Adelia (Mel): photo Wi17p18.
Conn, Alice (Mrs. Fred Goff): photo Wi17 p20.
Conn, Alice Florena Grigsby: photo Wi17 p19.
Conn, Ann Eliza “Annie” (Mrs. Charles McCurdy): Wi79 pp93,95; photo Wi17 p10,11.
Children: Charles, Bliss.
Conn, Annie (Mrs. Gus Petterson): photo Wi17 p20.
Conn, Catherine (Mel): photo Wi17p18.
Conn,Creola (Creolee) (Mrs. George Handy) (Mel): photo Wi17p18,20.
Conn, Creed: Fa67 p18; photos Wi17 p9,18.
Conn, Crystal Fenn: Sp91 p13; photo Wi17 p19.
Conn, Ethel (later Schneider): photo Wi17 p19.
Conn, Francis & Arvilla Camp (Elg): Wi96 p75; bio Wi17 p11, photo 13.
Children: Benjamin, Robin Lucile (Mrs. Arthur Strader)
Conn, George: Sp98 p10; bio & photo Wi17 p7 (Error here, George was born in 1840, the
Fremont expeditions were in the mid-1840s, so George was much too young. He was on the
Gen. Sprague military road surveying expedition in 1865. Over the years, family lore has
changed Gen. Sprague into Gen. Fremont.) photo p13.
Conn, Harmon Stultz “Warren” & Ethel Howard then Mary Emily Canutt Driver: Wi17 p8, photo
(Index editor not always sure which Henry Conn is which. Use your own discretion to sort them.)
Conn, Henry Sr. & Jr.: Wi83 p85; Wi96 p75.
Conn, Henry IV & Mary Jane Stultz (Elg): Fa67 p18; Wi75 p88; Wi96 p75; Sp98 p6, et seq.,
photos 8,9; photo Wi17 p5.
Children: George, Henry V, Harmon Stultz, Virgil, Francis “Frank”, James W., Mary Elizabeth,
Ann Eliza, John Creed, Lafayette, Narcisse, Wi17 p5,6.
Conn, Henry V “Colonel” & Florena Alice Grigby: Wi17 p6, photos 7, bio (first part missing.)
Children: Creolee, (later Handy), Mary Ann (later Peterson), Alice (later Goff), Henry Roscoe,
Kenneth, Keitha (later Baker) Wi17 p6.
Conn, Henry Preston & Katherine Mabel Diller “Katie”: Cover Wi17 p2, photo 19.
Children: James Edward, Grace Alice, Henry Woodrow “Tim”, Ethel Mae “beie” Wi17 p2,
Conn, Henry Roscoe & Ethel Estella Imri: photo Wi17 p20,21.
Conn, James E.: photo Wi17p18.
Conn, James William “Jim” & Sarah Catherine Denny (Elg): Wi96 p75; Sp98 pp6,7; Fa01 p67;
Wi17 p6, bio 14, photo 10.
Children: Mary Ann (later Crane), Charity Adelia (Later Churchill), Henry Preston, Creed, John
Francis “Frank, David Grenot, Amy (later Matthews), Margaret Arvilla.
Conn, John Creed: Wi17 p11.
Conn, Keitha (Later Baker): photo Wi17 p19.
Conn, Kenneth Lee: photo Wi17 p20.


Conn, Lafayette “Lafe”, atty. & Lora Fern Butler: Fa81 p66; bio Wi17 p11, photo 12.
Conn, Mary Elizabeth: photos Wi17 p9,18.
Conn, Narcisse LaRaut, Rev., Atty “Nor” (FS): Fa81 p66; Su96 p33; Sp98 p7: photo & bio Wi17
Conn, Virgil & Mary Long: Wi97 p81; bio Wi17 p8,20.
Children: Vera (Mrs. Lyle Stephenson), Velma (Mrs. Michell Tillotson):
Connelly, John (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Conner’s Cabin: Su10 p12.
Connine, Mrs.: Sp66 p6.
Connine, Roy (Ros): Wi09 p7.
Connor, Robert & Carrie Louella Dixon: Fa02 p50.
Connor, W.C.: Plaindealer editor, photo Wi81 p91; Wi97 p76.
Conrad, Aubrey, Mrs.: Su70 p33.
Consolidated Freightways (Ros): (Where Robert Ansel Greenley and Barbara Ann Becker worked
and met); Su92 p40.
“Constitution” “Ironsides”: Fa18 p9.
Continental Mine: Sp67 p2.
Continental Trailways: Su06 p23.
Convocan cartons: Wi09 p7.
Conway, Frank W.: Fa89 p62.
Coomb, Ned: Sp76 p11.
Coon Creek (Cala): Fa04 p23; Wi11 p9, Su21 p8.
Coon Creek (UCC): Wi76 p86.
Coon Hollow: Sp68 p6; Island Wi01 pp81,83.
Coon, Anabel (CaV): Fa81 p56.
Coon, Dee (Brk-CaV): Fa98 p64; Wi01 p83.
Coon, Ellis: Wi89 p93; Fa06 p15.
Coon, F.D.: Fa06 p15.
Coon, G.L. (CaV): Fa98 pp63,64.
Coon H. Sr.: Wi08 p6.
Coon, Leonard S. & Ollie (CH): Wi89 p93; Sp91 p8; Fa92 p54; Fa06 pp14,15,17.
Children: F. Delos, Ellis, Fa92 p54, Fa06 pp15.
Coon, Norman & Bearl Meisinger: Fa81 p56.
Coon, Ruth Hoover: Sp91 p13, photo 17.
Cooney, Della: Wi21 p3.
Cooper Butte: Wi80 p79.
Cooper Creek (Sut): Fa76 p54; Wi76 p91; Sp77 p19; Fa86 p69; Su21 p19; Sp23 p6.
Cooper, A. E. Sawmill: Brush Creek Sp67 p22; Su67 p4.
Cooper’s Wharf (Gard): Fa69 p63.
Cooper, Mr.: Fa13 p12.
Cooper, Mr. (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Cooper, A.E.: Su67 p4.
Cooper, Annie (later Stark): Fa71 p69.
Cooper, Donald & Vickie Bean (Ros): Sp90 p3; Su90 p45.


Children: Paul Andrew, Brenda Dawn Su90 p45.
Cooper, Erastus Hawthorne, PM: Su11 p15.
Cooper, Glen (Yon): Su82 p32.
Cooper, James F.: Fa13 p21.
Cooper, James T. (RWV) & Harriet Dimmick (Gard-Sut-Yon): Wi66 p2; Wi67 p18; Fa69 p61,63;
Wi69 p74; Fa71 pp67,69; Fa75 p53; Fa86 pp70,71; Sp99 p8; Sp02 p17; Su05 p7; Fa13 p5, et
seq.; Su21 p19; Sp23 p6.
Children: (All were Umpqua Academy students) Anna (later Stark), Mrs. V.L. Bogard,
Elizabeth (later Steuart), Hattie (Later Hart), Russell, Fa71 p69; Fa86 p70.
Cooper, Plinn & Mrs.: Su65 p20; Wi20 p8,10.
Cooper, “Ras”: photo Wi68 p82.
Cooper, Roger: Su02 pp35,38.
Cooper, Vicky Bean: Sp90 p3.
Cooper, W. Taylor: Su83 p27.
Cooper’s Wharf (Gard): Fa69 p63.
Coos Bay, Ore. (Koose Bay), Wi72 p84; Fa75 p58; Sp00 p10; Fa01 p61; Sp02 p22; Wi03 p3; Fa07
p12 et
seq.; Fa09 p21; Su09 pp15,18; Su18 p5.
“Coos Bay: The Pioneer Period 185–1890: Stephen Dow Beckham Su74 p47.
Coos Bay Company: Su69 p27.
Coos Bay & Coquille Navigation Co.: Sp89 p5.
“Coos Bay Fire of !868”: Sp97 pp20-23
“Coos Bay Military Wagon Road”: Steve Wood Su09 p12-17.
Coos Bay Railroad: Wi90 p93; Scheme Wi97 p90,92.
Coos Bay-Roseburg Highway: Su09 p18; Sp11 p6.
Coos Bay Steam Navigation Co.: Sp89 p5.
Coos Bay Wagon Road—A Brief History: Fa22 pp18-21.
Coos Bay Wagon Road: Sp66 p2; Cover Wi72 p74; Sp75 p2; Su75 pp37,39; Fa75 p51; Sp79 p2;
article Sp82 p16 photo 18; Sp85 p41; Sp91 p8; Wi93 p95; Su95 p30; Su96 p37; Wi97 p92;
Fa00 pp51,60; Wi03 p5; Su05 p16; Sp06 photo p6; Fa06 p15; Article and photos Su09 p12-17
(includes group photo of named stage drivers); Fa09 p21, Fa11 p19,21.
Coos Bay Wagon Road Company: Sp66 p2; Wi72 p74; Wi75 p78,93; Sp79 p2; Sp82 p16; Wi93
p95; Sp03 p3; Su09 p12; Fa22 p18.
Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands: Su23 p14.
Coos City, Ore. (Watsonville): Su09 p15.
Coos County, Ore.: Fa08 p4.
Coos Junction: see Winston.
Coos River (Kowes): Fa03 p56; East Fork Su09 p15; on map Wi13 p3.
Coos, Koose Indians: Fa07 P14.
Cook family (Eden): Su91 p32.
Cook, Brick: Wi86 p92.
Cook, Florence Goodlow (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Cook, Gail: Su19 p9.
Cook, Homer V. PM: Fa11 p10.


Cook, James, Sea Capt.: Sp72 pp4,5; Wi75 p91.
Cook, Phil (Sut): Fa86 p70; Sp88 p7.
Cook, R.W. (UC): Sp93 p20.
Cook, William “Brick” (Ros): Fa84 p61; Wi86 p92; Su91 p31.
Cook’s Grocery (Ros): Fa91 p59.
Copeland, Bart (Ros): Su03 p44,45; Su13 p21.
Copeland, Capitola (Oak): Fa90 p62.
Copeland, Joe (LL): Sp97 p10.
Copeland, Ken (Oak): Sp77 p15.
Copeland, Mac: Sp66 p3.
Copeland, “Old Joe”: Su08 p15.
“Copiapo” ship: Su72 p36; Wi21 p21.
Cooper Butte: Wi80 p79.
Coquille, Ore.: Su09 p16.
Coquille Indians: Sp69 p23; Su69 p27.
Coquille Indian Massacre: Wi65 p15; L.L. Williams account of Su87 p27; Fa05 p3, several
accounts 11-20, (Author confused this with Battle Rock); Sp23 p7.
Coquille River (Coquelle): Su65 p8; Sp02 p22; Fa05 p10; on map Wi13 p3; Sp16 p3.
Coquille River, Middle Fork: Su68 p43; Sp69 p23.
Coquille, Forks of: Rackleff mills Sp02 p23.
Corbet, Mike: Su20 p10.
Corbett, Miss (Ros): Su99 p24; Su09 p4.
Corbett, Mr. (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Corbett, Henry W.: Su68 p46.
Corbett, Horace & Alice (Til): Fa83 p64,65.
Corbett’s Spring Hill Farm (Til): Fa83 p65.
Corbus, Mr.: Wi68 p75.
“Cordelia” steam schooner: Wi78 p82; Sp02 p23.
Cordon, Allen & Helen White Cordon: photo Su23 p7.
Cordon, Carolyn: Su23 p8, photo p9.
Cordon, Guy, Sen. & Ana: cover photo mini bio Fa97 p50, et seq.; Su03 p32; misspelled as
Gordon in Wi08 pp6,7; Sp22 p12; Cover sketch, article on Su23 pp5-19, Ana photo p14, Guy
photo p15; Wi23 p12.
Children: Allen, Carolyn, Margaret
Cordon, Margaret: Su23 p9.
Cordon, Opal (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Cordon, Walter: Su08 p15; Su23 p6.
Corder, Frances Rondeau (Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Corey Castle: Sp03 p10.
Cormorants: Sp66 p7; Su08 p9.
Corn Hybrids: Honey Sweet, Evergreen, Klondike, Popcorn, Field corn, White Flint, White Dent,
Early Minnesota Sweet, Honey Sweet, Su04 pp19,20; Fa04 pp4,11; Freeman Moore, Sp05 p3.
Corner Store: photo Wi04 p17.
Cornelisen Family (Ump): Su05 p12.


Cornelison Bros. (MC): Fa74 p62.
Cornelisen, Joseph (MC): Fa66 p11; Su68 p36; Wi70 p92; Wi88 pp82,88.
Cornell, Fred: Cover Fa89 p50.
Cornutt Station: Wi66 p2, Fa74 p55.
Cornutt, Alfred (Cnv): Wi75 p77.
Children: 14
Cornutt, Clark: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Cornutt, Enoch: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Cornutt, Johnny D. (Rid): photo Sp68 p8; Fa74 p58.
Cornutt, John M. (Rid): Su71 p36.
Cornutt, Stephen (Rid): Su83 p45; Wi22 p5.
Cornutt Family (Rid): Sp22 p17.
Cornwall, G.H.: Su81 p40.
Cornwell, Joseph H.: Wi13 p11.
Cornwall, Josephus A., Rev.: Fa65 p4; Fa66 p3; Wi72 p84; Su96 p39.
Children: Narcissa (Mrs. Moore) Fa66 p3, Niell J. Wi72 p84.
Cornwall, Lloyd H.: Su65 p20; Sp69 p2.
Cornwall, Neil J., Sea Capt. & Mary L. Taylor: Su65 p20; Fa65 p16; Sp69 p2; Wi72 p84,85; Sp73
p7; Su73 p47; Fa89 p70.
Children: Lloyd H. Cornwall Su65 p20.
Cortessis, Peter (Gard): Wi90 p86.
Cortney, Lt. Paul L.; Wi02 p94.
Corvalla, Les (GV): Su91 p31.
Corvallis, Ore. (Marysville): Wi01 p76; Sp03 pp3,5; Fa13 p6,8; Sp19 p10.
Cory, Ralph & Katherine (Cal): Su86 p40; cover Sp94 pp2, on map 12,13,14.
Coshow & Rice: Fa14 p16.
Coshow, O.P. (Ros): Fa06 p11.
Coshow House; Sp03 p16.
Cossey, Kathy Radford: Fa22 p3 et. seq.
Costa, Frank & Mrs. (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Costa, George & Beverly (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Costco Store: Sp22 p7.
Costen, Albert S. & Elizabeth (Lk): Wi75 p77; Wi83 p77.
Costin, Henry (Lg): Wi83 p77.
Cota, Walt & Vesta (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Cottage Grove, Ore. (Slab Town): Fa80 p64; Wi00 p76; Su09 p20.
Cotton, Bessie: Wi75 p80; Wi90 p91.
Cotton, Bro. (Eden): Sp04 p9, et seq.; Su04 p5; Fa04 p7.
Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion, Panther, Painter, Catamount: Sp68 p7; Su68 p33; Fa68 p50;
Sp76 p8; Sp82 p15; Wi13 p7.
Cougar Creek (MUmp.): Wi83 p90; Fa93 p62; Su08 p18.
Cougar Creek (NUmp): Fa71 p60.
Couglar, Bob (Cnv): Fa82 photo p71.
Coulter, S.G. (Ruck): Fa11 p14.


Council Creek: Wi66 p2; Wi70 p83.
Counts, Miss Sharon: Su19 p8.
“County Music as it Was”: Glenn Meeks, Sp22 pp16,17
County Road #1: Wi91 p92.
County Road #6: Su05 p14.
Corduroy Roads: Sp73 p3; photo Sp74 p11, Fa11 p9.
Coursegold Creek (Ola): Sp06 p11.
Courville, Basil: Su15 p12,14.
“Cousin Jacks”: Sp78 p14.
Coutrell, Louis (Cala): Fa67 p13.
Covered Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program: Wi10 p3.
Covered Bridge, unidentified: photo Wi10 p18.
Covered Bridges of Douglas County: Subject of Wi10 & Sp11.
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Treaty: Sp16 p2.
Cow Creek Bridge @ Langdon Station: Su65 p3.
Cow Creek Café: Fa11 p2.
Cow Creek Canyon: Fa74 p50; Fa11 p8.
Cow Creek Ferry: Wi91 p94.
Cow Creek Historical Society Sp13 p21.
Cow Creek (lower): Fa01 pp51,52,62.
Cow Creek (Camas Valley area?): Su10 pp11,12.
Cow Creek Pass: Fa11 p2.
Cow Creek Tribe: Wi84 pp77, et seq.; Wi91 p82; Su03 p51; map Wi06 p17; Wi11 p14; Su13 p16;
Fa21 p15.
Cow Creek Valley: Wi09 p22; Wi11 p14; Sp12 p23; Fa14 p13; Wi14 p13; Sp16 pp2,3,22.
“Cow Creek Valley Memories”: John M. Cornutt Su71 p36.
Cow Column: Wi77 p76.
Cow Horn Peak: See Mt. Thielsen.
Cowan Cemetery-1918 (Yon): Wi11 p10.
Cowan Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Cowan Family (Yon): Fa66 p3, Fa75 p72.
Cowan, Agnes (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Cowan, Dale (Yon): Su82 p33.
Cowan, Jack (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Cowan, Jean Iva (Yon): Sp81 p20.
Cowan, John, PM: Fa11 p15.
Cowan, Margaret (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Cowan, Oliver (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Cowan, Ray: photo Fa87 p58.
Cowan, Robert (Yon): Wi75 p90.
Cowbrough, Bob: Fa10 p20.
Cowles, R.A.: Wi83 p78.
Cox Creek (Yon): Fa67 p24; Fa01 p64; Sp12 p21.
Cox Cemetery-1856 (Brk): Wi11 p10.


Cox Family Cemetery-1856 (SR): Wi11 pp2,10.
Cox School: Fa70 p65; Sp12 p17.
Cox, A.W.: Sp79 p24.
Cox, Calvert (Yon): Fa83 p69.
Cox, Charles & Lucinda (CaV): Sp96 p3.
Cox, Dick: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Cox, James (OCk): Su83 p44.
Cox, John (Brk) DLC: Fa76 p56; Wi01 p76; Wi11 p10.
Cox, John (DrCk): Su89 p41.
Cox, John (UCC): Su85 p35.
Cox, Saian: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Cox, Z.L.: Sp79 p24.
Coxey, Jacob S.: Sp83 p13; Wi87 p87.
“Coxey’s Army-A Commentary on Panic”: Wi87 p87-95 by Edith Dondero
Coyote Creek: Sp16 p12.
Coyote Mining District; Sp78 p19;
Cozad, Johnathan (Oak): DLC Wi11 p15.
Crabbe, Jake & “Skipper” (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Craft, Archie: Fa01 pp62,64,71.
Craig, Alice Redifer: Fa87 p70.
Craig, Annie (LL): Sp97 p7.
Crain, Henry: Fa93 p70.
Cramer, S.C.: Su11 p13.
Crane, Creed L. (CoV): Wi99 p77, et seq.
Crane, Ephriam Martin & Amanda Baker (Oak): Fa81 p63 et seq.
Children, Martha, Nancy Jane, Silas, Frank, John, George A., Neal McBeth, Hugh, William.
Crane, Earnest W. “Ernie” (CoV): Su05 p4; Sp06 p11; Wi21 p7.
Crane, George (Mel): Wi79 p95; Su14 p17.
Crane, L.M.: Wi66 p11.
Crane, Silas W. (Oak): store Wi67 p4; Su76 pp46,47; Fa79 p63; Fa81 p64,66; Sp86 p6; Wi21 p12.
Cranfill, Isom, Rev.: Sp76 p16.
Crater Lake: Fa73 p59,64, photo 65; Wi73 p79,82; Wi76 p79; Cover photo Fa87 p50, 1913 trip
to, 51-64; Sp89 p16; National Park Su03 p45; Su22 p16; Sp23 p24.
Crater Lake Covered Bridge: Cover Sp11 p2.
Crater Lake Cut-off: Wi91 p88.
Crater Lake Lodge: Su03 p45.
Crater Lake or Bust: Trip account of Jack Wharton & Dr. Gib Finlay; Wi23 pp15-23.
Crater Lake Road Survey Diary, by Paul Albert Mosher: Su22 pp16-21, cont. Fa22 pp9-17, cont.
Wi22 pp14-18, cont. Sp23 p18-22.
Craton, Lettie (later Mrs. William Kamp): Su05 p20.
Craven, Red: Sp95 p15.
Crawford, Mrs. Wi86 p84.
Children: Earl, and a daughter
Crawford, Agnes (Ros): Sp87 p15.


Crawford, Della Rice: Su86 p39.
Crawford, Earl: Wi86 p85.
Crawford, James J. & Adelia “Della” Rice: Wi69 p76 photo p82,85; Su74 p41; Su86 p39; Wi01
p75; Sp06 p9.
Crawford, Jay Sheriff: Wi11 p19.
Crawford, Letitia, E. (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Craze Hotel (LSb): Su00 p36.
Craze, William (LSb): Su00 p36.
Crear, Grace: poem by Su23 p22.
Creason Building: Su92 p36; Wi02 pp77, photo 80.
Creason Hotel (Ros): Su91 p40.
Creason, Al (Ros): Wi79 p87.
Creason, Lynn & Mrs. (CaV); Fa98 p63.
Child: Alvess
Crescent City, Calif.: Su00 p29; Sp02 p3.
Crescent Ferry (Kel): Wi67 pp18,23; Wi72 p81; Fa86 p70; Fa99 p63; Sp10 p9.
Crietchlow, S.R. & Claudia (UC); Sp93 pp12,16,17.
Crince, Maria: Fa22 p3; Wi22 p3 & p24.
Cripp, Amos B.: photo Fa14 p17.
Cripps, Ida (Rid): photo Fa74 p53.
Children: Thelma, Henrietta photo Fa74 p53
Crispen, David & Ellen Furlong (Milo): photo Fa83 p64.
Criteser Road (Mel): Sp98 p3.
Criteser, Tom J. & Dau. Of Isaac Jones (Ros): Su73 p26; Sp08 p5.
Critser, Charles (FS): Fa81 p66.
Critzer, John Isaac (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Crocker, Charles: Su06 p22.
Crocker, Claude (Ros): Fa20 p6.
Crocker, “Flick” (Ros): Wi86 p91; Fa91 p56.
Crocker, Harry: Fa00 p69.
Crocker, Shannon Applegate: Wi71 p86; Wi84 p83.
Crockett, Toby & Jewel (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Ink “Pinky” (Glover).
Croft, Percy & Mrs (Ros): Su65 p20; garage Sp68 p14; garage Fa85 p53; Fa10 p15.
Crooch, Wayne (Ros): Sp85 p17.
Crook, Grove: Su15 p7.
Crooked River Properties: (UC): Sp93 p18.
Croquet, Father A.J.: Su74 p36; Wi91 p82.
Crosby Hotel (USb): Wi75 p85; Su00 p37.
Crosby, Fayette S. (USb): Wi75 p85; Su00 pp37,40.
Crosley-Shelvidor refrigerator: Wi03 p23.
Crouch, Donald & Carolyn Cordon Crouch; Su23 p9
Crouch, Jim (Oak): Sp77 p4.
Crouch, John (Oak): Sp77 p4,9.


Crouch, Joseph (Skinny Joe)(Oak): Sp77 p4.
Crouch, Louise Belle Cooper: Fa86 p71.
Crouch, Sam (Ros-CS): Sp78 p22; photo Wi86 p93.
Crouch, Washington H. (Capt. RWV) & Malinda Sutherlin (Oak-Ros): Su65 p17; Fa65 p20, Wi76
p83, photos 87,89, et seq.,94; Wi78 p78, photo p79 et seq.; Fa86 p71.
Children: Frank J., Sarah C., John W., James P., William N., Mary A., Joseph M., Samuel B.,
Louise Belle Wi76 p89.
“Pioneer Life in Camas Swale”: Wi78 p78-81 by Malinda Sutherlin Crouch.
Crouch, Wid (Kel): Sp73 pp13,14; Sp77 p4,10.
Crow’s Addition (Oak): Sp77 p23.
Crow Rapids: Wi83 p90; Cover Wi84 p74; Wi21 p5,17.
Crow Trail: Wi95 p90.
Crow, Abram (Abraham)(Clev): Wi83 p75, et seq.
Crow, Bud (Rid): Su69 p39; Wi70 p74; Su71 p3 et seq.; Su73 p34; Fa74 p52.
Crow, E. (CoV): Wi83 p77, et seq.
Crow, Henry (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Crow, John (Oak): Wi66 p12.
Crow, Mrs. H.A.: Wi12 photo p14.
Crow, Leonard H. & Mary (Oak): Su76 p48; Fa76 p51; Sp77 p17,20,23.
Crow, Lige: Sp68 p22.
Crow, Michael (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Crow, Nathan & Mrs.: Fa80 p55.
Crowe, Gary & Stacy: Sp08: p17; Sp12 p23; Sp16 p22.
Crowfoot Valley (CS): Sp78 pp22,23
Crowns-Willamette Paper: Wi12 p4.
Croxton, Elijah: Fa76 pp64,69.
Croxton, Thomas, Rev. & Hannah Box: Fa76 pp63, photos 65,67,69.
Croy, Seth H. & Mrs. (CaV): Wi92 p89; Fa98 pp63,64.
“Crummy”: Su19 p13.
Crusen, George W.: Sp69 p18; Su93 p30.
Crutchfield, Rev. (Ros): Fa72 p53.
Crystal Creek (later Rice Creek): Wi69 p76; Wi01 p76.
Cuba: Wi01 p86.
Cubby, fur trap site: Wi68 p74.
Culbertson, Ron (MC): Su97 p44.
Culley, Mr. & Mrs.: Fa95 p56.
Culp Creek: Fa01 p53.
Culp, J.F.: Su78 pp28,29.
Culver Family: Sp95 p20.
Culver and Barge Families: Subjects of Fa15 family photos pp18-p21.
Culver, Mr.: Indian Agent Wi06 p21; Sp07 p3.
Culver, A.B.: Su80 p26.
Culver, Bertha (Mrs. Carl “Henry” Barge): Fa15 p3, et seq.
Culver, Frank & Rosella Francis Flam: photo Fa15 p17.


Culver, Harry & Lillian: photo Fa15 p21.
Children: Dora, Harry.
Culver, Jack & Mildred: Fa88 p63.
Culver, John Thomas & Elizabeth Charlotte Pack: photo Fa15 p6.
Culver, John William & Mrs. Barge (Sut): photo Fa15 p8,9.
Children: Edna, Leonard, Betty,
Culver, Maud: photo Fa15 p19.
Culver, S.: Fa78 p70.
Culver, Samuel: Su69 p33; Wi77 p83.
Culver, Solomon (Colver) (Clev): Wi83 pp75, et seq.
Culver, William “Billy” & Annie: photo Fa15 p18.
Children: Jack, Ruby.
Culver’s Market (Sut): photo Sp88 p19; Sp95 p20; Wi03 p9; Fa15 pp8, et seq.
Culverhouse, Jerry: photo Su67 p23.
Culwell, Dave (Yon): Su82 p33.
Culy, Jake & son Milton (WinB-Dr): Wi72 pp85,92; Sp73 pp7,11,12; Su73 p47.
Cummings, Mrs. (Sut): Su78 pp29,30.
Cummins, Elmer: Sp66 photo p9.
Cunningham Place: Wi11 p12.
Cunningham Restaurant: Su88 p40.
Cunningham, Tom (Til): Fa83 p65.
Currier, Jeff: photo Sp87 p23.
Currin, J. P. (Dr): Sp18 p10.
Curry Road (GV): Sp74 p3; Sp17 p3.
Curry Family Legacy & Curry Manor: Wi86 p76; Issues Wi16 & Sp17; Fa21 p7.
Curry Rapids: Su66 p12; Su04 p10,11; Su08 p14,18; Su18 p8.
Curry Estate, Ranch, Manor, aka Riversdale: Sp66 p7; Sp74 p3; House & Family photo Wi80 p95;
Wi86 pp76,92; Su91 p29; Fa00 p60; Su04 p11; Su05 p15. Su08 p10; Cover Wi16 p2,8,12.
Curry, Charles Sr. & Elizabeth: Sp74 pp5,14; Wi16 p3.
Children: Charles Jr., Nathanial, John Wi16 p3.
Curry, Charles Jr.: C. Curry Guns & Fancy Goods, San. Fran., Calif. Wi16 p3, et seq.; Sp17 p3.
Curry, Charles Thomas III & Violet Haynes: Wi16 p9, photos 11; Sp17 p4, et seq.
Curry, Christina (Mrs. James McGill then Mrs. Zenis Keller): who is she? Wi16 p17.
Curry, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5.
Curry, George Law, Gov. & Chloe Boone: Wi67 p11; Wi77 p86,91; Wi80 photo p83; Wi01 p91;
Wi06 p19,20,21; Sp07 p3, et seq.; Wi14 p15.
Curry, John & Margaret: Wi16 p17; Sp17 p3.
Curry, Lulu Ann: photo Wi16 p10.
Curry, Nathaniel & Isabella Jane Graham (GV): Fa77 p53; Fa91 p50; Su05 p7; Wi16 p3 et seq. his
family story 8-16; Sp17 p3,4.
Children: Charles Thomas III, Elizabeth, Birdella Elizabeth “Birdie”, Nathaniel Jr. Edith
Florence, Lulu Ann, William Graham. Wi16 p10.
N. Curry & Bro. adv. poster; photo Wi16 pp4,6,7.
Curtin, Ore: Post Office Su11 p9; Wi11 p4; Sp16 p12.


Curtin, Daniel: Su11 p9.
Curtis, Iva, Miss (Sut): Wi95 p83,87; Wi99 p84, et seq.
Curtis, Nilda (Mrs. Raphael Wise): Su05 p19.
Curtis, Prof. (Ump. Aca.): Fa81 p59.
Curtis, Robert (MC): photo Wi92 p79.
Cusack, Tom: Fa22 p3.
Custom House: Sp02 p3.
Cutlach – Spaulding Yoncalla Farm: Su03, p35.
Cutlack House (Cox Creek): photo Wi80 p87.
Cutlack Family: Wi66 p23; Fa67 p24.
Cutlack brother: Cover Fa68 p50.
Cutlack, Mr. & Sara: Wi80 p87.
Children: Percy, Harry, Bertram
Cutlack, Bertram “Bert”: Cover Fa66 p2.
Cutsforth, Bonita (Rid): photo Fa74 p53.
Cutsforth, Doris (Rid): photo Fa74 p53.
Cutthroat Trout: Sp65 p20; Fa01 pp52,53; Sea-Run Fa10 p6.
Cy’s Sandwich Shop (Ros): Fa84 p65; Su91 p42.
Cyrus Hedden & Son (son John N.): Su10 p5.
D. R. Johnson Mill: Fa01 p65.
Daffodil Mines: Su23 p12.
Daggett, J.R. (Ros): Sp82 p5.
Dagon, (Dagan) Theophilus, Dr. (Yon): Fa75 p57; Sp12 p13.
Dahak, Ernie & Grace (Til); photo Fa83 p64.
Dailey Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Dailey, Al: Wi72 p74.
Dailey, Charles: Sp12 p17.
Dailey, Ike Motors, Kaiser, Frazer, Studebaker (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Dailey, John (Gard): Wi72 p88.
Dailey, Ray & Kathleen Lyster (SR-Reed).: Fa79 pp51,52; Su69 p44.
Daily Roseburg Review: see Roseburg Review.
Dairy Queen: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.
Daisley Family: Sp00 p10.
Dale Sims Mens Store: & photo Sp09 p10.
Dalrymple, Mrs.: Su01 p38.
Dalrymple, Edith Roberta (Sut): Wi99 p89.
“Dam!”: Wi90 p91-93 by Lavola Bakken.
Damon, Bill (Elk): Su67 p7.
Dana, Richard H.: Sp72 p5.
Danceland Ball Room: Sp22 pp4,12.
Dancer Road: Sp12 p9.
Danchuck, Joe: Fa01 p52.
Dancing Bear, Lou Franco’s: Sp22 p13.


Danford, John C.: Sp69 p17; Wi93 p76.
Danforth, Dr. (RWV): Wi77 p91.
“Daniel W. Stearns, Oregon Argonaut”: Rolstyn D. Bridges Wi67 pp3-7.
Daniels, John T. & Louisa (Cala): Su72 pp30,32; Wi76 p91,95.
Daniels, Morgan; Wi17 photo p18.
Danielson, Linda: Wi79 p87.
Danmore Hotel (Port): Fa01 p53.
Danseth, Mr. (Ros): Su73 p26.
Darby, Mr. (Glen): Fa94 p71.
Darby, H.C. (Ros): home photo Su98 p32.
Darby, Lillie: photo Wi11 p4.
Darby, Mary Ellen (Fetter): Su98 p32; Su09 p3.
Darby, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Darling, J. H.: Sp04 p5.
Darrow, Ruth: Sp06 p17.
Dart, Anson: Wi66 p2.
Date-Prune Ranch (Cnv): Sp82 p12.
Datura: Sp11 p20.
Daugherty, Frank (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34.
Daugherty, James Robinson: Fa87 p70.
Daugherty, Luther B. (Yon): Sp81 p21; Sp20 p20.
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR): Fa67 p3; Su71 p45; Su78 p26; Su96 p26; Su03
pp33,44; Sp07 p20; Sp12 p18; Wi12 pp6,11; Fa18 p12.
“Daughter of the Umpqua”: Harriet D. Munnick Sp71 p2.
“Dauntless Gramps”: Sean M. Smith Sp21 pp3-18.
Davenport, J.M. (Ros): Wi87 p74.
Davenport, Jesse: Wi65 p16; Sp66 p22 et seq.; Su66 pp21,23.
Davenport, Thomas J. (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Dave Birtch Dam Bridge: Wi10 p5,13,15; Sp11 p13.
Davidson, Buck: Sp22 p10.
Davidson, Mrs.: Fa95 p56.
Davidson, Gabriel: Wi65 p13.
Davidson, George: Fa13 p2.
Davidson, Janet (Reed): photo Su82 p39.
Davidson, Mason: Su06 p17.
Davidson, Will & Bertha Hogan: Fa18 p8; Wi18 p11.
Davies, Mrs. C.H. Millinery Store: photo Fa77p63; Photo Sp13 p16.
Davis Gap (Hardin): Wi90 p76.
Davis Hole, salmon spawning: Su08 p18.
Davis, Mr.: (possibly of Davis Rapids) photo Su08 p20.
Davis Place (DrCk): Su02 p38.
Davis, Mr. prune dryer: Wi04 p21; Sp05 p3.
Davis, Audrey (MC): Sp83 p20.
Davis, Beatrice Rice: Su74 p41.


Davis, Bettyjane Dixon: Sp82 p6.
Davis, Bob, Dist. Atty.: Su05 p17.
Davis, C.A.: Su72 pp27,28.
Davis, C.W.: Fa06 p18.
Davis, Charles Albert & Susan Winniford Branch: Su72 p29.
Davis, Charles W. & Ann Hall: Sp83 p17.
Davis, Cleal (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Davis, Clara (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Davis, Edward S.: Su72 p29.
Davis, Enola (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Davis, H.B. “Honey”: Sp65 p19 w/poem by.
Davis, Hardin & Ivy Jane Morton (Cala): Su72 p27, photo p28,29,32; Wi76 p91,95; Wi90 p76.
Children: Marietta (Mrs. M.M. Learn), Martha Jane (Mrs. George C. Smith), Josephine,
Melissa Ann (Mrs. Alfred L. Allen), Henry M., Sarah Frances (Mrs. James McKay), John Nelson
(Daisey Geisendorfer), Edward S., Charles Albert (Susan Winnifred Branch), twins Nettie May
(Mrs. Fred Schaeffer) & Homer H. (Martha Vanderpool then Maude A. Blundell), James
Benton (Bertha Lamb) Su72 p29.
“Hardin Davis, Pioneer Settler”: Su72 p27-29 by George Abdill.
Davis, Harold Lenoir & Marion Lay then ? (author “Honey in the Horn”): Sp82 p22; Bio Sp86
p20, photo p21.
Davis, Harry & Beatrice Rice (Dil): Su72 p42; Wi89 p93.
Davis, Henry M.: Su72 p27.
Davis, Homer Hardin & Martha Vanderpool then Maude A. Blundell: Su72 p29.
Davis, Ida Miller: Fa89 p62.
Davis, James Benton & Bertha Lamb (Oak): Su72 p29; House photo Sp82 p22.
Children: Quentin, Harold A. (author “Honey in the Horn”)
Davis, Jefferson: Sp07 pp4,12; Fa18 p20.
Davis, Jim (CS-Oak): Sp78 p20.
Davis, John & Judy Hebard then Kim Trang Ti Hao then Yoon Ui Sik: Fa93 p69.
Children: Alan & Aaron, by Judy, Diane Irene, Jason by Yoon, Fa93 p69.
Davis, John Nelson & Daisy Geisendorfer: Su72 p29.
Davis, John W., Gov.: Wi77 p85; Sp07 p3.
Davis, Lelah: Wi12 p13.
Davis, Lloyd: Su14 p8.
Davis, Lora (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Davis, Quentin (Dr): Sp82 p22; Sp86 p21.
Davis, Rosie (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Davis, Vincent & Louisa Bowen: Sp67 p13; Su67 p16.
Davison, Kelly (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34.
Dawes Severalty Act: Sp93 p6; Wi14 p10; Su15 p19.
Daws, Thomas: Su65 pp11,12.
Davlin aka Nichols Cemetery (Wins): Wi11 p10; Sp12 p9.
Davlin, James (Br): Fa74 p65; Fa86 p50.
Dawk, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.


“Day the Ferry Ran Away”: Su88 p33.
Day School: Su05 p3, photos pp13,14.
“Day the Balloon Came Down, The”: Sp67 p6, Rolstyn Bridges.
“Day with the Cow Column, A”: Jesse Applegate Su75 p29.
Day aka Denn Cemetery: Wi11 p10.
Day Family, unknown which: Su05 p7.
Day, Col. (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Day, Adam (CaV); Wi92 p88.
Day, Edward (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Day, George (DC): Wi75 p80.
Day, George (CaV)(DLC): Wi92 p88.
Day, Henry: Sp73 p23.
Day, James Patrick “Pat” (DC) & Mary Ann Hunter: (Tazwell Co. Va.) Sp70 p7; Wi75 p80; Fa76
Day, Jess (Oak): Sp73 pp22,23.
Day, John: Su21 p15.
Day, John E. (Grn): Sp06 p20.
Day, N.D. (Ump): Fa74 p69.
Day, Mary Ann Hunter: See Sowell, Mary Ann
Day, Nicholas T. “Nick” & Martha Forrest (Cala): (Tazwell Co. Va.) Fa70 p51; Su72 p30; Sp76 p9,
photo 10; Wi77 pp85,86; Wi83 p76; Su93 p31; Su05 pp10, photo 11,17,20.
Day, Squire: Su80 p34, either George or James Patrick Day.
Day, William P. & Phoebe (CaV)(DLC): Wi75 p90; Wi83 p77; Wi92 p88; DLC Wi11 p10; Sp12 p11.
Days Creek, Ore: Fa73 p57; Wi75 p80; Sp11 pp14,17; Fa14 p13.
Days Creek Bridge: photo Sp74 p13.
Days Creek Post Office: Wi75 p80.
Days Creek Valley: Su15 p14.
Dayton, Grant (Dil): Su14 p12.
De Robaum, Madame (Jv): Sp71 p10.
Deacon, Jack (Cal): photo Sp94 pp7,11, on map 12,13; Fa03 pp57,63,70.
Deadman Creek (Sump): Fa01 pp55,58,65.
Dead Man’s Eddy: Su88 p27 photo p32.
Deady, Ore.: Fa10 p3.
Deady Crossing: Su05 p12.
Deady Gulch (Wil): Wi76 p91.
Deady Lumber Co.: Fa10 p19.
Deady Mountain: Fa71 p69.
Deady Station (Wil): Sp67 p17; Su74 p26.
Deady, Matthew Paul, Judge & Lucy A. Henderson: mini bio Sp67 p16, et seq.; Su67 p17; Sp69
p17; Su69 p33; Sp70 p12; Fa71 p69; Su72 p26; Su74 Cover min bio p26; Fa75 p66; Sp76
pp13,20; Wi76 p91,95; Wi77 pp83,95; Su79 p35; Fa79 p71; Wi01 pp86,89, 93 photo 94; Sp02
pp4,18; Wi06 p19; Sp07 p3,19; Fa09 pp4,6; photo Sp10 p3; Fa10 p3; Sp19 p12.
Children: three
Dean Creek (Reed): Road Wi11 p17.

Dean, Edward & Sarah, Sally? Clarke (wouldn’t her maiden name be Hamilton?): Fa02 p70; Sp03
Children: Mary Jane, John, James Clarke Fa02 p70.
Dean, George: Fa22 p20.
Dean, Jacob Jr.: Roseburg “Twice Weekly Review”: Sp00 p14; Sp08 p14.
Dean, John: Fa02 p70.
Dean, M. & Sons (Rid): Fa74 p58.
Dean, Mary Jane: Fa02 p70.
Dean, Sarah “Sally” Clark Hamilton; photo Sp03 pp13,27.
Dean, William E. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Dearborn, Richard H., Pm & Helen Azubah Flint (Ros): Su72 p37; Wi75 p95; Fa79 p63; Sp19 p12.
Dearborn Store: Su67 pp16,18; Wi75 p78.
Deardorff Brothers Oakland Roller Flouring Mills: Sp69 p4.
Deardorff Hotel (Oak): Sp69 p4; Sp77 p14; photo Fa90 p65.
Deardorff Family: Wi79 p75.
Deardorff, Anna (later Byars then Mires): Fa68 p58.
Deardorff, Francis (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Deardorff, Horace (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Deardorff, Jennie (Med): Wi77 p75; Sp88 p4; Wi88 pp81, et seq.
Deardorff, James J., Prof. (Wil); Sp86 p15.
Deardorff, Joseph & Ella Francis Brewer (MC): photo Wi88 p87.
Deardorff, Joseph & Elizabeth (Cala): Su72 p32; Wi83 p77; Su07 p9 et seq.
Deardorff, Will H. & Lura Pinkston (Oak): Sp77 p14; Su77 p33, et seq.; Cover Su86 p26; Sp19
Deardorff, William H.B. & Georgiana Harl (Oak): Wi76 p88,95.
Dearling, Miss (Oak): photo Su72 p44.
Dearling, James (Oak): Sp77 p9,13.
Deatherage, Kayleen: Sp21 p27.
Deatherage, Ken & Lois: Wi12 p21; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23; Su19 p32; photo Sp21 pp20,21,27,28;
Sp23 p3; Wi23 p3.
Deatherage, Stephen: Sp21 p27.
Deaver, Maud Hedrick: Wi96 p87; Sp00 p12.
DeBernardi Ranch: Fa71 p60.
Debernardi Family, (IP): Wi86 pp80,84.
DeBernardi, Albert (IP): Wi86 pp80,84.
DeBernardi, Faith Young: Fa95 p54.
DeBernardi, Horace: Wi86 pp75,84.
DeBrenardi, Joe (IP): Wi86 p84.
DeBernardi, Lily (IP): Wi86 p84.
DeBernardi, Virgil (IP): Wi86 p84.
Debin, L.F. (Ros): Su92 p35.
DeCamp, Jean: Sp12 p23.
DeCamp, Clarence V. & Shirley: Su78 p30; photo Sp12 p23; Wi12 p8.
Declaration of Rights, 1774: Sp07 p5.


Declaration of Sentiments: Sp20 p3.
DeClark, James: Sp90 pp14,15; Su90 p35.
DeClark, T.: Wi66 p21.
DeClark, Walter: Su90 p38.
Dee Coon Ranch (Brk): Wi01 p83.
Deeds Place (UCC): Su80 p38.
Deer Creek (area): Wi00 p75; School Su01 p36.47; Wi01 pp87,91,92; Road
Wi11 p13.
Deer Creek, OT then Roseburgh now Roseburg, Ore.: Wi68 p95; Su72 p37; Fa72 p58; Fa75 p72;
Wi75 p91; Sp00 p21; Fa00 p51; Wi01 pp76;
Wi08 p4; Post Office, Fa11 p13; Sp12 p17; Su12 pp3,6.
Deer Creek Bridge (Ros): Sp67 p14; Sp76 p12; Sp11 p22; Sp19 p13.
Deer Creek Covered Bridge Sp11 p4.
Deer Creek Dairy: Wi09 p7.
Deer Creek Fairgrounds (Ros): Sp85 p16.
Deer Creek Grist Mill (Ros): Sp65 p13; cover Su73 & history of p26; Su16 p6.
“Deer Creek Lynching, The”: Sp67 pp13-19 by Dr. V.J. Anderson; Su67 pp16-18.
Deer Creek Motel (Ros): Wi09 p3.
Deer Creek (Stream): Sp04 p18; Wi00 p75; photo Fa10 p7; Sp19 pp12,13.
Deer Creek, North: Wi00 p75.
Deer Creek, South: Wi00 p75,76; Su02 p35.
Deer Creek Trestle Wi72 p75.
Deer Park (?) (Ros): Wi12 p4.
Deer Skinners: Sp68 p9; Wi00 p76.
Defeat River: See Smith River.
Defense Corps of Douglas County: Sp92 p9.
Degree of Honor: Gardiner Fa69 p67.
DeHoane, Daniel: Su75 p39.
Deitrich, Bob & Ella (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Larry, Jeanne.
Delco Light Agency: (Ros): Su92 p35.
Del Monte Prune Plant: Su91 p35.
Del Ray Café, (Winc): Su05 p4.
Delaney, Leonard (Ros): photo Su88 p43; Su92 p35; photo Su99 p35; photo Su09 p9.
Delaney, Paul: Su03 p42.
DeLapp, Dr. S.L. (Ros): Su92 p35.
“Delineator Magazine”: Ads from, Su17 & Fa17 issues.
Delk, Charles (Ros): Su92 p35.
Dell, Sidney: Wi97 p90.
Dellenback, John, Rep.: Su70 p33.
Delphian Club: Wi23 p13.
Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority: Wi12 p13.
Dement, George (MC): Wi67 p14.
Dement, Hattie (MC): Wi67 p14.


Dement, Milton: (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Demmer, H.J. (Ros): Su92 p35.
Democratic Campaign Club: Wi75 p82.
Democratic Party: Wi01 pp85, et seq. Su03 p33; Wi06 p14, et seq.; Sp07 p3, et seq.; Sp09
p18; Central Committee Su02 p33; Wi12 p6.
“Democratic Standard”: Sp07 pp6,16.
“Democratic Review” (Ros): Wi97 p90.
“Democratic Weekly, The: Sp10 p4.
Demeritt, Gladys (Dr): Su73 p42.
DeMeritt, John: photo Sp74 p15.
DeMeritt, Myron L. & Mrs. (Dr): Fa70 p57; Sp73 p8; Wi73 p74; Sp74 p15,20.
DeMolay: Sp22 p8.
Denbin, L.F. (Ros): Su92 p35.
DeNeffe, Frederick M.: “The Mysterious Shoe-string Railroad Su66 p20.
Denley, Henry (Np): Wi03 p5.
Denn aka Day Cemetery: Wi11 p10.
Denn-Gerretsen Building Supply: photo Fa91 p68; photo Su92 p37; Fa09 pp13,15; Su19
pp9, et seq.
Denn’s, Grocery, Lena (Ros): Fa84 p65; Su91 p37; Photo Su92 p39.
Denn-Nora Property: (Ros): Su92 p36.
Denn, H.J. Transfer & Storage: Su92 pp30, et seq.
Denn Wholesale (Ros): Su92 pp35,36.
Denn, Alonzo “Lonnie” Sr.: Su92 pp28, et seq.
Denn, Alonzo “Lonnie” Jr. & Evalyn Egli: Su92 p26, et seq, photo 41.
Denn, Deannie (Later White)
Denn, George Everett & Dorothy: Su92 p30 et seq., photo 41.
Children: George Jr., photo Su92 p41.
Denn, Henry “Hank” A., Jr. & Nora: Su92 p28, et seq.
Denn, Henry Sr. Joseph & Lena Wingen (Ros): Fa84 p65; Su91 p37; Cover Su92 p26, et seq.
photo pp33,47.
Children: Joseph Aphenasius, Annabel (later Wiles), Henry “Hank” A. Jr., Alonzo, “Lonnie” Sr.,
George Everett.
History of Henry J. Denn and Lena Wingen Denn: Su92 pp26-46, by Annabel Denn Wiles.
Denn, Jacob P. & Anna Feist (CaV): Fa67 p24; Su92 p27, photo p29,44; Wi92 p89; Fa98 p65.
Children: Henry Joseph
Denn, Joseph A. & Myrtle Hughes (Ros): Su92 pp34, et seq., photo p43.
Children: Joseph Jr., Bob
Denney, Gladys (Sut): Su78 p29.
Denney, Violet (Sut): Su78 p29.
Denning, John: Wi75 p85.
Denny & Co. Fruit Packers & Shippers: (Ros): Su92 p35.
Denny, Arthur (Oak-Elk): Sp73 p7; Su73 p47.
Denny, John (Sut): Su78 pp27,29; Sp99 p10.
Denny, Lew (Oak-Elk): Wi72 p92; Sp73 p7.


Children: Arthur
Dennis, Mary: Fa75 p53.
Dennis, Michelle: Fa00 p51.
Dent, Jack E. (Ros): Su83 p31; house photo Wi85 p92; Su92 p35.
Dentler, C.C. (Ros): Su92 p35.
Depot Hotel (Oak): Fa76 p51; Wi15 p14.
Depot Hotel (Ros): photo Fa72 p61; Wi76 p74.
Depression of 1929: Fa15 p10.
Derby, Mr.: Wi95 p92, et seq.
Derby, George W. (Soldier’s Home): Su92 p35.
Derks, J.A. (Ros): Su92 p35.
DeRobaum, Madame: Sp71 p10.
DeRoss, G.M. (Ros): Su92 p35.
Derringer, Henry: Wi16 p5; Sp17 p3.
Derringer: Pistol Wi16 p3 photo 5.
Deschutes River Indians: Wi06 p13.
DeSmet, John & Mary (GV): Fa91 p50.
Desmond, Arago lifeboat keeper: Sp72 pp17,19.
DesNoyer, Francois: Su15 p12.
DeSues, Don: Su19 p3.
Desportes, Jean Baptiste: Wi65 p3; Sp84 p3; Wi11 p16.
Detreick, Helen: Wi96 p80.
Dettch, Carl (DC): Fa74 p54.
Devaney, Mike & Helena “Nellie” Harris: Sp70 p13, photos pp14, et seq.
Children: Leo G., Florence (later Scanlan), Helena (Later Joyaux), Hattie A. (later Jafraty)
Devils Flat CCC camp: Wi00 pp88,94.
“Devil’s Flattery, The”: Wi00 pp88,90.
Devil’s Knob (Drew): Sp89 p16; Wi91 p88.
DeVore, C.C.: Wi72 p92.
DeVore, B.F. “Ben”, Dr. (Oak-Dr): Wi71 p93; Su76 p47; Sp77 p8.
DeVore, Bertha, Dr. (Dr): Fa94 pp54,56 office photos 59,61.
DeWald, Henry Long & Jennie Bealman (Cnv): Sp82 p8, photo p14.
Dewald, Jesse (Cnv): Sp82 p13, photo 14(?).
Children: Jerre.
Dewan, Mr. (Reed): Sp18 p18.
DeWar, Laura Lee: Sp11 p20.
Dewey, Jesse (L. or S.?) & Florence Elliff (Glen): Sp71 p2; Su80 p38; Su85 p33.
Children: Jessie Edath (Edith?) Su80 p38.
DeWitt, H.B. (Wil): Sp99 p8.
Dexter, Benjamin (“Tacoma” rescue): Sp72 p22.
Dezendorf, Lucy Stanton: Sp70 p11; Sp71 p19; Su71 p44.
Diamond Lake: Fa73 p70,72; photo Wi73 p77,82; photo Fa82 p72; “Canyon Passage” Sp87 p6;
Fa08 p11; Fa20 p19; Fa22 pp15,16.
Diamond Lake Blvd.: Fa00 p60; Fa01 p55; Wi11 p11.


Diamond Lake District, UNF: Wi00 p80.
Diamond Lake Highway; Wi00 p88.
Diamond Lake Resort: photo Fa82 p72; Fa10 p18.
Diamond Ranch; Fa66 p14,17.
Diamond Rock Lookout: Wi12 p13.
“Diary of a Prospecting Trip”: Wi79 pp89-91, duplicated in Su10: unknown Winston area author
& Sylvester.
Diaz, Tricia: Wi12 p21.
Dick Dickerson Trail: Wi73 p92.
Dick, R.W. (CaV) Wi92 p89; Fa98 p65.
Dick, Warren: Wi21 p11.
Dickenson or Dickinson, Spencer Dale & Margaret (Hh): Fa71 p53; Wi74 p90; house photo
Sp81 p24; & Sp82 p19; Wi90 p94.
Children: Hannah Fa71 p53.
Dickerson Mountain: Wi90 p94.
Dickerson, Richard S. (LL): Sp97 pp14,18.
Dickmann Hill (Gl): Su65 p2.
Dickover, Mrs. J.G.: Wi75 p76.
Dicks, John (MC): Fa74 p63.
Dickson, Bill: Fa80 p55.
Dickson, James: Su16 p7.
Dickson, Mr.: at Winchester Su16 p5.
Diekmann Hill: Su65 p2.
Dieckmann Family (LR): Sp66 p4.
Children: John, Phil, photo Sp66 p5.
Diehl, Jack: Su18 p12.
“Digger Indian Tribe”: Sp69 p15; Fa13 p19,22.
Digger Squirrels: Wi86 p92; Wi95 p81.
Digger Squirrel School: See Riversdale School.
Dillard, Ore.: Fa67 photo p10; photos Sp74 pp7,9; Ag. Dist. Fa74 p65; View of Su86
p41; Sp91 p2; Photo Fa92 p51; Fa01 p55,59,64; Wi01 pp74, et seq.; 1932 baseball team Su05
p16; Sp06 p2, et seq.; the story of, Su06 & Fa06 issues; Sp12 p17; Su14 p6.
“Dillard, The Story of”: Sherley Clayton Su06 & Fa06 issues.
Dillard Baptist Church: Wi01 p80; Fa06 pp8,10.
Dillard Claim (Jv): Sp69 p14.
Dillard Ferry: photo Su86 p41; Sp91 p2; Su06 photos p4 & 23; Fa06 photo pp7,9.
Dillard Ford: Wi70 p92; Fa06 p20.
Dillard Hotel: Sp91 p10; Fa06 pp8,22.
Dillard General Mercantile: Sp91 p5.
Dillard Market (North Bend): Sp91 p18.
Dillard Suspension Footbridge: photo Su86 p41; Cover Sp91 p2; photo Su06 p4; Fa06 photos &
story of pp7-9.
Dillard, J.M. Dry Goods Store: Wi15 p12.
Dillard Depot, Railroad (This depot now at the Douglas County Museum. Ed.): photo Wi66 p16,


photo 17; Su75 p42; Wi82 p76; Sp91 p10; Fa92 p54; photo Su06 p13.
Dillard Salt Spring: Su86 p43; Wi89 p92; Su06 p9.
“Dillard Sawmills, early day”: Sherley Clayton Fa06 pp3-6.
Dillard School: Fa06 p8.
Dillard Station: See Dillard Depot.
Dillard Store: Su06 p18.
Dillard, Deputy Sheriff: Wi68 p74.
Dillard, Finis Winfield: Su96 p27; Sp06 p13; Su06 p5, photo p6.
Dillard, Fred: Su23 p5.
Dillard, Gertrude: Fa06 p7.
Dillard, James McCord: Su75 p41; Wi75 p82; Fa86 p50; Fa92 p54,55; Su06 p5,14; Su11 p8.
Dillard, Jennie (later Miller): Sp91 p8.
Dillard, John McCord, Rev. & Jane Martin.: Fa67 p23; Su75 p36; Fa76 pp64,71; Fa79 p65; Sp91
p2; Wi01 p81; Wi87 p75; Wi89 p92; Sp91 p2; Su06 p5,7-9 et seq.; Fa06 p23; Wi08 p3; Su16
Children: William Martin, James McCord, Finis Winfield, Su06 p5, Jennie (Mrs. Samuel Miller)
Sp91 p8.
Dillard, Lewis, Dr. & Molly (Ros): Su09 p3.
Children, Louis, Tom.
Dillard, Si: Su05 p16 photo p21.
Dillard, S. Lee. & Mrs. Sebring: Su06 p15; Fa06 p7; Wi08 p7.
Children: Gertrude, Fa06 p7.
Dillard, Tom: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Dillingham, Blanche (later Marr): Su02 p27.
Diller, Edward; (Mel): Sp98 p13.
Diller, Joseph Silas, Dr.: Su74 p45; photo by Su16 p9.
Diller Sawmill: photo Fa06 p5.
Dillon, Richard: Fa76 p72.
Dilworth, R.D., Rev. (Ros): Su82 p41.
Dimick, Dan, Sen.: Su19 photo p31.
Dimmick, Z.L. & Page, E.J., Dr. Drug Store (Oak): Sp77 p11,13.
Dimmick Cemetery-1867 (Kel): Su79 p37, et seq.; Wi11 p10.
Dimmick Ferry (Kel): Wi67 p21; Wi72 p80,81,91,92; Sp73 pp7,12; Sp77 p17; Su77 p35; Fa86
p70; Fa10 p3.
Dimmick, George W. (son of Ziba) (Elk): Wi67 p20; Wi72 p91; Sp73 p18; Sp77 p21; Sp80 p14.
Dimmick, Harriet (Mrs. James T. Cooper): Fa75 p53.
Dimmick, H.R.: Wi72 p91.
Dimmick, Jane Hewitt (Kel): photo Sp77 p18.
Dimmick, Lot (Elk): Sp73 p18.
Dimmick, Martin: Sp77 p18.
Dimmick, Mary Ellen (Mrs. David McKay): Fa10 p3 photo p4.
Dimmick, Theodore (Kel): Wi67 p21; Sp73 pp12,13.
Dimmick, Tom: Wi72 p91.
Dimmick, Zean (Oak): Sp77 p13.

Dimmick, Ziba “Zibe” & Jane Hewitt (Kel): Fa66 p12; Wi67 p18,20; Wi72 p81; Sp73 p13;
House photo Fa81 p68; Fa99 p62,63,67; photo Sp77 p21; Fa10 p3, photos p4; DLC Wi11 p10.
Children: 17 plus 4 adopted, Mary Ellen (Mrs. David McKay) Fa10 p3; George W. Wi67 p20.
Dino’s Ristorante: Wi20 p19.
Diphtheria: Su08 p8.
Dirk, K: Sp22 p21.
“Discovery”: Sp72 pp5,7.
Disney, Walt: Fa20 p12.
“Dispatch”: Su18 p18.
District Fair: Su75 p42.
Dit: Su76 p38.
Divide, Ore.: “wye” track Wi72 p75; Sp74 p22; Fa06 p19; Su11 p9.
Divide, Tiller-Trail road summit: Fa01 p58.
Dixon Pool (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Dixon Ranch: photo Wi04 p15.
Dixon, Carrie Louella (UAs) (Mrs. Richard Connor): Reminiscence of Sp82 p2-7; cover Fa02
Dixon, Elizabeth (Mrs. Sea Capt. William Irving): Fa66 p12.
Dixon, Enos: Fa66 p12; Sp82 p4; Wi00 p84.
Dixon Family: Fa02 p60.
Dixon Family Cemetery: Fa66 p12,15; Wi11 p11.
Dixon, Hiram: Fa66 p12; DLC Wi11 p11.
Dixon, James J. & Susan Copple: Fa66 p12,19,20.
Children: John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas H., Rafael B., Enos, Riley, Fa66 p12l
Dixon, James Thomas: Sp82 p3.
Dixon, John: Fa66 pp12,14.
Dixon, Leroy (Glen): Wi67 p24.
Dixon, either Maud or Myrtle (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Dixon, R.B.: Su11 p9.
Dixon, Rafael Benton “Rafe” Sr. & Nancy Livingston (Dxv): Fa66 p12; Sp74 p21; Wi76 p76; House
photo Fa81 p71; Sp82 p3, et seq. photos pp5,6; Sp82 p10; cover Su99 pp26, on map 37,38;
Fa02 p60.
Children: Carrie, (Mrs. Robert Connor) Fa02 p60, William Irving, James Thomas, Raphael Seth
Sp82 p3.
Dixon, Rafael Seth, Jr.: Sp82 p3.
Dixon, Riley “Rile” & Mary Ester Champagne: Fa66 p12, photo p15, 18.
Dixon, Roy: SP RR Conductor Fa06 pp18,19.
Dixon, Sarah (later Shaver): Fa66 p12.
Dixon, Seth & Mrs.: Wi78 p76; Fa81 p71; Sp82 p5; Su82 p41.
Dixon, Thomas H.: Fa66 p12, et seq. photos 13 & 15; Su75 pp30,31.
“Dixon, Tom, The Saga of”: George Abdill Fa66 p12.
Dixon, Volney (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Dixon, William Irving: Sp82 p3.
“Dixon Family of Dixonville”: Robert Casebeer Fa02 pp60-62.

Dixonville, Ore.: Su65 p2; Sp69 p21; Su99 p26, Linda Duvaul map 36,37; Wi00 p75; Su01 pp27,
Ken Shrum map of p36;
photo Su02 p29,40; Fa02 p60; Fa07 p19; Wi10 p20; Su11 p19.
Dixonville Band: Su99 p43.
Dixonville aka Livingston Family Cemetery-1861: Wi11 p19.
Dixonville Community Building: on map Su99 pp36-37,43.
Dixonville Hall: Su02 p40; Fa07 p19.
Dixonville Post Office: Su99 p26; Su11 p9.
Dixonville Store: on map Su01 p36, photo p46; on map Su99 pp37, photo 40; photo Su02
“Dixonville, Life in between 1910 & 1930”: Su99 p38-45 by Linda Duvaul.
“Do You Remember When”: Henry V. Weber Su91 p27-47, continued Fa91 p50-71.
Doane, Millard: Fa79 p63.
“Doctor Bakers Railroad”: George Abdill Su81 p32.
“Doctor McKaig of Yoncalla”: Betty Kruse Smith Sp81 p3.
Dodge Canyon: Wi72 p87; School photo Su73 p31; Fa88 p62.
Dodge Power Wagon: Fa01 pp51,55.
Dodge, Belle, Miss: Fa93 p50.
Dodge, James Rufus & Helen Mary Allen (Cala) (Dodge Canyon): Su72 pp30,32,35; mini bio Su75
p40; photos & history Wi76 p92,93.
Dodge, Orvil: Sp75, p10.
Dodson, Mt., Butte: Wi67 p10; on map Su01 p36.
Dodson, Mr.: Su16 p8.
Dodson, Nancy (Mrs. Jackson J. Whitsett): Wi67 p8 photo p10; Fa75 p63.
Doering, Merle Hays, Hayes: Wi86 p85.
Doerner, Adolph (Adam?): photo Sp76 pp6,7; Su05 p7.
Doerner, Charles, (Do. Co. Clerk): Fa90 p69.
Doerner, Hazel: Fa20 p12.
Doerner, John & Lizzie Demmer: Wi75 p93; Wi08 p8.
Doerner, Ray & Pat: Su67 p10; Su70 p32; Sp76 p7; Wi82 p89; Fa97 p51; mini bio & photo p70;
Fa10 p11.
“Doffin Diesel Race Editor suspects a transcription error here. Probably the “Dobbin Diesel
Race”: Su09 p20.
Dog Salmon: Wi86 p75.
Doherty, A. S. (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Doig, Mrs. Joyce Reppstein: photo Fa10 p12.
Dolan Livery Service (Ros): Su91 p35.
Dolan, Jim: photo Sp85 p18.
Dolan, M. (SR): house photo Fa81 p67;
Dolan, William: Su14 p9.
Dolbeer, John (Gard): Fa69 p65.
Dole, Ore.: Su67 p19; Wi68 p95; Wi89 p94; School Sp91 p16; Fa06 p19; Wi08 p22; Su11 p19;
Fa11 p13.
Dole-Coalwell Attorneys: Sp21 p27.


Dole Cemetery-1854: Wi11 p6.
Dole Cannery: Wi01 p83.
Dole Road: photo Wi89 p79; Fa11 p14; Su14 p5.
Dole O&C Depot: Fa74 p65; photo Fa97 p71; Sp23 p28.
Dole, Don, Atty. (Ros): Su07 p18,20,21; Wi08 p8.
Dolph, Cyrus & Mrs.: Su71 p44.
Dolph, J.N., Sen.: Su71 p44.
Domenico, Mrs. Sidney: Su71 p41; Su78 p30.
Dominis, John, Sea Capt.: Sp66 p8.
Dompierre, David (HBC) & Marguerite Soulier: Wi66 p5; Wi68 p74.
Children: Marie Genvieve, Wi66 p5.
Dompierre, F.X.: Cover Wi68 p74.
Dompierre, Francois Xavier: Wi68 p74.
Dooley, William (Dil): Wi69 pp76,78.
Doolittle, Harriet O. (LR): Sp00 p23.
Donahue, Jim (Ros): photo Fa91 p57.
Donaldson, Grant: Su20 p17, et seq.
Donation Land Claim Act: Fa66 p7; Sp93 p8.
Donovan, Daniel Patrick: Su20 p17,18,22.
Donovan (Dunnavin?) Farm (MC): Fa92 p63.
Doncaster, Hiram & Emiline Merrick (Gard): Wi69 p74; Su75 p35; Wi75 p89.
Dondero, Charles: Wi98 p78.
Dondero, Edith: Fa86 p51; Sp87 p3; Wi87 p87; Su88 p39; Sp13 pp9,21; Su13 p21.
Donner und Blitzen River (Steens): Fa66 pp14,16.
Donner Party: Fa65 p13; Wi68 p86; Fa10 p9.
Doney Place (DrCk): Su02 p39.
Dora, Ore.: Su09 pp14,15.
Dority, John (NoMC): Wi11 p13.
Dorsett, Cyril, Rev. (MC): Su76 p32.
Doss, Tom: Su22 p14.
Dothan Post Office: Su11 pp10,20.
Doughgods: Fa68 p55.
Doughty, Mr.: Su66 p8.
Douglas County, Ore: Fa73 p69; Su87 p43; Wi93 p75; Sp00 p13,16; Wi01 p87; Sp02 p3; Fa02
p67; Fa08 p4, map p5.
“Douglas County, Organizing”: Wi93 p75 by Jerry Winterbotham.
Douglas Abstracts: Su23 p8.
Douglas Building and Loan Association: Fa00 p52.
Douglas Community Hospital: Wi86 p89; Wi89 p74; Fa01 p65; Fa10 pp6,9 photo 19.
Douglas County Bank: Su74 p31; Sp83 p22; photo Su97 p29,31; Wi12 p8.
Douglas County (Brookside) Cemetery: Wi11 p11.
Douglas County Cemeteries and Burial Grounds: Wi11 issue.
“Douglas County Cemetery Records Books”: Wi01 p75.


Douglas County Centennial: Fair Fa10 p11; Wi12 p10, Queen & Court photo 14.
Douglas County Clerk’s Office: Wi00 p78.
Douglas County Concert Band of Roseburg: Su99 p46 photo 47.
Douglas County Cook Book: Fa22 pp22,23.
Douglas County Court House: photo Fa91 p32; Wallings sketch cover Wi93; photo Su98 p45;
cover Su04; photo Fa04 p5.
Douglas County Creamery (Ros): Su81 p27; Su88 p40; Su91 p42; Fa09 pp15,16; History of Wi20
pp18-22; Fa21 p5.
“Douglas County Creamery”: Wi20 pp18-22 by Dale Greenley; Su21 pp3-6.
“Douglas County Economy before the Great Depression of 1929”: Don Good Fa09 p15
Douglas County Farm Bureau: Su72 p35; Wi73 p86; Sp85 p8; Fa91 p69; Wi96 p84; Wi02 p75 et
seq.; Su05 p20, Wi08 p11; Su19 p5; Sp21 p27.
“Douglas County Farmers Co-Op: A FAMILY AFFAIR”: Wi02 pp75-90,
Douglas County Fair: Memories of & photos Fa10 pp10-13
Douglas County Fair Grounds: Sp85 p6; Sp03 p18; Su03 p44; Wi09 p5; Su21 p13; Sp22 pp10,14;
Wi23 p12.
Douglas County Feed Company: Wi08 p12.
Douglas County Fire Patrol: Wi00 p84.
Douglas County Flour Mill: Fa84 p58; photo Fa91 pp66,67; photo Su98 p42; Wi08 p11; blast
photo Fa09 p14; Su19 p19.
Douglas County Forestry Dept. Cemetery: Wi11 p11.
Douglas County Genealogical Society (DCGS): Sp00 p23; Wi01 p75; Wi11 p23; Wi20 p19; Su23
p14 .
Douglas County Health Association: Wi23 p5.
Douglas County Health Dept.: photo Su98 p41; Wi12 p8.
Douglas County Historic Resource Review Committee: Fa02 p70.
Douglas County Historic Review Committee: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p17.
Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS): Su67 p10; Su69 pp35,48; Wi69 p88; Su70 pp32,33;
1970 DCHS news Fa70 p58; Sp88 p23; Wi01 p85; Fa02 p70; Wi02 p75; Sp03 p16; History of
Su03 50 th anniversary issue; Mission Statement 51; Sp04 p3; Fa07 p19; Sp08 p16; Sp09 p23;
Sp12 p23; Founding of Su12 issue, et seq.; A History of, Winter 2012 “Trapper”; Sp13 p5;
Su13 p22,23; Sp16 p19; Su16 p17; Fa20 p3; Fa21 p16.
Douglas County Housing Authority: Wi98 pp78, et seq.
Douglas County jail: Su04 cover.
Douglas County Justice Hall: Fa08 p10.
“Douglas County Lament”: song remembered by Roy O. Sims Fa08 p6.
Douglas County Library: Wi85 p84; Fa02 p70; Su03 p48; Su04 p23; Wi12 p16.
“Douglas County Libraries-The Early Efforts”: Helen Jane Clark Su96 p37-47.
Douglas County Lumber Co.: Fa01 pp53, et seq; Sp21 p14.
Douglas County Maps: 1900 Su11 p12; 1852 & 1856 Fa11 p7, 1879 p12.
Douglas County Mills: photo Sp70 p20; Fa09 p16.
Douglas County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse: Su09 p20.
Douglas County Museum (DCM): Wi67 p7; Su68 p26; Su69 p48; Fa69 p51,63; Wi69 p88; Sp70
p6; Su70 p32; Sp72 p10; Su78 p26; Wi85 p74; Sp00 pp12,20; Fa01 p51; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p23;

Dedication Su03 p39, et seq.; Su04 p23; Fa08 p19; Su10 pp13,15; Wi12 p15; Su13 p21; Sp17
p5; Sp19 p3; Sp22 p10; Wi23 p12.
Douglas County Museum Advisory Committee: Su70 p32.
Douglas County Museum Foundation Board: Wi82 p76,90; Fa10 p9.
Douglas County Museum – Lavola Bakken History Center Library: Su10 p15.
Douglas County Museum Lower Umpqua Branch: Reedsport Su70 p32.
Douglas County Musicians Picnic: Wi81 photos pp76 & 78.
Douglas County Nursing Home: Sp86 p17.
“Douglas County, Oregon”: Song by Ken D. Patton Wi08 p9.
Douglas County Pamona Grange Sp06 p22.
Douglas County Parks Dept.: Su67 p10; Su07 p19.
Douglas County aka Paupers’ aka Roseburg Pauper’s aka Brookside Cemetery: photo Wi11 p11.
Douglas County Poor Farm: Su04 p11; Cemetery Wi11 p11.
Douglas County Fruits: Fa09 p15.
Douglas County Portraits: Fa77 P59.
“Douglas County Rain”: Poem by Dell Combs Wi08 p21.
Douglas County Roadmaster: Sp92 p3.
Douglas County Rodeo Association: Fa10 p8.
Douglas County Safety Committee: Fa10 p8.
Douglas County Seat election: results Wi75 p91.
Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept.: Su13 p22; Sp21 p27.
Douglas County Sportsmen and Game Protective Association: Su23 p12.
Douglas County State Bank: photo Su97 p35, Sutherlin Branch photo 40,41; Wi98 p87.
Douglas County Title Company: Wi65 p12.
“Douglas County Wolves”: John Virgil Chenoweth Su21 pp7-10.
“Douglas County – Years of History”: Lavola Bakken Su75 pp27-48; Fa75 p51-72; Wi75 p74-96;
Sp76 pp4-24.
Douglas Downs: Fa15 pp9,10.
Douglas Educational Service District: Printed the “Trapper from Su15 to Sp17; then Fa17 to
Douglas Fir: Fa73 p51; Fa01 p58; Fa03 p66,67; Wi10 p3.
Douglas Fir Printing Co. (Ros): Su03 p37.
Douglas Fire Protection Agency (DFPA): Sp92 p23; Sp94 p20; Wi00 pp84,90; Fa01 pp55, et seq.,
Mt. Scott lookout photo 63; cover Fa03 p54; Wi03 p23; Wi11 p6.
Douglas Hide & Junk Co. (Ros): Wi21 p20.
Douglas High School: Wi11 p10.
Douglas Hotel (Ros): Su91 p42,46; Fa91 p52.
“Douglas Independent”: Wi15 et seq; Su16 p21; Fa16 p9.
Douglas Locker and Storage: Wi09 pp3,7.
Douglas National Bank: Fa91 pp53, photo p54; Fa92 p59; cover Su97 p26, photo 30, et seq.;
Fa00 p52; Wi12 p6; Fa20 p19.
Douglas Street: Wi01 p89, Lane House photo 90; photo Su06 p9; Sp11 p4.
Douglas Timber Operators: Wi21 p11; Sp23 p18.
Douglas Title & Abstract (Ros): Su91 p42.


Douglas, Charles B.: Sp78 p14.
Douglas, David: Su65 p6; Fa73 p51; Fa75 p57; Sp84 p5; Su85 p37; Sp93 p7.
Douglas, James (HBC): Sp66 p15; Fa66 p8; Sp68 p2; Sp71 p5; Sp72 p9.
Douglas, Muriel (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Douglas, Stephen Arnold, Sen.: Fa73 p51; Wi97 p75; Wi01 p87; Wi06 p17; Sp07 p11,13; Fa08
p4,5; Fa12 p13; Wi12 p22; Sp22 p24.
Douglas, William, sea Capt.: Sp72 p5.
Dowd, Jim: Sp08 p16.
Downey, Smith: Su67 p24.
Downing, Smith: Wi89 p75, et seq.
Dowell, Benjamin Franklin: Wi77 p85; Sp10 p18.
Dowen, Andrew (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Doyle Family; (Ola) Su16 p12.
Doyle, Carol (Henderson) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Doyle, Dennis: Fa90 p58.
Doyle, Millard (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Doyle, Polly (Dil): Su86 p43.
“Dr. Jonathan Woodruff”: Su83 pp36-41.
Drager Fruit Co. & cannery: Su91 p37, photo p39; photo Wi94 p93; Su05 p9.
Drain – Coos Bay Stage Line: Fa65 p16; Wi72 p84.
Drain, Ore.: Wi65 p8; Sp66 p7; Su66 p16, photo p17; photo Su69 p42; photo Su72 p38; Sp73 p3;
Fa76 p54; Wi90 p78; Sp00 p5; Wi00 p76; Su01 p44; Fa01 p53, et seq.; Su08 p3; Fa11 p20;
Masonic Lodge Wi11 p11; Sp12 p17; Fa12 p18; Fa13 p6; Wi13 p8, photo p14; Sp16 p9; Sp18
p5; Sp20 p17: Su23 p6; Su23 p6.
Drain City aka North Drain or Citizens, The Old, and Pioneer Cemetery-1890s: Sp12 p10.
Drain Academy Wi66 p16,23; Su69 p35 photo p42,48; Wi72 p75; Fa75 p62; Wi75 photo p84;
Fa80 p51; Su82 photo p30; Wi93 p89; Fa14 pp14,15.
Drain Centennial Committee: Su72 p38.
Drain-Coos Bay Stage line: photo Fa77 p61.
Drain Echo: Su75 p42; Fa75 p62, et seq.
“Drain Enterprise”: Su72 p38; Sp84 p23.
Drain Grist Mill: Sp76 p14.
“Drain to the Sea-Oregon Western Railway”: George Abdill Su66 p16-21.
Drain IOOF aka East Drain Cemetery Wi11 p11.
Drain-Marshfield Railroad project: Su66 p16.
Drain Normal School: Su69 p35; Sp76 p22; 1898 class graduation programs Fa89 pp62,63; Fa92
Drain Pentecostal Church of God: Wi11 p18.
Drain Post Office: Sp76 p16.
Drain-Scottsburg Stagecoach: photo Sp84 p13.
Drain Southern Pacific Depot: Sp76 p14; photo Fa97 p58.
Drain Theater: Su13 pp5, photos 7,8.
Drain-Yoncalla Masonic aka Yoncalla Masonic Cemetery (Yon): Wi11 p11.
Drain RR “wye” track & turntable: Wi72 p75.

Drain, Charles D. & Nancy Gates Ensley then Anna: Su72 p41; Su75 p32; Su77 p43; house photo
Sp81 p23; Sp84 p9; Sp88 p22; photo & bio Wi93 p88-89; Fa12 p14,18; Wi12 p4; Wi13 p8
photos p10.
Children: Catherine (Mrs. Simon R. Lane) Fa12 p18.
“Charles Drain”: photo & bio Wi93 p88 by Doris Haines Bacon.
Drain, John C. & Lucy A.; Su69 p42; Sp73 p16; Sp79 p24; Sp84 p9; Wi93 p89.
Drain, Katherine A. (Mrs. Simon Lane) Wi12 p4.
Drake, B.D. or D.B. (MC): Su76 p31,35.
Drake, W.B. (Jack?) & Mrs. E.F. (F.E.?) (MC): Fa68 p72; Sp83 pp11,15,17.
Draper, Mr. (Ros): Su91 p35.
Drayman: Wi70 p87.
“Dray Team Service, The”: George Abdill Wi70 p87 Glendale photo p86.
Dred Scott vs Sandfort Case: Wi14 p16.
Dressing the Burrs: Sp65 p18;
Drew, Ore.: Photo Sp89 p16, photo 17; Su77 p27; Fa11 p7; Sp12 p19.
Drew aka Thomason or Thomason Tribal Cemetery (1866) (Drew): Wi11 p11.
Drew Creek: Fa11 p7.
Drew Post Office Su11 photo p10,19. Fa11 p3.
Drew to Trail Road (County Road I): Sp12 p19.
Drew, Edward (Edwin?) P., Dr. (Gard-Kel): Wi67 p18; Su69 p27; Fa69 p63; Wi72 p81; Wi74 pp76,
et seq.; Wi84 p84,85; Fa86 p70; Wi93 p75.
Drew, Frank B., Rev. (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Drew, Joseph, Dr.: Su69 p27; Sp02 p17; letter from Jo Lane Sp07 pp8-10.
Drew, J.W.: Wi77 p89.
Drew, Robert W. & Mary F. Cockelreas: Su11 p10.
Children: 6.
Drew, Indian Agent: Fa78 p52; Fa19 p17.
Drive and Save Market: Fa01 p67.
“Drive-in Movies & Theaters: A history”: Steve Swanson Sp13 issue.
Driver Family Cemetery: Wi11 p11.
Driver, Isaac D., Dr., Rev. (Oak): Wi70 p74; Fa75 p56.
Driver, Jo Carol: Fa22 p3; Su23 p3; Wi23 p4.
Driver, Samuel M. (Sut): DLC Wi11 p11; Wi17 p8.
Driver Valley: Sp77 p10; Wi03 p20,29; Su07 p7; Wi11 p15; Fa19 p19.
Dromgoole, Celia: Fa87 p62.
Drownings: Sp65 p15; Su66 pp12,14; Fa66 p11; Su67 p22; Sp73 p22; Fa75 p53; Wi75 p82; Wi83
p74; Su88 p27; Su89 p39; Sp91 p3; Su96 p37; Sp98 p13; Wi01 p76; Wi03 p27; Su04
pp9,10,11; Fa06 p10; Su08 p14; Wi11 p21; Su18 p8, Sp19 p16.
Druids: Su07 p23.
Drum & Co. (Sb): Fa92 p69.
Drumm, John: Su10 p7.
“Drummer”, traveling salesman: Wi66 p17; Su71 p48; Sp73 p8,11; Wi73 p90; Fa89 p68; Fa90
Drummer’s Cut-off: Sp73 p10.


Dryden Family (Cal) on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Dryden, sea Capt.: Fa78 p51.
Dryer, Thomas Jefferson, Oregonian editor: Fa80 p67; Wi97 p75, Fa07 p15.
Dryers, hop & prune: photos Su05 pp6,8.
Dubell, F.G.: Wi83 p86.
Dubell, Tildon G. (Rid): Fa74 p58; Su79 p47.
Dubois, Frank & Mrs. (Ros): Fa91 p51.
DuCharme, Patricia (Mrs. Francis Engle): Sp21 p8.
Duck Egg district (Yon): Fa71 p51; Wi88 p90.
Duckett’s Store (LL): Wi73 p90.
Dudley, Carol: Wi22 p4.
Dudley, Jim: photo Sp21 p12.
Duds 4 Men: Fa95 p56; Wi10 p18.
Duer, Chief: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Duffy’s Steak House: Fa01 p61.
Dufur, A.J.: Wi75 p90.
Duke, Florance (Sut): Su78 p29.
Dukehart, Chris: Su07 p22.
Dukes, Teresa Bonebrake: Fa82 p50.
Dull, Beverly: Sp12 p23.
Dulley, John (Coq): Su69 pp28,29.
Dumbleton, Harry (Winc): Wi90 pp91,93.
Dumbleton, Henretta (Winc): Su08 p7.
Dumbleton, Ida (Winc): Su08 p7.
Dumbleton, Louis G.: Su08 pp7,10.
Dumont Family: Cabin photo Fa81 p70; Wi93 p76.
Dumont, Alexander Guerette dit & Susette (Josette, Josephtet) Finlay: Cover Su76 p26; Fa76
p57 et seq. Wi91 p82; Bio Wi93 p76; Su15 p12,13.
Children: Marguerite or Margaret (Mrs. George Rondeau then Joseph Chamberlan),
Alexandre Guerette II, Auguste (Louis) Fa76 p57, Andre, twins Marie & Genevieve, Francis or
Francois, David Fa76 p60, Eleanore Emilie or Amelia, Cecile (Mrs. Francois Acosta), Jacques, +
2 more.
“Dumont, Alexandre Guerette dit,”: bio Wi93 p76-77 by Doris Haines Bacon.
Dumont, Andre (Andrew) & Margaret Chantel: Wi93 p77.
Dumont, Eston & Evelyn: Wi19 p6, et seq. photo p20.
Children: Vonnie (later McCafferty) Wi19 p16.
Dumont, Frank (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Dumont, Jake (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Dumont, John: photo Wi79 p88; photo Su10 p10.
Dumont, Margaret: Su76 p26; Wi79 p88.
Dumont, Sam: Fa76 p60; photo Wi79 p88; photo Su10 p10.
Dumont, Steve: Wi19 photo p19.
Dumore, Dave (Cnv): Su79 p48.
Dunbar, Alex: Su67 p22.


Dunbar, Frank I., Sec. of State: Wi21 p15.
Dunbarr, Eli: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Duncan: a logger, Fa01 p52.
Duncan, Bernice: photo Fa00 p70.
Duncan, Bill (The Elder Statesman): Fa11 p23.
Duncan, Elma, Mrs. (Ros): Su70 p35.
Duncan, Marylou; Sp03 p19.
Children: Brett.
Duncan, Sam (Ros): Fa84 p61; Su91 p35.
Children: Grace (Mrs. Henry Weber) Su91 p35.
Dunes Memorial Mausoleum (Reed): Wi11 p12.
Dunes Motel (Ros): photo Su98 p40.
Dunham, John (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Dunham, Bill (KeCk): Sp06 p9.
Dunham, William (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Duniway, Abigail Scott: Fa75 p53; Fa89 p51; Sp20 p3,4,12.
Duniway, David C.: Su70 p32; Su71 p40.
Dunlap, Hiram: Sp69 pp17,18.
Dunn Outfitting Store (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Dunn, John: Wi82 p89.
Dunn, Les: Fa01 p64.
Dunn, Margaret Dent: Fa95 p54.
Dunnavin, James S. & Susan Sarah Browning: Sp12 p5; Wi20 p4.
Dunnavin, V.C. (MC): Sp83 p19; Su14 p17.
Dunnavin, Willis P.: Sp12 p5 w/grave photo.
Dunning, Mrs., (MC): Sp67 p2.
Dunnivan, J.G. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Dunnavin, James S. & Susan Sara Browning (MC): Sp12 p5.
Children: Willis P.
Dunnivan, Will (MC): Fa74 p63.
Dunnivin, Willis (MC): Sp12 p5.
Dunseth & Pohl (Ros): Wi75 p78.
Dunseth, James D. (Ros): Sp67 p16;
Dunstheimer, Mr.: Fa20 p12.
Dunton, Mr. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Dupate, Jean Baptiste (Desportes, Dupaty, Departi)(HBC): Wi65 p3; Sp84 p3; Wi11 p16.
Dupper & Reeves Logging: Fa01 p56.
Durbin, M.H.”Hobe” & Georgiana Perkins(Gard): Fa69 p59; Wi69 pp74,88; Su70 p33; Sp72 p22;
Su72 p26; Sp73 p4; Su73 p33.
Durfee, Jack (Sb-Dr): Su73 pp46,47.
Durland, Coe G. (Oak): Sp75 pp11,13.
Durname, Mr. (Ump): Sp12 p21.
Durward Owens Scholarship Fund: Wi08 p8.
Dusenberry, Mary (Ros): Sp87 p15.


Dutch Mill Inn: Sp22 p3, orchestra p5.
Dutchman Buttes (CaV): Sp68 p9; Wi92 p89; Wi11 p7.
Dutchtown (Aurora): Sp71 p21.
Dutschkey, Mr.: Su01 p44.
Duty, M.E. (Glen): Sp78 p12.
Duvaul, Linda (Dxv): Su99 pp37,38.
Dyer Sawmill (SMC): Sp68 p36,38.
Dyer, B.D. (MC): Wi22 p6.
Dyer, Bessie (MC): photo Fa81 p69.
Dyer, Mrs. C.R. (MC): Sp83 p19.
Dyer, Capitola (MC): photo Fa81 p69.
Dyer, Hezekiah (MC): house photo Fa81 p69.
Children: Ruby, Bessie, Moses, Capitola.
Dyer, Ilo & Margaret Cochrane: Su68 p38.
Children: Douglas Ilo, Margaret Evelyn, Su68 p38.
Dyer, Margaret Ann (Mrs. Edwin Weaver): Wi67 p16.
Dyer, Moses True & Sarah Ross, then Fletta Smith Bartle: Wi67 p16; Bio & children of Su68 p36,
drawing of p37;
Children: Laura, William, Hezekiah, Margaret Ann (Mrs. Edwin Weaver), Douglas by Sarah
WI67 p16; Su68 p36. Dottie, Ruth, Ilo by Fletta Su68 p38;
“Dyer, Moses True, Pioneer Sawmill Man”: Su68 p36-38.
Dyer, Moses (MC): photo Fa81 p69.
Dyer, Ruby (MC): photo Fa81 p69.
Dyer, Thomas (Rid): Fa74 p52.
Dyer, S. (Rid): Fa74 p52.
Dysert, Larry: Wi08 p19.
Dysinger (William) Mill (Ros): Fa91 p69.
Dysinger, Treaves (Ros): photo Fa85 p69; house photo Wi85 p88.
Dysinger, William L. & Ida Sovern (Ros): Wi68 pp79,80; bio Fa85 p66 et seq. house photo 67,
family & Antler furniture photo p69; Wi85 p88; Wi21 p4.
Children: Treaves photo Fa85 p69.
E. Stephens Co.: Wi90 p83.
E.G. Young & Co.: Fa75 p67.
E.G. Young Bank of Oakland: photo Sp69 p12; Wi71 p85; Sp73 p14; photo Su97 pp39,et seq.
E.G. Young Merchandise Store (Oak): Sp77 p9,10.
E.H. Gerstel & Co.: Sp10 p5.
E.K. Woods Lumber (Reed): photo Wi98 pp91,92,94.
Eads, William “Bill”: Fa71 p51, photo p52.
Eagan, J. H., (BR): Fa05 p6.
Eagle Lodge: Fa91 p67; Fa08 p10; Sextette, Sp22 p5.
Eagle Park: Sp08 p16, et seq.
Eagle Rock: Su22 p12,15.
Eagle Theater, (Yon): Su13 p5, photo p6.


Eagle View Management Co.: Su03 p48.
Eagleton, Lois Christiansen: Author of “Mary Mildred Kanipe” Trapper issue Su07; articles Fa08
pp14,15; Sp12 p23; Wi12 p21; Su13 p23; Wi14 p23.
Earl, Everett E.: Fa65 pp15,18; Su66 p18.
Earl, Fred, Capt. & Edith “Edie” Palmer: Su65 p18; Fa65 p18; Su65 p20; Su66 p18.
Child: E.E. Earl.
Earl Post Office: Su11 p10.
Earl, W.E. “Pete”: Fa65 p18; Su65 p20;
“Early Camas Valley School Notes”: Wi92 p88.
“Early Day Pioneers of Myrtle Creek-George W. & Susan Elizabeth (Taylor) Brewer”: Wi88 pp81-
87, by Jennie Deardorff.
“Early Days in Oregon”: George W. Riddle Sp67 p14; Sp75 p4.
“Early Days in the Grocery Business”: Chester Morgan Su81 pp27-31.
“Early Indian Customs”: Albert Maurice Arrington Wi81 p84-90.
“Early Industries and Enterprises in Canyonville”: Su79 p43-48, Jennie & Emma Bealman.
“Early Memories”: Blanch Burnett Elliott Sp85 p13.
“Early Oregon” by George E. Cole: Fa66 p6; Sp02 p17; Sp23 p6.
“Early Portland: Stumptown Triumphant”: Edmond Eugen Snyder Fa20 p14.
“Early Road Construction”: By Morris Weber Sp74 p3-21.
“Early Schools”: photos of Su73 pp27-45.
Easley, Rod (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Eason, Mark (Ros): Fa00 p56.
East Fork: see Little River.
“East Lynne”: Sp13 p4.
East Primary School (Sut): Wi03 p23.
East Umpqua: see Little River.
East Umpqua-Klamath Marsh Trail: Wi73 p79.
Eastern Star: Su99 p32; Su03 p33; Su09 p8; Wi12 pp6;16; Su23 p11; Wi23 p13.
Eastman, Thora: photo Wi86 pp81,82.
Eastside, Ore.: Su09 p15.
Easton & Langenberg (Ros): Fa78 p50.
Easton Grocery Store (Ros): photo Su81 p30; Fa84 p65.
Easton, Mr. (Ros): Su72 p45.
Easton, Robert: Su75 p27.
Easy Valley (Gl): Wi89 p75.
Eberline, Jahi (CoV): Su10 p19.
Eberline, Mike (Ros): map Sp90 p12; Su90 p32.
Eberline, Sarah (Lk): Wi83 p77.
Eccleston, Miss Amy Ella (Dr): Cover Wi73 p74.
Echo Resort (Reed): Wi11 p21.
“Echo” stearn wheeler: photos Wi78 pp83,85.
Eckert, Viola; Sp04 p22; Fa04 p13.
Eckstein, Elanor (MC): Fa20 p12.
Economy Market (Ros): Su91 p42.


Economy Meat Market (Ros): photo Fa85 p64; Fa00 pp52,55.
Eddings, Mr.: Wi11 p7.
Eddings, Glen(n): Su08 p7; Su14 p6.
Eddings, Norton “Nort” (Winc & Gold Hill): Fa67 p3; Su08 p7; Fa20 p3, sketch 7.
Children: Fred, Floyd, Glenn Su08 p7.
Edds, George: photo Fa14 p17.
Eddy & Speake Family Legacies: Sp14 p3-23.
Eddy Family: Wi08 p3; Sp14 p3-23.
Eddy, B. L., Sen. (Ros): Su83 p29; Fa00 p52; Su14 p17.
Eddy, Clarence Elmer Eddy (The Poet Prospector) & Estella May VanEtten Bancroft then Asia
Mable Garson (Stage name Juanita Sparr): Sp12 p8,9; Family legacy & cover photo Sp14
issue, et seq. by Peggy A Rowe-Snyder.
Eddy, Dorothy (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Eddy, Ezekiel Isaac “Ike” & Lucy Fisk: Sp14 p5.
Children: Two daughters, Israel Fisk, Wilbur F., Israel Fisk: Sp14 photo p5,7.
Eddy, Matthew T. & Emmaline “Emma” Speake: Sp12 p8,9; Sp14 p6,7.
Children: Clarence Elmer, Sp12 p8,9; Sp14 p7.
Eddy, Wilbur F. & Hariett Thompson: Sp14 p7.
Children: Matthew T. Ezekiel Alvin, William E.
Edelweiss Ski Club: Wi19 p3 et seq: Sp23 p17.
Eden Cornet Band (Mel): photo Wi96 p85.
Eden aka Eden Lutheran or Elgarose Cemetery-1914 (Elg): Wi96 p79; Wi11 p12.
Eden Lutheran Church: Cover Wi96 p74,76 photo 77,79; Wi11 p12.
Eden Orchards (Elg): Wi96 p75, post office 76.
Eden Valley: Fa68 p59.
Edenbower, Ore.: RR grade & train wreck Wi72 photo p76,77; Sp74 p3; Fa75 p50; Wi86 p79;
photo Su94 p28; Wi03 p27; Sp04, p7, photo 8; Su04 p4 et seq.; name source & definition of,
Fa04 p3 et seq., photo 8; Su11 p13; Wi13 p18; Sp21 p12; Fa21 p4,5.
“Edenbower to the Coast”: Margaret Morgan Su94 pp27-39 + many photos of the road.
Edenbower Chapel: Sp04 p17; Su04 pp5,21; photo Fa04 p8 et seq.; photo Wi04 pp11.
Edenbower Community Church: photo Su91 p32.
Edenbower Orchard Tracts: Su95 p30.
Edenbower School: Fa77 p51; Su91 p33; Su04 pp14,16; Fa04 p7.
Edenbower Post Office: Su91 p34; Su11 p13.
Edenbower Store: Su91 p34.
Edes, George (Yon): Sp81 p9.
Children: Marian (Hall)
Edlund, J.A., Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p76.
Edman, E., Rev. & Hilda (Elg): Wi96 p76.
Edmonds, Agnes (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Edmonds, Matilda, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Edwards, Bill & Edith Maupin: photo Su79 p40; Su88 p27.
Edwards, Charles A., Rev. (Ros): Fa85 p55.
Edwards, Mr. & Josie Weber: Wi86 p77.


Edwards, Lois (CoV): Wi99 p79.
Edwards, Roy: Su05 p6.
“Edwin” schooner: Su72 p36; Wi21 p22.
Eels: Wi86 p85.
Eels (Eells?), Martha Ann (later Mrs. John Henry Chapman): Fa02 p62.
Eggleston, Charlotte Kelly: Sp21 pp25,27; Fa21 p22; Fa22 p3; Wi22 p3,4; Su23 pp3,4; Fa23 p3,4.
Eggleton, George & Alice (Oak): Sp65 p19; Fa88 p62.
Children: Louis
Eggleton, Louis (Oak): Sp65 pp3,16,20.
Eggers, John (Dil): Fa06 pp8,9.
Eichar, John: Sp76 p11.
Eichelberger, “Ike”: photo Wi72 p93.
Eifert, Joe (Dxv): Su66 p20; Fa90 p51.
Eifert, Ruth (Dxv): Fa90 pp51,54.
Eighteen Mile Precinct: Su10 p19.
Eisenhower, Pres. Dwight: Wi01 p86.
Eisenhower, Julie Nixon: Sp09 p12.
Eklof, Edward, Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p76.
El Camino Real: Fa09 p5.
Eld, Henry: Su66 p8; Su71 p36.
“Elder, The” ship: Wi75 p85.
Elder, W.W.: Su75 p43; Sp01 pp11,13.
Electric Lights: Fa75 p60.
Elephant Mt.: lookout on Wi00 p78.
Elgarose, Ore.: Fa81 p66; grain field photo Sp96 p23; Story of Wi96 pp74-86; Fa03 p67.
“Elgarose, A Story of”: Wi96 pp74-86 by Patricia Holmquist Gerretsen.
Elgarose Cemetery: Wi11 p12.
Elgarose Comfort Club: Wi96 p84.
“Elgarose Loop, The”: Arleen Backlund Su74 p48.
Elgarose Loop Road: Wi11 p12.
Elgarose Post Office: Su11 p13.
Elgarose School: photos Wi96 pp78,79,80,83.
Elgin Automobile: Wi08 p22; Su14 p3, photo p4.
Elgin, Ore.: Su02 p27.
Elk: photo Su08 p20.
Elk Creek, earlier called La Biche River then Elk River (Elkton): Sp65 p4; Su65 p14; Fa65 pp10,
12; Fa66 p3; Sp67 p20,22; Sp68 p3; Su69 p42; Wi72 p80; Su75 p42; Wi90 p76,78; Fa01 p53;
Sp02 pp7,17; on map Wi05 p18; Su10 pp5,6; Wi10 p17; Fa13 p6,16; on map Wi13 p3, et seq.;
Sp16 pp3,7,9.
Elk Creek @ Tiller: Fa73 p57; Su75 p39; Su77 p27; Wi91 p75,82, map to Jackson Co. 84 & 85;
Su11 p13; Fa11 p10.
Elk Creek Post Office: Su75 p39; Fa11 p10,11.
“Elk Creek Bridge”: Sp68 p3-6 By George Abdill.
Elk Creek Covered Bridges: Sp68 p3, photo 4; Wi72 p95; Cover Wi10 pp2, photo 11 others p17;


Fa21 p3.
Elk Creek Lumber Co. (Elk): Su67 p4,5.
Elk Island (aka Farquar & Cobb Island): Fa72 p50; Su88 p40; photos Su98 pp46,47.
Elk’s Picnic: Su16 p17.
Elk’s Temple: Sp08 p9.
Elk Valley (CaV area): Wi68 p83.
Elkhart Mutual Life Assoc.: Su04 p16.
Elkhead, Ore. (Elk Head, Shoestring): Su70 p35; School photo Fa70 pp65,70; Information
extracted by Gerald and Doris Bacon from a cultural and historic resource report Sp93 p4-
23; Su07 p15; Su11 pp13,17; Fa11 p4; Wi11 pp15 mines 16.
Elkhead aka Shoestring Cemetery (Yon): Sp12 p16,17.
Elkhead Quicksilver Mine: Su70 p35; Fa70 p68, et seq.; Fa83 photos pp66,68; Sp93 pp16,17,18,
photo p19; Wi11 p16.
“Elkhead Quicksilver Mine”: Jim Kuk Fa83 p66-69.
Elkhead Post Office: Sp93 p16.
Elkhead school: Sp93 p15.
Elkhead Women’s Club: Sp93 p16.
Elkhorn (George Gould) Ranch (LL): Sp97 p18
Elkhorn, Ore. (Ump. Co.): Su75 p41.
Elkton, Ore.: Sp65 p4; Fa65 p16; Su66 p16; Fa66 p6; Wallings sketch of Sp67 p23; photo Su69
p43; photo Su72 p46; Wi72 p83; Sp73 p3, Su75 pp42,47; Photo Fa90 p70; photo Su94 p43;
Su00 pp28,40; Wi00 p75; Sp02 pp15,17; Su03 p38; Wi03, p28; on map Wi05 p18; Sp10 p9;
Fa10 p3; Wi10 p17; Su11 p8; Fa13 pp5,16 photo p17; Sp16 p3.
Elkton Cemetery Wi11 pp12,15.
Elkton CCC camp Su05 p17.
Elkton Cemetery: Wi73 p90.
Elkton Grange Hall: Sp85 p5.
Elkton High School: Fa01 p64.
Elkton Hotel: Sp67 p23.
Elkton Milling Co.: Sp67 p20; Su67 p4, photo 6,7, photos 8; Fa75 p66; Fa90 p71.
Elkton Roller Mills: Fa75 p66.
Elkton School: Su73 photo p28.
Elkton Telephone Co.: Fa81 pp51-55.
Elkton-Winchester Road: Wi67 p18.
Ella Street: Fa00 p69.
Ellenburg Creek: Fa11 p9.
Ellenberg, Henry (SR): Sp76 p11.
Ellenburg, James: Sp67 p3.
Eller, Gary: Sp14 p3,22.
Ellick, Walt: Sp67 p8, photo p11.
Elliff, Celia (Later Langenberg): Su80 p38; Su85 p33, photo p38; Fa08 p23.
Elliff, Florence: Wi14 p16.
Elliff, George & Lola L. Bailey (UCC): Su80 p38; Su85 p33.
Children: Frank E., George A. Jr.

Elliff, Hardy Crier & Melvina Rebecca Baker (RWV): Wi68 p93; Su75 p46; Wi75 p78; Wi76 p74;
Wi78 p75; a bio Su80 p27 et seq.,31,33, photo 45; Fa82 p67; Wi82 p94; Su85 p27, et
seq. photo p38; Wi91 p93; Fa93 p55; Fa99 p57,66; Fa08 p23; Wi11 p2, photos & mini bio
p14; Wi12 p16; Wi14 p8, et seq.; Sp19 p15.
Children: Alice, Florence (Mrs. Jess Dewey), George, Mary Celia (Mrs. Alphonse Langenberg),
Lucretia Ella (Mrs. James Shea), Eva (Mrs. Frank Plohier), Hardy Thomas, Su85 p33.
“Hardy Crier Elliff”: Su80 pp27-46 by Bess A. Clough.
“Elliff, Rebecca Malvina Baker-Memoirs of”: Su85 p27-40.
Elliff, Thomas (UCC): Su80 p27, photo p35; Su85 p31,37; Fa99 p66; Wi11 p14; Wi14 p16.
Elliff, William: Su80 p38.
Elliot, George N. PM (Kel): Su11 p17.
Elliot, John T. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Elliot, Simon: Fa97 p52, et seq.
Elliott Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Elliott, sea Capt.: Su77 p26.
Elliott, Archie & Blanch Burnett (MC): Wi66 p23; Su67 p19; Fa67 p3; Su71 p32; Su75 p26; Wi75
p91; Fa81 p50; Memories of Blanch Sp85 pp13,16; Sp92 p21; photo Wi12 p17; Fa22 p22..
Children: Roger Burnett.
Elliott, Bob: Su13 p12.
Elliott, Charles: Fa02 p66.
Elliott, Elizabeth (Mrs. John S. Lyster then Mrs. William Wade) (SR): Fa79 p51.
Elliott, Elijah: Leader of “Lost” wagon train, 1853; Sp70 p2.
Elliott, Frank: photo Sp70 p14.
Elliott, George (Elk-Oak): Wi75 p93.
Elliott, Maxine (CoV): Wi99 p79.
Elliott, Roger Burnett: Sp85 p16.
Elliott, Ron & Judy: Do. Co. Hist. Soc. memorial Wi11 p23.
Elliott, Thomas, Sea Capt., & Jane: Fa79 p51
Children: Elizabeth Candice, Katherine.
Ellis Cemetery (CaV): Wi11 p12.
Ellis, Mrs.: Wi08 p11.
Ellis, Oscar: Su66 p18.
Ellis, R.L. (Ros): Su14 p9.
Ellison, Addie (Mrs. William Castor): Sp80 p3.
Ellison, J.R.: Su72 p34.
Ellison, Luther: Wi08 p8.
Ellison, William & Donna Rae Hebard: Fa93 p69.
Ellwood, Betty: Sp22 p7.
Ellsworth, Harris, Rep. (Ros): Fa86 p51; Sp01 p22; Su03 pp32,34; Su23 p13 et seq.
Ellsworth, John C. (CoosB): Sp89 p5.
Ellsworth, Mary: Fa87 p70.
Elmore Packing, Reedsport: Su08 p13.
Elsie Dora Mine: photo Fa75 p52.
Elving, C.E. (Elg): Wi96 p75.


Emancipation Proclamation: Wi14 p8; Sp15 p7.
Embree, Calvin & Louisa Botts (Ros): DLC Wi11 p12.
Embree Family Cemetery (Ros): Wi11 p12.
Emerson, Charles L. (Ros): Fa73 p51 et seq.
Emerson, M.J. (UC): Sp93 p15.
Emery (CoV): Stockade Su05 p11.
Emery Family: Su05 p7.
Emery, Clifford “Jeep” (Yon): Wi88 p90.
Emery, Ed & Mrs.: Wi19 p6, (misspelled on p11), 12.
Emery, Lee: Su22 p5.
Emery, Louisa (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Emery, Stephen O. (Oak): Sp65 p19.
Emery, Will T. (Ump): Wi71 p94; Fa74 p69; Su05 p7.
Emile Creek: Fa90 p60; Wi19 pp4, et seq.
Emile Creek Recreation Site: Wi19 pp11,16.
Emmerson, S.H. (UC): Sp93 p19.
Emmett or Emmitt, John & Caroline Thompson (CoV): Sp65 p9; Sp68 p18; Su68 p28; Fa68 p64;
Wi71 p89; Su75 p44; Fa76 p51; Wi89 p82; Su05 p10.
Children: Robert Albert+11 more.
Emmett or Emmitt, Robert Albert & Flora Leslie: Wi89 pp75, et seq, house photo 86.
Children: Kitty Jane, Georgia (Mrs. Henry Gidding), Cora Mable, Ivy (Mrs. K.D. North then
Mrs. Charles E. Drew), Charmion, Wi89 p84.
Emmons, Alexander H.: Fa82 p52.
Emmons, George Foster, Lt.: Su66 p4 et seq.; Wi66 p5; Su67 p11; Su68 p30; Sp72 p10.
Emory, Liza Thompson Evans: Fa68 p64.
Emory, Will: Fa68 p64.
Empire, Ore. aka Empire City, now North Bend: Sp69 pp27,29; Sp72 p17; Wi72 p84; Sp00 p10;
Sp03 p3; Su09 p15; Fa09 p21.
Empire Drill Corps, Ladies (Ros): Sp01 pp4,6, photo p7.
Empire Livery Stable (Ros): photo Fa72 p65; Wi90 p91.
Empire Millworks (Sut): Fa01 p55.
Emrick, Elizabeth (Mrs. Frederick Troxel): Fa75 p58.
Enchanted Prairie: Su68 p43; Sp69 p23; Fa21 p16.
“End of the Homeseekers’ Trail” by Dan Loomis, Sp22 pp21-23.
Enes, Bozzel: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Enes, Nislen: (UCC): Su85 p3.
Engeman, Richard (SOHS): Fa79 p55.
Engle Bros. Logging: Su19 p13.
Engle Construction Corp: Sp21 pp11,14.
Engle, Edgar: Sp21 pp7,14.
Engle, Francis D. & Patricia DuCharme Engle: Su19 p16; “Dauntless Gramps,” memories of by
grandson Sean M. Smith Sp21 pp3-18.
Children: Linda (Lynn), (Mrs. Melvin Smith then Mrs. Tony Kuhn) & Marsha.
Engle, J.M. (Kel): Fa81 photo pp54, house photo 55.


Engle, Leland & Margaret: Su19 p18; Sp21 p11.
Engle, Linda: Sp21 p11.
Engle, Marsha: Sp21 p11.
Engle, Maynard: Sp21 pp7,11.
Engles Family (Peel): Fa68 p71.
Engles, A.A.(Peel): Fa73 p55; mini bio Wi73 p75, photo p76; Su83 pp44,45; Fa11 p10; Wi20 p23.
Children: Hiram L.
Engles, Hiram Lafayette. “Lafe” & Susan Ella Laurance PM (Peel): Wi66 p24; Wi73 p75; Wi75
Su83 p44; Fa92 p59, Peel store photo p66; Fa11 p10; Wi20 p23; Su22 p16, et. seq.; Fa22 p9.
Engles, Lee: Wi73 p76.
Engles, Robert Lee & Mrs. (LR): Wi66 p24; Wi20 p23.
Englewood Colonization and Townsite Co. (Kel): Fa81 pp54,55.
English Settlement (Oak): Sp70 p2; school photos Su73 p38 & Su07 pp9, et seq.
Ennis, Robert, Rev.: Sp99 p8.
“Enos “Ene” G. Hodson-Deputy Sheriff and Game Warden”: Su85 p41.
Ensley Family aka Putnam Valley or Sunnydale Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12,17.
Ensley, Joseph (Cala): Su72 p32.
Ensley, Samuel: DLC Wi11 p12.
Ensley, Solomon & Elizabeth Farrington (Kel): Su77 p31,47.
“Enterprise” schooner: Su75 p34; Sp79 p20.
“Enterprise” Steamer: Su18 p18.
“Enterprise” Sternwheeler: Sp89 p3,4; Wi21 p12.
“Entertaining President Hayes in 1880”: Mrs. Caroline Haines Willis: Su71 p41.
Entler, Dan (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Episcopal Church (Ros): Su05 p3.
Epitaph: Sp12 p5.
Epperly, Floyd: Su19 p25.
Epping, Thomas F., PM: Su11 p17.
Eppley, Charles: Fa68 p60.
Epworth League: Su04 p3,20; Fa04 p21; Wi04 p20.
Ericcson, August (Port): Sp68 p12.
Erickson, Andy (Sb-Dr): Su73 p47.
Erickson, John: Sp12 p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22.
Erickson, John, sea Capt. (Gard): Fa69 p68; Sp72 pp17,19.
Erlbach, Mr. & Mary ex Mrs. Ike Gervais (Np): Wi03 p27.
Erlebach, Anton “Tony” & Mary Orthelia Gervais (Til): Fa83 p61, photos pp62,64; Wi91 p88.
Erlebach, William “Billy” (Til): Fa83 p63.
Ernst, J., sea Capt. (CoosB): Sp89 p5.
“Escort No. 2”: tug Sp72 p17.
Escue, Mrs. (Eden): Su04 p7; Sp05 pp3,6,23.
Essex automobile: Sp92 p5:
Esther Wells Smith Bridge (Trenton Ferry): Wi67 p18; Sp68 p6.
Esterbrook, H. (Ros): Wi75 p80; Su21 pp11,12.


Estes Stage Stop: Fa76 p54; Sp23 p23.
Estes, Mrs. (Yon): Su72 p41.
Estes, Elijah T. & Susan: mini bio Sp16 p12.
Children: George.
Estes, George (Ros): author of “The Rawhide Railroad” about Dorsey Baker: Su81 p32; Sp16
Estes, Mrs. G. (Ros): Sp08 p5.
Estes, Newton (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p7.
Esther Wells Smith Bridge: Sp68 p6.
Eubank, Percy (CS): Sp78 p23.
Eubanks, Polly (Oak): Sp86 p20.
Eubanks, Presley (Oak): Su77 p44.
Eugene, Ore. (Eugene City): Sp72 p14; Sp01 pp3,20; Fa01 p64; Su09 p20; Fa09 p22; Su10 p4;
Sp19 p4,10.
Eugene “Guard”: Wi01 p95.
Eugene “Oregon State Journal”: Wi01 pp89; 95.
“Eugene Register”: Fa68 p71.
Eugene “Register Guard”: Wi01 p85,91; Su09 p18.
Eugene “State Republican”: Su00 p40.
Eureka, Calif.: Su00 p29.
Eureka Valley Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p10.
“Eva” stern wheel steamer: Fa65 cover photo p2; Wi66 p19; Sp67 p3, photo p5; photo Su68
p48; Sp69 p2; Fa69 p68,69; Wi72 p85; Sp73 p15; Su73 p47; Fa80 p51; photo Sp84 p4; photo
Fa89 p70; Wi90 p86; Sp00 p16; photo Wi05 p5; photos Fa07p16.
Evans Creek (Rogue): Wi06 p20.
Evans, J.E. Fruit Stand (Dil): photo Sp91 p9, 10.
Evans Products: Fa01 p55.
Evans Family: Su05 p7.
Evans, Dr. (Randolph): Su69 p28.
Evans, Dave: Sp68 p20; Su68 pp29,30,31.
Evans, Edgar & Cora (Dil): Fa92 p55.
Evans, George (CS): Sp69 p17; Sp78 p22.
Evans, Hannah (Ros): house photo Wi85 p89.
Evans, James: Fa68 p64.
Evans, James (Sut): Su78 p29.
Evans, Jerry: Fa10 p11.
Evans, Lucille (Sut): Su78 p29.
Evans, Nathan (Oak): Su65 p16; Sp77 p6; Su00 p40.
Evans, Robert: Su65 p7.
Evans, Ruth M.: Fa87 p70.
Evans, Samuel D. & Liza Thompson (CoV): Sp65 p9; Su65 p20; cattle drive Sp68 p18 et seq.;
Su68 p28; Fa68 p64; Wi71 p94; Su72 p45; Fa74 pp68,69; Fa76 p51; Su93 p32; Su05 pp7,20.
Evans, Samuel D. Jr. (Ump): Fa68 p64; Su71 p45 (?); Wi71 p94; Fa74 pp68,69; Fa85 p52.
Evans, Vaughn (Sut): Su78 p29.


Evarts Creek (LRiv): Sp12 p12.
Evarts, John Harvey & Mary Randall Morris: Sp12 p12.
Evening News, The Roseburg: Sp73 p16; Fa75 p64, et seq.; Wi97 p79; Sp00 p14.
Evening Roseburg Review: 1913 clips from Wi13 pp16,20; Su23 p21.
“Evening Star literary Society (Lg): Wi75 p74.
“Evening Telegram” (Port): Sp71 p2.
Evens, Mrs.: Fa79 p63.
Everett, N. (Everitt?): Su04 p6, et seq.; Fa04 p11, et seq.; Wi04 pp18; Sp05 pp11, et seq.
Evergreen Grange Hall: Sp06 pp21,22; Sp22 p18.
Everman, Hiram (OkCk); Fa75 p68.
Everton, Evie: Fa89 p65.
Ewart, E.N.: Wi71 p94.
Ewart, Jim (Winc): Su08 p7.
Ewart, Ted (Winc): Su08 p7.
“Ewing” schooner: Wi90 p75; Sp02 p14.
“Excelsior” ship: Fa78 pp52,53; Fa07 p14.
Exploring Expedition of 1843: See United States Navy Exploring Expedition.
Exploring Expedition of Winchester, Payne & Co.: Wi90 p75; Sp02 p5.
F & W Floor Covering (Aelred Farenbaugh + W?): Wi08 p11; Wi12 p8; Su19 pp19,21.
Fabian, John: Sp21 p13.
Fabrique Family (WoV): Fa67 p15.
Fabrique, Alex and Mary Ellen Clayton: Fa67 p15; Sp06 p4, photos p5.
Children: girl Sp06 p4.
“Face at Your Window, The”: KKK movie Sp09 p21.
Fackler, Libby: (Wil): Fa79 pp60,65.
Fagan, T.B., PM (Yon): Fa11 p14.
Fair Grounds, Douglas County; Sp03 p18.
Fair Oaks: Sp77 p9; Su05 p12; Su08 p10; Road Wi11 p12; Sp12 p17; Sp19 p4.
Fair Oaks Cemetery-1857: Sp78 p22; Sp88 p18; Wi11 pp3,12,
Fair Oaks Church: Sp78 p22; Fa04 p23.
Fair Oaks fire station: Wi03 p9.
Fair Oaks Post Office: Sp75 p4; Su11 p13.
Fair Oaks Ranch: Sp78 p22.
Fair Oaks School” p10.
Fairbanks-Morse scales: Sp67 p22.
Fairchild, Asher C., Rev. & Mrs. (Oak): Su77 pp37, et seq.
Fairhaven (Ros): area across Harvard from the Soldier’s Home, Fa19 p5.
Fairview Mt. (Nump): Fa01 pp56, lookout 59.
Fairview, Ore.: Su09 p15.
Faith Lutheran Church: Su70 p32.
Falby, (Falbe) Helen: Fa95 p56.
Falby’s Cafeteria (Ros): Sp86 p17; Su88 p39; Fa91 p56.
Falk, Sea Capt. (Coos Bay): Sp72 p19.

Fall Creek (is actually Glide) Covered Bridge (LR): Cover Su65 p2 (error, corrected in Fa65 p7);
photo Wi10 p20.
Fallberg, Rudy & Eileen (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Fallin, B.F., Dr. (MC): Fa68 p71.
Fallin, Susie (MC): Wi88 p88.
Family Finance: Fa10 p8.
“Family Memories of the Mt. Taft Ski Area”: Mark Sohn Wi19 p15-20.
“Family of Bert Joseph Laurance”: Ruby Laurance Wetzel Sp91 p18-22.
Family Theaters: Su13 p17.
“Famous Christmas Dance of 1866”: Wi83 p75-88.
Fan Festival & Fashion Show: Su03 p41.
Fancher, Carrol: Sp06 p17.
Fancher, Reid: Fa20 p12.
Fancher, Lucia (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Fandango Pass: Fa02 p56.
Fannan Hotel (Dr): Wi76 p74.
“Fannie” schooner: Wi75 p75.
Fanning Mills: Fa67 p7.
Farenbaugh, Aelred & Allena Brown: Fa70 p58; Su78 p30; Sp85 p5; Fa95 photo p60,61; Sp03
p23; Su12 p4; Cover Wi12 p2,8; Su19 p19.
Children: Mary Lynn, Grace, Gay. Wi12 p8; Su19 p20.
Farenbaugh, Allena “Al” Waltermate Brown (1 st Mrs. Sam L Rose, 2 nd Mrs. Aelred Farenbaugh):
Fa70 p58; Sp85 p5; Sp03 p23; Su03 p31; Su12 p4; Cover Wi12 p8.
Farenbaugh, Gay: Su19 pp19-24.
Farenbaugh, Grace: Wi12 p8.
Farm Bureau Cooperative exchange: News Review ad for, Wi02 p76; Su05 p20; Wi08 p11; Wi09
p9; Su19 p5.
Farmer Family Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p12.
Farmer, James & Mrs.: Wi96 p93; DLC Wi11 p12.
Farmer, J.E. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Farnsworth, John: Su19 p25.
Farnsworth, Robert & Katherine “Kate” Bacon: cover Su05 p2; photo Su93 p44.
Farnsworth, Stanley (Ump): photo Fa74 p59; Sp88 p12; photo Su05 p8.
Farquar Island: see Elk Island.
Farquhar-Dingee Horsepower: Fa67 p13,19.
Farrell, George: Roseburg Ct. Manager Su03 p34.
Farrens, Nicholas J. (Elg-CoV): Wi83 p77; Wi96 p75.
Farris, Jack & Son’s Hardware (Ros): Fa00 p56.
“Fat Tom”: Su74 p35.
Fate, David (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Fate Grade (DC-Til): Wi91 p82.
Fathayer, Ada (Ros): Sp87 p15.
“Father of Oregon State College”: George B. Abdill Wi68 pp77-80.
Fats McCurdy, Confections (Oak): Wi03 p28.


Faulkner, Art: Sp22 p7.
Fautheree, Andy (Ros): Wi87 p91.
“Favorite” river steamer: Sp72 p19.
Fawcett, F.H.: Fa89 p62,63.
Fawcett, Joshua (MC): Fa74 p63.
“Fawn”, brig: Fa75 p69; Su77 p26; Su87 p35.
Fay, James D. & Gertrude Applegate: Wi96 p90, photo 92.
Children: James Jr. “Jimmy” Wi96 pp93,94.
“Fearless” Tug: Fa65 p18; Sp72 p19.
Fearn, Jake (Yon): Sp93 p6.
Children: Mac, Ronney
Fearn, Mac: (Yon): Sp93 pp6,9.
Fearn, Ronney (Yon): Sp93 pp6,9.
Fearn, Sam (Yon): Sp93 p6.
Federal Building (Ros): photo Fa77 p65; Sp91 p14; photo Su98 p39.
Federal Historic Preservation Grants: Sp85 p10; Su03 p43.
“Federal Indian Policy in the Umpqua Sub-Agency, 1853-56”: Wi84 p75, Christian Kadas
Feldcamp, Barton David “Bob” & Phyllis Jorgensen: Wi09 photo p8 et seq.
Children: Steve, Doug, Jim.
Feldcamp, Doug: Wi09 p10, photo 11 & 13.
Feldcamp, Jerry: Wi09 p8.
Feldcamp, Jim: Wi09 p10.
Feldcamp, Ormond J. & Josephine (Ros): Fa91 p69; Wi09 p3 et seq. photos p5; Wi23 p13.
Children: Barton, Jerry
Feldcamp, Phyllis: Wi09 p3, photo 8 & 13.
Feldcamp, Steve & Jerri Farinosa: Wi09 p10, photo 11 & 13.
Feller, Francis (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Felt: a logger Fa01 p52.
Felton, Mr.: Su16 p7.
Fenley, Price (Elk): Sp73 pp7,8.
Fenner, A.W. & Emma Floed: Wi18 p5.
Fenner, Lyle & Helen White Cordon Fenner: Su23 p8
Fenton Stage Line: Su71 p47.
Ferrin, Deb: Wi19 p11.
Ferry Boat: photo Fa06 p10.
Fest, Joe (Ros): Wi86 p91; Su95 p38.
Fest, Walter Wolfgang (Eden): Su91 p32,33; Su95 p38; Sp99 p4.
Children: Joe, Robert, Alice, Su91 p33.
Fetter, Jane: Sp03 p 23.
Fetter, Mary Ellen Darby: Fa95 p51,61; Su98 p32; Sp00 p20; Sp01 p21; Sp03 p23; Su09 p3.
Fetters, Pearl: Fa89 p62.
Ferguson Ranch (aka Perdue Place) (DC): Wi11 p5.
Ferguson Sawmill (CaV): Sp06 p21.
Ferguson Family (Eden): Su91 p34.


Ferguson, Emily Weber, Mrs.: Su91 p27, photo 28; Fa95 p54.
Ferguson, Mr. & Floy Strader: Sp91 p14; Su96 p37.
Ferguson, Mrs. (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Ferguson, Alec (Eden): Su91 p34.
Ferguson, Annie (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Ferguson, Archie & Emily Weber (Ros): Sp74 p3; Fa77 pp51,52; Su81 p27; Wi86 p77; Su91
p27,34; Fa95 p54.
Ferguson, Catherine (GV): Fa77 p54.
Ferguson, Donald (Eden): Su91 p34; Su11 p13.
Ferguson, Hector (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Ferguson, Helen: Su91 p34.
Ferguson, John & Mrs. (Eden): Su81 p27; Su91 p34; Edenbower poem by Mrs. Fa04 p3; Wi13
Children: Don, Helen Su91 p34.
Fern Florist Shop (Ros): Su91 p45; Fa91 pp59,63; Sp23 p27.
Fernvale, Ore. (Glen): Sp72 p2; Fa94 p68; sawmill photo Fa06 p5; Post Office Su11
p13, photo p16.
Fickle, Mr. (Ros): Su85 p45.
Fiddle Creek: Wi11 p4.
Fields, Alpheus: Wi71 p91,95; photo Sp74 p11; Sp11 p14.
Fields, Dr. (Gard): Fa69 p71.
Fields, Gay (Ros): Wi91 p75.
Fields, Margaret: Su03 p51.
Fierce, Mary A. (CoV): Su93 p34.
Fifty-four forty or Fight: Fa18 p14.
Filer, Irene Hathaway: Wi90 p75,88.
Filer, June Hathaway: Wi90 p75.
Fillmore, Pres. Millard: Wi06 p19.
Finch, Mr. & Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 pp28,31,40.
Findlay Family (Eden): Su91 p35.
Fink, Mr. (Ros): Su80 p40.
Fink, A.A. (Ros): Wi75 p78.
Fink, James: Wi97 p90.
Finlay Field (RHS): Wi23 p11.
Finlay, Dr. Gilbert Christopher & Ethel Mae nee Skinner: Fa73 pp56,65; Fa95 p50, photo 53;
photo Fa00 p70; Wi23 cover photo, p6, bio of pp9-14, 15.
Children: Gilbert Jr., James
Finlay, Gilbert Jr.: Wi23 p9
Finlay, Hannah: Wi23 p15.
Finlay, James & Agnes Callie: Wi23 p9.
Children: Gilbert Christopher
Finlay, Dr. James: Wi23 p10, et seq.
Finlay, Ryan: Wi23 p15.
Finlay, Tom: Sp06 p16.


Finley, Marie: Su15 p12.
“Finn Reel” (Tip Hill): writer of “Fish of the North Umpqua River”: Fa08 p14.
Fir Grove ala Ada Cemetery-1899 Wi11 p4.
Fir Grove School, (Ros): Su83 p33; Wi86 p89; Sp01 p22.
Fir Manufacturing Co. (Firmco) (MC): Fa01 pp55,56.
Fire of 1884: Fa00 p51.
Firebomb Balloons: Su20 p3.
Fireman, Peter: Wi65 p12; Sp66 p21.
Firman, Anna Marie Strickling: Sp86 p17.
Firman, Dick: Sp22 pp4,5.
“First Aid at the Red Cross Meeting”: Margie Brown Fa98 p69.
“First Christian Church of Myrtle Creek”: Wi88 p88.
First Christian Church of Roseburg: Sp99 p4.
First Interstate Bank of Oregon: Su97 p41.
First National Bank of Oakland: Sp69 photo p12.
First National Bank of Oregon: Su97 p36.
First National Bank of Roseburg: photo Fa72 p65; Fa75 p56; Fa91 p61; photo Su97 p32,33,36;
Sp22 p14.
First Oregon Cavalry: Sp19 p4.
First Paved road in Oregon: Su09 p15.
First Presbyterian Church of Roseburg: Su75 p34; photo Su98 p34; Cover Sp99 p2, photo 5,7,
Kruse deed 11, floor plans 12,13, photo 15; Fa00 p64; Fa21 p3; Su22 p15.
“First Presbyterian Church of Roseburg, A History of”: Sp99 Issue.
First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Creek: Sp99 p8, photo 17.
First Presbyterian Church of Oakland: Sp99 p8, photo 16.
First Presbyterian Church of Sutherlin: Su78 p29; Sp99 p8.
First Presbyterian Church of Wilbur: Sp99 p8.
First Presbyterian Church of Yoncalla: Sp99 p8.
First State Bank of Sutherlin: Fa86 pp68,69; Su97 p45.
First State & Savings Bank (Ros): cover Su97 pp26,36,41; Su23 p8.
“First Telephone in Douglas County”: Don Good Sp09 p4.
First Trust & Savings Bank (Ros): Su97 p41.
Fish Creek (NUmp): Fa73 p70; Fa91 p55; Sp23 p19.
Fish Creek (SUmp): Fa22 p16.
Fish, judge: Wi68 p74.
Fish Lake (SUmp): Wi73 p79,82.
Fish Lake Creek: Sp68 p12.
“Fish of the Umpqua River”: Newspaper column by Tip Hill Fa08 p13.
Fisher, Mr. (Ros): “Review” editor, Wi97 p76.
Fisher, Adam & Melissa Jones (GV): Sp74 p3; Su91 p26.
Children: Emma.
Fisher, Ben: Su08 p7.
Fisher, Billy (Kel): Wi72 p91.
Fisher, Dr. & Mrs.: Sp76 p9; Sp08 photo p6.


Fisher, E. Roy & Jennie Hager: Su79 p39.
Children: Eugene
Fisher, Eldon (Sb): Su93 p30.
Fisher, Emma (Mr. Morris Weber): photo Wi17p18.
Fisher, Eugene & Marian Beezley then Gena Swearingen (Kel): Su79 pp41,42.
Children: Janet (Mrs. Wally Cegauske) Su79 p42.
Fisher, J.H.: Su66 p18.
Fisher, Janet: Sp17 p22.
Fisher, John & Sarah E. Olmstead (Tm): Fa76 pp64,69.
Children: 13
Fisher, Marvin (Sut): Wi95 p83; Wi99 p86, et seq. photo 87.
Fisher, Mary: photo Wi17p18.
Fisher, Mattie: Su01 p35.
Fisher, Mss. Minnie & Mae: Sp17 p17.
Fisher, Norman & Elnore: Sp22 p19.
Fisher, Roy (Elkton): Sp68 p3,5; Wi72 p95.
Fisher, Mrs. Walter: Fa20 p13.
Fisher, W.S.: Fa85 p54.
Fisher, William H. & Mary Maupin (Ros): Su79 p39; Su97 p41; Fa20 p12.
Children: E. Roy + 4 more. Su79 p39.
Fisher, William “Bud: & Virginia (Ros): house photo Su95 p41.
Fisher, Willie (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Fishers Cove, (Gard): cannery at photo Wi83 p95; picnic photo Su16 p16.
Fisher’s Department Store (Ros): Su91 p45; Fa95 p51; Su99 p30; Su09 p6.
Fishers Grove, Kellogg: Wi81 p76.
Fishing, Commercial: Su08, chaps. 3 & 4, incl Columbia and Rogue Rivers.
Fishing photos: Sp65 p17; Fa06 p6; Fa81 p64.
Fishing, Sport accounts: Fa81 p66; Wi81 p82,83; Wi83 p93; Wi86 pp75,86; Sp89 pp9-14; Su02
pp30,35,45; Su04 p16; Fa06 p6.
Fisk Fruit Farm: Sp22 p17.
Fiske, Eugene R. Dr. & Charlotte Grubb (Sb): Sp67 p16; Wi67 p18; Sp69 p17; Su75 p41; Wi77
p89; Fa99 p55; Su00 pp29,31; Sp02 pp11, et seq.; misspelled in Su10 p18; cover photo, bio,
Sp23 pp4-11.
Daughter Vivian Percival Fiske, Sp23 p10.
Fitch, George photo Sp70 p14.
Fitzgerald & Brobant (Winc): Wi93 p76.
Fitzgerald, Terry: Su19 p8.
Fitzhugh Trail: Su68 p40.
Fitzhugh, Mr. (Ros): Fa70 p50.
Fitzhugh, George: Fa78 p70.
Fitzhugh, J.S., Judge: Fa85 p52; Sp86 p6.
Fitzhugh, John (Clev): Sp69 p17; Sp78 p7; Wi83 p75, et seq.
Children: Lafayette Sp78 p7.
Fitzhugh, Solomon: Su67 p17; Su68 p43; Wi75 p90; Sp76 p12; Fa80 p70; Wi92 p88; Su16 p7.


Children: George, Mrs. Rolls (internet source) Nancy (Mrs. Alston Martindale)
Fitzpatrick Creek: Sp73 p18.
Fitzpatrick, W.C. (MC): cover Su94 p26.
Fivemile Creek: Fa11 p13.
Fjelseth, Ester (Ros): Fa86 pp51, photo 56, Fa91 p55.
Flammang, Laceta: Su19 p32.
(Flanigan-sic) Flanagan, Father: Sp00 p13.
Flanagan, James (CoosB): Sp10 p3.
Flanagan, Patrick: Sp10 p3.
Children: James.
Flavel, George C., Sea Capt.: Su65 p14; Sp69 p2.
Flegel, Al, Mayor, Commisioner (Ros): Su70 p32; Sp88 p11; Sp91 p20; photo Fa10 p14,15; Sp22
Flegel Transfer and Storage (Ros): Su03 p35.
Fleming Hill Tavern: photo Wi68 p94; Sp69 p30; photo Su69 p32.
Flemming, Dave (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Flett, John: Wi66 p2; Su74 p34; Wi75 p93.
Children: Sarah (Mrs. Thomas Brown) Wi75 p93.
Flett, William (Cnv): Su10 p17.
Flinn, John, Rev. & Mary A. Royal (Sb): Fa79 pp60,69; Sp19 p7.
Flint Addition: Su23 p6.
Flint & Crane Co.; Sp67 p14; Sp86 p6; Su96 p41.
Flint Falls: Fa22 p18.
Flint & Morgan: Su75 p32.
Flint, Mr. (Ros): Wi69 p81, Fa70 p50.
Flint, Addison Richardson & Elizabeth Cragin: Wi67 p2; Wi69 p92, photo 93; Wi72 p83; Su75
p34; Fa75 p50,51,60; Wi75 p90; Fa79 pp58,62; Sp86 pp3, et seq.; Wi90 p91; Wi92 p88; Wi93
pp76,93; Sp99 p6, photo 9,10; misspelled in Su08 p7; Wi08 pp3,4; Fa09 pp3,4; Su10 p18;
Sp15 p12; Wi20 p8; Fa21 p3; Fa22 p18.
Children: Helen Azubah (Dearborn), Sarah Elizabeth (Morgan), Isabel (Watson), Samuel
Collins, Martha Virginia
Flint, Mrs. Coly: Su01 p31.
Flint, Helen A. (UAs): Fa79 pp55,58,70.
Flint, Isabelle (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Flint, J.C. (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Flint, Jennie (Ros): Sp76 p18.
Flint, Purdy (Rid): Wi70 p85.
Flint, Samuel Collins & Marie Selden (Ros): Su72 p45; Wi88 p78; Su97 p31; Sp99 p2; Su01 p31;
photo Sp08 pp5,12; Wi20 p9; Su22 p16 et. seq.; Fa22 p9 et. seq; Wi22 p13.
Flint, Sarah E. (UAs): Fa79 p55,56.
“Floating Boxes”: Wi10 p4.
Floed & Co. (J.C. Floed Jr. & Virgil Conn: Su72 p45; Su75 p30; Sp79 pp6,7; Su89 p39; Wi15 p11.
Floed-Lane House: Fa67 p7; Sp85 p3 et seq. photo 12; Sp88 p23; Sp99 p4; Wi01 pp85,89, photo

90; Su03 pp2,23; Su03 p30 et seq., 1858 deed 42; Wi06 p3; Sp07 p20; Wi08 pp7,16; Su12 p2
et seq.; Cover Fa12 et seq.; Wi12 p2, et seq; Fa18 p5; Su19 p22.
“Floed-Lane House and the Douglas County Historical Society”: Sp85 pp3-12.
Floed-Lane House Souvenir Plate: Su03 pp36,37,41, Sp09 p23.
Floed, (Flood) Fred (Ros): Wi97 p90.
Children: Hickory Carter, photo Wi18 p9.
Floed, John Creed & Sarah Emma “Emily” Lane: Fa79 p63; Sp85 p2,6, house photo p7 portrait
p9; Wi67 p6; Wi71 p89; Sp86 p6; Sp88 p23; Wi90 p91; Wi93 p85; Wi01 pp89,93; Sp07 p20;
Wi08 p3,6; Su12 p15; Fa12 pp15,16, mini bio p17; Wi12 p21; Wi15 p13; Fa18 p2, et seq.;
Wi18 p2; Wi21 p12; Wi22 p22.
Children: Mary (Mrs. F.P. Hogan), Emma (Mrs. A.W. Fenner) Wi18 p5, J.C. Floed Jr., S. Fred,
Lavina, Margaret E. “Maggie”(Mrs. William Long Chapman), Fa12 p17; photo Fa18 p7.
Floed, John C. Jr. & Mollie Abraham: Wi67 p6; Su12 p15; Fa12 p16; Fa15 p11; photo Wi18 p6;
Su22 p16 et. seq.; Fa22 p9 et. seq.
Floed, J.C. Jr. & Conn, Virgil: Su72 p45; Wi15 p11.
Floed, Lavina: Fa12 p17.
Floed, Margaret “Maggie” E.: Fa12 p17; Fa18 p7, et seq.; Cover Wi18 p2.
Floed, Mary Emma (Mrs. Frank Pierce Hogan): Fa18 p2,5; Wi22 p23.
Floed, Sarah Emily Lane: Fa12 photo p5 (not Polly Lane, as captioned in error),15; Wi12 p22.
Floed, S. Fred: Wi71 p89; Su96 p42; Fa12 p17; Wi15 p13.
Flollet, Vesta: Sp17 p10.
Flood of 1861: Sp65 pp12-15, photo p14; Su65 p3,14,16; Fa65 p7; Fa75 p67; Su77 p26; Fa78
p51; Wi79 p74; Sp82 p4; Sp84 p9; Su84 p44; Subject of Su00 p26-47; Sp02 pp4,16; Su05 p10;
Wi05 p7; photo Su06 p9,10; Su10 p5; Sp11 p19.
“Flood and Winter of 1861-62”: William Barber Su00 issue.
Flood of 1964: Fa01 p67, photo 68; Wi03 p23,24; Su05 pp10,20; photo Su06 pp9,10; Wi08 p16;
Wi10 p18; Sp11 p19.
Flook, Anna (Mrs. T.W. Newland): Wi68 p80.
Flook, Dollie (Mrs. Levi Smith): Wi68 p80.
Flook, Ellen: Wi68 p80.
Flook, Henry (Ros): Wi68 p80.
Flook, John Gurley Jr. & Ellen Smith then Arizona Rose McBride (Ros): Wi68 p77, photo p78, et
seq.; Fa85 p68; Wi85 p88; Su21 p13.
Children: Jessie & Ellen by Ellen, Wi68 p80.
Flook, John Sr. & Sarah Durough (Tm): Wi68 p77, photo 78, et seq.
Children: William, John Gurly Jr., Orville, Henry, Mary (Mrs. Ireland), Anna (Mrs. T.W.
Newland), Dollie (Mrs. Levi Smith).
“Father of Oregon State College”: Wi68 p77-80 by George Abdill.
Flook, Mary (later Ireland): Wi68 p80.
Flook, Orville (Ola): Wi68 p80.
Flook, William (Ros): Wi68 pp77,80.
“Flora” sloop: Su65 p13.
Florence, Ore.: Fa13 p22.
Flournoy Valley: Sp76 p20; Sp79 p2; school Wi85 p89; Fa06 p6; Post Office Su11 p14; Road Fa11


“Flournoy & Hartin Families”: Virginia Hartin McKay Su96 p27-35.
Flournoy, Hoy Bernard & Mary: Sp65 p9; Sp69 p23; Fa70 p51 et seq.; Su75 p35; Fa75 pp64,71;
Su80 p26; Wi80 p75, et seq.; Su93 p34; Su96 p27,29, photos pp32,34,37; Sp98 p3; Fa07 p19,
photo p20; Su11 photo p14; Fa11 p5.
Children: Rowland, Jones H., Mary Jane (Mrs. John Hamilton Hartin), Polly Ann (Ward),
Adeline (Wisner), Pauline (Newton), Emaline (Cifer), Angeline (Parker), Thomas, Susannah
(Auberry). Wi80 p79.
Flournoy, Jones: Sp69 p23.
Flornoy, Mary Ann (later Mrs. Frazier Ward): Fa07 p19.
Flournoy, Mary E. (Gage)(Phipps): Wi01 p80.
Flournoy, Roland & Margaret Simpson: Sp69 p23; Su96 pp33,35,37.
Flournoy, Sadie (later Mrs. Joe Sheridan): Wi01 p78; Sp06 pp20,21.
Flournoy, Thomas: Su80 p26; Wi80 pp75,77.
Floyd, John B.: Sp76 p2.
Fly Fishing: Fa10 p6.
“Flying Barns”: Wi10 p4.
“Flying Yankee Mule Train, The”: Fa75 p58; Fa07 p13.
Foley, A.N.: Su75 p41.
Folk, Harrison, Dr.: Wi65 p9.
Folk Life Festival (DCM): Wi82 p90.
Food Conservation campaign: Su23 p6.
“Footsteps on the Umpqua”: Jerry Winterbotham Su03 p49; Fa08 p11.
Forbes, Mr.: Fa04 p9.
Forbes, Robert (Clev): Wi83 p75, et seq..
Ford Addition (Dil): Fa06 p23.
Ford Lumber Company (Roseburg Lumber Company): Wi89 p92; Wi03 p29.
Ford, model T: Sp73 p8; Sp77 p4; Run Abouts Sp91 p18; Fa91 p69; Sp00 p16; Su02 p27; photo
Wi03 p19.
Ford Tri Motor airplane: Su05, photo p16.
Ford, Kenneth W.: Wi82 p76; Wi89 p92; Sp91 p2; Fa92 p52; House photo Fa95 p70.
Ford, Nathaniel; Sp02 p6.
Ford’s Camp (Np): Wi03 p23.
Fordson Tractor: Fa91 p69; Wi95 p82, photo 84.
Foreman, J.H.: Wi68 p74.
“Forest Fires on the Douglas-Coos County Border”: Ray Sims Sp97 p18, map 19.
Forest Glen Hospital/Senior Home: Wi71 p74; Wi11 p7; Wi12 p6,14.
Forest Guard: Wi00 pp76,78.
“Forest King” schooner: Sp72 p19.
Forest Reserve Act of 1897: Su84 p32.
Forestry Exposition: Glide Su03 p46.
Forks, The: see Umpqua Junction.
Forrest, Richard A. (Cala): Su72 p30,32; Su89 pp27,29.
Forrester, Fanny: poem by Wi13 p16.


Forsythe, William L.: Su11 p21.
Fort Astoria: Sp65 p5.
Fort Bailey (Cow Creek): Sp75 p3; Wi77 p94.
Fort Birdseye: Fa85 p50.
Fort Cow Creek: Wi70 p83.
Fort Crook: Sp68 p19.
Fort Elliff (Aza): Wi11 p14; Wi14 p15,16,17.
Fort George: Sp65 pp5,6.
Fort Gordon (LCC): Sp75 p3, et seq.
Fort Gridley: Fa76 p72.
Fort Hall, Idaho: Sp72 p12; Sp00 p3; Sp02 pp3,7.
Fort Hoskins: Su74 p34; Su75 p33; Sp76 p9; Su16 p12.
Fort Illinois (Rogue River): Wi67 p8.
Fort Kellogg: Fa99 p63.
Fort Klamath: Sp70 p8; Fa73 p64; Sp83 p2.
Fort Lane: Wi69 p94; Wi06 p21; Sp07 p19; Explanation of Sp16 p8.
Fort Leland: Wi77 p92; Wi91 p93.
Fort McKay, Old: See Fort Umpqua, Old.
Fort McKay Road: Fa88 p51; Wi11 p16.
Fort Mills (?): Wi18 p22.
Fort Smith (UCC): Sp75 p3; Fa75 p68; Wi77 p94.
Fort Stephens: Fa08 p21.
Fort Sumter: Wi01 p87.
Fort Umpqua, Old (#1) aka McKay’s Old Fort, aka The Old Establishment (at forks of Calapooia &
Main Umpqua River. Estab. Circa 1828): Su65 p6; Fa65 p10; Wi65 p3; Sp66 p11; Sp76 p20;
Sp84 p3; Su05 pp4,12,21; Sp12 p10; Fa21 p13.
Fort Umpqua, Middle (Elkton, #2 built circa 1838, Ft. McKay at mouth of Calapooia built in
1828): Sp65 site photo p5; artifact photos from, Sp66 p14; floor plan of Su66 p4; Fa66 pp3, et
seq.; Wi66 p5; Fa67 p5; Su69 p43; Sp72 pp3, names of Hawaiians at 9,12; Wi73 p92; Su74
p35; Su75 p40; Fa75 pp50,64; Wi93 p75; Fa98 p51, Lyman sketch of 54; Su00 p34; Wi00 p75;
Sp02 p17; Fa02 p51; Su03 p38; Sp10 p18; Su10 p6; Fa 13 p6,12,22; Fa19 p5; Sp23 p7.
“Fort Umpqua Marker Dedicated”: Su67 p10.
Fort Umpqua, Lower (Gard) (#3) Sp65 p13,14; Su69 p27; Fa69 pp51, sketch of 52,56
(established 1856, not 1850, ed.),63; Sp72 p22; Wi72 p87; Su74 p34; Su75 pp33,47; Sp76
pp2,9; Fa86 p70; 1856 photo of Su87 p33, C.L. Smith sketch of p34; Su00 p34,38; site photo
Fa05 p21; 1856 photo of Su87 p33; C.L. Smith sketch of p34; Wi11 p12; Fa19 p17.
“Fort Umpqua, Bastion of Empire”: Norman Schlesser Wi73 p83.
Fort Umpqua Cemetery (1856) (Reed): Wi11 p12.
Fort Vancouver, Wash.: Sp68 p2; Su00 p35; Sp10 p18; Sp13 p3.
“Fort Vancouver Letters”: Dr. John Mcloughlin Sp72 p7.
Fort Wimberly (LR): Sp00 p21.
Fort Yamhill: Su75 p33.
Fortin Family: (CoV): Sp65 p9; Su05 p7.
Fortin, Ferdinand “Ferd” (Elg-Ump): Fa74 pp68,69; Su80 p26; Wi80 p75; Wi96 p75; Su05 pp6,7.


Fortin, Kenneth: Su05 p16.
Fortune Branch (Glen): Su85 p37; Sp12 p20.
Fortune Branch aka Burch family (Aza): Graves Wi11 p12.
Fortune, John: Sp19 p16.
Forty, Robert (PO): Fa68 p63.
Fosback, Joan: Fa01 p69.
Fosback, Ollie: Sp22 p6.
Fosback Store: Su06 p17.
Foster Ranch (CS): Sp78 p20.
Foster, Clyde: Wi00 p94.
Foster, Frances (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Foster, J.D.: Su67 p12.
Foster, Jack: Sp22 p4.
Foster, James (Grande Ronde Police): photo Wi84 p86.
Foster, Perry & Mrs.: Wi86 pp82, photo p92.
Foster, Roy (Nump): Fa90 p58; Wi00 pp80,90.
Foster, Thomas Britain & Inez Gilliland: Su89 p46.
Child: Margaret.
Foulke, Jan: “Dolls” Magazine Sp19 p24.
Four Corners (Dixonville): Wi76 p76; Sp99 p14.
Four-H (4H) Club: Su02 p43, O. A. C. summer school 44; Sp06 p18.
“Forty Years a Pioneer”: W.W. Baker Su81 p32.
Fowler Street Bridge: photo Fa10 p7
Fowler, Richard: Wi08 pp16,19.
Fowler, Steve (Ros): Wi08 p6.
Fox Creek (Nump): Wi00 p76.
Fox Farm (Eden): Su91 p33.
Fox & Herschel: Su00 p30.
Fox, Fred: photo Sp70 p14.
Fox, Mrs. G.B. (Glen): Sp66 p19.
Fox, John (Nump, Fox Creek): Wi86 p84; Fa92 p63.
Fraback, Donald C., Dr.: Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22.
Fraback, Ron: Memories, Sp22 pp8,9.
Frachtenberg, Leo J.: Wi69 p96.
Frain, James, sea Capt.: Fa78 p52.
Frances Creek (SUmp): Wi91 p88.
Francis, Carl H.: Wi66 p2,24; Wi84 p76.
“Francis Helen” brig: Wi69 p74.
Francis, George: Fa01 p71.
Francis, Josef, Sr. & Catherine Applegate: Su13 p9.
Children: Joseph Theodore “Ted” + older brother.
Francis, Joseph Theodore “Ted” & Grace Heater: Sp13 p21; Su13 pp5,6, bio & photos 9,10.
Franco, Angeline: Sp22 pp10,13.
Franco, Lou: Sp22 p5,6; Bio of Sp22 pp10-15.


Franco, Pasquale: Sp22 p10.
Franco, Pat: Sp22 p11.
Franco Trucking: Sp22 p13.
Frank McGinnis Creek: Su15 p12.
Frank, Mr. (Ros): 2 nd hand store Fa91 p65,67.
Franklin, Charles (Elk): Sp73 p7.
“Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper”: Fa69 p51.
Franz, F.W. (Sut): Fa86 p68.
Fraser, George (CS): Sp78 p22.
Fraser, John, furniture maker (Wil): Wi15 p14.
Fraser, Minnie (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Frater, Capt. (Gl): Su83 p44.
Frater, George: Fa71 p55; Sp80 p13.
Frater, George (Rid): Sp80 p14.
Frater, James: Sp80 p14.
Frater, William A. & Isabella West (Ros): Sp80 p13, photo p15.
Children: James, George, Ann (Mrs. Ireland), LaAmi Etta (Mrs. Lincoln Blackwell), Mrs. Daisey,
“W.A. Frater”: Sp80 p13-16 by George Abdill
“Fraudulent Land Claims in Oregon”: Su84 p31-32.
Fredericks, Mr. (Sb-Dr): Su73 p47.
Fredricksen, Nels (LL): Wi73 p93.
Fredrickson, Miss (Ros): Su99 p27; Su09 p4.
Fredrickson, O.F. (Speck); Sp22 p3.
Free, Moses: Wi65 p12.
Fread, Jack: Su19 p27,28.
Frear Bridge (Gl): Sp92 p7.
Frear, Floyd Capwell & Mrs (Ros): Sp74 p16; Su84 p46; Fa88 pp62,63; Wi91 p92; Sp92 p2, et
seq.; Su95 p34; Wi95 p92; Wi10 p6,9,12; Sp11 p8 et seq.
Children: Donald, Dorothy (later Hult), Sp92 p5,9.
“Frear, Floyd Capwell”: Ella Mae Young Sp92 p3-14.
Frear, H.J.: Wi88 p79; Sp08 p13.
Freeman aka Freeman Family Cemetery-1864 (Wins): Wi11 p13.
Freeman, Mr.: Fa75 p71.
Freeman, H.M. (Winc): Su08 p7.
Freeman, J. DLC (Win): Wi11 p13.
Freeman, James E. (UC): Sp93 p18.
Freer, H. J.: Sp08 p13.
“Freight Wreck near the Byers Hogback”: George Abdill Wi70 p75.
Freman, John (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Fremont, John C.: Fa75 p68, Wi77 p78; Wi93 p78.
Fremont Jr. Hi School: Su19 p7.
French Creek Ranch (Gl): Su82 p41.
French Creek (UCC); Su11 p5, Wi11 p13.


French Creek aka French Settlement (not Roseburg) Cemetery (UCC) Wi11 p13.
French, Giles: “Cattle Country of Pete French” Fa66 p17.
French “Hi”: Sp85 p13.
French, H.S. (Ros): House photo Su98 p38.
French, Ike (Aza): Wi11 p13.
French, Isaac N.: Su11 p5; Su15 p13.
French, John: Su15 p13.
French, Mooder: Su15 p13.
French, Moody: Sp76 p21.
Children: 2 sons.
French, Pete: Fa66 p14.
French Prairie: Fa19 p20.
French, Sampson “Moody” & Isabelle, Lavadour: Su15 p13.
Children: thirteen including Moody, Delilah, Joseph, Mary, Ann, Louise B.
French Settlement, Ore.: Su68 p34,39; Su71 p47; Su72 p36; Fa72 p50; Su74 p48; Su75 p35;
Sp76 p20; Su80 p26,47; Fa80 p70; Fa81 p66; Su01 p44; Su12 p6; Sp16
p10; Wi17 p5,8.
French Settlement Post Office: Sp98 p10; Su11 p14.
French Settlement School: photo Sp98 p12,15; Su05 p4; student photo Wi17 p19.
French Settlement Shooting: Fa70 p55.
“French Settlement”: Ella May Young Wi80 pp75-79.
“French Settlement and Melrose, The Story of”: Sp98 pp3-15 by Crystal Fenn Conn
French Settlement aka Melrose Cemetery -1854 Wi96 p79; Sp98 p10; Sp12 p6,17.
Frentress, Paul (MC); Sp87 p11.
Fresh, Bob: Su19 p25.
Fresno grader: Wi91 p90; Fa06 p21.
Frey, William (Glen): Sp66 pp17,18,19.
Freydig, Francis (Sut): Su78 p29.
Freydig, Margarite (Sut): Su78 p29.
Freyer, Charlie (Kel): Sp73 p14.
Freyer, John A. & Mary Kellogg (Kel): Fa67 pp13,15; Su77 pp39,48.
Children: Wallace
Freyer, Wallace “Wall” (Kel): Fa67 p15; Sp73 p13,14; Su73 p47.
Frick & Co.: “Eclipse” line engines Fa67 p19.
Friedman, Barbara: Su71 p40.
Frier Cemetery: Wi11 pp10,13.
Frier, Earl: Wi11 p10.
Frier, or Freyer, John: see Fryer.
Friend, Andy (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Friend, John & Mary Jane Doney (Tm): Wi75 p85.
Friend, William (Tm): Wi75 p85.
Friendly Exchange Garden Club: Fa07 p19.
Friends of the Library: Sp03 pp16,18,19.
Friends of the Douglas County Museum: Su70 p33; Wi82 p84,90; Sp03 p16; Fa07 p19.


Friet, Mr.: Su90 p30.
Frizzell, Lefty: Sp22 p6.
Froehlich, Francis (Morrison) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
“From a Trapper of Furs to a Farmer”: SUHS “Pioneer Days” by Edith Moore, Su15 p20.
“From Iowa to the Umpqua Country”: George Abdill Wi71 p75-84.
“From the Journal of Saphronia Brown”: Su01 pp27-47.
“From the Umpqua to Tce’l-u”: Lavola Bakken Wi69 p89-96, continued Sp70 p7-9.
Frost, Oren: Su88 p31.
Frow: Sp94 p9.
Frozen Creek (NoMC): Sp88 p6.
Frozen Creek gravesite (NoMC): Wi11 p13.
Fruit drying: Sp82 p7.
Fryer & Leeds (Gard): Fa69 p67; Su18 p8.
Fryer, Able (Gard): Fa69 p64,67; Wi69 p74; Wi90 p81; Fa99 p66.
Fryer, Charlie (Kel): photo Wi67 p22.
Fryer, John Ambrose & Hulda Hedden (Kel): Wi67 p18,20; Wi72 p91; Sp77 p21; Wi90 p76, et
seq.; Fa99 p66; Su00 p44; photo Wi05 p6.
Children: Wallace “Wallie”
Fryer, Wallace “Wallie”: Wi67 p20,21; Sp77 p21.
Fugate Bros.: Wi08 p8.
Fugate, Herman: Wi08 p8.
Fuller Lake (Nump): Fa08 p11.
Fuller, James G. (Ros): Su74 p31; Fa09 p19.
Fullerton Rexall Drug Store: photo Su88 p44,45; photo Fa91 p60; Fa10 p5.
Fullerton School: Su99 pp30,32; boys Su09 p7, girls 8; Su19 p6; Fa21 p21.
Fullerton, Clyde: Fa82 p71.
Fullerton, J.B. (Cnv): photo Fa82 p71.
Fullerton, James C. Judge & Capt. & Clara Bunnell (Ros): Sp67 p18,19; Wi68 p76; Sp70 p12;
Wi91 p93; Wi97 p94; Sp08 p5,6; Wi08 p6,7; Sp19 p8, Fa21 p7.
Children: Nathan, Kate (Mrs. Prof. Thomas W. Graham)
Fullerton, John C. Sr. (Sheriff) & Jane Nancy Rolf (Cnv): Sp67 p16, et seq.; Sp70 p12; Su70 pp27
et seq.; Sp76 p13; Su80 p34,40; Sp85 p6; Fa85 p52; Wi91 p75 et seq., mini bio p93; Wi08 p3.
Fullerton, Kate (Mrs. Prof. Thomas W. Graham) (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Fullerton, Macham (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Fullerton, Nathan (Ros): Fa85 p52; Fullerton Rexall Drug Store.
Fulton, Charles, Sen.: Su84 p27.
Fund for Indigent Soldiers: Fa71 p55.
Funderbunk Construction Co.: Sp22 p13.
“Fur Trade on the Umpqua”: Dr. V.J. Anderson , 7 part series, 1-Sp65 pp4-6; 2-Su65 pp6-12;
3-Fa65 pp8-13; 4-Wi65 pp3-6; 5-Sp66 pp11-16; 6-Su66 pp3-9; 7-Fa66 pp3-8.
Furlong, Mamie (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Furlong, Susan (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Furnell, S.W. (Nofog): Wi86 p79; Fa92 p61,63.
Furry, Bob: Su19 pp7,8.


“Further Flournoy Memories”: Su96 p37 by Norma Strader Hatfield.
USS “Fury”: Wi02 p91.
G. Covach Co.: Su08 p14.
G. & I. Investment Co.: Sp22 p7.
Gaar-Scott: engines Fa67 p19.
Gabbert, Ferd (MC): Su83 p47; Wi20 p4.
Gaddis Family, The: Fa21 pp3-12.
Gaddis Brothers dairy (Ros): Fa21 p10.
Gaddis Park: Su83 p33; Fa21 p3.
Gaddis, Agnes “Echo”: (Ros): Fa85 p52; Wi20 p19; Su21 pp3,5 photo p6; Fa21 pp3,5,12.
Gaddis, Crawford, Judge & Sarah Ann Imbler (Ros): Sp68 p3; Su75 p34; Wi83 p85; Su93 p45;
Wi97 p90; Sp99 pp6,10; Wi10 p17; Su21 p3; Fa21 pp3, et. seq.
Children: Cassius Needon., Winfield Crawford, Agnes “Echo”, Clyde E., Earl Calvin.
Gaddis, Cassius “Cash” N. & Laura Belle Pinkston: Su21 pp3,5; Fa21 pp3,4,9.
Children: Valenting “Verne”, March Denaders, Cassius Jr., Dee: Fa21 pp4,9,11.
Gaddis, Clyde E. (Ros): Wi20 p18; Su21 pp3, photo p4,6; Fa21 pp3,5,7.
Gaddis, Earl Calvin & Katherine “Kate” Angle: Su21 pp3, photo 4,5; Fa21 pp3,7,photos 8,10.
Children: Dorothy Katherine, Albert Crawford, Fa21 p7.
Gaddis, Sarah Ann, Mrs. (Ros): Sp99 p10; Fa21 pp3,6.
Gaddis, Winfield “Winnie” C. “Winnie the Plumer”: Su21 p3; Fa21 pp3, et. seq.
“Gadget Queen of Clover Lane” Ferne Andrus: Su12 p23; Fa21 p23.
Gadway, William “Bill” & Eleanor Jean Myers Bean (Ros): Su90 pp46,47.
Gaedecke, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Gage, G.W. (Dil): Fa74 p65.
Gage, Gladys: Fa06 p11.
Gage, Joseph (Brk): Fa76 p55.
Children: Thomas
Gage, Thomas (Edward?) S. (Br) (RWV): Sp75 pp4,6; Fa76 pp55,56.
Gage, W.G. & Mrs. (Dil): Fa06 p11.
Children: Weldon, Gladys Fa06 p11.
Gage, W.W. logging: crew photo Fa06 p5.
Gage, Weldon: Fa06 p11.
Gagniersville: on map Wi13 p3.
Gagnier(w), Jean Baptiste & Angelique aka Jean and Nancy (HBC): Wi65 p3; Sp66 p16; Su66 p4,
et seq; Photo Fa66 pp4, mini bio 5-8; Wi66 p5; Su67 p10; misspelled here Wi73 p92; Su74
p35; Su75 p40; Fa75 p50; Sp84 p7; Fa98 pp51,52, photo 56; Fa02 p51; Fa13 photo pp12, et
Children, John, Fa66 p5.
Gagnier, John & Tillie Tronson: Fa66 p5.
Gagnon, Florence Emerence (Mrs. Hebert Petit then Mrs. Peter Grouslewis): Wi91 p94; Su15
Children: Clementine Petit (Mrs. Thomas Rondeau) Wi91 p94.
Gagnon, Luc & Julie Gregoire: Wi91 p94.


Children: Florence Emerence. Wi91 p94.
Gaines, Clarence: Sp88 p11; Fa01 p64.
Gaines, John P., Gov.: Wi77 p85; Fa80 p67; Wi06 p14,15; Sp07 p4; Fa12 p11; Fa19 p8.
Gaiter, John: Su65 p12.
Galbriath, Helen: photo Wi03 p12.
Galbraith, Isaac: Su65 p7.
Galbraith, J.W.: Sp78 p3.
Gale, Mr. (UCC): Su85 pp28,30; Su11 p14.
Gale, Henry H.: “Ensign” editor, Fa75 p64; Sp76 pp11,18; Wi97 p76, et seq., photo 82; Sp09
w/photo p18.
Gale, Phil: Sp08 p17.
Gale, Thomas: “Ensign” editor, Fa75 p64; Sp76 pp11,18; Wi97 p76, et seq., photo 82; Sp09
w/photo p18.
Galen, Samuel: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Galesville, Ore. (Glenville Sp85 p33, Su11 p14): Su67 p19; Wi68 p93; Fa75 p56; Sp78 p10; Su80
p30, stockade p36.
Galesville Dam: Su03 p44.
Galesville Inn: Sp85 p33.
Galesville Post Office: Fa75 p56; Su11 p5, photo p14;
Galesville Stage Station: Su67 p19; Sp71 p11.
Galesville Stockade: Su80 pp33,36.
Galla, Emile: Wi95 p94.
Gallagher Place (Dxv): on map Su99 p36.
Gallap, Homer: Sp92 p13; Wi10 p9.
Galmour, Dr. (Sut): Wi03 p20.
Galt, Robert: Sp76 p18.
Galvanized Houses: see Zinc Houses.
Galvin, John “Buckskin”: Sp69 p19.
Gamble, James: Fa09 p22.
Games: Marbles, anti-over, Town ball, cross out, dare base, trade, steal sticks, blackman, Keep
away, Sp78 p24.
Gamma Sigma Delta: Sp06 p18.
Gammon, Alice (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Gammon, Dora E. (Ros): (CS): photo Sp78 p21; Su94 p44, photo 47.
Gammon, Lester (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Gammon, William & Martha: Sp09 p7 photo p8.
Gammon, William H. & Della Winniford (Cala): Su94 p47.
Children: Dora E.
Gangiaw (Gagnaw, Gagnier, Gagniew) Molly: Wi01 p78.
Gangroe Gulch: Wi01 p78.
Gannaway, Ella (later Mrs. George Winniford): Su05 p21.
Gant, Levi (Kel): Wi67 p18.
Garden Bottom: See Garden Valley.
“Garden City Clipper” plow: Fa75 p57.


Garden Hills: Sp21 p12.
Garden Valley (pna Garden Bottom): Fa65 p14; Su93 p31; Wi01 p83; Sp98 p3; Fa09 p6.
Garden Valley Blvd: Fa01 pp58,59,64; Sp17 p3.
Garden Valley Cinema: Su13 p18, photos 19,20; Sp21 p14.
Garden Valley School: Fa77 p51.
Garden Valley Shopping Center: Sp87 p11; Su13 p18.
Gardiner, Ore. aka Gardiner City, aka Cooper’s Wharf, “The White City”: photo Su69 pp45,46;
Fa69 p59, et seq., a list of Postmasters for Gardiner’s City and Gardiner; Wi69 p74; Sp72 p17,
19; Cover Su72 p26; Wi72 pp83, et seq.; Sp73 p2; Su75 p44; Fa75 p51; Wi75 p90; Sp76 p22;
Wi90 pp75,80; sawmill photo Wi98 p93; Sp00 pp10,16; Wi00 p75; Fa01 p53; Su05 p20; Fa05
p20; Wi05 on map p18,21; Fa07 p3, et seq. photo p10; Su08 p19; Fa09 p6; Wi09 p19; Sp10
p8; Fa10 p20; Wi11 p12; Fa13 p5; on map Wi13 p3; Su18 p3, et seq; Fa19 p17; Fa21 p5;
Wi22 p21.
“Gardiner that Was, The”: Georgina Durbin Fa69 p59-72.
Gardiner Brass Band: photo Su72 p40.
Gardiner Masonic or Aurora Masonic Lodge #59: Fa69 p67; Cemetery Wi11 p13.
Gardiner’s City: see Gardiner.
Gardiner Creamery, Cheese Factory: Fa69 p67; Su18 pp8 photo 14.
Gardiner-Hathaway Ferry (Hope’s Elbow): Fa99 p59.
Gardiner Hotel: Wi72 p88; Wi76 p74; Sp12 p7.
Gardiner Lumber Co: Su73 p46; Wi98 p82,92.
Gardiner Mill Co.: photo (White City by the sea) Su69 p45; Fa69 p64 et seq.; Wi69 p74; Sp70 p5;
Su72 p40; Wi72 pp84,87; Sp73 p15; Wi75 p90; Sp76 p2; Su79 p39; Su18 p8.
Gardiner Mill Store: Fa69 p65.
Gardiner Post Office Fa11 p3.
Gardiner Sawmill: photo Wi98 p93.
Gardiner School: Su73 photo p33; Wi12 p10.
Gardiner, Henry D. (Boston): namesake of Gardiner Fa69 p59; Sp76 p22.
Gardiner, Mr.: Surveyor General Sp07 p3.
Gardiner, Chrisholm: Fa13 photo p13.
Gardiner, John Endicott (Sb): Wi90 p79, et seq.; Fa99 p66.
Gardiner, William (Peel): Wi71 p91.
Gardner, Mr.: Fa79 p62; Wi20 p18.
Gardner aka Blackford Cemetery (Sd): Wi11 pp5,13.
Gardner, Aaron: photo Sp75 p7.
Gardner, Charles T.: Sp93 p14.
Gardner, Ed: Sp75 pp3,9.
Gardner, Edward H.: Fa89 p62.
Gardner, Ernie: Su19 p25.
Gardner, Gladys Mae: Sp75 pp3,5,7.
Gardner, John E.: see Gardiner, John Endicott.
Gardner, John Lucian Sr. & Margaret Harris: Sp75 p3, photos pp5,9; Fa76 p55.
Children: John Lucian, Aaron, Steven B., William P., photo Sp75 p7.
Gardner, John Lucian, Jr.: Sp75 p3; et seq.


Gardner, Stephen Brooks: Sp75 photo pp7,8,10.
Gardner, Will P.: Sp75 photo p6,10.
Garfield, Pres. James A.: Su06 p18; Fa19 p23.
Garford Farm: Su92 p32.
Gargnier: Fa66 p5;
Garland, Daniel: Wi08 p6.
Garland, Ethel (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Garner, J. S. (Gl): Sp00 p23.
Garrison, Cal: Wi78 p96.
Garrison, Dan (LR): Fa92 p61.
Garrison, Earl (Oak): Su97 p45.
Garrison, Randy (Ros): Sp03 p24.
Garrison, Thomas (Oak): Su97 pp45,46.
Children: Earl Su97 p45.
Garrett, (Garritt) Levi (Kel): Wi67 p18; Wi72 p81.
Garroutte, J.M. (UC): Sp93 p15.
Garwood, Mr.: Wi11 p5.
Garwood, William C. (Ros): Sp90 p6.
Garwood Grave (Big Camas): Wi11 p5.
Gary, George H., Rev.: Sp72 p12.
Gasgo Cannery: Su08 p19; Gasgo fish pick-up boat Fa69 photo p70.
“Gasco” motorboat: photo Fa69 p70; Wi72 p84; Sp73 p7; Su73 p46.
Gassey (Bradley, Brad’s) Creek: Sp68 p3,5; Su75 p31; Wi03 p5, et seq.; Sp73 p13.
Gaston, Joseph: Sp75, p11,15; Fa97 p54; Fa05 p3; Sp18 p5.
Gate Creek, Lane Co.: see Vida
Gates & Criteser Flouring Mill (Ros): Su73 p26.
Gates, David: Su94 p40.
Gates, Ed (Elk): Sp73 p5; Su94 p40.
Gates, Henry (Ros): Su73 p26.
Gates, Terry: Su94 p40.
Gates, W.E. “Ed” (Oak-Elk): Sp73 pp5,8.
Gatschet, Albert S.: Wi69 p94.
Gausnell, Pat: Su07 p21.
Gay 90s Ice Cream Parlor & Deli: Wi17 p14.
Gaylord, Elizabeth: Sp12 photo p10.
Gazley Post Office: Su11 p15.
Gazley Road: Su10 p17; Wi12 p14.
Gazley School: Sp91 p14.
Gazley, Clarence (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Gazley, Frank (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Gazley, James F. “Ab” & Adeline: Sp67 p17; Fa67 p9; Fa74 p52; Sp76 p13; Su79 p43; Su80 p34,
40; Sp82 p10; Wi83 p88; Fa85 p52; Wi91 p75, et seq. photo p76, mini bio p93; Wi97 p90;
Su10 p17; Su11 photo p14.
Children: Five, Su10 p17.


Gazley, Madge (MC): Su76 p36.
Gazley, Minnie (Cnv): Fa74 p58; Sp82 p10.
Gazley, Samuel (Cnv): Wi91 p93.
Children: James F. “Ab”; Sarah Jane (Mrs. William E. Ramsey) Wi91 p93.
Geary, Edward R.: Wi74 p92.
Geddes, A.J.(Ros): Su83 p31.
Geddes, Esther (Ros): Sp87 p6; Fa87 p70.
Geddes, Paul (Ros): Su97 p36.
Gedney, Mary Margaret (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Gee, T.A.: Wi21 p17.
Geeler family (CaV): Wi92 p90.
Geer, George: Su65 p13.
Geer, Theodore Thurston, 1899 Ore. Gov.: Sp04 p5; Su04 pp11,16; Wi21 p15.
Geese: Sp66 p7.
Geider, John (Yon): Su82 p29.
Geiger, L. (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Geiler, Mr. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Genealogical Society of Douglas County: Wi01 pp75,84; Wi11 p21.
“General History of Oregon”: Charles H. Carey Fa85 p50.
“General Lane’s Brigade in Mexico” by Albert Brackett: Wi01 pp85,95.
Gene’s Brake Shop: Sp12 p23; Wi12 p21.
Genger, George: Sp67 pp16,18; Su67 pp16,18.
Gengher, Mr. & Mrs. & Lydia (Dxv): Su01 pp33,38,44.
George Haynes & Co. (LSb): Su00 p36; Sp10 p5;
George Hinsdale Store (Usb): Wi72 p87; Su00 p37; Su10 p7.
George, Perry (Elk): Wi72 p95.
Georgie Lee Shoppe (Ros): Fa00 p56.
Gearhard Clothier’s (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Gearhard Family (Gard): Fa69 p65.
Gerhard(t), Loren (SR): Graves Wi11 p13.
Gerlitz, Dave: Su22 p13.
German Mauser Rifle: Fa68 p53.
Germond, Charlie (Mwd): poem by Fa93 p70.
Germond, Clay (Ros): Wi00 p94.
Germond, Jake (Mwd): Fa93 p70.
Germond, Milton B.: Oak St. Bridge engineer Fa72 p50; Sp92 p3,5.
Germond, Robert J. (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Gerretsen Building Supply: Su92 photo p37,42; Sp99 p21; Wi08 p10,16; Su19 p5,9,13; Su22 p11.
Gerretsen, Gordon & Patricia Holmquist: Wi82 p76,90; photo Sp87 p9; Wi96 p75; Fa08 p21.
Gerretsen, William “Bill”: Su92 pp34,36,43.
Gervais, A. (HBC): Su65 p7.
Gervais, Ike & Mary (Np): Wi03 pp11,
Children: Mina, Wi03 p27.
Gervasi, Jim (Oak): Sp69 p3,5.


Gets, Vera (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Getty, C.E. (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Geyer, Conrad & Mrs. (Eden): Su04 p4,8; Fa04 p19; Wi04 pp17,21; Sp05 pp7 et seq.
Ghangrow, Owen “Joe” & Mag Smith Hall (Np): Wi03 p27.
Giants: Sp78 p19.
“Giants of North Myrtle”: Lavola Bakken Fa68 p68-72, continued in Wi68 pp75-76.
Gibler, (Giber?) Mr. (Eden).: Sp04 p8; Su04 p14; Fa04 p11, et seq.; Wi04 pp4,16; Sp05 p5.
Gibbons, Virginia (Mrs. Del McKay): Fa10 p7.
Gibbs House: Sp00 p12.
Gibbs, Addison Crandall, Gov. & Atty. & Margaret M. Watkins: Fa66 p7; Sp69 p17,18; Fa69 p59,
et seq.; Su72 p37,39; Wi72 p81; cover Sp73 p2; Su75 p29; Wi83 pp86,88; Wi90 p80, photo
p82; Fa99 p62; Sp00 p12; Sp02 pp11,18; Fa09 p6; photo Sp10 p3; Sp19 p12.
Children: 7.
Gibbs, Capt.: Fa05 pp19,21.
Gibbs, George: Observations on the Coast Tribes (1854): Fa21 p14.
Gibson, Mr. (Ros): Su74 p31.
Gidding, Henry & Georgia Emmett: Wi89 p84.
Children: Robert Homer (Martin).
Giddings, Ab: photo Su67 p21, photo p23.
Giddings, Hank: photo Su67 p23.
Gider, John & Sarah Rice (Dil): Su06 p17.
Gilbert, Adelia Frances Medley: Wi66 p7; Sp73 p22.
Gilbert, Edgar Lewis: Sp73 p22.
Gilbert, Frances Olive: Sp73 p22.
Gilbert, G.W. (Elk): Fa90 p71.
Gilbert, Helon Ruth: Sp73 p22.
“Gilbert, J.L. Pioneer Educator”: Helen Ruth Montague Wi66 p7.
Gilbert, Joseph Lucian & Adelia Frances Medley then her sister Joanna: bio w/ photos Wi66
pp7-15; Sp73 p22; Su76 p48; Fa79 p59; Fa81 p66.
Children: Adelia Frances, Helen Ruth, Joseph Lucian Jr., Mary Eliza (Mrs. Elmer Montague),
Frances Olive, Edger Lewis.
Gilbert, Joseph Lucian Jr.: Sp73 p22.
Gilbert, Lucian (Oak): Wi66 p15;
Gilbert, Mary Eliza (Oak): Wi66 p15; Sp73 p22.
Gilbreath, Todd (Elk): Sp73 p8.
Gilchrist, Mr. (Ros): Sp85 p3.
Giles, Mr. (Eden): Su91 p32.
Giles, E.L. (different than Elmer L.): Wi20 p10.
Giles, Elmer L. & Lois (Ros): Wi08 pp7,8.
Children: Stephanie, Cassie
Giles, H. C. Packing Plant: Su91 p37, photo p38; photo Su05 p9.
Giles, Stephanie (Ros): Wi17 p23; Fa20 p9,11; Wi20 p19; Sp21 p27; Fa21 p8; Su23 p4, et seq;
Fa23 p4.
Gilham Cemetery (Aza): Wi11 p13.


Gilham Family (Aza): Wi11 p13.
Gilham J. DLC (Mel): Wi11 p8.
Gilham, J.C. (GV): Sp75 p13.
Gilham, John: house photo Sp05 p14.
Gilham, T.J. (GV): Sp75 p13.
Gilham School: Wi11 p13.
Gilkeson, Ken Chevron Station (Sut): Su19 p19.
Gilkey Brothers Towing Co.: Sp69 p2.
Gill, D.W.: Su97 p44.
Gill, Slats: Wi07 p13.
Gillam, Edgar: Wi78 p96; Sp79 p7.
Gillam, Corbin & Sarah M. Hoskins (Winc): Wi75 p95.
Children: Harriet (Mrs. William L. Wilson)
Gillam, G.W.: Su66 p12.
Gillam, Harriet (Mrs. William L. Wilson) (Rid): Wi75 p95.
Gilliam, William F. “Billie” (Winc): Su66 p12; Su08 pp7,8.
Children: Wayne, Viola, Lillian G.W.
Gilliam Wagon Train: Sp12 p13.
Gillham, Jeff (Clev): DLC Su68 p26; Sp19 p7.
Gilliam, Creek: Wi21 p17.
Gilliam, Frank (Winc): Wi71 pp91,94.
Gilliam, G.W.: Su66 p12.
Gilliam, Herb (Dxv): Su99 p41.
Gilliam Rapids (now Burkhart Rapids): Su04 p10.
Gilliam, T. J. (GV): Su04 p11; Wi04 p17, hop yard 18, et seq.; Wi21 p15.
Gilliam, William F. “Billie”(Winc): Su66 p12; Su08 pp7,8.
Gilliland Family: Wi69 p75.
Gilliland, Alexander Byington & Mary Trueheart Willis (DrCk): Wi69 p75; Sp71 p17; Su74 p41;
Su89 pp35,36, photo 37,45; Wi01 p76.
Children: Lyle Willis, Harriet Caroline, Margaret, Cyrus Byington, Robert Owen, Cassius M.,
Inez, Lily. Su89 p36.
Gilliland, Cyrus Byington: Su89 pp36,42.
Gilliland, Harriet Caroline (Mrs. Eugene “Gene” R. Hanan) (Ros): Sp82 p3; Su89 pp36,46.
Gilliland, Inez (Mrs. Thomas Britain Foster): Su89 pp36,46.
Gilliland, Lily (Mrs. John A. Jamieson): Su89 pp36,46.
Gilliland, Lyle Willis & Martha Elizabeth Groomes: Su89 p36, et seq, photo 38.
Children: Charles, May + 2 more.
“Gilliland Family of 1853-A Short Biography of Lyle Willis Gilliland”: Paul A. Grant Su89 p35-46.
Gilliland, Lyman Beecher: Su74 pp41,44; Su89 p39; Wi01 pp75,76,78.
Gilliland, Margaret Mary (Mrs. Seneca Smith): Wi01 p76.
Gilliland, Robert: Su89 pp39,40.
Gillin House (Eden): see Gittin.
Gilmore Oil Co.: Wi95 pp77,82.
Gilmore Cemetery-1861 (RoCk): Wi11 p13.


Gilmore, Father (DrCk): Fa79 pp57,58,65..
Gilmore, David: Sp78 p7.
Gilmore, James & Mary “Polly” Poteete: Sp12 p20.
Children: Virginia Caroline (Mrs. William A. Willis) Sp12 p20.
Gilmore, James P. (RoCk): DLC Wi11 p13.
Gilmore, James W. (Rid): Fa74 p51; Su11 p10.
Gilmore, Joe & Beth (MC): Wi92 p76, photo p79.
Gilmore, Lucille (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Gilmour, W.C., Dr. (Oak): Sp77 p8,13,14.
Gilstrap, Gus (Sut): Sp74 p20.
“Gina, the Story of an Oregon Pioneer” Rose Lyons Arrington Blanchard: Su00 pp37,42; Su10
Gingras (Jondro?), Jean Baptiste: Su74 p36.
Gingras, Joseph Mack & Malissa McKay: photo Sp72 p11.
Gingery, Cayden: Sp21 p23.
Gingery, Tamary: Sp21 p28.
“Ginia – The Story of an Oregon Pioneer”: Wilfred Brown Wi68 p81.
Ginko Tree: Su74 p45.
Giorgio, Kelly: Wi79 p87.
Gittin Place (Eden): Sp04 p5 et seq.; Su04 p6 et seq.; Fa04 p5 et seq.; Wi04 p6 et seq.; Sp05 pp3
et seq.
Gittin, Mr. (Eden): Su04 p3 et seq.; Fa04 p10; Sp05 p3 et seq.
Gittin, E., Rev.: Sp05 pp4,23.
Gittin, Roby (Robert?): Sp05 pp3,22.
Glasgow, Clement & Mary McKay (Til): Su85 p33; Wi91 p75, et seq., mini bio p93.
Children: Ann Isabel, Clement Jr., Francis, Catherine, Madeleine, George John. Wi91 p94.
“Gleaner, The”: Oakland paper Wi66 p15.
“Gleaner” tugboat: Sp69 p2; Fa69 p68.
Glenbrook: Wi66 p2: Fa74 p55; Fa99 p69.
Glenbrook Fruit Farm, Ranch: Wi70 pp80,81; Fa74 p56.
Glenda Theater (Glen): Sp13 p21.
Glendale, Ore. (Originally Julia): Su65 p3; Wi54 p10; Fa68 p71; photo Su69 p37; Dray team &
Sp72 p2; Su75 p39; Sp88 p7 photo 8; photo Fa94 p69; Su06 p18; Fa08 p23; Wi09 p21;
Saloon Wi70 p87; Su11 p21; Wi12 p13; Fa14 p13; Sp16
p11; Sp19 pp13,15.
Glendale aka Glendale Memorial, or Glendale Pioneer, or Azalea Masonic Lodge Cemetery:
Wi93 p79; Wi11 pp14,15.
Glendale (Clarke) Hotel: Sp71 p2; Wi76 p74; Fa08 p23.
“Glendale Log”: Fa72 p55.
Glendale Lumber Co.: Fa94 p68.
Glendale Memorial Cemetery: Wi11 pp2,14,15.
“Glendale News”: Fa72 p55.
Glendale Post Office: Cover Sp71 p2; 100 th anniv. Sp83 p4.
Glendale Sothern Pacific Depot: photo Wi70 p86; photo Su85 p47; cover Fa94 p50; photo Sp95


Glendale State Bank: Fa94 p68; photo Su97 p42.
Glendale Stud Mill: Fa10 p19.
Glengary, Ore.: Wi20 pp8 et seq.; Sp22 p18.
Glengary Cement Plant: Wi20 p8,
“Glengary Quarry”: Wi20 pp8-17 by Dale Greenley.
Glenn, William & Jeanne: Wi12 p21; Wi17 p23. .
Glenville, Ore.: Su11 p14.
Glide, Ore.: Wi68 p76; Su72 p47; Sp75 p18; Sp00 pp21,23; Wi00 p78; Fa02 p60; Fa08 p11; Wi09
p22; Su13 p22.
Glide Educational Forest: Su03 p46.
Glide High School: Fa02 p51; Su03 p32; Su12 p4.
Glide-Lone Rock Road: Su65 p2.
Glide “Pest Hunt”: Su02 p42.
Glide Post Office: Sp76 p4.
Glide Ranger Station: Fa73 p53; Wi00 pp78, photo 81,84.
“Glide Weekly”: Sp00 p21.
Givens, Abe (Peel): Wi00 p84.
Globe Restaurant (LSb): Su00 p36.
Glover, Harold (Ros): Sp99 pp21,23.
Glover, Ronald C. & Vera Byars: Sp19 p9.
Gluster, Mr.: Wi79 p90; Su10 p12.
Glynn, George H.: Sp20 p8
Godfrey Bros.: Fa73 p70.
Godfrey, Albert: Su83 p41.
Godfrey, Arthur program: Su09 p21.
Godfrey, Belle (Ros): Sp08 photo p6.
Godfrey, Frank Sidney & Hattie Berry (Ros): Su82 p48; Sp83 p22; Su97 p31; Sp08 photo p6.
Children: Dorothy (Otto)
Godfrey, Oscar Fitzland & Belle Persis Williams (Ros): Su82 p48; Sp83 p22, photo p23, cont.
Su83 p41; Su97 p31, photo 45; Sp08 p5.
Children: Frank Sidney, Clarence Milo, Albert Oscar, Sp83 p22.
“Oscar Fitzland Godfrey, a Roseburg Banker”: Sp83 p22 by daughter Dorothy Godfrey Otto.
Godfrey, Mr. O.J. (Ros): Sp08 photo p6.
Godfrey R.M. & Bro.: Fa73 p70; Wi73 p75.
Godsey, Bill (Stmb CCC): Wi00 pp90,94.
Godsey, Bill (Wil): Wi95 p79.
Godwin, J.A., Mrs. (Dxv): Sp99 p10; Su01 pp28,31.
Goettle, Noble (Ros) Wi86 p75; Su91 p47; Su99 p28; Su09 p6.
Goettle’s 5 & 10 Variety (Ros): Wi86 p88; Su91 p47; Su98 photo p37; Su99 p28, photo 31; Su09
photo p6.
Goff Cemetery-1882 (Sut): Wi11 p15.
Goff Family: Wi67 p24.
Goff, Adna (Kel): Sp73 p7.


Goff (Golf?), Alta: (CoV?) Wi79 p95; Su05 p13.
Goff, Byron (Oak): Wi67 p24.
Goff, Carlton (Oak): Sp99 p10.
Goff, David: Wi92 p74; Wi97 p78; Fa98 p51.
Children: Mrs. Jesse Quinn Thornton.
Goff, Fred & Alice Conn (Ros): Su02 p42; photo Su09 p7; photos Wi17 p19,20,22.
Goff, Johnson Bull: Sp65 p12.
Children: “Lossie”,
Goff, S.D. “Lossie”: Sp65 p12; Su76 p46.
“Going Home”: Betty Kruse Smith Wi88 p89.
Gold Brick Road: Su09 p14.
Gold Hill, Ore.: gold strike Sp67 p14; Fa20 p3.
Gold King: Sp78 p14.
“Gold, Rawhide and Iron”: Helen Baker Reynolds Su81 p32.
Gold Room (Ros): Fa86 p51.
“Gold Saga of the Umpqua”: Harriet Ward Sp97 p3.
Golden Creek (LP): Fa65 p10; Sp73 p6; Sp81 p2; Su00 p31; Wi05 p7.
“Golden Frontier, The” by Herman Francis Reinhart: Sp69 p16; Su05 p13; Fa19 p15.
Golden, Jay: Fa86 p56; Wi19 Cover photograph and p10 photo, p8.
Golden Nickelodeon: Sp87 pp3, photo p4,5; Sp13 p9.
Golden Spike: Sp74 p22.
Golden Star Mines: Su08 p5.
Golden Theater (Ros): Sp87 p3; Su23 p6.
Golden, William (Sb): Su65 p14; Sp69 p18; Wi90 p76; Wi93 p75; DLC Sp12 p15.
Goldsmith Sporting Goods (Ros): Su99 p30; Su09 p6.
Golf (Goff?) Alta: Su05 p13.
Gonier, Ruth (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
“Good Old Days”: subject of Su08 by Hugh F. Pearson & Elmer F. Pearson.
Good, Abe: Wi89 p94.
Good, Carrie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Good, Frank “Bud” & Mary Murphy then Anna Murphy (CoV): Wi79 p95; Wi95 p79; Sp98 p10;
Wi99 p80.
Good, Donald Graham, Dr. & Jean (Gl): writer of Wi08 p22,23; writer of Sp09 pp4-5, 10-15, 18-
22; Fa09 p9,15; author Fa10 p12,14,16; Sp11 p19; Memorial obit Su13 p22.
Good, Francis “Frank” M. & (RWV) Caroline Pierce (Clev): Su68 p26; Fa75 p69; Wi79 p93; Wi83
p83; Sp98 p10; Su11 photos pp8,9.
Good, Izora (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Good, Martha (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Good, Richard (Clev): store Su05 p12.
Good’s Mill (Clev): Wi83 p75, photo p79; Su11 p8.
Goodall, Capt. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p20.
Goodall (Goodell?), Marion (Yon): Sp93 14; Wi93 p89.
Goodall (Goodell?), Warren Newell A. (Yon): Sp93 p11; Fa13 pp6,8,10, land claim photo p14;
Sp20 p17.


Children: Mary (Mrs. Henry Burt)
Goddell Farm (on Elk Creek): Fa99 p55.
Goode, Francis M. (RWV)& Caroline Pierce (Clev): Su68 p26.
Goodell Apple Peeler: photo & story of, Su20 p18.
Goodhue, Samuel: Wi92 p74.
Goodman, Elmer (Yon): Su82 p33.
Goodman, Enoch (Lk): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Goodman, Eva (Oak): Fa90 p62.
Goodwin, Edward A.: Wi65 p13.
Goodwin, Elihah: Fa70 p63.
Goodwin, Trueman (Ros): Wi09 p9.
Goose Lake: Sp68 p19.
Gordon, Clarence: Wi00 p88.
Gordon, Gertrude Adams: Fa90 pp62; Sp95 p20.
Gordon, Guy: See Cordon.
Gordon, Mrs. Harry F.; Sp03 p15.
Gordon, Harvey: Map of Smith Massacre Su65 p8; Sp93 p14.
Gordon, Joel & Patty: Su13 p21; Fa16 pp2, et seq.
Gordon, Mary Ann, Mrs.; see Sowell, Mary Ann.
Gordon, R.D.: oil well Wi75 p87; Fa80 p50.
Gordon, Samuel, Capt. (RWV) & Mary Ann Hunter Day (Ros-DC) Wi66 p12; Fa67 p9; Sp75 p6,10;
Fa76 pp66,72; Wi77 pp88,89,96; Sp78 p3; Fa79 p60; Wi91 p93; Quit Claim deed, Supt. of
Schools, Sp03 p6; Wi08 p6; Deputy PM Sp19 p12; Fa23 p18.
Gordon, Stearns: Sp13 p14.
Gorpell Family (CoV): Sp65 p9.
Gorrell Bros.: Su05 p7.
Gorrell, Frank & Zelma Harness (Oak): Sp77 p6; Su05 p6, et seq.
Children: One daughter.
Gorrell, George & Katherine Ottinger: Su05 pp13,mini bio 21.
Children: Frank, Oscar.
Gorrell, Oscar & Lula: Su05 pp13,21.
Gorretz, Goldie (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Gorthy, Jack: Sp22 p5.
Gorthy, Steve (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Gosher (Gossard? Mr. (UCC): Su85 pp28,30.
Goshow, Oliver: Wi08 p6.
Gosline, Doris (Ros); Sp87 pp6,8.
Goslyn, Mildred (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Gossard, Mr. (UCC): Su85 p28.
“Gotama” schooner: Sp72 p19.
Gouge, Chuck: Sp22 pp6,9.
Gould, Mr. (Ros): Sp87 p8.
Gould, George Albert & Harriet McClay (Elk): Wi73 pp88,90; Sp97 p18.
Children: Albert N. Grace, Frances “Frankie”, Clarence.


Gouler, Mr. (FS): Su80 p26.
Goux, Mario (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Gove, George & Henrietta: Su75 p32.
Graber, Lynn (MC): Wi92 p76.
Graham, George: Wi09 p13.
Graham, Harry (Ros): photo Fa91 p57.
Graham, Jimmy & Minnie (Gard) (“Eva” Capt.): Sp73 p15; Wi90 p86.
Graham, Mrs. W.: Sp08 p5.
Graham, W.H. (DC): Fa74 p54.
Grain Harvest description: Su02 p35.
“Grain Harvest in Douglas County in Years Gone By”: Sp96 p17-23 by LaVerne Murphy
Gramophone: Su08 p11.
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.): A.W. Ellett Post: Fa72 pp52,53,54; Su86 p27; Sp80 p14; Sp01 pp3,
et seq., 1894 Roseburg G.A.R. Parade photo pp8,11; Fa04 p6, et seq.; Wi04 pp8,23.
Grand Barber Shop (Ros): Fa00 p58.
Grand Café (Ros): Fa00 p58.
Grand Coulee: Su00 p27.
Grand Grill (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Grand Hotel (Ros): photo Fa77 p61, photo 62; photo Fa91 p58,61; photo Su98 p39;
Fa00 p58.
Grand Ol Oprey: Sp22 p6.
Grand Pacific Hotel (Ros.): Wi22 p10.
Grand Piano, square: Su03 p36.
Grand Ronde Reservation Agency: Wi69 p89,90; Sp70 p7 et seq.; Fa70 pp51,56; Su74 p34; Su75 p33;
Wi75 p77; Su76 pp37-44; Police Force photo Wi84 p86; Sp93 p6; Sp16 p4; Su16 3.
Grand Theater (Sut): Sp87 p11; Sp13 p15; Su13 pp3,5,17.
Granite tubs: Su81 p31.
Granquist Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Grant & Co. (Ros): Su73 p26.
Grant, Bob (Ros): Fa21 p21.
Grant, Frances Cornell: Fa79 p55.
Grant, J.K. “The Tacoma”: Sp72 p20.
Grant, KatSue: Fa09 p9.
Grant, Paul: Su89 p35.
Grant, Pres. Ulysses S.: Su65 p20; Fa71 p71; Wi75 p77; Su86 p34; Sp15 p14.
Grant Smith Road: Su75 p31; Su11 p4.
Grant, Roxana: Wi17 p23.
Grant, Willard (Oak): Wi76 p83,94.
Graphic Dimensions Inc.: Printed the “Trapper” Su00 issue; then Wi02 to Sp15; then Su17.
Grasshopper Plague: Su75 p38.
Gratke, George (Ros): Su97 p36.
Grave Creek: Indians: Wi06 p20; Road Wi11 p14.
Graves, H. D. (Roseburg photographer): Cover Sp66 p2; Wi66 p23; Sp68 p14; Studio photo Fa72

pp65,66,68; Fa74 p50; Wi75 p83; photo Fa77 p60; Sp80 p14; Sp82 p23; Cover Su82 by, p41; studio
photo Wi85 p83; Wi87 p92; Sp89 p10; Su96 p44; Sp00 p22; Fa02 p2; Su03 p43.
Graves, Timothy L (Oakland Photographer): Wi66 p23; Fa67 pp6,16; Wi71 p89; Su73 p32; Sp75 p14;
Sp77 p10; Wi75 p84, Sp77 p12.
Graveyard Hill (Yon): Fa81 p60.
“Graving”: Sp12 p4.
Gray Creek Ranch: Fa09 p22.
Gray, I.W.; Su97 p44.
Gray, Jimmie: Fa76 p71.
Gray, Joseph P. (Cal): Sp94 p3, on map pp12,13.
Gray, Mary: Su71 p40.
Gray, Robert, sea Capt.: Sp65 p4; Fa69 p59; Sp72 pp5,7.
Gray, Tom (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Ray, W.H.: Fa04 p13,20.
Gray, William H., Rev: Sp99 p6.
Gray, W.W.: Su71 p43.
Graybacks: Fa06 p4.
Great Canyon of the Umpqua Mountains: See Canyon.
“Great Cattle Drive of 1922, The”: Neal Brown Fa95 p63-69.
“Great Migration of 1943, The”: Wi92 p74.
Great Pacific Depot and General Agency: Wi15 p9.
“Great Presidential Excursion”: George Abdill Sp71 p8-24, continued Su71 p37-40.
“Great Republic”: side wheel steamer Sp72 p16.
Grecian Bend (RH): Sp77 p15.
Greeley, Horace: Fa66 p9; Su68 p45; Sp00 p3; Fa02 p58; Sp06 p16; Fa18 p12; Wi18 p3.
Green, (Green Station) Ore.: photo Fa77 p56; Fa01 p55; Wi01 pp76,83; Su05 p4; Sp06 p19; Sp12 p17.
“Green Memories”: Fa77 p55 Tom Havens.
Green, Mr. (Ros): Miniature Golf Fa91 p53.
Green, Diggie (Ros): photo Fa95 p53 (ed. sure this is Bob Helliwell: verified by Bob’s son, Roger.)
Green, Fred & Mrs. (Sut): Su78 p29.
Green, Henry: Sp00 p4.
Green, Howard (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Green, Jeptha & Mary Mitchell (GS): Fa74 p67; Wi76 p84; Wi89 p75; Sp90 p3, et seq., map 12; Su90
Children: Robert “Robe”, Rosa Fa74 p67.
Green, Robert “Robe” (CB-Dil): Fa74 p67; Wi89 p93; Fa06 p8.
Green, Rosa, Miss (CB): Fa74 pp67,68; Sp76 p22.
Green, Roy: ferryman Fa06 p10.
Green, Sylvester: Fa92 p52.
Green, William O. & Mary Young (Oak): Sp77 p20,23; Su77 p30, et seq.; Su81 p44.
Green Ranch (Grn): Su06 p20.
Green School: Fa70 p65; Sp06 p19.
Green Tree Tavern: Fa65 p13.
Green Valley, Ore.: Fa90 p71; Wi90 p82; Sp92 p2,13; Su93 p31; Sp23 p8.


Green Valley Aka Metz Hill Cemetery 1885: Wi11 p15, Sp112 p6.
Green Valley Creek: Su75 p40.
Green Valley Lumber (MC): Wi20 p6.
Green Valley: School Wi74 p80; Sp02 p18; Wi03 p20,29; Sp10 p9; Road Wi11 p8;
Greener: rifles Wi16 p6.
Greenley, Barbara Becker: Sp78 p16; Wi80 p95.
Greenley, Betty “Bette” (Mrs. Ernest Hatton): Wi20 p22.
Greenley, Dale: Trapper co-editor Sp19; editor Sp19 to —-; Sp12 p23; Fa14 p10,11; Su19 p6; Fa19 p6;
Fa20 p3,8,18,23; Sp21 pp25,27,28; Su21 p11; Fa22 p3; Wi22 p3; Su23 p4.
Greenley, Louis A.: Wi20 p8,10.
Greenley, Robert Ansel “Bob” & Barbara Ann Becker: Su19 p6; Wi80 p95; Wi19 p11; Su22 pp15,16.
Children: Dale Robert, Susan Barbara, Ross Carl, Marianne Elise (later Mrs. Joseph
Skilton), Lance Richard.
Greenley, Ross: Su22 p15.
Green’s Station: Su06 p10; Wi20 p10; Su21 pp12,13.
Greensprings: Fa02 p56.
Greenup, Melvin: Fa73 p53.
Greenwood, Mr.: Wi77 p95.
Greenwood, Jack (Nump): Wi86 p84.
Greer, T.T., Hon. Gov.: Sp01 p11.
Grenot, David (FS): Cover Su80 p26; Wi80 p75; Sp98 p3.
Grey Eagle mine: Sp78 p14.
“Grey Home in the West”: song by Viola G. Hawkins Su09 p23.
Grey, Zane: Su83 p26; Fa91 p67; Wi00 p88; Fa08 p11.
Children: Romer Fa91 p67 (misspelled in Trapper), Loren.
Greyhound bus line: Su91 p42; Su06 p23; Fa10 p17.
Gregory & Son: Sp05 pp4,6.
Gridley, Walter A. (MC): Fa68 p70; Fa74 p63.
Griffin, Edward (Sb-Elk): Wi90 p81; DLC Wi11 p16.
Griffin, John S., Rev.: Su75 p29; Fa02 p58.
Grimm Brothers (Ideal) Bakery: Fa84 p59; Fa09 p15.
Grimm, Claude “Curly” (Ros): photo Fa85 p64; Grocery Store Wi86 p86; Su91 pp37,40.
Grimm, George (CaV): Su68 p41.
Grimm, Irving: Fa92 p63.
Grimm, Roy (Ros): Fa84 p59.
Grimm’s Milk Bread (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Grindberg, Vyla P.: Fa23 p14.
Grinwald, Mr. & Mrs. (Sb): Sp65 p14; Su00 p32.
Children: 3, Sp65 p14; Su00 p32.
Griswold, Mr. (Elk): Su67 p5.
Grizzly Bear: Wi67 p12; Sp68 p7; Su08 p10.
Gobel, Silas: Su65 p7.
Gollings, F.: Fa99 p69.
Gross Bridge: Sp93 p12.


Gross, Ed A. (Ros): Sp87 pp5,8.
Gross, Ernie: Su05 p6.
Grouse, Blue, ruffed (native pheasants) or Mountain: Sp66 p7; Fa01 p55; Sp04 p7; Su08 p10.
Groslewis, (Groslois?) Emerance: Su15 p12 (same person as Florence Gagnon?).
Grouslewis, Grouslouis Charles I & Native American: Wi91 p94.
Children: Peter, Charles II + 4 more.
Grouslewis, Grouslouis Pierre “Peter” & Florence Emerence Gagnon (Cnv-DC): Fa82 p67; Wi91 p75, et
seq. mini bio p94; Sp15 p9; Su15 p14.
Grout, Virgil S.: Fa14 p3.
Grover, Lafayette, Gov.: Fa69 p63; Su75 p44; Fa75 p62; Wi90 p80; Wi06 p19; Sp07 p11; Fa09 p5.
“Growing Up: A Boy in Sutherlin …”: Wi95 p74-87
“Growing Up in the Early Days” Henry Weber Wi86 p75.
Groves, Professor: Su23 p6.
Grubb, Harold (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Grubbe Ranch (NUmp): Sp77 p13.
Grubbe family: (Wil): Wi68 p95; Sp76 p13.
Grubbe, Dr. (GV): Su93 p32.
Grubbe, A. (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Grubbe, A.B. “Ab” & Maude Beckley then Belle Gray (Oak): photo Sp69 p10; Sp77 p3,13.
Children: Bernard by Maude Sp77 p13.
Grubbe, Benjamin “Benjie” Jackson & Eliza Ann Liggett (Leggett) then Rachel Reed (Wil-GV): Sp69 p10;
Fa71 p69;
Wi76 p91,95; Fa79 p60; Su93 p31; Wi93 p75; Sp02 p18; Fa09 p3,4; Sp23 p9.
Children: Melissa (Mrs. Joseph Holeman), Fa71 p69, Charlotte (later Mrs. Dr. Eugene R. Fiske). Sp02
Grubbe, Charlotte Scot: Fa79 p60; Sp23 p9 .
Grubbe, Corbin (Winc): Wi90 p91.
Grubbe, Evan Thompson “Thompy” (GV): DLC Su68 p26; Su93 pp31,32; Su05 p10..
Grubbe, F.G. & Mrs. nee Lee (Jason Lee daughter): Fa09 p5.
Grubbe, G.W. (Wil): Sp75 p13; Su75 p46; Fa10 p3; Wi22 p6.
Grubbe, Gus (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p8.
Children: Vernon
Grubbe, Jack (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Grubbe, Jeptha & nee Sutherlin (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Children: Ab
Grubbe, John O. (Yon): Sp93 p9.
Grubbe, Kate Sutherlin: Sp88 p12.
Grubbe, Lucy (Mrs. Jake Sawyers): Sp73 p11.
Grubbe, Malissa (Mrs. Joseph Holeman): Fa71 p69.
Grubbe, Nelson (Wil): Sp69 p23; Sp86 p4.
Grubbe, Sarah: Fa79 p60.
Grub(be), Thomas: Su10 p19.
Grubbe, Thompson & Mrs. (Wil): Sp86 p10.
Children: daughter Mrs. John Peebles, daughter Mrs. Ed Banton.


Grubbe, Vernon (Elk-Dr): Sp73 p8.
Grubbe, W.G. (Sb): Sp75 p11.
Grubbe, William (Wil): Sp86 p4.
Grubbs, Prof. (Ump. Aca.): Fa79 p65; Fa81 p59.
Grubbs, (Grubbe?) J.B. (GV): Fa79 pp60,69.
Grush(?), F.M. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Guard, Don (Yon) Su82 p35.
“Guardian House”: Mrs. Patty Gordon Fa16 p20.
Gue, G. W., D.D.: Sp01 p6; Fa04 p6.
Gulle, Ethel (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Gunter (SR): Fa01 p67; school photo Su73 p43; Post Office Su11 p15, photo p16; Fa11 p20,
Wi11 p15; Sp12 p11.
Gunter aka Woolley Cemetery (SR): Wi11 p15; Sp12 p11.
Gunter, J.O., PM: Su11 p15, home photo p16.
Gunter, Nona (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Gurney Family, (Mwd): map Fa93 p60.
Gurney, George & Norah Hebard then Lucinda Hebard: Fa93 p65.
Children: Velma, by Norah Fa93 p65; rest by Lucinda.
Gurney, Mrs. J.D. (Gl): Su83 p44.
Gurney, Robert (Tm-Res): Wi83 p77; Wi08 p6.
Gurney, Tom: Su71 p47.
Gustafson, Albine (LL): Sp97 p7.
Gustafson, Otto (Kel): Wi72 p91.
Gutta Percha: Fa09 p22.
“Gypsy”, steamer: photo Fa07 p11.
H.H.H. Liniment: Fa65 p6.
H.J. Denn Transfer & Storage: Su92 p28, et seq.
H.J. Mahoney building (Oak): photo Sp69 p8.
HPD Computers: Wi20 p19.
H.S. Crocker & Co.: Sp72 p16.
H.S. Simonds Engineering Firm: Fa10 p20.
H. Weaver & Son (MC): Wi67 p16.
Hackamores: Sp10 p17.
Hadley, Charley L. & Mrs. (Ros): Fa65 p16; Su04 p11; Sp08 p5; Barber shop Wi15 p14; Wi21 17.
Hadley Flat: Wi68 p95.
Hadley, Samuel Bradley. (Ruck): Wi68 p93; Sp76 p11 (Handley could be S.B. Hadley Fa76
pp64,71); Sp78 p6; Su16 p7.
Hadley, Sam, an Indian: Wi69 p76.
Hafen, LeRoy R., Dr: Wi68 p74; Sp71 p3.
Hafer, Mable: Su74 p41.
Haffenden Bros. (Ros): Su75 p31.
Hagen, Harry (Glen): Sp72 p2.
Hagen, Richard E.: Fa87 p70.


Hager, Clara (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Hague, Jay (Oak): Sp73 p5.
Hahn Cemetery-1879 (Dxv): Wi11 p15.
Hahn, Charlie (Dxv): Wi11 p15.
Hahn, Capt. Nicholas: See Haun.
Haight, Charles: Fa70 p53.
Haight, John: Fa04 p23; Wi04 p4.
Hailey, John: Fa22 p8.
Hainer, Mr. (Sut): Wi95 p81.
Haines Family Cemetery-1869 (Elk): Wi11 p15.
Haines Family (Sb): Sp12 p23.
Haines, Aleene (Oak): Fa90 p62, et seq.
Haines, Alfred Benton (Elk-Oak): Fa67 p23; Sp73 p15.
Haines, Blaine (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Haines, Caroline (Mrs. William Willis) (Elk): Fa71 p67; Sp12 p23.
Haines, Dexter: Su88 pp27,31.
Haines, Doris Louise (later Mrs. John Gerald Bacon): Su05 p3,15.
Children: Judith Gail.
Haines, Edward & Alice McNeal (Elk-Dr): Sp68 p5; Sp73 pp3,5,6; Su73 p47; Fa90 p62, photo 63,
et seq.
Children: Aleene, Walter, Lawrence “Larry”, Lydia, Harry E.
Haines, George: Su10 p7.
Haines, Harry E. (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p7.
Haines, Hazel Henry: Sp85 p17.
Haines, Homer (Elk-Oak): Sp73 p5.
Haines, Ivan (Elk): Wi72 p91; Sp73 p7.
Haines, Larry (Oak): Fa90 p65.
Haines, Lawrence D. & Mrs. (Dr-Sb): Wi66 p23; Sp73 p7,8; Sp74 p20; one-log load photo Wi98
p76; Su05 p3.
Children: Doris (Later Mrs. John Gerald Bacon) Su05 p3.
Haines, Lydia (Mrs. Francis Mack) (Elk-Oak): Sp73 p5.
Haines, Marietta Ransom (Oak): Wi90 p90.
Haines, Oliver (Elk): Sp73 p20.
Haines, Walter (Elk-Dr): Sp73 pp5,7.
Haines, William (Sb): Su71 p43; Wi71 p84.
Hakanson, Bud & Audrey Watkins: Sp85 p17; Audrey obit Su13 p22.
Children: four daughters.
Hale, Ethel Mae Hunsaker: Wi88 pp83,84.
Hale, Horatio (Wilkes Expedition): Fa21 p13.
Halfway House Stage Stop (J. Laird’s): Su09 photo p14.
Hall & Adams (MC): Wi67 p14.
Hall & Weaver (MC): Wi67 p14.
Hall House (MC): fate of Sp83 p20.
Hall, Mr. (Gl): Wi86 p80.


Hall, Sea Capt.: 1861 flood story Sp65 p12; Fa75 p67; Su00 p34.
Hall, Albert: photo Su73 p40.
Hall, Ann (Mrs. Charles W. Davis)(MC): Wi67 p14; photo Sp83 p10,17.
Hall, Charles Mansall (Oak): Su72 p43; Su07 p21.
Hall, Eldgidge G.: Sp23 p5.
Hall, Eli S.: Su70 p26,33; Su77 p51; Su99 p27; Sp00 p20; Su09 p4, Fa21 p8.
Hall, Emma (Mrs. Charles D. Buick) (MC): Wi67 p14; photo Sp83 p10.
Hall, Essie (CS): photo Sp78 pp21,23.
Hall, Florence “Flo” (Mrs. Dr. Alvane Cary Seely): Wi67 p14; Portrait of Sp83 pp6, et seq.
Hall, Floyd (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa03 pp59,61,65.
Hall, George & Mary Jane James (Oak): Fa67 p9; Cover photo Sp70 p2; Sp77 p6; Sp93 p11; Su07
Hall, George F., PM (UCC-Gv): Fa75 p56; Su85 p28 et seq.; Su11 p14.
Hall, George M. (Ros): Sp87 p13.
Hall, Gerald L. (Sut): Wi99 pp89,90.
Hall, Grace “Aunt Grace” (Mrs. Elmer Lutz) (MC): Wi67 p14; portrait Sp83 pp5, photo 10; Wi87
Hall, Isaac N. (LSb): Wi93 p75; Su00 p36.
Hall, Isaac N.: Wi93 p75; Grocery (LSb) Su00 p36.
Hall, James (MC): Wi67 p14; Sp76 p11; photo Sp83 p10.
Hall, James Remick & Elma Finzer (MC); Sp83 pp17,21.
Children: Helen (Potter).
Hall, Jasper & “Auntie” (MC): Wi67 p15.
Hall, John & Susannah Weaver then Florence “Auntie Hall” (MC): Fa66 p9; Wi67 p12,14 photo
p15; Fa68 pp70,72; Su69 p40; Fa74 pp62,68; Wi75 p87; Sp76 p11; Su76 p36; Sp83 p5, et
seq.; ; Sp85 p35; Su97 p44, photo 45; Su15 p22.
Children: William T. “Bill”, Grace (Mrs. Elmer Lutz), James Remick “Jim”, John Todd Jr.,
Emma, Ann, Florence “Flo.” (Mrs. Dr. Alvane Cary Seely) Wi67 p14;
Hall, John (Oak): Fa67 p9; Sp70 p2.
Hall, John Todd Jr. (MC): Wi67 p14; photo Sp83 pp10,17.
Hall, Langley, Dr. & Sarah Ligo (Oak): Sp70 p2; Su72 p43; Su76 p46; Su07 p11.
Children: Charles Mansall Su72 p43.
Hall, Mamie: Wi03 p11.
Hall, Robert & Mag Smith (Np): Wi03 p27.
Hall, Tom (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Hall, Warren (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Hall, Wendell; Sp03 p18.
Hall, William T. & Christina McIntosh (MC-Portland): Wi67 p14,15; Sp83 pp5, et seq.
Children: Myrtle (Mrs. P.S. Marmaduke)
Hall, Zac (Rid): Fa74 p58.
Halley’s Comet: Sp85 p15.
Hallie Ford Museum of Art: Fa20 p14.
Halo, Chief: Wi69 p91; Sp72 p14; Wi74 p92; Sp93 p6; Cover Fa98 pp50,55.
“Halo Trail, The”: Annie Applegate Kruse Wi69 p91; Wi88 pp92,94.


Halo Valley: Sp83 p2,3,4; Sp85 p20; Sp93 p8.
Halsey, J.C. (PFC): Sp65 p5.
Halter, Mary (Mrs. Douglas Chapman): Sp66 p6.
Halverson, Hank: Sp88 p20.
Hamacher Family Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p15.
Hamblin, Eva (Oak): Wi66 p15.
Hamblin, Dunton; Wi65 p16.
“Hamburgers Discovered, 1927”: Sp96 pp14-16 by Margie Brown
Hamilton Drug Co.: (photo Su88 p44; May actually be the Fullerton Drug Store, according to
error notice Fa88 p50) Sp03 p3, photo p11.
Hamilton House (Ros): Fa02 p70; Sp03 p20; photo Su09 p4.
Hamilton House (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Hamilton Family Album; Sp03 pp12,13,14.
Hamilton, Mr.: Su09 p4.
Hamilton, Charles; Fa88 p62.
Hamilton, Dora Inez: Fa09 p22.
Hamilton, Eileen (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Hamilton, Frank: Fa09 p21.
Hamilton, Helen Jane (Clarke): Sp03 p4 et seq.; Su03 p48.
Hamilton, J.F.: Fa09 p21.
Hamilton, James Watson, Judge & Olive “Ollie” Ida Ostrander: Sp71 p11; Fa72 p53; Sp74 p3;
Fa85 p52; Sp91 p8; Su99 p28; Fa99 p71; House sketch Fa02 p69,70; Sp03 pp2, et seq; Sp09
p4; Fa09 pp5,21; Wi12 p11; Su14 pp17,18; Wi20 p6; Su23 p12.
Children: Seth, Helen Jane (later Mrs. Arthur Clarke), Sarah “Sally” (later Dean), James
Names found in Sp03.
Hamilton, Joseph, Rev.: Sp99 p8.
Hamilton, Luther H., Dr. (Ros): Fa85 p53; Su88 p44; Fa09 p22.
Hamilton, Mary Byars: Fa68 photo p58.
Hamilton, Miss Merle: Sp03 pp4,5.
Hamilton, Salathiel, Dr. (RWV) & Sarah Jane Watson Sp67 p16; Fa74 p62; Wi75 pp78
photo 81,93; Wi83 pp77,78; Sp86 p6; Su88 pp44,45; photo & Bio Wi93 pp94,95; Su01
pp33,35; Fa02 p70; Sp03 pp3, et seq. Fa09 p21; Su10 p18; Wi12 p11; Sp19 p13; Hamilton
Family Album; Sp03 pp12,13,14; Sp20 p14; Fa22 p18.
Children, James Watson, Walter S., Charles, Stella, John, Luther H. Su88 p44; photo & bio
Wi93 p94,95; Wi12 p11.
“Salathiel Hamilton”: Wi93 p94,95 photo & bio by Helen Jane Clarke
Hamilton, S.F: Fa88 p58.
Hamilton, Sarah “Sally” (Later Dean): Sp03 et seq.
Hamilton, Sarah Jane Watson: Sp99 p10,14; photo Sp03 p7.
Hamilton, Seth: Sp03 p3, photo 12.
Hamilton, Walter S.: Su88 p44; Fa09 p21; Wi20 p10; Wi22 p13.
Hamilton, William: Sp79 p24.
Hamlin, Ed (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Hamlin, Frank (Ros): photo Su21 p4.


Hamlin, F.B., Capt. (Ros): Fa72 pp54,55; Sp13 p7.
Hamlin, John (Ros): Wi87 p74; Wi91 p86.
Hamlin, John (SUmp): Su79 p47; Wi91 p86.
Hamm, Frank & Ethel Brewer: photo Wi88 p87.
Hamm, Sue: Su19 p8.
Hammer, Elisha: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Hammersly, Joseph L.: Su14 p3; Fa14 p3.
Hamond, H.C., Rev. (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Hampton, Elmer: Sp22 p11.
Hampton, Rev.: Su04 p11; Wi21 p16.
Hampshire Hogs: photo Su02 pp41,44.
Hampson, O.E. (Ros): Wi85 p89.
Hams, Sea Capt. (CoosB): Su69 p27.
Hanan, Eugene R. “Gene” & Harriet Gilliland: Sp82 p3; Su89 p46.
Children: George Mar, Myth. Su89 p46.
Hanan, John C. (Clev): Wi83 p75, et seq.
Hanan, Margaret Ellen Bacon: Su93 p44.
Hancock Hill, Mountain: Su66 p19; Su67 p3; Sp73 p3; photo Sp74 p11; Fa76 p50; Fa80 p51;
Fa81 p51; Sp84 pp9,11; road photo Su92 p45; Wi10 p17.
Hancock, Iris Haines: Wi90 pp75,88.
Hancock, J.: Sp79 p24.
Hancock, Leslie & Bea (Elk): Su72 p46; Wi72 p85.
Hancock, William & Elizabeth (Elk): Wi72 p85; Wi75 p89; Su10 p17.
Children: 9
Hancock’s Thresher (Elk): photo Fa67 p8.
Hand, Alfred (Oak): Sp77 p15; Wi95 p83.
Hand, Charles (Cnv): Wi91 p75, et seq. mini bio p94.
Handley: Could be Michael Hanley or Samuel Bradly Hadley Fa76 pp64,71.
Handsaker, Samuel (RWV): “Pioneer Life” Fa67 p9,13; Sp75 p6; Sp76 p22; Su76 p46; Wi83 p77.
Handy, George & Creole Conn: photo Wi17p18,20.
Handy, Mr.: Sp68 p9.
Haney Creek: Bridge Wi11 p15.
Haney, John: Su67 p7.
Hangman’s Gulch: Sp22 p13.
Hangman’s Tree (Roberts Creek): Fa10 p19.
Hankin, Monte; Sp03 p9.
Hanley, Mary & Martha photo collection: Wi75 p92.
Hanley, Michael & Martha Burnett: Wi67 p12,14; (Handley could be Michael Hanley Fa76
pp64,71); Fa81 p50; Sp83 p9.
Children: Bill Sp83 p9.
Hanna Family (MC): Sp84 p20.
Hanna, Archibald: Su66 p9.
Hanna, Betty Briggs (MC): Fa82 p70.
Hanna, Calvin (Ros): Sp76 p20.


Hanna, John: Su65 p12.
Hannan, Gene & Harriet Gililland (sp?): Sp82 p3.
Hannan, George: Su65 p16; Su00 p40.
Hannan, Margaret Ellen Bacon: cover Su05 p2; photo p8.
Hannan, John: Su65 p16; Su00 p40.
Hannon, George: Su65 p16; Fa69 p63; Su93 p34; Su00 p40.
Hannon, Nettie (Yon): Sp20 p20, photo 21.
Hanrast, Madine (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Hansen Motors: Fa91 p69; Wi08 p11,18; Su19 p5.
Hansen Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Hansen, A.J. & Harriet Klady Layne: Wi76 p94.
Hansen, Bob (Ros): Su95 p45; Fa95 p71.
Hansen, Hans T. & Hanna (Ros): (Name misspelled here) house photo (error, Ken Ford’s house)
Su95 p45; Hansen house Fa95 p71 (again misspelled in article); Wi98 p78.
Children: Bob (Ros): Su95 p45.
Hanson Brothers Logging: Fa01 p56.
Hanson Family: Su05 p10.
Hanson, Vivian: Fa87 p58.
Happy Flats (NUmp); Fa90 p50.
Happy Valley: Su06 p10.
Happy Valley Cowboys: Sp22 pp5,6,12.
Happy Valley Ranchero: Sp22 pp6,12.
Harbour, Terry; Sp03 p17.
Harder, Beverly (Ros): Fa20 p10.
Hardin Davis Hill: Su72 p27,28; Fa88 p62.
“Hardin Davis, Pioneer Settler”: George B. Abdill Su72 p26.
Hardin, John (Yon): Su82 p27.
Harding, Mr. (Ros): Sp01 p3.
Harding, Benjamin F.: Sp69 p17; Wi06 p19.
Harding, G. A. Sp04 pp7,8,22; Fa04 p9.
Harding, Jack & Annette (Ros): Umpqua Hotel Fa86 p51; Fa91 p55; photo Wi94 p78.
Harding, Jerry (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Harding, W.C. (Ros): Su83 p27; Sp85 p16; Su95 p30.
Harding, Pres. Warren G.: Sp91 p10; Fa20 p7.
Harding, William C., Rev. (Ros): Wi65 p9; Su83 p27; Sp85 p16; Su95 p30; Sp99 p14; Fa23 p9.
“Hards”: Sp07 pp6,7,11.
Hardscrabble Creek: Wi11 pp10,12; Sp12 p14.
“Hardy Crier Ellif”: Bess A. Clough Su80 p27-46.
Hardy Grave-1854 (Mel): Wi11 p15.
Hardy, Theotine: DLC Wi11 p15; Wi15 p6.
Hardy, Thomas: Wi11 p14.
Hargan, Andy (Elk): Wi72 p94; Fa81 p51.
Hargis, Fred & Myrtle “Mutt” Huntley (Ros): Fa91 p59.
Hargis, Gene (Ros): Fa84 p61.


Hargis, Merle (IP): Fa92 p61.
Hargraves, Mr.: Wi69 p75.
Hargrave, John & Lucretia: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Harkins & Patterson: Wi01 p80.
Harkness, Mr.: Fa79 p58; Fa09 p22.
Harley-Davidson: Sp11 p21.
Harley’s Stage Line: Su09 p13.
Harlow, Dick (MC): cover Fa78 p50,
Harness, Mr. (Eden): Fa04 p17.
Harness, Alden (Ros): Sp68 p16; Fa85 p55; Rental Library Fa91 p55.
Harness, Zelma (later Mrs. Frank Gorrell): Su05 p19.
Harp, Russ (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Children: Amanda, Kittie, Rice.
Harper, Jemima (Mrs. Ash Clayton): Su05 p21.
Harper Prize: Sp86 pp20,22.
Harpham, Corrine (Later McTaggart) (Ros): photo Fa95 p55.
Harpham, Emma & Mr. (Dxv): Su01 pp28 on map 36, et seq.
Harpham, Esther Mills: Fa87 p70.
Harpham, Everett & Josephine: Wi81 p80; Sp82 p21; photo Wi00 pp79,94; Su03 p35.
Harpham, James (Dxv): Wi73 p79; Wi76 p76.
Harpham, Vern V.: Wi81 p80; Wi00 p94.
Harpole, William & Lucy (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Beverly.
Harriman, Edward H.: Su66 p16; Sp73 p16; Su73 p46.
Harrington Creek: Fa01 p62.
Harris, Jesse Building (LSb): Wi90 p78; Su00 p36.
Harris Family Cemetery (Oak): Wi11 p15.
Harris Family: Fa75 p57.
Harris, Capt. (RWV): Wi77 p89.
Harris, Dr. (Oak): “Wi11 p15.
Harris: 1913 Judge, Wi21 p7.
Harris, Mr.: Wi11 p21.
Harris, Bob & Mina: Su88 p45; Sp16 p21.
Harris, Helena (Mrs. Mike Delaney) (Ros): Sp70 p13.
Harris, J.B.: Wi66 p21.
Harris, J.M.: Fa70 p65.
Harris, J.R. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Harris, J.U., Sea Capt.: Fa07 p14.
Harris, Lavona (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Harris, Robert: Wi65 p12; Sp66 p21.
Harris, Roe: Wi11 p21.
Harris, Jesse Bldg. (LSb): Su00 p36.
Harris, Moses “Black”: Wi92 p74; Fa98 p51; Sp02 p6.
Harris, Peyton A. (UC): Sp93 p15.


Harris, W.F. (Ros): Su79 p47; Su83 p;31,33; Sp87 p5.
Harrison & McTavish (Usb): Fa78 p53; Su00 p37.
Harrison, Pres. Benjamin: Sp70 p13,15; Su74 p29; Fa09 p22; Sp19 pp5,8; Fa19 p23.
Harrison, Bob: Su19 p5.
Harrison, George (Div.): Sp74 p22,24.
Harrison, Helen B, Mrs. (CaV): Wi92 p89; Fa98 p65.
Harrison, “Shorty” (LL): Sp97 p7.
Harry, Gordon: Su97 p44.
Harry, Joe: photo Su09 p17.
Harry, John Alva: Su09 p14 photos 15&17.
Harry Pierce Auto Top Dressings & Awnings: Fa09 p15.
Harry family (CBWR): Sp82 p17.
Hart, Mr. & Hattie Cooper (Wil): Fa86 p71.
Hart, H.B.: Sp67 p20.
Hart, Jim (Ros): Fa01 pp51,71.
Hart, Nathaniel; Wi06 p5.
Hartfiel, Tom, atty. (Ros): Wi96 p79.
“Hartin & Flournoy Families”: Su96 pp27-36 by Virginia Hartin McKay
Hartin, John Hamilton & Mary Jane Flournoy (CB): photo Fa81 p57; Su96 p27, photo 28, et seq.
Children: James Thomas, Robert Zeno, Lucy Ann, Virginia Caroline, Su96 p27.
Harth, C.B.: Su09 photo p16.
Harth, Henry & Mrs. (Toggery): Wi72 p74; Wi86 p91,94; Fa91 p56.
Children: Phil
Harth, Philip: Wi72 p74; Wi86 pp75,91,94; Fa91 p56; Su91 p27.
Harth’s Toggery: Sp68 p17; Fa91 p56; Fa00 p52.
Hartley, George (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Hartley, Lavina (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Hartly, Mr. (Cala): Fa88 p59; Su72 p32.
Hartman, Fred (LL): Sp97 p14.
Hartman, Roger (Ros): Fa86 p56.
Hartshorn, Q.M.: photo Fa14 p17.
Hartzell, Karl: Su20 p10.
Harvard Ave.: photo Sp01 pp12,19; Fa01 BLM office pp59,65; Su09 p12; Wi09 p5.
Harvard Ave. Drive-In: photo Fa10 p20.
Harvard Avenue Triplex: Su13 pp18,21.
Harvard Col., Univ.: Wi01 p76; Fa02 p66.
“Harvest Queen” river boat: Su71 p39.
“Harvesting Prunes in Douglas County”: LaVerne Murphy photo Wi94 p86-95.
Harvey Family Cemetery (Oak): Wi11 p15.
Harvey, Mr.: Wi04 p13.
Harvey, Aaron & Elizabeth Coats (UC): Fa75 p51; Sp93 p11.
Harvey, Ann: Fa87 p70.
Harvey, Claude (Np): Wi03 p13, et seq.
Harvey, Dale “Buck”: Wi03 p23.


Harvey, Eliza (CS): Sp78 p20.
Harvey, Flora: Fa78 p60.
Harvey, Frank (Eden): Cover Fa75 p50.
Harvey, Joe E. (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95; Fa91 p67.
Harvey, Loren (IP): Wi86 p83.
Harvey, Paul, The Rest of the Story; Sp09 p13.
Harvey, Robert (Oak): Sp77 p11.
Harvey, Tom (Oak): Ranch photo Fa19 p19.
Harvey, William (Eden): cover Fa75 p50; photo Su91 pp30,34.
Children: Frank
Harvitt, Joseph: Sp66 p21.
Harwood, Margaret McDonald: Fa71 p57 et seq.
Hasger, Jack: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Hashage & Bowen (Ros): Wi75 p80; Su21 p12.
Haskell Family Cemetery (Gard): Wi11 p16.
Haskell Place (LL): Sp97 p5.
Haskell, Dan: photo Su67 p23.
Haskell, Luther (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Haskell, Rose (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Haskin’s Novelty Shop (Ros): Su91 p42.
Hassage family (?)(Eden): Fa04 p12.
“Hassalo” Steamer: Su71 p37,39.
Hastings, L.B.: Su81 p32.
Hastler, Billy: Su16 p8.
Hasty, Daniel (Win): Wi67 p2.
Hathaway, Mr. (GV) Sp74 p18.
Children: Anne
Hathaway, Charles: Wi90 p75.
Hathaway, Anne (GV): Sp74 p18.
Hathaway, William, Capt. & Sarah Washburn (RWV)(Sb-Elk): Wi90 p75, et seq. photo 79; Su00
Children: Sarah (Mrs. A.B. Cullins), Stephen W., Rebecca, William Jr. Wi90 p83.
Hathaway, William Jr. & Mary Anna Clancy (Gard): Wi90 p86, home photo 87.
Children: Walter Edwin, Elizabeth Estelle, William Lee, Alfred Richard, Wi90 p86.
“Hatchbox Herald”: Sp03 p 21.
Hatfield Family: Su02 p40; Su17 p3.
Hatfield, Dale William & Norma Strader (Dxv): marble quarry Wi76 p76; Fa90 p51,52; Sp91 p13,
photo 17; Wi93 p90; Fa95 p54; Su96 p37, photo 38; Fa97 p51; Sp98 p16; Su99 pp38,45,46;
Sp03 p24; Cover Fa07 p19 w/photos pp20,23; Sp16 p21.
Children: John III, Pat Dale Fa07 p19.
Hatfield, Delbert (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Hatfield, Elijah E. “Lige” & Mrs. (Dxv): Wi86 p79; Fa90 pp51,60; blacksmith Fa92 p59; on map
Su99 pp36,41; photo 42.
Children: John II, Dale, Su99 p41.


Hatfield, Floy (Later Ferguson): Sp91 p14.
Hatfield, Job, Sea Capt. (Sb-LP): Sp65 p15; bio Su65 pp13-18 “Uncle Jobey” p14 photo p15; Sp69
p18; Wi73 p84; Su75 p41; Sp97 p3, photo 4; cover Su00 p26,35, photo 41; photo Sp02 p19;
Su10 p6, photo p8; Fa13 p12, photo p13,22.
“Captain Job Hatfield”: George Abdill Su65 p13-16.
Hatfield, John I & Jemima: Su72 p43; Sp79 p5.
Children: Thomas Su72 p43.
Hatfield, John II: Fa90 p54,60; Su99 p41.
Hatfield, John M. III: Fa90 p52,60; Sp98 p19, Fa07 p19
Hatfield, Leslie “Whiskers”: Wi81 photo p78; Fa90 p51,56; cover Sp95 p2; Sp98 p17; Sp03 p22.
Children: Jessie Louetta (Mrs. Perry Wright), Nora (Helias).
Hatfield, Mark O., Gov. & Sen: Su65 p19; Su70 p33; Sp85 p8; Su03 p36; Fa10 pp8,11,22.
Hatfield, Opa (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Hatfield, Pat Dale & Connie: Fa90 pp51,54.
Hatfield, Roy & Ruth: Fa07 photo p20.
Hatfield, Pat: Fa07 p19.
Hatfield, Sadie (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Hatfield, Tomas W. & Iona ((Dxv)-Ros): Su72 p43; Wi76 p78; Sp99 p3; Su01 pp35, et seq.
Haun, sea Capt. Nicholas: Sp73 p15; Wi75 p89; Su84 pp44 (year wrong, was 1870 ed),45; Wi84
p74; Wi21 p12.
“Have Horsemen Ever Raced a Southern Pacific Passenger Train from Eugene to Roseburg?”
Don Good Su09 p19.
“Haven of Rest” radio program: Sp87 p6.
Haven, Edward (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Haven, James (Gard): Fa69 p65.
Havens, Margaret Wells: Su94 p47.
Havens, Thomas George (Gr) photo Fa77 p56.
Children: Tom Jr.
Havens, Tom Jr.: Fa77 p55.
Haviland, James H. (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Hawaii aka Sandwich Islands: Sp72 p3 et seq.
Hawaiians aka Kanakas: Sp72 pp3, et seq.
Hawk, Da__: Sp85 p35.
Hawken Rifle: Wi82 p94.
Hawkins, G.W., Lieut.: Wi06 p12.
Hawkins, J.K. Rev.: Wi88 p78; Sp08 p9.
Hawkins, John & Augusta (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Hawkins, Pearl (Later Anderson): Su09 p23.
Hawkins, Sam (UCC): Su85 p33.
Hawkins, Viola G.: song by Su09 p23.
Hawks & Co. realtors: Wi14 p20.
Hawks, Dave & Victoria: Wi17 p23.
Hawley family (Div DLC): Sp74 p22,24.
Hawley, Ira: Sp93 p9.


Hawley, Willis C., Rep.: Su83 pp29,33; Su23 p11.
Hawn, Nicholas, Sea Capt.: see, Haun, Nicholas.
Hawn, Nettie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Hawthorne: School (Np): Wi03 pp14,15; Post Office Su11 p15;
Hay fork use described: Su02 p34.
Hay harvest description: Su02 p33.
Hay, B.: Fa79 p63.
Hayden, Bert & Kate: Su06 p15.
Hayden, J.M.: Wi71 p87.
Hayden, W.S. (Eug): Sp69 p3.
Hayes, Birchard: Wi71 p10.
Hayes, Pres. Rutherford Birchard & “Lemonade” Lucy Webb: Su67 pp20,22; Sp71 p8, photos
9,13, et seq.; Su71 p43 et seq.; Su74 p29; Su75 pp29,48; Sp85 p17; Wi01 pp89,93; Fa02 p67;
Fa09 p22; Fa19 p23.
Children: Birchard Sp71 p10.
Hayhurst Valley (Yon): Wi65 p6; Fa80 p55; Fa81 p59.
Haymes, Micah: Sp21 p27.
Hayner, Will (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Haynes, George & Co. (Sb): Su00 p36; Sp10 p5.
Haynes Drug Store (Ros): Su91 p42.
Haynes, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5.
Haynes, George & Mary Caroline Lane (Ros): Sp86 p6; Su00 p36; Wi16 p11.
Children: Violet (Mrs. Charles Thomas Curry III)
Haynes, Teka (Ros); Fa95 p50.
Haynes, William, J. of P. (Oak): Sp67 p14; Wi71 p85.
Hays, Hayes? Jim & Mrs. (IP): Wi86 pp83,85.
Child Merle (Later Doering)
Hays, Jack: Wi22 p14.
Hays, Thomas, Constable (Ros): Sp67 p14,16.
Hazard, S. H., Atty (Emp): Sp03 p3.
Head Cheese: Sp05 p20.
Head, Bob (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13,14; Fa03 p70, et seq.
Head, Clarence & Mrs. (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13,14; Fa03 pp70,74.
Head, Jack & Mrs. (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13,14; Fa03 p70, et seq.
Head, John & Mary Venable Medley: Sp73 p22.
Headstalls: Sp10 p17.
Heald, Benjamin C.: Sp84 p9.
Heaney, Sam: Fa01 p61.
Heardman, Abraham: Wi65 p12.
Hearold, Benj. C.: Su08 p5.
Hearth, Henry & Eva: Fa22 p18.
Heartley, Charles (Ros): Sp11 photo p21.
Heath, Hubert: Su67 p7.
Heath, Rath (Elk): Su67 p5.


Children: Herbert
Heath, Virgil: Fa01 p62.
Heater, Jane: Su13 p9.
Heaton, Curtis (Np): Wi03 p22.
Heaton, Katie (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Heaton, Robert “Bob”: Sp08 p16, et seq.
“Hebard Family of Hubbard Creek”: Kenneth and Barbara Hebard Fa93 p51-71.
Hebard Springs: Fa93 map p60,62, photo 64,65.
Hebard, Alva (Mwd): Fa93 p65.
Hebard, Dennis & Sherry Knott: Fa93 p69.
Children: Tisha.
Hebard, Gerald & Roberta Scott, then Paula Applegate Booz: Fa93 p67.
Children: Scot, & Debbie Brown then Debbie Hendrick Shane, Shana, David, Kimberly,
Melody, Stephen.
Hebard, Lucille: Fa22 p24.
Hebard, Henry F. & Catherine Long (Mwd-Ump): Wi71 p94; Fa93 p51, et seq.
Children: Warren, Benjamin, Ozias, John G., Sarah “Sally”, Betsy, Henry Jr., Samuel, twins
Melinda (Mrs. Pat Murphy) & Lucinda, Catherine. Fa93 p51.
Hebard, Henry F. General Merchandise (Ump): photo Fa93 p68; Sp98 p20, photo 21,22.
Hebard, Henry Francis & Violet Whiteside: Fa93 p67.
Children: Ermil “Irene (Mrs. Harlan Fleetwood), Alton Bernell & Gertrude E. Davis (Ros),
Harold Francis & Glenn Lyon, Helen Margaret (Mrs. Richard C. Lamb), Doris “Lucille” (Mrs.
Robert E. Byrd, (Ros.), Mildred Ethel (Mrs. John M.
Hodson) Fa93 p67.
Hebard, James “Clifton” & Charlene Wright: Fa93 p69.
Children: Dennis.
Hebard, Kenneth L. & Helen Burton then Barbara Rose: Fa93 pp51, Hubbard Creek home
painting 58,67.
Children: Roberta Lee (Mrs. James Weber), Christopher, Richard “Dick” & Linda Titus, Tyler,
Hebard, Richard “Dick” & Linda Titus: Fa93 p67.
Children: Tyler, Jennifer
Hebard, Roy & Goldie Goetz: Fa93 p67.
Children: Judy (Mrs. John Davis).
Hebard, Samuel & Lydia Black (Mwd): Fa93 p55, photo p56, et seq.
Children: Henry Francis, Alva, Norah (Mrs. George Gurney), Catherine “Kitty” (Mrs. Otto
Mohr then Mrs. Harvey Roeder), Lucinda (Mrs. George Gurney II), Alice (Mrs. Clarence Lane),
Florence, William, Samuel Lloyd, Fa93 p57; Roy Fa93 p65; Photo of sisters Fa93 p66,
Hebard, Samuel Lloyd & Irene Munson (Oak-Ros): Fa93 p67,69.
Children: Marie, Betty, Fa93 p69.
Hebard, Scot & Debbie Brown then Debbie Heidrick: Fa93 p67.
Children: Shane, Shana, David, Kimberley (Mrs. Jamie Sanchez)
Hebard, William & Martha Baird: Fa93 p57, et seq.

Children: Edwin, Kenneth L. & Helen Burton then Barbara Rose, Gerald D. & Roberta Scott,
then Paula Booz. Fa93 p67, William “Leslie”, James “Clifton” & Charlene Wright, Donna Rae
(Mrs. William Ellison) Fa93 p69.
Hebe Fountain: Cover Su67 p2; photo Fa77 p58; story of w/photos Wi88 p75-80; Fa89 p55;
subject of Sp08.
Hebe: “The Saga of a Statue” cover photo and subject of Sp08 photo pp10, et seq.
“Snows of Yesteryear-Brief Career of a Roseburg Goddess”; Kathleet Stavec Wi88 pp75-80.
Hebe Foundation Society: Sp08 pp18,19.
Hebe/Statue Committee: Sp08 pp18,19.
Heberd, Harold (Hebard?): Su05 pp4,15?
Heberd, Henry (Hebard?): Su05 pp6, et seq.
Hebling, Gerald “Gary” & Christi Bean: Su90 p45
Children: Natalie Jean (Mrs. Pat McManus), Wendy Rose (Hebron).
Heck, August & Lena (Ros): Fa84 p51, photo p52 et seq.; Wi84 p95; Su91 p42; Fa91 pp51,59.
Hedberg Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Hedbery, Delorne: Su05 p13.
Hedden Bluff: Wi73 p90, School district p92; Fa81 p51;
Hedden home: Wi05 photo p9.
Hedden Store (Usb): photo Su69 p44; Photo Su87 p36; Wi98 p92; Su00 pp34,37, photo of 39;
same photo Sp02 p20; Wi05 cover & photos pp4,9.
Hedden, Charles (Sb): Su73 p46; Su84 p45.
Hedden, Cyrus W. & Margaret Sawyers (Usb) (CIM): photo Su65 p15; Wi71 p84; photo Wi72
p86,87; Wi73 p84; Su75 p41; Su87 p26,35 photo 36; Wi90 p83; Sp97 p5, photo 6; Fa98
pp51,55, photo 59; Su00 pp37, photo 39, photo 41; Sp02 pp18, photo 20; cover Fa05 p2 et
seq. Cyrus Heddon, cont. Wi05 p3, & photos et seq.; photo Sp10 p4; photo Su10 p5; photo
Fa13 p13; Sp23 p7.
Children: John N., Hulda (later Mrs. John A. Fryer) photo Wi05 p6.
“Cyrus W. Hedden, Oregon Pioneer”: William M. Barber Fa05 pp2-21 & Wi05 pp2-21.
Hedden, Emma: Su65 p14; Fa65 p16; Wi72 p86; Wi90 p88; Sp97 p5; Wi98 p92; Wi05 p21.
Hedden, Hulda (later Mrs. John A. Fryer): Wi05 photo p6.
Hedden, J.H.: Sp84 p9.
Hedden, John N.: Sp73 p16; Sp81 p2; Su84 p44; Su87 p35; Fa88 p62; Su00 p38; Wi05 photos
pp4,6,8,10; Su10 p5, photo p6; Fa20 p19.
Hedden Family: Wi05 photo p10.
Hedden, Stephen: photo Wi05 p10.
Hedding, Elijah (Toyanhu): Su15 p7.
Hedges, Herb (Gard): Fa69 pp65,67.
Hedgspath, Cal (Dxv): Sp66 p6; Wi76 p76.
Hedrick Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p16.
Hedrick, Ben (Dr): Sp76 p8; Wi11 p16.
Hedrick, Edna: Su11 p9.
Hedrick, Gertrude Fay Putnam: Wi96 p95.
Hedrick, John, Mrs. (Yon): Su72 p41.
Hedrick, Maud (Dr): photo Fa98 p62.


Hedrick, Susan Putnam: Wi96 p87.
Children: Maude (Later Deaver)
Heffley, Florence (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Hefty Creek: Wi11 p16.
Hefty Family Grave (SR): Wi11 p16.
Hefty, Lura M.: Fa89 pp62,63.
Heidenreich, Mrs. (Dxv); Sp98 p16.
Heider Tractor: Su91 p31.
Heinbach Place (Dil): Su86 p43.
Heinbach, Rosa M. Rice (Dil): Su86 p39; Wi89 p91.
Heinline-Moore Musical Conservatory: Sp87 p5; Fa00 pp54,69.
Heinline Conservatory of Music and Art: Sp87 p5; Fa91 p56; Fa00 pp69, photo 70.
Heinline Piano School: Sp87 p5; Fa00 p69.
Heinline, Charles & Elizabeth: Fa00 pp54,69,71; Sp03 p4; Su14 p9.
Heisinger, George (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Helbock, Richard W.: Fa69 p61.
Helgeson, Al: Sp09 p23.
Helias Ranch (DrCk): Wi67 p11.
Helias, Norma: Fa90 p60; Wi81 p78.
Helleck, Julian & Louise (Ros): Sp00 pp18, photo 20.
Heller, Louis: Sp65 p2.
Helliwell, Albert “Skinny” (Yon): Fa80 p55.
Helliwell, Barton: Su23 p7, et seq.; Wi23 p12.
Helliwell, Ernest (Yon): Wi65 p9.
Helliwell, D.W. & Iris Rice: Su73 p32; Fa74 p50; Fa77 pp70,71; Sp86 p7; Sp87 p11; Su89 p26;
Fa10 p7.
Helliwell, Robert “Bob”: (Ros): photo Fa95 p53 (ed. is sure that Bob Helliwell is 2 nd from rt. He
was my scoutmaster); Wi19 p11: Su22 p13,15; Su23 p11.
Children: Robin, Roger.
Helmer, Russell & Marie Christine Applegate (SV): Sp83 p3.
Children: Seth Applegate,
Helper, Hinton R.: Sp10 p12.
Hemingway, Tom: Fa81 p58.
Hemmila, Eino K.: Sp87 p5, et seq.; Sp13 p11; Su13 pp12,14.
Hemmila, Mike (Ros): Sp87 p11; Su13 p12.
Hemus, J. W., photographer (Ros): Fa00 p54.
Henbest, Ada (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Henbest, Earl (Ros): Fa91 p67; Fa19 p5.
Henbest, Gyp (Ros): Fa91 p67; Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Henbest, Katy (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Henderer Cemetery (Elk): photo Wi90 p89; Wi11 p16;
Henderer Road (Oak): Wi11 p16.
Henderer, Charles G. & Emeline Meador (Elk): Fa67 p20; Fa75 p66; Sp79 p24; Fa81 p51; Wi90


Henderer Ferry (Elk): Sp73 pp6,10.
Hendershott, Mark: Wi08 p8.
Hendershott, William M. (Ros): Sp01 p13.
Henderson Motorcycle: Wi95 p81; Sp11 p21.
Henderson Barber Shop (Oak): photo Sp69 p7.
Henderson, Erv (Oak): photo Sp69 p7.
Henderson, Helen: Su76 p27.
Henderson, O.P. & Mary Smith: Fa71 p68.
Henderson, “Pinky” (Eug): Sp19 p7.
Henderson, Roy: Sp72 p18.
Henderson, T.A.: Sp18 p10.
Hendricks Family Cemetery (UC): Sp93 p17.
Hendrick, Mr.: Su16 p8.
Hendricks, Glen O. (Elkhead): Fa70 p71.
Hendricks, Homer: Sp19 p9.
Hendricks, Robert J., PM & Mary J. (UC): Sp93 pp15,16,18; Fa09 p21; Su11 p13; Sp19 p9.
Children: 8
Hendrickson, Ben: Su04 p13.
Hendrickson, Everett (Sb): Wi98 p94.
Hendrickson, James E.: Wi77 p85; Wi01 pp87,89,95.
Heney, Mr.: Sp82 p4.
Henndricks, J: Su16 p4.
Hennigh, Katherine: photo Fa00 p70.
Henninger, Al & Mrs. nee Watson (Til-Ros): Fa83 p63; Fa84 p58.
Henninger’s Markets (Ros): Fa84 pp58,59,65; Su91 p37.
Henninger Store (Oak): Su94 p46; Wi03 p9.
Henry rifle: Sp23 p23
Henry Family (Cal): Sp94 p14; Fa03 p69.
Henry Family (CoV): Sp65 p9; winery Su05 p11.
Henry Family (WiCk): Wi01 p81.
Henry, Dr.: Sp75 p6; Wi77 p91.
Henry, C.S.: Fa88 p58.
Henry, Dean (Ump): Su05 p6.
Henry, Delorne (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Henry, “Dutch” (CaV): Su85 p43; Sp95 p15.
Henry, Joe: Sp12 p23.
Henry, John & Mrs. nee Ryther (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa03 p69,71; Fa06 p8.
Henry, May (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Henry, Oliver (RiCk): Sp06 p9.
Henry, Scott (Cala-Mel): Fa75 p61; Fa88 pp55,63.
Children; Frankie (later Moore)
Henry, William “Dean” & Delorne Parrott (Cala-Ump): Su05 pp6, mini bio 19.
Children: One son.
Henry’s Winery (Ump): Sp98 p22; Su05 p11.


Henslee Bros.: Sp87 pp3,18.
Hensley, Jim (Ros): Sp87 p3.
Child; Dena (later Singleton) Sp87 p3.
Henson, Mary Brockway: Fa71 p62.
“Hera” ship: Su75 p44.
Herbert, Milton “Milt” (Rid): Su97 p44.
Hercher Family (Dil): Sp91 p10.
Hercher, Mr.: Wi92 p89.
Hercher, Florence: Sp91 p18.
Hercher, Lawrenc & Carol (Dil): Wi89 p93; Fa92 p54.
Hercher, R.A. (Dil): Wi89 p93; Fa06 p14.
Hercher, Walter & Florence (Dil): Fa92 p55.
Heritage Conservation and Recreational Service: Wi87 p75.
Herman Flat (MC): Fa82 p64.
Herman Post Office (LCC): Fa75 p68; Su11 pp10,15.
Hermann, Binger & Flora Ann Tibbetts: Sp68 p12,14; Su68 pp46,47; Wi70 p81 et seq.; Sp72 p15;
Su72 p32,39,47; photo Fa75 p59,60,62,68; Su76 p47; Sp78 p12; Fa81 p56; Sp82 p4; Wi83 88;
Cover Su84 p26 et seq.; Fa85 p52 photo p56, house photo p58; Su86 p27, photos pp29, et
seq.; Fa88 p59; Wi88 p78; Su96 p46; Su97 p31; Wi97 p88, et seq, photo 89, mini bio 94; Sp98
p10; Sp03 p2; photo Sp08 p12; Wi08 p6,7; photo Su09 p17; Sp10 photo p11; photo Su11 p5,
11, 15; Fa18 photo p10; Fa19 p4; Su22 p18.
Children: Agnes (Miller), Schiller Brent, Milton Binger, Maybelle (Gatley), Elbert Border
Hermann, Elbert, Atty.: Su14 p17.
Children: Martha Hamilton.
Hermann, Dr. Henry & Elizabeth Hopkins (Coquille): Su86 p27.
Child: Binger, Nellie (Mrs. Edward Bender).
Hermann, Martha: photo Sp03 p14.
Hermann, Schiller (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Herrick House (Roseburg Hotel) (Ros): Fa93 p62.
Herrick, Robert: Wi09 p19.
Herriott, Bill (MC): Wi92 p76.
Herron, John W. & Mrs.: Sp71 p10; Su71 pp43,45.
Herron, Prof. (Ump. Aca.): Fa81 p59.
Herstine Restaurant (Ros): Sp86 p17.
Herstine, David J. (Oak): Sp65 p19.
Herstine, John (Cala): Fa88 p62.
Herstine, L.A.: Sp67 p22.
Hervey, Mary (Mrs. John Gottlieb Mehl): Fa75 p69.
Hesnes, (Hestness?) Chris (Ros): Fa91 p69.
Hess, Albert (Sb-Elk): Sp73 p7.
Hess, Howard: Photo Su11 p3.
Hess, Louise (Ros): Sp87 p5.
Hesselgrave, Rev.: Sp03 p26.
Hewett, Dr. F.G. (Yon): Fa94 p62; Sp95 p3.


Hewitt, Grace (Eden): Fa77 p54; Wi13 p18.
Hewitt, Mr. (Eden): Su04 p12, et seq.; Wi04 p21.
Heydon Road: Wi11 p16.
Heyquales (Dentalium): See Hyaquah.
Hibbard, Henry (UCC): Su85 p35.
Children: Samuel
Hibbard, Samuel (CoV); Sp85 p35.
Hibben, Ethelbert C.: Wi97 p76; Sp07 p6.
Hickethier, A. (Drain Photographer): Wi67 p19.
Hickathier, August (Drain Cobbler): Fa78 p50.
Hickathier, Rufus (Sb-Elk): Sp73 p7.
Hickman, S.C.C., Rev. (Sut): Su78 p29.
Hicks, Elsie Benedict: Cover Sp78 p2.
Hicks, Jesse (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Hicock, Mina “Slivers” B.: Photos Wi03 pp12,13.
Hi-Way Haven RV Park: Su13 p17.
Hiday, Mrs. Harry: Wi14 p16.
“Hide Hunters, The”: George Abdill Sp68 pp7-13.
Higginbotham, Tom (Elk): Sp73 p8.
Higgins, Mr. (Lg): Su14 p5.
Higgins, D.H.: Fa13 p7,8.
Higgins, Frank: Su75 p30.
Higgins, George & Margaret (Til); Sp89 p18.
Children: Mollie, Nell, Jack, Maud. Sp89 p18,22.
Higgins, Harry: Sp78 p17.
Higgins, Tom (Ros): Fa91 p55.
Higgison, Mr. & Mrs.: Fa66 pp14,18.
“High Cascade Adventures”: Fa73 p55-72.
High School Literary Society (Ros): Wi75 p90.
High-Y program: Fa10 p6.
Highway 38: Sp74 p2; Su00 p28; Sp11 p9.
Highway 42: Su68 p41; Sp75 Cover photo, circa 1912; Sp11 p6.
Highway 101: Su09 p18.
Highway Service Co. (Ros): photo Fa91 p52.
Hildeborn, Mr. (Elk): Sp73 p18.
Hildebrand, Sue (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Hildeburn, Harry: Sp76 p16.
Hildeburn, James: Su74 p45.
Hill & Co.: Fa99 p66.
Hill Creek (Nump): Fa08 p11.
Hill, Mr. (dairy man): Su21 p3.
Hill, Al: Sp68 p23.
Hill, Alice (later Leuwill): Su05 pp13,14.
Hill, Carl Custer, “Judge Hill” & Leona Celia Matthews: Sp65 p14; Fa65 p7; Sp66 p6; Su66 p20;

Wi68 pp84,87; Su69 p35, obit p48; Fa71 p67,68; Fa72 P61; Fa73 p65; Wi73 p79; Su75 p37;
Fa75 p52; Fa77 p53; Sp85 p5; Fa89 p59; Fa91 p50; Su97 p44; Sp98 p17; photo Wi12 p7,10.
Hill, Cap (Sut): Fa65 p19.
Hill, Sea Capt. (Coos B): Sp72 p19.
Hill, Clara (Yon): Sp20 p20.
Hill, “Dock or “Doc”: Wi68 pp90,95; photo Sp69 p15.
Hill, Earl & Lillian: Fa08 pp10,11.
Children: Four
Hill, Fleming R. “Flem” & Dorinda or Delinda Reed (Wil): Wi68 p84 et seq. photos pp91,94; Sp69
p15, et seq.; house photo Su69 pp30,34; mini bio Su75 p42; Wi76 p74,91,95; Fa79 p62,63,64;
Sp86 pp3,4; Wi93 p76; Su05 p13; Fa09 p4.
Hill, Flora: Fa08 p10.
Hill, Frank: Sp66 p6.
Hill, Gary: Su91 p27; Sp01 p6, photo credit p19; article by Fa08 p10.
Hill, Harry: Fa08 p10,11.
Children: Gary, Donna (later Mrs. Rick Watkins)
Hill, James J.: Su66 p20.
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Hill, Spence: Sp86 p3.
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Children: Earl, Flora, Harry.
“Tip Hill-Douglas County Hatcheryman”: Gary Hill Fa08 p10.
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seq.; Su69 et seq. bio p34; Fa71 p67,68,69; Wi75 p82; Wi77 p83; Sp86 p3; Fa13 p3.
Children: Minnie Delinda, Ella Lou Ann (Mrs. Omar Clarence Brown), Mary Alvira, William
Fleming, Ryland Calvin, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Deady, Franklin Pierce, Carl Custer, Wi68
p84; Sp69 p20; Su69 p34.
“Hill, Wm. G. The Adventures of”: Wi68 pp84-96; continued Sp69 p14-24 & Su69 p27-35.
Hillbilly: Su09 p18.
Hillman, John W.: Fa87 p50.
Hills, Frank & Lottie (Ros): house photo Su95 p29.
Hillside: Post Office Wi75 p93; Su11 p17.
Hillstrom, J.W. & J.R.: Sp11 p6.
Himes, George H.: Su72 p41; Sp18 p5; Fa21 pp13,14; Su23 p23.
Hinderer & Anahiems Building (Usb): Su00 p37.
Hines, Gen.: Sp01 pp18,20.

Hines, Gustavus, Rev. & Lydia: Sp66 p15; Su66 p5 et seq. photo p6; Wi66 p5; Wi75 p77; Sp84
p3,5,7; Sp93 p7.
Hinkle Creek (Np): Sp86 p20; Wi03 p14, et seq.
Hinkle, Robert (Ok Ck): Su75 p39.
Children: Julia (Mrs. Solomon Abraham)
Hinsdale & Co. (LSb): Su00 p36; Sp10 p7; Su10 p7.
Hinsdale, George Store (Usb): Su00 p37.
Hinsdale, E. Sylvester: a family history Sp18 issue; Su18 p5.
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Su81 p30; Sp00 p10; Su00 p37; Wi05 p21; photo Sp10 p6,13; Su18 p8.
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p84; Wi75 pp75,77; Sp76 p12; Sp84 p9: Sp00 p10; Su00 p32,34; Fa07 p3 et seq.; Sp10
Hirshberger, Mr. (Cnv); Sp89 p16.
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Wi12 p8.
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“History of the Elkton Telephone Company, A”: Phyllis A. Mauck Fa81 pp51-55.
“History of the Ledgerwood Family in the Meat Business”: Merle Ledgerwood Weekly Wi92
“History of the Past Years” Merle Weekly Sp92 p15-23.
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“History of Southern Oregon”: A. G. Walling, Su65 p13; Fa66 p6; Sp67 p23; Su00 p29.
“History’s Happenings”: Don Good Sp11 p19-23.
Hitchcock, Nancy Rice Burrows: Sp80 p11.
Children: Mary Ann (Mrs. Charles Lewis).
Hitchings, Wayne: Wi11 p20.
Hixon, Eugene & Mrs. (FV): Fa06 p6.
Children: Myrtle Fa06 p6.
Hixon family (Grn): Su06 photo p10.
Hixon, Myrtle: Fa06 p6.
Hixon, Steve (FV): Fa06 p6.
Hixson, Tom (Dil): photo Fa92 p55.
Hoaglin, Ore: Fa71 p57; Wi90 p93; Wi00 p78.
Hoaglin Hotel: Sp67 p10.
Hoaglin Post Office: Sp76 p16; Fa77 p50; Cover Wi86 pp74,85; Wi00 p78; Fa08 p11; Su11 p17,
photo p18.
Hoaglin Ranger Station: Wi00 p78.


Hob Lane (Glen): Sp12 p20.
Hobbs, Fern: photo Sp20 p5.
Hobday’s Shoe Repair (Ros.): Fa91 p67.
Hobert, M.H. (Oak): Fa78 p50.
Hobson, Mr.: Su03 p35.
Hochradel “Duds for Men” (Ros): Fa91 p53; Fa95 p56.
Hochradel, A.J. (Ros): Wi86 p94; Fa91 p53.
Hocket, Mrs.: Su01 p44.
Hocum Family: Fa08 p11.
Hodson, Enos “Ene”, warden & Mary Ingraham (Ros): Su85 p41, et seq. photo 42; Su08 p15.
Children: William M., Jennie, Maggie, James, Minnie, Roy, Su85 p45.
“Enos “Ene” G. Hodson-Deputy Sheriff & Game Warden”: Sp85 p41.
Hodson, Frances M.: Su85 p41.
Hodson, James “Jimmy” Franklin & Jane McCormick then Amada Trullinger (Ros): Su85 p41
photo 46.
Children: Joseph, Enos, Cynthia, James, Rachel (Luce), Fannie, Annie.
Hodson, James M. Jr.: Su85 p41.
Hodson, Joseph F.: Su85 p41; Sp06 p7.
Hodson, William M.: Su85 p41.
Hoffer Sawmill (Div.): Sp74 p24.
Hoffman & Bates, Portland: Wi71 p87.
Hoffman, Mr. PM (Jv): Sp19 p18.
Hoffman, Abraham (Coq): Su69 p28.
Hoffman, Carl (Ros): house photo Wi85 p85, bungalow photo 86; Fa21 p7.
Hoffman, Lyda (Ros): photo Fa84 p57.
“Hog Back” Cow Creek Canyon: Wi70 p77.
Hog Processing: good summary Fa71 p50; Sp05 p15,20,21; Su05 p18.
Hogan: Post Office (Mel): Fa75 p61; Sp98 p10; Su11 p17; Fa11 p5.
Hogan Washout Bridge: Sp92 p14.
Hogan, Mr. PM (Mel): Sp98 p10.
Hogan, Mr., Deputy (Ros): Wi11 p19.
Hogan, Bill: Su82 p38.
Hogan, Cicely (Mrs. John Clark): Wi18 p7, et seq.
Hogan, Clara Jean: Su07 p14.
Hogan, Frank Pierce & Mary Floed: Su69 p35; Wi97 p88; Cover Fa18 p2, et seq, family
photo 6,17, house photo 18; Wi18 p3 et seq; Mary photo Wi18 p6; Wi22 p23.
Children: Mabel Leonella (Mrs. Percy Preston Powell), Bertha (Mrs. Will Davidson), Mildred,
Vinnie (photo Wi18 p6), Cicely. Fa18 p2.
Hogan, J.H.: Su14 p6.
Hogan, Lillian: Fa89 p62.
Hogan, Mildred: Fa18 p5.
Hogan, Patricia (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Hogback, Cow Ck. Canyon: Wi70 p76.
Hogs, wild: Su77 p44; Su86 p43; Wi88 p82; Sp06 p9.


Hokanson, Victoria: Fa00 p60.
Holden, Dave (Reed): Wi72 p84; Sp73 p7; Fa89 p71.
Holden, H.W.: Fa68 p71; Wi68 p74.
Holden, Olive E. (UC): Sp93 p13.
Hole in the Ground: Su88 pp27-32.
Holeman, Joseph & Malissa Grubbe: Fa71 p67,69.
Children: Janet + 3 more. Fa71 p69.
Holladay, Ben: Wi65 p12; Su71 p44; Fa74 p50; Fa75 p56; Fa97 pp55, et seq., photo 69; Su06
Holland, John P. (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Hollister, Fred & Mary Bergman: Sp72 p24.
Hollman, Joseph: Sp69 p17.
Holloway, Charles Benjamin: Fa82 p70.
Holloway, Edith: Fa82 p70.
Holloway, Elisha Jackson (MC): Fa82 p70.
Holloway, George Washington & Rebecca Ann Stephens (MC): Fa82 p68,70.
Holloway, Rebecca Ann. (MC): Fa82 p68.
Holloway, Ruby: Sp76 p14.
Holly, Bill (Yon): Fa83 p69.
Holm, Marlin (Ros): Su97 p36.
Holman, F.D. (UAs)(Wil): Fa79 pp71,72.
Holman, G.O., Atty. (Ros): Su96 p42.
Holman, Helen, Miss: Sp82 p3.
Holman, Jo: Fa79 p63.
Holmes Creek (CaV): Su92 p27.
Holmes, Manasseh B. “General” (CaV): Su92 p27.
Holmes, Bert: Sp99 p4.
Holmes, William: Fa08 p3.
Holmquist Family (Elg): Wi96 p75, farm photo 83.
Holmquist, Pat (Mrs. Gordon Gerretsen) (Elg): photo Sp87 p9.
Holms, Leander: Su68 p45.
Holstid, Ben: Ferry Su85 p28.
Holt, Arlie: Fa98 p51.
Home Creek Ranch: Fa66 p14,16.
Home Extension Group: Fa07 p19.
Home Guard: Su23 p6.
“Home the Hard Way”: Liza Thompson Evans Emory Fa68 pp64-67.
“Homespun Yarn about the Old Mill”: Claude Riddle Su83 pp45-48.
Homestead Act: Sp93 p8; Wi14 p8; Sp15 p3,6.
Homestead Deli (Ros): (owned by Roger Egeness sp?) Fa86 p56.
Hominy: Su04 p13.
Honey Creek: Sp67 p6 photos 11; Fa71 p60; Sp10 p18; Pack train photo Su10 p9.
“Honey in the Horn”: Sp82 p22, Sp86 p20 Harold Lenoir Davis.
Honn, John (CaV): Wi92 p89.


Hood River Spray Co.: Wi02 p76.
Hood, William: Su66 p16.
Hooker Military Road: Su69 p43; Fa72 p51; Wi72 p92; Sp73 p18; Wi73 p92; Sp84 p9, Sp85 p37;
Wi85 p75; Fa88 p59; Wi90 p76; Sp93 p10; Fa00 p51; Sp02 p16; Wi10 p19.
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Wi89 p75; Wi90 p76; Sp93 p10; Fa99 p64, photo 65; Fa00 p51; Su05 p11; photo Sp06 p7;
Fa09 p5; Wi14 p16,17; Sp19 p13.
Hooker, Minnie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Hooks, Fred J. (Corv): Sp03 p5.
Hooper, Clifford & Lydia Drew Holmes (Ros): Cover Wi89 p74; Fa92 p63.
Hooper, Evelyn: photo Fa92 p63.
Hoosier Pumps: Wi02 p76.
“Hoosier” steamboat: Fa07 p3.
“Hoot Owl” logging: Su19 p13.
Hoover, Dr. (Tm): Su92 p28.
Hoover, E.V., Dr. & Mayor (Ros): Sp68 p14; Fa74 p68; Wi75 p82; Fa85 p53; Sp86 p6; Wi88 p78;
Fa91 p51; Su92 p27; Su96 p41; Sp08 pp9,12.
Hoover, G.W. (DrCk): Wi83 p77; Su92 p27.
Hoover, Dr. George & Huldah Williams: Wi75 pp82,95; Wi83 p78, et seq.
Hoover, Pres. Herbert: Su83 p29; Fa83 p53; Wi95 p88; Sp01 p18; Fa10 p3; Wi21 p13.
Hoover Land Transfer: Su23 p12.
Hops: Sp75 p11-17; Su75 p42; Su79 p37; Wi22 p-7.
Hop Dryer, Shambrook’s: photo Su05 pp6,7.
Hop Yards: Sp73 p5; Sp75 p11-17.
Hope’s Elbow (MUmp): Wi90 p76, et seq.; Fa99 p59; Su10 p7.
Hope’s Ferry: Wi72 p92; Sp10 p9.
Hope, John H. (RWV)(Elk): Wi72 p92; Wi90 p78.
Hopkins, Bill & Mrs. (Ros): Circle H Ranch Fa91 p65 (Maybe Weber confused Bill with deputy
Frank “Two Guns” Hopkins, Ed.)
Children: two daughters
Hopkins, Caspar Thomas: Sp23 p5.
Hopkins, Frank, deputy “two guns”: Wi08 p23; Su14 p16; photo Fa14 p17.
Hopkins, Lois Ford Wesley: Wi96 p80; Fa01 p69.
Horizon Mazda: Fa10 p9.
Horn Ice Cream (Ros): Su91 p42.
Horn, Harold & Mildred (Ros): Su88 pp42,47.
Horne, Lena: Sp88 p11.
Horner, John B. Prof.: Sp82 p3; Su82 p48; Sp83 p22; Fa21 p5.
Children: Vera Su82 p48.
Horner, Leo (MC): Wi88 p88.
Horner, Opal (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Horner, Vera (Ros): Su82 p48.
Horn’s Super Cream (Ros): Su88 p42 photo p47; Su91 p44; Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Horr, George (Sut): Sp77 p9; Sp78 p22.


Horse Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 photo p7; Wi20 p6.
“Horse and Buggy Days”: Charles A. Brand Su88 p42.
“Horse vs Iron Horse race”: Su09 p20.
Horse Prairie: Sp80 p14.
Horseshoe Café (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Horter, David H., Lt.: Sp04 p3.
Horton & Robbins: Su04 p16.
Horton, Mr.: Sp04 p6,13; Fa04 p9; Sp05 p7,11.
Horton, Don & Mary (Ros): Sp87 p11; Su13 p18.
Hoskins, Carsena Huntley: Wi75 p95.
Hoskins, William (Sut): Su77 p48; DLC Wi11 p12.
Children: Jonathan Su77 p46.
“Hot Stove Gang”: Photo Su88 p43; photo Su99 p35; Su09 p9.
Hotel Johnson (MC): Wi20 pp3,4,5.
Houck, George E., Maj. Dr. (Ros): Wi71 p93; Fa85 p53; Su91 p47; Wi97 p76; Wi04 p22; Wi08 p7;
Su14 p12; Fa20 p12.
Houck, Byron: Su82 p29.
Hough, Charles M.: Fa89 p68.
House of David: Wi99 p88.
“House of Hell: The Ballad of Blackfoot”: Clarence Elmer Eddy Sp14 p10.
Houseboat trip down the Umpqua: Wi21 p3.
Houser, Irene (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Houser, Rita (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Houser, Oscar: Wi00 pp76,78.
Houston, C.B.: Sp05 p11.
Houston, Mrs. R.B.: Sp08 p5.
Hoverson, Oscar (Cnv): Su97 p44.
Hovey, Mr. (Ros): Su97 p31.
Hovey, A.G.: Su68 p45.
Hovey, Frank: photo Su67 p23.
Hovey, John: Sp69 p17.
“How High the Bounty”: Jessie Wright and Lucille M. Catley Su03 p43; Su83 p35.
“How Sweet it Was”: Edith Dondero Su88 p38-47.
Howar, John K., Rev. Dr. (Oak): Sp99 p10.
Howard Furniture (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Howard Hotel (Lg): Su72 p47.
Howard, Gen.: Sp71 p14.
Howard, Rev.: (DrCk): Su89 p39.
Howard, Alta Spalding (Dr): Wi66 p23.
Ward, Alvire DeWald: Su79 p43.
Howard, Earl (Yon): Su82 pp29,35.
Howard, Eva (Kel): Wi67 photo p22.
Howard, Florence: Wi03 p26.
Howard, I.B.: Wi75 p85.


Howard, Ira & Mrs. (Lg): Su72 p47.
Howard, J.W. (Yon): Fa75 p61.
Howard, Jack & Eva (Kel): Ranch photo Wi67 p22; Su88 p33.
Howard, James, Pastor (Dil): Wi89 p93; Fa06 p8.
Howard, James (Oak): Su77 p36.
Howard, John: Su72 p34.
Howard, John, Rev.: (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Howard, Maprid (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Howard, Mark (Dil): Wi89 p93; hotel Fa92 p50.
Howard, Maude (Dil) (later Mrs. O.H. Pickens): Fa06 p8.
Howard, Melvin (UC): Sp93 p16.
Howard, Michael & Gail: Wi12 p21.
Howard, Oliver Otis, Gen.: Sp71 p12; Su71 p44.
Howard, Rommie (UC); Sp93 p13.
Howard, Ronnie: Sp07 p15.
Howard, William & Sarah J. Lewis (UC): Sp93 p17.
Howard’s Men’s Ware: Fa10 p12.
Howe Family (Dil): Su74 p43.
Howe Family (GV): Sp74 p3.
Howe, Mr.: Cover photo Su10 p2.
Howe, Arthur (DrCk): Su89 p41.
Howe, E.J. (Dxv): Su99 pp41,43.
Howe, Harriet: Su10 p18.
Howe, Jean (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Howe, John (DrCk): Su89 p41.
Howe, Leonard, Sheriff: Wi69 p75; Sp76 p6; Wi83 p85; Wi11 p19.
Howe, Mote: Wi01 p76.
Howe, Wayne (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Howe, William: Wi10 p4.
Howell, Frances “Frank” J. & Mrs. (Ros): photo Fa85 p64; Fa00 p60; Sp08 p5.
Children: Francis “Frankie”, Marietta (later Mrs. George Kohlhagen Jr.) Fa00 p60.
Howell-Kohlhagen house: Sp99 p4; Fa00 p60.
Hubbard Creek: Mountains Sp65 p7; Wi69 p92; Wi71 p87; Fa88 p62; Su93 p57; Road end on
map Sp94 p13; Wi03 p18; Su05 pp12,13, bridge 17; Su08 p18; Sp21 p11.
Hubbard Creek Fire: Su74 p48; Wi96 p86; Fa01 p52; Fa03 p54; (I remember watching this from
our house in west Roseburg and worrying about my dad who was fighting the fire. Ed.)
Hubbard, Allen & Harriet Schuman: Wi69 p90; Fa93 p57, on map 60; Sp16 p3;
Children: Frederick, Henry, Cornelia Ann Wi69 p90; Carl Fa93 p57.
Hubbard, Blain: Fa68 p60.
Hubbard, Dave (Sb-Dr): Su73 p47.
Hubbard, Erv (Dil): Sp91 p8.
Hubbard, F.J. (Reed): Su84 p45.
Hubbard Lighting Store: Sp22 p7.
Hubbard, W. F., U.S. Fish Commissioner: Su66 p12; Su04 p10; Wi21 p15.


Hubbard, William: Sp69 p18.
Huber Co.: engines Fa67 p19.
Huckleberries (Whortle berries): Su93 p29.
Huckleberry Gap (Drew): Sp89 p16; Wi91 p88.
Huckleberry Mountain Wi91 p78; Lookout Fa01 pp51,55,59.
Hucrest area: Fa01 p67.
Hucrest Grade School: Fa01 p64.
Hudson, Ore. (see Leona):
Hudson Automobile: Photo of a 1929 Hudson, Wi09 p5.
Hudson Bay Co.: Sp65 pp2, et seq; Su65 p6, et seq.; Fa65 pp8,12; Wi65 p3 et seq; Sp66 p11;
Su66 p3, et seq. Fa66 pp3, et seq.; Wi66 p24; Su67 p11; Fa67 pp5,13; Wi67 p24; Sp68 p2;
Wi68 pp74,84; Su69 p43; Fa69 pp51,55; Su70 p32; Sp71 pp4,7; Wi71 p74; Sp72 pp2, et seq.;
Wi73 p83; Su74 pp35,37; Su75 p30; Fa75 pp50,56; Sp76 p20; Su76 p26; Fa76 p55; Su79 p32;
Sp84 p3; Su84 p44; Fa86 p70 (there was no HBC post at Scottsburg. Ed.) Su87 p39; Wi91
82,90; Sp93 p7; Wi93 p76; Fa98 pp51,52; Sp02 p7; Fa02 p51; Su03 p38; Fa08 p3; Wi08 p6,7;
Sp10 p18; Su10 pp4,6; Sp12 p10; Fa13 p6,13,15; Su15 pp6,9; Sp16 p12; Fa19 pp5,20; Fa21
Hudson Creek: see Weatherly Creek.
Hudson Creek: Grist & Sawmill Sp02 pp22,23.
Hudson Shoeshine (Ros): Fa91 p61.
Hudson, Art: Wi76 p86.
Hudson, Clark: Wi90 p76; Su10 p5.
Hudson, James N. (MC): Wi88 p88.
Hudson, John, Judge & Rhodia (LP): Su75 p40; Wi76 p91,96; Wi90 p76,78; Su93 p27,30,35; Sp02
pp22, mill 23; Su10 p5.
Children: Clark, Wi90 p76; Shadrack, Joseph Su93 p30; Su10 p5.
Hudson, Joseph (RWV) Rev. or J.P.: Su86 p39; Su93 p41.
Hudson, Joseph “Joe” & Agnes (Elk): Fa81 p53; Su10 p5.
Hudson, Shadrack (RWV)(Sb): Su79 p37; Wi90 p79; Su93 pp30,,41,46; Su05 pp11, mini bio 20;
photo Su10 p5.
Hudson, W., Esq. (Sb): Wi15 p6.
Huff, Ardith, Mrs.: Su76 p26.
Huff, David D or H?. (UC) Sp93 p16; Fa11 p5.
Children: Eliza (Mrs. James G. Clark), Sp93 p16.
Hufham’s, Roy Sign Shop: Su99 p30; Su09 p6.
Huffman, Tobe (Yon): Su82 p27, et seq.
Hughes & Sons (Cnv): Fa74 pp52,68.
Hughes, Mr. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Hughes, Isaac: Fa70 p65.
Hughes, James (MC): Su76 p36; Sp99 p8.
Hughes, Jesse: photo Sp66 p5.
Hughes, Lulu: photo Sp66 p5.
Hughes, Mamie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Hughes, Washington (LR-Ros): Su65 p2; Wi65 p2; Sp66 p3,4,6; Su66 p19; Fa67 p24; Su72 p47;


Wi78 p74.
Hult, Paul Lumber Co. (Dil): Su86 p43; Wi89 p92; Fa01 p55; Fa06 p11.
Humason, Andrew aka “Dan Smith”: Su70 p27 et seq.
Humbolt River: Sp02 p6.
Hume & Assoc.: Sp66 p8.
Hume, Mr. (Ros): Su97 p31.
Hume, G.W.: Su75 p44.
Hume, William: Sp66 p8.
Humphrey, Mrs. E.: Sp04 p14; Wi04 p11, et seq.
Humphrey, Sen. Hubert: photo Su19 p31.
Humphrey, Jesse (Wil): Fa95 p65.
Humphrey, Jonathan: Wi04 pp11,13.
Humphrey, W.S. (Ros): Su97 p31.
Hungarian nails: Su04 p19. Used in boot soles as hob nails.
Hungry Hill, Battle of: Wi77 p94; Wi78 p80; Su80 p36; Wi82 p95; Wi91 p93; Wi14 p15.
Hunsaker-Guest Grocery Company (Ros): Fa00 pp52,56.
Hunsaker, Ben: Su06 p15.
Hunsaker, Otho & Tempa Brewer (MC): photo Wi88 p87.
Hunsaker, S.K. (MC): Fa68 p72.
Hunt Bros. Ranch (UCala): Su21 p9.
Hunt Bros. warehouse (Gr): Fa77 p55.
Hunt, Bob (Oak): Sp77 p3.
Hunt, Duward Belmont, PM: Su11 p5.
Hunt, Fred W., Dr. & Mrs. (Oak-Ros): Sp77 p8; Fa87 p51; photo Sp99 p20.
Children: Dr. Irene M., Murial, Fa87 p51.
Hunt, George: Sp87 p5, et seq.; Su05 p17; Sp13 pp10,11; Su13 p18.
Hunt, C. Giles (Np): photo Sp78 p21; Sp82 p2; bio Sp88 p15, house photo p16 et seq.; Wi03
pp19,27,28; Fa10 p6.
“Hunt’s Wealth Came from Property Ownership”: Jeff O’Rourke Sp88 pp15-18.
Hunt, Irene M., Dr.: Fa87 p51.
Hunt, Jeptha Smith & Nancy (FO): Sp78 p22; Sp88 p15.
Children: Walter, Laura, C. Giles, Sp78 p22; Sp88 p15.
Hunt, Jim: Su13 p17.
Hunt, John: Sp78 p22.
Hunt, Laura: photo Sp78 p21; Sp82 p2; Sp88 p18.
Hunt, Lawrence (CS): Sp78 p20.
Hunt, Lon (Ros): Sp87 p11.
Hunt, Margorie (Later Pettit): Fa87 p51, photo 63, bio 65.
Hunt, Muriel (Ros): Fa87 p65; photo Sp99 p20.
Hunt, Robert, Dr. & Jesse Eager (Ros): Fa87 pp65,66.
Children: Marjorie Roberta (Mrs. Leo Clair Pettit), Don
Hunt, Walter (Np): Cover Sp82 p2; Sp88 pp15,17; Wi03 pp8,27,28.
Hunt’s Indian Theater (Ros): Sp87 pp5, photo 20; Su05 p17.
“Hunter” Tug: Sp69 p2; Fa69 p68.


“Hunter-Trader-Trapper Magazine,” 1910: Ruckles ad Fa11 p14.
Hunter, Dave (Dxv): Su01 pp38,40.
Hunter, Elmer & Gertrude: Sp22 pp5,19.
Hunter, John (Ros): Fa85 p68; Sp01 p11.
Hunter, Mary Ann: see Samuel Gordon.
Hunter’s Cabins (Win): Sp22 p19.
Hunting: Su08 chap. 6, p20.
Huntington, Benjamin & Mary Miller (Yon): reminiscences of Fa81 p59 et seq.
Children: Benjamin, Webster, Perit, Philip, McKinley, James, Thomas, Marguerite, Anna, Sara,
Mary, Ruth, Rachael, Lucile.
Huntington, Bernice: photo Wi11 p4.
Huntington, D.L., Dr.: Sp71 p10; Su71 p43.
Huntington, Daniel: Sp71 p9.
Huntington, Hallie: Su70 p33.
Huntington, John Webster Perit & Mary Applegate (Yon): Wi65 p6; Wi74 p75, et seq. photo
p85, mini bio p94; Fa81 p59 et seq. photo p61; Wi93 p75; Fa99 p55; Sp02 p15; Fa13 p22.
Children: Benjamin (UAs), Perit, twins Phillip & Pelitia: Fa81 p59.
Huntington, Phil (Dr): Fa81 p51,59; Su82 p27; Fa94 p60;
Huntington, William (Oak): Fa90 pp68,71.
Huntley, Alfred D. (WiCk): Wi01 p83.
Huntley, America Jane: Sp06 p7.
Huntley, Carsena: Wi75 p95; Su16 pp4,5,6.
Huntley, Daniel: Wi01 p81.
Huntley, Eben: Wi83 p77.
Huntley, Enoch: Fa70 p61.
Huntley, Fred: Wi01 p81.
Huntley, Henry: Wi01 p81.
Huntley, Hyman (Dil): photo Fa67 p10; Wi01 p81; Su06 p20.
Huntley, Jeremiah (Ros)(DLC): Su73 p26; Su85 p41; Su95 p27.
Huntley, Joseph “Joe” & Mrs. (Lg): Su70 p47; Sp76 p18; Sp06 p7.
Huntley, Marilla (Mrs. J.B.D. Lee): Fa70 p63.
Huntley, Milton Jr.: Fa70 p61.
Huntley, Milton Sr.: Fa70 p63.
Huntley, Mitchell: Wi01 p81.
Huntley, Nathaniel: Fa70 p61.
Children: Enoch
Huntley, Myrtle “Mutt” (Mrs. Fred Hargis) (Ros): Fa91 p59.
Huntley, Rebecca (later Mrs. Walter W. Walker): Sp06 pp7,9.
Huntley, William (CH): Wi01 p81.
Huntley, William (PO): Sp86 p3.
Huntly, Alfred D. (Dil): Wi01 p83.
Huntly, Daniel (Dil): Wi01 p81.
Huntly, Fred (Dil): Wi01 p81.
Huntly, Henry (Dil): Wi01 p81.


Huntly, Hyman (Dil): photo Fa67 p10; Wi01 p81; Su06 p20
Huntly, Mitchell (Dil): Wi01 p81.
Huntly, William (Dil): Wi01 p81.
Hurd, L.L. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
“Hurry Doctor! It’s an Emergency!”: George C. Knott, M.D. Fa94 p51-71; Cont. Sp95 p3-19
w/misc. transportation photos.
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Hurst, David & Margaret Ann Whistler (Cala): Fa67 p15; Su72 p30,32,35; Fa75 p62; Wi76
p91,95; Fa88 p51, et seq., house photo p56, barn photo p57; Wi90 p76; DLC Wi11 p16.
Hurst, David Lynn (MC): Fa88 p55.
Husman, Bertha (MC): photo Wi92 p79.
Hussy, Joseph (BR): Fa05 p6.
Hustler, J.G., Sea Capt.: Su65 pp13,14.
Huston, Ed: Sp70 p13.
Hutchings, James (Ros) (Model Bakery): Su83 p31; Fa84 p;51,59; Fa91 pp57,59.
Children: Roy.
Hutchings, Roy (Ros): Fa84 pp51,59; Fa91 p57.
Hutchins Bakery (Ros): Su81 p27.
Hutchins, Althea C.: Fa87 p70.
Hutchins, Bob (Mel): photo Wi17p18.
Jo Hutchins, Chief (Santiam): Sp70 p7.
Hutchins, Manuela: Fa87 p70.
Hutchinson, Mrs.: Su72 p34.
Hutchinson (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Hutchinson, James C. “Jim” & Sarah Copeland (Oak): Su72 p34; Wi76 p88,95; Sp77 p17; Su77
p30, et seq; Wi21 p12.
Hutchinson, R.C. “Dusty Bob” (Elk): Wi67 p21; Wi79 p95.
Hutchinson, Robert M. (Elk, Oak): Fa66 p8; Su72 p34; Sp73 p13; Su77 p47; Su81 p41 et seq.;
Fa99 p66.
Hutchinson, Ross (Kel): Su81 p42; Su11 p17.
Children: Blanch (Bullock), Lucy (Ratner), Vilia (LaRaut), Su81 p42.
Hutchinson, Sam: photo Su81 p42.
Hutson, James (MC): Fa68 p72; Wi68 p76.
Hutton, J.A.: Su66 p18.
Hutton, Mary Ellen: photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Hutton, Richard “Dick” (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Hutton’s Grove: Su05 p12.
Hyaquah, Heyquale, (Dentalium shell currency): Wi65 p5
Hyde, Becky Hatfield: Fa07 p19.
Hyde, James: Su70 p27.
Hyland, B.J.; Wi08 p8.
Hyland, Thomas A., Rev. & Martha Stearns (Ros): Fa72 p66; Fa75 p66; Sp76 p21.
Hynning, Henry Van (Ump): Wi71 p91.


I. Abraham Store (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Ice Harvest: Wi75 p78.
Idaho Songs Project: has Clarence Elmer Eddy article by Gary Eller, Sp14 p3.
Idaho Stage Line: Su68 p43; stage photo Sp06 p23.
Ideal Bakery (Ros): Fa84 p55,59; Sp87 p14.
Idleyld Park, Ore.: Fa71 p57; Sp76 p16; Wi86 p83; Wi90 p93; Wi00 p78; 1938 description of,
Su02 pp44, 1935 photo of 46; Sp03 p23; photo Sp09 p22; Su11 p17; Wi11 p16.
Idleyld Post Office: Wi86 p74.
Idleyld Store: Wi86 84.
IE Engineering: Sp21 pp21,27.
Ila: Post Office Sp93 p16; Su11 p17.
“Illegal Distilling in Roseburg”: Don Good Sp11 p23.
Iles, Story Drug Store (Ros): Fa86 p53; Fa91 p55; Su99 p30.
Iles, Story: Su88 p45; Su99 p32; Su09 p6.
Illahee (NUmp): cover Fa90 p50.
Illahee Lookout: photo Wi00 p79.
Illehee Mill, Oakland: Fa09 p16.
Illinois River: Su00 p29.
Imbler, Neadom: Fa79 p63; Wi83 p77.
Imbler, Sarah Ann (Ros): Fa21 p3:
Imnaha: Su02 p27.
“Impending Crisis”: Hinton R. Helper Sp10 p12.
Imperial Saloon (Ros): int. photo Wi97 p95.
“In the Happy Hills”: Claude Riddle Fa66 p2; Su74 p48; Su82 p39.
“In the Mountains: A Trip to Diamond Lake”: A.A. Engles (Peel) in the Roseburg Review 15 Aug

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Indian Pequa Pete: Wi01 p78.
Indian Shalifol: Wi01 p78.
Indian Tim: Wi01 p78.
Indian Tribe Map: Sp93 p5.
Infantile Paralysis fund; Wi08 p8; Fa10 p8.
Ingersoll, Robert: Wi70 p74.
Ingram Book Company: Wi01 p83.
Ingram, Andrew: Su01 pp38,40.
Ingram, Bessie Hatfield (Dxv): photo Su99 p45.
Children: Harold.
Ingram, Hattie nee Rose SoDrCk: Wi68 p80.
Ingram, Josephine, Miss (DrCk): Wi83 p77.
Ingram, Sarah, Miss (DrCk): Wi83 p77.
Ingres (HBC): Sp71 p6.
Initiative & Referendum: Sp20 p4.
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“Inside Detective”: Su14 photo p10.
Insley, Charles (Ros): Fa84 p61.
“Iphigenia”: Sp72 p5.
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1869 Sp04 pp3,4; Fa04 p13; Fa08 p10; Sp12 p14; Hall built Sp13 pp4,10; Wi12 p6; Fa15 p10;
Sp17 p14; Sp22 p18; Sp23 p24.
IOOF Cemetery 1869(Ros): Wi65 p15; Sp04 pp3,4.
IOOF Hall (Oak); Sp77 p11.
IOOF Hall (Sut): Wi95 p75.
International Paper: Fa69 p67; Sp73 p11; Fa01 p53; Wi09 p19; Fa10 p20; Fa11 p3; Fa16 p7;
Su18 p8.
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC): Su19 p10.
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Ireland, K: Wi83 p77.
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“Ironsides”: Fa18 p9.
Irvin, Mr.: Wi73 p75.
Irvin, Bill (Tm): Sp68 pp9,10; Sp06 p8.
Irving B. Weber Distinguished Award for Excellence: Wi09 p14.
Irving, Ben B: Sp65 p13,14; Fa90 p69.
Irving, Washington: Sp72 pp3,5; Su86 p34.
Irving, William, sea Capt. & Elizabeth Dixon; Fa66 p12.
Irwin, William (Tm): Sp76 p20;
Isaac N. Hall Groceries: Su00 p36.


Isaac, Effie, Miss (Dole): Su11 p19.
Isager, Ephram: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Island Camp: Wi00 p88.
Isolate (DC): Su11 p17.
Isthmus of Panama: Wi01 p76.
Isthmus Slough: Su68 p39; Su69 p27; Su09 p15.
Italianate Style: Fa00 p56,58.
“Italy of Oregon”: Fa01 p62.
Iverson County Park pna 19 Mile House (CBWR): Sp82 p16; Su22 p9.
“J.B. Leeds” schooner: Wi69 p74; Wi75 p89.
J.C. Penny Store: Fa91 pp65,67; Fa95 p51.
J.C. Sporting Goods & Camera Store: Wi19 p14.
J.F. Luce Co. (Sut): Su78 pp27,29.
J.G. Flook & Company: Wi68 p79; Wi85 p88.
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co.: Fa67 p13, photos pp16,18,19; traction engine Sp68 p3.
“J.J. Whitsett, Indian War Veteran”; Carola Bakken Wi67 p8-11.
“J.L. Scott Family, A Brief History of”: Alvia Scott Wetherell Fa80 p71-72; cont. Wi80 p80-85.
Jacques, Andrew (UCC): Su85 p28.
Jack Ass Rabbit: Su66 p23.
Jack Creek Road (Dr): Wi11 p16; Sp12 p15.
Jack Foster Orchestra; Sp22 pp4,5,6,19.
Jack Martin, Laugh’s Inc.: Sp22 p6.
Jack Robinson Mine: Sp78 p19.
Jack Salmon: Fa81 p66.
Jack West Jewelry (Ros): Fa86 p53.
Jack’s Photo Service: Su68 p48; Sp75 p2.
Jacka, Vannie Hedgepath Bayer (Dxv): Wi76 p76.
Jackson Creek pna Bear Creek then Bealman Creek (Sump): Sp82 p8; Wi91 p77,80; Fa01 pp58;
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Jackson Grade (DC-Til): Wi91 p82.
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Jacksonville “Sentinel”: Sp65 p13; Su00 p32; Fa02 p67.
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Jacobs, Melville: Wi69 p94.
Jacobs, S.A.: Sp22 p3.
Jacobs, W.E.: Wi75 p85.
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Jacoby, Harry: Fa10 p10.
Jaeger, Fred (DCM): Wi82 p89.
James & Stritzke: Fa90 p52.
James B. Smith Hardware (Oak): photo Sp69 p10.
James Everett McClay Memorial Park: Wi73 p84.
James Family (Dil): hotel Fa92 p54.
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James, Frank: Fa09 p22.
James, J.J. & Mrs. (Dil): Fa06 p22.
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James, Michael (Ros): Fa00 p56.
James, Robert: Wi78 pp83,85.
James, Samuel M.: Graves-1867 Wi11 p16.
Jameson, Jamieson(?) John: Sp71 p10; Su71 p43.
Jamieson, John A. & Lily Gilliland: Su89 p46.
Jane, Captain: see Captain Jane.
Jannelle, J.A. & W.P. Reed’s sister (Gard): Fa69 p67; Su18 pp6,13.
Janelli, Pat: Su22 p3 et. seq.
Janney (Jenny, Janey?), Mr. Tom & Mrs.: Fa04 p6, et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Janz, Mr. (Eden): Fa04 p19.
Jarvis, Cornwall & Co., (Dr): Fa65 p16.
Jarvis Landing: Wi72 p84; Sp73 p7; Su18 p20.
Jarvis, Fred: Fa65 p16; Wi72 p84.
Jarvis, Duel J. & Tennessee Beasley (Ros): Sp82 p17; Cover Wi87 pp74,90.
Children: Loretta, Beulah, Leo Marvin. Wi87 p74.
Jason Lee Methodist Mission: Fa09 p9.
Jaye Cooke & Co.: Su06 p14.
Jazek, Larry (Dr): Sp93 p4.
Jeep: Fa01 pp51, et seq.
Jefferson Medical Center: Fa02 p64.
Jefferson, State of: Wi71 p96,
Jefferson, Pres. Thomas: Wi01 p86; Su84 p27; Fa08 p3.


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Jenkins, James (UAs)(Wil): Fa79 pp55,71.
Jenkins, Mary A. (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Jenkins, Mildred Dance Studio: Sp87 p5; Fa00 p71.
Jenkins, Mildred: Fa00 p71.
Jenkins, Willis: Fa79 p63.
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Jenkins, Thomas (UAs)(Wil): Fa79 pp55,70,71.
Jennies, Rev.: Su18 p12.
Jennings Family (Oak): Fa90 p67
Jennings & Bartch Bakery (Ros): photo Su92 p31.
Jennings, Ed & Lucy (Ros): bakery Su92 p28.
“Jenny” ship: Sp72 p7.
Jenny, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 p4, et seq.; Su04 p6; Fa04 p5 et seq.
Jenny, Tom (Eden): Sp77 p2; Sp04 p7; Wi10 p18.
Jensen, Christ (Elk-Ros); Su73 p47; Su91 p40; Su94 p40.
Jensen, Jim: Wi19 p11.
Jensen, Merle: Su19 p25.
Jensen, Thor (Elk): Su94 p40.
Jensen, Vernon H. Jr.: Wi84 p87.
Jereaugy, Anthony (Oak): Su78 p27.
Jerry Lewis Cinemas: Sp87 p11; Su13 p18.
Jerry’s Flat (Jerry Smith) (Rid): Wi70 p83.
Jersey Brand Dairy Products: Wi20 p20.
Jersey Maid Ice Cream: Fa09 p16.
“Jesse Applegate and Honest Abe”: Austin Mires Su68 pp44-47.
Jesse Applegate Historical Marker: Wi11 p5.
Jesse Harris Building (LSb): Wi90 p78; Su00 p36.
Jester, J.P. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Jewell Theater (Oak): photo Su13 pp4,5.
Jewell, Nancy (Ros): Sp13 p21.
Jewell, Vern & Nancy: Su13 pp12,13,17.
Jewell, W.F. (Gard): Sp80 p16; Sp84 p9.
Jewett, N.T.(Ros): Wi71 p94; Fa21 p7.
Jewett, William. F. (Gard): Fa69 p64 et seq.; Sp73 p16.
Jewett’s Lane (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Jim, Chief (’53 RIW): Wi06 p21.
Jim Creek (LRiv): Fa01 p52; Sp12 p12.
Jim Butler Creek: Su65 p10.
Jimmie’s Dutch Mill Inn: Sp22 p3.
“Jimson Weed”: Don Good Sp11 p20.
Job’s Daughters: Su99 p32; Su09 p8; Wi12 p8.
Jocelyn, Ed: photo Sp68 p8.


Joe Hall Creek (Drew): Sp12 p19.
Joe, Chief (Rogue) (’53 RIW): Sp69 p19; Su69 p31; Wi06 pp15,21.
Joe Powell and his Kiamichi Mt. Boys: Sp22 pp6,16.
Joelsen Bros.: Su05 p7.
Joelson, Albert (Ros): Su97 p36.
Joelson, John (Yon): sawmill Sp93 p14.
Children: Arthur, Albert
John, Chief (Applegate): Sp16 p5.
Children: “Kitty” (Mrs. Robert B. Metcalfe): Sp16 p5.
Johhansen, (or Johnson) Andreas or Andrew & Maria Sophia Ansama: Wi11 p17.
Johansen aka Johnson Family Cemetery-1916 (Reed): Wi11 p17.
Johannesson, Magness: Sp21 p20.
“John B. Horner, Oregon Historian”: Dorothy Godfrey Otto (Ros), a book review of, Horner
Museum at OSU, Su82 p48.
John Day: River Fa02 p62.
John Deere Plow Co.: Wi02 p76.
John Robertson Shell Station: Wi08 p11; Su19 p.
John Sherritt Wholesale and Retail: Su00 p36.
John’s Ranch (Aza): Su85 p30; Fa08 p23; Wi14 p13.
John Short Dairy: Wi09 p7.
Johnny’s Toy House (Ros): Su19 p23.
John’s Curve: Sp22 pp13,16.
John’s Ranch (UCC): Sp80 p27.
Johnson & Co. (Sb): Su84 p47.
Johnson, B. F. blacksmith & gunsmith shop (LSb): Su00 p36.
Johnson Creek (Dr): Wi11 p18
Johnson Creek (SR): Fa01 p59; Road Wi11 pp17.
Johnson, Wm.P. Lumber Co. (SoMC): Flume photo Su69 p47; Wi20 pp2, photo 4.
“Wm P. Johnson Lumber Co.”: Wi20 pp2-7 by Dale Greenley
Johnson & Stokes: Su04 pp6,12.
Johnson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Johnson Family (CBWR): Sp82 p16.
Johnson Family (SB): Wi98 p90.
Johnson, Mr. (Dr): Sp76 p20.
Johnson, Alma: Su11 p4.
Johnson, Almira Jane (Mrs. John Sheritt): Wi72 p84.
Johnson, Pres. Andrew: Su86 p34; Wi97 p94.
Johnson, Andrew (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Johnson, Anna (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Johnson, Arnie (Mrs. Chester Rydell) (Elk): Wi72 p91; Su94 p40.
Johnson, Artur J.: Su11 p10.
Children: Earl.
Johnson (or Johhansen) Andreas or Andrew & Maria Sophia Ansama-1916 (Reed): Wi11 p17.
Johnson, Betty (Ros): Wi77 p77; Sp99 p3.


Johnson, Betty Shoemaker: Fa95 p61.
Johnson, Bill (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Johnson, Bohemia: Su11 p6.
Johnson, Bud: Fa01 p65.
Johnson, C.E.: Fa99 p69.
Johnson, Charley (UCC): Su80 p36; Sp19 p16.
Johnson, Chris (GV): Sp74 p3; Fa91 p50.
Johnson, Clare & Louisa Caroline Castor: Sp80 p3.
Johnson, Dave: Su65 p14.
Johnson, Dick & Mary (Yon): Su74 p40; Wi74 pp74, et seq.; Fa75 p62; Sp93 p6.
Children: 2 + mother Lemyei, stepfather Mummy, bro.-in-law Klickitat Jim & wife l
Eliza & child Wi74 pp75,76; Fa75 p62.
Johnson, Dollie Hefty: Fa87 p70.
Johnson, E.A. (Dr): Sp76 p14.
Johnson, Eric, Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
Johnson, Francis (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Johnson, Franklin:
Johnson, Fred S.: Su14 p17.
Johnson, “Free” (Ros): Su88 p45.
Johnson, George (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Johnson, George & Crystal (Ros): Su91 p42.
Johnson, George W. & Elizabeth (Mel): Wi11 p5.
Johnson, Glenva: Sp88 p2.
Johnson, Harley (Res): Sp82 pp17,18; Sp06 photo p6; pack train photo Su10 p9.
Johnson, Herman (Ros): Grave-1900 Wi11 p17.
Johnson, J.E.: Wi20 p10.
Johnson, J.O.: Wi66 p21.
Johnson, James (Rid): Fa75 p67.
Johnson, John & Bessie Yett (GV): photo Fa77 p52,53.
Johnson, Leona: Wi93 p84.
Johnson, Mae (Mrs. Jim Thompson): Sp89 pp21,22.
Johnson, Mrs. Mildred: Su19 p8.
Johnson, Nancy (Mrs. William Neely McCulloch): Wi01 p81.
Johnson, Oliver (Ros): Su81 photo p30; Su91 p42.
Johnson, Peter, sea Capt.: Su75 p32.
Johnson, Phyllis (Sut): Wi99 pp89,90.
Johnson, Raz & Merle (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: LaCrisha, Randy, Carol Jane.
Johnson, Rich & Pam Mead: Sp98 p10.
Johnson, Ruth (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Johnson, Susan (GV): photo Fa77 p52.
Johnson, Verna: photo Wi96 p80.
Johnson, W. Cary: Su68 p46.
Johnson, W.W. (Brk): Sp06 p17.


Johnson, William P. (MC-Ros): Wi20 p3 et seq.
Johnson, Williard & Marian (Ros): house photo Su95 p31.
Johnston, Cal (Yon): Sp81 p19.
Johnston, Clarence (Brk): Sp06, p17.
Johnston, Gladys (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Johnston, Wallace (Brk): Sp06 p17.
“Jonathan” ship: Sp91 p3.
Johnson’s, Oliver Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27.
Jondro (Gingras?), Jean Batiste: Su74 p36.
Jones Carpenter Shop: Su75 p39.
Jones & Gates Flouring Mill (Ros): Su73 p26.
Jones Family aka Jones Pioneer Cemetery-1853 (GV): Su91 p31; Wi11 pp2,17.
Jones Ferry (SUmp): Sp74 p3.
Jones Mountain (Winc): Sp66 pp7,10; Wi79 p74; Su08 p8,10.
Jones School (GV-Eden): Su91 p31.
Jones Stockade (Riversdale): Su05 p11.
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Wi04 p4; Sp05 pp14,15.
Jones, A.J. (Ros): Wi75 p80.
Jones, Abe (RH): Fa78 p50.
Jones, Abram: Wi65 p16.
Jones, Abs.: Fa79 p63.
Jones, Andrew, Judge (Ros): Wi66 p21; Fa75 p66; Wi66 p21; Wi08 p6.
Jones, Asa: photo Su15 p10.
Jones, Barbara: photo Su19 p8.
Jones, Bill (owned Umpqua Gun Store) (Ros): Su03 p38.
Jones, Chuck: Su07 p21.
Jones, Carlton, Rev. (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Jones, D.C. & Mrs.: (CaV): Wi92 p89; Fa98 p65.
Jones, “Deacon” (Elk): Wi72 p88.
Jones, E.A., Mrs. (Win): Wi67 p24.
Jones, F.L., Sheriff: Sp97 p17.
Jones, Frank: photo Su15 p10.
Jones, George, (Winc): Su75 p31; Wi83 p77.
Jones, “Hank” (MC): Fa67 p24.
Jones, Harry or Harvey (CoV): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Jones, Harvey (Ros): Su85 p41.
Jones, Hathaway: Sp95 p15.
Jones, Isaac (Ros): Su73 p26; Sp06 p19.
Jones, Jacob & Jane (Ros): Su73 p26; Wi91 p95; Su10 p18.
Children: Isaac + 4 more, Su10 p18.
Jones, J. O. (Glen): photo Wi70 p86.
Jones, James: Wi76 p84; Fa79 p63.
Jones, Jay (Oak): Sp77 p9.
Jones, Jim (RH): Fa78 p50.


Jones, Jo.: Fa79 p63.
Jones, Justine: Su01 p27.
Jones, Mary Ann: Fa89 p50.
Jones, Miles (Ros): Wi86 p92; Su91 p31.
Jones, Milton (Ros): Su92 p35.
Jones, Nancy (later Hoxie): Su72 p37.
Jones, Nancy J. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Jones, Ona (CaV): Fa98 p64, photo 68.
Jones, Pearl; (Ros): Fa84 p61; Su88 p45; Su91 p47.
Jones, Paul (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Jones, R.R. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Jones, Raymond (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Jones, Ron E. & Karen Engle: Su19 pp13-18.
Jones, Stoughton P.: Fa67 p3.
Jones, Suzi: Wi79 p87.
Jones, W.: Su66 p18.
Jones, William Henry “Boot” (Dr): Sp73 p20.
Jones, W. L., editor: Fa04 p19.
Jones, “Windy”: Sp66 photo p9.
Jordan Cove – Pacific Connector Grant: Sp21 p27.
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art: Fa20 p14.
Jordan, Barbara: (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Jordan, C.A.: Su84 p46.
Jordan, Clara (NA): Fa19 p4.
Jordan, Loring (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Jordan, Mark (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Jordan, Sterling (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Jordan’s Piggly Wiggly (Ros): Fa84 p65.
“General Joseph Lane’s Narration” Joseph Lane Autobiography from interviews by H.H.
Bancroft and Frances Fuller Victor: Wi01 p95.
“Joseph Lane Commemoration Remarks”: Wi01 p91.
Joseph Lane Middle School: Fa77 p51; Su79 p37; Sp96 p9,11; Sp07 p19; Su19 p6.
“Joseph Lane Manuscripts 1835-1906, Indiana University: Wi01 p95.
Joseph Moore Livery Stable: Sp65 p13; Su00 pp32,36.
Joseph, Belle B.: Fa89 p62.
Joseph Lyons Bank (Dr): Sp18 p8.
“Josephine” barque: Fa66 p8.
Josephine County Historical Society: Wi71 p96.
Josephson Warehouse (Ros): Fa99 p69, photo p70.
Josephson, Mrs. H.: Sp08 p5.
Josse Furniture Store (Ros): Su97 p41.
“Journal of Rogue River War, 1855”: Wi77 p92 Harvey Robbins
“Journey into the Past”: William Strader Wi66 pp16-20 & Sp67 p3-5.
Joyaux, M. Helena Devaney: Sp70 pp13,24.


Judah, H.M., Capt. (RWV): Wi67 p11; Wi77 p92.
Judd Creek (Rid): Sp80 p14.
Judd, Eldress (Mrs. Robert Kelly of Myrtle Creek): Fa95 p56.
Judd, J.M. (Ros): livery stable Wi86 p94; Su91 p42; Fa91 p69.
Judd’s Furniture Store (Ros): Sp87 p14; Su91 p42.
“Judson” brig: Sp00 p9.
Judy, Calvin C. & Cordelia (LL): Sp97 p3, et seq. cabin photo 11, family photo 15.
Children: Luther, Dixie, William Fredrick, Sp97 pp3,14.
Judy, William Frederick: Sp97 pp3,5,10.
Julia, Ore: Su69 p37; Sp71 p2; Su75 p39.
Jump Off Joe Creek: Su80 p32; pack train photo Sp10 p17.
Junction, The (Win): Sp22 p17.
Jungereau, Narcissus (Cnv): Su79 p48.
Junior Historians Society: Su03 p38.
Junkins, Will (Cala): Su72 p34.
“Juno” steamer: Fa65 p16; Su08 p19; Su18 p18.
“Jurassic Leaf Fossils in Douglas County”: Jack R. Wharton Su74 pp45-47.
Jurgens, Arnold: Sp23 p13.
“Just a Summer Job? – Some Douglas County Fair Memories”: Bob Robbins Fa10 pp10,13.
Justensen, Louie & Barbara (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Juvinall, Roy (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
K-B-J Trio: Sp22 p5.
KORE Radio: see Radio.
KRNR Radio: see Radio.
KRSB Radio: see Radio.
KRXL Radio: see Radio.
KQEN Radio: see Radio.
KYES Radio: see Radio.
KPIC TV: Su03 p49.
Kadas, Christian: Wi84 p75.
Kadas, Dr. Warren & Marianne (Sut): Wi84 p75; Wi85 p74; Wi87 p75; Fa88 p51; Su95 p27; Sp03
p18; Wi12 p21.
Children: Christian Wi84 p75.
Kahler, C.W. (UAs)(Jv): Fa79 p71.
Kaine, “Red”: Sp94 pp6,8,11; Fa03 p57, et seq.
Kaine, Russell: Su98 p27; Su03 p47.
Kaiser, John: Wi17 photo p18.
Kalapooia, Kalapuya, Calapooia Tribe: Fa75 p66; Wi75 p77; Sp84 p3; Wi84 pp79,85; Fa90 p50;
Sp93 pp4,5; Sp16 pp2,3.
“Kalapuya Texts”: Gatschet, Frachtenberg & Jacobs Wi69 p96.
Kalawatset: see Kuitsh.
Kammerman, Linda: Su03 p50; Sp12 p23; Wi17 p23.
Kammerman, Stuart: Wi02 p91; Wi17 p23.
Kamp Orchard (CoV): Wi99 p77.


Kamp Family (CoV): Sp65 p9; Wi99 p77.
Kamp, Lester: Su05 p6.
Kamp, Mary (Ump): photo Wi94 p87,88.
Kamp, Moda (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Kamp, Myra (Ump): photo Wi94 p87,88.
Kamp, William “Bill” & Lettie Craton (Ump): Wi94 p88; Sp96 p17; photo Sp98 p21; Su05 pp7,20.
Children: seven Su05 p20.
“Kanakas in the Oregon Country”: Norman Schlesser Sp72 p3-13.
Kanakas (See Hawaiians).
Kane, Paul: Sp72 pp4,5,10.
Kanipe, John A. & Mrs.: Su07 p11.
Children: John H.
Kanipe, John H. & Sarah “Sally” Alice Baimbridge: Su07 p11,12 photos p13.
Children: Leah Kathryn, Mary Mildred.
Kanipe, Leah: Fa65 p7; Su07 p12 photos p13.
Kanipe, Mary Mildred: cover photo and subject of Su07 (according to Lois Eagleton, the cover
photo is not Mary Kanipe); Farm photos Su07 p8, & 17; Gravesite (1983) & photos Wi11 p17.
“Mary Mildred Kanipe”: Lois Christiansen Eagleton, Su07 issue
Kanipe Memorial Park: Wi11 p17.
Kanipe, William: Su07 p14.
Kansas-Nebraska Act: Sp07 p5,7.
Kaplan, Dr. Paul: Sp66 p21.
Kappa Delta Pi: Sp06 p18.
Kappa Delta Rho: Wi07 p12.
Karcher, Kathryn Johnson (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Kardell Place (LL): Sp97 p7.
Karlinger, Matt (Ros): Su91 p37.
Karmann Ghia: Sp03 pp25,26.
“Kate Heath” schooner: Fa66 p6; Fa69 p59,61; Wi69 p92; Wi72 p87; Wi75 p79; Fa86 p70; Wi90
p75; Sp02 p17; Fa13 p4,8,21; Sp23 p5.
Kausche Ranch (Kel): Su67 p9
Kautz, Lieut. August V. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p21.
Kearney, E.J.: Sp69 17.
Kearney, Smith: Sp19 pp12,15.
Kearns, P.: Wi83 p86.
Kearny, Phillip, Major: Wi91 p82; Fa99 p57; Wi06 p15,17; Fa19 p8.
Keatly, Al: Fa01 p52.
Keebler, Eddie (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Keebler, Hazel (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Keebler, Ruth (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Keel, Tom (Ros); Su67 p10.
Keeland, Ellen Mae Fiocca: (LL): Sp97 p18.
Keeland, Lloyd (LL): Sp97 p18.
Keele’s Machine Shop: Fa67 p2.


Keeley Cure Advertisement: Sp17 p18.
Keeley League: Sp17 pp15,17.
Keeney, C.B. & Bertha: Sp22 p20.
Keeney, Capt. (RWV): Wi77 pp85,88,89.
Keeney, Mr. (Clev): Su68 p26.
“Keepsake, The”: Gerturde Adams Gordon Fa90 p67.
Kiel, William, Dr.: Sp71 p21.
Keith, Daniel W., Lt. (RWV): Sp75 pp4,8.
Kelawatset Tribe (Lower Umpqua): Su65 pp10,11; Su75 p30.
Kelleher: Post Office Su11 p20; Wi20 p4. (According to the “Roseburg Review” there was a
Kelleher City six miles up South Myrtle Creek that housed employees of the Wm. P. Johnson
Lumber mill. Ed.)
Kelleher, William J.: Su11 p20.
Keller, Dan & Julia: Sp12 p23.
Keller, George (MC): photo Wi92 p79.
Keller, Leitha (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Keller, Milton (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Keller, Neva (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Kelley, Jim (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Kelley, Sam M. & Edythe: Sp22 p18.
Kellogg, Ore.: Wi72 p83; Fa81 pp51,53; on map Wi05 p18; Su08 p18; Sp10 p9; Su10 p5; Fa10
Kellogg area maps w/ landowner names: Su88 p28 & 36.
Kellogg Bridge: Fa81 p53; Wi90 p76; Wi11 p10;
Kellogg Grange: Wi72 p83.
Kellogg Cemetery-1857: Wi67 p23; Su79 p37, et seq.; Wi11 pp2,18.
Kellogg Ferry (Crescent Ferry): Wi67 p18; Sp77 p21, Fa86 p70.
Kellogg Sawmill: Fa99 p58.
Kellogg Post Office: Su11 p20, Wi75 p87.
Kellogg Prairie: on map Wi90 p85.
Kellogg Store: Fa81 p53.
Kellogg family: Wi67 p24.
Kellogg, Adna Barnes “Barney”: Sp68 p3; Wi72 p87; Fa75 p57; Fa99 p67; Su11 p20.
Kellogg, John Jay: Wi72 p83; Fa75 p57; Sp77 p23; Fa99 p67.
Children: Adna Barnes, Lyman L. Fa75 p57.
Kellogg, John T. (J.?): Wi72 p83; Fa75 p57; Wi75 p87; Fa99 p67; Su11 p20; DLC Wi11 p18.
Kellogg, Lyman L. & Mary Pinkston then Emily Neal (Kel): Wi72 p91; Fa75 p57; Su77 p41; Fa99
p66; Su11 p20, photos p21,22.
Kellogg, Wallace (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Kelly Creek: Fa01 pp61,67.
Kelly Green Nursery (Dr): Wi10 p11.
Kelly, Christopher: Wi19 p9,10.
Kelly, Mr. Dye: Fa04 p9.
Kelly, George M.: Fa04 pp4,11; Sp05 p10.


Kelly, J.F. (Ros): Su97 p31.
Kelly, Joe (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Kelly, Joe (SB-LL): Sp97 p5, et seq.
Kelly, John (Port): Wi06 p14.
Kelly, John (Ros-Gr): Wi65 p15; Fa75 p57; Sp76 p11; Sp90 p6; Sp06 p20; DLC Wi11
p17; Sp15 p6,11,13; Sp19 p13.
Kelly, John W.: Wi97 p86, et seq.;
Kelly, M. Margaret Jean, Sister: “The Career of Joseph Lane, Frontier Politician, a Dissertation”
condensed into Wi06 and Sp07.
Kelly, Mack (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Kelly, R.M.(SV): Wi74 p80; DLC Su11 p7.
Kelly’s Corner (Gr): Sp87 p11; Su90 p45; Sp06 p19; Wi20 p10.
Kelley Family: Wi08 p11.
Kelley, Charles (MC): Fa74p62; Fa82 p64.
Kelley, John: Wi06 p14.
Kelley, Milo (MC): Fa74 p62; Fa82 p64.
Kelley, Paul: Fa02 p51.
Kelley, W.H.(MC): Fa74 p62.
Kelley’s Korner or Kelley’s Corner: Sp06 p19; history of, Sp22 pp17-21.
Kelsay Valley CCC camp near present Lemolo Lake: photo Fa83 p59;
Kelso, Ed (Yon): Fa80 p55; Su82 p29.
Kemp, Mary (Ump): Wi71 p95.
Kemp, William (Ump): Wi71 p94.
Ken Gilkeson’s Sutherlin Chevron Station: Su19 p19.
Kendall Bros. Lumber Co.: Su66 p14; Wi90 p93, Sp92 p3.
Kendall, J.L.: Wi88 p78; Sp08 p13.
Kendall, S.A.: Wi88 p78; Sp08 p13.
Kennaday, F.: Sp00 p20.
Kennedy, E.S.: Sp22 pp3,4.
Kennedy’s Dine and Dance: Sp22 p6.
Kennedy’s Dutch Mill (Ros): Wi21 p24; Sp22 pp4,12.
Kennedy: Rifles Wi16 p6.
Kennedy, Pres. John F.: Fa10 p11,22.
Kennedy, Steve (Oak): Su77 p36.
Kennerly, Gary & Glenda Rice: photo credit Fa67 p10; Fa72 p58; Wi01 pp78, photo 82,83.
Kennerly, Guy: Wi01 p83.
Kennerly, Tuney: photo Sp87 p23.
Kenny, Ellen: Sp09 p22.
Kenney, Jonathan: Fa70 p53.
Kenny’s Wood and Lumber Yard: photo Sp85 p18.
Kennyville spur track (NRos. Diamond Lake Blvd.): Su73 p26; Fa74 p66.
Keno Cleaner: Fa09 p16.
Kent Creek: Wi01 p78; Sp06 pp8,11,13; Su06 pp9,12; Fa06 p3, fishing pp6,10.
Kent Gulch, Dil: Sp06 pp10,11; Fa06 pp3,6.


Kent Gulch School: Sp06 p9; Fa06 p4.
Kent Hotel (Dr): Wi72 p91.
Kent Ranch: (Brk) photo Sp06 p13; cover Su06; Fa06 p11.
Kent, A.E. & Mrs.: Fa66 p13; photo Wi12 p17.
Kent, Annie (Dil): Fa74 p65; Fa06 p10.
Kent, Ethel (later Mrs. Dee McCay): Fa06 p22.
Kent, Frank (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Kent, Ike (Dil): hotel Fa92 p54.
Kent, Isaac (Lk): Wi83 p77.
Kent, James L.: Sp69 p18.
Kent, Lewis Dozier & Nancy (KeCk) (DLC): Sp78 p3; Su86 p43; Sp06 p13; Fa06 drowning p10;
Su16 p4.
Kent, Levi (Elk): Fa65 p16; Sp67 p20; Sp73 p16; Fa75 p66; Sp84 p9.
Kent, Levin (Usb): Su00 p37; Levin’s (Kent?) Cape Cod house Su10 p6.
Kent, Myrtle Dixon (Ros): Fa66 p20,24; Wi66 p24; Sp67 p18;
Kenyon, Merley (Ros): Fa98 p64.
Kerker, Jim & Mrs. (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Kerley, J.E. (Cala): Fa67 p19.
Kern Bros.: Su75 p35.
Kernan, Henry (Np): Wi03 p11.
Kerns, Mr. (Gl): Wi65 p2.
Kerr, Peggy Meacham: Sp84 p23.
Kershner, Vivian Bartley (Ros): photo Sp87 p9.
Kessler, Frederick: Sp18 p22; Su18 p2.
Kessler, John: Sp18 p22; Su18 p2.
Kessler, Nancy (McCabe): Sp18 p22; Su18 p2.
Kesterson, Keith (Kel): Fa81 p53.
Ketcham, Mr. (CaV) a pelter): Sp68 p10.
Keyes, Blanch Wilson: Su05 p4;
Kamichi Mt. Boys: Sp22 p6.
Kidd, Mr.: Wi04 p17, et seq.
Kidd’s Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27; Sp05 p5.
Kidder, Robert “Bob” (Ros): Su83 p33; Sp85 p17; Su99 p28; Su09 p4.
Kidder, Stanley & Mrs. (Ros): Su88 p40; photos Wi12 pp14,17.
Kiddie Korall: Sp22 p14.
Kier-Crooch Plumbing: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.
Kilborn, Norman (Oak): Su81 p43.
Kilborn, Sarah: Fa79 p68.
Kilgore, Roger R. (CoosB): Sp89 p5.
Killigan, Grace: Su14 pp10,15; Fa14 p3.
Killip, Mari-Joan: Fa87 p70.
Kimball, Carl (Cnv): Fa74 p68.
Kimball, Clara Maude: Su12 photo p10.
Kimball, George Washington & Ida May Moore: Su12 p9 photos pp10,13.


Kimmel, Charles (Cnv): Sp76 p12; Su79 p47.
Kimmel, Karl (Cnv): Fa74 p58; Sp76 p12.
Kimmel, Max (IP): Wi86 p84.
Kimmell, Rex; Fa14 p17.
Kinaer, Bernice: Sp03 p4.
Kincaid, Robert (Cala): Wi83 p77.
Kincart, Frank (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Kincart, Loche (Oak): Fa90 p62.
King, Mr. Soldiers Home Commandant (Ros): Sp01 p23.
King, Esther (CaV): Wi92 p89.
King, J.G. (T.B. King?): Fa66 p8.
King, Jack & Rosalind (UC): Sp93 p17.
King, Lloyd (Ros): Sp99 p3; Fa00 p69.
King, Nelson (Lk): Wi83 p77.
King, Nettie (Lk): Wi83 p77, et seq.
King, T.B.: Fa66 p7.
King Salmon: See Chinook Salmon.
King’s Table Buffet (Ros): Fa90 p60.
Kingery, John Wesley & Sarah (RH): Wi11 p10.
Kingston, George (Elk): Fa81 p53.
Kinman, Guy: Sp22 pp16,17.
Kirby, George: Su19 p25.
Kirk, C.W. (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Kirk, Martha Lavadour: Su15 p3,20.
Kirk, William (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Kirkendall, James Allen & Missouri Belieu (CaV): Su68 p40, photo p42; Fa98 p63.
Children: Nathanial “Nathan” Su68 p41.
Kirkendall, Nathan M. (CaV Pelter): Sp68 p10; Su68 p41; Fa98 p65.
Kirker, James: Sp65 p2.
Kirkland, Grace L.: Sp18 p10
Kirkpatrick, Amanda (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Dewey (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Jane: Wi14 pp4 photo 9,12,13.
Kirkpatrick, Judy (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Dewey (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Capt. J. M.: Fa05 photo p5, et seq.
Kirkpatrick, Robert (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Roland (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kirkpatrick, Russell (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Kischel, Robert (Ros): Su67 p10; Sp99 p3.
Kissel Auto: photo Sp74 p11.
“Kissing Bridges”: Wi10 p3.
Kitchell, Mrs. (Ros): Wi87 p92.
Kitely, Thomas & Sadie Whittemore (Yon): Fa16 p20.


Children: Harrie (Mrs. Ralph Westenhiser)
Kittleman, Marilyn: Sp08 p18.
Kiwanis Club: Su09 p3.
Klakatat, Marie Ann: Su15 p12.
Klamath County Museum: Su70 p32.
Klamath Exploring Expedition: See Umpqua Exploring Expedition.
Klamath Falls, Ore.: Wi00 p75; Sp01 p20.
Klamath Indian Agency: Wi76 p79.
Klamath Indians: Su69 p31; Fa90 p50; Reservation Wi00 p76; Wi06 photo pp16,20.
Klamath Lakes: Sp02 p6.
Klamath Marsh: trail Wi73 p79. Fa02 p60.
Klamath River: Su00 p29.
Klemm, Mable (Maybelle) Wilson: Fa71 p52,55; Sp72 pp13,14; Fa91 p68.
Klenke, Oscar: Wi09 p3.
Kletzer Bridge: Sp93 p13.
Klickitat, Jim & Eliza (Yon): Wi74 p76 et seq.
Klickitat Indians: Wi74 p75; Wi06 p14, Chief Quatley 14, photo p16.
Kline, Joseph & widow Nancy: Su10 p19.
Children: Cass, Lord.
Klinkenbeard: see Clinkenbeard.
“Klootchman”: Wi81 p77.
Knapp, Burrell & Co.: Wi15 p10.
Knapp, Margery: Su18 p13.
Knigge, Ira (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Knight, Dolly (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Knight, Ralph (Cnv): Wi87 p93.
Knight, Richard: Su19 p3.
Knight, S.H. (MC): Fa74 p62.
Knight, William W.: Su23 p13.
Knighton, C. J. architect: Sp01 p11.
Knighton, W.C., architect (Salem): Sp03 p8.
Knights of Columbus: Su22 p3.
Knights of Pythias (K. of P): Band Sp01 p6; Fa06 photo p13.
“Knights of the Lash/Whip”: photo Su67 p23; Fa67 p3.
Kniskern, Rose Ritzman: Su65 p20.
Knitinger, Bruce: Fa10 p6.
Knotts Mountain (Wil): Wi76 p91.
Knott Bros.: Su85 p30.
Knott, Andrew J.: Fa80 p61; Sp19 p16.
Knott, George C. M.D. & Martha Fratzke (Yon-Glen): Fa94 p51, photo p71; Sp95 p3.
Children: Helen Fa94 p63; Frances Harriet (Engblom), Fa94 p51, Sp95 p18.
Knott, Joseph: trial of, with lengthy witness list, jurors, etc. Sp69 p16 et seq.; Fa75 p62; Su80
p27,30,45 (Appears Byars got Knott’s initials wrong); Fa80 p61; Wi84 p82; Wi93 p75.
Children: Andrew J., Levi, Sp69 p17.


Knott, Levi & Mary Savery (Wil): Sp69 p17; Wi76 p91,95.
Knott, Mary Bell Moore: Wi01 p81.
Knott, Rodney: Wi01 p83.
Knowland, Joseph (Gard): Fa69 p64 et seq.
Knowles, H. M.: Fa04 pp4,7,21; Wi04 p9.
Knowles, Mr. (Yon): Wi74 p75.
Knowles, Sheriff Joshua or Joseph A.: Sp69 p17.
Know Nothings: Sp78 p3; Sp07 p4.
Knudtson Jewelers (Ros): photo Fa77 p59; Su81 p27; Sp87 p5; Fa91 p53; Su19 p20.
Knudtson, Alan: Sp65 p4; Su65 p12; Su70 p32; Fa70 p50; Fa72 p60; Su75 p43; Sp78 p18; photo
Sp87 p9; Sp03 p23; Su09 photo p19, pp20,21; Sp12 p2; Wi19 p3, et seq.
Knudtson, Jim (Oak): Sp69 pp3,5.
Kodak camera: Su10 p11.
Koehler, Richard: Su11 p21.
Koffee Kup Drive-In (Sut): Fa10 p20.
Kohlhagen Apartments: Fa91 pp56,61; photo Su98 p35; Fa00 pp52,60.
Kohlhagen Building: Sp87 p5; Fa00 pp51, photo 53, et seq.
“Roseburg’s Kohlhagen Building”: Michelle Dennis Fa00 p51.
Kohlhagen Cass St. Market: Wi15 p17.
Kohlhagen Economy Market (Ros): Fa00 p52,56.
Kohlhagen-Howell house (Ros): Fa00 p60.
Kohlhagen Meat Market: Fa73 p50.
Kohlhagen, George Meat Market (Ros): photo Fa85 p62; Fa91 p55; Fa95 p58; Fa00 p51; Sp23
Kohlhagen, Louis Meat Market (Ros): Fa91 p63; Wi15 p17; Sp23 p27.
Kohlhagen, Edward George & Mrs. (Ros): Sp68 p14; Fa70 p58; Fa85 p52; photos pp62,64; photo
Sp99 p20; Fa00 pp52,56,60; Su14 p8.
Kohlhagen, Florence (McHenry): Fa73 p50; Wi80 p89; Fa00 p60.
Kohlhagen, George & Marietta Howell (Ros): Sp82 p4; Fa85 p52,55 photos 62,64; Sp87 p5; Fa91
pp55,63; Fa00 p51 et seq. photos p61; Su01 photo p46; Wi08 p6.
Children: Florence (later McHenry), Greta Mary, Edward George. Fa00 pp60.
“George Kohlhagen”: a bio by Victoria Hokanson Fa00 p60.
Kohlhagen, Greta Mary: Fa00 p60.
Kohlhagen, Louis (Ros): Fa91 p63; Wi15 p17.
Kohlhagen, Mayette: Sp08 photo p6.
Kohnhagen, Vernita (Ros): Fa95 p50.
Koke, Judge: Sp97 p16.
Koler: Post Office Su11 p21.
Kortz, George D., Sea Capt.: Sp72 p16 et seq.
Kovaly, Mrs. John T.: Fa75 p70.
Kowes River (Coos): on map Wi13 p3.
Kramer & Weaver (MC): Su83 p46.
Kramer, Willis & Alice Chapman (MC): Wi67 p14; Fa68 p72; Sp83 p11; Su83 photo pp46,47;
Wi20 pp4,6,7.


Krause, Henry (Elk): Su94 p40.
Kreiss, Dennis: Su01 p45.
Krell, Mert (Ros): Wi09 p7.
Krewson Cemetery (Dr): Wi11 p18.
Krewson Family (Winc): Su08 p7.
Children: Cora, Lucy.
Krewson, E.A.: Su09 p16.
Krewson, J.W.: Sp73 p16; Sp84 p9.
Krewson, John & Eliza (Dr): photo Sp76 pp14,16.
Krewson, Tom: photo Su09 p17.
Krieger, Harold (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Krimont, Simon: Wi65 p12.
Kroegel Place (CaV): Sp96 p3.
Krogel or Krogen Place (Dxv): Su99 pp36,41.
Krohn, Hank: Su22 p5.
Krohn, Mabel Woodruff: Wi79 p93.
Kroll: Post Office Su11 p21.
Krominga Family (GV): Su91 p31.
Children: Pete Su91 p31.
Kronke, Elza Weber (Ros): Fa84 p61; photo Wi86 p81; Su91 pp26,27,40.
Kronke, Laura (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Krueger, Paul, Sr. & Mrs. (variously spelled in the “Trapper as Kruger and Krueger): Sp85 p5;
Cover Wi12 pp2 photo & bio p10,12,17.
Krumbe Creek (Steens): Fa66 p16.
Kruse & Newland Groceries: Wi15 17.
Kruse & Morey (LSb): Sp65 p13; Fa69 p64; Su00 pp32
Kruse Orchard: Wi04 p14.
Kruse Ranch (DrCk): Wi67 p11.
Kruse Brothers (RoCr): Wi96 p80.
Kruse, Mr. Fa69 p64; Wi04 p17, et seq.
Kruse, Anna Brock: Su20 p24.
Kruse, Anne Applegate: Wi65 p6; Fa67 p15; Wi69 p91; Sp81 p9; Sp85 p20-23, photo p21; Fa88
p62; Sp93 p14; Wi05 p20.
“Kruse, Anne Applegate-Yoncalla Pioneer Descendant”: Sp85 p20-23 by Beatrice Young.
Kruse, Bert (Ros): Su81 p31.
Kruse, Betty: Fa84 p68, Su88 p26.
Kruse, Denny: Wi02 p88.
Kruse, Don: Wi02 p88.
Kruse, Elmer (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34; Sp85 p23.
Kruse, Fred (Yon) Su82 p35; Sp85 p23.
Kruse, George W.: Sp99 p4; Wi17 p8.
Kruse, Golden, Mrs.: Sp85 p20.
Kruse, Henry Lewis & Louisa Caroline Castor: Sp80 p3.
Kruse, Homer & Bernice Ruth McKaig (Yon): Sp81 p3; photo Su82 p28,30, photos 31&34


35, photos 36&37.
Children: Betty
Kruse, John & Annie Applegate (Yon): Sp85 p20 et seq.
Children: Roy, Elmer, Frederick, Homer.
Kruse, John (North Bend): Sp69 p2; Sp72 p19.
Kruse, Louis (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Kruse, Roy (Yon): Sp85 p23.
Klu Klux Klan (KKK): Sp76 p15; Sp88 p7, et seq.; photo Sp09 p19; Su14 p17.
“Face at Your Window, The” a KKK movie: Sp09 p21.
“Ku Klux Klan”: Don Good Sp09 pp18-22.
“Ku Klux Klan-Myth or Reality in Roseburg”: Sp88 p7, Jeff Bevier & Steve Watts
Kubler, William: Su19 p27.
Kuene, Frank (LL): Sp97 p7.
Kuhn, John (Nump): Wi00 p76.
Kuk, Jim: Fa83 p67.
Kukendall Ranch (Wil): Fa81 p59.
Kukendall, Mr.: Fa79 p58.
Kukendall, Mrs. Alvin: Su19 p3.
Kukendall, George B. & Eliza Jane Butler (Oak): Wi75 p82.
Kukendall, John (Oak DLC): Wi75 p82.
Children, George B.
Kukendall, Virginia: Su19 p3.
Kukendall, W.: Sp73 p16.
Kundig, Charlie (LL): Sp97 p7, et seq.
Kunert, Mike: Sp22 p7.
Kuitsh Tribe (Mump): Sp71 p4; Sp84 p3; Wi84 p79; Kalawatset Treaty Sp16 p2; Fa21 p14.
Kurtz prune dryers: Fa74 pp52, et seq.; Su05 pp7,9.
Kurtz, Harry: Su05 p7.
Kusler, Marion A.: Su97 p44; Su13 p14.
Kuykendall Ranch (Wil): Fa81 p59.
Kuykendall family (Wil): Wi68 p95.
Kuykendall, Alvin & Lela: Wi08 pp17,18.
Children: Janet, Virginia.
Kuykendall, Charles (Wil): Sp86 p6.
Kuykendall, George B. & Eliza Jane Butler (Wil): Wi75 p82; Sp86 p4; Fa09 p5.
Kuykendall, John Wesley (Win): Wi75 p82; Fa79 pp58,62; Sp86 p4; Fa09 p4.
Children: George B.
Kuykendall, W.: Sp73 p16.
Kyes, Charles (Dil): Wi87 p89; Fa06 p3.
Kyes, E.J.”Old Dad Kyes” (Dil): Fa06 pp3,6.
Kyes family (KeCk): Sp06 p9.
Kyes, Ora & Nora (Dil) Fa06 p3.
L—l Creek: Wi76 p84, must mean Myrtle Creek.


L. C. Smith & Bros.: Fa20 p19.
L.H. Manning Co.: Fa77 p55.
L. & H. Electric Ranges: Wi02 p76.
L & H Lumber (Sut): Sp94 p18; Fa01 p55.
La Biche River: See Elk Creek.
LaBonte, Louis II & Josette the 2 nd Laframboise: Sp71 p7.
LaBrie, Edward E.: Fa74 p68; Wi80 p79; Su04 p11; Su05 p7; Wi21 p16.
LaBrie Family Cemetery (Mel): Wi11 p18.
LaBrie, Ferdinand & Ann Eliza Rowley (GV): Su80 p26; Fa80 p70; Wi80 p75; Su96 p33; Cover
Sp98 pp2,3.
LaBrie, T.J.: Fa73 p69.
Lacey, Mr. Mgr of Majestic Theater: Wi13 p20.
LaCreole River: Sp02 p6.
Lackey, Alice: Wi12 p21; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23..
Ladd & Peters (Lord?): Su10 p7.
Ladd, Charles: Wi16 p8.
Ladd, John Picket & Sara E. Tibbets: Fa71 p71.
Children: Mollie, Carrie, Shirley, Aida Fa71 p71.
Ladd, Robert J.: Su75 p38; Sp78 p3; Su10 p7.
Ladies Fair (Ros): Fa75 p56.
Ladies Sewing Society: Sp76 p18.
“Lady Washington” sloop: Sp65 pp4,5.
Lael, Heidi (Ros): The current owner of the Parrott House Wi15 p2. (still owner in 2020)
Laframboise, Josette: Sp71 pp3 et seq.
Laframboise, Josette the 2 nd (Mrs. Louis Labonte II): Sp71 p7.
Laframboise, Michel & Angelique (& Emelie Picard) (NWC-HBC): Su65 p6; Fa65 p8 et seq.; Wi65
p3 et seq.; Sp66 p12,13; Su66 p3 et seq. photo p10, story of p11; Fa66 p3 et seq.; Wi66 p5;
Sp71 p3,7; Fa75 p56; Sp84 p5.
Children: Josette, Michel, Sp71 p3.
Laframboise, Michel Jr.: Sp71 p3.
“LaFramboise, Michel”: Su66 p10-11.
Laird Canyon: Fa09 p21.
Laird Station: Sp79 p2.
Laird, Mrs. (Eden): Sp05 p9.
Laird Family (CBWR): Sp66 p4; Wi75 p82; Sp82 p16.
Laird Charles: photo Su67 p23; Fa67 p3.
Laird, Ivan: photo Su09 p17.
Laird, James D.: photo Su09 p17; Fa09 p21.
Laird, James L.: Sp75 p2; Fa09 p21.
Laird, John & Virginia (Gl): Sp76 p4; Su83 p44.
Laird, Joe D.: Su09 p14 photo p17.
Laird, Maxine (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Laird, Walter: photo Su09 p17.
Lake (Lane) County: on map Wi13 p3.


Lake Creek, (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa03 p56;
Lake Creek, (LL): Wi73 p93; Sp97 p5.
Lake Creek, (SUmp): Wi73 pp80,82.
Lake (of-in) the Woods (LR): Fa90 p60; Fa92 p61.
Lamare, Nappy: Sp22 p6.
Lamb, F.A.: Fa09 p22.
Lamb, Glen (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Lamb, Ruth (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Lambert, Carol: Fa08 p21.
Lambeth, Albert L. & Gertrude “Pat” (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Mike & Janice (Barber)
Lamerick, Capt. (RWV): Sp69 p19; Wi06 p20.
Lammon, John E. (Yon): Sp93 pp8,11.
Lamon, Henry C. (UC): Sp93 p16.
Lamphere, Hiram (Sb): Sp73 p6.
Lancaster Covered Bridge: photo Wi10 p11.
Lancaster, Robert: Wi10 p11.
“Land Fraud Trials”: Su84 pp32-35.
Land Grant Colleges: Wi68 p79.
Land Grant Roads: Su09 p12.
“Land of the Umpqua”: Su88 p37, Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham;
“LAND OF THE NORTH UMPQUAS”: Lavola J. Bakken Fa73 p54.
Lander, Henry & Nancy Emiline Jones: (Gr): Sp75 p13; map Sp90 pp12,14. Sp06 p19.
Children: Sarah (Later Mrs. George Winston) + 9 more Sp06 pp19,21.
Lander, John: Sp06 p21.
Lander’s Dairy: Wi09 p7.
Landers lookout (Cal) on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa01 p59.
Landsberg, F.E.: Su19 p11.
Lane County: Wi01 p86; Wi03 p3; Sp07 p20.
Lane County Historical Society: Su70 p33.
Lane County Pioneer Museum: Su70 p32; Su77 p26; Wi79 p74; Sp80 p2.
Lane, 1899 Do. Co. sheriff: Su04 p4.
Lane & Floed, Gen Merchants: Fa79 p63; Sp16 p5.
“Lane & Gwin Conspiracy”: Sp07 p16.
Lane & Lane, Atty’s L.F. & John: Wi83 p88; Wi15 p14.
Lane Historical Society: Su03 p40.
Lane House: see Floed-Lane House.
Lane Mountain pna Strawberry Hill: Sp76 p12; Sp85 p8; Wi93 p85; Wi00 p75; Fa01 pp53,56;
Wi01 p87; Sp03 p 22; Sp07 p19; Photo Fa12 p12, et seq.; Wi20 p23.
Lane School: photo Su73 p42; photo Su96 p47; Fa06 p16; Sp07 p19.
Lane Street Bridge (Ros): photo Su69 p41; photo Fa72 p71; photo Wi87 p88; photo looking
North Wi89 p77; photo Fa91 p70; Sp01 p6; Sp07 p20.
Lane-Waite Ranch (Dxv): Sp88 p22; Sp03 p22.
Lane Family: Su03 p37,45;


Lane Family aka Winchester Elementary School Cemetery (Winc) 1859: Wi11 p18;
“Lane Family in Pacific Northwest Navigation”: Sp89 p3 by George & Joyce Ruff Abdill
Lane, Arthur: mini bio & photo Wi18 p17.
Lane, Clarence & Alice Hebard (Oak): Fa93 p67.
Lane, Eliza Jane Barlow (Ratliff Lane’s widow) & Thomas Ledgerwood: Sp85 p2.
Lane, Elma Florence (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Lane, Emily (Mrs. John Creed Floed): Sp85 p2; Wi06 p6 photo p7.
Lane, Eva Marie (Mrs. Douglas Waite): Wi12 p4.
Lane, Harriet: Fa18 p10.
Lane, Harry S., Dr., Mayor, Sen. (Port) Sp89 p5, photo 6; Wi18 p17; Su21 p21.
Lane, Jerry: Sp16 p22.
Lane, John S., Lt. Col. & Harriet “Hattie” Sherred: Sp86 p6; Wi01 p87; Wi06 pp6, photo 7; Sp07
p16; photo Fa12 p19; photo Wi18 p17.
Children: Harry S. Wi18 p17.
Lane, John & Elizabeth Street: Wi06 p6; Sp07 p16; Wi15 p14.
Children, Joseph Wi06 p5.
Lane, John & Elizabeth Street: Sp86 p6;
Lane, John S & Harriet “Hattie” Sherred: Sp86 p6;
Lane, Joseph Augustas, Gov. & Gen. & Polly Pierre Hart: Wi66 pp2,24; Wi67 p6; Su68 p39
(error); bio of, Su69 p31; Sp71 p12; Wi71 p89; Su72 p37; Su75 p47; Fa75 p67; Wi75 p89; p76
pp11, et seq.; Su77 p26; Wi77 p83 et seq.; Sp78 p4, et seq.; Fa79 p63; Su80 p30; Fa80
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Wi90 p76,91; Wi93 p75, bio & photo 84,85; Wi97 p79, photo 91,94; Cover Fa99 p50 et seq.;
Wi01 pp85, et seq., photos 88, house photo 90; Sp03 p22; Su03 pp44, et seq.; Wi06 subject
of, cover photo, his sword p3; photo Joe & Polly p4; p15, sketch of tomb 20;? Bio Wi06 &
Sp07 cover, first Roseburg house; Wi08 p3,6; Sp09 p23; Fa09 p5; Su12 pp6,9,12; Lane Family
Legacy Fa12 “Trapper” issue, p2, photo et seq.; Wi12 pp4; Joseph Lane descendants’
w/photos p12,22; Wi14 p15; Wi16 p9; Fa18 p2, et seq.; Wi18 p2, et seq.; Sp19 p11,21; Wi20
p23; Fa21 p24; Su22 p16; Gen. Joseph Lane in 1851 Wi22 pp13-14 & p22; Su23 p20 .
Children: Melissa M. (Mrs. Anderson Barlow), Nathaniel Hart, Ratliff Boone, Joseph Jr., John
(Wi01 p87) Mary (Mrs. Aaron Shelby), Simon R., Emily (Mrs. John Creed Floed), Winnifred
(Mrs. Lafayette Mosher), Lafayette.
Aunt Mildred’s Scrapbook: Lane family history and tree: Fa18 and Wi18 issues.
“Career of Joseph Lane, Frontier Politician – A Dissertation” by Sister M. Margaret Jean Kelly,
MA., condensed in Trapper issues Wi06 and Sp07; presidential possibility p14,
“General Joseph Lane”: bio & photo, Leona Johnson Wi93 p84,85.
“General Joseph Lane’s Narration”: H.H. Bancroft & Frances Victor Fuller Wi01 p95.
“General Lane’s Brigade in Mexico”: Albert Brackett Wi01 p85.
“Joe Lane of Oregon, Machine Politics and the Sectional Crisis, 1849-1861”: James E.
Hendrickson Wi01 p95.
“Oregon Politician is Historical Enigma”: Douglas Card Wi01 pp85-90.
“Joseph Lane Commemoration Remarks”: Wi01 p91-93, 16 Sep. 2001 Douglas Card
“The Quiet Life of Mrs. General Lane”: Wi01 pp92,95, Victoria Case.
Lane, J.G.: Su08 p3.

Lane, Joseph Samuel Jr. & Elanor “Ella” Stevenson: Wi67 p24; Sp69 p17; Sp85 p2; Wi06 p5; Fa12
pp9,20; Fa18 p4.
Children: Franklin Pierce, Lafayette, Emma, Ida (Later Ross), Thomas Augustus. (from
internet) + three more.
Lane, Joseph Charles “Charlie”: photo Wi18 p9.
Lane, Lafayette F. & Margaret Amanda Mann (unsure where initial F. came from. May have
been an old transcription error and should be P. for Paul. See also Paul Lafayette Lane): Wi75
p82; house photo Sp85 pp7,8; Fa85 p52; Sp86 p6; Wi93 p85; photo Wi97 pp93,94; Wi01
pp89,93; Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p16,17, house photo 18; Wi15 p14; Su21 p21; Wi22 p11.
Children: Lafayette Jr., Arthur photo Wi18 p17.
Leslye Evans Lane: Sp21 pp25,27.
Lane, Melissa Melvina (Mrs. Anderson Barlow): Sp85 p2; Wi06 p5, photo p7; photo Fa12 p17;
Fa18 p4.
Lane, Mary Virginia (later Shelby): Wi06 p6, photo p7; photo Fa12 p17.
Lane, Nathaniel Hart Sr. & Eliza Jane Stinson Fleming: Sp85 p2; bio Sp89 p3-8 w/photos; Wi06
p5, photo p6,14; Fa12 p9,15 photo p19; Wi16 p9; Fa18 p3, et seq.; Su21 p21.
Children: Harry, Nathanial Hart Jr., Mary Caroline-Wi16 p11.
Lane, Nathaniel Hart, Jr.: Sp89 p5, photo 6,8.
Lane, Paul: Su71 p40.
Lane, Paul Lafayette & Margaret Amanda Mann: (see also Lafayette F. Lane) Sp85 p2; photo
Fa12 p19.
Children: Arthur, Lafayette F., Agnes Lena Laurina, Mary Rose “Rosie”.
Lane, Pete Waldo: Sp07 p17.
Lane, Polly: Wi01 pp85, et seq.; Su03 p37; dress 44.
Lane, Ratliffe Boone & Eliza Jane Barlow Sp85 p2; Wi06 p5; Fa12 p5; Fa12 p19; Fa18 p4, photo
Children: Ratliff Boone Jr. Fa12 p20, Fa18 p4.
Lane, Richard & Leslye Evans Lane: Sp21 pp25,27; Su21 p2.
Lane, Sarah Jane Aikens: Cover Fa85 p49; Su03 p44.
Lane, Sarah Emily (Mrs. John Creed Floed): Wi06 p6, photo p7; Fa12 p5,15 photo p17; Wi12
Lane, Sheriff (Ros): Su04 p4.
Lane, Simon Robert & (1 st Sarah Jane Aiken) (2 nd Catherine Drain): Sp85 pp2,8; Sarah, Cover
Fa85 p49; Wi93 p85; Wi01 p92; clock Su03 pp42,44; Wi06 p6, photo p7; Sp07 p17; Su12 p15;
Fa12 pp4,12,13, mini bio & photos 18; Wi12 p4; photo Wi18 p9; Fa20 p3, sketch 4; Su21 p21.
Children: Sarah Bell, Simon Ratliff, Joseph Charles “Charlie”, George, Creed F., Eva Marie by
Katherine Wi12 p4; Ethel, Paul, Francis Robert “Bob”.
Lane, Winnifred Minnie (later Mosher): Sp85 p2; Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p17; photo Fa12 p17;
Wi12 photo p19.
Lang, Margaret (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Langdon Station: O&C covered Bridge Su65 p3.
Langdon, Abe (Kel): Fa99 p67.
Langdon, Abram G. (Elk); Sp76 p18.
Langdon, Ansel (Oak-Elk): Wi72 p83; Sp73 p7; Su73 p47.


Children: Rufus, Commodore.
Langdon, Commodore (Oak-Elk): Su73 p47.
Langdon, Percy (Yon): Fa83 p69; Sp93 pp15,16.
Langdon, O.H. & Minnie (UC): Sp93 p16.
Langdon, Ralph: Sp67 p6,7,10.
Langdon, Rufus (Elk-Oak): Sp68 p3; Sp73 pp5,7.
Lange Place (Cal): Sp94 p18.
Langenberg & Easton (Ros): Fa78 p50.
Langenberg, Alphonse & Mary Celia Elliff: Su80 p38; Su85 p33 photo p38; Fa08 pp22,23.
Children: Hardy Alphonse “Al”, Opal Werth.
Langenberg Family: Su65 p2; Wi10 p21; Wi22 p12.
Langenberg, Louis F. & Eliza (Ros): Su72 p45; Wi75 p82.
Langenberg, Peter Alphonse & Celia Elliff: Su80 p38.
Langhoff, Bob: Sp92 p8.
Langle, (Langell?) Nat: Wi00 p84.
Langley, Henry (Ros): Su10 p18.
Langley, Salvation Army Capt.: Su10 p14.
Lansing, Genevieve (Later Mrs. Delmar Murphy): Wi79 p95; Su05 p20.
Lansing, Ronald: author of “Nimrod”: Sp15 pp3,4.
Laplant, Abraham: Su65 p12.
LaPoint, Charles (FS): Su80 p26; Wi80 p75; Sp98 p3.
LaPoint, Joseph: Su65 p12.
LaRaut Post Office: Fa11 p3.
“Some LaRaut History”: Su80 p47-48, Cont. Fa80 p67-70 Ella Mae Young.
LaRaut family: Su03 pp47,48; Wi22 p6.
LaRaut, Mr.: Wi78 p96; Sp79 p4, et seq.
Children: Ida V., Sp79 p4.
LaRaut, Amy: Su80 p47; Fa80 p67.
LaRaut, Clintona (Mrs. Robert A. Booth, Jr.): Fa09 p7.
LaRaut, James: Fa80 p69.
LaRaut, Kathleen: Cover Fa09.
LaRaut, Lucy, Dimmick: Cover Fa09.
LaRaut, Narcisse, Sr. & Amy B. Rowley: Sp75 p11,13; Su80 p26 bio of p47-48; Fa80 p67, photos
pp68 & 69,70; Wi80 pp75,78; Wi83 p81; Su96 p33; Sp98 pp2,3, photo 11; photo Fa11 p4.
Children: Clintona, Genevieve, Stephan, Alva, Narcisse Jr., Charles, Clara, Ida, Leland, Ethel,
LaRaut, Narcisse, Jr (Grandpa) (GV): Sp98 p7, photo 11; Cover Fa09.
LaRaut, Vernon N.: Cover Fa09.
LaRaut, Vilie, Vilia L. Hutchinson: Su81 p42; Cover Fa09.
“Some LaRaut History”: Ella May Young Su80 p47-48; cont. Fa80 p67-70.
Lariat, The (Ros): Sp22 p17.
Larritt, Richard W. (Sb), surveyor: Wi67 p18; Fa99 p55; Su00 p33; Sp02 p11; Fa13 p22.
Lason, Silas F. (Sut): Su78 p27.
Lassena Family (IP): Wi86 p80.


Last Spike in O&C railroad: Su06 p22.
“Last Voyage to the Umpqua”: George Abdill Sp70, p3.
Laswell, Avery (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq., photo 34.
Children: William “Bill” (Ros. atty)
Laswell, Jess R. & Jenny S. (Yon): Sp20 p20, photo 21.
Latana, Umpqua Chief: see Starcose.
Latke recipe: Sp95 p23.
Lathrop, E.A.: Fa71 p67.
Latter Day Saints: Sp83 p15.
Lattin, Jesse & Merle Beresford Brumfield Mozena: Fa14 p9.
Lauda, Augustus & Hubblen: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Laugh, Ed: photo w/ F.S. pack train: Wi00 p92.
Laughlin’s Ford (Kel): Wi72 p80.
Laughlin, James (Kel): Fa99 pp62,63.
Laurance family: Su05 p16.
Laurance, Andrew Jackson: Fa92 p50.
Laurance, Bert Joseph & Virginia Buell: Sp91 p16, et seq. photo 17, family of 18-22; Fa92 p58.
Children: Pamela Jane, Nick Joseph Sp91 p20.
Laurance, Bill & Vivian (Dil): Sp91 p5; Fa92 p58.
Laurance, Custer (Dil): Fa92 p58.
Laurance, George Baker “GB” & Barbara Ellen Greer (Dil): Wi87 p75; Sp91 p8,10,18, house
photo p19; Fa92 p50 et seq.; Fa06 pp15,17,19.
Children: Opal Mary Elizabeth (Burnett), Jim, Bert Joseph, Ruby (Wetzell), lena (Mrs. Fred
Burks), Jessie (Mrs. Simpson (Roy?) Rice), Ray, Stace, Custer (?) Fa92 p54.
Laurance, George Washington & Ann Elizabeth: Fa92 p50.
Laurance, Hayden (Mel): Fa92 p58.
Laurance, Jack (Mel): Fa92 p57.
Laurance, Jim & Ruth: Fa92 p58; photo Su06 p15.
Laurance, Kenny: Fa92 p50.
Laurance, Nick Joseph & Mary Leslie Prentice (Dil): Sp91 p21; Fa92 p55.
Children: Carrie Ellen, Andrew Nick, Sp91 p21.
Laurance, Ray & Ara (Dil): Fa92 p57.
Laurance, Ruby (Later Wetzell): Fa92 p50.
Children: Vickie
Laurance, Stace & Hester (Dil-Ola): Fa92 p57; Sp06 p13.
Laurance, Virginia Buell (Dil): Sp91 pp2,13.
Laurance, Willard (Dil): Sp91 p5.
Laurel Crest Ranch (Eden): Su91 p33.
Laurel Hill: Fa90 p64.
Laurel Hill Drive: Wi11 p18.
Laurel (Wilbur): Post Office Fa75 p56; Fa11 p19.
Laurelwood (pna Mosher’s Grove): aerial view cover Su95 p26 many house photos, map 36,37;
Wi97 p88; photo Su98 p40; Fa00 p71; Sp03 p24; Wi08 p10; Wi23 p10.
“Laurelwood Historic District”: Marianne Kadas Su95 p27-47.


Laurenson, Brett: Wi88 p79; Sp08 p14.
Laursen, Christina (Later Mrs. Victor J. Micelli): photo Su03 p33, et seq.; Wi12 cover, photos p5.
Laursen, Christian A. & Annie Florence Russell: Wi12 p5.
“Lousanne” ship: Su66 p6.
Lavadour aka Wright or VanNorman Cemetery-1857 (DC): Fa76 p60; Wi11 p2; Su15 p10.
Lavadour Creek: Wi11 p18; Sp15 p14; Su15 p10,12.
Lavadour Gap: Su15 p14.
Lavador Hall: Su10 p17.
Lavadour Ranch: Zybach photo of Su15 p11,14.
Lavadour Family: Wi93 p76; Wi14 p3,17.
Lavadour brothers: Wi14 p10.
Lavadour, Alice: Fa82 p68.
Lavadour, Angelique (McGinnis): Su15 p5 photo p10.
Lavadour aka VanNorman or Wright Cemetery-1857 (DC): Wi11 p18; Su15 pp10,11.
Lavadour, Emelie “Nellie” (Mrs. Thomas Sadden): Su15 p5,12.
Lavadour, Joseph & Lisette (HBC): Fa76 p57 et seq.; Su15 p3 et seq.
Children: Angelique, Narcisse, Emelie “Nellie”, Xavier, Su15 p5, Marguerite,
Joseph Jr. Su15 p9, Scott “Paul” Su15 p10.
Lavadour, Joseph Jr. & Mary Alice Bigham: Su15 pp9, photos 10,15.
Children: Elmer Leonard Su15 p18.
Lavadour, Joseph IV: photo Fa76 p58; Su15 p4.
Lavadour, Martha (later Kirk): Su15 p3.
Lavadour, Narcisse & Martha Carson: Fa82 p67; Wi14 p8 et seq.; Sp15 p9,14; Su15
p5 photo p6.
Children: Agnes Marie Sp15 p14, Ira, Ada, Bert, Ida Su15 p16, photo Nelson, Fred, Millie.
Lavadour, Scott & Carrie Darling: Su15 pp10,17,19.
Lavadour, Xavier: Fa76 p60; Su15 p5.
Lavenhagen, Adolph (Elk): Su94 p40.
Children: John.
Layne, Lanville & Harriet Klady (Oak): Wi76 p88,95; Sp77 p19; Su77 p34 et seq.
Layng Creek: CCC camp Wi00 p85; Guard Station Fa01 p53.
Law, Anton (Oak): Sp05 p17.
Law, Clara P.: Su11 p6.
Lawler, William: Wi83 p86.
Lawlor, Richard: Fa20 p12.
Lawrence, A.T.: Su23 p8.
Lawrence, George E. & Helen Margralda Castor (Oak): Sp80 p3.
Lawrence, K.: Su66 p18.
Lawrence, William (WoV): Fa67 p15.
Laws, Ruth Woolley (Ros): China Sam poem by Fa85 pp57-65.
Lawson, Asa Witson & Pearl Davis Yokum: Wi80 p90; Wi12 p13.
Lawson, sea Capt. (Gard): Sp72 p17.
Lawson, Dick & Hazel (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Barbara, Kenny.


Lawson, Harvey W. (CaV): Sp68 p9,10,13.
Lawson, John (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.
Lawson, Morgan (Ros): Jewelry Store Fa91 p56.
Lawson, Pearl Audrey Yokum: Fa70 p58; photo & mini bio Wi12 p13, photo 18.
Lawson, Ruth, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Lawson, T.G. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Lawton Blackberry: (New Rochelle or Seacor’s Mammoth) Su21 p19.
Lazarus, Emanuel: Su65 p12.
Leach, Johnny: Cover Sp88 p2.
Leach, Sadie: Fa87 p70.
Leach, Virginia Burdick: Sp74 p2.
Leadbetter, Robert (Ros): Sp67 p8 photo p11.
League of Nations: Sp72 p2.
League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley: Sp23 p3; Su23 p3; Fa23 p3.
Learn, M.M. & Marietta Davis: Su72 p27.
Leatherwood Creek: Su05 p14.
Leatherwood, Delbert (Duck)& Jean Williams (Oak-Ump): Su82 p38; Su05 pp6,7, mini bio 19; On
map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Children: Delbert + two more sons Su05 p19.
Leatherwood, Fannie Mel Bacon: photo Su93 p44;cover Su05 p2.
Leatherwood, Mell Baun: photo Su05 p8.
Leatherwood, Rodney (Np): Wi03 pp15,23,29; Su05 p16.
Leatherwood, Winnie Thornton (Np): Wi03, p14.
Leavengood, Atty. G.: Sp09 p5.
Leaver, Cornwall T.: Su93 p27.
Leaver, William: Su93 p27.
“Lebanon Journal”, Ill.: Fa04 p19.
Leber, Bob: photo by Fa10 p20.
LeBleu, Bob: Wi79 p87.
LeClair, Fra. W. (RH): Su10 p16.
Lederling, Mr. (Oak): Su77 p38.
Ledgerwood Creek: Su89 p39.
Ledgerwood Ranch (Boomer Hill): Sp92 pp15, et seq.; Wi92 p75, photo 77,78.
Ledgerwood Slaughterhouses (MC) photos pp77&78.
Ledgerwood Family (MC): Su76 p35.
Ledgerwood, George & Effie Willis (MC): Sp92 p19.
Ledgerwood, Joseph Mercer & Emma Britt (MC): Su76 p35; Sp92 p19; Wi92 p75, photo p82.
Children: Merle, Joseph Oren, Sp92 p19,21.
Ledgerwood, Oren (MC): Wi92 p75, photo p79.
Ledgerwood, Thomas & Eliza Jane Barlow Lane: Sp85 p2; Sp92 p15; Fa18 p4, photo 5.
Ledgerwood, William “Bill” & Talitha A. Heard (MC): Fa82 p64; Sp92 p15, ranch photo p16.
Children: George, William Jr., Ida, Joseph Mercer, Sp92 p19.
Lee & Ryland: Su75 p38.
Lee, Allen (Ros): Fa91 p50.


Lee, Andrew J. & Martha Elizabeth Larkin (SV): Su79 p26.
Children: large family +Winfred “Fred”.
Lee, Barr G., Rev.: Sp03 p4.
Lee, Daniel, Rev: Sp99 p6.
Lee, Fred: Su11 p6.
Lee, J.T. (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Lee, Jason, Rev.: Sp65 p4; Sp66 p15; Su66 p5 et seq.; Wi66 p5; Sp72 p10,12; Su75 p40; Sp84
pp5,7; Sp93 p7; Sp99 p6; Fa02 p51; Fa08 p3; Fa09 p5,9; Sp16 p12. Lee, Joseph Dunn
Bradford & Marilla Huntley (Lk): Fa70 p63; photo Sp76 pp17,18.
Lee, Jesse (Oak): Sp69 p3.
Lee Love spawning bed: Su08 p18.
Lee, Philester & Eliza Ann Burge: Cover Su79 p26.
Lee, Preston “Pres” (Ros): Wi19 p12; Su97 p36.
Lee, T.P. (Dil): Wi89 p95; Fa06 p14.
Lee, Winfred “Fred” & Mamie Langdon (Yon): Su79 p26.
Lee and Hazel’s Grocery: Sp22 p20.
Lee’s Creek (MC): Su91 p45; Fa92 p63; Fa08 p8; Su14 p23.
Leeds, A.W.: Sp73 p16.
Leeds, Josiah B., Sea Capt. & Elizabeth (Gard): Fa69 p64,67; Cover photo Wi69 p74; Sp73 p16;
Wi75 p89; Sp84 p9; Wi90 p86; Fa07 p14.
Leedy, J. C.: Wi02 p76.
Leekalnin, Edard (Elk): Su67 p9.
Leeper Dome: oil well Cover Fa80 p50.
Leeper, Dorothy (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Leeper, George: Sp65 p9; Fa76 p51; on Map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
LeFevre, Doug (GV): Fa77 p54.
Leffel Turbine Wheel (now at the Douglas County Museum): Wi90 p91.
Lehman Family: Wi08 p11.
Lehman, Bob (Cala): Su72 p35.
Lehman, Ray (Ros): Butcher Shop Su91 p42.
Lehmann, Christopher & Henrietta (Oak): Fa80 p66.
Lehmann, Miss Louisa A. (Ros): Fa80 p66.
Lehmann, R.O. (Oak): Fa80 p66.
Lehmanowsky, Clare S.: Su78 pp31,33,36.
Lenci, Dr.: Su22 p3.
Lenci, George, Mrs.: Wi87 p79.
Lenci, Molly (DCM): Wi82 p90.
Lehne, Helen Woodruff: Fa86 p59.
Lehne, Myron & Helen Woodruff (GV): Su83 p36; Fa86 pp59,64.
Children: Lois, Raymond, Norman Sp83 p36.
Lehne, Norman (GV): Su83 p41.
Lehne, Raymond (GV): Su83 p41.
Lehnhere, Gerald (CaV): Fa98 p64, photo 68.
Lehnhere, William & Hattie (CaV): Fa98 p65.


Leiken, Dave: Su19 p7.
Leiken, Sid (Ros): Su97 p36.
Leinfeider (Sp?) Creek: (Hope’s Bend): on map Wi90 p85.
Leitzel, Elizabeth S. (Sut): Wi99 pp89,90.
Leitzel, John (Sut): Wi95 p77.
Leming, Gib & Irene (Sb): Wi98 p90,95.
Children: Margaret, Mary, Joel.
Lemon Butte (NUmp): Su20 p3,4.
Lemyei (Yon): Wi74 pp75,76.
Lena Denn’s Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Lenheir, Joseph (DrCk): Su89 p41.
Lenhow, John: Fa79 p63.
Leno, David: Su74 p36; (Grande Ronde Police) photo Wi84 p86.
Lenox, D.H. & Mrs.: photo Wi12 p17.
Lenox, Lucille (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Lenox, Ray: photo Fa87 p64.
Lennon, Dama Sexton: Su80 pp37,39.
Lennox, David (CB): Fa74 p68.
Lennox, G.F.: Wi75 p85:
Leona, Ore. (initially Hudson) Sp66 p7; Fa75 p62; Su08 p3,4; Post Office Su11 p17; Post Office &
town photo Fa11 p3,9; Leona Lane Wi11 p18.
Leona Cemetery-1863 (Dr): Wi11 p18.
Leonard & Miller (Dil): Fa74 p65.
Leonard, B. (Tyee): Su05 p12.
Leonard, Mrs. Bessie (Tyee): Fa11 photo p16.
Leonard, F.G.: Sp05 p11.
Leonard, Will, Rev. (Dil): Wi66 p1617; Su06 p8.
LeRoy, Jack, Dr. (Sut): Fa86 p68.
Lesher, Harriet H.: Wi18 22.
Lessart, Martine: Su15 p12.
Letitia (Tish) gravesite: Wi11 p19; Wi14 p10.
Letitia (Tish) Creek: Fa82 p68; Wi11 p19; Sp15 p15.
Letitia Soil Type: Fa82 p70.
Letsom, John E. & Mrs. (Elk): Wi72 p92,94; Fa99 p66.
Letsum, Mrs.: Sp72 p15.
Letsum, Rollie (Dr): Wi76 p85; Fa80 p55.
Leupold & Stevens: Wi00 p91.
Leuwill, Alice Hill: Su05 p13.
Levenhagen, Adolph (Elk): Su94 p40.
Children: John.
Levenhagen, Paul C. (Elk): Su67 p7.
Levens Ledge: Sp78 p14.
Levens Stage Station: Su80 p30; Walling sketch of Su85 p39.
Levens Family (Gv): Fa75 p56.


Levens, Albert (Aza): Grave Wi11 p19.
Levens, Mrs. D.D. (Cnv): Fa74 p52.
Levens, Daniel A. & Fannie White (Cnv-UCC): Su80 p33,34; Su85 p33, Wallings sketch p39; Wi11
p7; DLC p19; Wi14 p15; Sp19 p16.
Levens, James F. (Elk): Sp79 p24; Wi93 p75; Fa99 p55; Sp02 pp15,18; Sp23 p8 .
Levens, Thomas (Elk): Fa99 pp59,62.
Levens, W.C. & Nettie or Nellie Redfield (Glen): Wi82 p95.
“Levi Scott”: by William M. Barber Sp02 p6-13.
Levins, A.J.: Su66 p18; Su67 p3.
Levins, Bill (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p7.
Levins, Charlie (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p7.
Levins, Cy (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Levins, Dan (Galsv): Su67 p20; Wi68 p93.
Levins, James F. & Sarah Sutherlin (Elk): Sp67 p22; Wi72 p92; Su77 p31, photo 32, 47; Fa90
p68,71; DLC Wi11 p12.
Children: Sarah J. (Mrs. Eustace Schad)
Levins, Johnst “Johns” (Elk): Su67 p5; Wi67 p23; Wi72 p92; Sp73 p12; Fa81 p51, photo p52.
Levins, L.A.: Su66 p18.
Levins, Thomas (Elk): Fa66 p8; DLC Wi11 p15.
Levins, Will (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Levins, Zacheus (Elk): Fa66 p8; Sp68 p3; Wi72 p81.
Levinson Poetry Prize: Sp86 p20.
Lewis & Clark: Sp84 p7; Wi84 p75; Fa03 p57; Fa08 p3; Su19 p7.
Lewis & Clark Exposition: Sp73 p18; Sp76 p6; Sp20 p15.
Lewis Travel Bureau (Ros): Fa86 p53.
Lewis, Alida Udora (Mrs. Ica Price) (RH): Sp80 p11, photo p12.
Lewis, Alvira (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Lewis, Carl (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Lewis, Charles & Mary Ann Burrows: Sp80 p11.
Children: Alida Udora (Mrs. Ica Price)
Lewis, Edgar S. & Mabel W. Wollenberg: Wi12 pp6,7; Su71 p40; Sp85 p5; dress shop Su91 p47;
Su03 p31; mini bio & photo Wi12 pp6,7.
Children: Jane Wi12 p7.
Lewis, Enoch & Nancy (UC): Sp93 p17.
Lewis, Frank & Gertie (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Polly, Buddy, Carol.
Lewis, H.O. (Ros): Su74 p39.
Lewis, Helen (Gard): Fa69 p71.
Lewis, Jane: Wi12 p7.
Lewis, John (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Lewis, John (Dr): Su66 p18.
Lewis, Mable W. Wollenberg, Mrs.: Su71 p40; Sp85 p5; Su91 p47.
Lewis, Meriwether: Fa03 p57.
Lewis, Sinclair: Sp86 p22.


Leland, Alonzo: Wi97 p76.
Leland, Richard: Su65 p10,12; Fa65 p13.
Libby, H.W. (Elk): Su84 p46.
Liberty Auto Sales (Ros): Su91 p40.
Liberty Automobile: Su91 p40; Liberty Six Fa91 p69.
Liberty Bell: Cover Su75 p26; Sp85 p16.
Liberty Girls: Fa06 photo p12.
Liberty Wagon: photo Su72 p38.
Library Association (Ros): Su96 pp41,42.
Library Park (Ros): Su99 p28; Su09 p4.
Liberty Theater (Ros): Wi86 p88; Sp87 pp3, photo 18; Su91 p42; Sp13 p9.
Lichtenburger, Mattie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Lichton-Bergh, Florence (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Licklider, Carl (Elk): Fa81 p53.
Lidz, Jerry: Sp08 p18.
Lienhard, John: Su20 p10.
Lieurance, Bob: Fa01 p65.
Lieurance, Max: Fa01 p65.
Lieverts, Jean: Su05 p13.
“Life” magazine: Su09 p21.
“Life and Travels of Hannah Dickenson Gillan Wilson”: George A. Wilcox Wi90 p94, photo p95;
“Life in Douglas County in 1858”: John Franklin Sutherlin Su65 p17; Fa65 pp19,20;
Lilburn Furniture Store (Ros): Fa85 p68.
Lilburn & Son: Wi16 p23.
Lilburn, A.J. (Ros): Su83 pp31,33; house photo Su95 p28,30; Wi97 p88.
Liles, Leonard: Su05 p6.
Lilja, Don (Cnv): Fa10 p19.
Lillebo, Tom Construction Co. (Reed): Wi98 p84.
Lilley, Mr. (Gl): Su72 p47.
“Lillian”: Sp72 p19.
Lillie, Gordon W.: Su08 p21.
Lillie Moore Bill S-915: Su03 p34.
Lillie Moore: House: Su03 p31, et seq., dress 44.
Lillie Moore Museum: Su03 p31.
Lilly, C.N. (Gl): Su83 p44.
Lilly (same as “Lily”?) schooner: photo Sp70 p5.
“Lily” two-masted schooner: Fa69 p65,68; Sp73 p15.
Limb Walker Tree Triming Service: Wi17 p23.
Lime Kilns: Su75 p34.
Limon, Jack: Sp78 p17.
Limpy, Chief: Su69 p33.
Lincoln, Pres. Abraham & Mary Todd: Su68 p45 et seq.; Wi68 p79; Su70 p35; Fa81
p59; Su86 p34; Wi01 pp85, et seq.; Sp02 p6; and Tom Wi06 p5; Fa08 p4; Sp12
p16,17; Fa12 p13; Wi12 p22; Wi14 p8; Sp15 p6,7; Wi16 p5; Fa18 p12.


Lincoln-Douglas ticket: Error Fa12 p14.
Lincoln, Tom: Wi06 p5.
Children: Abraham.
Lincrusta-Walton paneling: Sp17 p6.
Lindgren Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Lindgren, Anna (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Lindner, Charles (Pop): Sp22 p6.
Lindner, Chuck: Sp22 p8.
Lindner, Herbert “Lindy”: Sp22 p6.
Lindsay & Hargraves: Sp68 p5.
Lindsay, Capt. RWV: Wi78 p80.
Lindsay, Oscar (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Lindsell Rd.: Fa01 p58.
Lindsey, Nina (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Lindsley, Aaron L., Rev. Dr.: Sp99 p6
Lindy’s (Ros): Wi21 p24; Article about, Sp22 pp. 3-9, 12.
Lindy’s Furniture Outlet: Sp22 p7.
Lindy’s Sportsman’s Club: Sp22 p6.
Lindy’s: The House that Hooch Built by Steve M. Wyatt: Sp22 p9.
Link River: Su08 p4.
Linn City, Ore.: Su00 p29.
Linoleum, Linoleum Maralis: Sp17 p8.
Linson, Red: Fa01 p56.
Linus Oaks: Sp09 p16.
Linville, John (Yon): Sp93 p9.
Lippincott, L.V.: Fa74 p65.
Lite (light) wood, aka black pitch: Sp94 p9.
Litte, Jim, CW04: Sp12 p23.
Litterel, John & Annie Short (Oak): Wi76 p88, et seq.,95; Su77 p33, et seq.
Little Anaconda Mine: Sp78 p19.
“Little Annie” steamer: Wi78 p82; photo Su78 p46.
“Little California”: Steamer Fa66 p18.
Little Camas: Fa73 p70.
Little Canyon (Mump): Wi83 pp89,92; Wi90 p76; Sp02 p18.
Little Canyon Creek (Mump): Wi69 p90.
Little Creek: Su77 p34.
Little Mill Creek (Sb): Su00 pp28, et seq.; sawmill Sp02 pp4,11, map 13.
Little River (East Fork North Umpqua): Su65 p2; Wi66 p3,6; Fa68 p68 et seq.; Wi68 pp74,76;
Fa73 p70; Wi73 p75 trail p79; Sp75 p18; Wi76 p79; on map Fa92 p60; Sp00 p21; Wi00 p78;
Fa01 pp53, et seq.; Fa02 p60; Wi10 pp6,18; Sp12 p12; Fa22 p11.
Little River Covered Bridge: Wi10 p6.
Little River Ranger District: Wi00 p84.
Little River Road; Sp12 p12.
Little, Dr. (Oak): Sp77 p9.


Littlefield Mine (Ola): Wi75 p88.
Live Oak Saloon (Ros): Wi15 p14.
“Lives” by Petrarch: Wi01 p92.
Livermore, Kay: Sp00 p23.
Livingston aka Dixonville Cemetery -1861: Wi11 p19.
Livingston Family: DLC Su99 p26; Fa02 p62.
Livingston, Delos: Su23 p5.
Livingston, Elijah, Sheriff: Wi11 p19; Fa85 p52; Sp99 p2.
Livingston, Etta: Photo Fa07 p20.
(Index editor not always sure which John Livingston is which. Use your own discretion to sort
Livingston, John & Lethy Jane Matthews: Fa02 p62.
Livingston, John Wi00 p84.
Livingston, John: Sp00 p23; Sp12 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23.
Livingston, Louetta Chapman (LR): Fa02 pp62,63.
Livingston, Nancy: Fa02 p60.
Livingston, Samuel: Wi11 p19.
Livingston, Thomas & Elisabeth (Dxv): Su10 p18; DLC Wi11 p19.
Children, ten, Su10 p18.
“Lizards in the Well”: RSVP Fa08 p11.
Loafer, “Dad” (MC): Wi92 p75.
Lockley, Fred “The Journal Man): Su80 p47; Fa80 p67; Sp83 p5; Sp19 p6.
Lockwood Motors: photo Wi08 pp13,15.
Lockwood, C.A.: Wi08 p8.
Lockwood, Charles & Lela (Ros): house photo Su95 p33.
Lockwood, Fred B.: Su97 p36; Wi08 p8.
Lockwood, Katherine: Fa87 p70.
Locust Grove, Ore.: Wi75 p85; on map Wi05 p18; Su10 p15; Post Office Fa11 p4.
Logan Family: Wi69 p75; Su74 p42.
Children: Frank.
Logo, Douglas County for Oregon 150 th birthday: Cover Fa08.
Loki, Robert L.: Fa200 p10.
Lorhum, “Sailor Bill” (Reed): Sp72 photo p21.
“Lot Whitcomb” steamboat: Fa71 p72.
Lohr, Oscar (Cnv): Fa10 p19.
Lohr’s Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Lone Rock: Fa00 p60; Fa08 p11.
Lone Rock Covered Bridge: photo Wi86 p78; photo Wi10 p21.
Lone Rock Ferry: Cover Wi65 p2; Sp66 p3; Fa71 p62; Su83 p45; Wi86 p78.
“Lone Rock Free State” by Lavola J. Bakken: Fa71 p57; Sp00 p21.
Lone Rock Resources: Sp23 p12.
Lone Rock Road: Sp03 p23.
Lone Rock School: Fa71 p60
“Lone Rock School, Story of”: Sp66 p3-6; Fa10 p5.


Lone Rock Timber Co.: Sp23 p17.
Long-Bell Lumber Co. (Gard): Wi98 pp92,94.
Long & Orr Mortuary (Ros): Fa21 p12.
Long Family Cemetery: Fa16 p18.
Long Prairie (CaV): Su68 p40.
Long Prairie (Sb): Su65 pp14,16; Wi71 p84; Su75 p35; Wi75 p75; Su78 p32; Su00 map p31; Sp02
pp19,22; Wi15 p7.
Long Prairie School: Fa92 p67.
“Long Tom”: Sp69 p14.
Long Tom River: on map Wi13 p3,8; Sp16 p12.
Long Tom Road: Fa19 p11.
Long, Bea B. (Later Beebee)(Sut): Su78 p29.
Long, Bruce: (Ros): Wi80 p94; Wi82 p92.
Long, C. & R.: Wi80 p88.
Long, Carl (Yon): Su82 p29.
Long, Charles (PO): Fa68 p63.
Long, Cody: Fa16 p19.
Long, Emma M.: Wi11 p20.
Long, Frank: Wi12 p20.
Long, Jim: article by Fa08 p8.
Long, John (Cala): Wi68 p95; Fa76 p54; Wi83 p77.
Long, John Jackson & Minerva Jane Smith (RH-Yon): Wi75 p89; Su89 p27; Sp93 p12; DLC Wi11
p19,20 photo 21; Fa16 p6.
Children: Marquis Lafayette, Emma Maria, Minerva Ann, Robert W., Sarah Elizabeth + more
Wi11 p20.
Long, John Family Cemetery-1871 (Yon): Wi11 p19.
Long, John T. (Ros): Sp86 p16.
Long, Louisa Leeper: Wi11 p21.
Long, Minerva A.: Wi11 p20.
Long, Marquis: Wi11 p20.
Long, Mary Jane (later Aldridge): Wi11 p20.
Long, Robert Wesley (Yon): mini bio Wi11 p20.
Long, Mrs. Sally Applegate: Fa71 p51; Wi74 pp76,80; Su10 p4.
Long, Sarah Elizabeth (Westenhiser): Fa16 p6.
Long, Will (CoV); Wi99 p80.
Long, William A.: Wi74 p80; Fa16 p15.
Longbrake, Norma: Wi03 p20.
Longfellow, Stephen, Lt. (RWV): Sp75 p6.
Longmire, Elcaine & Martha Ann Speak: Sp14 pp3,18.
Long’s Hall (CoV): Su05 p4.
Lonsdale, D.H.: Su81 p32.
“Looking Back from the 1890s”: Wi97 p86.
Lookingglass, Ore. (Mirror Vale, Petersburg): Fa67 p11; Sp69 p23; Su70 p35; Su72 p47; Fa72
p50; Fa75 p51,64; Sp79 p2; Wi80 p75 (Not quite true. Early trappers covered this area

thoroughly. Ed.) photo Wi84 p88; Su96 p29; Wi01 pp76,78,81; Fa03 p57; Su05 pp11,12; Sp06
p7; Fa07 p19; Wi08 p4; Su09 p12; Su10 p18; Sp12 p17; Su12 p6; Su14 p5; Sp16 p4.
Lookingglass Cemetery-1871: Wi11 p19.
Looking Glass Creek, city: Wi75 p91.
Lookingglass Creek: Su70 p46; Wi01 p76; Covered Bridge photos Sp11 pp6,7.
Lookingglass Indian Massacre: Su70 p46; Fa75 p57; Su05 p11; Sp16 p4; Su16 p6,12.
Lookingglass Oil Well: Wi75 p87; Fa80 p50.
Lookingglass Post Office: Wi75 p77; Fa11 p4.
Lookingglass Road: Wi09 p5.
Lookingglass School: photo Su73 p34.
Loomis, Dan (Ros): Su21 p7; Sp22 p9; Fa23 p14.
Loomis, George: photo Wi94 p82.
Loomis, Jim: photo Wi94 p82.
Loomis, Ralph: photo Wi94 p82.
Loon Lake: Fa65 p11; Wi73 p84, et seq.; Fa80 p55; Fa81 p53; Area map cover Sp97 p2, map 8,9,
map 12,13; Fa09 p9; Sp11 p9; Su11 p5.
“Loon Lake Revisited”: Ray Sims Sp97 p3.
“Loon Lake, Stories of”: Ray Simms Sp97 pp2-17.
Loon Lake-Ash Valley Volunteer Fire Dept.: Sp97 p18.
Loon Lake Bridge: Sp92 p9.
Loon Lake Cheddar Cheese Factory: Wi73 p90.
“Loop, Paula Ruth”: WASP pilot, Su20 p12-16 by Dale Greenley, photos Su20 p12, et seq.
“Looters of the Public Domain”: Stephen A. Douglas Puter Su84 p30.
Lorain, Lorenzo, Lt. (New Ft. Umpqua): Fa69 p51.
Lord & Peters: Sp65 pp13,15; Fa71 p71; Wi71 p85,86; Wi76 p84, et seq.; Su76 p48; Su77 p36, et
seq.; Su00 p30,32,45; Su10 p7; (Ladd?); Su21 p18.
Lord, Erastus C. (brother to the Lord & Peters): photo Wi71 p86; Fa75 p60; Su76 p48; Wi76 p94;
Su10 p19.
Lord, Gov.: Su71 p44.
Loren Williams Saloon: Su00 p37.
Lorenzen, Mike (Ros): Wi20 p3.
Lorham, Mrs. Wm. (WinB): Su75 p27.
“Loriot” Brig: Fa65 p13; Su66 p3.
“Lost County of Umpqua, Oregon”: Jerry Winterbotham Su03 p47.
Lost Creek (MUmp.); Su08 p18; Su09 p13; Gravesite-1875: Wi11 p21.
Lost Lake (Cal): Sp94 p11 on map pp12-13; Fa03 p55.
“Lost Wagon Train” 1853: Sp70 p2.
Lough, Mr. & Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 pp31,33,38.
Lough, Fred (Dxv): Su01 p35.
Lough, Sam (Dxv): Su01 p40.
Lough, Sarah (Dxv): Su01 p40.
Louis Creek Printing: Printed the “Umpqua Trapper” from Fa85 to Fa99.
Louis Post Office: Su11 pp7,17; Fa11 p4.


“Louise” schooner: Fa69 p65,68; Sp70 p3; Sp73 p15.
Louisiana Purchase: Su86 p34.
Louisville: Fa11 p10.
Love Pontiac Co. (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Love, Elmer (MC): Sp87 p11; Su13 p14.
Love, Lee: Sp79 p5.
Lovelace, Carmen (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Lovelace, Vera (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Lowe’s Home Improvement: Sp21 p27.
Lowell, L.M., Works Progress Admin: Fa19 p3.
Lower Camas Valley School: Sp06 p18.
Lower Garden Valley Road: Su05 p14; Wi11 p17.
Lower Scottsburg, Ore: Sp65 p15; Fa75 p67; Fa99 p55; Sp00 p10; Su00 p29 et seq.; Sp02
pp3, et seq.; Fa13 p22.
Lower Smith River aka North Fork or Sherrett-Lyster Cemetery: Sp12 p10.
Lower Umpqua Historical Society: Wi69 p88; Sp70 p6; Su70 p33; Su72 p40; Sp73 p4; Su73 p37;
Sp74 p2; Sp76 p2; Su77 p26; Fa79 p51.
Lower Umpqua (Kalawatset) Treaty: Sp16 p2.
Lowery, Louise Merk: Su13 p21; Fa16 p20.
Loyal Mystic Legion of America: Sp17 p17.
Loyd, David: Su10 p16.
Lubben, John (UC): Sp93 p13.
Lucas Family (WC): Wi01 p81.
Lucas, Dick (Kel): Su88 p31.
Lucas, Earl A.: Wi01 p83.
Lucas, Warren “Warnie” (CaV): Su92 p40; Fa98 p64.
Lucich, Ron: photo Sp21 pp24,25,27,28; Su21 p2; Fa22 p3.
Lucien, Etienne: Fa08 p3.
Lukens, Georgiana Heinz: Fa20 p16.
Luckey, William: (UC): Sp93 p19.
“Lucy” schooner: Fa69 p65; Sp70 pp3,6; Sp73 p15; Fa75 p71; Cover of Sp76 p2.
Luerssen, Henry (Ros): Fa72 p53.
Luginbuhl, Mrs. J.F.: Sp80 pp3,
et seq.
“Lunchtime Legends and Legacies”: Fa10 p9
Lundeen, Amber: Su13 p6.
Lupton, James A., Capt (RWV): Wi77 p86; Sp78 p4.
Luoma, Frances M.: Wi12 p21.
Lurley: Post Office Fa11 p5.
Luse Land Co, (Sut): Fa86 p69; Sp95 pp20,22; Fa15 p6.
Luse, Ann Hodson: Su85 p41.
Luse, J.F. (Sut): Su78 pp27,30; Sp95 p20; Wi95 p77; Su97 p46.
Luse, Rachael Hodson: Su85 p41.
Lutheran Ladies Aid (Elg): Wi96 p84.


Lutheran Women’s Missionary League: Sp16 p19.
Lutman, Elvin R. & Mrs. (Clev): Su68 p26.
Lutsinger, Mr. (LL): Sp97 pp5.
Children: Henry
Lutsinger, Henry (Sb): Sp97 5,10.
Lutz, Elmer & Grace “Aunt Grace” Hall (MC-Silver Lake): Wi67 p15; Sp83 p6 Grace portrait et
seq; Wi87 p93.
Children: John, Sp83 p18.
Luverne’s Dress Shop (Ros): Su88 p39.
Lux, Rev. Paul (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Luxury Theaters: Sp13 p18; Su13 pp13 et seq.
Lyle Family (Eden): Fa92 p57.
Lyle Gun: photo Sp72 p21.
Lyle, Mrs. Pat (Oak): Sp69 p3.
Lyman & Talbott Grocery (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Lyman, Albert, sea Capt. & Eliza B. Fuller: Su75 p44; Sp76 p2; Su77 p26; Su78 p32; Native Indian
journal sketch Wi81 p84; Sp02 p14; Wi05 pp17,19; Pack Train sketch, Cover Sp01 p2; Sp23
Lyman Journal: Wi81 p84; Su00 p37; Wi05 pp17,19; Fa11 p17; Fa13 p4.
Lyman, T.A.E. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Lympia, Chief, the Captain: Fa90 p50.
Lyon, W.N., Rev. (MC): Fa83 p71; (maybe Wm. Lion Su93 p30).
Lyons Hotel (Usb): Wi72 p88; Su00 p34, et seq.; Fa02 p58; Wi05 p7.
Lyons Family: Sp00 p12.
Lyons, Daniel Jackson (Fa02 p58, O’Roark?) & Virginia Fayette Putnam (Sb-Dr): Sp69, p17; Wi71
p84; Wi72 p88; photo Wi75 p94,95; Wi90 p78; photo Fa99 p53; Sp00 pp4,6,10; Su00
p37,38,42; Fa02 p58; Sp10 p4; Su10 p7; Wi22 p19.
Children: 7 daughters-Mary Susan, Frances “Fannie”, John O’Rourke Sp00 p6, Rose
Arrington Blanchard, Su00 p38, Virginia Su00 p42.
Lyons, Joseph Sr. & Margaret Herbert, then Elizabeth Gaston: Sp18 p10.
Children: Joseph A. Jr., Grace L. (later Kirkland), Mary, Dame, among others. Sp18 p13.
Lyons, Joseph A. & Daisey Lee Smith (Reed): Su84 p45; A family history Sp18 & Su18 issues, et
Children: Dame B. (Mrs. Warren Pason Reed), Daughter K.R. (Chapman) according to Sp18
p9. Daniel B. & Mary E. Kinney according to Sp18 p8. (ample confusion with Joseph Sr. &
Joseph Jr. children)
Lyons, Jennie, Dr.: Fa14 p8.
Lyons, Mary: Sp00 p6.
Lyons, Matthew (Yon): Sp85 p21; Sp18 p10.
Lyons, Susan: Sp00 p6.
Lyster Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Lyster, Benjamin Edward: Su18 pp14,16.
Lyster, Eunice (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Lyster, John Smily & Elizabeth Candice Elliott (SR): Fa79 pp51, photo 52; Su18 p16.

Children: Kathleen (Mrs. Ray Dailey), Mary E., Fa79 p51, (house & family photo of the
following, Dick, Sophia, Ella, Will, Tina, Mary, Ada + 6 more, Fa79 p52.
Lyster, Joseph: Sp79 p24.
Lyster, Mary E.: Fa79 p51.
Lyster, Will (SM): Su88 p26.
Lystul, Mrs. Howard (Glen): Sp71 p2; Sp78 p19.
Lytle, K.D. & Peggy (Ros): house photo Su95 p45.
M & D Food Center (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Meteor explosion: 27 Dec. 1878, Fa75 p71; 12 July 1862 Wi76 p86.
Methodist Episcopal (M.E.) Church South: Wi68 p79; Sp76 p18; Sp04 pp13,14; Su04 pp6,15;
Fa04 p6; photo Wi04 p11; Sp05 p7; Sp08 p9, Fa21 p5.
Mabie, James Madison: Wi11 p8.
Mac’s Place, cafe (IP): Sp80 p23; Fa92 p61; Fa01 p52; Fa08 p10; Wi11 p16.
Maccabees: Fa00 pp52,60.
Macabee Hall (Ros): Su05 p4.
Mace Mt. (Nump): Fa01 pp56, lookout 59; Sp12 p18.
Macey Family Cemetery (Reed): Wi11 p21.
MacGregor, C.L.: Wi20 p10.
Mack, Arthur (Oak-Elk-Sb): Fa67 p23; Wi72 p95; Sp73 pp5, et seq.; Su73 p47.
Children: Francis Sp73 p5.
Mack, Francis & Lydia Haines (Oak-Elk): photo Fa67 p22; Sp73 p5.
Macklin, Henry (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Mackey, Walter (Oak): photo Su72 p44, Sp77 p13.
Mackey, Andy & Dorothy (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Mackey, Thomas C.: (Gard): Fa69 p61.
Mac’s Place (IP): Fa08 p10.
Madantz, Frederick William: Fa80 p55, photo p58.
Madden, C.W., Mrs.: Sp76 p10.
Maddox Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65; Fa91 p51.
Maddock, Mr. (Elk): Sp73 p18.
Maddox, Arleen: Wi67 p11.
Maddox, Mrs. Ben W. & Mrs. (Ros): Fa91 p51; photo Wi12 p17.
Children: Dick.
Maddox, Darrell: Su19 p30.
Maddox, Dick (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Maddox, Rose: Sp22 p8.
Madison Mill (Kel): Su88 p33.
Madison Family (Kel): Su88 p33.
Madison, Carl (Kel): Wi67 p22.
Madison, Edgar: Su67 p9.
Madison, Leona Spayde: Fa90 pp71,90.
Madison, George (Kel): Su67 p9; Su88 p34.
Madison Road: Wi11 p18.


Madrone (Laurel) Tree: Fa01 p56; Su05 p10.
Magee, Don: Wi87 p92.
Mager, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Magness, Don: Sp00 p23.
Magnett, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.
“Magnuson Bill in Congress”: Robert Spielman Su19 p10.
Magrud, M.: Fa20 p12.
Magruder, Theophilus: Wi84 p82; Su16 pp4,10.
Maguire, Phil (HBC): Wi76 p79.
Maguire, Thomas J. & Nancy McCulloch (Tm): Fa76 pp64,69.
Mahalo Heating and Air Conditioning: Fa17 p20
Mahon, C. Frank: Fa20 p12.
Mahoney, Douglas (Oak): photo Sp69 p6.
Mahoney, Harry (Oak): Photo Sp69 p9.
Mahoney, Harvey J. (Oak): photo Sp69 pp8.
Mahoney, Jim (Oak): Sp77 p9,10.
Mahoney, Lee (MC): Wi92 p76.
Maiden, Daisy, Miss (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Main St., Roseburg: Su05 p4; Su06 photo p9; Sp08 p9.
Main, Dorothy (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
“Maine” Battleship: Sp67 p3.
Majestic Theater (Ros): photo Fa77 p63; Wi86 p88; Sp87 p3, et seq. photo 16; Fa91 p63,65;
photo Su05 p5; Sp13 p10 photos p11,16; Wi13 p20.
Make, Joseph & Maia: Sp72 p12.
Malaria: Su66 p8.
Malcolm, Alexander, Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
Maley, Clara (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Malheur County: Sp02 p11.
Malin, Ore.: Sp06 p18.
Mall chainsaw; Fa01 p59.
Mallory Hotel (Port): Fa01 p53.
Mallory, Rufus & Lucy A. nee Rose: Sp66 p2; Su70 p26; Sp02 p4; Sp19 p12.
Malone, Patrick J.: Fa19 p22.
Maltby, Judge (Oak): Su72 p47.
Manhattan Project: Sp84 p15.
Manley: Myrtle Creek SP agent Fa06 p20.
Manly, Starns & Harrison: Su04 pp6,12,13.
Manifest Destiny: Wi01 p86; Fa18 p3.
Mann Lake: Fa66 p14,16.
Mann, Margaret Amanda (Mrs. Paul Lafayette Lane): Fa12 p19.
Mann, Samuel S. Co. (LSb): Su00 p36.
Manning Road: Wi11 p8.
Manning Family: Wi79 p87.
Manning, Alva & Ruth Boyle: Sp77 p3,6,12,16; Sp78 p20, photo 21.

Manning, Andrew Jackson & Rosanna Smythe (Oak): Su72 p30; Su76 p48; Sp77 p3, photos
Manning, Bertrice Catherine (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Manning, Coe J. (CS): Sp77 p3; Sp78 p21.
Manning, H. (Oak): Wi66 p15.
Manning, Lafe (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Manning, Tom (Cnv): Su79 p43.
Manning, Turk (Yon): Su82 p33.
Manning, Walter (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Manning, William, Rev. (MC): Wi88 p88.
Mansfield, J.F.K.: Fa69 p51.
Mantle, Abe: Fa09 p20.
Maple, Ed J. (Scripture?) Fa04 p9; Wi04 pp10,12.
Maple Grove (Gard): Su16 photo p16.
Mar & Muir, Oregon City: Wi04 p17.
“Mar-Sae” tugboat: Cover Wi98 p74.
Marble Quarry (Dxv): Dale Hatfield Wi76 p78.
Marcellus, A., Rev.: Sp99 p8.
Margraves, Felix: Su74 p41.
Maria C. Jackson State Park: Su09 pp13,14.
Marical, Carol: Wi08 pp18,19.
Marier, Audrey (Gl): Fa02 p51.
“Marjorie Hunt Pettit”: Dr. Irene M. Hunt Fa87 p65.
“Marine History of the Pacific Northwest”: Lewis & Dryden Sp69 p2; Sp72 p20; Fa07 p10.
Marion Building: Fa01 p59.
Marion County, Ore.: Sp00 p21.
Marion, Indian Boy, Jed Smith exp.: Su65 pp8,12.
Marishall, Toussaint: Su65 p12.
Markee, Robert O.: Sp01 p13.
Markee, Wilma Feldcamp: Fa95 p54.
Marker, A.R., Capt: Wi08 p7.
Markham, Mr. (Winc): Sp86 p3.
Markham (Np): DLC Wi11 p16.
Markham, Bill: Sp87 p11; Fa01 p52; Sp13 p21; Su13 pp14,17.
Markham Creek (Np): Road Wi11 p16.
Markham Group: Su13 p18.
Markham, Jack: Sp87 p11; Su13 p14.
Markham, John H: Su97 p44; Fa01 p52.
Marks & Co. Building: Sp71 p14; Wi73 p74; Fa75 p60; Sp87 pp2,3,5; photo Su96 p43; photo
Sp05 p10.
Mark’s Cannery, Gardiner: Su08 p13, Rogue River p15.
Marks Livery Stable (Ros): Fa75 p56.
Marks Shopping Center (Ros): Sp86 p17,19; Fa01 p59 (incorrectly called U-Mark here. Ed.)
Marks, Sideman & Co. Canyonville: Wi65 p12; Su79 p43,47.


Marks, Wollenberg & Co. (Son?): Wi67 p16; Sp83 p11.
Marks, Mr. (Ros): Fa70 p50.
Marks, Asher (Ros): Wi65 p12; Sp70 p10; Fa85 p53; Sp87 pp,2,3; Wi21 p12; Wi22 p10.
Marks, Charles E. (GV): Sp79 p24; Fa91 p50.
Marks, Ethel (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Marks, Ed & Eva Cloake (GV): Su91 p29,31; Su05 p7.
Children: Ethel, Hazel Su91 p31.
Marks Friedlander Store: Wi11 p19.
Marks, Harry (Ros): Fa91 p50.
Marks, Herman (Ros): Sp87 p3; Su91 p4.
Marks, Hazel (GV): photo Wi86 p76.
Marks, John & Annie (GV): Su91 pp29,31.
Marks, Leland: Fa72 p69; Fa73 p58; Sp74 p11.
Marks, Mr. Sea Capt. & Mrs. (SR): Wi66 p20; Sp67 p3.
Children: Charles, et al.
Marks, Nancy A. (Mrs. Enoch Wimberly): Sp00 pp21, photo 22,23.
Marks, Samuel: Wi65 p12; Su75 p31; Sp87 pp2,3; Su10 p19.
Marks, Sol (Saul): Su75 p31; Sp87 pp2,3.
Marlin, Thomas (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Marple, Mr. (CoosB): Su69 p27.
Marquam, Alfred B.: Fa11 p3.
Marr Flat: Imaha Su02 p27
Marr Ranch (Dxv): Su02 p27.
Marr, Agnes: Su02 p27.
Marr, James Franklin: Su02 p27.
Marr, Jess & Blanch Dillingham: Su02 p27.
Children: of Jess. Agnes. Of Blanch, James Franklin, Raymond W.
Marr Ranch: Su02 p27; Haying photos et seq.
Marr, Raymond W. & Jean Clark (Dxv): Su02 pp27,47; Sp03 p22.
Marrons (wild horses): Fa65 p10.
Marsh, Arley: Su67 p3.
Marsh, Art (Rid): Su71 p27.
Marsh, George (Lg): Wi02 pp75,80,88.
Marsh Harvester: Fa67 p11.
Marsh, Lee & Hazel: Sp22 p20.
Marsh Octagon barn; Curtiss Roxanne Pearl sketch Wi02 p80.
Marshall, John (Sb DLC): Wi73 p90,92.
Marshall Wells Hardware (Ros): Fa00 p56.
Marshfield, Ore. (Now Coos Bay): Sp73 p7; Su09 pp15,16; Fa09 p21.
Marsters Block: Fa00 pp51,58, photo 59.
Marsters Bridge: Fa90 p51; Wi00 p94.
Marsters Building: photo Fa77 61.
Marsters Creek (SUmp, formerly Bull Creek): Su21 p12.
Marsters Drug Store: (Ros) Fa91 p51: Fa10 photo p5.


Marsters Marble Works (Ros): Wi86 p86; Su91 pp35,40.
Marsters, Mayor A.B. (Ros): Wi87 p93.
Marsters, A.C. & Mrs.: Fa80 p50; Su83 p33; Wi88 p78; Fa91 p56; Su97 p31,41; Sp08 p12.
Marsters, Dale: Su71 p26.
Marsters, George & Leah Schneurstein (Ros): Su91 p35.
Marsters, Horace M. & Mrs.: Sp06 p11.
Marsters, Ida (Ros): Fa89 p53.
Marsters, J.F. (FV): Wi80 p79.
Marsters, Joe (Ros): Su91 p35.
Marsters, Polly (MC): Sp67 p2.
Marsters, Judge R.W. (Ros): Wi91 p88.
Martin & Barnes Cheap Store (Winc): Wi77 p82.
Martin Bros. Box: Fa01 pp52,55, Oakland aerial photo of 57,61.
Martin Creek (Div): Sp74 p22.
Martin Family (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Martin Family (Wil): Fa71 p68.
Martin, “Doc” (Ros): Fa84 p54; Su91 p42, et seq.
Martin, Esther: Wi12 p21.
Martin, Hardin D. (Ros): Sp78 p10.
Martin, J.L. (Glen): Su85 p45.
Martin, Jack: Sp22 p6.
Martin, Jackson: Su16 p8.
Martin, Lena: Sp14 p5.
Martin, Polk (Dxv): Su01 pp38,40.
Martin, Robert Homer Emmett (Glen): Wi89 p84.
Martin, Rose (Whisenant) (MC): Photo Su82 p42.
Martin, S.S., Rev. (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Martin, Tobe: Su67 p24.
Martin, Viahnett; Fa87 p70; article by Wi21 p12.
Martin, “Whitey” (UCC): Wi82 p94.
Martin, William: Wi77 p80.
Martin, William Jennings, Col. (RWV)& Harriet Catherine Crobarger then Margaret Tribble: Su69
p33; Fa70 p56; Wi74 p92; Sp75 p3, et seq.; Fa75 p58,60, mini bio 68; Bio of Wi77 p75 et seq.;
Sp78 p3 et seq.; Wi84 p80, sketch portrait of p81 et seq.; Sketch & bio Wi93 p78-79,87; Su10
p18; Sp16 p7, mini bio p11, et seq.; Sp19 p11.
Children: Catherine “Kate” (Mrs. Alfred Slocum), twins Josephine (Mrs. William J. Plymale) &
Frances “Fannie” (Mrs. George Roberts then Mrs. Abe Miller), Hardin D., Joseph L., George
Frank, Ermma, Fa77 p76.
“Martin, William Jennings”: Wi77 p75-96, cont. Sp79 pp3-13 Lavola Bakken.
“Martin, Col. William J.”: bio by great grandson Fairfax Martin Roberts Wi93 p78.
Martindale Cemetery-1882 (CaV): Wi11 p10,21.
Martindale Hall (CaV): Wi92 p84.
Martindale Quartz Mine: Wi79 p90; Su10 p12.
Martindale, Alston & Nancy Fitzhugh (CaV)(DLC): Su68 p43; Wi75 p90; Wi92 p88,89; DLC Wi11


Children: Robert Lee
Martindale, Bessie (Ros): Fa98 p64.
Martindale, Bud (CaV): Sp75 p2.
Martindale, Pete (CaV): Fa68 p53.
Martindale, Robert Lee (CaV Pelter): Sp68 p10; Su68 p43.
Children: Welcome (Mrs. Combs) Su68 p43.
Marvin Hill: Wi72 p87.
Mary (Oak): Su10 p19.
Children: Joseph, Batter
“Mary and Ida” schooner: Sp72 p19.
Mary Beckley Bridge (Elk): Sp67 p21; Su67 p9,10; Sp68 p6.
“Mary Cleveland” schooner: Wi69 p74; Wi72 p87.
Mary Moore Bridge (Ruck): Sp68 p6.
Mary Moore Prune: Su05 p9.
“Mary” steamer: Wi78 p82.
“Mary Taylor” schooner: Su65 pp13,14.
“Mary Vowell Adams: Reluctant Pioneer”: Sp72 p15 by Beatrice L. Bliss.
Mary’s Creek: See Mill Creek.
Mary’s River (Corv): Fa13 p19; Wi13 p8.
Marysville (Later Corvallis): Sp72 p14; Fa13 p6; Wi13 p8.
Mason, J.D.: Wi06 p21.
Masonic Cemetery: Wi01 p92; Sp05 p15; Sp07 p19; Wi08 p7; Sp19 p12.
Masonic Lodge, Roseburg: Su67 p17; Fa72 p66; Fa77 p60; photo Wi88 p79; Fa91 photo p58;
Fa08 p10; Roseburg Laurel Lodge, story of Wi08 p3-8 photos p5 & 6; Sp09 p21; Fa09p11;
Fa10 p3; Sp13 p10; Sp19 p11.
Masonic Temple: Fa00 pp51, photo 57,58.
“Massachusetts” USS: Sp02 p7.
Massillion Cyclone steam thresher: Fa67 p19.
Master Mariners Association: Sp70 p6.
Masters, James L. & Mary Ann Nettle: Fa70 p63.
Mather, Roxanna: Wi01 p76.
Mathews, Alfred: Fa11 p11.
Mathews, Carolee: Sp12 p23.
Mathews, Hazel (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Mathews, L.L.: Fa90 p60.
Mathews, Maxine (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Mathews, Theresa (Sut): Fa86 p71.
Mathis, Eugene: Wi08 p7.
Mathushek Piano: photo Wi19 p21.
Matoon, Abe: Su08 p5.
Matthew, Lillian (CoV): Wi99 p79.
Matthews, Andy (Ros): photo Su81 p30.
Matthews, Arthur (Lg): Wi84 p89.


Matthews, Bob: Fa07 photo p21.
Matthews, Catherine Leavenworth: Wi69 p87; Fa70 p58; D.C.H.C. Tribute to Su89 p46; Su03
p46; Wi12 p8.
Matthews, Edna Perrin: Wi96 p80 (still teaching at Fullerton in early 50s, ed.)
Matthews, Ernest (Lg): Wi84 p89.
Matthews, Frank (TriC): Fa10 p19.
Matthews, George: Su67 p3.
Matthews, H.A. Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
Matthews, Jane: Wi12 p17.
Matthews, Leander Linnton & Sarah Ellen Shrum (Peel): Fa90 p60; Wi12 p7.
Children: Leona Celia
Matthews, Leona Celia (Mrs. Carl Custer Hill): Sp66 p6; Fa77 p53; Wi86 p77; Fa91 p50; Wi12
photo p7.
Matthews, Lethy Jane (later Mrs. John Livingston): Fa02 p62.
Matthews, Marsha T.: Fa20 p10.
Matthews, Nancy: Sp12 p16.
Matthews, Otto (Elg): Wi96 p86.
Matthews, Robert L. & Mrs.: Fa65 p7; Su70 p33; Fa70 p58; Su78 p30.
Matticaux, Froncois: Fa08 p3.
Mattoon, Haight (Dr–Elk): Sp73 pp3,7.
Mattoon, Hiram J.: Fa65 p16; Wi72 p84.
Mattoon, Orange “Pete” & Mary “Mollie” Josephine Beckley: (Dr–Elk) Sp73 pp3,7; Su73
pp46,47; Fa89 p68, photo 69.
Mattoon, Pete (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p7; Su73 pp46,47.
Matzvey, Albert: Su10 p18.
Mauck, Phyllis A.: Fa81 p51.
Maupen, (Maupin?) Una (GV): Su05 p7.
Maupin, Alvie: (Yellow Creek): Su88 p27.
Maupin, Captain Henley & Minnie Peters (Kel-Oak): Wi67 p23; Sp68 p3,5; Wi72 p95; Sp73 p13;
Sp77 p10; photos Su79 p36,38,40; Su88 p33.
Children: Alva, Edith (Mrs. Bill Edwards), Hazel, Don, Maurice Su79 p36.
Maupin, Garrett & Martha Poindexter (Kel): Wi72 p91.
Children: Captain Henley, Mary (Mrs. William H. Fisher) + 7 more.
Maupin, Tom: Sp68 p3; Su79 p39.
Maury, Joe: Fa02 pp64,66.
May Day Parade: Fa20 p5.
May, Mr. (Dxv): Su01 p40.
May, Ed: Wi91 p90.
May, Spence: Wi65 p2.
Mayborn, George: Wi01 p81.
Mayflower, Miss; Sp76 p4.
Mayer, Bob: poems by Fa08 pp6,7.
Mays, Franklin P. Sen.: Su84 p35.
Mazama Timber: Fa01 p52.


McAdam: Su16 p8.
McAllister Hotel (Dr): Wi72 p91.
McAlpin, S.P. engineer Don G.: Wi08 p17.
McBee, Mr. & Mrs. (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
McBee, John (Brk): Sp06 p17.
McBee, William “Bill” (Dil-Win): Sp75 p13; Fa06 p4.
McBeth, Mr.: Wi11 p16.
McBride, Mr. & Mrs.: Fa71 p68
Children: Bernice, Alvira, Mittie, George, Fa71 p68.
McBride, David: Wi76 p91,95.
McBride, Mrs. George: Wi70 p76.
McCabe, Harry, Deputy; Sp03 p9.
McCabe, Nancy Kessler: Sp18 p22; Su18 p2.
McCafferty, Vonnie: Wi19 p16, et seq. photos pp 19,20.
McCaleb, Bill (Ros): Sp68 p12.
McCall, Ken: Su20 p10.
McCall, Neal (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
McCall, Tom, Gov. & Audrey: Su70 p32; Fa10 p8.
Children: Sam
McCalley, Jim RR Engr.: Sp70 p23; Wi70 p75 et seq.
McCalley, Robert RR engr.: Wi70 p77.
McCallister Hotel (Dr): Wi76 p74.
McCallister, Dora (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
McCarley, Willie (MC): Wi92 p76.
McCarroll, David J.: Sp22 p5.
McCarthy, Alex: Fa70 p61.
McCarthy, D.: photo Sp70 p14.
Children: Herb
McCarthy, Herb: photo Sp70 p14.
McCarty, Dr. (MC): Su79 p43.
McCarty, Charles C., Rev. (MC): Su76 p36; Sp99 p8.
McCarver: owned Curry Manor Sp17 p10.
McCarver, General: Fa75 p58.
McCauley, Jas: Su04 p22.
McCaulley, Montgomery & Rachel Parris (Oak): Wi76 p90,95.
McCaulley, Wallace & Martha Montague (Oak): Wity p90,95.
McCaulley, Warren (CS): Sp78 pp20,22.
McCawley, Jordan & Marthy Carmichael: Su65 p18.
McChesney, Charles: Su74 p35.
McClain, Bill: Su67 p21.
McClallen Hotel, House: Sp67 p16; Wi67 p4; Wi70 p87; Fa75 p64; Wi76 p74. Fa81 p63; Wi86
p89; photo Su91 p46; Wi93 p87; photo Su98 p45; Su23 p8.
McClallen, Mr. (Ros): Fa70 p50.
McClallen, sheriff: Fa99 p69.


McClallen, David C.: Sp67 p16; Wi67 p4; Wi75 p82.
McClallan, Harry (Ros): Su85 p45.
McClanahan, J.F.: photo Fa14 p17.
McClay, David Barton & Melissa Jane Cottle: Wi73 p86, et seq.
Children: Harriet (Mrs. George Albert Gould) Wi73 p88, William Byron, Forrest, Olea, Olive
(Mrs. Ed Upton), Elmer E., Alice (Mrs. Jack Baker), Ora Wi73 pp88,90.
McClay, E. (Elk): Fa67 p23.
McClay, Elmer E.: Wi73 p90.
McClay, James Everett (AV): Wi73 p84 photo p85, et seq.; Sp97 p7.
McClay, Ora & Anna Bell Minter: Wi73 pp90,92.
McClay, William Byron & Elizabeth Killam (Sb): Wi73 p90,92, photos pp91 & 94.
Children: James Everett Wi73 p90
McClellan Hotel (Ros): Sp67 p16; Sp20 p13.
McClellan Family (Dr): Sp12 p15.
McClellan, D.C. (Ros); Wi21 p12.
McClenden, Ryen: Fa22 p3, et. seq.
McClintock, J.E., Mayor (Ros): Su83 pp31,33.
McCloskey, Thomas H. homestead: photo Su84 p36.
McCloud, Clawson: Wi69 p86.
McCloud, Kennedy (Kenneth?) Dr. & Monroe C. (Dil): Wi69 pp76,83,86; Fa76 pp64,71.
McCollum, Pat: Wi03 p5,15,20.
McCollum, Thomas & Nellie B. Mulkey: Fa89 p67.
McCollum, Willard & Vida Marie Pepiot (Np-Elk): Wi03 p5 & photos et seq.
Children: Kenneth Patrick, Phyllis Lucile (Later Hedden), Wi03 p5,16.
McClure, Daniel D. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
McClure, Robert (Peel): Fa92 p59.
McCook, Gen.: Sp71 p10; Su71 p43 (Misspelled as McCool here).
McCord, Walter (Yon): Su82 p33.
McCormack, Ethel: Wi92 p89.
McCormack, Mrs. Goldie: Wi67 p24.
McCormick, George: Su11 p8.
McCormick, Maynard: Fa01 p55.
McCoy, Mr.: Fa75 p69.
McCoy, Malancthon: (Ros): Fa80 p50.
McCoy, Martin: Su65 p12.
McCraw, C.L.: Su19 p27.
McCrea, H.C.: Su18 p12.
McCulloch Family Cemetery (Tm): Wi11 p21.
McCulloch, Albert & Blanch Quant (Oak): Sp77 p8,13.
McCulloch, George (Oak): Sp77 p13; photo Sp98 p21.
McCulloch, Jesse (Tm): Wi69 p83; Fa76 p63.
McCulloch, John C. (Tm): Sp68 p10; Wi83 p77; Sp90 p6.
McCulloch (George) Livery Stable: Sp69 p4, photo p6.
McCulloch, Lester (CS): photo Sp78 pp21,23.

McCulloch, William Neeley & Nancy Johnson (Ola-Tm): Fa76 photo p68,69; Wi01 p80,81; DLC
Wi11 p21.
Children: Mary Jane (later Mrs. Samuel Moore), Mary Bell (later Knott) + 9 more. Wi01 p81.
McCurdy, Fats, Oakland shop: Sp77 p8; Wi03 p28.
McDonald Ranch (LL): Sp97 p7.
McDonald Family: owned Curry Manor Sp17 p2.
McDonald, Colin (NUmp.): Fa71 p60.
McDonald, Helen (Ros): Sp87 p15.
McDonald, Jack (LL): Wi73 p93; Sp97 p10.
McDonald, Hugh & Katherine “Katy” Nopp (NUmp.): Fa71 p57, photos pp58,59,61.
Children: Margaret (Later Harwood), Colin
McDonald, Jim: Su06 p20.
McDonald, Margaret (later Harwood) (NUmp.): Fa71 p60.
McDonald, Mrs. Rollin: Su19 p3.
McDowell, Mr. (IP): Wi86 p84.
McDowell, J. B. (Jv): Fa02 p67.
McElwee, Thomas: Wi83 p86.
McGee-Wilcox farm: Su89 p33.
McGee, Abraham Ensley I & Margaret Bellis (Cala): Su72 p34; Wi76 p90,95; Sp77 p17,23; Su77
p33, et seq.; Su89 pp27,31.
McGee, Abraham Ensley II: Su89 p34.
McGee, Charles A. “Uncle Charlie” & Nancy Rice (Cala) Su89 p29 et seq., photos 30 33.
McGee, Clair (later Lenox) (Cala): photo Su89 p33.
McGee, Guy: Fa 67 p2.
McGee, James, Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
McGee, John T. (DC): Fa67 p2; Su11 p6.
Children: Guy,
McGee, William DeMarkis “Dee” & Jane Caroline Nelson (Cala): Su89 p27, photo 28, et seq.
Children: Charles A. “Uncle Charlie”, Abraham Ensley II, + 8 more.
McGillicuddy Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
McGraw, Charles L: S.P. employee Wi08 p17.
McGregor’s Market: Fa00 p60.
McGinnis, Angelique Lavadour: photo Su15 p10,13.
McGinnis Creek: Su11 p5; Su15 p12.
McGinnis, Dave: photo Su15 p10.
McGinnis, Joe: photo Su15 p10.
McGinnis, John & Angelique Lavadour: Su15 p12,13.
Children” Marie Helen, Edward, William, Elizabeth, Abraham, Susan (Mrs.
Marcellus Rondeau), Frank Campion, George (m Iva Lavadour), John, David,
Thomas, Joseph, James, Su15 p12
McGinnis, Mack & Olive (Til): Fa83 p64.
McGinnis, Susan (Mrs. Fred Campian): photo Su15 p10.
McGuire Family Cemetery-1856 (Ola): Wi11 pp2,21.
McGuire, Mrs.: photo Fa81 p57.


McGuire, Charles: Sp67 p20,23.
McGuire, Hollister D. “Holly”, St. Fish Commissioner: drowning of Su66 p12; Wi97 p88; Su04
pp9,10,11; recovery of Fa04 p5; Su08 p14; Wi21 p15.
McGuire, Thomas: DLC Wi11 p21.
McFadden, W. S., Judge: Sp03 p4.
McFarland, Peter: Wi71 p91.
McFarland, Roy: Wi08 p15,17; Su19 p3,25.
McFarland, Ruth (Ros): Sp87 p15.
McHenry, Mrs. Florence Kohlhagen: Fa72 p67; Fa73 p50; Fa85 p62; Sp12 p4; Wi12 p20.
McHugill, Frank & Aleene “Sis” Haines: Sp85 p14; Fa90 pp62.
McIntire, A.F. (Ola): Wi75 p88.
McIntire, J.M. (Ola): Wi75 p88.
McIntosh, John (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
McIntosh, William: Fa09 p9.
McIntyre, Leland & Mrs (RC): Sp06 p19.
McKaig, Bernice Ruth: photos Sp81 pp8,11.
McKaig, Dorothy Elizabeth: photo Sp81 p11.
McKaig, Esther Madeline: photo Sp81 p11.
McKaig, Dr. Richard Frank Johnson & Myrtle Chestnut (Yon): Wi80 p85; Biography & photos
Sp81 pp3, et seq.
Children: Bernice Ruth (Mrs. Homer Kruse), Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. Sumner Brawn, Jr.),
Esther Madeline (Schiro) Sp81 p3.
McKay Drug Store (Harold): Fa10 p5.
“McKay’s Minute of Memories” radio program: Fa10 p9
McKay, Mr.: Su16 p5.
McKay, Alexander & Marguerite Wadin (PFC-NWC: Fa65 p8 et seq.; Sp83 p5; Wi91 p93.
Children: Tomas Fa65 p8; Wi91 p93.
McKay, Antoine: Fa67 p15.
McKay (McKie?) “Whiz” Dave (Np): photo Fa92 p55; Wi03 p26; Su05 p18.
McKay, David & Mary Ellen Dimmick: Fa10 p3.
Children: 3 plus Harold.
McKay, Dee & Ethel Kent: Fa06 p22.
McKay, Del & Virginia “Ginny” Gibbons (Ros): Fa84 p61; Fa86 p51; Sp87 pp10,11; Su88 p45;
Su09 p8; Cover photo & bio Fa10 pp3-9.
Children: Del Jr. Mike, Dave & Mark. Fa10 p8.
McKay, Frank & Millie Dumont (WoV): Sp72 photo p8.
McKay, Harold & Edith Brown (Ros): Fa84 p61; Wi86 pp75,88; photo Su88 pp43,45; Su91 p47;
Wi93 p95; Su99 pp28,32, photo 35; Su09 p6,8, photo 9; Fa10 p3 photo p4, et seq.
Children: 3 plus Del. Fa10 p5.
McKay, James & Sarah Frances Davis: Su72 p27.
McKay, Jean Baptiste Desportes Dupate (NWC): Su65 p6; Fa67 p15; Sp72 p6; Sp84 pp3,5; Sp93
p7; Wi11 p16.
McKay, Jerry (Ros): Sp67 p16; Wi91 p95; Su05 p21;
McKay, John & Rosalie Plouff: photo Sp72 pp6,8: photo Su85 p42.


Children: Frank Sp72 p8.
McKay, John (Winc); Su08 p7.
Children: Alice, Verna, Grace.
McKay, John Henry & Virginia Caroline Hartin: Su96 pp27,37.
Children: Doc Cook, Wallace Henry, Zerita, Eudora William Hartin, Lottie Marie, James
Robert, Lucy Foster, Pauline Flournoy, Marjorie, Mildred Maud. Su96 p27.
McKay, Johnathan & Lissette: graves Wi11 p16.
McKay, Melissa (Mrs. Joseph Mack Gingras): photo Sp72 p11.
McKay, Marie: Su15 p12.
McKay, Nathaniel: Wi02 p93.
McKay, Old Fort: Su05 pp4,12,21.
McKay, Roaslie Plouff: photo Sp72 p6.
McKay, Thomas (McKy, McKie) & Isabel Montour (NWC & HBC): Sp65 pp2, et seq.; Su65 p6;
Fa65 p8,10; Wi65 p3; Sp66 p11 et seq.; Wi70 p82; Sp84 pp3,5; Wi91 p94; Sp93 p7; Su05 p18;
Fa21 p17.
Children: Mary Wi91 p93.
McKay, Virginia Caroline Hartin: Wi80 pp75,79; Su96 p27.
McKay’s Old Fort (Cala-Ump): Su65 p6.
Mckay’s Pioneer Drug Store (Ros): Fa84 p61; Wi86 p88; Su88 photo 43,45; Wi93 p95; Su99
pp28,32, photo 35; Su09 p6, photo p9; Fa09 p16; Fa10 p5.
McKean Family: Su17 p3.
McKean, Elmer C.A.(Ros): Wi16 p23.
McKean, E.A. (Ros): Su83 p31.
McKean, T.J. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
McKee Creek (Kel): Su88 p27.
McKee Family (Dillard): Wi69 p76,78,83.
McKee, Joseph & Margaret Kingry: Fa16 p17.
Children: Cassie Etta.
McKee, Rebecca Byars: Fa68 photo p58.
McKee, Robert: Wi89 p94.
McKeer, Bill: Su08 p18.
McKechnie, Bob: Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22.
McKechnie, F.W. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
McKenzie, Benjamin & Katherine Campbell (HBC): Sp71 p5.
McKenzie’s Fork (of Willamette): on map Wi13 p3.
McKibben, Grace (Ros): Sp87 p6.
McKie (McKay) Dave “Whiz”: Wi03 p26; Su05 p18.
McKinley, Ore.: Su09 pp15,17.
McKinley, Horace G. & Marie Ware: Su84 p35.
McKinley, Pres. William: Sp77 p6; Su84 p33; Su86 p34; Fa19 p24.
McKinney, Get. (Wil): Fa79 p71.
McKinney, James, PM (Mel-UC): Sp93 p19; Su11 p17; Fa11 p6; Su16 p7.
McKinney, James & Sophia Tibbetts (Oak): Su77 p36,47; Sp93 p19.
McKinzey, Benjamin & Katherine, Campbell: Sp71 p5.


McKinzey’s Fork Willamette: Wi13 map p3.
McKure, Robert, PM (Peel): Fa11 p10.
McLallen House: photo Sp65 p14; Su08 p15.
McLaughlin Creek: Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin Family: Wi69 p75.
McLaughlin, Eldon: Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, Elwood: Wi00 p88.
McLaughlin, Doris Landers: Fa96 p70.
McLaughlin, Grant: Wi00 p80.
McLaughlin, Harriet: Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, Herman: Wi00 pp75,78.
McLaughlin, Joseph Sr. & Martha Elvira (Kelly) (DrCk): Su89 p39; Wi00 p75.
Children: Joseph Alexander Jr., + 10 more, Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, Joseph Alexander Jr. & Clara Theresa Bonebrake: Su89 p39; Wi00 p75.
Children: (Twins Elwood & Ursis Floyd, Wi00 p88), Herman, & twins Vera Del & Ivolene,
Orvilla Marie, Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, Orvilla Marie: Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, Robert (Dxv): Wi00 p75; Su01 p40.
McLaughlin, Shirley (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
McLaughlin, Stacy; photo by Fa02 p71; Sp03 p20; Fa10 p9.
McLaughlin, Thomas: Wi00 p75.
Children: Harriet, Robert, Joseph, Wi00 p75..
McLaughlin, Ursis “Ursie or Mac” Floyd & Evalyn L. Casebeer: Cover Wi00 p75, et seq., photo
82, photo 95.
“Years with the United States Forest Service”: bio of Ursis McLaughlin by Eldon Mclaughlin Wi00
McLaughlin, Vera: Wi00 p75.
McLaughlin, William & Purdy: Su74 p42.
McLinnic, Helen (Ros): Sp87 p15.
McLinnic, Richard (Ros): Sp87 p15.
McLoughlin, John, Dr. & Marguerite Wadin McKay (HBC): Su65 p6 et seq.; Fa65 p8 et seq.; Wi65
p3 et seq.; Sp66 p12 et seq.; Su66 p11; Fa66 p6; Sp68 p2; Wi68 p84; Sp71 p4; Sp72 p7, et
seq.; Fa73 p51; Su75 p46; Fa75 p56; Su79 p32; Su80 p47; Sp84 p5; Su05 p18; Sp13 p3;
Su15p7; Fa21 p17-19,24.
Children: Mary Eloisa (Mrs. William Glenn Rae) Sp66 p13, John Sp72 p12.
McLoughlin, John Jr.: Sp72 p12.
McLelland, Mrs. (Ros): Su90 p29.
McLean, Eneas, Rev.: Sp99 p8.
Mclean, Frank: Wi68 p82.
McLean, Robert, Rev.: Sp99 p8.
McLeay Estates Cannery: Su08 p15.
McLee, John (Ros): map Sp90 p13; Su90 p40.
McLeod, Alexander Roderick. (NWC-HBC): Su65 p6,7; Fa65 p8 et seq.; Wi65 p3et seq.; Sp66
p12; Su66 p11; Sp71 p4; Sp72 p9; Sp84 p5; Su85 p37; Sp93 p7; Fa21 p17.


McLeod, Monroe: Su16 p6,8.
McManus, Pat & Natalie Jean Hebling (Ros): Su90 p45.
Children: Megan Nichole Su90 p45.
McMillen, Flossie (Mrs. Walt Tolles): Cover Fa77 p50.
McMillen, Noble “Mr. Mac” & “Mrs. Mac” (IP): Su02 p45; Su03 p32; Fa08 p10.
Children: Lavola, Su02 p45.
McMillen, N.W. “Pickett”: Wi67 p8; Wi90 p93.
Children: Carola (Mrs. Harry Bakken) Wi67 p8.
McMillen, William Wilson “Bill” (IP): Fa77 p50; Cover Wi86 pp74,83,92; photo Su11p 18.
Children: Flossie & 3 brothers Fa77 p50.
McMillen, Watt: Sp67 p10 photo p11; Wi67 p8.
McMillin, A.G. (Ros): Sp87 p14.
McMenamin’s Pub: 1900s site photo Sp70 p20; in construction Su98 p43.
McMullen, Medora: Fa95 p56, photo 61.
McMullin, K. F. (Ros): Fa00 p56.
McName, Mr.: Wi04 p18.
McNary, Charles L., Senator: Su83 p29; Fa97 p64; Sp01 p18; Fa14 p15; Su23 p12 et seq.
McNeil, Charlotte (Elk): Fa81 p53.
McPherson, T.N.: Sp67 p13 et seq.; Su67 p16 et seq.; Sp76 p12.
McQuade, Mrs.; Sp05 p23.
McReynolds Department Store (Sut): Su78 p29.
McReynolds, Ernest (Div): Sp74 p22,24.
McReynolds, Frank C. & Rose (Sut): Su78 p29; Fa86 p68.
McReynolds, Guy & Nora (Sut): Su78 p29.
McReynolds, Rose (Sut): Su78 pp27,29.
McTaggart, Corrine Harpham: Fa95 p54, photo 55.
McTammany Organettes: Wi15 p11.
McTavish, Allan, & McKinley (LSb): Su00 p36.
McTavish, James (Sb); Sp01 p8.
McVickar, Daniel, Sea Capt.: Sp69 p2.
Meacham, Alfred B.: Wi74 p80; Su16 p12.
Meacham, Lucretta Remington: Sp84 p23.
Children: Sidney F.
Meacham, Sidney F. Sr. (Dr): photo Sp84 p22.
Mead, Verna LaRaut: Sp98 p7.
Children: Pam (Mrs. Rich Johnson)
Meadly, Mr. (Medley?): Fa79 p58.
Meadow Creek (Upper Cow Ck.) Su11 p5.
Meadows Ranch: Su11 p5.
Means, Emery (Kel): Sp73 p12.
Means, Lloyd & Doris Kingry (Yon): Sp81 p16.
Meares, Mears sea Capt. John: Sp72 p5; Fa85 p50.
Mecum, Flora, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Medical Arts Building (Ros): Su92 p30; Wi23 p12 .


Medical Arts Corporation: Wi23 p12.
Medley, Adelia Francis (Mrs. Joseph Lucian Gilbert): Wi66 p7.
Medley, Charles H. & Maggie Beckley (Oak): photo Sp69 p9; Sp77 p6,10,11.
Medley, Jim (Oak): photo Sp69 p13.
Medley, Joanna (Mrs. Joseph Lucian Gilbert): Wi66 p10; Sp73 p22.
Medley, John Head & Mary Helen Venable (Calap.): Wi66 p7; DLC Fa67 p11; Su72 p30; Su76
p45; Fa79 p58.
Children: Adelia Frances Wi66 p7,photo 9 (Mrs. Joseph Lucian Gilbert); Joanna photo Wi66
p9, Sarah Wi66 p10.
Medo-Land Creamery (Eug): Wi20 p22.
Meek, Dick: Sp22 p5.
Meek, Joseph L. Col.: Sp65 p2; Wi01 pp86,92; Wi06 p12; Fa12 p9; Wi14 p18 (error, it was
brother Steve Meek, not Joe); Fa18 p3.
Meek, Stephen Hall L.: Cover photo Sp65, bio p2.
Meeks, Gary: Wi08 pp10,11;
Meeks, Glenn: Sp22 pp9,15; Memories of, Sp22 pp16-17.
Meeker, Bill (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Meese, Dick: Fa06 p21.
Mehl Canyon: Wi72 p80,92; Sp73 p18; Fa81 p51; Wi90 p76; Sp10 p9.
Mehl Creek: Wi72 p80; Sp73 p18; Road Su11 p8.
Mehl Sawmill (Elk): on map Wi90 p84; Fa99 pp58,66.
Mehl, John Gottlieb & Mary Hervey (Kel-Ros then Elk): Wi72 p80; Fa75 p69, photo 70; Su76
p46; Wi90 p81; Fa99 pp66,67.
Mehlhof, Bill (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Meier, Gov. Julius: Su83 p29.
Meikle, Mr. & Bertha Sergent: photo Fa86 p63.
Meinzer, John (Yon): Su82 p27.
Meisinger, Bearl (Mrs. Norman Coon) (CaV): Fa81 p56.
Meisner, Kyle: photo Sp21 p12.
Meldrum, Charles: Sp05 p22.
Meldrum, Judge J. W.: Sp05 p20.
Meleland, Walter (DrCk): Su89 p41.
Mellin, Shelley Dumont: Fa81 p70.
Mel-O-Maid: Wi20 p20.
Mello-Maid (MeloMaid or Mel-O-Maid) aka Douglas County Creamery: Su99 p30; Su09 p6; Fa09
p15,16; Wi09 p7; Wi20 p20.
Mellow Moon: Fa01 p61.
Melo-O-West-Reedsport Creamery: Fa09 p15.
Melodeon: Su12 photo p12.
Melody Aces: Sp22 p5.
Melody Mountain Barn: Sp22 pp13, 16.
Melody Mountain Boys: Sp22 p5.
Melon Hybrids: Alabama sweets, Thunderbolt, Holburt’s Honey, Wi87 p75; Grand Rapids,
Hackensack, Columbus (musk), Fordhook, Vicks, Sweetheart (watermelon), Casaba, Rocky

Ford, Miller’s Cream, Emerald Gem, Long, Su04 pp20,21; Fa04 p4, Georgia Rattlesnakes Fa06
Melqua Road: Wi11 pp5,11.
Melrose, Ore.: Fa72 p50; Fa75 p61; Su80 p26; Sp98 p10, map 14; Sp03 p3; Fa03 p56; Fa07 p19.
Wi08 p22; Su11 p17; Fa11 p5,6; Su14 p4; Wi17 p6.
Melrose aka French Settlement Cemetery-1854: Wi96 p79; Sp98 pp10,15; Wi11 pp2; Sp12
Melrose Community Church: Sp98 p15.
Melrose Dairy: Wi09 p8.
Melrose Grange Hall: Sp98 p13.
Melrose Map: Sp98 p14.
Melrose Orchard Land Co.: Wi96 p75.
Melrose Post Office: Fa11 p5.
Melrose Road: Fa11 p17.
Melrose School: Wi79 p93; Sp85 p5; Sp98 p6,10, photo 12,15; Wi11 p15.
Melrose Store: Wi96 p86; Sp98 p3, et seq.; Sp12 p6; Sp22 p6.
Melton, Ada (Dxv): Fa90 p54; Sp98 p19.
Children: Wilma (Later Hanlin): Sp98 p19.
Melton, Mr. & Mrs. Ben: Wi67 p8; Fa68 p70.
Melton, Mrs. Harlan: Wi67 pp8,11.
Melton, Jack: Wi67 p11.
Melton Road: Wi67 p8.
Melton, Tom: Wi67 p11.
Melton, William & Anna Whitsett: Wi67 pp8,11.
Melvin, Bert (Reed): photo Su82 p39.
Melvin, H. (CS): Sp78 p22.
Melvin, L.C., Dr. (Ros): Fa82 p68.
Melvin, Mary E. (SR): Wi75 p85.
Melvin, M.M. & Mary Ann (Gard): Wi90 p86; Su18 p12.
“Memories”: Ruby Laurance Wetzell, Fa92 p50.
“Memories of Boy Scout Troop 130” by Mark Sohn, Su22 p3.
“Memories of Jessie Wright”: by Norma Strader Hatfield, Fa90 p51-61.
“Memoirs of Rebecca Malvina Baker Elliff”: Su85 p27-40.
“Memories of Long Ago” by Shirley Clayton Sp06 pp19-23.
“Memories of a Pioneer Boy: by Dwight Reed, Sp86 p3.
Menard, Peter: Su74 p36.
Menasha Corp.: Wi21 p11.
Mental Culture Club: Wi88 p74,75; Fa89 p55; Sp08 p3, & photos et. Seq.; Wi16 p11.
Meranda, Janet (OSU archeologist): Wi14 p3,4.
Merchant Protective Association: Fa00 p52.
Merchants and Farmers Navigation Company: Wi84 p74; Wi21 p12.
Merchants and Steamers Transportation Co.: Su18 p18.
Mercy Hospital (Harvard): Wi66 p16; Wi71 p93; Wi80 p93; Wi86 p75; Sp87 p6; Sp91 p18; Su91

p47; Su92 p30; Fa94 p53; Su95 p30; Su98 p41; Sp99 p19; Fa06 p17; Wi08 p10,11,12; Sp09
p21; Fa10 p20; Su20 p18.
Merely Players, The: Sp87 p5; Fa00 p71.
Merk, Ed & Bernice Westenhiser: Su13 p5,6; cover photo Fa16.
Merk, Eugene & Maxine (Ros): Fa16 p19.
Merriam, Dr. John C.: Sp23 p24.
Merriman, Charles: Su08 p5.
Children: Ben, Charles
Merriman, Jim RR fireman: Wi70 p75,77.
Merrick, Emiline (Mrs. Hiram Doncaster): Su75 p35.
Merrick, James M. & Nancy Scott (Elkton): Wi71 p79 photo p83,84.
Merritt, Oppenheimer & Co. (USb): Su00 p37.
Merritt, Charles Edward & Pearl A. Yokum: Wi112 p13.
Children: Katheryn Elaine: Wi12 p13.
Merritt, Mable (MC): photo Su82 p42.
“Messenger” steamer: Sp89 pp4,5.
Messerli, H.C., Rev.: Su20 p17.
Metcalf, Robert (Grande Ronde Police): photo Wi84 p86.
Metcalfe, Robert B. & “Kitty” John: Wi69 p89,94; Sp70 p7 et seq.; Wi75 p77; Sp78 p7; Wi84
p85; Wi06 p21; Sp16 p4 et seq.; Su16 p3 et seq.
Children: Ellen, Mary, Winnifred, Sp16 p5.
Metcalf, Roy, Rev. (MC): Sp83 p19.
Metcalf, “Smokey”: Sp22 p16.
Metheglin: Su86 p28.
Methodist Church (Ros): Fa72 p67; Wi08 p11; Fa10 p3; Sp20 p13.
Methodist Episcopal Church: Sp08 p9.
Metis: Wi66 p3; Su15 p6, et seq.
Metropolitan Hotel; photo Su67 p20,24; Sp71 p14; Su75 p36,44; Wi75 p87; Wi76 p74; photo
Su96 p43; Photo Wi15 p19.
Metropolitan Saloon: Wi15 p11.
Metz Hill Cemetery-1885: Wi11 pp2,15; Sp12 p6.
Metz, Mr. (Cala): Su72 p34.
Metz, J.O. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Metzger Lumber Co.: Su85 p43; Fa09 pp15,16.
Metzger Mill: Su85 p43; Fa91 p69.
Metzger Sand & Gravel (Ros): Sp90 p7.
Metzger, Elmer: Wi65 p2.
Metzger, Francis (Ros): Sp87 p15; photo Fa95 p60.
Metzger, Lou (Ros): Fa91 p69; Sp99 p4.
Mexican War: Sp01 p4; Wi01 pp85,86,91; history of & photos Wi06 pp6-12, Fa18 p4.
Meyer, Max: Fa87 p65.
Meyer Place (Dil): Sp06 p8; Su06 p10.
Meyers & Kyle: Sp72 p19.
Meyers, John: See Miars


Meyers, Lucile (Ros); Fa95 p50.
Meyers, Percy (Ros): Fa84 p59.
Meyersville: see Myrtle Point.
Miars, John & Anna Deardorff Byars (Oak): Su77 p36,37,47.
Myers, Mrs.: Wi04 pp11,13.
Myers, Howard (Cal): photo Sp94 p15.
Myers, Jim D.: Wi98 p78.
Myers, Maurice: Sp04 p7.
Myers, Norman A. (CCC): Wi91 p92.
Myers, Sharon: Wi78 p87.
Micelli Park: Su03 p33; Wi12 p6.
Micelli, Albert: Su97 p36.
Micelli, Bob: Su99 p30; Su09 p7.
Micelli, Frank: Wi12 p6.
Micelli, Joseph (Ros): Su97 p41; Sp00 p14; Fa21 p7.
Micelli, Victor J. & Christina Alexandra Laursen: Wi65 p9; Wi69 p88; Fa70 p58; Su78 p30; Fa78
p54; Sp85 p3, photo p4, et seq.; Fa91 p53 (Doug. Natl. Bank); Su03 pp31, photo & info et
seq.; Wi08 p8; Su12 p4; Cover photo Wi12 p2, mini bio 5, et seq.
Michael James Photography Studio: Fa00 p56.
Michael’s Ranch (DC): Su76 p26; Fa76 p60; Wi93 p77.
Michalek, Lewis, Dr.: Su19 p13.
Machaud, Mr. & Lora Applegate: Wi88 p91.
Children: Lindsay, Meghan.
Michigan, Univ. of: Fa02 p64; Sp02 p4.
Micholson & Moore (LSb): Su00 p36.
Mid-Oregon Printing: Printed the “Trapper” from Wi99 to Sp00 then Fa00 to Fa02.
“Middies & Skirts Era at Roseburg High School”: Mary Ellen Darby Fetter Fa95 p51-55.
Middle Creek (Rid): Wi66 p2; Fa75 p68; Su85 p44; Su11 p15.
Middle Fork Coquille River Covered Bridge: photo Sp11 p3.
Middle Fork Willamette River: Wi13 map p3.
Middletown, Ore. (Middleton).: Sp76 p2; on map Wi05 p18; on map Wi13 p3.
Milam, G.W. (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Mildred Jenkins Dance Studio: Sp87 pp5;6; Fa01 p71.
Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park: Fa12 p23.
Miles, John (Oak): Su77 p42.
Military Ave. (Ros): Sp79 p2; Su09 p12.
Military Road, Scottsburg to Jacksonville: Su69 p43; Su00 p29; Sp02 p16; on map
Wi05 p18; Wi06 p18; Fa09 p5; Fa10 p3.
“Military Road to Coos Bay”: Chester Morgan Sp82 p16-19.
Military Roads in Southern Oregon: Map Fa99 pp60-61.
Mill (Mary’s) Creek: Sp02 p21.
Mill Creek (Clev): Cover photo Su68; Store Sp98 p13.
Mill Creek (LR): Fa68 p70.

Mill Creek (Main Ump): Fa65 pp11,16; Covered bridge, cover photo Sp74 p2; Sp76 p12; Su78
p32; covered bridge photo Sp92 p12; Sp97 p3; Mill Sp02 p22; Covered Bridge photos Sp11 p9.
Mill Creek (Sb): Wi72 p81; Su75 p35; Sp97 p5; Sp02
Mill-Pine Neighborhood Historic District: Cover Wi85 p73 et seq.; Sp99 p4; Sp03 p17,21; photo
Fa08 p20; Su12 p12; Fa22 p6.
Mill Site Park: Wi10 p7.
Mill Street Store (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Milltown Mill Company (Yon): Sp93 p14.
Milltown School (Yon): Sp93 p15.
Millard, Mildred (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Milledge, Luther (Dil): Su06 p15; Fa06 p8.
Milledge & Pickens General Merchandise (Ros): photo Su81 p29; Su97 p36; photo Su06 p15
p16; Fa06 p10.
Miller & Dean: Su00 p36.
Miller, A.S. & Son: Su65 p5.
Miller Prune Drier: Wi94 p91.
Miller, Mrs. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Miller, Al: Fa22 p18
Miller, Amy (Winc): Su08 p7.
Miller, Bill (Jackson Co. Historian): Su20 p14.
Miller, Charles (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.
Miller, Capt. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p20.
Miller, sea Capt.: Su75 p44.
Miller, Cinncinatus “Joaquin” poet: Wi79 p83; About Gen. Joseph Lane, Wi01 p87.
Miller, Dr. (Ros): Su92 p28.
Miller, Donald & Carolyn: Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23.
Miller, Dorothy (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Miller, Edward M.: Wi65 p9.
Miller, Ellis (Ros): Su92 p35.
Miller, Forest & Helen (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Miller, Frances Martin Roberts “Mollie” (Glen): Wi77 p79; Sp78 pp11,12.
Miller, Harvey (Ros): Sp87 p6; Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Miller, Inez (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Miller, Isaac (Wil): Sp69 p,17,23; Su69 p27.
Miller, Joe (Oak): Sp77 p10.
Children: Hugh.
Miller, Ki L., Dr. & nee Hermann (Ros): photo Su86 p32; Su95 p30; Su97 p31; Sp00 p14.
Children: Madge, Su95 p30
Miller, Lee: Wi88 p93.
Miller, Les (GV): Wi78 p96; Sp79 p4.
Miller, Letha Wassom (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Miller, Maj. Isaac: Su08 p4.
Miller, J.W., Rev.: Fa79 p69; Sp19 p16.


Miller, James (Yon): Wi74 p90; Sp79 p5; Su82 p32.
Miller, John D. (Hh): Fa81 p59.
Miller, Madge (Ros): Su91 p42; Su95 p30.
Miller, Marion: photo Su09 p17.
Miller, Roscoe (Elkton): Sp68 p3.
Miller, Roy (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Miller, Boyd
Miller, Samuel C. & Jennie Dillard (Dil): Wi71 p94; Fa74 p65; Wi89 p93; Sp91 pp8,18; Fa92
p54; Su06 p8; Fa06 p20; Wi20 p10.
Miller, Victor (Elkton): Sp68 pp3,5.
Miller, W.C. (RWV) (Leona): Sp66 p7.
Miller, W.G. or G.W. Rev. (CB-Dil): Fa74 p67; Wi01 p80; ferryman Fa06 p10; Sp19 p16.
Miller, Walter G. & Dorothy Webster: Su93 p42, photo p46.
Miller, William, Dr. (Winc): Su10 p19.
Miller, William Coddigan & Rudama Walters: Sp66 p7; Su08 p4.
Milligan, Mrs: Wi99 p77.
Milliken, Jessie (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Milling and Transportation Company (OC): Su00 p29.
Millpond (RoCk): Fa01 p53, shelter 67.
Mills College; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p16.
Mills Ferry: Sp73 p15.
“Mills of Elkton, The”: Sp67 pp20-24 & Su67 pp3-9 by Irl Binder.
Mills, Mr. (Kel): Wi67 p18.
Mills, Bill “Dutch”: Su19 p25.
Millsite Park (MC): Wi20 pp3, photo 4,6.
Millwood, Ore. (Up Hubbard Creek): Wi67 p21; Wi71 p89; Su72 p47; Sp73 p5; Fa88 pp50,62;
Cover Fa93 p50, et seq.; Su08 p18; Sp09 p7;
Millwood Post Office: Fa93 p59, photo 63; Su05 p12; photo Fa11 p6.
Millwood Road Bridge: Su08 p18.
Millwood School: Cover Fa93 p50, on map p60; Wi99 p84.
Millwood: Stage: Su04 p11; mail delivery Su05 p12.
Milo, Ore: Fa76 p60; Wi14 p8; Su15 p10.
Milo Academy: Fa76 p60; Covered bridge photos Wi10 p8 (directions in error, should be 17
miles on 227) Sketch of by Emily, 15.
Milo Post Office: Fa11 p6.
Milwaukee Pump Co.: Wi02 p76.
Minard, Mr. & Mrs. (Ros); map Sp90 pp12,18; Su90 pp29,et seq.
Children: a daughter, Mrs. Ball, Sp90 p18.
Minard, Louisa (Lk): Wi83 p77.
Minard, Maude (Winc): Su08 p7.
Minard, Steven & Mrs. (Lk): Wi83 p77.
Minde Family (Winc): Su08 p7.
Children: Karl


“Mining Camps of Early Days”: Sp78 p14.
Mining Minerals Manufacturing (Rid): Fa10 p19.
“Ministry in Catastrophe”: Rev. John Adams Sp99 pp19-23.
Minkler, Miss Amy (Eden): Sp04 p5; Sp05 p7; Wi13 p18.
Minkler, Hazel Miss (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Minkler, (Minker?) Mr. (Eden): Fa04 p4; Sp05 p7.
Minnesota Rooming House: photo Wi04 p17.
Minter Family: photo Wi67 p19.
Minter, Avery (Elk): Wi72 p95; Su88 p27.
Minter, Charles Franklin Jr.: photo Wi67 p19.
Minter, Charles “Clen” McClellan Sr. & nee Powell: Wi67 p18 photo p19, et seq.; Sp73 p12,13;
Su88 p27.
Children: Robert Dillard, Charles Franklin, Anna Bell, William Cyrus “Cy”, Dayton, Lucy, Harold
Minter, Cy (Elk): Wi72 p95.
Minter, Harold A.: Su65 p16; Su66 p19; Wi67 p18; Sp68 p3; Su70 p33; Fa70 p52; Wi72 p80,84;
Wi72 p88; Wi73 p84,85; Sp77 p21; Wi90 p90; Fa07 p14; Wi08 P8.
Minter, Robert Dillard “Bob” (Elk): photo Wi67 p19; Wi72 p95; Sp73 p13.
Minter, William Cyrus: photo Wi67 p19; Sp68 pp3,5.
Mires, Austin: Su68 p44; Fa68 p58; Su72 p28, et seq.; Fa88 p59,62; Fa09 p3; Sp19 p9.
Mires, Benton (Dr): Fa68 p58; Su84 p45; Sp19 p9.
Mires, H.F.: Fa89 p62.
Mires, John H. & Anna Deardorff Byars: Fa68 p58; Su72 p30,32; Fa76 p51; Sp19 p3.
“Mirror Mirror” 1 st in Do. Co.: Wi09 p22.
Mirror Vale (Lg): Su05 p11.
“Mischief”: Sp72 p19.
Miser & Dean (LSb): Su75 p34; Su00 p36.
Miser, H.L. (UCC): Su85 p40; Fa11 p14.
Mission Chapel, (Eden): Wi13 p18.
Missionary Baptist Church (Sut): Sp77 p3.
Missouri Bottom (MC): Wi68 p93; Sp71 p12; Fa74 p58; photo Wi87 p78; prune orchards photo
Wi94 p89.
Mist Logging Co.: Fa01 p53.
“Mist, The” (boat): Su68 p35; Su75 p42.
Mistletoe Hill Ranch (Ros): Sp90 p3-23, Walling sketch & photo, pp4,5, 1878 map of pp12,13;
1989 map of Su90 pp36,37.
“Mistletoe Hill Ranch”: Vicki Bean Cooper Sp90 p3-23; continued, Su90 p3.
Mitch, Jim: Sp09 p16.
Mitchell Farm Wagon Fa06 p15.
Mitchell, Mrs. (Ros): Sp05 p4.
Mitchell, Bob: Fa01 p59.
Mitchell, George & Margaret Wright (Til): Sp89 pp18,21.
Mitchell, Gus (Sb): Wi72 p88.
Mitchell, John H., Sen.: Su84 pp27,35; Fa04 p17.


Mitchell, Jena (DCM): Fa92 p61.
Mitchell, Joseph & Annie Meliza Bowen: Sp67 p13; Su67 p18.
Mitchell, Mrs. John: Sp71 p10; Su71 p43;
Mitchell, Muriel: Sp71 pp18,20; Su71 p40.
Mitchell, Ruth (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Mitchell, Susan (Mrs. Peter Williams) (Lg): Wi75 p87.
Mite Society (Ros): Su96 p41.
Miwaleta, Chief: Su03 p44; Fa21 p15.
Miwaleta Indians: Wi66 p2.
Mobile Tune: Su19 p32.
Mode, Arthur (Elk): Wi72 p95; Sp73 p7.
Mode, Mrs. Don (Oak): Sp69 p3.
Mode Soda Fountain & Emporium (Oak): photo Sp69 p9.
Model Bakery (Ros): Fa84 p51,55,59; Fa91 p56,59,63; Fa09 p15; Sp23 p27.
Modern Bakery: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Modern Floor Covering: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.
“Modest Dances”: 1914 proposed city ordinance by City Attorney Albert Graham: Wi09 p18.
“Modest”, Sloop of War: Sp13 p3.
Modoc Indians: Fa90 p50; Wi06 p14; Su08 p4; Su10 p5.
Modoc War: Fa75 pp61,67,71; Wi75 p90; Sp76 p6; Wi91 p80.
Moffitt, Bud (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Moffitt, Francis: Wi83 p77.
Mohr Family (Mwd): map Fa93 p60.
Mohr, Otto & Catherine Hebard: Fa93 p65.
Molalla (Molel) Tribe: Wi84 pp79,85; Sp93 pp4,5; Treaty Sp16 pp2, et seq.
“Monitor” NBC program: Su09 p21.
“Monkey Motion”: Wi72 p75.
Monks of Syon (UC): Sp93 p16.
Monmouth Normal School: Sp65 p10; Su02 p27.
Monogram Cigar Store (Ros): Su81 p27; Su85 p45.
Monohan, Martin: Wi72 p87.
Monson, Mary: Sp76 p2.
Montague, Elmer & Mary Gilbert: Wi66 p7,14.
Children: Helen Ruth, Martha F. Wi66 p7,14.
Montague, Helen Ruth: Wi66 p7,14; Sp73 p22.
Montague, Martha F.: Wi66 p7.
Mont Alto Ranch: Sp98 p17; Fa00 p60.
Montgomery Circus: Su79 p47.
Montgomery Ward (Wards, Monkey Wards): Sp87 p5; Sp98 p22; Su99 p28; Sp05 p20; Su09 p6;
Sp13 pp10,14; Wi15 p11.
Montgomery, Jack: Sp23 p23.
Montgomery, Lorenzo D. (Glen): Sp71 p2; Sp83 p4; Su85 p40.
Montgomery, Frank: Sp74 p20.
Montgomery, John & Pearl: Fa90 p58; Wi12 p8.


Moody, Mrs. Eleanor: Su19 p8.
Moody, Phyllis: Sp08 p15.
Moody, Zenas F., Gov. & Mrs.: Sp71 p19; Su71 p44.
Moon, Alonzo W.: Su11 p21.
Moon, James: Su22 p16 et. seq.; Fa22 p9 et. seq.
Mooney, Bill (Dr. Brumfield alias): Su14 p15.
“Moonshine” & Still: Su91 p42; Sp11 p23.
Moore’s Café (Ros): Wi21 p10; Sp22 p15.
Moore, W.N. Grocery (Ros): Su91 p40; sketch of Sp23 p26.
Moore House: as Pioneer Cottage; cover Su03 p30,35.
Moore Brothers: Sp65 p12; Su65 p3; Fa75 p63.
Moore, Lieut. (RWV): Sp75 p8.
Moore, Mr. (GV): Sp74 p18.
Children: Charley
Moore, Mrs. nee McCulloch (RP): Wi69 p83.
Moore, Ada: Wi01 p81.
Moore, Aman: Wi20 p9, et seq.
Moore, Arch & Frankie (Np): Wi66 p23; Wi03 pp8,15,18.
Moore, Art: Wi20 pp14,17.
Moore, Bertha (UC): Sp93 pp12,13.
Moore, Charley (Eden): Sp74 p18; Su91 p34.
Moore, Corrine: Wi03 p3, et seq.
Moore, Dick (Elk): Su67 p5; Fa67 p23; Sp68 p3; Wi72 p95.
Moore, Edith (So. Ump. Hist. Soc.): Su15 p20.
Moore, Edwin Marshall & Nancy E. Williams then Alice Ellen Graylord: Su68 p35; Su72 p36 et
seq.; Wi75 photo pp86,87,89; Sp85 p3; Bio & Photo Wi93 pp86,87; home photo Su98 p36;
cover Su03 pp2,30,42; History and Legacy of, Su12 Trapper issue, Cover photo of Moore
House, Edwin photo p5, Alice & Lillie photos p8 et Seq.; agent for Knapp, Burrell & Co. Wi15
p10; Wi19 p21; Wi21 p21.
Children: Ida May & John White by Nancy. Lillie Lela by Alice, Su12 p6 photos p7.
“Edwin Marshall Moore”: bio & photo Doris Haines Bacon Wi93 pp86,87.
Moore, Gordon Wesley: Su22 p12 et seq.
Children: Greg & Geoff
Moore, F.L.: Fa76 p65,67.
Moore, Frank & Jeanne: Steamboat Inn founders, Wi21 p10; Sp22 p15.
Moore, Mrs. Frankie (Cala): Wi66 p23; Fa88 p51.
Moore, Frank Jr., Dr. “Frankie” (IP): Sp12 p18.
Moore, Geneive (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Moore, Geoff, son of Gordon: Su22 p16.
Moore, George (CaV): Su92 p40.
Moore, Greg, son of Gordon: Su22 p14.
Moore, Henry. (UC): Sp93 p11.
Moore, Ida May (Mrs. G.W. Kimball): photo Sp12 pp7,9.
Moore, James (Ros): Fa75 p60.


Moore, John & Wanda (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Donny, Johnny.
Moore, John White (Eden): Wi93 p87; Sp04 p4, et seq.; Su04 p3 et seq.; Fa04 p4 et seq.; Wi04
p3, et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.; Su12 pp6, photo 7,9.
Moore, Joseph Livery Stables (LSb): Sp65 p13; Su00 p32,36.
Moore, Lillie Lela: Sp67 p18; house Fa70 p58; Su72 p37,39; Su75 p26; Sp85 p3, et seq.;
Sp91 p13; Wi93 p87; cover Su03 p30,44; Sp08 p5; Su12 p2, et seq.; Wi12 p3 et seq.; Wi19
p21; Wi21 p20; Su22 p22.
Moore, Luther “Lute” B. & Stella? (Ros) works @ the train station, O&C agent: Sp67 p8; Sp70
p23; Sp04 p4; Su04 p22; Fa04 p12, et seq.; Wi04 p4 et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Moore, Lynn Thornton & Margaret Melissa Pepiot (Np): cover Wi03 p3 & photos et seq.; Su09
p10 photos p11.
Children: Corrine.
Moore, Marcus or Marion, or Marquis Lafayette? (Sp04 p3) & Sarah “Sade”Brown (Eden); Sp05
p16; Diary excerpts make up five 2004 & Sp05 Trappers. Mr. Moore used many first names,
and one cannot tell if family or friend. Mame, Laura, Stella, Harvey, Sister, all used
often. (The cover of the Winter 2004 issue was misprinted as 2005.); Wi21 p15.
Children: William M, Luther B., John W., James, Sp04 p4,23.
Moore, Margaret Pepiot family: Cover and subject of Wi03; Bio of Su09 pp10,11.
“A Centennial Dawning, in Oregon’s Sesquicentennial”: Emily Blakely Su09 p10.
Moore, Mary Bell (Knott): Wi01 p81.
Moore, Mary Orchard & Prune: Su05 p9.
Moore, Nancy Lavina: Wi01 p81.
Moore, Narcissa Cornwall: Fa66 p3.
Moore Park (CavCk): Wi66 p6.
Moore, Pearl (Cnv): Wi12 p17.
Moore, Ralph: Fa68 p60.
Moore, Reed (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p7; Su73 p46.
Moore, Robert (GrV): Wi03 p20.
Moore, Roy: Su66 p18.
Moore, Samuel C., Rev. & Mary Jane McCulloch (CH): Fa67 p17; Sp68 p6; Fa76 p63; Wi83 p77;
Wi87 p78; Wi89 p95; photo Wi01 p77, et seq.
Children: Nancy Lavina, Mary Belle (Knott), Wi01 p81.
Moore, W.G.: Sp79 p24.
Moore, Wash: Su67 p21.
Moore, Mrs. William (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Moore, William (Kel): Fa67 p15.
Moore, William M. (Ruck): Fa74 p65; Fa83 p71; Su14 p5; Su16 p7.
Moore, William M. “Will” & Lucy (Laura?) Simmons (Eden): Sp04 p3, et seq.; Su04 p4et seq.;
Fa04 p4, et seq.; Wi04 p6, et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Moore, Zac (Cala): Su72 p34.
Moren et Fozet, M.M. (FS): Su80 p26.
Morey, David (Gard): Fa69 pp61,64.
Morey, Mr. (Sb): Sp65 p14; Fa69 p64; Su00 p32.


Morehouse, J.N.: Su71 p48.
Morgan’s (Chester) Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa84 p65; Fa91 pp63,65.
Morgan, Rev. (MC): Sp83 p18.
Morgan, Chester (Ros): Su65 p12; Su81 p27; Sp82 pp16,18; Fa91 p51; Su19 p5; Fa91 p63; Fa22
Morgan, Christine: Sp03 p24.
Morgan, D.: Su66 p18.
Morgan, Dale: sketch by Fa13 p11.
Morgan, David & Effie (Ros): house photo Su95 p43.
Morgan, E.S.: Su75 p34.
Morgan, E.W. (Eden): Su94 p27.
Children: Margaret (Later Bjornstad)
Morgan, Edward: Wi83 p85.
Morgan, H.W. (Eden): Su94 p27.
Morgan, Jeffrey: Su19 p5.
Morgan, Joe (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Wi95 p88, et Seq. photo 93.
Morgan, Joyce: Wi12 p21.
Morgan, Margaret: Su94 p27.
Morgan, Nettie Woodruff (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Morgan, Sarah, Mrs. (Ros): Sp99 p10.
Morgan, T.M.: Fa70 p65.
Morin, Floyd (Yon): Fa83 p69.
Morin, Geri: Sp09 p23.
Morris Products: Fa91 p53; Fa09 p16.
Morris, Charles A.F.: Su75 p39; Sp83 p13.
Morris, Dick: Sp76 p15.
Morris, George (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Morris, J.H., Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Morris, Pat Wi09: p19.
Morrison, Charles: Sp76 p11.
Morrison, Francis (Froehlich)(MC): photo Su82 p42.
Morrison, Fred & Mrs. (Ros): Fa20 p12.
Morrow, Honore Wilson: Sp12 p13.
Morse, Coach (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Morse, Wayne, Sen.: Su03 p32; Wi12 p3.
Mortensen, Dr. (Yon): Fa94 pp58,63.
Mortenson, Miss Dorothy (Ump): Wi99 p82.
Mortenson, James: Wi83 photo p91.
Mortenson, Jim: Su05 p7.
Mortenson, Lee: Wi21 p9.
Moser, Charles E. & Ellen Luetta Todd: Su70 p36.
Children: Elma (Mrs. Elma Duncan). Su70 p36.
Moser, Judge Moe (Ros): Sp86 p6.
“Moses True Dyer, Pioneer Sawmill Man”: Ora Weaver Carter Su68 pp36-38.


Moses, Peter, Rev. (MC): Su76 p32; Fa82 p64.
Children: Victor Fa82 p64.
Moses, Victor (MC): Fa82 p64.
Mosher, Charlie: Su72 p45; Wi97 p90.
Mosher, Lafayette F. (‘53 RIW) & Winnifred Minnie Lane: Su68 p35; Sp69 p18; Su69 p33; Wi75
p82; Wi77 pp83,95; Sp78 pp6,7; Wi83 pp77,88; Sp85 p2; Wi90 p91; Su95 p30; Wi06 p18,21;
Sp07 p17, Wi08 p3,6; Wi12 photo question p18; Su22 p16; Fa22 p9.
Mosher, Paul Albert: Su22 p16; Fa22 pp9-17.
Mosher’s Grove (Ros): See Laurelwood.
Mosier, Ed.; Wi83 p90.
Moss, J.J.: Fa70 p65.
Mossback: Su09 p18.
Mossman, Isaac V.: Su10 p6.
Mote place: Fa06 p14.
“Motorcycle Man”: Don Good Sp11 p21.
Motor Shop Garage (Ros): Sp87 p14.
“Motor Trip in 1913” (to Crater Lake): Fa87 p51-64, Marjorie Hunt Pettit
Mott Memorial Bridge (NUmp): Wi00 pp85, photos 86,87; Wi10 p5,14,15; Sp11 p13.
Mott, Jordan Lawrence, Major: Wi00 p85; Wi10 p14.
Mould, Betty (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Mound City, Ill.: Wi02 p91.
Mount Scott, city: Post Office Fa11 pp6,9.
Mount Tyee: Sp65 p7.
Mount Yoncalla: Wi65 p6.
Mountain Grouse: See Blue Grouse.
Mountain Grove Cemetery (Glen): Sp12 p6.
Mountain Grove Center for New Education: Sp12 p6.
Mountain Lion: see Cougar.
Mountain House Stage Station: Fa06 p21.
Mountain Meadows: Wi00 p76.
“Mountain Men and the Fur Trade of the Far West”: Edited by LeRoy R. Hafen Wi68 p74.
Mountain Road (Old) Fa06 pp21,22.
Mountain Trout (Cutthroat?): Fa03 p56.
Movie “The Grand Tour” (Oak): Fa90 p65.
Movie Theaters and Drive-ins: A History, Sp13 issue.
“Moving On-Adventures of Native Son Robert Albert Emmett”: William
Vinson Wi89 p75.
Mowery, Otis (Elk): Su67 p5.
Moyer Nursery: Wi87 p75-86.
“Moyer’s Nurseries, Mr.”: Wi87 p75-86 Marianne Kadas
Moyer, Clarence E. & Mary Stewart (Dil): Wi87 p75 photo p76 et seq.; Sp91 p10; Fa92 p55;
Wi94 p94.
Moyer, Tom “The Sellwood Socker”: Sp87 p11; Sp13 p18, bio p19; Su13 p13,16,18.
Mozena, Howard W. & Merle Beresford Brumfield: Fa14 p8.


Mr. Dixieland: Sp22 p6.
“Mr. Moyer’s Nurseries” Marianne Kadas Wi87 p75.
Mt. Aldo Ranch (Driver Valley): Wi11 p15.
Mt. Aldo Ranch (Gl): Sp98 p17.
Mt. Arrington aka Mt. Applegate: Wi81 p86; Su86 p43.
Mt. Bailey: Fa73 photo p71,72; Wi73 75, photo p77; Wi00 p80; Fa22 p16.
Mt. Baldie: see Mt. Bailey.
Mt. Bette or Mt. Obedah or Mt. O’Bette(Dil): Wi89 pp91-92; Sp91 p2.
“Mt. Bette”: Rose Heinbach Wi89 p91.
Mt. Boliver: Su10 p12.
Mt. Dickerson (Yon): Sp83 p3.
Mt. La Biche: See Ward’s Butte.
Mt. Nebo: Sp65 photo p14; Su69 photo from p41; Fa72 pp52,54; Sp76 p9; Sp83 p22 (Capt.
amuel Gordon DLC): Sp88 p9; photo Fa91 p58; photos Su98 pp30,31 (error, Nebo cut for
freeway in early 1960s. Ed.); Sp01 p12; Sp03 p10; Wi08 p8; Su09 p12; Su19 p17; Wi23 p12.
Mt. Obedah or Oh Bette (Dil): Wi69 p83; Wi89 p91; Sp91 p2; Fa06 pp9,11.
Mt. O’Bette Lumber Co.: Fa06 p3.
Mt. Reuben: Su11 p21; Fa11 p11.
Mt. Scott: Sp70 p9; cover photo of lookout Wi81 p74, Sp00 p21; Fa01 pp59, photo DFPA
lookout, 63, 67; Wi03 p5; Su10 p19; Su22 p9.
Mt. Scott Post Office: Fa75 p56; Su83 p44.
Mt. Sexton: Sp71 p10; Su80 p34; Fa02 p56; Fa09 p22.
Mt. Tabor Streetcar Co.: Fa06 p7.
Mt. Taft: See Taft Mountain.
Mt. Thielsen: Fa73 p72; Fa08 p5,11; Wi73 p77; Wi76 p79; photo Fa82 p72.
Mt. Tyee: Sp65 pp7,10; Fa70 p56; Wi71 p89; Wi90 p76; Wi11 p16.
Mud Lake: Fa22 pp11, 12; Sp23 p21.
“Muley Mill”: Su68 p36.
Mulkey, Aaron Hays, Rev. & Josephine Chenoweth (Dr-Elk): Fa89 pp56, et seq.
Children: Nell B. (Mrs. Jesse Levi Beckley then Mrs. Thomas McCollum), Ben Wilson, Jay
Wilbur, Charlie Allen, Rhonda “Rose” (Later Pope), Emma Lavina (Mrs. Pitzer Woodson Beckley),
Bess, Frank, Anna Marie, Hazel Kirk, Mina Faye, John Newton, Fa89 p67.
Mulkey, Ben Wilson: Fa89 pp56, et seq.
Mulkey, Charles Allen: Fa89 p67.
Mulkey, Clarissa, Mrs. (MC): Wi88 p88.
Mulkey, Cyrenius (RWV) (Yon) Sp93 p9,21.
Mulkey, Della (MC): Wi88 p88.
Mulkey, Emma Lavina (Mrs. Pitzer Woodson Beckley): Fa89 p56, photo 57.
Mulkey, John A. (Yon): Sp93 p19.
Mulkey, John Lewis & Amanda (Yon): Sp93 p9, et seq.
Mulkey, Rhoda “Rose” Zylpha (Mrs. Joe Pope): Fa89 p56, photo 57,62,63.
Mullen, J. W. (Ros): Sp01 pp4,9.
Muller, Shannon Applegate: Sp83 p4; Wi88 p95.
Multnomah County, Ore. – Sp01 p3.


Multnomah Public Library: Su74 p26.
Mulvaney Sawmill (Pass Ck): Wi80 p88.
Mulvaney, William A.: Sp76 p16; Fa11 p9.
Mummy (Yon): Wi74 p75 et seq.
Mumpower, John (PaCk): Fa67 p24; Su08 p5.
Muncy, I.N.: Sp12 p17.
Mundy, F.W.: Fa80 p50.
Munnick, Adrian: Fa66 p5.
Munnick, Harriet: Su66 p10; Fa66 p4; Wi66 p3,24; Su67 pp16,18; Wi68 p74; Sp71 p3; Sp72 p11;
Su74 p34; Su76 pp26,37; Fa76 p57; Fa82 p67; Wi84 p86; Wi93 p77.
Children: Adrian, Fa66 p4.
Munroe Roadster: photo Fa94 p61.
Munsey, I.N.(Cala): Fa70 p65.
Munson, S. (Ros): Fa21 p7.
Munson, Mark; Wi13 p18.
Murch Bros. Construction Co. of St. Louis: Sp01 p18.
Murdock, (Ros): Chief of Police V. M.: Su03 p34.
Murdock, Wallace: Su68 p26; Wi79 p92.
Murphy Farm (Ump): Sp98 p20.
Murphy Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Murphy Family Burials (SR): Sp12 p6.
Murphy, Bill (Ump): Sp98 p22; photo Fa10 p12.
Murphy, Delmar & Genevieve Lansing (Ump): Cover Wi99 p74; Su05 p6, mini bio 20; photo
Fa10 p12.
Children: four Su05 p20.
Murphy, Doyle (Sb): Wi98 p88.
Murphy, Emmitt: Wi71 p94.
Murphy, George Edward & Catherine (SR): Sp12 p7.
Children: Agnes, Marko, Julia (Mrs. Charles Perkins), Margaret (Mrs. Cecil Roy Wade) Sp12
Murphy, Henry & Anna Kemp (Ump): Wi71 p95; Wi99 p75.
Children: Delmar, Irene, LaVerne, Louise Photos cover Wi99 p74, all et seq.
Murphy, Joe: Sp68 p16.
Murphy, John: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Murphy, Julia (later Perkins): Sp12 p7.
Murphy, Laverne & Merle: Wi94 p86; Wi95 p75, et seq.; Sp98 p20; cover Wi99 pp74, et seq;
Wi02 p79; Sp03 p25; poems by Sp06 p3 & Fa08 p16.
Murphy, Louise: Sp96 p21; Cover Wi99 p74.
Murphy, Margaret (later Wade): Sp12 p7.
Murphy, Mike (Ump): photo Sp98 p21.
Murphy, Pat: photo Fa10 p12.
Murphy, Patrick (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Murphy, Patrick: Wi69 p92.


Murphy, Patrick & Melinda Hebard: Fa93 p59.
Murphy, Peggy (later Clark): photo Fa10 p12.
Murray Cemetery-1862 (CaV): Sp12 p6.
Murray, Alexander Sinclair, Capt.: Fa07 p4 et seq.
Murray, E.T. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Murray, E.G. & Rhoda (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Murray, Pamela: photo Fa82 p57.
Children: Yvonne
Murray, William R. (CaV hunter): Sp68 p12.
Murry, Robert M.: Wi16 p14.
Murtagh, Henry: Fa08 p21.
“Museum Dedication”: Su70 p32.
Museum Grant-in-Aid program: Su03 p44,46.
Musgrove, William (Wil): Sp69 pp17,23; Su69 p27.
“My Early Recollections of the West”: Carrie Wilson Ladd Fa71 p70-72.
“My Grandfather, My Dog, My Chicken, and Me”: Betty Kruse Smith Wi80 p85.
“My Trip to Portland”: Dora E. Gammon Su94 p44-47.
Myers, Esther (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Myers, Maurice: Sp04 p7; Wi04 p11.
Myers, Ross: Sp94 p5,6; Fa03 p57.
Myers, Thomas: Sp69 p17.
Myers, Willis “Bill” Dean & Mary (May?) Pearl Campbell (Ros): Su90 p45, photo p46.
Children: Eleanor Jean (Mrs. Victor Bean then Mrs. William Gadway), Marilyn Ida (Mrs. Ken
Shrum) Su90 p45.
Mynatt (Now Green): Sp22 p18.
Mynatt Ranch: photo Wi94 p92.
Mynatt, Carrick (UCC): Su80 pp36,38.
Mynatt, L.R.: Sp22 p17.
Mynatt, Watson & Susan Dean (Aza): Fa67 p5; Su85 p35; DLC Wi11 p13; Sp19 p16.
Mynatt’s Green Store: Sp22-p18.
Myrtle City, Ore. (Upper Scottsburg): Wi72 p83; Wi90 p74; Sp02 p11; Fa11 p7; Fa13 p22; on
map Wi13 p3; Sp23 p8 .
Myrtle City Post Office; Sp76 p22; Fa11 p7;
Myrtle Creek, Coquille tributary: Su68 p39.
Myrtle Creek, Ore: Su65 pp3,5; Fa66 p9, et seq; Sp67 p2; Fa67 p3; Wi67 p12 et seq.; Fa68 p68
et seq.; Wi68 p93; photos Su69 photos pp40,47; Su70 p27; Sp71 p12; Su74 p27; photo Su75
p28; Sp78 pp7,10; prune orchard photo Wi94 p89; Wi98 p94; View photo Cover Wi20 p2.
Sp00 p16; Su01 p38; Fa01 p55; Wi02 p79; Su05 p9; Wi08 p22; Su09 p20; Fa09 21,22;
Wi09 p3,7; Wi10 p7; Sp12 p5,6,17; Fa12 p20; Sp13 pp4,14; Su14 p5; Su15 p14; Sp19 p13.
Myrtle Creek (Stream): Su65 p3; Su69 p40; Sp19 p15.
Myrtle Creek, North (Stream): Fa68 p68; Sp76 p9; Sp91 p3; Fa92 p63; Fa08 p8.
Myrtle Creek, South (Stream): Fa66 p9; Su01 p37.
Myrtle Creek Ag. District: Fa74 p58.
Myrtle Creek Baseball Team: Cover Su94 p26.


Myrtle Creek Basketball, Men’s Team 1923-24: photo Su82 p40.
Myrtle Creek Basketball, Women’s Team 1923: photo Su82 p42.
Myrtle Creek Bridge: Sp83 p20; Sp19 p15.
Myrtle Creek Christian Church: Wi88 p82,88.
Myrtle Creek Consolidated Hydraulic Gold Mining Co.: Story of Fa68 pp68-72, continued Wi68
pp 75,76; Wi90 p91.
Myrtle Creek Covered Railroad Bridge: photo Sp11 p16.
Myrtle Creek RR Depot: Fa22 p8.
Myrtle Creek Elks (BPOE): Sp83 p20.
Myrtle Creek Flume: Cover Wi20 p2.
Myrtle Creek Grange Hall: Su76 pp29,32,34.
Myrtle Creek Grist Mill: Wi67 p14; Sp83 pp13,19; Su83 p45.
Myrtle Creek High School: Su76 p27; Fa82 p66; Fa10 p19.
Myrtle Creek Hotel: Sp22 p17.
Myrtle Creek Hotel Company: Wi20 p7.
Myrtle Creek Indians: Wi66 p2.
Myrtle Creek IOOF aka IOOF or Odd Fellows Cemetery (1861): Su76 p35; Wi88 p86; Sp12
pp5,6,9; Sp14 p17.
Myrtle Creek Lumber Co.: Wi20 p7.
“Myrtle Creek Mail”: Su65 p12; Sp66 p10; Sp67 p14; Wi69 p87; Fa71 p57; Fa82 p66; Wi82 p74;
Sp83 p15; Fa83 p65; Sp85 p10.
Myrtle Creek Methodist Church: Su76 p27, photo 28; Fa82 p64.
“Myrtle Creek Memories”: Ora Weaver Carter Wi67 pp12-17.
Myrtle Creek O&C RR depot: Fa74 p63; photo Fa97 p56.
Myrtle Creek Oil Well: Fa75 p69; Fa80 p50; Oil Well photo Fa11 p4
Myrtle Creek Pioneer aka Adams Cemetery-1857: Fa66 p11; Wi11 p4; Sp12 p5, photo 21; Su15
Myrtle Creek Pioneer Family Reunion: Su16 p13.
Myrtle Creek Post Office: Wi75 p87.
Myrtle Creek Presbyterian Church: photo Su76 pp32,34.
Myrtle Creek Swimming Pool: Fa10 p19.
Myrtle Creek, Umpqua County (?): Sp83 p5.
Myrtle Dairy, Myrtle Creek: Wi09 p7.
Myrtle Grove Motel and Campground (RP): Fa14 p18.
Myrtle Point, Ore. (Orig. Meyersville).: Su72 p47; Sp02 p23; Sp06 p8; Su09 p16.
Myrtle Theater (MC): Sp13 p14 photo p15,18.
Myrtle Trees: Su09 pp13,14,16.
“Mysterious Shoe-string Railroad, The”: Su66 p20 Frederick M. Deneffe
“Mystery on the Umpqua”: Doris Haines Bacon Wi90 p75.
Nachter Farm: Wi78 p91.
Nachter, John & Helena (Ros): Su95 p30.
Nagel, Mary (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Nagle, Bill (Ros): Su85 p41.


Naomi Scott’s Music School: Fa00 p54.
Napassant, (Nipissing) Louis: Wi66 p2; Wi69 p90; Article about Su74 pp34-40; Su76 pp38,41;
Sp16 p4, mini bio p10.
Children: Marie Ann (Mrs. Laurent Quintal), Louis Jr.
Napassant, Louis Jr. & Lizette: Su74 p34 et seq.; Sp16 p4.
Napassant, Marie Ann (Mrs. Laurent Quintal): Su74 p34; Sp16 p4.
Nappy Lamare and the Original Bobcats: Sp22 p6.
Narrows, The (IP): Wi86 p83; Wi90 p93.
Nash, John (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Nash, Ora (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
“Nassau” schooner: Su75 p32.
“Nathan Scholfield, an Early Explorer”: Fa82 p51-55.
Nathaniel Ford Wagon Train: Sp02 p6.
Nation, Carrie: Fa89 p51: Sp08 p3.
National American Woman Suffrage Association: Sp20 p15.
National Bank Holiday: Wi95 pp77,79.
National Democrats: Sp07 p7.
National Editorial Association: Fa04 p19.
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): Fa01 p69.
National Guard: Sheridan’s Horse Calvary Su05 p17; Wi08 p10,11; Wi12 p6; Su19 pp16,28.
National Historic Preservation Week: Su03 pp43,48.
National Industrial Recovery Act: Wi20 p14.
National Plywood (Grn): Fa01 p55.
National Register of Historic Places: Wi85 pp73,74; Wi87 p75; Fa88 p51; Sp99 p4; Fa00 pp51,60;
Sp03 p17; Su03 p49; Wi12 p11,13; Sp13 p14; Wi16 p12; Sp17 p3,4; Fa17 p20.
“National Tribune”: Sp04 p5.
Nationalist: Wi01 p86.
“Native Born-Pulitzer Prize Recipient”: Sp86 p20.
Native Tribes of the Umpqua Sub-Agency, 1853-’56: Map of Wi84 p78.
Natron Cut-off (Cascade Line): Wi72 p75; Wi78 p74; result of Su83 p27; Su06 p22; Fa22 p4.
Naval Reserve Headquarters: Su75 p47; Su83 p35; Sp01 p22.
Navy, United States: Wi02 p91-94.
Neal Lane Covered Bridge: photos Wi10 p9.
Neal, Cleda (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Neal, Ernest: Su21 p9.
Neal, Fred (TriC): Fa10 p19.
Neal, Margaret (Oak): Fa90 p62.
Neal, Yolo Chaney, Mrs.: Fa82 p57,66.
Neas, Dick (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Neasham, Irene Simpson: Wi71 p86.
Neavol, Mr. (Ola): Fa95 p67.
Neavoll, Jess (Np): Wi03 p12.
Nebo Dramatic Club (R.H.S.): photo w/names Fa95 p53.
Nebo Jr. High: Su19 p7.


Nebo, Mt.: photo from, Sp01 p12; Sp03 p10.
Neboville (WRos): Wi75 p88.
Nedry, Mr. (MC): Wi88 p82.
Needham, Mr. (Eden): Sp04 p12.
Neely, Bert & Annie (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Neet, Charles W., PM: Fa11 p7.
Neet: Post Office Fa11 p7.
Neff, H.F., Rev.: Sp72 p24.
Negley, Clate (Ros): photos Fa85 pp62,64.
Negro Popluation: See Su80 p48.
Negro (Nigger) Creek: Sp15 p5.
Nehrbas, Dr.: Fa20 p19.
Neiderheise, Leta Lovelace: Fa13 p18.
Neilson’s Market: Fa10 p12.
Neir, Roy: Su66 p18.
Nelson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Nelson, Annie (Reed): Fa69 p67; Su18 p8.
Nelson, Sea Capt. (Coos B): Sp72 p19.
Nelson, Mrs. D.G.: Fa20 p12.
Nelson, Ed (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Nelson, Gail: Fa14 pp13,18.
Nelson, Helma, PM: Su11 p13.
Nelson, Jess: Su19 p25.
Nelson, Lloyd (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7; Su19 p25.
Nelson, Marion (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Nelson, Mary: Wi96 p80.
Nelson, Norman, Rev.: Su70 p32.
Nelson, Peter (Gard): Fa69 p67; Wi21 p16.
Nelson, Thomas & Cornelia: Fa19 p7.
Nequim, Louis: Su74 p38.
Nerbas Apts. (Glen): Fa08 p23.
Nerbas, Sabrina: photo Fa00 p70.
Nesmith, James W. & daughter of David Goff: Su69 p33; Wi74 p78 et seq., photo 81; Wi76 p95;
Wi77 pp76,83; Su79 p28; Wi97 pp75,78; Wi01 pp86,89; Wi06 p21; Sp07 pp4,19; Fa18 p11;
Wi18 p7.
Ness, Tom (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Nesseth, Leonard (Ros): Wi02 pp7, et seq.; blast photo of Wi08 p14.
NetFlix: Su13 p20.
Nettle, Mary Ann (Mrs. James L. Masters): Fa70 p63.
Neuberger-Porter Bill: Sp85 p5; Wi12 p4; Su19 p10.
Neuberger, Richard L., Sen.: Sp85 p5; Wi12 pp3,4; Su19 pp10,11.
Neuner, George Sr., Dist. Atty. & Myrtle Campbell: Sp82 p12; Wi86 p91; Wi08
p23; Su14 pp3,15; Fa14 p3, bio p12-19; Sp20 p6 (Error, it was George Neuner Sr., not Jr.)
Children: George William Jr., Betty (Mrs. John Gray), Carol (Mrs. John Butt) p12;


Neuner, George William Jr.: Sp82 p12; Fa14 pp12,17, DCM interview 18,19.
Neureiter, Anna: photo Fa15 p20.
Neves, Mathew (RiCk): Wi89 p95; Wi01 p78.
“New Communities Started 12 Miles West of Melrose”: May 10, 1932 Review Sp94 p3.
New Day Quality Groceries: Sp16 p21.
New Era, Ore. (Ore. City): Su06 p12.
New Era Dam: photo Su66 p15; photo Fa72 p68, Fa73 p57; Wi75 p80; Su08 p14; Su21 pp11,12.
New Era Mills: Wi68 p79; Su21 p13.
New Life Christian Center: Su13 p13.
New Meat Market: Sp68 photo p11.
“New Northwest, The”: Fa89 p51; Sp20 p3,12.
New Odessa: Wi65 p9, photo p11; Sp66 p16-21; Wi09 p21.
“New Odessa, Story of”: George Abdill Part one Wi65 p10-14; Part two Sp66 p16-21;
New Service Laundry: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
New York Circus: Su75 p38.
“New York Tribune”: Sp00 p3.
Newcomb, Silas: Fa13 p3 et seq; Wi13 p2.
“Newcomb, Silas -Sojourn in the Umpqua Valley”: Stephen Dow Beckham, Fa13 & Wi13 issues.
Newell Barber Airfield (Med): Su20 p17.
Newhard Market (Ros):
Newhard (Newhart?) Market, Slaughterhouse: Su14 p8; Fa91 p67; Fa14 p18.
Newkirk, John (LL): Sp97 pp5,10.
Child: Frank, Sp97 p10.
Newland Dodge & Garage (Ros): photo Fa77 p66; Fa91 p67.
Newland, J.C.: Fa09 p10.
Newland, J.O. (Ros): Fa77 p66.
Newland, Martin & Catherine McCulloch (Tm): Fa76 pp64,71.
Newland, Maurice: Fa77 pp66,67; Wi89 p90; Fa91 p53; Wi20 p22.
Newland, T.W. & Anna Flook (Ola) Wi68 p80.
Newland, Wesley (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Newman, Bill (Cnv); Sp82 p11.
Newman, Bill (Elk): Sp73 p6.
Newman, Charlie (Ros): photo Fa85 p64.
Newton Creek: Wi86 p75; Fa01 p64.
Newton Road: Wi11 p8.
Newton, Blanch Jones: Su11 p23.
Newton, James E. (MC); Wi88 p88.
Newton, Olaf: (MC): photo Su82 p40.
Newton, Rene (MC): Sp67 p2.
Newton, William A. & Arrena Brewer (MC): Fa74 p63; Wi88 pp81,86.
Children: Clive, Beulah, Evelyn.
Nez-zac, Chief (N. Umpqua): Sp70 p7.
Niblett, Norm (Lg): Wi84 p89.
Nibley & Associates: Wi20 p9.


Nicholas, Larie: Wi79 p87.
Nichols & Shepard Co.: Fa67 p19.
Nichols aka Dalvin Cemetery: Wi11 p10.
Nichols, Glen: Sp22 p9.
Nichols Post Office: Fa75 p67; Fa11 pp8,10.
Nichols Ranch (Brk): photo Sp06 p13.
Nichols Ranch (Rid): Sp85 p5.
Nichols Station: Su66 p2; Sp70 p17; Fa11 p8.
Nichols Store (Brockway Store): Sp91 p18.
Nichols Bros. (Rid-Br): Fa74 p56; Fa86 p50.
Nichols, Mr.: Su16 p6.
Nichols, Abner: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Anna: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, B.L. (Brk): Fa95 p63.
Nichols, B.S.: Sp99 p7.
Nichols, Benjamin Franklin & Jane Yarborough: Wi70 p79 et seq.; Wi91 p90.
Children: Mildred, Stilly R., Ruth Jane Wi70 p79.
Nichols, C.H. “Sid”: photo Su11 p11.
Nichols, Charlene: Fa88 p63; Wi03 p2; Su72 pp28,30.
Nichols, Ella: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Esther (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Nichols, George E.: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Henry H.: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Israel Boyd “Nick” & Isabelle Riddle: mini bio Wi70 p79 et seq., photos 82,84; Su75 p46;
Fa75 p67; Fa92 p58; photo Su10 p7.
Children: Jane, Ella, William L., Henry H., Anna, Abner, Maxie, Ulysses, Israel, George E.,
Benjamin Franklin, Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Israel Jr.: Wi70 p79; Sp06 p17.
Nichols, J. Jackson: Wi81 p75.
Nichols, James (Rid): Wi67 p24; Su69 p26.
Nichols, Jane: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Marian (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Nichols, Nancy: Sp12 p23; Sp16 p22.
Nichols, T.B.(Br): Fa86 p50; Su11 p6.
Nichols, Ulysses: Wi70 p79.
Nichols, Victor: (Brk) Sp06 p17.
Nichols, Viola B.: Fa75 p67; Fa11 p8.
Nichols, William L.: Wi70 p79.
Nicholson & Howard Sawmill (Kel): Wi67 p22.
Nicholson, Jack, Sea Capt.: photo Su65 p15; photo Su00 p41; Wi05 photo p10; Su10 p7; photo
Fa13 p13.
Nicholson, John (Sb, Oak, Cnv): Sp81 p2; Su00 p30.
Nicholson, Tom (Kel): Su88 p33.
Nickel, Mr. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p20.


Nickell, Charles (Jv): Sp01 p9.
Nickelson (sp?), Jack: Su10 p7.
Nicklin, Israel T. (Elk).: Fa66 p8.
Nicklin, John & Sarah: Fa66 p8.
Children: Israel T.
Niday, Mr. & Mrs. Caroline: Su80 p31, et seq.; Su85 pp27,30.
Children: Nellie, Mary Su80 p32.
Niday, Family: Wi14 p13, et seq.
Niday, Nellie (later Owens): Su80 p32.
Nidey: see Niday.
Nielson, Camille: Fa20 p12.
Nigger (Negro) Creek (Aza): Sp15 p5.
“Nightcrawler” train: Su08 p8; Su09 p19.
Nika Lodge: Wi23 p8.
“Nimrod”: Ronald Lansing, Sp15 p3.
Nipissing, Louis: See Napsassant.
Nishimoto, George: Fa01 p69.
Nixon, Capt. (IP): Wi86 p84.
No Fog, Ore. (LR): Wi86 p79; on map Fa92 p60, et seq.
No Fog Post Office: Fa92 p61.
“No Pool Party?” Don Good Fa10 p14-15.
Noah Cemetery-1882 (CaV): Sp12 p9.
Noah, Charles (Dxv): Su01 p38.
Noah, David J. (Grn): Su06 p10; Fa06 p8,14.
Noah, Ed (Ros): Wi86 p86; Su91 p27,37.
Noah, Jim: ferryman Fa06 p10.
Noark, Mr. (Ros): store Su90 p42.
Noble, Mr. (CoosB): Su69 p27.
Noble, J.B. (dep. Sheriff): Wi83 p85.
Noble B. Goettel: Wi86 p75; Trust Su03 p51.
Noble, John (Cala): Fa67 pp11,13; Fa88 p59.
Nobles, Susan: Sp08 p16.
Noblin, M.E.“Slim”& Renie (SB): Wi98 pp90,95.
Children: Lavonia, Tommy, Charlotte.
Noel Burial-1896 (SR): Sp12 p9.
Noel Creek: Sp12 p9.
Noel, Linda: Sp76 p2; Su79 p36,40.
Nofog: Wi66 p6; on map Fa92 p60, et seq.; Fa11 p8; Cemetery Sp12 p10.
Nofog Post Office: Wi86 p79; Fa11 p8.
Nolan, Lt. (RWV): Sp75 p6.
Noland, Mrs. (Ros): Sp76 p18.
Noland, Joshua: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Nordyke Marmon Co.: Sp67 p22.
Norland, Lt. (RWV): Sp75 p6.


Norlin, Dick (BLM): Fa82 p68.
Norman Confectionary (Ros): photo Su88 p38.
Norman, Fred (Mwd): on map Fa93 p60; Su05 p12.
Norman, George (Ros): Su88 p38.
Nonpareil (Jawbone): Fa75 p69; Wi03 pp3 & photos et seq.; Grange Hall Su05 p4; Su09 p10.
Nonpareil Ice Cream Parlor (Oak): photo Sp69 p8.
Nonpareil Post Office; Fa75 p69; Fa11 p8.
Nonpareil Quicksilver Mine: Fa75 p69; Fa11 p8 (error, mine produced Mercury, not Silver.)
Norblad, Albin W., Gov.: Su83 p29.
Norfolk (SR): Post Office Wi75 p82; photo Fa79 p53; Fa11 p8.
Norris Creek: Coho in Fa01 p53.
Norris, Floyd: Su21 p10.
Norris, Frank: Su18 p12.
Norris, Milt L. & Mattie (Dil): Su86 p43; Wi89 p93; Sp91 p5; Fa92 p55; Su06 p8,15; Fa06 p20.
Norris, William (Oak): Sp77 p13.
North Bend, Ore.: Su09 p15.
North Branch River: See Smith River.
North Canyonville: See Canyonville.
North Deer Creek: Sp82 p7; on map Su99 p37; Wi00 p75; Su02 pp27,28.
North Deer Creek School: photo Su73 p35; Sp82 p7; on map Su99 pp37,43 photo 44; Fa07 p19.
North Douglas Historical Society (Drain): Su67 p15; Wi69 p88; Fa72 p57.
North Drain aka City, Citizens, Old, or Pioneer Cemetery 1890s: Sp12 p10.
North Fork Ranger Station: Wi00 p76.
North Fork Smith River: Covered Bridge: photo Sp92 p8; photo Sp11 p8; Fa11 p8,20.
North Fork aka Lower Smith River, or Sherrett-Lyster Cemetery-1875: Sp12 p10,16.
North Pacific College of Pharmacy: Fa10 p5.
North Umpqua Scenic Corridor: Fa01 p59.
North Umpqua Covered Bridge (Winc): Sp64 p12; Su65 p3.
North Umpqua Ferry: Wi75 p85; Wi93 p76.
North Umpqua Highway Improvement District: Wi23 p8.
North Umpqua National Forest: Sp93 p4; Fa10 p18; Wi12 p13; Su20 p3,4.
North Umpqua Ranger District: Wi00 pp76,84.
North Umpqua Recreational Committee: Wi19 p4.
North Umpqua River: Su65 p3; cover Su83 p26; Sp00 p18; Su00 p40; Wi00 p75; Fa01 pp 51, et
seq., photo of falls @ Rock Creek 54, et seq.; Sp03 p 23; Wi03 p26; Su04 p9; Fa08 p8,10,11;
Fa10 p6; Wi10 p14; on map Wi13 p3; photo Su16 p5; Fa19 p4; Wi21 p9; Su23 p11 .
North Umpqua Timber Company: Fa01 p56.
North Umpqua Trail: Wi00 p78.
North West Company: Sp65 pp5,6; Su65 p6; Fa65 p10; Wi65 p3; Sp66 p11; Su66 p3,11; Su15 p6.
Northcraft, Elizabeth, Miss (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Northcraft, John (Ola): Fa06 p13.
Northern Battalion of the Oregon Volunteers: Fa00 p51.
Northern Pacific Railroad: Su75 p46; Su15 p20.
Northern Spotted Owl: See Spotted Owl.


Northrup, Herbert N. “Daro-cot”: Fa09 p22.
Northup, Hon. H. H.: Sp01 p3.
Northside Sunshine Club: Sp22 p19.
Northwest Fur Co.: Sp72 p5,7; Sp84 p3,5; Su87 p39; Wi91 p82; Sp93 p7; Su15 p6.
Northwest National Soldiers’ Home: See Soldiers Home.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787: Wi84 p75.
Northwest Turkey Growers Association: Fa73 p50.
Northwest Turkey Show: Fa73 p50; Wi02 p74,76; Sp22 p5.
Norton Canning Co.: Fa09 p15.
Norton, Frank (Sut-Ros): Su05 p9.
Norton, William: Sp79 p24.
“Notes on Wells, Fargo & Company in Oakland”: George Abdill Wi71 p85-86.
Notestein, Aaron, Cpl.: photo Sp01 p10,11.
“Novelty” schooner: photo Sp84 p6.
Noyer, Clarence (Ros): Wi09 p7.
Nugget Post Office; cover Sp67 p2; Fa11 p8.
Nuggets from the Youth’s Companion: Evening Roseburg Review 22 Dec. 1913, Wi13 p17.
Nulty, (Norta, Nolta) William & Nancy (Oak): Wi76 p88,95; Su77 p39.
Nunis, Doyce B. Jr.: editor “The Golden Frontier”: Sp69 pp16,17.
Nutt, Commodore: Su75 p47.
Nutter, Benjamin C.: Wi76 p75.
Nye, Chauncy Claim (Jv): Sp69 p14.
Nystrom, B.S., Rev., (Elg): Wi96 p75.
O.A.B. Club (Ros): Fa20 p5 (If anyone knows about this club, please inform us. Ed.)
O.A.C. “Aggies”: Wi68 p79.
O & C Act: Fa01 pp51,61.
O & C Counties Association: Fa01 p61 Su23 p10, et seq.
O. & C. engine: photo of @Myrtle Creek; Fa97 p56.
O. & C. Land Grant Association: Su23 p12.
O & C Lands: Fa75 p56; story of & checkerboard map Fa97 pp51-71; Counties Fa01 p61.
O & C Stage Co.: Wi75 p82.
O & C Timber sales: Fa01 p51.
O.C. Brown Park: Wi67 p2; Sp69 p21; Wi11 p6.
Oak Creek, Ore.: Fa75 p56; Fa92 p59, on map 60, Sp00 p21; Fa07 p19;
Oak Creek Cemetery-1857 (Gl): Wi11 p2; Sp12 p11.
Oak Creek Church of Primitive: Sp76 p18.
Oak Creek Post Office: Fa11 p8.
Oak Creek School: photo Fa92 p63.
Oak Grove, Ore. (later Ruckles or Dole): Su67 p19,21,22; Sp70 p10; Su70 p28 et seq.; Fa73 p57;
Sp76 p9; Fa11p13,14; Fa12 p20; Sp14 pp4,5; Sp23 p28.
“Oak Grove Stage Robbery”: sequel to “An Incident in the Postal Service” Su70 p27-31.
Oak Grove School (Glen): Su80 p38.
Oak Grove School (Oak): Sp19 p7.


Oak grubs (firewood): Sp04 p10; Wi04 p20.
Oak Hill Road: Su05 pp12,14; Sp08 p15; Sp12 p11.
Oak Street: blast photo Wi08 p13.
Oak Street Bridge: Cover Fa72 p50, photo p72, Su99 p30; Su09 p7; photo Fa10 p6.
Oak Trees: Su05 p10.
Oakes, Omega photo studio: photo Fa77 p60.
Oakland, Ore.: Wi67 p4; Sp69 photos pp3-13; Sp71 p21; Su72 p47; Wi72 p83; “Turkey Capital of
the World” Fa73 p50; photo Sp85 p14; Old Town photo Sp86 p23; Fa90 p68, 1889 map 69;
Su00 p32; Fa01 p55, aerial photo 57,61; Wi02 p76; Sp03 p26; Su03 p44; Wi03 p8,28; Fa04
p10; Sp05 p17; Su05 p3, et seq.; on map Wi05 p18; Su07 p3 et seq.; Sp09 p7; Fa09 p23; Su11
p13; Commercial Bank of Su05 p19; E. G. Young Bank of Oakland photo Sp69 p12; First
Church of Christ: Su07 p22; Sp10 p9; Sp12 p17; Sp16 p10; Sp19 p4; Su21 p18.
“Oakland Gallery” photos: Sp69 pp3-13.
Oakland Academy: Su73 photo p30.
“Oakland – Bohemia Mine Road”: Judge A.F. Stearns Sp82 p24.
Oakland Brewery: Fa75 p70.
Oakland aka Cedar Hill IOOF, or 2 nd IOOF: Sp12 p11.
Oakland Community Church: Su07 p22.
Oakland Day: Su03 p44.
Oakland Fair: Su75 p42.
Oakland & Gardiner City Mail & Passenger Line: Fa75 p62.
“Oakland Gazette”: Su72 p47.
Oakland Gobblers: Su82 p33.
Oakland Historic Preservation Commission: Sp69 p3.
Oakland IOOF Cemetery: Wi67 p7; Sp77 p15; Sp12 p11.
Oakland Masonic Cemetery-1861: Sp12 p11.
Oakland Museum: Su03 p48.
Oakland Oil Company: Fa80 p50.
Oakland Old Town: photo Sp86 p23.
Oakland Old Town aka City or Citizens Cemetery-1865: Sp12 p11.
Oakland Owl: Sp77 p13.
Oakland Post Office: Sp69 p8; Wi75 p88; Fa11 p6,15,19.
Oakland Real Estate Company: photo Sp69 p10.
Oakland Road: Fa04 p23.
Oakland Roller Flowering Mills: Sp69 p4.
Oakland School: Sp73 p22; Su73 photo p29.
Oakland Stage Line: Wi72 p91.
Oakland Telephone Office: photo Sp69 p8.
Oakland Train Depot: Sp69 p3; photo Su94 p45.
“Oakland Tribune”: Fa86 p68.
Oakland Turkey Association: Su97 p45.
Oakland Turkey Hall: Su05 p4.
Oakleigh Heights (Rid): Fa74 p55.
Oakley, Bobbie (Dil): Sp91 p5.


Oakley, Earle: Fa92 p57.
Children: Steve, Tim Fa92 p57.
Oakley, John (Oak): Su77 p45.
Oar, Berl: Fa83 p68.
Oar, Perly (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Oberg, Robert: Sp12 p23.
Oberman, Fern Thornton (GrV): Wi03 p20.
O’Brian Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
O’Brien, Jack: Fa01 p62.
O’Brien, Pat: Su19 photo & article, p25.
O’Bryant, Hugh D. (Elg): Fa75 p60; Wi96 p75.
“Oceanic” Liner: Fa15 p7.
Observations on the Coast Tribes (1854): George Gibbs, Fa21 p14.
Octagon Barn, George Marsh: Curtiss Roxanne Pearl sketch of Wi02 p80.
Ocumpaugh Ranch (Tyee): Sp12 p15.
Oddy Place (CaV): Sp96 p5.
Odell, James: Fa67 p7.
Oden, Earl (Ros): home photo Su98 p32.
Oden, Volney (DrCk): Fa67 p24; on map Fa92 p60,63; Su02 p35.
Oehme, Dr. & Mrs. (Ros): Sp83 p22; Su96 p44.
Oerdings’ Hardware: Fa10 p12.
Oerding, Bill; photo Wi23 p8.
Office of Indian Affairs: Sp16 p5,8.
Office Saloon (Ros): Wi75 p75.
Offield Family (Nofog): Fa92 p63.
Offutte family (Sut): Sp88 p20.
Ogden, Peter Skene (HBC): Fa66 p8; Sp68 p2; Sp72 p3.
Ogle, Fay (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Ohio Fruit Colony: Fa08 p10.
Ohio Mechanics Institute Exhibition: Sp00 p6.
Ohmart, Jessie (Oak): Sp78 p20, photo 21.
Oil Wells: Fa75 p69; Wi75 p87; Cover Fa80 p50.
Oklahoma Moonshiners: Sp22 p16.
O’Kelly, Nimrod: Sp15 p4.
O’Mally, Chuck & Uleta (Ros): house photo Su95 p40.
Olalla, Ore.: Sp68 p9; Wi69 p81,83; Su72 p47; Olalla Mines Wi75 p88; Sp94 p27; Sp01 p9; Wi01
p81,83; Sp06 p11; Hotel photo Fa92 p56; Sp11 p7; Fa06 p7, Pioneer picnic photo p12;
Olalla Covered Bridge: photo Sp92 p6; photo Sp11 p7 (Misspelled as Ollala here)
Olalla Creek: Su74 p45; Wi11 p21.
Olalla Indian Battle: Wi69 p83; Wi70 p85.
Olalla Post Office Fa11 p9.
Olberman, commuted hanging: Su04 p16.
Olcott, Ben W. Gov.: Su14 pp11,13; photo Fa14 p7 (in the Brumfield murder story,
the author confused Attorney A. N. Orcott and Oregon Governor Ben W. Olcutt,


making them the same person. Ed.)
Old Baldy (Bland Mt.): Su15 p14.
Old Blue Mt. (Elk): Sp73 p18; Su73 p46.
Old Cox: photo Sp72 pp4,10.
“Old Days in Camas Valley”: Wilfred Brown Wi68 p81.
Old Garden Valley Road (Original): Su05 p12.
“Old Hole in the Ground”: Jerry Winterbotham Su88 p27-32; photos pp29;30
“Old Home, The”: poem by Evea Applegate Su06 p3.
“Old Man of the Mountains” Pierre Pariseau: Harriet D. Munnick Wi66 p3-6.
Old Mountain Road (Dil): Fa06 pp21,22.
Old North Umpqua Road: Sp11 p4.
Old Oakland Road Bridge: Su08 p18.
“Old Oregonians”: Sp15 p3,12,14.
Old Piney, (Nickle Mt.) (Rid): Wi91 p93.
Old Settler’s Reunion, Camas Valley: Fa81 p56.
Old Soldier’s Home: See Oregon State Soldier’s Home.
Old Time Fiddlers: Wi12 p23.
“Old Timer”: Josephine County Historical Society publication Wi71 p96.
“Old Umpqua”: Fa09 p3.
“Old Yoncalla Town Teams”: Sumner Wallace Brawn Su82 p27.
Oldham Creek: Fa01 p55; Wi11 pp11,15.
Olds Farm: Su92 p32.
Olds & King: Sp05 pp20,22.
Oldsmobile Auto: Su73 p46.
Olinghouse family: Sp68 p13.
Ollivant Covered Bridge, Lookingglass Creek: Photo Sp11 p7.
Ollivant, Thomas Donald “Don” & Mildred Paulson: Su70 p35; Wi92 p91; Fa08 p8.
Child: Donald Milton, Joan Jackson (Mrs. Allen Stephens), Toni Diane (Mrs. Larry Albertson)
Wi92 p9.
Ollivant, Donald Milton & LaDonna McSorley: Wi92 p91.
Ollivant, Elijah & Thankful Lucretia Bushnell: Wi75 p75, photo p76; photo Fa81 p57.
Ollivant, Thomas & Charlotte Croxton (Tm): Wi75 p75; Wi83 p77.
Children: Elijah
Ollivant, Thomas E. & Cora Frances Rose: Sp66 p2; Wi83 p77; house photo Wi85 p87; Wi92 p91.
Child: Thomas Donald “Don”: Wi92 p91.
Oliver Johnson’s Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27.
Oliver, R.B. (Dix): Sp82 p4.
Ollie Fosback Orchestra: Sp22 p6.
Olmstead, John & Elizabeth (Tm): Fa76 pp64,69; DLC Wi11 p21.
Children: Sarah E. (Mrs. John Fisher) Fa76 p69.
Olson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Olson Bros. pelters: Sp68 p9.
Olson, Charles (Elg): Wi96 p80.
Olson, Clarabell (Ros): Sp87 p15.


Olson, Dave: Fa01 p55.
Olson, Harry: Fa01 p56.
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Brumfield murder story, the author confused Attorney A. N. Orcutt and Oregon Governor
Ben W. Olcutt, making them the same person. Ed.)
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Oregon & Pacific Railroad (?): Wi09 p21.
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Oregon & Shasta Express: Wi77 p83.
Oregon “Argus”: Sp13 p4.
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Washington: Fa99 p52 by A.N. Armstrong.
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Oregon Day: March 8, Sp23 p24.
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Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT): Wi10 pp5,23.
Oregon Donation Land Act: Fa66 p7; Wi84 p77,80; Fa90 p68.
Oregon Economic Development Dept.: Su03 p46.
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Oregon Historical Civil Engineering Landmark: Wi10 p14.
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“Oregon Historical Resources”: Fa08 p19.
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p23; Sp12 p23; Su12 pp4;23; Wi12 p16; Fa20 p14.
Oregon history timeline: Sp19 pp19-21.
Oregon Hospital for the Insane: Sp89 p5.
Oregon Hotel (OC): Su00 p29.
Oregon Indian History: Coos Bay Times, Fa21 pp13-16.
Oregon Indian War Debt: Sp07 p3,5,7.
Oregon Indian Wars: Veterans of Sp01 p9.


Oregon Jazz Band (Eugene): Su05 p4.
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“Oregon Land Fraud Trials”: Su84 p35-38.
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music p18,19.
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Oregon Pioneer Excursion: Su89 p45.
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Good, Su09 p22.
Oregon Rooms (house of ill repute): Su05 pp17,18.
Oregon Ramblers of Drain: Sp22 p5.
Oregon Rare and Endangered Plant Species Task Force: Fa01 p69.
Oregon Regiment, 2 nd : photo Wi04 pp7,8.
Oregon Rooming House: photo Wi04 p17.
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Oregon State Parks & Recreation Division: Su03 p45.
Oregon State Penitentiary: Su07 p18.
Oregon State Police: Sp11 p23.
Oregon State Soldier’s Home aka Old Soldier’s home, Oregon Soldiers Home: See Soldiers
Oregon State Turkey Growers Co-op: Su03, p33; Wi12 p5.
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Fa72 p57; Su78 p27; Su82 p29; Fa83 p63; Wi95 p83; O. A. C. Summer School, Su02 pp44,47;
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publication by Robert Loki & Marsha T. Matthews.
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“Ortolan” schooner: Su78 pp31,32; Sp02 p21.
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Osborne, Bennett “Ben”: Wi92 p74.
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Su83 p41.
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Oskaloose Wagon Train: Su79 p26.
Ostbo, John: Fa01 p55.
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Ostrander, Phylisse Quine: Fa95 pp54,59,61.
O’Sullivan, Emma E. Royal: Fa79 p55.
Oswego, Dallas and Roseburg Railroad: Wi20 pp8,10,
Oters, Senor: Sp10 p13.
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Ott, Sonny (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Ott’s Music Store (Ros): Sp87 p14; Su91 p45.
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Oregon Trail or Overland Trail: map Wi14 p5.
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Overton, Ken: Wi00 p78.
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p69; Wi75 p77; Fa89 p51, photo p52; Fa02 pp64, photo 65,67; Sp08 p3 photo p4; Fa13 p3;
Sp20 p10, et seq.
Children: George by Legrand Hill Sp20 p11.
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“Dr. Bethenia Owens-Adair”: Sp20 p10-16, Dori Jacobs
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Owen, John: Wi92 p74.
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Owens, Thomas & Sarah Damson: Fa67 p9; Fa72 p50, ferry p62,70; Fa75 p69; Fa79 p63; Fa02
p64; Sp20 p11.
Children: Diana (Later Hobson), brother J.F., Bethenia Angelina (Mrs. Legrand Hill, then
Adair), Jane (Mrs. Hyman Abrahams) plus five other siblings
Owens, W.F.: Su22 p19.
“Owhyhee” brig: Sp66 p8.
Owyees, Owyhees: See Hawaiians. (Owyee is a pronunciation or old spelling of Hawaii)
Owyhee, Makine: Sp72 pp6,8,11.
Owyee, Owyhee River: Fa66 p14; Sp72 p3.
“Ozoners”: Drive-in Theaters Sp13 p9.
Ozouf (Ozof), A.E.: Sp73 p16; Sp84 p9.
P Ranch: Fa66 pp14,17.
P A L: Fa10 pp14,15.
P. & M. Cedar Products (Ros): Fa89 p65.
P. C. Advocate: Fa04 p21.
Pacific Air Transportation Company (PATCo): Su20 p17,18.

Pacific Building (Ros): photo Fa77 pp63,64; Su81 pp27,29; Su97 p36; Wi97 p88; Wi08 p22; Fa09
photo p13; photo Sp13 p16; Su14 p20.
Pacific Circus, The: Sp13 p4.
Pacific Confederacy: Fa12 p14.
Pacific Fur Co.: Sp65 p5; Su66 p11; Sp72 pp3,5,7; Su87 p39; Wi91 p82.
Pacific Greyhound bus line: Su91 p42; Su06 p23.
Pacific Highway 99 (Old Highway 99): early photos, Sp74 pp7&9; cover Su81 p26; photo Fa87
p54; construction photo Sp91 p6; Fa06 p21, Su09 p20.
Pacific Hotel (Gard): Fa69 p71; Wi72 p88.
Pacific Hotel (Old Oak): Fa71 p70; Wi76 p74.
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.: Fa19 p20.
Pacific Northwest Ski Patrol Assoc.: Wi19 p5.
Pacific Northwest Tourist Association: Fa00 p54.
Pacific Plywood Mill (Dil): Wi89 p92.
Pacific Powder Co.: Su19 p9.
Pacific Power & Light pna COPCO: Sp82 p17; Su91 p44; Fa10 p18; Su22 p13.
Pacific O.C. & W. Mills: Su07 p3.
Pacific Republic: Sp07 p16.
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph: Sp85 p16.
Pacific Theater (Reed): photo Su13 p11.
Pacific University: Wi68 p79; Sp20 p17.
Packard Coupe: Su05 p4.
“Pack Trains of Scottsburg”: William M. Barber: Sp10.
Packwood, Fred: Su92 p36.
Packwood, Robert, Sen.: Su70 p33.
Padelford, Evelyn C. (Sut): Wi99 p89.
Padelford, Kenneth & Vivian Marie Tester (Sut): Fa20 p10.
Padras. Ed (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Page Fence: Su21 p9.
Page, E.G., Dr. & Dimmick, Z.L. Drug Store (Oak): Sp77 p11,13.
Page Investment Co. & Lumber & Coal Yard: photo Su91 p38; Wi00 p80.
Page Road: Wi11 p18.
Page, Mrs.: Fa95 p56.
Page, Carlos Lumber yard (Ros): Su91 p37, photo 38.
Children: Margaret photo Su91 p38.
Page, E.J., Dr. (Oak): Sp69 p9; Sp77 p8,10.
Page, E.W.: Su71 p48.
Page, Elisha (Ros): photo Su91 p38.
Page, Luther “Doc” (Ros): Sp67 p8 photo p11.
Page, Margaret (Ros): photo Su91 p38.
Paine, David & Janet: Sp12 p23.
Paine, Horace J.: Sp23 p5.
PAL: Fa10 p14,15.
Pal Motors: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.


Palace of Sweets (Ros): Su88 p39; Fa91 p53.
Palace Theater (Ros): Sp87 pp3, et seq., photo of arches 10, photo 18; photo Su05 p5; Sp13
Palamino Horse Club: Sp22 p13.
“Palestine” schooner: Sp76 p12.
Palladio, Andrea: Wi10 p4.
Palm, A.T., Prof.: Fa89 p62.
Palm, Carl: Sp04 p8.
Palm, D. G. & Mrs, Soldiers home Adj.: Sp04 pp5,16; Fa04 p11, et seq.; Sp05 p21.
Children: Clara Fa04 p16,17.
Palm, H.: Wi04 p7.
Palmer House (Sb): Fa65 p16; Wi66 p19; photo Su69 p43; Wi72 p87; Wi75 pp74,90; Cover Wi76
p74; Fa89 pp70,71.
Palmer’s Mill: Mill Creek Fa65 p16; Su08 p5.
Palmer, C.E. & Mrs. (Ros): Su75 p34; Sp99 p10.
Palmer, Edith: Fa65 p18; Su66 p18.
Palmer, Elmer C.: Fa65 p18.
Palmer, Elzie E.: Fa65 p18.
Palmer, Joel: Cover photo Wi66, mini bio p2,24. Wi69 p89 et seq.; Sp70 p7 et seq.; Fa70 p51;
Wi70 p83; Su74 pp34,39,40; Wi74 p75 et seq.; Fa75 p53,66; Wi75 p93; Sp78 pp3,4; Wi84
p75, photo p76, et seq.; Wi06 p21; Sp07 p5; Sp16 p4 et seq. photo p6; Su16 p4. Palmer,
Joseph: Su65 p12.
Palmer, Peter Parker & Mary H. Slocum (Sb): Su65 p20; Bio & family tree Fa65 p14-18 photos
15,17; Su66 p18; Wi72 p88; Wi75 p90; Wi76 p74; Sp79 p24; Wi90 p86; Sp02 pp11,16.
Children: son Elzie E., Minnie, Percy, William E., Alcyone “Allie” (Mrs. Capt. James Hill), Edith
“Edie” (Mrs. Capt. Fred Earl), Gussie (Mrs. Dr. W.L. Cheshire), Mayme (Mrs. Francis Schlegel),
Annie (Mrs. Capt. Frank Perry), Fa16 pp17,18; Su65 p20
“Peter Parker Palmer”: George Abdill Fa65 pp14,18.
Palmer, Thomas Edward: Fa65 p18.
Palmer, T. D., (BR): Fa05 p6.
Palmer, Warren (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Palmer, William E. & Jennie E Coats: Fa65 p18.
Children: Thomas Edward, Carrie Ethel.
Palouse, Jasper: Wi66 p6; Fa92 p63; Wi03 p25.
Palouse, Mace (Gl): Sp93 p6.
Pomona Grange: Sp06 p22.
Pan American Fair: Fa85 p68.
Panama Exposition, San Francisco: Su75 p26.
Panay, U.S.S: Fa03 p74.
Panic of 1893; Wi68 p75.
Pankey, Don & Ula: Fa03 p67.
Panther: See Cougar.
Panther Creek School (SR): Fa01 p53; Cemetery Sp12 p11.
Pantograph (Ros): Wi97 p79.


Papenberg, (Poppenburg) George (Oak): Su77 p43,45.
Pappas, Tom: Sp08 p18.
Papst, Marvin (Brk): Fa86 p50.
Paradise Creek (Sawyers Creek) (Elk): bridge Sp73 pp6,10, tunnel photo pp17,18; tunnel Su73
p46; Fa81 p51; Sp84 p11; Wi90 pp76,78.
Paradise Mt.: Su66 p19; Fa76 p50.
Parazoo Family: Wi03 p24.
Parazoo name: Wi66 p3.
Parazoo, Ada (Oak): Wi66 p23; Sp72 pp6,8,11.
Parazoo, Charles O. (LR): Wi66 pp6,24.
Parazoo, Ellen (later Rondeau): Fa72 p53.
Parazoo, see Pariseau.
Pardee Cemetery-1856 (Cnv): Wi11 p6; See Briggs Cemetery.
Pardee, John (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Pardee, Mr. (CaV) a pelter: Sp68 p10.
Pardee, William (Cnv): Fa74 p58.
Pargeter, Dick (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Pargeter, H.O.: Wi23 p12.
Pargeter, Tom (Ros): Sp99 p19.
Parian Dolls: Sp19 p22.
Paris John Henry & Eliza Jane Paris (Dil): hotel & ferry Fa92 p54.
Paris, Robert: Fa70 p65.
Parish, Mr.: Wi05 p17.
Parish, Mrs. George: Wi75 p79.
Parish, T.M.: Wi75 p85.
Pariseau, Pierre: “Old Man of the Mountains” Harriet D. Munnick Wi66 p3.
Pariseau, Pierre aka Peter Parazoo & Marie Genevieve Dompierre; Bio Wi66 pp3, photo p4-6;
Wi68 p74; Sp12 p10.
Children: Pierre Jr., Louis, Paul, John (Henry?), Kate, Charles Pierre, Priscilla, Wi66 p6.
(According to Sp12 p10, their children were Catherine, Charles Pierre, Francois, Jean
Baptiste, Joseph, Louis, Marguerite, Marie, Pascal, Paul, Pierre, Rachel) Charles O. Parazoo.
Pariseau, Pierre aka Peter Parazoo (CavCk); Wi66 p6.
Children: Elsie (Pfeifer) Wi66 p6.
Park School (Ros): Fa77 p51.
Parke, John: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Parke, Lt. John S.: Fa99 p67.
Parker Grade (DC-Til): Wi91 p82.
Parker Family: a band Su05 p4.
Parker place (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Parker place (LL): Sp97 p14.
Parker, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 p7; Su04 pp5, et seq.; Fa04 p6; Wi04 p18.
Parker, Mr. & Elena Schroeder (Ros): Sp88 p22; Su03 p42.
Parker, Carl (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Parker, Charles L. (AV): Wi73 p90; Su11 p5.


Parker, Cody: Wi22 p7.
Parker, David: Fa89 p62.
Parker, Edward O.; Fa89 p62.
Parker, Elmer E.; Fa89 p62.
Parker, Elena Schroeder, Dr.: Sp88 p22.
Parker, Fred Sr.: photo Fa14 p17.
Parker, Fred C. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Parker, P.C., Rev. (Yon): Su72 p39.
Parker, Rebecca nee Moore (Np): Wi03 p24.
Parker, Robert, Dr.: Su09 p18.
Parker, (Ross?) (Eden): Sp04 p7. et seq.; Su04 p5; et seq.; Fa04 p3 et seq.; Wi04 p18; Sp05
p14 et seq.
Parker, Thomas C & E. Brown: Wi15 p6.
Parker, William G.: Wi92 p74.
Parkersburg, Ore.: Sp02 p23.
Parkhurst, Beverly: Fa90 p61.
Parkinson, Thomas (Dil-Ros): Fa87 p70: Sp91 p8; Fa91 p67.
Parkinson’s Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65; Fa91 p67.
Parks, Mr.: Fa04 p6.
Parks, Bob: Sp86 p10.
Parks, Edith (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Parks, Susan Walker: Sp06 p10.
Parks, Wade (Wil): Sp86 pp4, et seq.
Parmer, Joel: Wi08 p6.
Parris, John H.: Su16 p7.
Parrish, George, Mrs.: Wi75 p79.
Parrish, J.L.: Wi74 p92.
Parrott Bros. Shoes: Cover Wi15, p2.
Parrott Creek, New Era, Ore. (Ore. City): Su06 p12.
Parrott Creek (Ros): Wi68 p79; Sp71 p14; Fa72 p50; Su21 pp12,13.
Parrott House “The Pink Lady” Moses Parrott house: Wi15 p2.
Parrott House Restaurant (Ros): Su21 p13.
Parrott, pioneer family: Wi08 p3.
Parrott Ranch: Fa00 p60.
Parrott, Mrs.: Wi09 p5.
Parrott, Miss Abbie: Sp08 p5; Fa21 p5.
Parrott, Delome (later Mrs. William “Dean” Henry): Su05 p19.
Parrott, E.L. (Ros): Wi08 p6.
Parrott, Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Ros): Su92 p28; Su95 p30; Sp08 p5.
Parrott, Eugene “Gene” L., Sheriff: Su04 p11, Wi20 p3; Wi21 p15.
Parrott, Miss Lizzie: Sp08 p5.
Parrott, Moses & Tennesse Howard: Sp76 p4, photo 5; Fa78 p50; Sp99 p4; Wi08 p3; Wi12 p9;
Wi15 p2.
Children: Rosa, Abbie, Delome, E.L., Elizabeth (Lizzie), Gene plus four more.

Parrott, Rosa B.: Sp85 p5; Su03 pp32,41; Su12 p4; Wi12 photos pp9,14,17; Wi15 p2; Sp17 p17.
Parsley, Daniel & nee Briggs; (Cnv): Su79 p43, photos 44,46; Su10 p17.
Parsley, Robert: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Parslow, Francis (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Parsons, Andrew (“Tacoma” rescue): Sp72 p22.
Partee, Gladys Ethel: Fa87 p70.
Partie, Mrs. N.: Sp08 p5.
Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers (PUR): Fa08 p8,9.
“Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers Illustrates “The Oregon Way”: Jim Long Fa08 p8.
“Party Line, The”: Lois Christensen Eagleton Fa08 p15.
Paselk, H.T. (UC): Sp93 p13.
Paslener, Dr. & Mrs. (Ros): Su90 p30.
Pass Creek (Calapooia Mts): Fa65 p18; Sp66 p7; photo Su66 p17; Su69 p42; Sp74 p24; Fa76 p54;
Su77 p31; Fa80 p65; Covered Bridge photos Wi10 p10; Wi11 p18; Railroad bridge photo
Wi13 p14; Sp16 p9; Su21 p10; Sp23 p23.
Pass Creek Canyon (Cala Mts.): Wi68 p95; Sp92 p3; Su21 p18.
Pass Creek Post Office: Sp76 p16; Fa11 p9.
Pass Creek (SUmp): Wi91 p88; Hills, Sp71 p10 (between Canyonville and Roseburg? Ed.)
“Passing of School District 66, The”: Mary Wells: Su00 pp30,34,40.
Pata, Florence Ann (Ros): Fa00 p56.
Patch Creek (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Patchen, C. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Pate, Orvil & Ester & mother Pate (Sb): Wi98 p95.
“Pathbreaking”: Sp20 p4 Abigail Scott Duniway.
“Pathfinders, The”: George Abdill Wi65 p15.
Paved Road, first in Oregon: Su09 p15.
Pavilion, Ros. Comm. Club @ So. Pac. RR depot: photo Fa00 p55.
Patterson & Riggs Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27.
Patterson Creek (Hudson Ck.): see Weatherly Creek.
Patterson Family Cemetery-1854 (CaV): Wi11 p2; Sp12 p11 photo p12.
Patterson Hotel (Sb): Wi72 p88.
Patterson Mill (Gl): Su83 p44; Post Office Fa11 p9.
Patterson Park: Wi08 p8.
Patterson, Mr. (Gl): Su83 p44; Fa00 pp52,56.
Patterson, Abraham & Lovey (CaV)(DLC): Wi92 p88; DLC Sp12 p11,12.
Patterson, Billie: Sp66 p6.
Patterson, Dr. (Cnv): Su20 p18.
Patterson, Edward (Sb-Elk): Wi72 p88; Sp73 p6,7; Su73 p47.
Patterson, F.F. (Ros): Wi88 p75.
Patterson, Gordon F. & Gladys (MC): Sp84 p15.
Patterson, John (WinB): Su75 p36.
Patterson, Lute & Bertha (Dxv): Wi76 p75; Wi08 p8.
Patterson, Samuel: Sp12 p11.
Patterson, William, PM: Su10 p16; Fa11 p9.


Patterson, William R.& C.H. Delany (Sb): Wi72 p88.
Children: Anna, May, Thomas, Edward & Lillie twins.
Patton, H. (Wil): Fa71 p69.
Children: Sally + 3 brothers.
Patton, Jim: (Sut) Fa70 p53; Su72 p32,34.
Patton, Ken D.: song by Wi08 p9.
Patton, Sally: Fa71 p69.
“Paul Bunyan’s Toothpicks”: Wi10 p3.
Paul, Eileen: Sp01 p6; Sp08 p17.
Paul, Ruth Peck: Fa84 p62
Paulson, John: Su05 p7.
Paulus Brothers Cannery (Salem): Wi01 p83.
Paulus, Norma: Sp88 p11.
Paupers Cemetery (Win): Sp12 p12.
Pay Down Store (F.M. Good, Clev): Su11 photos pp8,11.
Payless Drug Store (Ros): downtown Sp87 p2,5.
Payton, Dr. Daniel: Wi65 p8; Su11 p6.
Payton, John E., Dr.: Wi65 p8; Sp73 p16; Sp84 p9.
Payton Springs: Wi65 p8; Su11 p6.
“Pawnee Bill”: Su08 p21.
Paxton, A.B.: Wi71 p78.
Paxton, Jessie May (Sut): Wi99 pp89,90.
Paxton, Rolla: Sp05 pp16,17.
Paxton, S.Z.: Wi04 p9.
Payne, B.S.: Wi22 p8.
Payne, M.H. (UC): Sp93 p15.
Peabody Specialty Co.: Fa09 p16.
“Peacock”, launch: Su65 p14.
Pealer, Esther, Mrs. (Oak): Sp99 p10.
Pearce Harness Shop (Ros): Su91 p27; photo Fa91 p57.
Pearce, Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 p31.
Children: Will. Su01 p31.
Pearce, Harry & Mrs. (Harness then Upholstery Shop) (Ros): Su91 p26; photo Fa91 p57; photo
Wi12 p17.
Pearce, Iris (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Pearce, Will: Su01 p31.
Pearl, Curtiss Roxanne: Wi02 p80.
Pearson’s Springs (Now Saratoga Mineral Springs): Sp66 p7; Su08 p3.
Pearson Market (Ros): photo Su91 p41; photo Su92 p39.
Pearson Store: Su08 cover photo.
Pearson, Amos J.: Sp22 p17.
Pearson Bros.: Sp66 p8; photo Wi83 p93.
Pearson, Ben: Su08 p3, photo p5.
Pearson, Charles & Elisa Ann Pearson: Sp66 p7; Su08 p3, photo p5.


Pearson, Charles Jr.: Su08 p3 photo 5.
Pearson, Elmer F.: Su08 p3 et seq.
Pearson, George: Su08 p3; photo p6.
Pearson, Henry: Su08 p3.
Pearson, James: Sp66 p7; Su66 p12.
Children: Hugh F., Steve
Pearson, Hugh F.: Sp66 p7 photo p9; Wi66 p24; photo credit Wi67 p2; photo credit Sp68 p15;
Wi83 p89 et seq.; Su08 p3, et seq; Wi21 p15.
Pearson, Mattie (later Benedict): photo Su08 p6.
Pearson, Steve: Sp66 p8 photo p9; Wi83 p89, et seq.; Su08 p4 et seq.; Fa08 photo p9.
Pearson, William James & Rhonda Miller: Su08 p3, photo p5, et seq.
Children: Steve Miller, Elmer F. Sp08 p4.
Pease, Al: Sp04 p21; Su04 p9.
Pease, Ida: Sp04 p6.
Peaslee, Lila: Su97 p47.
Peasley, Mr. (Dr): Sp76 p8.
Peck: Su66 p2; Fa11 p10.
Peck Post Office Fa11 p8,10.
Pedersen, Roger: Su07 p23
Pedro card game: Wi03 p25.
Pedro, Don: Sp68 p7; Su10 p19.
Peebles, John & Mrs. nee Grubbe; Sp86 p10.
Peel, Ore.: Su65 p2; Fa68 p71; Wi68 p76; Fa73 p70; Wi73 p75, photo 78; Wi75 p78; name
source Su83 p45; Fa92 p59, on map 60; Sp00 p21; Wi00 p84; Fa01 p53; Wi10 p20; Sp12 p12;
Wi73 p78.
Peel Post Office: Wi75 p78; Fa11 p10.
Peel Gravesite-1917: Sp12 p12.
Peel Store: photo Wi73 p78; Fa90 p60; photo Fa92 p66; store pack train photo Sp10 p20.
Peel, Samuel West (Peel): Fa92 p59.
Peery, W.K. (Ros): Fa21 p19.
Peet, Humphrey & Co. (Ros) Su97 p31.
Pegleg (Dxv): Sp98 p17.
“Pelican”: Su74 p35.
Pelland, Albert (Np): Sp93 p4; Wi03 p8, et seq.
Pelly, George, Sir (HBC): Sp71 p4; Sp72 p9.
“Pelters” Hide Hunters: Sp68 p9.
Pelton, Robert: Fa02 p64.
Pemberton, Addison: Su20 p18, photo 20.
Pence, A.S. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Pence, Cain: Su16 pp14,15.
Penelton, Lucille (later Bryant): Su05 p13.
Pengra, B.J. “Peoples Press” Eugene, Ore.: Su68 p45; Wi91 p80.
Pengra, C.A. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Pengra, Ed (Oak): Sp69 p9.


Pengra, Marshall (Ros): Fa84 p58; Fa86 p51; Fa91 pp51,55.
Pengra, William & Charlotte Emily Stearns: Fa02 p52.
Children: Stella, Fa02 p52.
Peniston, Hugh (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Pennie, Mrs. (CoV): Wi99 p75.
Pennoyer, A. Sheldon: Fa71 p72.
Pennoyer, Gov. Sylvester: Wi87 p89.
Penny, Max (Ros): barber shop Fa91 p67.
Pentney Family (Eden): Su91 p34.
Children: Bertha
Peopemoxmox: Su15 p3, sketch of 5,7.
People’s Electric Store: Sp09 p8.
“Peoples Press” Eugene, Ore.: Su68 p45.
People’s Supply Co. (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa91 p59.
“People’s Press” Eugene: Su68 p45.
Pepernau, Charlie: Sp88 p20.
Pepiot Family Tree: Wi03 pp16,17.
Pepiot, Amie Francis & Winnie Thornton Leatherwood (Np): Wi03 p6, & photos et seq.
Children, Winnies: Beatrice, Rodney, June Kelly (later Quimby) Wi03 p17.
Children, Amie’s: Leonard Francis Wi03 p17.
Pepiot, Eva: photo Wi03 p10, p12.
Pepiot, Francis Augustus “Frank” & Florence Ann Goddard (Np): Wi03 pp3 & photos, et seq.;
Su09 p10.
Children: Vida Marie (later Mrs. Willard McCollum), Eva (later Mrs. John Richards), Regis
“Ray”, Amie, Pearl (later Mrs. Carl Thornton), Margaret Wi03 p3.
Pepiot, Margaret “Sparkey”: photos Wi03 pp6,12.
Pepiot Mother’s Day photo: WiO3 p30.
Pepiot, Pearl: photos Wi03 p6, et seq.
Pepiot, Regis “Ray” & Leila Vesta Rowe (Sut): Wi03 pp6, & photos, et seq.
Children: Ralph Andrew, Alvin Raymond, Georgia Ann (later Gilkeson) Patrick “Pat” Francis
Wi03 p16.
“Pepiot Family of Nonpareil”: Charlene Nichols Wi03 pp3-30.
Pepper, J. P. (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Perdue aka Bland Mt. Cemetery-1867 Wi11 p5.
Perfect Day Business Houses: Su18 p12.
Perdue Post Office Su11 p13; Fa11 p6 photo p10.
Perdue Family (Eden): Su91 p35.
Perdue, Mr.: Sp74 p10.
Perdue, Alex (Eden & LRiv): Wi86 p79; Su91 p35; Fa92 pp59, homestead on map 60, et seq.
Perdue, John Sr. (SUmp): Su75 p39; Wi91 p82,86; Fa11 p10.
Perdue, John (Til): DLC Su75 p39; Su89 p32; Wi91 p82; Fa11 p10.
Perdue, Leonard (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Perdue, Leslie (Eden & LRiv): Wi86 p79; Su91 p35; Fa92 p59, homestead on map 60, et seq.
Perdue, Sam (DC): Wi11 p5.


Peret, Gus (Yon): Wi80 p86.
Perkins Building (Ros): Su71 p45; Su81 p27; photo Fa91 p60,63; Su92 p35; Su97 p36; Wi97 p88;
Fa00 pp51,58, photo 59; Wi08 p22; Su14 p2,20; Wi20 p15; Wi23 p10.
Perkins Creek: Fa11 p13.
Perkins Hotel (Dr): Wi72 p91; Wi76 p74.
Perkins Family (SR): Fa69 p64.
Perkins, Mr. (Ros): Perkins Bldg. Fa91 p63.
Perkins, Mrs. (Ros): Su90 pp33,42.
Perkins, Al (Gard): Fa69 p67,69; Wi72 p88; Sp73 p4.
Perkins, Charles & Julia Murphy: Sp10 p7.
Children: Clifford A. & Floyd Francis: Sp12 p7.
Perkins, Elliot Family Cemetery (Gard): Wi11 p12.
Perkins, George (Gard): Sp72 p22,24; Wi72 p88; Sp73 p4.
Children: Georgina
Perkins, J.A. (Ros): Fa70 p50.
Perkins, J.W., Works Progress Admin: Fa19 p3.
Perkins, Julian W.: Sp20 p8.
Perkins, Leonard & Leona: Su11 p17; Fa11 p3.
Perkins, Soloman Albion & Kathleen Elliott (Gard): Wi72 p88; photo Sp73 p4; Fa79 p51.
Children: George, Al, Will Wi72 p88; Sp73 p4.
Perkins, Will A. (Gard): Wi72 p88; Sp73 p4,16; Sp84 p9:
Perrin’s Shoes (Ros): Fa91 p67.
Perry, Frank, Sea Capt., & Annie Palmer: Fa65 p18.
Perry, Ida May (Mrs. Masten McCoy Scott): Wi12 p13.
Perry, Mary Ellen: Sp03 pp16,23,27.
Perry, William F. (Ros): Su93 p32; (Probably same as below)
Perry, William Thomas & Ann Abell (Ros): DLC Sp67 p14; Su73 p26; Su75 p46; Fa75 p63; Wi75
p91; Sp76 p11; Fa79 p63; Wi93 p76; Fa11 p13; Fa21 p24.
Perrywood: owned Curry Manor Sp17 p10.
Pest Hunt (Gl): Su02 p42.
Peters, Mr. (Sb): Sp73 p84.
Peters, Mr. & Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 pp28,31,37.
Children: adopted Tom & Mattie Su01 p28.
Peters, Andrew (Lord & Peters): Su10 pp7,19.
Peters, (Fisher) Mattie: Su01 pp28,35.
Peters, Joseph: Sp97 p3.
Peters, Mr. Ollie & Mrs. Coon: Fa06 p15.
Peters, Philip (Dxv): Sp78 p3; Sp99 p10.
Peters, Tom: Su01 pp28,31.
Peters, Willie (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Petersburg: see Lookingglass.
Petersein, J.E. & Carrie: Fa99 pp69,71.
Peterson, Barbara: Sp85 p17; Sp22 p6.
Peterson, Hilda E.: Fa87 p70.


Peterson, Oliver, sea Capt. (Gard): Sp70, p3, et seq.; Fa75 p71.
Peterson, Richard H. (LL): Sp97 p5.
Petterson, Gus & Annie Conn: Wi17 p20.
Petit, Herbert & Florence Emerence Gagnon: Wi91 p94
Children: Clemente (Mrs. Thomas Rondeau)
Petit, Thomas: Fa65 p13.
Petrequin, (Patrequin) Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Fa04 p12, et seq.; Sp05 p14,22.
Petrequin, Ray: photo Wi17 p19.
Pettit, (Jim?) Leo Clair & Marjorie Hunt (Ros): Fa87 p51, photo p63, bio p65, poems by pp66-70,
photo p69.
Children: Donald, Clair.
Petty, E.A. (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Pfaff, Florence P.: Fa87 p70.
“Phantom Road”: Canyonville-Ft. Klamath Wi91 p74-92, Doris Bacon
“Pharisee Among Philistines, the Diary of Judge Matthew P. Deady” by Malcom Clark, Jr.:
Wi01 p95.
Pheasant: See Grouse.
Pheasant Creek (Dxv): on map Su99 p36.
Pheifer, “Tex” (MC): Wi92 p76.
Phieffer, Mrs. Elsie (LR): Wi66 pp4,24.
Philadelphia Eclectic College, School of Medicine: Fa02 p64: Sp20 p14.
“Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger”: Sp20 p5.
Philalathean Literary Society (Ros): Su96 pp41,42.
Philanthropic Education Organization: Wi23 p13.
Phillips, Elizabeth Abigail Rice (MC): memoirs of, Sp88 p3-7.
Phillips, Hershel (Yon): sawmill Sp93 p14.
Phillips, James A.: Wi08 p7.
Phillips, Reuben (Ros): house photo Wi85 p83.
Phillips, W.J., Dr.-Mayor (Sut): Fa86 p68.
Pickens Bros. Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa91 p63.
Pilkerton, Roy & Eva Dodge (Yon): Sp81 p19.
Pilkington Machine Shop: Wi72 p74.
Pilot bread, recipe: Fa13 p15.
Phipps Ford (Dil): photo Wi89 p89; photo Su06 p22.
Phipps Tree Farm Nursery (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Phipps, Lela (Dil) (Later Mrs. Alton Rice): Wi01 p80.
Phipps, Mary E. Gage (Dil): Wi01 p80.
Phipps, Merle (WC): Wi01 pp75,80.
Phipps, Robert M. (RWV) (WiCk) & Helen J. Willis then widow Mary Gage Flournoy (Dil): Wi69
p76,78,83; Sp71 p17; Su74 p43; Su89 p39; Wi89 p92, et seq.; Sp91 p8; cover Wi01 p74, et
seq.; Sp06 p7, photo p8; Su06 house photo pp10, et seq.; Fa06 p14; Su16 pp4,8.
Children: Merle, Wi01 p75, Victor + 3 more by Helen, Vera Anna (later Mrs. Mrs. Abner Rice,
Sr.), Lila Lela (?) S. (Later Mrs. Alton Rice) by Mary Wi89 p93.
Phipps, Vera Anna (Dil) (Later Mrs. Abner Rice): Wi01 p80.


Phipps, Victor (Dil): Wi89 p95; Fa92 p57.
Phoenix School: Sp91 p14; photo Su98 p39.
Photo Lab (Ros): Fa86 p56.
Picard, Andre (HBC): Su66 p11.
Children: Picard, Emelie (Mrs. Michel Laframboise): photo Su66 pp10,11; Sp71 p7.
Picard, Emelie (Mrs. Michel Laframboise): Sp71 p7.
Pichette Family: Wi67 p24.
Pichette, Chief (Oak): Su82 p38.
Pickens, O.H. & Maude Howard: Su06 p15; Fa06 p8.
Pickett Butte (SUmp): Sp12 p15
Pickett, James R. (Cnv): Sp82 p11.
Pickpockets: Su75 p39.
Pictograph: Cover Wi91 p74.
“Pictorial Douglas County Cookbook”; Sp03 p17.
“Pictorial History of the Lower Umpqua”: Lower Umpqua Historical Society Sp76 p2.
Pierce Bros. Sawmill (Sut): Wi95 p81.
Pierce, Atty (CoosB): Su69 p27.
Pierce, Ed (Sut): Wi95 p81.
Pierce, Mary A.: on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.
Pierce, Walter M., Gov.: Sp88 p9; Fa14 p16; Su23 p9.
Pierce, Pres. Franklin: Sp76 p15; Wi93 p79; Fa99 p57; Wi06 p17; Sp07 p3; Fa18 p9.
Pierce, Harry: Fa09 p15.
Pierce, John & Mary A.: Su68 p26.
Children: Caroline (Mrs. Francis M. Goode)
Pierce, Owen H. (Cle): Wi83 p84.
Pierce, Stanley (DxV): Wi94 p79, photo 82.
Piggly Wiggly (Ros): Fa84 p65; Fa91 p67.
Philetarian Lodge (Ros); Fa21 p6.
Pike, Frank (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Pinchot, Gifford: Fa83 p56; Su84 p33.
Pine Drive-in Theater aka Pine Motor Theater: Sp87 p11; Su09 p20; Sp13 p15; Su13 pp12, photo
Pine Grove Community Church (Dxv): Fa70 p65; Su75 p41; on map Su99 pp36,41 photo 45; on
map Su01 p36, photo 45,47; Sp12 p17.
Pine Gum: Wi86 p75.
Pine Landing (Ros): map Sp90 p13.
Pine St., Roseburg: Su05 p4; blast photo Fa09 p14.
Pine Tree Ford: Wi01 p76.
Pinkerton Agency: Fa14 p19.
Pinkston, Edward Harrison “Harry” & Mrs. (Oak): Sp69 p18; Wi72 p92; Sp77 p9; Fa79 pp58,59;
Su89 p26; Sp93 p11.
Children: Lloyd, Lura (Mrs. Will Deardorff) Cover Su86.
Pinkston, Lloyd (Elkh): Sp93 p13.
Pinkston, Lura (Mrs. Will Deardorff): Cover Su86 p26.


“Pinnacle of Parnassus, The” by Clarence E. Eddy: Sp12 p9; Sp14 p8.
Pinxton, Mr. (GrV)(Pinkston?): Fa79 p58.
“Pioneer Award, 1993, Jesse Applegate”: Sp93 p3 by Roseburg Chamber of Commerce.
Pioneer Black Sand Mine: Fa12 p18.
Pioneer Bridge: Wi70 p81; Cover Sp80 p2; Su20 p18.
“Pioneer Campfire, The” by Hardy Elliff: Wi11 p14.
Pioneer Cemetery (MC): Cover Su78 p26.
Pioneer Cottage: cover Su03 p30.
“Pioneer Days in the South Umpqua Valley”: South Umpqua Historical Society Wi91 p92.
Pioneer Drug Store (Ros): Fa84 p61; Wi86 p88; Su88 p43,45; Wi93 p95; Su09 p6, photo p9; ice
cream Fa09 p16; Fa10 p5.
“Pioneer Dual (sic) of Portland” from the Mar. 28, 1928 Sunday Oregonian: Su00 p30.
“Pioneer History of Coos and Curry Counties”: Orvil Dodge Sp75, p10.
Pioneer History Display: Su03 p50.
Pioneer Hospital in Winchester (Probably the home of Daniel P. Barnes): Wi78 pp78,81.
“Pioneer Life”: Samuel Handsaker Sp75 p6.
“Pioneer Memories of Oakland, Oregon”: Sp77 p3-16 Alva Manning.
Pioneer Mother Statue: Fa02 p57.
“Pioneer’s Offerings, The”: Henry H. Woodward Su75 p38.
“Pioneer Recollections”: Sp72 p13-15 by William Wilson.
“Pioneer Recollections of Benjamin F. Nichols”: Wi70 p79.
“Pioneer Style Patriotism”: Lavola Bakken Su72 p36-48.
Pitchers Castoria: Wi15 15.
Pitchford Boys Ranch: Wi75 p93; Sp00 pp18,20.
Pitchford Newsstand (Ros): photo Sp00 p17.
Pitchford, Mr.: Sp09 pp6,7.
Pitchford, Agnes “Aggie” (Ros): Wi75 p93; Su99 p27; Sp00 pp2,13, photos 17,19,20; Su09 p3.
“There Ain’t no Flies on Me”: Agnes Pitchford bio by Helen Jane Clark Sp00 p13-20; Fa21 p5;
Sp22 p11; Su23 p5.
Pitchford, Will H. & Viola May Harmon (Ros): Wi75 p93; Sp00 pp13, photo 17.
Children: Agnes + 3 more, Sp00 p13.
Pitney, Wm.: Wi21 p10.
Pittock, Henry L.: Wi00 p91.
Pitts & Chamberlin (Ruck): Fa68 p70; Fa74 p65.
Pitts & Edwards (Ruck): Fa74 p65.
Pitts Sweep: Fa67 p13.
Pitts, Allen (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Pitts, James (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Pitts, W.A. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Pittsburgh, Univ. of: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p16.
Pitzer, D.C. (Dil): Fa06 p14.
Pitzer St.: Fa10 p5.
Pixley Dramatic Company: Sp13 p4 Date error here, RR came to Roseburg in 1872.
Place, Alice (later Suchoski): Sp13 p21.


Place, Ralph & Aida (Glen): Sp13 p21.
Children: Alice (Mrs. Edwin “Ski” Suchoski)
Plaindealer: Fa67 p17; Wi67 p21; Wi69 p92; Wi71 p89; Su72 p47; Fa72 p53; Fa73 p69; Su74
pp29,32; Sp75 p11,13,15; Su75 p30; Wi75 p93; Wi77 p79; Wi89 p82; Wi97 p76, et seq.;
Sp00 p13; Sp01 pp3,4,6; Su01 p47; Sp05 p8,16; Sp06 p21; Sp08 p3; Sp09 pp5,18; Sp13 p5-8;
Wi15 p2 et seq.; Sp17 p13; Sp19 pp5,8,9.
Plaindealer “Brevities”: Sp03 p3.
Plank Road: photo Sp74 p11.
Plantation Inn (Wins): Su05 p4.
Plat I Dam (Sut): Sp88 p15.
Playhouse, Cinema & Dance Hall, (Sut): Su13 p3.
Plohier or Plotner, Frank O. & Eva Elliff: Su80 p38; Su85 p33.
Plouff, Rosalie (Mrs. Jonathan McKay): photo Sp72 p6.
Poe, Col.: Fa75 p51.
Poellet, Ivan: Wi16 p2.
“Poet Prospector, The” Clarence Elmer Eddy: Sp12 p8,9; cover Sp14 p2 et seq.
Poet of the Umpqua: H.H. Woodward Sp01 p6.
“Poet with the Shooting Iron”: Wilfred Brown Wi68 pp81-83.
Pogue, Bro. (Eden?): Sp04 p9, et seq.; Su04 p4; et seq.; Fa04 p8 et seq.
Pohl & Rink: Wi78 p82.
Point Terrace: Su11 p10.
Pointer, Jim & Shiela Alexander (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Allen, Cora Alexander the mother-in-law.
Pointius, Wilma Burchard (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Poirot, Edith A. (Mrs. Pat Vincent Sullivan): Wi09 p5.
Polamalu, Mr. Faasasalu: Sp72 p10.
Poldeman, William F. (Port): Wi69 p82.
Pole Corral: Wi69 p81.
“Politics and Cinnamon Bears of Drew”: Su77 p27-29 Robert W. Drew.
Pollard, Lancaster (OHS): Sp85 p3; Su03 p31; Quote Sp12 p19,23.
Pollinator Garden: Wi22 p4.
Pollock Creek (Oak): Su77 p41,46; Mill photo Sp86 p9; Sp93 p11.
Pollock, Thomas (Oak): sawmill Sp93 p14.
Polly’s Quality Used Furniture, (Glen): Sp13 p21.
Polk County, Ore.: Sp00 p3.
Polk, Pres. James Knox: Wi75 p89; Sp85 p2; Su87 p43; Wi93 p85; Fa99 p54; Wi01 p86; Wi06
p6,8,12; Fa12 p9; Fa18 p3, et seq.
Pomona Grange: Sp06 p22.
Ponderosa Pine: Fa01 p52.
Pony Express: Su80 p44; movie, Su09 p20.
Pool, Frank: photo Su11 p3.
Pool, H. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Pool, Jessie (Wil): Sp69 p23.
Poole, Ellsworth (Drew): Sp89 p22.


Poole, Frank: Sp08 p16;
Poole, Violet (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Poole, George Blacksmith Shop (Ros): photo Su91 p43.
Poole, Ira (SUmp): Su73 p40; Sp82 p11; Wi91 p86.
Poole, Walter (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Poorman, Veva Buick: Su74 pp27,32.
Pope & Talbot: Sp21 p14.
Pope, Charlie: Fa10 p17.
Pope, Joe & Rose Zelpha Mulkey: Fa89 p66.
Children: James, Ruth.
Pope, Reverend: Su16 p21.
Popular Sovereignty: Wi01 p87.
Port of Umpqua: Fa69 p59; Su18 p5; Fa20 p19.
Port Orford, Ore.: 1855 sketch of Su87 p28; Fa05 p4, et seq.; Sp07 p6.
Port Orford Expedition: Wi05 p11.
“Port Umpqua Courier”: Wi98 pp82,84.
Portage RR engine: photo Fa97 p55.
Porter Creek: Fa01 p65; Su22 p9.
Porter, Mrs. (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Porter, Charles O., Rep.: Sp85 p5; Wi12 pp3,4.
Porter, D. H.: Sp04 p17; Fa04 p7; Wi04 p16; Sp05 p6 et seq.
Porter, Eugene (Dil): Fa06 p4,11.
Porter, Mrs. Frederick J.: Fa20 p13.
Porter, H.N(M?). (Tm): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Porter, L. L. Rep. from Clackamas: Sp04 p12; Sp05 p20.
Porter, Lotus Knight (Ros): Fa20 p10.
Porter, Samuel: Sp12 p11.
Porter, William A. (Yon): Sp20 p20.
Porter, William (CaV): Fa68 p53; Wi92 p89.
Portland, Ore.: Su00 p29; Fa01 p58; Wi01 pp76, et seq.; Sp02 p3; Sp05 p20.
Portland Art Museum: Fa20 p14.
Portland Business School: Wi05 p8.
Portland Cement Co.: Wi20 pp9, et seq.
Portland Female Academy: Sp76 p22.
Portland General Electric Co.: Fa20 p14.
Portland Oregonian: see Oregonian.
Portland Railway, Light and Power Co.: Fa20 p7.
Portland-Sacramento Stage run: Fa65 p7.
Portland Telephone and Telegraph Co.: Sp09 p6.
“Portrait & Bibliographical Record of Western Oregon”: Sp71 p18 by Chapman.
“Portrayal of Life in the Pacific Northwest during the 1850s”: William H. Byars Sp19 p10.
“Poseville”: Roseburg nickname Sp67 p17.
Post and Corps: Sp04 pp5.
Post, E. A. (Ted): Sp01 p9.

POST OFFICES: subject of Su11 & Fa11; Ada, Su11 p4; Alderbrook, Su79 p27; Su11 p4; Alma,
Su11 p4; Anlauf, Su11 p4; Anchor, Su11 p5,8; Ash, Wi73 p90; Su11 p5; Azalea, Su75 p39; Sp85
p40; Su11 p6; Belmont, Su11 p5; Binger, Su11 p5,8; Bohemia, Su11 p6; Bonita, Su11 p6; Two
P.O.s named Booth, Su75 p39; Sp85 p40; Su11 p6; Boswell Springs, Wi65 p8; Su11 p6,
Brockway, Su11 p6,8; Buck Fork, Sp67 p2; cover Su11 photo p7; Butler Sp76 p16; Calvert, Su11
p7; Carll, Wi75 p82; Su11 p8; Center Bend, (Smith’s Ferry) Sp76 p18; Su11 p8; Civil Bend, Su75
p41; Su11 p6,8; Cleveland, Su68 p26; Su11 p8; Coles Valley, Su11 p9; Comstock, Su11 p9;
Curtin, Su11 p9; Days Creek, Su11 p17; Deer Creek (Roseburgh) Wi75 p95; Fa11 p13; Divide,
Su11 p9; Dixonville, Su11 p9; Dothan, Su11 p10; Drew, Su11 p10; Earl, Su11 p10; Eden
Orchards (Elg): Wi96 p76; Edenbower, Su11 p13; Elgarose, Su11 p13; Elk Creek, Su11 p13, Fa11
p11; Elk Head/Elkhead, Sp93 p16; Su11 p13; Elkhorn, Su75 p41; Elkton Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83;
Fair Oaks, Su11 p13; Fernvale, Su11 p13; Fivemile, Fa11 p13; Flournoy, Su11 p14; French
Settlement, Su75 p35; Su11 p14; Galesville, Fa75 p56, Su11 p5 photo p14; Gardiner’s City,Fa69
p61, Wi72 p83; Fa11 p3; Gardiner Fa69 p61, Fa11 p3; Gazley, Su11 p15; Glendale, Sp71 p2;
Su11 p21; Glide Sp66 p4; Gunter, Su11 p15 photo p16; Julia Sp71 p2; Hawthorne, Su11 p15;
Herman, Su11 p10,15; Hillside, Su11 p16; Wi75 p93; Hoaglin Sp76 p16, Wi00 p78, Fa08 p11,
Su11 p15, photo p18; Hogan (Melrose), Fa75 p61, Sp98 p10, Su11 p17; Fa11 p6; Hudson, Su11
p17, Fa11 p4; Idleyld Park, Wi00 p78, Fa08 p11, Ila, Sp93 p16; Su11 p17; Isolate, Su11 p17;
Julia Su75 p39; Kelleher, Su11 p20; Kellogg, Wi72 p83; Su11 p20; Koler, Su11 p21; Kroll, Su11
p21; Laraut, Su80 p48, Fa11 p4; Laurel, Fa75 p56; Fa11 p19; Leona, Su11 p17, Fa11 p4; Locust
Grove, Fa11 p5; Sp80 p17; Lookingglass, Wi75 p77; Fa11 p5; Louis, Sp93 p16, Su11 p7,17, Fa11
p5; Lurley, Fa11 p5; Melrose, Su11 p17, Fa11 p5; Millwood, Fa93 p59 photo 63,Fa11 photo p6;
Milo, Fa11 p6,11; Mount Scott, Fa75 p56; Fa11 p6,9; Myrtle City (Upper Scottsburg) Sp02
p3,11, Fa11 p7; Myrtle Creek Wi67 p12, Sp14 p18; Neet, Fa11 p7; Nichols, Fa75 p67; Fa11
p8,10; Nofog, Fa11 p8; Nonpareil, Fa11 p8; Norfolk, Wi75 p82; Fa11 p8; Norman mapFa93 p60;
Nugget, Sp67 p2; Fa11 p8; Oak Creek, Fa75 p56; Fa11 p9; Oakland, Wi75 p88; Olalla, Fa11 p9;
Pass Creek, Sp76 p16, Fa11 p9; Patterson Mills, Fa11 p9; Peck, Fa11 p8,10; Peel, Fa11 p10;
Perdue, Su11 p13; Fa11 p6 photo p10; Reston, Su75 p39; Fa11 p11,18; Rice Hill, Fa11 p11;
Riddle, Fa75 p67, Wi12 p13; Rockland, Fa11 p11; Roseburg, Wi75 p95; Fa11 p13; Round
Prairie, Fa11 p13; Ruby, Fa11 p13; Ruckles, Fa11 p13; Sampson, Su75 p39; Fa11 p14;
Scottsburg, Fa69 p63, Su00 p36, Wi05 photo p10, Sp10 p6; Scottsburg (Lower Scottsburg) Sp02
p11; Upper Scottsburg (Myrtle City) Wi72 p83; Sp02 p11; Fa11 p7; Sitkum Su09 p13; Skelley,
see Kelleher; Smith’s Ferry Sp76 p18; Stacey, Sp93 p16; Fa11 p14; Starveout, Su75 p39; Sp85
p40; Su11 p6; Fa11 p14; Stephens, Fa11 p15; Wi11 p16; Stephensville Fa11 p15; Sulphur
Springs, Fa11 p15; Tiller, Su11 p13; Fa11 p3; Tioga, Fa11 p15; Toketee Falls, Fa11 p16; Tyee,
Fa11 p16; Umpqua City, Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83; Fa11 p16; Umpqua Ferry (later Umpqua) Wi71
p87; Wi75 p91; Fa93 p65 Su16 p21; Wanaville, Fa11 p17; Wardton, Wi93 p91, Fa11 p17;
Wardville, Fa11 p17,18; Weekly, Fa11 p18; Wilbur, Su75 p42; Fa11 p19; Winchester, Wi67 p2,
Wi72 p83; Su08 p8; Winniford, Wi71 p87; Fa11 p19; Woolley, Fa11 p20; Wroe, Fa11 p20;
Yoncalla, Wi75 p91;
POSTMASTERS: Ady, Iris-Nugget Sp67 p2; Alexander, Anna Blakley & Alexander, John-Glide
Fa02 p60; Su83 p44; Applegate, Jesse-Yoncalla Wi75 p91; Applegate, Mrs. John (Laura V.)-

Calvert Su11 p7; Bailey, Smith-Weekly Fa11 p18; Baker, Jonathan L.-Millwood; Baldree, George
B.-Azalea, Sampson Su75 p40; Su85 p40; Fa11 p14; Adna Barnes & John T. Kellogg-Kellogg Su11
p20; Beane, James H.-Myrtle Creek Sp14 p18; Benjamin, William F.-Roseburg Su82 p45;
Blakely, Matilda-Mount Scott Fa11 p6; Bledsoe, Theodore-Leona Su11 p17, Fa11 p4; Bodley,
Richard-Comstock Su11 p9; Su75 p30; Bos, Christian F.-Glendale Sp71 p2; Botcher, John-
Edenbower Su11 p13; Boyle, John T.-N. Canyonville Su79 p45; Bradbury, Lewis L.-Deer Creek
(Ros) Wi75 p95; Breen, Edward-Gardiner Fa69 p61; Brown, Abigail-Carll Wi75 p82; Buker, Cora
E. & Amos O.-Milo, Perdue Fa11 p6,11; Burnett, James D.- Round Prairie Fa11 p13; Sp19 p13;
Butcher, Belle-Gazley Su11 p15; Butler, Joseph H.-Gardiner Fa69 p61; Carlson, John E.-Elgarose
Su11 p13; Carlson, S.E.-Eden Orchards (Elg) Wi96 p76; Carstens, Clyde-Roseburg Fa09 p13;
Casebeer, John-Glide Su83 p44; Chadwick, Steven-Lower Scottsburg Fa69 p61, Wi72 p83; Sp02
p11; Sp10 p6; Chapman, Andrew J.-Mount Scott Fa11 p6; Gardiner Chism (Chisholm?)-
Gardiner Fa69 p61; Clark, James G.-Lewis Sp93 p16; Clark, James G.-North Canyonville Sp19
p15; Clarke, John-Gardiner Fa69 p61; Clarke, Catherine, Glendale-Sp71 p2; Clarke, W.B.-
Millwood Fa11 p6; Clinkenbeard, James L.-Wilbur Sp76 p13; Coats, Edward B.-Elkhead Sp93
p16; Condray, A.P.-Alma Su11 p4; Cook, Homer V.-Peck Fa11 p10; Cooper, Erastus
Hawthorne,- Hawthorne Su11 p15; Cooper, James T.-Gardiner City Fa69 p61, Fa86 p71;
Costen, Albert S.-Lookingglass Wi75 p77; Cowan, John-Sulphur Springs Fa11 p15; Cox, James-
Oak Creek Su83 p44; Cramer, S.C.-Elk Creek (Tiller) Su11 p13; Crietchlow, S.R.-Elkhead Sp93
p16; Dean, William E.-Glendale Sp71 p2; Dearborn, Richard H.-Deer Creek, Roseburgh, Wi75
p95; Sp19 p12; Dewey, Jesse L.- Glendale Sp71 p2; Dillard, James M.-Civil Bend Su75 p41; Su11
p8; Dimmick, Jane Hewett-Center Bend Sp77 p18; Mrs. Dunning-Nugget Sp67 p2; Edes,
George-Yoncalla Sp81 p9; Elliott, George N.-Hillside Wi75 p93; Su11 p17; Engels, Hiram
Lafayette-Peel Wi73 p75, Fa92 p59, Fa11 p10; Epping, Thomas F.-Isolate Sp02 p18; Su11 p17;
Fagan, T. B.-Stacey, Fa11 p14; Feller, Francis-Glendale Sp71 p2; Fiske, Dr. Eugene-Scottsburg
Sp02 p18; Flint, Addison R.-Winchester Wi67 p2; Wi69 p93, Wi72 p83; Foley, A.N.-Elkhorn Su75
p41; Forsythe, William L.-Kroll Su11 p21; Frater, William A.-Roseburg Sp80 p14 French, Isaac
N.-Binger Su11 p5; Gilmore, James W.-Herman Su11 p10; Good(e), Francis M.-Cleveland Su68
p26; Su11 p8; Grubbe, Corvin- Winchester Wi90 p91; Gunter, J.O.-Gunter Su11 p15; Gurney,
J.D.-Glide Su83 p44; Hall, George F.-Galesville Sp85 pp30,40;Su11 p14; Hebard, John F., Henry
Hebard-Umpqua; Hedden, Emma-Scottsburg; Hedrick, Edna-Divide Su11 p9; Heinline, Charles-
Roseburg Fa00 p69; Hendricks, Robert J.-Elkhead, Sp93 p16, Su11 p13; Hill, Fleming- Wilbur
Su75 p42; Hill, Lillian-Hoaglin Fa08 p11; Hoffman-Jacksonville Sp19 p18; Mr. Hogan-Hogan
(Melrose )Sp98 p10; Huff, David D.-Louis, Sp93 p16, Fa11 p5; Hunt, Duward Belmont-Belmont
Su11p5; Hurd, L.L.-Glendale; Irwin, William-Tenmile Sp76 p20; Johnson, Arthur J.-Earl Su11
p10; Johnson, James-Riddle Fa75 p67; Johnson, John-Ila Sp93 p16; Kellogg, John (T.?) Jay &
Adna & Lyman- Kellogg Wi72 p83; Su11 p20; Krewson, John-Butler & Drain Sp76 p16; Laird,
Mrs. Virginia Glide Sp76 p4, Su83 p44; Lamon, Henry C.-Elkhead Sp93 p16; Langdon, Abram G.-
Center Bend Sp76 p18; LaRaut, Narcisse-LaRaut Fa11 p4; Law, Clara P-Booth Su11 p6; Leonard,
Bessie-Tyee Fa11 p16; Leonard, Will, Rev.-Dillard; Lee, Fred-Bonita Su11 p6; Lilly, C.N.-Glide
Su83 p44; Erastus C. Lord-Oakland Wi71 p85; Lyons, Joseph-Reedsport Su18 p5; & Drain Sp18
p10; Mackey, Thomas C.-Gardiner Fa69 p61; Marquam, Alfred B.-Tiller Fa11 p3; Marsters,
Polly-Nugget Sp67 p2; Matthews, Alfred-Rockland Fa11 p11; McCormick, George-Carll Su11
p8; McGee, John-Bohemia Su11 p6; McKinney, James-Hogan Su11 p17, Fa11 p6; McClure,

Daniel D.-Glendale Sp71 p2; McKure, McClure, Robert-Peel, Fa92 p59; Fa11 p10; McCormick,
George-Carll Su11 p8; McMillen, William Wilson-Hoaglin Fa77 p50; Melvin, Mary E.-Norfolk
Wi75 p82, Fa11 p8; Miser, H.L.-Starveout Fa11 p14; Su85 p40; Moon, Alonzo W.-Koler Su11
p21; Lorenzo D. Montgomery-Julia Sp71 p2; Su85 p40; Morey, David-Gardiner Fa69 p61;
Mulvaney, William A.- Pass Creek Fa11 p9; Neet, Charles W.-Neet Fa11 p7; Nelson, Helma-
Fernvale Su11 p13; Nichols, T.B.-Brockway Su11 p6; Nichols, Viola B.-Nichols Fa11 p8; Mrs. Ben
Sanders, Mrs. Dunning, Lloyd Ady, Mrs. Fanny Stephens, Polly Marsters, Mrs. William “Lulu”
Wright, Iris Ady-Nugget Sp67 p2; Ottinger, Eliza-Stephens Fa88 p62; Fa11 p15; Palmer, Peter
Parker-Gardiner Fa65 p16 then Scottsburg Wi75 p90; Parker, Charles L.-Ash Wi73 p90; Su11 p5;
Patterson, William-Patterson Mills(Glide area) Fa11 p9; Pearson, William James-Winchester;
Perdue, John-Elk Creek then Perdue Fa11 p10; Perkins, Leonard-Hudson then Leona Su11 p17;
Fa11 p4; Perry, William T.-Deer Creek (Roseburgh), Fa11 p13; Powers, Winslow P.-
Stephensville Fa75 p72,Fa11 p15; Reese, Ed “Jiggs”-Dixonville Su02 p29; Reid, Thomas C.-
Gardiner Fa69 p61; Rice, I.-Rice Hill Sp80 p8; Richards, Edward I.-Stephens Fa88 p63; Richards,
James-Stephens Fa88 p63; Ricker, Emma-Norfolk, Wi75 p85; Riggs, James B.-Yoncalla Wi75
p91; Robinett, Hezekiah J.-Nofog Wi86 p79; Fa92 p61; Fa11 p8; Rogers, Amos E.-Umpqua City
Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83; Fa11 p15; Rogers, Francis H.-Fa69 p61; Sacry, Elizabeth C.-Nonpareil Fa11
p8; Sanders, Mrs. Ben-Nugget-Sp67 p2; Sanders, B.F.-Boswell Springs Wi65 p9; Su11 p6;
Sargent, Ben- Galesville Sp19 p17; Scott, & later son Tom, Henry-Hogan to Melrose Fa75 p61,
Sp98 p10, Fa11 p5; Scobey, Madison-Gardiner City Fa69 p61; Scott, Levi-Myrtle City (Upper
Scottsburg) Wi72 p83; Sp02 p11, Fa11 p7; Shambrook, George & John C. & Mable Shambrook-
Umpqua Ferry (later Umpqua) Wi71 p87; Wi75 p91; Shields, Fannie-Hoaglin Sp76 p16;
Singletary, James W.-Glendale Sp71 p2; Siphers-Jacksonville, Sp19 p18; Slonecker, Mrs.-Ruby &
Fivemile Fa11 p13; Smith, William R. “Reb”-Fair Oaks Sp77 p11; Smith, C.D.- Stephens Fa88
p63; Bailey, Smith-Weekly Fa11 p18; Smith, Charles W.-Alderbrook Su75 p31; Su79 p27; Su11
p4; Smith, Henry-Galesville Sp19 p17; Smith, John A.-(Elkton) Smith, Richard-Locust Grove
Su10 p15, Fa11 p5; Smith, William-Fair Oaks Sp76 p4; Snelling, George-Gardiner City 1851 Fa69
p61; Wi72 p83; Fa11 p3; Sp19 p11; Spicer, Harrison-Gardiner City Fa69 p61; Stanton, Hardy
Cole-Roseburg 1867-1885 Sp70 p10; Sp06 p21; Stark, Charles-Sutherlin Wi95 p77; Stering,
James A.-Anlauf Su11 p4; Stephens, Fanny-Nugget Sp67 p2; Stephens, George W.-Stephens
Fa88 p63; Wi11 p16; Strange, Linda Murry-Gardiner Fa11 p3; Sykes, William H.-Kelleher Su11
p20; Taylor, Ora W.-Glendale Sp71 p2; Taylor, Samuel-Days Creek Wi75 p80; Thomas, James
W.-Anchor Su11 p5; Thomason, Mrs. John-Glide Sp66 p4; Su83 p44; Thornton, Jeptha J.-Oak
Creek Fa75 p56; Fa11 p9; Totten, William P.-Glendale Sp71 p2; Tower, Rev. Hull-Oakland Sp19
p10; Underwood, David &/or W.C-Oakland Wi72 p83; Vosburgh, Earl-Idleyld Park Sp09 p21;
Walton, Judge James-Winchester p19 p11; Ward, Frazier-Wardton, Wardville, Fa11 p17; Webb,
James J.-Lurley Fa11 p5; Weekly, Edmond E.-Reston Su75 p39; Fa11 p11; Wells, David B.-Elkton
Fa69 p63,Wi72 p83; Wharton, Joseph A.-Azalea Su85 p40; Wilkes, Ada-Ada Su11 p4; Williams,
John S.-Tioga Fa11 p15; Wilson, Joseph E.-Ruby Fa11 p13; Winniford, Thomas W.-Winniford
Wi71 p87; Fa11 p19; Woolley, Anna L.-Woolley Fa11 p20; Wright, Calvin W.-Glendale; Wright,
John-French Settlement Su11 p14; Wright, John-Glide Su83 p44; Wright, Lazarus- Myrtle Creek
Wi67 p12; Sp19 p13; Wright, Lulu-Nugget Sp67 p2; Wroe, Floyd A.-Wroe Fa11 p20; Yokum,
Pearl A.-Riddle Wi12 p13.
“Postal Historian, The”: Elmer J. Binker Jr. Fa69 p61; Sp71 p2.


Postillion: Su75 p30.
Postum: Sp05 p18.
Poteet, Benjamin: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Potter, George W. & Eveline (UC): Sp93 pp15,20.
Potter, Ralph & Angie (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Bonnie, Larry.
Pottery Building, Sp01 p22.
Potts, Charles: Su14 p15.
Potts Sawmill (MC): Sp67 p2; Wi20 pp3,4.
Potts, T.L.: Sp75 p13.
Poust, Marguerite (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Poverty Hill (Oak): Sp77 p14,15; Sp78 p23.
Powell, warden: Su08 p15.
Powell Family: Fa66 p12.
Powell, Mrs.: (Eden) Sp05 p13.
Powell, Miss (Oak): photo Su72 p44.
Powell, Albon (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Powell, Barney & Angelika: Fa18 p2,5; Wi22 p22,23, photo 24.
Powell, Colin, Gen.: Wi01 p86.
Powell, Earl (Ros): Powell’s Hardware Su91 p47; Su99 p28, photo 31.
Powell, Edith: Wi76 p75.
Powell, Edyth Brown: Su73 p33; Sp98 p16.
Powell, Ewing D. (Kel): Wi67 p23; Sp73 p13.
Powell, Hannah: Fa22 p3 et. seq.
Powell, Hiram (WoV): cover Fa92 p49; Su05 p7.
Powell, Joab; Su70 p41, photo p44.
Powell, Joe: Sp22 pp6,16.
Powell, Percy Preston & Mable Leonella Hogan: Fa18 p2, et seq; Wi18 p11.
Powell, R.C.: photo Fa14 p17.
Powell, Robert (MC): Fa74 p62.
Powell, Ruth (Mrs. Rolstyn Bridges): Fa72 p56.
Powell, Tilla: Sp76 p22.
Powell, Tricia Fickes: Trapper Lay-out editor Sp19 – Sp20 p23.
Powell, W.S. (Ros); secondhand store Su91 p47.
Powell’s (Earl) Sporting Goods: Su91 p47; Su09 p4.
Powers, Alfred (Oak): Su78 p27; Wi83 p89.
Powers, Jack: Wi22 p9.
Powers, James: Author of “Frontier Days, the Life of Winslow Powers and the Early Settlement
Of Eastern Oregon” Su07 p9.
Powers, Winslow T. & Harriet Tower (Cala): Fa75 p72; Su07 p7 et seq.; Fa11 p15.
Children: Sarah, William, Mary, Anna, Francis, James.
Prather’s Spy Company: Sp70, p9; Sp00 p21.
Prather, Theodore W. (OkCk): Fa75 p56,68; Fa79 p63.
Prather, Thomas, Capt. (RWV)(Gl): Sp00 p21.


Pratt, Dr. (Gard): Fa69 p71.
Pratt, Mr. & Mrs. (MC): Fa83 p71; Sp07 p3.
Pratt, Orville C.: Sp69 p17.
Presbyterian Church (Ros): Su75 p34; photo Su98 p34,35.
Presbyterian Church (Oak): Sp77 p9.
Preservation Oaks: Wi22 p3.
Pressed Tin Cornice: Fa00 p56.
Preston, Ralph (Ros): Sp91 p21.
Preston’s Maps, 1852 & 1856: Fa11 p7.
“Pride & Prejudice”: Viola Wilborn-Lewis Fa99 p69.
“Pride of Elkton” flour: Sp67 p24.
Priester, J.: Sp04 p22; Su04 p6; Sp05 p12.
Price, C.S.: Fa20 p14.
Price, Gladys (Boomer Hill): photo Sp92 p23.
Price, Ica & Alida Udora Lewis: Sp80 p10.
Children: Gary, Ada, Halley, Lula, Dell; Sp80 p11.
Price, John: sketch of home Fa11 p20.
Price, John, Ranger: Fa73 p53.
Price, Pearl M.: “Journey into the Past”: Wi66 p16-20; Sp67 pp3-5.
Price, Rueben & Mrs. (Ump): Sp93 p11; Su10 p17.
Children: Andrew & Isaac +7 sibs.
Pringle, Frank: photo Fa14 p17.
Pringle, J.C. (Elkh): Sp93 pp12, sawmill 14.
Pringle, Press (UC): Sp93 p15.
Pringle, Virgil: Fa75 p61.
Children: Octavius
“Printer’s Ink and Postmarks”: Su79 pp27-35, George Abdill.
Pritchard, C.W.: Wi83 p85.
Proctor, Robert “Bobby” Francis (Cnv): photo Sp84 p16.
Proctor, Mrs Virginia H. (Cnv): photo Sp84 pp16,20.
Proefrock Family (Til): Fa83 p64.
Prohibition: Sp11 p23.
Protestant Hospital: Sp09 p21.
Protestants: Wi01 p92.
Protzman, P. (Ros): Fa78 p50.
Providence, Ore.: Sp76 p2; on map Wi05 p18; on map Wi13 p3.
Provident Trust Company: Fa86 p51.
Provo, Frank: Fa20 p12.
Prowell, Ara Eula (Dil): Fa92 p54.
Prune dryers: photo Wi94 p90; photo Wi02 p78; photo Su05 p6, photos, Henry Bacon & Fred
Brozio dryers, p8.
“Prune Pickin’s”: Newspaper column by Bert Bates Fa91 p61.
Pruner, Ernie (Rid): Su83 p45.
Prunes: Wi02 p75; Umpqua dryer photo Wi02 p78; Prune butter Sp05 p7;


Shambrook dryer, photo Su05 p6 7-9 (first commercial prune orchard
planted by John Hall in Myrtle Creek, those named here came later.)
Prune hybrids: Moyer (Mary Moore) Italian, Silver, French (Petite), Flint, Sp05 p3; Su05 p7,9.
“Prune Pickins”; Su23 p8, et seq.; Wi23 p11.
Pseudotsuga Taxifolia (Douglas Fir): Fa73 p51.
Psychiatric Western State Hospital; Sp03 p15.
“Public Career of Joseph Lane in Oregon, The,”: Lena Newton: Wi01 p95.
Public Works Administration: Fa01 p67.
Puchanelle Prune Drier: Wi94 p91.
Pugh Family: Fa66 p12.
Pulitzer Prize: Sp86 p20.
Pullman Car Co.: Su04 p4.
Puma: See Cougar.
Puncheon: Sp88 p5.
Purdom, Joe, Sheriff: Su85 p41.
Purdy, William (LSb): Su00 pp36,44.
Puris, Henry: ferryman Fa06 p10.
“Purple Treasure: A History of Prune Growing in Douglas County”: by J. Gerald Bacon Fa74 p68-
Put On Athletic Center: Fa00 p56.
Puter, Stephen A. Douglas: Su84 photo p30, et seq.
Putnam Hotel (Ros): Sp00 p12.
Putnam Valley: Su10 p14; Sp12 p18.
Putnam Valley aka Sunnydale or Ensley Cemetery-1861: Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12;
Putnam, Ada: photo Wi96 p89.
Putnam, Charles F. & Rozelle Applegate: Wi65 p6; Wi74 p90; Su75 p29; Wi75 p94; Su78 p37;
Wi96 p87; Sp00 pp3, et seq., photo 5; Fa02 pp57,58; Su10 p3; sketch of Fa13 p5,6; Wi13 p7;
Children: Charles Jr., Lucinda, Horace, Edward “Ed”, twins Joseph & Susan, Ada, Wi96 p87.
Putnam, Ed: Wi96 p88,90.
Putnam, Ethel (Mrs. Wilfred Brown, Sr.): Sp96 p5.
Putnam, Francis “Frank”: Sp00 p4.
Putnam, Francis “Fanny”: Sp00 p6.
Putnam, Gertrude Fay Hedrick: Wi96 p95.
Putnam, Henry Clay: Sp00 pp3,4.
Putnam, Horace (Elk): Su84 p45; Wi96 p87,88, photo 91; Sp00 p12.
Putnam, Joseph Sr. & Susan: Sp00 pp3, et seq., photo 7, bill of lading copies,8,9,10, Box 11
inventory 11,12; Su00 p37; DLC Sp12 p18.
Children: 10 total-Joseph Jr., Nathan, Charles, Virginia (Lyons), Francis “Frank”, Katherine
(Hinsdale), Henry Clay Sp00 pp3,4.
“On to Oregon ‘The Easy Way”: Margie Brown Sp00 pp3-12
Putnam, Joseph Jr.: Sp00 p3.
Putnam, Katherine (later Mrs. George S. Hinsdale): Sp00 pp4,6.
Putnam, Nathan: Sp00 p3.

Putnam, Rozelle (Applegate): Wi96 p87; Sp00 pp3,4,12; Fa02 p57,58; Su10 p3; Sp12 p12.
Putnam, Susan: photo Wi96 p89.
Putnam, Virginia (Mrs. Daniel Lyons): Sp00 p4.
Pyle, James M.: Su67 p17,18; Sp76 p12; Sp78 p3; Wi08 p6.
Pyramid Rock: Fa69 p64; Fa75 p58; Fa78 p51; photo Fa80 p54; Fa07 p13.
Pyron, Jessie (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Quail: Sp66 p7; Su08 p10.
Quail Lane (GV): Wi16 p2; Sp17 p3.
Quaker Religion: Wi00 p90.
Quant Meat Market (Oak): photo Sp69 p7.
Quant Sisters Photography: Sp69 p3.
Quant, A.S. (Oak): photo Sp69 p7.
Quant, Joe (Oak): Sp77 p8.
Children: Blanch (Mrs. Albert McCulloch)
Quant, Seymore (Sut): Sp78 p24; Su21 p7.
“Quarantine”: Georgiana Heinz Lukens, Fa20 p16.
Quartz Mountain: Wi00 p78; Fa22 p12.
Quatley, Chief (Klickitat): Wi06 p14.
Queen Ann style: Sp17 p6.
Queen Anne Enterprises: Sp12 p23.
“Queen for a Day” TV program: Sp87 p6.
“Queen of Prune City” Roseburg Movie: Fa91 p59.
Quentiousa, Chief: Wi66 p2.
Quesnel, Frank (Grande Ronde Police Captain): photo Wi84 p86.
Quest, Bea: Fa22 p3.
Quick Sand River: See Ten Mile Creek.
Quicksilver aka Mercury: Sp12 p17.
Quimgy (Quimby?), Lloyd: Wi03 p29.
Quine, Judge: Su23 p13.
Quine, warden: Su08 p15.
Quine, Ellen: Su85 p30.
Quine, Evelyn (Ros): photo Wi86 p93.
Quine, G.K. (Rid): Fa74 p58.
Quine George, Sheriff: Wi71 p94; Su84 p46; Su85 p30; Sp97 p17; Wi09 p20.
Quine, Henry & Elizabeth (UCC): Su80 p38; Su85 p35.
Quinelle, Frank: Su74 p36.
Quines Creek Cemetery (Aza): Wi11 p13; Sp12 p13.
Quinine Conk: Fa01 p64.
Quintal Brothers (Milo): Sp89 p21.
Quintal, Lawrence (Milo): Sp89 p21.
Quintal, Laurent & Marie Ann Napassant (HBC)(Cala): Fa67 p13; Su74 pp34,35.
Children: Toussaint Quintal (Sam Chantell) Su74 p35.
Quintal, Toussaint: see Sam Chantell(e).


Quirey, Lily Tipton: Fa04 p22; Wi04 p9.
Quirk, J.T.: Su71 p48.
Quist, Gary & Janice: Sp16 p19.
Quit Claim Deed – Samuel Gordon to Salathiel Hamilton: Sp03 p6.
Quorum, Eileen (MC): Su76 p32.
R.E. Noah & Co. (Ros): Fa92 p52.
R & L Shell Service (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Rabun, Pernie: photo, Wi01 pp82,83.
Children: Phala (Mrs. Glen L. Young) photo Wi01 p82.
Rackett Store (Oak): Sp77 p10,11.
Rackett, Ned (Oak): Sp77 p10.
Rackett, Neff & Joy (Oak): Sp77 p10,11.
Rackleff Mills: Wi72 p84; Sp02 p22,23.
Rackleff, Alexander: Sp02 pp21,22.
Rackleff, Charles: Su78 p35.
Rackleff, Edward: Su78 p31.
Rackleff, William Edward Jr. & Cordelia Ransom (Sb): Su75 p34; Su78 p31 et seq.; Wi78 p82 et
seq.; Cover Sp02 p2,21,22, photo 23.
Children: Edward, Mary, Anna, “Annie”, William, Charles, Ralph R. George, Lyman, Nelson,
Ellen (Mrs. Charles Angel), Owen Sp02 p23.
“William E. Rackleff”: William M. Barber Sp02 pp21-23.
“A Copy of My Father’s Diary”: Su78 p31-48, Fa78 p56-72, Wi78 pp82-86, Edward Rackleff
Rackleff, Capt. William R. Sr. & Mary: Su75 p34; photo Su78 p39; Sp02 p21,22.
Children: William Edward, Jane (later Mrs. James Clark) twin daughters Susan & Sarah.
Radabaugh, Donn & Edith.: Sp87 pp5, et seq.; Fa00 p71; Sp13 p11; Su13 p12.
Radcliff, Sean Thomas: Wi22 p3.
Radio KORE: Fa10 pp6,7.
Radio KRNR: Fa86 p51; Sp87 p5; Fa91 p51,55; Fa00 pp54,71; Su09 p20; Fa10 pp7,9; Wi20 p21;
Fa21 p21; Sp22 pp11,12; Fa22 p22.
Radio KRSB: Fa10 p9.
Radio KRXL: Sp87 p11; Fa10 p7.
Radio KQEN: Sp87 p11; Sp99 p21; Su03 p38; Fa10 pp7,9.
Radio KUGN, Eugene: Su09 p21.
Radio KYES: Wi08.
Radmore, Rev. John (MC): Sp83 p19.
Rae, William Glenn & Mary Louisa McLaughlin (HBC): Sp66 p13 et seq.
Ragsdale, John: Su70 p39 et seq.
Railroad Addition (Ros): Wi85 p75.
Railroad gang car: photo Wi80 p80.
Railroad Gulch (Dil): Fa06 p6.
Railroad track turntable: Wi72 p75.
Railroad track “wye”: Wi72 p75.
Railroad Trestle; Winchester with stats, photo Wi85 p78.


Railway Club: Fa22 p7.
Raimey Bros.: Wi85 p75.
Rainbow Dairy: Wi09 p7.
Rainbow Gardens, Winchester: Su05 p4.
Rainbow Tavern (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Rains, Gabriel J., Maj.: Wi69 p94; Sp16 p5.
Rainville Gravesite (Til): Sp12 p13.
Rainville, Joe (Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Rainwater, Anna nee Berks: Wi71 p74; Wi73 p78.
Raitt, G. Clinton (Sut): Su78 p29.
Rakeman, Carl: Sp71 p9.
Rall, Bert (Oak): Sp77 p10.
Ralston, Jan: Sp21 p27; Fa22 p3; Su23 p3.
Ramberg, Emil (Ros): Fa86 p53.
Ramey, Andrew (Glen): Su85 p45.
Ramp, Floyd (Ros): Wi20 p22.
Ramsey, Alexander: Sp71 p12(misspelled here, ed) et seq.; Su71 photo p38.
Ramey, Lewis, Louis (Ros): Wi93 pp87,92.
Ramsey, Josiah: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Ramsey, William E. & Sarah Jane Gazley: Wi91 p93.
“Ranching at Summit Prairie”: Sp89 p16-23, Robert Wright
Rand Theater, Sutherlin: Su13 p3, photo p4.
Rand, Velma Crocker: Fa95 p54.
Randall, Frances Sutherlin: Sp88 p12.
Randle, Ed: Su13 pp3,5.
Randolph, Ore.: Su69 p27, et seq.; Wi91 p93.
Randolph, Mable Gilkeson (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Raney, Louis (Ros): Su12 p6.
Ranne, Peter: Su65 pp9,12.
Ransom, Cordelia (Mrs. William E. Rackleff): photo Su78 p36; Sp02 p22.
Ransom, David W. & Charlotte: Sp76 p13; Wi91 p75, et seq. mini bio p95; Fa99 p66; Sp15
Children: Ora (Ira), Fannie, David Jr., Jay, Finn, Adelaide, David Wi91 p95.
Ransom, William Clark, Dr. & Anna Jane Jenkins (Elk): Wi72 p91; photo Su78 p44; Wi78 p82;
Sp02 p22.
Children: Cordelia E. (later Mrs. William E. Rackleff), Indiana Harriett “Nanny” (Mrs. Daniel
Giles) Wi78 p82.
Rapelje, W.F. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Rapp, Harry: Sp68 p17; Fa83 p64; Fa85 p57; Wi87 p74.
Rapp, Louis (Kel): Fa67 p23; Wi67 pp20,21; Sp73 p13; Su88 p31.
Rapp’s Drug Store: Sp00 p13.
Rasmussen, Marie: Sp08 p16, et seq.; Cover sketch Su21, p11.
Rasmussen Bar (MUmp): Wi83 p91
Rasmussen Ranch (old) (WoV): Wi11 p16.


Rasor, Hank (Rid): Su71 photo p31.
Rast Brewery (Ros): Su91 p36.
Rast & Criteser Grist Mill: Su75 p47.
Rast, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5.
Rast, Gertrude: Sp03 p4; photo Wi12 p17.
Rast, John G. & dau. Of Isaac Jones (Ros): Wi72 p80; Su73 p26; Fa75 pp69,70.
Rast, Maude: photo Su21 p4.
Rast, Mrs. Regina: Sp08 p5.
Rathburn, Oscar L. (Cal): Sp94 p3.
Ratliff family: Su00 p44.
Rattlesnakes: Sp66 p13; Fa67 p11,13; Sp68 p23; Su74 p40; Fa76 p60; Sp82 p15; Wi91 p92; Fa01
Rattlesnake Creek (DrCk): Su02 p28.
Rattlesnake Point (Cow Creek Canyon): photo Wi70 p76.
Rattlesnake Rock (NUmp): cover Fa90 p50.
Rattner, Lucy Hutchinson: Su81 p42.
Rauch, Ray & Edna (Ros): Sp68 p12; Fa70 p58; Su78 p30; Fa78 p54; photo Fa83 p64; Su91 p40;
Fa91 p69; Su03 p39; Wi08 p8; Wi12 p20.
“Rawhide Railroad, The” by George Estes: Su81 p32; Sp16 p12.
Rawley, John: Fa06 p3.
Rawson, Cyrus, Rev. (CaV): Wi92 p88.
Ray, J.H.(Oak): Sp75 p13.
Ray, Johnny: Su88 p46.
Raymond, S. K. Rev. Dr.: Su01 pp40,47.
Raymond, William W.: mini bio Su16 p3.
Raynor, James O. “Rannie”, Rev: Fa79 pp56, et seq.; Su93 p30; Fa09 p4.
Ray’s Suit Shop (Ros); Ray Ward Fa91 p61.
“Reader’s Digest”: Fa10 p8; Su19 p7.
Reams, A. W. Family (Np): Wi03 pp24,25,27.
Rebekas: Wi12 p6,13; Sp13 p10; Fa15 p10; Sp22 p18.
“Recollections – An Informal History of the Roseburg BLM District”: Jim Hart Fa01 p51.
“Recollections of the Trip – Iowa to Oregon”: John. H. Scott Wi71 p75-84.
Record, Walter A. & Emma G. (UC): Sp93 p16.
Rector, W.H.: Su74 pp39,40.
Red & White Grocery: Su79 p43; photo Fa91 p60; Sp22 p19.
Red Arrow Freight: Su92 p34.
Red Barn Restaurant (Gl): Fa90 pp54,58; Fa01 p67.
Red Butte: lookout, Fa01 p59; Wi19 pp3,4.
Red Cross: Su88 p26; Sp00 p14; Sp16 p19; Wi23 p13.
Red Cross Pharmacy (Ros): photo Wi86 p87; Fa91 p53.
Red Front, the, (Ros): Sp86 p6; Su06 p20.
“Red Head” contest: Sp87 p6.
Red Hill (Drew): Fa91 p88.
Red Hill, (Yon): Fa16 p6.


Red Hill Gravesite-1882 (Metz Hill): Sp12 p13.
Red Hill School: Fa16 pp6,11,18.
Red River Special: engines Fa67 p19.
Red River two-wheeled carts: Wi91 p90.
Red Rose brand prunes: photo Su91 p39.
Redding place: Su06 p9; Fa06 p11.
Redfield Bomb Sight: Fa75 p68; Wi82 p95; Su85 p35; Sp19 p17.
“Redfield Family of Cow Creek Valley”: George Abdill Wi82 p93-95.
Redfield family: Su80 p36; Sp95 p9; Sp19 p17.
Redfield, “Gent”: bio Wi82 pp93,94,95.
Children: Marlin
Redfield, John H. Jr.: Wi82 p95.
Redfield, John Watrous & Adelia Hall (UCC): Wi65 p12; Fa75 p68; Wi80 p83; Wi82 p93; Su85
p28, et seq.
Children: T.G., W.H. “Gent”, Emma (Mrs. John Wilson), John H., Samuel H., E.E., Boone,
Nettie (Mrs. W.C. Levins), James, Wi82 p93.
Redfield, Samuel H. (UCC): Wi82 p95; Su85 p28.
Redfield, William Henry “Gent” (UCC): Sp68 p10; Su85 p30.
Rediscover Roseburg Parade: Su03 p44.
Redmond, Mary (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Reed College: Fa20 p14.
Reed & Jannelle Store (Gard): Fa69 p71.
Reed-Hill Pioneer aka Wilbur Cemeter-1855: Wi11 p2; Sp12 p13.
Reed Family (Winc): Su08 p7.
Reed, sea Capt.: Robin’s dad? Su18 p18.
Reed, Adeline: Wi13 p11.
Reed, Alfred & Marjorie Holcombe: Su18 p2.
Children: Fredrick, John, Nancy (McCabe)
Reed, Alfred. W., Senator & Dame Lyons: drowning of Su66 p12; Fa69 p65,et seq.; Sp73 p11,16;
Sp84 p9; Wi97 p88; Su04 p9,10,11; Su08 p14; Sp18 p22; Su18 pp3, bio 8,9; Wi21 p15, photo
Reed, Alvin, (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Reed, Bianca (Mrs. William Grandison Hill): photo Wi68 p94; photo Sp69 p20; Su69 p34; Fa71
p67,69; Wi12 p10.
Reed, Calvin C., Dr. & Alvina (Elvira?) (DLC): Wi67 p2; Wi68 p91, photo p94 et seq.; Sp69 p17, et
seq.; Su69 p34; Death of Fa71 p67,69; Su75 p42; Wi75 p82; Fa79 p58, et seq.; Sp86 p3; mill
Wi12 p10; Su16 p4,5.
Children: Dorinda or Delinda (Mrs. Fleming Hill), George N., Calvin M. Jr., Dwight, Matt, Gay,
Bianca (Mrs. William Grandison Hill), Hortensa (Mrs. Thomas Applegate). Sp86 p3.
Reed, Calvin M. Jr. (Wil): (UAs) Fa79 p55; Sp86 p4.
Reed, Dame B. Lyons: a family history Sp18 issue.
Reed, Delinda (Mrs. Fleming R. Hill): photo Sp69 pp20,22; Su69 p34.
Reed, Dwight (UAs): Fa71 p69; Sp86 p3.
Reed, Gay (Wil): Sp86 pp6,8.


Reed, George N. (Wil): (UAs) Fa79 p55; Sp86 p4.
Reed, J. Howard, Mrs.: Wi77 p84.
Reed, James Wesley & Ellen “Nellie” S. McBride: Su18 p6.
Children: Warren Pason.
Reed, Joseph & Rachel M. Pearson or Rachel Williamson? (Oak): Sp69 p17; Su76 p45; Wi76 p95;
Sp77 p20; Su77 p30, et seq.
Reed, Mary Belle: Su18 p13.
Reed, Matt (Wil): Sp86 pp6, et seq.
Reed, Nelson (Wil): Sp86 pp6,8.
Reed, Oskar (UAs): Fa79 p55.
Reed, Reason & Nancy then Susan C.N.(Oak): Fa65 p3,4; Wi67 p4; Wi68 p95; Fa70 p56; Wi93
p75; DLC Wi11 p8; DLC Sp12 p11; Wi13 p6, et seq.; Family Cemetery p13;
Children: Joseph, Frank(?), Reason Jr., Thomas T., Adeline (Mrs. Solomon D. Williamson),
Sarah (Mrs. Carrick Barnett)
“Reason Read Family and the Building of Oakland, Oregon”: Su76 pp45-48, Fa76 p51-56,
Rolstyn D. Bridges
Reed, Robin & Eva Amrit nee Reed (No relation): Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Su18 pp4, et
Children: Mary V.
Reed, Roy: photo Wi17p18.
Reed, Samuel & Emma A. Slocum: Sp19 p9.
Children: Collins Lee, Effie, Sp19 p9.
Reed, Warren Pason & Marjorie Hatfield Wade, then Dame B. Lyons (Reed): Su69 p46; Fa69
p67,71; a family history Sp18 & Cover Su18 issue, et seq; Fa20 p19; Wi21 p18.
Children: Eva Amrit (Mrs, Robin L. Reed) photo Su18 p10 & Laura by Marjorie, photo Su18
Reed, Wave (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Reed, Westley (Reed): Fa69 p67; Su18 p2,7.
Reed, Weston: photo Wi17p18.
Reedsport, Ore.: photo Su69 p46; waterfront photo Wi98 p86; Sp00 p16; Su00 p28; Su08
p13,19; Fa10 p20; photo Su13 p11; Sp18 pp3, et seq.
Reedsport aka Masonic Cemetery: Wi11 p12; Sp12 p13.
Reedsport Fish Co.: Su18 p5.
Reedsport Garage-GMC: Wi98 p92.
Reedsport Logging Supply: Wi98 p92.
Reedsport Lumber Co.: Su18 p6.
Reedsport Post Office: Fa11 p15.
Rees, G.W. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Reese, Ed “Jiggs”: Su02 pp29,40.
Reese, John (CS): Sp78 p20.
Reets, W.G. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Reeves, S.C., Sea Capt.: Su65 p13.
Reeves & Dupper Logging: Fa01 p56.
Reeves: engines Fa67 p19.


“Reflex” Magazine: Wi65 p13.
Regal Cinemas: Su13 pp18,21.
Rehley, Pastor: Wi09 p23; Wi13 p23.
Reid, Thomas C. (Gard): Fa69 p61.
Reidel, D.W. (Ros): Su95 p30.
“Reindeer”: Fa66 p6; Sp02 p17; Fa13 p5,21.
Reinhart, Charles & Elizabeth Painter: Sp67 p13,16; Fa67 p9; Su85
Reinhart, Herman Francis: Sp67 p13 et seq.; Fa67 p9; Sp69 p16; Su85 p33,37; Fa93
p55; Fa13 p3; Fa19 p15.
Reining, George: (UCC): Su85 pp35.
Reizenstein, Mrs. (Ros): Su99 p27.
“Remembering a Teenage Tour of Downtown Roseburg”: Tom Dillard Su09 p3-9.
Remington Arms: Wi75 p88; .30 caliber Su14 p9; breech loading Wi16 p6.
Remley, Jim: Su13 p17.
Remoderns, LLC: Sp21 p23.
Remote, Ore.: landslide Fa10 p9.
Remy, Karl: Fa01 p55.
Renfro, W.J. & Mrs.: Sp17 p17.
Renner, Elizabeth: photo Fa00 p70.
Renner, Mrs. (Ros): Su81 p31.
Renter, Jackob: murder of Su08 p18.
Reo Automobile: Sp73 p5; Fa90 p62.
Reppstein, Joyce (Later Doig): photo Fa10 p12.
Repsteger, Julius (Elk): Su94 p40.
Republic truck: Sp73 p8.
Republican Party: Sp93 p3; Wi01 p86,87,89; Sp07 p7; Sp09 p18.
“Requiem for a People”: Stephen Dow Beckham Su71 p36.
Reservoir Hill: Wi72 p75; Fa04 p10; Fa06 p19.
Resort Saloon (Ros): photo Fa89 p54.
“Restless”, the stern wheel steamer: Fa65 p16; Fa69 p67,68: Fa07 photo p11; Su18 p7,18.
Reston, Ore.: Su75 p39; Sp79 p2; Sp06 p6; Fa08 p6; Stage Stop Su09 pp13,16; Fa09 p21; Fa11
Reston Post Office: Fa11 p11,18.
Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP): Wi02 p80; Sp03 p47.
Retired Teacher’s Assoc.: Wi12 p13,14.
“Return to “Then”: Charles L. Beckley Wi94 p75-85.
Rexford, Belle (Ros): Fa20 p6.
Reubasco, John: Su65 p12.
Restore Oregon: Wi15 p23; Su16 p22.
Reuben Post Office: Su11 p21; Fa11 p11.
“Rev. A.L.J. Todd, Pioneer Circuit Rider”: Su70 p35-48, continued Fa70 p59-72; continued Wi70
“Review of 75 Years. In Sunshine and in Shadow”: Binger Hermann Su86 pp27-38.
Reymers, Fern (Ros): Fa91 p59.


Reynolds, Dave: Fa10 p9.
Reynolds, Ray (MC): Su76 p32.
Reynolds, “Red”: Sp22 p9.
Rhoades, Elias & Alice O. Dysinger (Ros): Fa85 pp66,68.
Rhode, Martin: Fa21 p21.
Rhodes, Capt. (’53 RIW): Wi06 p20.
Rhodes, G.W.: Su75 p34.
Rhodes, John: (Kel) Sp73 p18; Fa99 p66.
Rhoads Grocery (Ros): Fa84 p65.
Rice Brothers and Adams (MC): building Sp13 photos pp14,15; Sp91 p3.
Rice Brothers Logging: Wi01 p83.
Rice Bros. Theater (MC): Sp91 p5.
Rice Cabin: Wi69 photo p77; Fa75 p66.
Rice Creek (Crystal Creek): Wi69 p75,86; school photo Su86 p40; Wi01 p78, photo 79; Su06 p9;
fishing Fa06 p6,14.
Rice Creek School: Fa06 p3,8.
Rice Gulch: Wi01 p80.
Rice Hill, Ore.: RR turntable & wye track Wi72 p75; Sp91 p3; Grange Hall Su05 p4; Drive-in Wi09
p14; Sp12 p17; Wi12 p13.
Rice Hill Post Office: Fa11 p5,11.
Rice Hill School: photo Su73 p32.
Rice & Adams Mercantile Co. (MC): Sp91 3.
Rice & Orcutt: Su89 p26.
Rice & Rice Furniture (Ros): Fa94 p51.
Rice & Rice Meat Market (Ros): photo Fa85 p54.
Rice Valley: Fa11 p11.
(There are three extensive and separate Rice families in Douglas County. Keeping them straight
is a problem.)
“Rice’s Cabin, Battle at”: Della Rice Crawford, survivor, Wi69 p75-86; Wi70 p83.
Rice Family: Wi01 pp75, et seq.; cabin door Su03 p50.
Rice Family Cabin (MC): Fa14 p23.
Rice Family (Dil): Sp91 p10.
Rice family: Wi01 pp76,78.
Rice Family Cemetery (RH): Sp12 p13.
Rice-Marsh Family Cemetery: Sp12 p13.
Rice, Abner Sr. & Vera Phipps (Dil): photo Fa67 p10; Wi89 p95; Wi01 p80; Fa06 pp8,9.
Children: Abner Jr., Hoy, Vic, Wi01 p83.
Rice, Abner Jr. & Betty Young (CH): Wi01 pp78,81, 25 th anniversary photo, 82,83; Fa06 pp8,9.
Children: Glenda (later Mrs. Gary Kennerly) photo Wi01 p82.
Rice, Adelia “Della” A. (Crawford): Wi01 p75.
Rice, Agnes “Aggie” M. (later Winston): Wi69 p76 photo p85; Su74 p41; Wi01 pp75,80.
Rice, Alton & Lela or Lila Phipps (Dil): photo Fa67 p10; Wi89 p95, Wi01 p80; Fa06 pp8,9.
Rice, Augusta Ann & Mary (Oak): Sp73 p22.
Rice, Alice C. (later Riddle): Wi69 p76; Wi01 pp75,80.


Rice, Anna M. (Riddle): Wi69 p76; Wi01 pp75,80.
Rice, Arthur: Fa89 p62.
Rice, Austin (Dil): Wi69 p76, et seq; Wi70 p84; Su74 pp41,44; Fa75 p66; Wi89 p92; Wi01
Rice, Beatrice (Later Davis): Su74 p41.
Rice, Betty Young: Wi01 pp78,81.
Rice, Bill & Clementine: Fa08 p8,9; Wi12 p21; family cabin photo Fa14 p23; Fa15
photo p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Su16 p17; Wi17 p23.
Rice, Charles, Rev. (Ros): Wi82 p75.
Rice, Charles W. & Mrs. (MC): Fa82 p66; Sp83 p19.
Rice, Claude Thayer; Wi01 p76.
Rice, Della A. (Mrs. James J. Crawford): Wi69 p76; Su74 p41; Wi01 pp75,76.
Rice, Dexter & Mrs.: Sp68 photo p11; Wi86 p82; Wi88 p78; Cover & mini bio Su89 p26; Wi90
p93; Sp99 p4; Wi08 p6; Su14 pp14,16; Fa14 pp6,18,19; Sp20 p6.
Child: Iris (Mrs. D.W. Helliwell) Sp68 p11; Wi86 p82.
Rice, Dorthy (Mansfield) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Rice, Earnest L. & Nettie Bolsinger (Dil): Wi69 p77; Fa74 p65; Wi01 pp76,80.
Rice, Edith: Fa71 p69; Wi01 p78.
Rice, Edith E. W.: Wi01 pp78,80.
Rice, Ervin: Sp12 p13.
Rice, Eva Samantha: Wi69 p76; Wi01 pp75, et seq.
Rice, Harry (MC): Fa83 p71; Sp91 p3.
Rice, Harrison & Martha Ann Willis (WiCk-RiCk): Wi69 p75 et seq. photo p79; Wi70 p83; Sp71
p17; Su74 p41; Fa75 p66; Fa76 pp63,69; Su89 p36,45; Wi89 p95; Sp91 p3; Wi01 pp75,76,
photo 77, et seq.
Children: Sylvester W., Adelia A. “Della” (later Crawford), Anna M. (later Riddle), Alice C.
(Mrs. Abner Riddle), Agnes M. “Aggie” (Mrs. W.C. Winston) Eva Samantha, Sarah E.W.,
Ernest L., Edith E.W., Wi01 pp76,80.
Rice, Hoy: Wi01 p83.
Rice, I. (UC): Fa75 p60; Sp80 p8.
Rice, Ica F. (Ros): photo Sp68 p11.
Children: Dexter photo Sp6 p11
Rice, Iris (Mrs. D.W. Helliwell): Sp68 p11; Sp22 p3.
Rice, Isadore F. & Mary L. Snowden Wi75 p75; Wi87 p93; Fa11 p11.
Rice, J.A. (MC): Fa74 p63.
Rice, James Ellis & Nancy Blair (Sut): Fa71 p69; Su72 p32; Wi76 p90,95; Fa80 p66.
Children: Edith, James.
Rice, Jessie Simpson: Fa92 p55.
Rice, John & Roxanna Waite (Rice Gulch): Wi69 pp75,76; Wi01 pp75,80.
Children: Harrison, Austin, Wi01 p75 plus six more Wi69 p75.
Rice, John Stamper & Elizabeth Conwell Beck (MC): bio of Sp88 p3 photo p4.
Children: Elizabeth Abigail (later Phillips), Joseph Christian, Mary Margaret Victoria,
Catherine (Kate) Albina.
“Rice, John Stamper”: Sp88 pp3-7, Jennie Deardorff.


Rice, Joseph (MC): Wi20 p4.
Rice, Josephine Bell (RV): photo Sp80 p12.
Rice, Larkin & Mrs. (IP): Wi86 p84; Fa92 p63.
Rice, Laurie L. (Mrs. Adam Castor)(RH): Sp80 p3.
Rice, Louisa: Su89 p26.
Rice, Martha Ann (Dil): Wi69 p77.
Rice, Moses, Atty. (Ros): Sp91 p3.
Rice, Napoleon, Atty.& Mrs. (Ros): Su89 p26; Sp91 p3; Sp99 p4; Sp08 photo p6; Wi08 p6.
Rice, Robert (Tm): Wi83 p77.
Rice, Roy & Jessie Laurance: photo Wi69 p77,83; Fa92 p58; Wi01 p83.
Rice, Sarah E. W.: Wi01 p80.
Rice, Street (Oak): Wi66 p15; Su77 p45.
Rice, Sylvester W. & Emma Thayer (Port): Wi69 p76,78, photo p80; Su74 p42; Fa75 p66; Wi89
p91; Wi01 pp75,76,80.
Children: Claude Thayer Wi01 p76.
Rice, Ted & Cordelia Chapin (MC): photo Su82 p39.
Rice, Vera Phipps (RiCk): Wi89 p95; Sp06 p14.
Rice, Victor J. (MC): Wi01 p83.
Rice, William Moses (RWV) & Mary Ann Prouty (Oak-RH): Sp91 pp3,5.
Children: Harry, Jim, Moses, Mercy (Buell), youngest of 9; Sp91 p3.
Rice, William Street. & Mary (RH): Sp80 pp11, family photo 12; Su10 p16; Fa11 p11.
Children: Orland, Isidor R., Josephine, Udora Lewis & niece Fra. W. Leclair;
Rich, Larry, Mayor: Sp08 p19.
Rich, Samuel (Sb): Wi74 p80; Wi90 p81; DLC Su00 p28; Sp02 pp4,15,16.
Richard, William (UCC): Su85 p35; Sp15 p4.
Richards Peak: Wi11 p15.
Richards Place (Brk): Sp06 p12.
Richards, Mrs.; Su01 pp31, et seq.
Richards Family Cemetery-1873 (Win): Sp12 p13.
Richards, Edgar & Mary Alice Westenheiser (Yon): Su82 p27; photo Fa16 p11.
Children: Bernice, Vanita Fa16 p11.
Richards, Edward I. (Cala): Fa88 pp55,63.
Richards, Harry (Yon): Su82 p27.
Richards, James & Mary (Cala): Fa88 pp55,63.
Richards, John A. & Francis (Tm): Fa76 p63,69; DLC Sp12 p13.
Children: Jasper H., Newton J., Sarah Jane (later Bounds), Mary Francis (Later Lewis)
Richards, John J. & Eva Martha Pepiot: Wi03 pp10 et seq.
Children: Waitha Marie (later Kirby), John Bud, Ruth Cecilia (later Laurance then Cramer),
Wi03 p20.
Richards, Leverett: Story by Wi08 p15.
Richards, William Edgar & Mary Alice Westenhiser: Su82 p27; Fa88 p55: photos Fa16 p11, 18 &
Children: Bernice (Mrs. Ed Merk), Vanita Fa16 p11, Malcom, Mildred Fa16 p18.
Richardson Family: Sp16 p4.


Richardson, P., Rev. (Cala): Fa88 p58.
Richardson, F.W.: Sp76 p8.
Children: Marinda (Mrs. Jackson Wright)
Richardson, Henry (Ros): Fa00 p52; Wi20 p8.
Richardson, J.R. (UC): Sp93 p20.
Richardson, Lucy (Mrs. Brown then Mrs. Fendel Sutherlin): Fa71 p69.
Richmond Automobile: Su73 p46.
Richmond Packing, Smith River: Su08 p13.
Richter Mt. (Drew): Su20 p12.
Richter, Mr. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Richter, Elva (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Rickard, Aileen Barker: Sp97 p18.
Ricker, Emma E. (SR): Wi75 p82.
Ricketts Music Store (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa91 p59.
Ricks, Mr.: Su16 p8.
Riddle, Ore. (Riddles station): Fa68 p72; Wi68 p74; photo Su69 p39; Fa01 p52,55; Wi02 p77;
Su05 p9; Fa11 p8,14; Wi12 p13; Su13 p14.
Riddle Band: Sp92 p9.
Riddle-Canyonville Road: Sp11 p10.
Riddle Cemetery-1855: Wi11 p2; Sp12 p13.
Riddle Concert Band: Su71 p30, photo p34.
Riddle Garden Club Wi12 p14.
Riddle High School: Sp80 p16; Fa02 p51.
Riddle House: photo Su69 p39; Wi76 p74.
Riddle Masonic Lodge: photo Su69 p39; Wi76 p74.
Riddle Post Office: Fa75 p67.
Riddle Rod and Gun Club: Annual BBQ story w/photos Su71 p27 et seq.
Riddle Union Church: cover Wi70 p74.
Riddle Family: Su07 p7.
Riddle, Abner & Alice C. Rice: photo Wi69 p84; Fa74 p54, prune dryer photo p55; Su83 p45.
Children: Claude Wi69 p85, Ernest D. Fa74 pp54,55.
Riddle, Claude: Fa66 p2; Wi67 p15; Wi69 p85; Su74 p48; Su82 p39; Su83 p45; Wi91 p90.
Riddle, Ernest D.: Su71 photo p30; Fa74 pp54,56; Wi91 p90.
Riddle, Fred: Fa74 p58.
Riddle, George W. Judge & Mrs. (Ros): Sp67 p14; Fa68 p72; Sp69 p17; Wi70 p82; Wi71 p89;
Fa74 p58; Sp75 pp4,8,10; Fa76 p71; Sp80 p14; Sp83 p7; Sp01 p13,23; Fa06 p11; Fa09 p5;
Wi11 p7; Fa13 p3; Fa19 p4.
Riddle, Helena, Miss: Wi66 p24; Wi69 p76,77; Wi70 p80; Su71 p30; Fa74 p55; Wi81 p91; Sp82
Riddle, Ira B. & Mrs. (Ros): Su83 pp29,31; Wi86 p82; photo Wi12 p17; Wi16 p16.
Riddle, John Bouseman: Fa74 p54.
Riddle, Julius: Fa20 p6.
Riddle, Stilly & Mrs. nee Smyth: Fa66 p17; Fa74 pp56,58; Su80 p46.
Riddle, William H. & Maximilia: Wi66 p2; Sp67 pp13,14; Su68 p35; Wi69 p84; Wi70

p79 (Herman Francis & Charlie Reinhart were in this train also), photo p80,83; Fa75 p67;
Su81 p44; Sp83 p7; Su10 p17.
Children: four + Tabressilia, Su10 p17.
Riddle, Walter: Fa74 p58.
Riddles: Su05 p7; Fa11 p14.
Ridenour, David & Eliza Downen (FS): Wi83 pp74, et seq., photo 87.
Children: Elizabeth Ann
Ridenour, George (CoV): Wi83 p77.
Ridenour, Henry: Wi83 p81.
Ridenour, Timothy (CoV): Wi83 pp77,78.
Rideout, J.B., Rev.: Sp99 p8.
Ridgeway, Robert: Fa20 p10.
Ridley, George (Oak): Su77 p34.
Ridoubs, George (BR): Fa05 pp6,7.
Riedle, D.W.: Wi20 p10.
Riezenstein, Mrs.: Su09 p3.
Riffles, The: Wi23 p13.
Rifle Range Road: Wi11 p11.
“Right Course of Action, The”: Don Good Fa09 p16-17.
“Right for the Wrong Reason”: Ray Doerner Fa97 p51.
Riley, Bill & Ruth (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Jeanette, Sharril, Jimmy.
Riley, Fred & Audrey (Oak-Elk): Sp73 p5; Fa76 p50; Fa81 p51; Fa83 p55.
Riley, Jim (Elk): Su94 p40.
Children: Lester.
Rigby, Pat: Sp04 p23.
Riggs & Patterson Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27.
Riggs, James B. (Yon): Wi75 p91.
Riggs, Solomon (NA): Fa19 p4; Fa21 p15.
Rinehard, H.G. (H.F. Reinhart?): Fa79 p63.
Rinearson, Capt. (RWV): Wi77 p89.
Ring, Adeline Lanagan (Ros): Wi92 p91.
Rio Theater (MC): Sp13 photos pp17,18.
“Ripley’s Believe or Not”: Douglas County has over 3000 bridges, 1919 Sp92 p5; Wi21 p13; Fa23
“Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbons: Wi01 p92.
Ritchey Gravesite (Dr): Sp12 p14.
Ritchie, Jean (Ros): photo Fa95 p55.
Ritchie, LaBrie: Fa87 p61; Su96 p37; Sp98 p2.
Ritchie, Mike: Su05 p13.
Riteman, Frank (LL): Sp97 pp5,11.
Ritter, “Dutch” (Milo): Cover Fa82 p50.
Ritter, M. E. (Coroner) & Mrs.: Sp68 p16; Su14 pp8,9.
Ritter, Joe & Mildred (Cnv): Sp13 p17.


Ritter, Johnny (Ros): Su81 p31.
Ritter Theater (Cnv): Sp13 photo pp17,20.
Ritzman, Dora Larson: Wi96 p80.
“Rival” bark: Sp69 p2.
Rivard, Joseph: Su15 p12.
Rives, Wright, Lt.: Sp65 p15; Su00 p35.
River View Terrace: Fa07 p19.
Rivers West Campground: Su14 p7.
Riversdale: Su05 p11; Wi16 p8; photo Sp17 p5.
Riversdale Farm: Su04 p11; Wi16 p8; Sp17 p4.
Riversdale Sanitarium (Curry Manor): Fa21 pp7,12.
Riversdale School, Academy aka Digger Squirrel or Squirrel Hill Academy (GV): Fa77 p51, photo
52,53; photo Wi86 p76; Cover Fa91 p50.
Riverside School (Eden): Su91 p34.
Riverside Store: Su91 p35.
Roach, Rev.: Sp99 p4.
“Road Viewers, The”: Wi91 p93.
“Roads”: Su92 p47 by Henry J. Denn.
Roadman, Arthur: Su05 p6.
Roadman, David: photo Fa10 p12.
Roadman, Joanne (later Clark): Fa10 p12.
Roadman, Mr.: Sp19 p15.
Roadman, Ted: Su05 p6.
Roaring Camp Covered Bridge: Wi10 photo p11; Sp11 p3.
Roaring Camp Roadhouse: Wi10 p11.
Robbins, Gene & Marguarite (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Charles, Vernon
Robbins, Harvey: Wi77 pp88,92.
Robbins, Leonard (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Robbins, Orlando “Rube”: Fa66 p17.
Robbins, Robert “Bob” E. & Jeffi: Fa08 p19; Fa10 p10 et seq.
Rober, Mabel: Sp22 p3.
Robert A. Booth Bridge (Winc): Wi75 p83.
Roberts (Jesse) & Lockhart Grocery (Cnv): Wi93 p76.
Roberts Bridge: Su05 p9.
Roberts Creek: church Fa70 p65; Wi80 p79; Sp06 p19; Sp12 p17; Wi20 p10.
Roberts Creek Ranch: Wi70 p79; Fa00 p60.
Roberts Creek Road: Sp06 p19; Fa10 p19; Wi11 p13.
Roberts Mountain, Hill: Su67 pp20,21; Wi68 p95; Sp71 p10,12; Fa74 p50; Fa75 p57; Wi75 p93;
Wi80 p79; Sp85 p13; Fa87 p51; Wi89 p75; Wi96 p80; Wi01 p81; Su06 pp7,21; Fa06 p21; Sp19
p13; photo Su21 p16.
Roberts Saloon (Elk): Sp67 p23.
Robert’s School of Business: Su19 p32.
Roberts, Mrs. C.E. (Ros): Fa20 p13.


Roberts, Charles: Sp74 p21.
Roberts, C.H., Prof.: Fa72 p53.
Roberts, D.E., Mrs.: Wi71 p94.
Roberts, Daisy: photo Sp78 p5.
Roberts, F.M.: Wi84 p81.
Roberts, Fairfax Martin (Sal): Wi77 pp75,76,77; Sp78 p13; Wi93 p78.
Roberts, Frances Martin: Wi77 pp76,87,90.
Roberts, Frank (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Roberts, George (son of Jesse): & Frances Martin “Mollie” (Dau. of Col. W.J. Martin) Fa67 p3;
photo Wi77 p87.
Roberts, George & Fannie Miller Martin (Glen): Wi93 p78.
Children: Pearl Frank, Wi93 p78.
Roberts, George & Shirley Sefton (Yon): Sp81 p20.
Roberts, Glen E.: Su84 p46.
Roberts, Jep (Jesse?): Fa99 p66.
Roberts, Jesse & Jane: Fa67 p3; Wi70 p79 (info about hotel is in error. Jesse came to Canyonville
in 1858) p81 (also a bad Date, Coffee Creek mines were 1858, not 1851. Ed.) et seq.; Fa75
p57; Fa76 pp64,71; Wi76 p86; Su79 pp44,47; Wi93 p75; Fa99 p57; Su10 p17; Su21 pp16,17.
Children: George, nine Su10 p17.
Roberts, Joe (Kel): Fa81 p68; Su88 p33.
Roberts, Joseph: photo Sp78 p11; DLC Wi11 p7.
Roberts, Loyd (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Roberts, Mildred: Wi66 p24.
Roberts, Nelson & Ruby (Cnv): Su10 p17.
Roberts, Perle Frank: photo Wi77 p90; photos Sp78 p5,11; Wi93 p78.
Children: Fairfax Martin, Wi93 p78.
Robertson Crossing (MUmp): Wi90 p76.
Robertson, Daniel (DCM): Su84 p27; Fa89 p51.
Robertson, Doug (Ros): Wi82 p92.
Robertson, Jarvis (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Robertson, John (Do. Co. Hist. Soc.): Fa09 p10; Wi09 p23; Fa14 photo p23; Fa15 photo p23;
Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23.
Robertson, John (MC): Wi87 p77.
Robertson, Johnny Shell Station: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5.
Robertson, M.M. & Rose Ann: Sp22 p20.
Robertson, Wally (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Robertson or Robinson, William R.: Fa76 pp63,69.
Robinett, Hezekiah J. & Cordelia (Nofog): Wi86 p79; Fa92 pp61,63; Fa11 p8.
Children: 5
Robins, Robert E. (Ros): Fa08 p19.
Robins, Will (Dil): Sp91 p2.
Robinson Co.: engines Fa67 p19.
Robinson Hotel or Robison (Elk): Wi72 pp88,89,91.
Robinson, Mrs. (Elk): Fa81 p51.


Children: Ida (Thomas).
Robinson, Bradford & Mary (Ros): Sp67 p16 et seq; Su67 pp16,17, Sp76 p20.
Robinson, Eli (J of P) Bradford & Mary: Sp67 p14; Su67 p16; Sp76 p12.
Robinson, Fredrick D. (Ros): Sp67 p17.
Robinson, Pearl Rose: Sp22 p22.
Robinson (Robison?) Joseph & Martha (Elk): Wi72 p88.
Robinson, Robbie: Sp21 p16.
Robinson, Thomas (Kel): Fa99 p63.
Robison, C.C. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Rochdale Grocery Store (Ros): Fa77 p59; Wi88 p75; Wi23 p5 .
Rochester Covered Bridge over Calapooia Creek: Cover Sp92 p2; Cover Wi10 p2, photos 12.
Rochester: Grist Mill Sp65 pp3,16 photo p17; oil well cover Fa80 p50; Fa88 pp50,62 photo p66;
Su05 p12; photo Sp06 p22;
“Rochester Grist Mill, The” A. Louis Eggleton Sp65 pp16-20.
Rock Creek (Mump): Wi11 p21.
Rock Creek (NUmp): Sp76 p16; Wi00 p76; Fa01 pp51, et seq.; Fa08 pp10,11.
Rock Creek Covered Bridge (NUmp): photo Wi10 p20
Rock Creek (Dr): Su73 p47; Su08 p3.
Rock Creek Fish Hatchery: on map Fa92 p60; photo Fa08 p13; Su23 p7.
Rock Island Lumber (Np): Wi03 p23.
Rock Point (Gold Hill): Fa09 p22.
Rockefeller, Nelson: Fa10 p8.
Rockell, Almon (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Rockland: Post Office Fa11 p11.
Rockney, Cynthia: See Wilson, Dan & Cynthia.
Rocky Ford (WC): Su74 p42.
Rocky Mountain Fur Co.: Sp65 p2.
Rocky Starr and his Western Dance Band: Sp22 p6.
Rodgers, Yvonne: Sp12 p23.
Roeder, Harvey & Catherine Hebard Mohr (Mwd): Fa93 p65.
Children: John Fa93 p65.
Rogers Place (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Rogers, Amos E., PM (Ump. City): Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83; Fa11 p16.
Rogers, Clyde (Ros): Wi09 p8.
Rogers, Dr. Heart and Tonic: Wi15 p13.
Rogers, Francis H. :(Gard): Fa69 p61.
Rogers, Harrison G.: Su65 p7, et seq.
Rogers, J.P.: Wi78 p75.
Rogers, Roy: Sp22 p6.
Rogue Indians: Sp69 p19; Su69 p31; Wi06 p14; Fa18 p3,11.
Rogue Indian War 1851-53: Wi70 p81; wars Su74 p34; Wi84 p80; Wi01 p91; Wi06 p14, 1851
treaty 14,15,20; wars Sp07 p3,5; Wi11 p14; Fa12 p9; Wi14 p15.
Rogue Indian War 1855-56: Wi69 p89; Fa70 p51; Su74 p34 (error, over in summer of 1856,
not 1855); Sp75 p3-10; Wi84 p85; Sp07 p5; Su10 pp8,9; Wi82 p93; Wi14 p8,15; Sp16 p11.

Rogue River & Valley: Su00 p29; Sp02 p6; Wi06 p18; Sp10 p19; Su10 p4; Wi14 p15; Fa19 p8.
Rogue River Creamery: Su21 pp3,5; Fa21 p5,11.
Rogue-Umpqua Divide: Sp89 p16; Fa01 p58; Su20 p13.
Roman, Mark & Lori: Wi12 p21.
Rondeau Cemetery (Til): Wi91 p94; Sp12 p14.
Rondeau Family Cemetery (Aza): Sp12 p14.
Rondeau, Mr.: Wi19 photo p19.
Rondeau, Cindy (Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Rondeau, Clara (Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Rondeau, Edward: photo Su15 p10.
Rondeau, Frances (Corder)(Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Rondeau, G.B. & Ellen Parrizoo (Parazoo): Fa72 p53.
Rondeau, G.R. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Rondeau, George “Gans” & Marguerite Dumont: Wi93 p77; photo Su15 p10.
Rondeau, Isadore: Wi91 p88.
Rondeau, John: Wi70 p82; Wi91 p88.
Rondeau, Lilly: photo Su15 p10.
Rondeau, Michael: Wi19 p16, photo p20.
Rondeau, Tom & Clementine or Clemente Petit Grouslouis (Til): photo Fa83 p62,63; photo Wi91
p83 et seq.
Children: Isadore, John Wi91 p88, + 13 more.
Rondeau, Tom (descendant): Fa83 p59; Wi19 pp6,11.
Rondeau, Wallace: Wi91 p88.
Rondeau, Walter (Til): photo Fa83 p62.
Rone Covered Bridge over Calapooia Creek: Cover Sp77 p2; Cover Wi10 pp2, photo 18.
Rone, Mr. & Eliza Rice; Su89 p32.
Rone, Dick (Np): photo Wi03 p12, et seq.
Rone, Don (Np): Wi03 p15.
Rone, Edgar & Maggie & Rona (Np): Wi03 pp25,26.
Children: Dick, Don, Wi03 p25.
Rone, Maggie then Mrs. Jack Smith (Np): Wi03 p15,26.
Rone’s Mill: Sp86 p20.
Ronest, Ernest: Sp73 p18.
Roney, Lord Nelson “Nels”: Su65 p5; Sp71 p12.
Ronk, Josephine Jennings: Sp91 p13.
Ronk, Kenneth & Josephine: Sp92 p23.
Children: Patricia Ann (Mrs. Richard Weekly)
Ronk, Kenneth & Ora: Su14 p7.
Roosevelt Highway: See Highway 101.
Roosevelt Transition Camp: Fa21 p24.
Roosevelt, Pres. Franklin Delanor: Fa83 p54; Sp85 p16; Wi95 p88; Su97 p36; Fa20 p19.
Roosevelt, John: Fa69 p71.
Roosevelt, Pres. Theodore “Teddie”: Sp76 pp15,16; Fa83 p54; Cover Su84 p26, et seq; Fa19 p24.
Root Pouch: Sp21 p27.


Root, Frank (Rid): photo Fa74 p53.
Children: Irving photo Fa74 p53
Root, Mr. (Rid): Su71 photo p29,35.
Root, Riley: Wi75 p89.
Roper, Tom (Np): Wi03 p24.
Rorch Timber Co. (Sut): Sp88 p18.
Rose Academy: cover photo Su70 p26.
Rose & Flook: New Era flour mill Wi68 p79; Fa72 p68,69.
Rose, Aaron & William Brick Kiln: Fa72 p62.
Rose Candy Shop (Ros): Fa91 p51; Su14 p6.
Rose Creek (Dxv): Wi00 p75.
Rose Farm: Oregon City Su03 p49.
Rose Festival, Portland: Fa00 p54.
Rose Garage (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Rose Grove (Rose’s Park): Su69 photo p41; Fa72 p51,55; Wi76 p75; Su16 p19.
Rose Haven Nursing Center: Sp98 p19; Sp09 p16,17.
Rose Mountain (Ros): Wi86 p86.
Rose School: photo Su73 p39; photo Su99 p29; Fa06 p16; Su09 pp3,4, boys 7, girls 8; Wi12 p10;
Su19 p20.
Rose Street Building (Ros): Fa01 p60.
Rose Street Bandstand: Sp92 p9.
Rose Theater (Ros): Sp87 pp3 et seq. photo 17; Su88 p42; photo Fa91 pp60,63; Su99 p30; photo
Su05 p5; Su09 p7; Sp13 p10,11.
Rose Family (WC): Wi01 p81.
Rose, Mr. & Josephine Ella Champagne: Wi83 p74.
Children: Roy.
Rose, A.J. & Elma: Wi68 p80.
Children: William, Wi68 p80.
Rose, Aaron M. Jr. & Libby Smith: Su21 pp11,12,13.
Children: Vinnie Rose
Rose, Aaron Sr. & Minerva then Sarah then Frances Elizabeth Arrington: Wi65 p15; Cover
photo & mini bio Sp66 p2; Wi68 p95; Sp69 p23; Wi69 p93; Su70 p26; Su72 p37; Fa72 pp58,
62,66; Su75 p38,44; Fa75 pp57,66,72; Wi75 pp82,86,91; Sp76 pp11,21; Wi76 p74; Sp78 p10;
Fa79 p63; Fa80 p70; Sp85 pp3,6; Wi85 pp74,75, house photo; photo Fa89 p54; Wi90 p91;
Wi92 p91; Su93 p32; Wi93 p76, photo & bio 92-93; Sp99 p3; Sp04 p19,20; Wi08 p3, et seq.;
Su09 p19; Su10 p18; Su12 p6; Fa12 p22; Wi15 p7; Sp19 pp11,12; Fa21 p3; Wi22 p12.
Children by Minerva, Emma & Lucy (Mrs. Rufus Mallory), none by Sarah; Aaron Merveille. Jr.,
John, Olive, Winniford, Cora Francis (Mrs. Thomas E. Ollivant) by Frances Elizabeth & “Rose’s
Jim” Sp66 p2; Wi92 p91; Wi93 p93.
“Aaron Rose”: Wi93 p92, photo & bio by Doris Haines Bacon.
Rose, Aaron M Jr. & Libbie Smith (Ros): Sp66 p2; Wi68 p79; Wi75 p80; house photo Wi85 p82;
Wi92 p91; Wi93 p93.
Child: Vinnie Bailey (later Bluestein)
Rose, Abraham, Abram & Mary Merveille Arrington: Wi92 p91; Sp99 p3.


Rose, Allena: Wi12 photo p20.
Children: Ellnora.
Rose, Charles (DrCk): Sp89 p22; Wi68 p80.
Rose, Cora Frances Ollivant: Wi92 p91.
Rose, C.S.D.: sp77 p3.
Rose, Commodore: Wi91 p95.
Children: Mary (Mrs. John Jackson) Wi91 p95.
Rose, Ellnora: Wi12 p8 photo p20.
Rose, Lucy A. (Mrs. Rufus Mallory): Su70, p26.
Rose, Mary Lynn: Wi12 p8.
Rose, Newt: Su19 p25.
Rose, Roy (Ros) Wi83 p74.
Rose, S.A. (UAs)(Ros): Fa79 p71.
Rose, Sam L. & Allena Brown: Wi12 p8.
Children: Elnora, Mary Lynn, Wi12 p8.
Rose, William “Uncle Billy”: Fa72 p62; Su75 p38; Sp79 p4.
Rose, William Henry: Wi68 p80.
Children: Charles, Bessie (Mrs. Bessie Campbell), Hattie (Mrs. Hattie Ingram) Wi68 p80.
Roseburg, Ore. (pna Roseville Wi93 p93, Deer Creek & Roseburgh): Wi68 p76; photo Su69 p41;
Fa75 p72; 1872 view Wi85 p76; Fa86 p61; Su87 p43; Photo from Winchester Hill Su91 p36;
photo from SW Fa91 p70; 1880 Jackson St. view Su96 p43; Street view Wi97 p87; Su00 p32;
Wi00 p75; Sp01 pp3, et seq.; Su01 p33; Fa01 p61; Wi01 pp86,92,93; Fa02 pp64,66; Fa03 p55,
et seq.; Sp04 p3 et seq.; 1899 engraving of Su04 p7 Roseburg vistas p17,18; photo from
Reservoir Hill Fa04 p10; Su05 p4 et seq.; photo during 1861 flood Su06 p9; Su09 p18;
panorama 1950 flood photos Fa10 p7; Sp12 p17; Sp19 p10; Su20 p18; Fa20 p5; Su21 p19.
“Roseburg and the Railroad”: Fa 22 pp4-9 w/photos.
“Roseburg: Anniversary of a Disaster”: Leverett Richards, Wi08 p15-20; Name change Fa11 p13;
Sp19 p11.
“Roseburg in 1901” by B.S. Payne: Wi22 pp8-13.
“Roseburg-Then & Now”: Lois Thomas, Vera Wilson & Jane Clarke, Su98 old home photos.
“Roseburg,” steamboat: Wi75 p80; cover Su21, p11.
Roseburg and Coos Bay Stage Line: P.G. Strickland, agent Wi15 p19.
Roseburg and Oakland Road: Wi04 p4.
Roseburg Academy: Sp65 photo p14; photo football team Su82 p41; Su06 photo p9; Wi08 p3.
Roseburg Alumni Association: Su23 p6.
Roseburg American Legion: Sp85 p6; Su23 p7 et seq.
Roseburg Antiques and Metals: Fa00 p56.
Roseburg Armory: Su05 p4,17; Wi08 p11; Sp13 p7; Sp22 p12; Su22 p5.
Roseburg Bakery: Fa84 p52.
Roseburg Band: Sp08 p9.
Roseburg Beauty College: Fa77 p66.
Roseburg Beer: Fa91 p69.
Roseburg Blast: Fa01 p65, photo 66; article w/ photos Wi08 p10-20; Fa10 p8,12.
Roseburg Book & Stationery Store: Su65 p12; Wi69 p87; Fa91 p51; Su95 p30; Wi13 p19; Sp16


pp19,20; Su19 p5.
Roseburg Bowling Alley: Sp86 p17.
Roseburg Boys Band: Fa00 p69; Wi86 p91; Fa91 p56.
Roseburg Brass Band: Fa75 p51; Sp76 p15.
Roseburg Brewery: Wi70 p87; Fa75 p69.
Roseburg Business and Professional Women’s Club: Fa89 p55; Sp00 p18; Wi12 p10,13; Sp16
p11; Wi23 p6.
Roseburg Café: Sp86 p17.
Roseburg Campfire Council: Fa95 p56.
Roseburg Canneries: Drager Plant, Southern Oregon Canning Co., H. C. Giles, California Packing
Co. (Del Monte)
Roseburg Catholic aka St. Stephens 1 st or St Joseph Catholic Cemetery-1877: Sp12 p14; Sp22
“Roseburg Centennial Gallery”: A brief history and photos Fa72 pp68-72.
Roseburg Centennial Queen: Sp85 p17.
Roseburg Chamber of Commerce: Sp93 p3; Sp00 p20; Fa00 p54,69; Sp01 p18; Sp03 p16; Su03
p45; Su09 pp19,20; Fa09 pp9,15; Wi09 p3; Fa10 p8; Sp22 p21; Su23 p9; Wi23 p5 .
“Roseburg Chieftain”: Fa08 p13;
Roseburg Chiropractic: Su13 p18.
Roseburg, City of: view of Fa85 photo p54; City Council Fa89 p55; Su00 p32; Sp01 p22; Historic
Review Commission Fa02 p70.
Roseburg City Hall: Cover Fa70 p50; photo Su98 p45.
Roseburg City Park Commission: Fa10 p15.
Roseburg Commercial Club: Fa97 p65; cover Fa00 pp50, photo 53, et seq.; Su14 p20; Fa20 p6;
Wi20 p8; Fa22 p7; Su23 p5.
Roseburg Commercial Club Ladies Auxiliary: Fa00 pp54,65.
Roseburg-Coos Bay Wagon Road: see Coos Bay Wagon Road.
Roseburg Country Club: Wi86 p92.
“Roseburg Daily News”: Sp70, p10.
Roseburg Dairy & Soda Works: Sp87 p14; Wi09 p7.
Roseburg 1914 Dance Ordinance rules: Wi09 p18.
Roseburg Deer Creek Flour Mill: Su00 p32.
Roseburg Development Co.: Su23 p8.
Roseburg Downtown Development Board: Sp08 p17.
Roseburg Drum Corp: Wi08 p12.
Roseburg Eagle Club: Fa91 p67.
Roseburg Elks Club: Fa72 p67; Wi86 p88; Sp87 p5; Su88 p40; Fa91 p61; photo Su98 p32; Fa01
p59; Sp08 p9; Sp09 p20; cover Sp13.
Roseburg Ensign (Republican): Fa72 p58; Su75 p33; Fa75 p51, et seq.; Wi75 p88; Sp76 p11;
Wi90 p83; Wi91 p80; Su93 pp39,45; Wi97 p79, et seq.; Wi01 p95; Sp09 p18.
“Roseburg Enterprise”: Sp73 p15.
Roseburg Evening News: Sp73 p16; Fa75 p64; Sp00 p14.
Roseburg Exhibit Building: photo Fa97 p65.
“Roseburg Express”: Wi97 p79; Wi21 p20; Su23 p21.


Roseburg Ferry (Owens): Wi08 p4.
Roseburg Fire Dept.: Sp01 p6.
Roseburg Flouring Mill: Henry Gates Su73 p26; Su00 p32; Isaac Jones Sp06 p19.
Roseburg Forest Products: Sp91 pp2,6.
Roseburg Funeral Home: Sp68 p16.
“Roseburg Gazette”: Sp13 p4.
Roseburg German Band: Sp08 p19.
Roseburg Girls Drum Corps: Sp87 p8; Wi08 p12.
Roseburg Grange: Wi02 p79.
Roseburg Gravesite: Sp12 p14.
Roseburg Grocery: Fa00 p56.
Roseburg Gun Club: Su23 p6.
Roseburg Hebe Foundation: Su08 p19.
Roseburg High Lime: Wi20 p9.
Roseburg High School: band photo Sp87 p23; photo Sp91 p15; Girls Club photo Fa95 p52; Fa02
p70; Sp03 p22; Su03 p33; Sp06 p17; Fa09 p8; Fa10 pp5,8,10; Wi12 p8,10.
“Roseburg’s Historic Mill-Pine Neighborhood”: Wi85 p73-94.
Roseburg Historic Resource Review Committee: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p24.
Roseburg Historic Review Committee: Sp03 p16,24.
Roseburg Home Orchard Tracts: Sp92 p3.
Roseburg Hook and Ladder Co. #1: photo Fa72 p64.
Roseburg Hotel (pna Herrick House): Fa72 photo p61; Fa75 p72; Wi76 p74. Su92 p35; Fa93 p62;
Wi15 p7.
Roseburg House: Wi76 p74.
Roseburg “Independent”: Wi97 pp,77, et seq.
Roseburg Indian Booster Club: Fa10 p8.
Roseburgs “Instant Urban Renewal Program”: Fa10 p8.
Roseburg IOOF Cemetery-1869: Sp12 p14; Wi12 p6.
Roseburg Junior Chamber of Commerce: Su91 p42; Sp22 pp5,6.
Roseburg Junior High School: see Central Junior High School.
Roseburg Juvenile Band:
Roseburg Ladies Military Band: photo Fa06 p13.
Roseburg Land Office: Wi75 p77; Sp76 p11; Fa76 p51; Wi77 p95; Sp78 p6; Su82 p46; Su84 p38;
Su86 p34; Wi90 p91; Wi91 p86; Wi93 p79; Wi97 p94; Fa00 p65; Su06 photo p9; Sp19 p13;
Sp15 p6. Land Office Map of 1853: shows Gen. Lane’s house north of Roseburg: Wi01 p95.
Roseburg Lime Co.: Wi20 p8,
Roseburg Literary, Library Association: Su96 pp26,42.
Roseburg Lumber Co.: photo Fa67 p10; Sp74 p9; Wi82 p76; Sp86 p2; Fa92 p52; log dump photo
Wi98 p79,82; Fa01 pp52, et seq. photo parade log truck 60; Fa15 p17; Wi19 p4,5.
Roseburg Lumber & Manufacturing Co.: Wi68 p80; Fa85 p66; Fa09 pp15,16.
Roseburg Masonic Cemetery-1865: Sp12 p14.
Roseburg Memorial Garden aka Old Masonic Cemetery 1867: Sp07 p19,20; Wi08 p7; Sp12 p14.
Roseburg Mental Club: Wi16 p11.
Roseburg Merchant Protective Association: Fa00 p52.


Roseburg Methodist Church: Su22 p12.
Roseburg Methodist Men’s Club: Wi19 p11.
Roseburg Militia: photo Fa04, p20; Su23 p6.
Roseburg Municipal Band: Sp92 p9.
Roseburg Municipal Swimming Pool: photo Fa10 p14.
Roseburg Musician Protective Local 539: Sp22 pp5,12.
Roseburg-Myrtle Point Stage Road: Sp06 p21.
Roseburg National Bank: Fa91 p56; photo Su97 p34,41; Su03 p33; Wi12 p5; Wi21 p7.
Roseburg National Guard: Su08 p21; Su19 p28.
Roseburg Old Girls Network: Fa89 p55.
Roseburg “News Review”: Su72 p39; Fa91 p56; Wi97 p79; Sp00 p19; Sp01 pp9,18,22; Su02
p44; Su03, p32; Sp08 p16; Wi08 p22; Sp09 p4; Fa09 pp9,16; Sp11 p22; Wi12 p2;
Su13 p14; Su14 pp16,17; Fa14 p19; Wi16 p12; Su19 p10; Wi19 p5; Su20 p9; Fa20 p3; Wi20
Roseburg “News Review” cooking schools: Sp87 p6
Roseburg O & C office: Fa01 p51.
Roseburg Opera House: photo Fa72 p65; photo Fa77 p59; Sp87 p3,5, photo p7; photo Fa91 p58;
Fa04 p6; Sp12 p2; Sp13 pp4,6,9.
Roseburg Orchestra: photo Fa04 p15.
Roseburg Oregonian agency: Sp00 p13.
Roseburg Oil & Gas Co.: Fa80 p50.
Roseburg Pantograph: Fa72 p58; Fa75 p67; Wi85 p75; Wi97 p79; Su09 p19.
Roseburg Parade photos: Fa01 p60.
Roseburg Parks and Recreation Commission: Sp08 p17.
Roseburg Paupers’ Cemetery: Wi11 p11.
Roseburg Pharmacy: Sp16 p21.
Roseburg Plaindealer (Democratic): Fa72 p58; Su82 p46; Sp06 p21; Sp08 p3; Sp09 pp5,18; Sp13
p5 et seq.; Su16 p17 et seq.; Fa16 p7; Sp19 p5; Su21 p12.
Roseburg Poetry Clinic: Fa87 pp69,70.
Roseburg Post Office: photo Fa77 p65; Photo Fa91 p 62; Photo Wi97 p80; photo Su98 p39;
cover Fa01 p50,59; Fa11 p13.
History of the Post Office Building: Ray O. Sims, Fa09 p10 -14 w/photos.
Roseburg Produce Co.: Su92 p35.
“Roseburg Prune, The”: Su95 p42.
Roseburg Public Library: Su96 p4; Sp23 p3.
Roseburg Realtors: Fa86 p53.
Roseburg Recovery Plan: Wi85 p84.
Roseburg Rental: Sp21 pp21,23,27.
Roseburg Rescue Mission: house photo Su98 p32.
Roseburg Review: Fa67 pp19,21; Fa68 p69 et seq.; Wi68 p75; Su70 pp27,33;
Wi71 p93; Su72 p47; Fa73 p55; Wi97 p76,79, photo 77; Sp00 p14; Su01 p47; clipping from,
Sp03 p4,5; Su04 pp10,23; Sp09 p6; 1900 article “Christmas in Edenbower” Wi13 p18,19,
“Secret of Good Bread” p22; Wi15 et seq; Fa16 p11.
Roseburg Rod and Gun Club: Su91 p31; Fa01 p64; Wi21 p10; Su23 p8.


Roseburg Rochdale Co.: photo Su21 p6.
Roseburg Rotary Club: Wi23 p10, et seq.
Roseburg Round House, Southern Pacific: photo Fa97 p63.
Roseburg Sand & Gravel: Su90 p45.
Roseburg School aka Rose Academy: cover photo Su70, p26.
Roseburg School Concert Band: Wi20 p21.
Roseburg School District: Sp01 p22.
Roseburg Senior Center: Sp17 p22.
Roseburg Sewer Treatment Plant, Goedecke Road: Su14 p8; Fa14 p18.
Roseburg Soda Works: Fa91 p69.
Roseburg Soldiers Home: see Soldiers Home.
Roseburg Soldiers Home Cemetery: Sp12 p14.
Roseburg Steam Laundry: Su91 p40; Fa91 p58.
Roseburg Telephone & Telegraph: Sp00 p13; photos Sp09 7 & 9.
Roseburg Theater: movie posters Sp13 pp5,6,7,22.
Roseburg Town Center Historic Restoration: Sp08 p21.
Roseburg Train Depot: Fa00 pp54,65; photos Fa91 p58 & 64,67; photos Su98 pp42,43; Sp03
p18; Wi08 p15.
“Roseburg Twice Weekly Review”: Sp00 p14; Sp08 p14.
Roseburg Undertaking Company Chapel: Fa85 p55.
Roseburg USA, movie: Fa21 pp20,21.
Roseburg Valley Mall (Eden): Su91 p33; Sp98 p3.
Roseburg Veterans aka Roseburg National or Soldiers Home Cemetery-1894: see Soldiers
Roseburg Visitors and Convention Bureau: Su03 p45.
Roseburg Volunteer Fire Dept.: photo Fa72 p58.
Roseburg Water and Light Co.: Wi85 p81; Wi88 p78; Sp08 p13.
Roseburg Western Star: Fa75 p51; Wi75 p85; Wi01 p95.
Roseburg Women’s Club: Su71 p45; Sp85 p3; Wi88 p75 house photo 80; Su96 p26; Su03 p31;
Sp08 p3 charter members p5,21; Wi12 p13.
Roseburg Writers Club: Fa87 p66.
Roseburgh, Ore.: Fa72 p58: Wi75 pp91,95; Wi85 p75; Fa00 p51; Fa11 p13.
“Roseburgs Kohlhagen Building”; Michelle Dennis: Fa00 p51-59.
Rosehill aka Canyonville Bible Academy Cemetery: Wi11 p7; Sp12 p14.
Roseland Place (Dxv): Wi94 p80.
Roseleaf Cigar Store (Ros): photo Fa89 p54.
Roselund, Ethel (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Rosenbluth, Robert: photo Wi65 p11, et seq.; Sp66 p19,20.
Rosenbluth, Selig & Annutta Glantz (Glen): Sp66 p17,19.
Children: Robert. Sp66 p19.
Rosenburger Landscape Co.: Sp87 p5.
Ross, Rev.: Wi04 p13.
Ross, Alexander & Dorcas (NWC): Sp65 p6; Sp72 p9; Su74 pp42,43; Wi01 p76.
Ross, Bill: Wi69 p75; Wi01 p76.


Children: 3 sons Wi01 p76.
Ross, Carrie (Dr): Wi90 pp75,88.
Ross, Cordelia: Su74 p42.
Ross, Donald M. & Irene (Sut): Wi95 p74 et seq. photo 80; Wi99 pp88,89.
Ross, George, Col. (’53 RIW) (Ros): Sp65 p13; Sp67 p13,16; Sp69 p14; Su00 p32; Wi06 pp20,21.
Ross, Jim: Su74 p42.
Ross, John: Sp23 p23.
Ross, John E., Col.: Sp67 p13; Wi68 p95; Sp69 p14 et seq.; Su69 pp29,33; Wi77 pp83, et seq.
Ross, Kathleen (Sut) Wi95 pp75,82
Ross, Nancy A. (wife of Stephen Rice): Wi01 p78.
Ross, Mable E. (Sut): Wi95 pp75,77.
Children: Donald, Kathleen, Wi95 p75.
Ross, Parson: Wi69 p75; Su74 p41; Wi01 p76.
Ross, William: Su74 p41.
Rotarian: Wi12 p6.
“Rotgut”: Sp11 p23.
“Rough Lock”: Su89 p29, photo p32.
“Rough and Ready Company, The”: Su80 p27; Wi11 p14.
Round House (Ros): Su81 p27; photo Sp86 p18; photo Fa97 p63.
Round Prairie, Ore: Su67 p19; Sp68 p6; Wi68 p95; Sp70 p10; Sp71 p12; Fa72 p51; Wi75 p91;
Sp19 p13;
Round Prairie Ranch (Henry V. Weber): Fa91 p63; Wi01 p81; Su06 pp6,8.
Round Prairie Post Office: Fa11 p13; Sp19 p13.
Round, Mary E.: Fa89 p62,63.
Round, W.M.: Fa89 p62.
Roval, (Royal?) Lewis: Wi66 p12.
Rowe, Leila: Wi03 p12,
Rowe-Snyder, Peggy A.: “Trapper” co-editor Fa17 & Wi17, editor Su18 to Wi18; Sp14 pp3,22;
photo Fa15 p23; Sp21 p19.
Rowland County Petition: Wi93 p75.
Rowland, Mr.: Fa66 p12.
Rowley, Alva & Rachel Salina Hill (FS): Fa80 p68.
Children: Amy B. (Mrs. Narcisse LaRaut Sr.), Ann Elize (Mrs. Ferdinand LaBrie).
Roy Catching Auto Agency: Fa01 p60.
Royal, Anina: Fa09 p5.
Royal Baking Powder: Wi15 p13.
Royal, F.F. (son of W.H.B.): Fa09 p5.
Royal, James Henry Bascome, Rev.: Fa79 pp55,70; Fa09 pp4,5.
Children: Emma E. (later O’Sullivan)
Royal, J.H.B. Journal: Fa79 pp55-72.
Royal, Jason L. (UAs)(Wil): Fa79 p71.
Royal, Rev. L.F. & Mrs.: Wi75 p90; Sp76 p4; Sp19 p7.
Royal, Lewis (Oak); Fa66 p12.
Royal, Mary A. (Mrs. John Flinn, Rev.): Sp19 p7.


Royal, Mary E. Miss (T.F. sister?) (Wil): Fa79 pp70,71.
Royal, Miller G.: Fa09 p5.
Royal, Stanley O.: Fa09 p5.
Royal, Thomas Fletcher & Nancy: Fa71 p67; Sp76 p6; Fa79 pp58, photo 67; Sp86 p3; Su93 p41;
Su10 p19.
Children: four. Su10 p19.
Royal, William B.: Photo Fa79 pp66,71; photo Fa96 p56, et seq.
Children: James H.B., Thomas Fletcher, Mary Fa79 p70.
Royce, Mr. (DrCk): Su02 p34.
Royer, Grover T. (RiCk): Fa92 p55; Fa06 p21.
Royer, Luther & Cleve (Dil): Wi89 p93; Sp91 p10; Fa92 p55.
Royer, S.A. (Dil): Wi89 p93; Sp91 p10.
“Rubbering”: Fa81 p51.
“Rubbernecking”: Wi03 p5.
Ruben, Jerry & Martha Etta Emmons (Gard): Su18 pp16, photo 17.
Ruby: Post Office Fa11 p13.
Ruch, Ore.: Fa00 p60.
Ruckles, (Originally Oak Grove) Ore: Su67 p19; Sp70 p10; Fa74 p65; Wi89 p94; Fa11 p13; Sp12
p8,9; Fa12 p20; Su14
p4,8 (Author has Myrtle Creek geography a little scrambled here. Ruckles is on Dole Road,
not North Myrtle. Ed.); photo Sp23 p28.
Ruckles Post Office: Fa11 p13.
Ruckles, Matthew C: Fa79 p63; Fa11 p13.
Ruddzik, Frances: Wi67 p11.
Rudolf, Freda Barker: Fa95 p54.
Ruiter, Dr.: Wi13 p22.
“Rules of the Road” in 1875: compiled from old newspapers by Don Good Su09 p21.
Ruman, Mark & Lori: Sp12 p23.
Rumley, M. Co.: engines & threshers Fa67 p19,24; Sp69 p3.
Runyan, John (Ros): Su95 p32,38.
Runyan, Truman (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Rupprecht Red & White Store (Yon): Sp81 p9.
Rupprecht, Marcile: Sp81 p9
Rural Electric Association (REA): Wi96 p84.
“Rural Northwest”: Fa74 p51.
Rush, Levi & Nancy (Ros): Sp90 p6.
Rush, Martin: Su19 p3.
Rushing, Valley (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Russell & Co.: engines: Fa67 pp14,19.
Russell Family (WC): Wi01 p81.
Russell, Mr. (Gard): Fa78 p51.
Russell, Mrs. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Russell, Agnes (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Russell, Bert (MC): Sp92 p21.


Russell, Cecelia (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Russell, David & Lucinda Phidelia Dodge Harper (Cala): Su72 p30; Wi76 p94,96.
Russell, Fred (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Russell, George T., Prof. (Oak): Su73 p30.
Russell, J.R. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Russell, J. Thomas. Jr.: Su14 p5,12.
Russell, Thomas Sr. & Mary Ann Aid: Su14 p5.
Children: William Dennis “Bill”.
Russell, William Dennis “Bill” (Ruck): Wi08 p22; Su14 photo p5, et seq. home
photo p12, photo p19; Fa14 p2 et seq.
Russell, William (MC): Sp83 p11.
Russo, Mrs.: Fa00 p69.
Rustic City Auto Camp: Fa23 p6.
Rutan, Prof. Photo Wi66 p11,14.
Ruter, John Gravesite (Tyee): Sp12 p15.
Rutherford, George B: Fa86 p53; Sp99 p19 (in hospital); Wi08 p16; Su19 p9.
Rutter, Pete: Su09 p21.
Ryan: 1911 Co. Commissioner Wi71 p95.
Ryan, Jeremiah (CIM): Fa05 p10, et seq.
Ryan, M.R. (Dr): Su84 p45.
Rychard, Art (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Rydell & Kent Store (Elk): Wi72 p91.
Rydell Ranch (Sv): Wi11 p5.
Rydell, Chester (Elk): Wi72 p89; Sp73 p7.
Rydell, Clyde & Vera (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Rydell, Mona (Elk): Fa81 p53.
Rydjer, Ronald (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Ryther Brothers, Floyd (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa03 p69.
S & H Green Stamps: Fa77 p9; Wi13 p19.
S. Marks & Co.: Sp67 p19; Su75 p31; Sp76 p11; Su77 p40; Cover Sp87 p2,3; Sp13 p9.
Saar, Alison: Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 cover art.
Saar, Eva Baker: Fa95 p54.
Sabala family: Fa01 p65.
Sacajewea: Fa02 p51.
“Sacramento Daily Union” Fa19 p15.
Sacry, Elizabeth C.: Fa11 p8.
Sadden, Martha: Su15 p13.
Sadden, Thomas & Emelie Lavadore: Su15 p12 et seq.
Children: Rose, Margaret, Henry by unknown father. Martha
“Sadie” schooner: Fa69 p65,68; Sp73 p15.
Safely Family: Fa15 p9.
Safely, J.G.: Sp79 p24.
Safeway Stores (Ros): Su73 p42; Fa84 p65; Fa91 p67; Su96 p47; Fa00 p56; Wi08 p3.


“Saga of the Callahan Road”: Joe Morgan Wi95 p88-95.
“Saga of the Kellogg Crescent”: Leona Spayde Madison Fa90 p71.
Sagabard, August (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p7.
Sagabard, Frank: Sp73 p15.
Sagabard, Gard: Sp73 p15.
Sagabard, Henry: Sp73 p15.
Sagaberd, William “Bill” & Mrs. Orville Colby: (Sb): Sp97 p14.
Sager, Crater Lake Landscape Architect: Sp23 p24.
Sager Children: Fa75 p57.
Sailor’s Diggings: Wi76 p84,85; Sp10 p5.
Saint George Episcopal Church: Sp03 p26; Su05 p3.
Saint Joseph’s School: Su03 p50.
Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church: Su03 p43.
Sakrison, E., Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p76.
Salander, John & Cordelia Judy (LL): Sp97 pp16,17.
Salem, Ore.: Su00 p29; Wi01 p83; Sp02 p18.
Salem “Capitol Journal”: Sp19 pp5,8,9.
Salem Clique: Wi01 p86.
Salem “Daily Statesman”: Sp19 pp5,8.
Salem School for the Deaf: Wi03 p11.
Salmon: Sp67 p4; Su75 p38; Fa93 p59; Su05 p15; Su08 p8, et seq.
Salmon Bakes: Sp09 p3.
Salmon Cannery: photo Su75 p45.
Salmon sport fishing tackle: Wi83 p94.
Salmon Fishing, Commercial: Sp66 p7.
Salmon Harbor: Su66 p7, Fa69 p51.
Salmon Poisoning: Sp06 p4,6.
Salmon Trap School: Su10 p14.
Salmon Trout (sea-run Cutthroat Trout): Sp65 p20; Fa81 p66; Fa10 p6.
Salvation Army: Sp04 p6; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Wi04 p4; Sp05 p3; Wi08 p8; Su10 p14; Su19 p18;
Su23 p8; Wi23 p13.
Salt Creek (Yon): Sp93 p14
Salt Gap (Wil): Wi76 p91; Su77 p30.
“Salt Mining Lucrative for First Resident”: Fa86 pp70-71.
Salt Spring: Su06 p9.
Saltonstall, Douglas (Cnv): Su79 p43.
Saltzgaber, G. M.: Sp04 p3.
Saltzman, Damien: Sp21 p23.
Salzman, Mr. (GV): Sp74 p14.
Sam, Chief (’53 RIW): Sp69 p19; Su69 p33; Wi06 p21.
Samler, Dolph (Yon): Su82 p32, photo 34.
Sampson (Reed): Post Office Su75 p40; Fa11 p14.
Sam’s Valley: Su20 p12.
Samson Buttes: Fa92 p63.

“Samuel Roberts” schooner: Fa66 p6; Wi67 p2; Su75 p44; Sp76 p2; Su77 p26; Su78 p32; Wi81
p84; Fa82 p53; Wi90 p75; Wi98 p80; sketch Su00 p37; same sketch Sp02 p5 et seq.; Fa08 p3
sketch p4; same sketch Fa13 pp4,5; Sp23 p5.
Samuel S. Mann & Co.: Su00 p36.
San Francisco, Calif.: Wi01 p76; Sp02 pp7,16; Presidio Wi11 p12.
San Francisco “Chronicle”: Fa20 p6.
“Sandusky” ship: Sp00 p8.
“San Gabriel” schooner: Fa69 p62,65; Sp73 p16.
San Jose scale: Fa74 pp52,56.
San Tanna, Chief: see Santana.
Sanches: Su08 p4.
Sanchez & Kimberly Hebard: Fa97 p67.
Children: Melody, Steven.
Sand Creek (Dr): Su08 p4; Road Wi11 p18.
Sand Creek aka Leona Cemetery (Dr): Sp12 p15.
Sandeen, Enoch, Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p76.
Sanders, B.F.: Wi65 p9; Su11 p6.
Sanders, Ben & Mrs.(MC): Sp67 p2.
Sanders, George “Vest” (Dr): Su73 p46.
Sanderson, Fred (Rid): Fa74 p52.
Sanderson, T.B.: Su75 p48.
Sandquist Shoe Repair (Ros): Sp99 p30; Su09 p6.
Sandquist Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Sandstede, Ralph & Joann Clough: Su67 p10; Su70 p32; Su80 p42.
Sandwich Islands: See Hawaii.
Sandwich Island River (Snake River): Sp72 p3.
Sanford, Henry: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Sanford, S.A. (Ros): Su97 p36.
Sanford, William: Sp79 p24.
Sanger, Paul: Fa01 p65.
Sanctuary family: Su03 p37.
Santana, Chief: Sp84 p7; Su05 p11.
Sarah Bell Mine: Sp78 p17,19t.
Saratoga Mineral Springs (earlier Pearson’s Springs): Sp66 p7; Su08 p3.
Sargent, Ben, PM (Galsv): Sp19 p17.
Sartana: See Starncose.
“Sash-Frame” mill: Su68 p36.
“Satellite” steamer; Sp89 p5.
“Saturday Evening’s Daily Review” Article about McGuire- Reed drowning: Su04 p10.
“Saturday Evening Post”: Su19 p7.
Saucerman, Fletcher: Su78 p28
Sauerkraut: Sp05 p20,23.
Saunders, Marguerite (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Sausser, Lee (Yon): Su82 p33.


Sauvain, Laverne (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Savage, James: Su70 p32.
“Save the Lillie Moore House Committee”: Wi12 p8.
“Save the Myrtle Woods”League: Su09 p13.
“Saved from Slaughter”: Nicholas T. Day Fa70 p50.
Sawbert, Dr.: Su01 p35.
Sawmills: Sawmills in north Umpqua County Sp93 p14.
Sawyer, G.: Su66 p18.
Sawyer, R.H., Dr. (KKK): Sp09 p20.
Sawyers Canyon: Sp02 p18.
Sawyers Creek (Paradise Creek): Wi90 p78.
Sawyers Crossing: on map Wi90 p84.
Sawyers Ferry: Wi72 p92; Fa99 p56.
Sawyers Rapids: Wi72 p80; Wi90 pp76,78.
Sawyers Family: Wi05 photo p10.
Sawyers, Alex & Myrtle Traylor (Sb-Elk): Wi72 p92,94; Sp73 p7,14; Su10 p7.
Sawyers, Andrew (Andy) & Fanny McDowell (LP): Su65 p14; Fa69 p61; Wi72 p80; Wi75 p75,
photo 79; Wi90 p76; photo Fa99 p56, et seq.; Su00 p42,44.
Children: two daughters then Anna Augusta, Fa69 p61
Sawyers, Anna Augusta: Fa69 p61.
Sawyers, Arizona: Fa99 p59.
Sawyers, Fannie (Sb): Wi75 p75.
Sawyers Hills: Sp02 p18.
Sawyers, Jacob “Jake” Anderson (Dr-Sb): Su66 p19; Wi72 pp92,95; Sp97 pp5, photo 6,18; Fa99
p66; Wi05 photo p5; Su10 photo p7.
Children: Alex, John + 8 more
Sawyers, Jacob “Little Jake” Stage driver & Lucy Grubbe: Wi72 p92,95; Sp73 pp7,8,11; Su73 p47.
Sawyers, John E. & Elizabeth (Ros): Su66 p19; photo Fa67 p22; Wi72 p94; Sp73 p18; Sp89 p9,
photo p13; photo Wi90 p79; Su00 p42, photo 43.
Children: Andrew.
Sawyers, John Jacob: Wi73 pp88,90; Su97 p47; Fa99 p66; Wi05 p4.
Children: Jacob Anderson Su97 p47, Margaret (Later Mrs. Cyrus W. Hedden) Wi05 p4.
Sawyers, Ralph (Elk): Fa67 p22.
Sayers, James B. (Sb): Wi90 p86.
Scadding, Bishop: Fa69 p71.
Scallon, Carrie: Sp12 p23.
Scaredman Creek: Fa01 p62.
Scarface Charley: Su08 p4.
Scarlet Fever: Su08 p8; Fa16 p18.
“Scenes and Incidents of Oregon Territory”: has old sketches of Lower Umpqua area Fa69 p51-
Schabert, Nicholas: Sp20 p6; Sp21 p28; Wi23 p3.
Schacht, Emil (architect): Fa00 p58.
Schad, Eustace & Sarah J. Levins (Elk): Wi72 p92.


Children: Elmer & 8 more
Schad, Jess (Elk): Wi72 p91.
Schad, “Red” (Dr): cover photo Su75 p26.
Schafer, Arlington C. “Buckskin”: Su70 p33; Fa73 p54.
Schaeffer, J.M. (Ros): Wi20 p5.
Shaeffer, Fred & Nettie Mae Davis: Su72 p29.
Schaeffer, Osmand: Wi20 p10.
Schartner, Dorothy: Sp23 p28.
Scharner, Gladys Russel: Sp23 p28.
Schattenkerk, Dorothy Rathkey: Fa03 p75.
Schaub, Al (Ros): Fa86 p56.
Schenck, Oren, Orin (Med): Sp87 p5, et seq.; Sp13 p11.
Schenerman, Crust: Su10 p18.
Scherer, Robert & Sharon (MC): Sp85 p10.
Schertz, Catherine: Fa75 p53.
Schetter, Fred: Fa09 p21; Wi15 19.
Schetter, Otto: Fa09 p21.
Schiltz, Hal Wheeler & Portia: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp65 to Wi78; Wi69 p87; Sp72 p15;
Memorial, Sp79 p3; Wi82 p74; Fa83 p65; Memoria bio Sp84 p14-21; Sp85 p10.
Schiltz, Elizabeth Portia Hahn: “Trapper” Pub. Committee Sp80 to Wi83; Su70 p32; Su76 p27;
Fa82 p66; Sp83 p5; Fa83 p65; Cover Sp84 p2; Sp85 p10,11; author of
Su10 pp15-20.
Schilling Hotel (Gard): Wi76 p74.
Schindler Bakery (Ros): Su96 p42.
Schlegel, Francis & Mayme Palmer: Fa65 p18.
Schlegelmilch, F.H.: Wi21 p3-8.
Schlegelmilch, Otto C.: Wi21 p3-8.
Schlesser, Norman: Sp72 p3; Wi73 p83.
Schlintz, Joel L. & Mrs.: Su73 p26; Fa74 p66.
Schloeman Lane: Sp00 p21; Sp12 p20.
Schloemann, August (OkCk): Wi75 p85; Wi79 p87.
Schloemann, John: Wi75 p85.
Schmid, Rosemary: Sp98 pp17,19; Sp03 p22.
Schmitt, Martin F.: “The Cattle Drives of David Shirk”; Fa66 p16; Wi66 p23; Su70 p33, Su71 p40.
Schenider, Ethel Conn: Wi78 p91.
Schneider, Parks “Shorty” (Ros): house photo Su95 p35.
Schoen, Mrs. Francis (U of O): Fa72 p55.
Scholfield Creek: Fa82 p53; Fa83 p59.
Scholfield Slough: Su69 p46; Fa82 p53; Su18 pp4,5.
Scholfield, Nathananiel: exploration by Fa82 p51, Emmons portrait of p53, photo p53; Fa90
p68; Sp02 p14.
“Nathan Scholfield, an Early Explorer”: Fa82 p51-55.
Scholfield, Socrates: Fa82 p53.


“School Days, 1934”: Wi99 p75-93 by LaVerne Murphy.
“School Days, 1895”: Sp78 p20-24 Alva Manning.
Schosso, Herman & Wanda Castor (Yon): Sp80 pp5,10; Su82 p33.
Schrader, Carl (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Schrienk, Henry Conrad (Ros): Sp86 p16.
Schroeder, Elena, Dr.: Su03 p42.
Schroeder, Henry & Eva Ruth Bain: Sp88 p22; Su03 pp44,45.
Children: Elena (Dr. Elena Parker) Sp88 p22.
Schullery, Paul: Fa23 p17.
Schulpins, J. M.: Sp04 p5.
Schulze, Duane: Su22 p12 et. seq.
Schulze, Margaret Page: Fa87 p70.
Schultz, Alta, Mrs. (Ros): Wi66 p23.
Schultz, Bill (Elk): Su67 p7.
Schultz, Paul (Oak): Sp77 p9.
Schwagerman, Adolph “Chris” (CaV): Fa68 p56; Wi68 p81 et seq.
“The Poet with the Shooting Iron”: Wi68 pp81-83 by Wilfred Brown.
“Scientific American”: Sp09 p4.
Scientology Church (Ros): Sp87 p10.
Scobey, Madison:(Gard): Fa69 p61.
Scofield, Harold I.: Wi98 pp78,87.
Scoggin, Woodson Phillips & Mary Green: Wi18 p22.
Children: Martha Phillips Jane (Mrs. Croesus Bonaparte Comstock) Wi18 p22.
Scotch Broom Fa75 p53; Fa86 p71.
Scott-Applegate Survey Party: Wi80 p75; Sp85 p37.
Members: Jesse Applegate, Lindsay Applegate, Hoy Flournoy, (Jesse Applegate, Henry
Boygus, Benjamin Burch, David Goff, Samuel Goodhue, Moses “Black” Harris, John Jones,
Bennett Osborn, John Owens, William Parker, John Scott, Levi Scott, Robert Smith, and William
Sportsman. Survey party Members according to internet search. Ed.)
Scott-Applegate Trail: See Southern Route.
Scott Henry Road: Wi10 p19.
Scott Mt.: Community, Sp00 p21; lookout Fa01 pp59,61, photo 63,67; Wi03 p5.
Scott Mountain (Crater Lake): Fa98 p51.
Scott Ranch (Mel): Fa67 p18; Sp98 p10.
Scott Family (Yon): Fa66 p3; Fa16 p6.
Scott, A.E. & Josie: Su08 p4.
Scott, Annie: Sp02 p6.
Scott, Capt. “Scottie” (MS): Su83 p44.
Scott, David (Sut): Wi95 pp75,82.
Scott, Eliza: Sp02 p6.
Scott, Evensphon: Fa99 p55.
Scott, George W.: photo Wi80 p80.
Scott, Henry W. (Port): Called Harvey W. in Wi71 p82; Sp20 p4.
Scott, Henry Sr., PM & Mrs. (Clev): Wi68 pp78,80; Fa70 p58; Fa75 p61; Fa88 p70; Sp98 p10,


photo 11; Fa11 photo p5.
Children: Tom Sp98 p10.
Scott, Henry Webster & Carmel Corene Newland (Mel): Wi68 pp78,80; Fa70 p58; Fa75 p61;
Su78 p30; Fa78 p54; Wi02 p84; Su03 p44,46; Wi12 p8.
Children: Kara Maycel, Kevin Newland
“Scott, Our Friend Henry Webster”: Fa88 p70.
Scott, J.: Fa99 p71.
Scott, James & Rebecca Sparks Scott: Sp02 p6.
Children: Levi, Sp02 p6.
Scott, James L. Fa80 pp71,72.
Scott, John Henry Sr. & Temperance Nancy Brady (Elk): Wi71 p75 et seq. photo p78; Wi75 p89.
Children: John H. Jr., Benjamin, Wi71 p75, Emily (Mrs. George Bartges), Nancy (Mrs. J. M.
Merrick) Wi71 p75, Lizzie.
Scott, John Morgan (son of Levi) (UC): Wi71 p83; Wi90 p74; Wi92 p74; Sp93 p8,18; Wi93 p81;
Fa98 p51; Sp02 pp6 photo 10,11; Su10 p4.
Scott, Joseph & Mary Agnes Bennett: Wi80 p82
Scott, Lenore (later Anderson): Wi17 photo p19.
Scott, Levi, Capt. & Edna Ennis (Sb): Sp65 p13, mill 15; Fa66 p3; Wi72 p83,88; Fa75 p60; Sp76
p22; Sp83 p3 (1846, not 1856); Cover Wi90, mini bio p74,78; Wi90 p78; Wi92 p74; Sp93
pp4,8,9; Wi93 p75; bio Fa98 pp51, photo 53; Sp00 pp10; Su00 pp28, Mill, et seq.; Sp02 pp3,
et seq., photo 8; Fa02 p56; Wi05 p3,4, photo p5; Fa08 p3; Fa09 p5; photo Sp10 p8; Su10 p4,
et seq.; Fa11 p7; Fa13 p11 et seq. photo p17; Sp23 p6.
Children: 13, 4 lived to adulthood, Annie, Eliza, John Morgan, William J.J. Sp02 p6.
“Levi Scott”: William M. Barber Sp02 p6.
“Capt. Levi Scott”: Levi Scott Sp02 p7.
“Levi Scott”: bio by Doris Haines Bacon Wi93 photo p80.
“Levi Scott, Oregon Trailblazer”: Vira Cordano Wi93 p81.
“Levi Scott, Reflections from”: William M. Barber Fa98 pp51-61.
Jean Baptiste Gagnier-p51, photo 56.
Letter to Cyrus Hedden-p55, photo 59.
On Oregon-57
On Education-58
On Oregon Politics-60
“Levi Scott”: William M. Barber Sp02 pp6-13.
Scott, Masten McCoy & Ida May Perry: Wi80 p84; Wi12 p13.
Children: Alvia Eva (Mrs. William Peabody Wetherell) Wi12 p13; George, Agnes, Harold.
Scott, Matt: photo Wi80 p80.
Scott, Nancy (Elk) (Mrs. James M. Merrick): Wi71 p81.
Scott, Naomi: Fa00 p54; photo Wi12 p17.
Scott, Thomas & Jennie May Applegate: photo Wi80 p80; Fa88 p70; Sp98 p10.
Children: Henry Webster, Lenore (Later Chapman, Anderson), Jean.
Scott, William Jehu Jackson (son of Levi): Wi71 p83; Wi90 p74; Sp93 pp8,12; Wi93 p80; Sp02
pp6, photo 10; Su10 p4.


Scott, Xenophon E.: Wi67 p18.
Scott’s Sawmill (USb): Sp65 p13,15; Su00 pp34,37; Sp02 p11.
Scotts Valley: Wi65 p6; Wi68 p95; Sp72 p14; Su79 p26; Fa80 p55; Sp83 p3, et seq.; Sp93 p8;
Fa98 p51; Sp02 pp7,11; Fa09 p5; Su11 p7; Su11 p7; Wi11 pp16,18,20.
Scottsburg, Ore. (Scottsville, Myrtle City): Su66 p14,16,18; Fa66 p6; Sp69 pp16,17; Su69 p43
photo 44; Fa69 p52,61; Wi71 p84; Wi72 p83,87; Su75 p35; Su80 p30; Fa81 p51;Wi90 p74;
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Wi05 pp3 et seq.; Sp06 p7; Su06 p10; Fa07 p3 et seq.; Su08 p19; Fa08 p3 photo p4; Fa09
pp5,6; Sp10 p3, et seq.; Su10 p3 et seq.; IOOF Cemetery Sp12 p15; Fa13 p4, et seq.; on map
Wi13 p3; Su18 pp4, et seq; Sp19 p10; Fa19 p18.
“Scottsburg, 1868”: Wi22 pp18-21.
“Scottsburg” by William M. Barber: Sp02 p3-5.
“Scottsburg, Land of the Giants”: Sp02 p3.
“Scottsburg and the Pack Trains” by William M. Barber: Sp10 with photos, sketches & good
Bibliography pp21,22; Continued in Su10, Cover Mr. Howe & pack train.
Scottsburg Military Road: Sp65 p10; Su69 p43; Su72 p28; Fa72 p51; Fa09 p5.
“Scottsburg and the Military Road”: Fa99 p51-68 by William M. Barber
Scottsburg House, J. Putnam’s (USb): Su00 p37; Sp02 p18; Sp23 p9.
Scottsburg, Ore. Lower: Fa75 p53; Fa99 p55; Su00 p30,31,34; Sp02 pp3, et seq.; Fa07 p10;
Sp10 p5.
Scottsburg, Ore. Upper; Su00 p31; Sp02 p3,11,18; Wi05 p7: dock photos Fa07 p19; Fa13 p22.
Scottsburg Bridge: Su23 p11.
Scottsburg-Camp Stuart Wagon Road: Wi90 p76; Fa99 p52, et seq.; Wi15 p6; Sp19 p13.
Scottsburg aka IOOF Cemetery-1858: Su65 p16; Wi11 p2,6; Sp12 p15.
Scottsburg – Drain Road: Wi05 p19.
Scottsburg Dredging Project: Sp84 photo p12.
Scottsburg Ferry: photo Sp84 p8; photo Su94 p41.
Scottsburg Garage: Wi98 p84.
Scottsburg Grange Hall: Wi72 p88; Photo Wi12 p7.
Scottsburg Hotel: Wi75 p95; Sp00 p10.
Scottsburg Housing Project: Wi98 pp75, photo 83, map 85.
“Scottsburg Housing Project 1945-1953”: Wi98 p75-95 by William M. Barber.
Scottsburg-Myrtle Creek Road: Fa72 p51; Su99 pp50, et seq.
Scottsburg Pioneer Cemetery: Wi05 p9.
Scottsburg Post Office (LSB): Su00 p36; Wi05 photo p10; photo Sp06 p7; Sp01 p6; Fa11 p7.
Scottsburg-Reedsport Road: Sp92 p5.
Scottsburg Tannery (USb): Su00 p37; Su18 p8.
Scottsville, Ore.: Wi72 p83.
Scouler, Dr. John: Fa73 p51.
Scranton, Nettie, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 pp65,70.
Children: Alice, Ruth, Fa98 pp65,70.
Scranton, Ruth (CaV): Fa98 p70.
Children: Abbie, Fa98 p70.


Scripps Booth automobile: Su91 p40.
Scripture (?) Ed Maple: Fa04 p9.
“Sea Bird” side wheel steamer: sketch of Fa69 p52; & Su87 p34.
“Sea Gull”, propeller steamer: Fa05 p4, photo p5, et seq.
“Sea Otter”: Sp65 p5.
Seaberg Floating Cannery: Su08 p15.
Seals, Guthrie (Winc): Su08 p7.
Sears & Roebuck’s: Su05 p15; Su09 p5.
Seaton, Alice: Fa87 p70.
Seattle Art Museum: Fa20 p14.
Sebring Family (Dil): hotel Fa92 p54.
Sebring, Bill: Fa06 pp8,11.
Sebring, Frank: Fa06 photo p7.
Sebring, May (Dil): Fa06 p11.
Sebring, Nat (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Sebring, Will A. “Bill” (Dil); Wi89 p92 (Sp?); Fa06 p8,9,11.
“Section Lines & Dough Gods”: Ray L. Stout Fa68 pp51-63.
Seely, Alvane Cary, Dr. & Florence “Flo” Hall (MC-Ros): Fa66 p9; Wi67 p14; Sp76 p8; Flo portrait
Sp83 p6,17,19; Wi86 p82; Sp03 p5; Fa06 p18; Wi23 pp11, 13.
Children: Hall
Seely, Hall, Dr. (Ros): Fa66 p9; Su78 p30; Sp83 p8, et seq.; Wi86 p82; Sp88 p9; Su97 p36.
Seeley, George & Parents (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13; Fa03 pp59,61.
Semmes, Captain Raphael: Sp23 p10.
Sefton, Fred (Yon): Su82 pp32,33.
Sehlbrede, Charles A. (Ros): Wi79 pp77, et seq.
Sehlin, Eddie (Yon): Su82 p33.
Seibold, LeRoy: Su19 p25.
Seigel, C.M. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Selby, Mrs. Arthur (Gl): Wi19 p11.
Selig, Alice, Miss: Fa83 p71.
Selig, Hellene (MC): Fa83 pp70,71.
Selig, Isaac & Martha J. Simmons (MC): Fa83 p70.
Selig, Isodore (MC): Fa83 p71; Shop Su14 p14.
Selig, Nathan (MC): Fa83 p70,71.
Selig, Simon & Mrs (MC): Wi67 p16; Fa74 p63; Sp14 p17.
Sellers, O.L. (MC): Sp83 p19.
Sellick, Frances (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Sells Floto Circus: Wi86 p88; Fa10 photos p6.
Sells Floto-Barnum & Bailey Circus: Sp85 p15.
Seneca Jones Timber Company: Fa08 pp8,9.
Senecal, Mildred (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Senate Saloon (Ros): Wi75 p88; Wi87 p90, photo 92.
Senator Kathryn Clark Cloakroom (Salem): Sp20 p8.
Senior Arts Fair: Sp09 p16.


Senior Center: Sp01 p22.
Senior Citizen Award, Roseburg C. of C.: Sp00 p20.
Senior Citizens Gadabout Trip: Fa90 p58; Sp91 p16.
“Sentinel”: Su00 p32.
Sergent, John Calvin & Mary Elizabeth Earl: with photos Fa86 p59, et seq.
Children of: Bertha (later Meikle), Earl, Grace (later Mrs. Glenn Woodruff), May.
Servant, Jacques: Wi15 p6.
Seth Thomas Clock: Fa09 p22.
Sether Family (Glen): Sp66 p21; Wi11 p5.
Sether Brothers Ranch (Glen): Sp66 p19; cover photo Fa69 p50; Su80 p40; Wi09 p21; Fa10 p19.
Sether, A.F., Dr. (Ros): Wi71 p93; Fa14 p18.
Sether, B., Dr. (Ros): Fa86 p51; Fa14 p18.
Sether, Carl (Glen): Wi65 p11; Sp66 p21; Wi70 p87; Fa10 p19.
Sether, Olger (Glen): Sp66 p21; Sp72 p2.
Steele, Ed (Oak): Sp77 p11.
Settle, George (Oak): Sp77 p6; Sp86 p23.
Settle, J. Neil: Su73 p31; Sp77 p6; Sp86 p23.
Seven Feathers Casino: Wi11 p7.
Seventh Day Adventist Church: Fa75 p64; Sp06 p22.
Seward, Smith: Sp69 p18.
Seward, William H.: Su68 p45.
Sewell, George (L. F.?) & Marian Kate Buick: Su74 p31; Fa09 pp21,22.
Sewell, George C.: photo Fa14 p17.
Sewing machine, wide-belt treadle: photo Sp82 p14.
Sexton Family: Fa94 p64.
Seymour, Godfrey, Sea Capt.: Fa07 p14.
Seymour, Louis (Reed): photo Su82 p39.
Shad: Su66 p14
Shadle, Mr. & Mrs.: Fa04 p9.
Shady Point: Su67 p23; Sp71 p12; Su90 p45; Su92 p32; Sp22 p4.
Shafer, “Old Blind” (SB): Sp97 p5.
Shaggs: See Cormorants
Shagg Roost: Su08 p10.
Shakespearean Society (Ros): Su96 p44.
Shambrook Ranch: Sp96 p21; photo Su05 pp6,12.
“Threshing in 1929 at the Shambrook’s”: Gerald Bacon Su05 p6.
Shambrook family (CoV): Sp65 p9; Sp75 p15; Wi03 p18; Su05 p12.
Shambrook heirs: Wi11 p9.
Shambrook, Dr. (Kel): Su88 p27.
Shambrook, D.B.: Fa09 p10.
Shambrook, D.R.: Wi71 p94.
Shambrook, Dave (Ros): Fa91 p65.
Shambrook, George “Pop” (Ump): Sp75 p11, et seq.; Wi83 p77; photo Sp98 pp21,22; Wi03
p18; photo Su05 p6,12,20; DLC Wi11 pp11,18; Su16 p7,8; Wi22 p6.


Children: Jess, Sp98 photo p21.
Shambrook, George (CoV): Sp75 p15; Wi75 p91; Wi99 pp82,90; Su05 p6.
Shambrook, Jess & Mable Dixon (Ump): Wi71 p95; Fa74 pp68,69; photo Sp98 p21. Su05
Shambrook, John C. (PM)(Ump): Sp98 p22.
Shambrook, Maudie (Ump): photo Wi71 p88,89.
Shamley, Thomas Gravesite (Til): Sp12 p15.
Shamrock Motel: Sp22 p8.
Shangarati, Joseph (Grande Ronde Judge): photo Wi84 p86.
Shaperell Mt. (Dil): Sp06 p12.
Shapro, Kim: Wi12 p21.
Sharp, Earl: Sp22 p17.
Sharp, Earnest “Ernie” Jean Sr. & Elizabeth Jean “Kippy” Pennie: SP RR Engineer Fa06 p18-20;
Wi07 p12.
Sharp, Earnest Jean Jr.: Wi07 cover, et seq.
Sharp, B. T., Rev. (Dxv): Su01 pp31, et seq.
Sharp, Lawrence J., Ph.D.: Author “The Beginning, The Middle and The End” Wi07 A History of
The 81 st and the 91 st WWll fighter squadron Wi07.
Sharps: rifles Wi16 p6.
Shasta Butte City, Calif. Wi06 p14.
Shasta Indians: Wi06 p20.
Shattenkerk, Dorothy Rathkey: Fa03 p75.
Shattuck, E.D.: Su68 p46.
Shaver, George Washington, Sea Capt. & Sarah Dixon: Fa66 p12.
Shaver, Lincoln: Fa66 pp14,17.
Shaver Transportation Co.: Fa66 p18.
Shaw, Audrey Porter: Sp91 p13.
Shaw, James P.: Sp01 p13.
Shaw, Rollin (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Shay, Barney (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Shea, James & Lucretia Elliff: Su80 p38; Su85 photo pp32,33, photo 36.
Shearer, Dr. (Glen): Fa94 p70; Fa06 p18.
Sheffield, Mr. & Mrs.: Sp90 p6.
Children: James F. or S., Edward, Sarah “Satie” (Prentiss), Betsy (Campbell)
Sheffield, Ben: Sp73 p21.
Sheffield, Betsy (Mrs. John Keyes Campbell): Sp90 p3,7.
Children: Alice, George, Mary “Minnie”, Jessie Marie.
Sheffield, Edward “Eddie” (RWV): Sp73 24; Wi75 p89; Sp90 p3, et seq., photo 8.
Sheffield, Capt. Edward: Su68 p39.
Sheffield, James F. or S. (Lg-GS): Sp73 p24; Fa74 p68; Wi75 p89; Cover Sp90 p2 et seq.; Su90
p27, et seq.
Sheffield, Susie: Sp73 p24.
Sheil, George R.: Sp69 p17.
Shelby, Aaron & Mary Virginia Lane; Sp85 p2; Wi18 p13.


Children: Eugene, Anna Wi18 p13.
Sheldon, Mrs. Margaret Clark: Wi 67 p21.
Shellabarger, Max & Mrs. (IP); Wi86 pp82,83.
Shelley, R.L.: Fa65 p16; Wi72 p84.
Shelton, Jennie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Shelton, Minnie (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Shepard, Ina Grave (Ros): Sp12 p16.
Shepard, Lewis (MC): Fa74 p63.
Shepard, Tim (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Shepardson, Mrs. Selma (CoV): Wi99 p80.
Shephard, Ina Gravesite: Sp12 p16.
Shepherd, J. H.: Sp04 p22.
Shepherd, Tim (Elk): Fa81 p51.
Sheppard & Catching Bros. (Rid): Fa74 p56.
Sherman, Clay & Co.: Wi15 p11.
Sherman, D. C.: Sp01 p3.
Sherman, D. O., Capt.: Sp01 p3.
Sherman, Mrs. H.: Fa83 p70,71.
Sherman, H.A. (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Sherman, Lou (Oak): Sp77 p3,14.
Sherman, Miss Rachel: Sp71 p10; Su71 p43.
Sherman, William Tecumseh, Gen. & Ellen Ewing: Su67 pp22,24; Sp71 p8 et seq.; Su71 p37,43;
Su75 p48; Fa75 p51.
Children: Rachel, Thomas + 6 more.
Sheridan Bros. Hardware Co.: Fa72 photo p63; Su90 p33; Wi15 16; sketch of Sp23 p25.
Sheridan Hills (Ros): map Sp90 p13; Su90 p35.
Sheridan Island (Ros): map Sp90 p13; Su90 p39.
Sheridan St. (Ros): 1900s photo Sp70 p20; photo Wi87 p94; Fa00 p55; Wi09 p4.
Sheridan, Mr. (Ros): Fa70 p50.
Sheridan, Mrs. A.: Sp08 p5.
Sheridan, J.C. (Ros): Su97 p36.
Sheridan, Joe & Sadie Flournoy: Sp06 p21.
Sheridan, Phillip Henry, Gen.: Sp71 p4,8; Su80 p36 (false, Sheridan was not at Hungry Hill and
the Indians thoroughly defeated the settlers in the battle. Ed.).
Sheridan, Thomas Patrick & Sarah (Ros): Fa72 p59; Wi75 p78; Wi76 p86; Sp90 p7; Su97 p36;
Su03 p42.
Sheridan, Thomas R. (Ros): Su97 p33,36; Wi20 p7; Wi21 p12.
Thomas Sheridan Hardware and tin shop: Fa72 photo p59.
Sheridan’s Horse Calvary: Su05 p17.
Sherrel, Margaret (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Sherrell, Albert: Wi83 p77.
Sherret-Lyster Cemetery: Sp12 p10.
Sherrett family (Gard): Fa69 p69.
Sherritt, John Wholesale & Retail (LSb): Su00 p36.


Sherritt, John & Almira Jane Johnson (LSb): Wi72 p84;
Sherwood, Kenneth & Leona (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Dennis, Gloria.
Shields, Benjamin F. & Fannie: Sp68 p9; Sp76 p16.
Shields, Dr.: Fa07 p13.
Shields, John: Fa00 p69.
Shalimar Restaurant (Ros): Su88 p46.
Shannon, Del: Sp22 p3.
Shilton, Walamet (Oak): Su10 p10.
“Shin Plasters”: Sp12 p6.
“Shine on, Harvest Moon”: Do. Co. Grain farming Fa67 p5 by George Abdill.
Shinkle Family (WC): Wi01 p81.
Shipley, W. J.: Sp01 p11; Sp04 p16.
Siphers, Mr. PM (Jv): Sp19 p18.
SHIPS, SCHOONERS, BRIGS, BOATS,STEAMERS, ETC.: gas launch “Adak”Su66 p18; gas launch
“Adel” Sp73 p18; ship “Admiral Nicholson” Su84 p45; Steamer “Ajax” Fa08 p19; brig “Almira”
Fa05 p19; ship “Alliance” Fa89 p68; Bark “America” Su81 p43; USS “Ancon” Sp09 p10; ship
“Andover” Su84 p45; Steamer “Argo” Fa69 p65; Su18 p7,18; shipwreck “Bandorille” Fa69 p66:
SS Bear Fa16 photo p7; Sternwheel Steamer “Beaver” Sp89 photo p8; ship “Beulah” Fa69 p65;
Schooner “Bostonian” Fa66 p6; Fa69 p59,61; Fa75 p51; Sp10 p8; Fa13 p5, et seq.; Steamer
“Bully Washington” Wi75 p77; Fa07 p10; USS “Bunker Hill” Fa15 p16; “Cadboro” Sp72 p7; brig
“Caleb Curtis,” Fa05 p19; steam schooner “California” Su65 p14, Sp71 p17,Fa16 p4, Wi01 p76;
Wi21 p22; schooner “Caroline” Fa69 photo p60,65; Steamer “City of Chester” Fa66 p18; steam
schooner “Columbia” Sp68 p18; Wi69 p75; Sp71 p17; Wi01 p76; Fa19 p17; Bar Tug “Columbia”
Cover Sp69 p2; gas launch “Comet” Su66 p18; Sp73 p18; “Constitution” (Ironsides) Fa18 p9;
“Copiapo” Su72 p36; Wi21 p20; Steam Schooner “Cordelia” Wi78 p82, Sp02 p23; “Dispatch
Su18 p18. “Discovery” Sp72 pp5,7; Steamboat “Eagle” Stern Wheeler “Echo” photo Wi78 p83;
Schooner “Edwin” Su72 p36; Wi21 p22; ship “Elder” Wi75 p85; Schooner “Enterprise” Sp79
p20: Steamer Enterprise” Su18 p18; Wi21 p12: Sternwheeler “Enterprise” Sp89 p3; Wi21 p12:
Tug “Escort # 2” Sp72 p17; Stern Wheel Steamer “Eva” Cover photo Fa65 p2; Wi66 p19, Sp67
p3 photo p5, photo Su68 p48,Sp69 p2, Fa69 pp68,69, Wi72 p85; Sp00 p16, photo Wi05 p5;
“Excelsior”Fa07 p14; Schooner “Ewing” Wi90 p75; Sp02 p14; Schooner “Fannie” Wi75 p75;
steamer “Favorite” Sp72 p19; Brig “Fawn” Fa75 p69; Tug “Fearless” Fa65 p18, Sp72 p19; sloop
Flora Su65 p13; Riverboat “Flying Dutchman” Fa07 p17; Schooner “Forest King” Sp72 p19; Brig
“Francis Helen” Wi69 p74; Motor boat “Gasco” Wi72 p84; Tug “Gleaner” Sp69 p2, Fa69 p68,
Wi21 p8; side wheel steamer “Great Republic” Sp72 p16; Schooner “Gotama” Sp72 p19;
Steamer “Gypsy” photo Fa07 p11; Riverboat “Harvest Queen” Su71 p39; Steamer “Hassalo”
Su71 p37,39; “Hera” Su75 p44; Steamboat “Hoosier” Fa07 p3; tug “Hunter” Sp69 p2, Fa69 p68;
“Iphigenia” Sp72 p5; Schooner “J.B. Leeds” Wi69 p74, Wi75 p89; “Jenny” Sp72 p7; Ship
“Jonathan” Sp91 p3; Barque “Josephine” Fa66 p8; Brig “Judson” Sp00 p9; Steamer “Juno” Fa65
p16, Su08 p19, Su18 p18; schooner “Kate Heath” Fa66 p6, Fa69 p59,61, Wi69 p93, Sp02 p17,
Fa13 p4,5,8; Sp23 p5; Sloop “Lady Washington” Sp65 p4; “Lillian” Sp72 p19; two-masted
schooner “Lilly” photo Sp70 p5; schooner “Lily” Fa69 p65, Sp73 p15; Steamer “Little Annie”
photo Su78 p44; Steamer “Little California” Fa66 p18; Brig “Loriot” Fa65 p13, Su66 p3; River

Steamboat “Lot Whitcomb” Fa71 p72; ship “Lousanne” Su66 p6; schooner “Louise” Fa69 p65,
Sp70 p3; schooner “Lucy” Fa69 p65, Sp70 p3,6; Battleship “Maine” Sp67 p3; Tug “Mar-Sae”
Wi98 p2; Steamer “Mary” Wi78 p82; Schooner “Mary and Ida” Sp72 p19; Schooner “Mary
Cleveland” Wi69 p74; Wi72 p87; Schooner “Mary Taylor” Su65 p13,14; Ship “Massachusetts”
Sp02 p7; Steamer “Messenger” Sp89 pp4,5; “Mischief” Sp72 p19; “The Mist: Su68 p35, Su75
p42; Sloop of War “Modest” Sp13 p3; Side wheel “Multnomah” Fa07 p3; Schooner “Nassau”
Su75 p32; Schooner “Novelty” photo Sp84 p6; Liner “Oceanic” Fa15 p7; Ship “Orchilla” Su77
p26, Fa79 p52; Battleship “Oregon” Su03 p40; Schooner “Palestine” Sp76 p12; “Reindeer” Fa66
p6; Sp02 p17; Fa13 p5; Schooner “Ortolan” Sp02 pp21,22; Brig “Owhyhee” Sp66 p8; launch
Peacock, Su65 p14; stern wheel Steamer “Restless” Fa65 p16, Fa69 p66,68, photo Fa07 p11,
Su18 p7,18; bark “Rival” Sp69 p2; Steamboat “Roseburg” Wi75 p80; Schooner “Sadie” Fa69
p65; schooner “Samuel Roberts” Fa66 p6, Wi67 p2, sketch of Su00 p37, same sketch Sp02 p5,
Sp02 p14,15,16, Fa08 p3 same sketch p4, same sketch Fa13 p4,5; Sp23 p5; Schooner “San
Gabriel ” Fa69 p62,65, Sp73 p16; ship “Sandusky” Sp00 p8; Steamer “Satellite” Sp89 p5; Side
wheel ocean steamer “Sea Bird” sketch of Fa69 p52; propeller steamer “Sea Gull”, Fa05 p4;
photo p5; “Sea Otter” Sp65 p5; Steamer “Sierra Nevada” Su75 p35; Tug “Sol Thomas” Fa65
p18; Sp72 p17; Barque “Success” Fa07 p3; Stern Wheeler “Swan” Su68 p33, Sp73 p15, Su75
p35; Wi21 p12; steamer “Tacoma” Fa69 p66, Sp72 p16, et seq.; steamer “Thomas Metcalf”
Wi06 p8; Liner “Titanic”: Fa15 p7. “Tonquin” Fa65 p8, Wi65 p3, Su66 p11, Sp72 p3; ship
“Toulon” Sp76 p21; Frigate “Tres Reyes” Sp65 p4; shipwreck “Truckee” Fa69 p66: Schooner
“Twin Sisters” Sp02 p22; Gas boat “Umpqua” Sp73 p16; Schooner “Umpqua” Wi75 p77;
Steamboat “Umpqua” Su65 p20, Su66 p18; USS Umpqua (Fury) Sloop of War Wi02 p91; Ship
“Vancouver” Sp72 p10; “Virginius”: Sp19 p7; Sloop “Washington” Sp72 p5; Steam propeller
“Washington” Fa65 p2, Wi69 p74, Sp00 p10, Wi05 p5, Fa07 p3 et seq., Su18 p18;: USS Wasp
Fa15 p14; bark “Whistler” Sp69 p2; bark “Whiton” Sp76 p22; Sternwheeler “Wide West” Su71
p37; brig “William and Ann” Su66 p11, Fa73 p51; Schooner “Wing and Wing”: Sp72 p19; sled
boat “Wooden Shoe” Su03 p38.
Shira Lumber Co.: Fa86 p69.
Shiria, A.E. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
Shirk, David: Fa66 p14,16,17.
“Shirk, David, Cattle Drives of”: Fa66 p16
Shirk, William: Fa66 p16.
Shirpser, Julia (Mrs. Hymen Wollenberg): Wi12 p6.
Shirtcliff, H.M. (MC): Sp83 p19.
Shirtcliff, Ted & Mae Way (MC): photo Su82 p39.
Shirtcliff Oil Co.: Sp22 p20.
Sister’s Buildg (Ros): Wi23 p9.
Sisters of Mercy (Ros): Fa20 p6.
Shively Creek (SUmp): Sp89 p22; Fa01 p52.
Shivigney Lookout: Fa01 pp53,59.
Shoemaker, Mrs. (Np): Wi03 p14.
Children: Cora, Camilla.
Shoemaker, Dr. (Ros): Fa84 p65; Fa90 p52; Su91 p47.
Shoemaker, B.R. (Ros): Wi23 p12.


Shoemaker, Betty: photo Fa00 p70.
Shoemaker, Claude: Sp85 p34.
Shoemaker, Lois (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Shoemaker, Mom and Daughters Cora & Camilla: Wi03 p14.
Shoemaker, Sam J. & Mrs. (Ros): Su83 pp31,33, Fa91 p51.
Shoestring Valley (Elkhead), North Doug. County: Information extracted by Gerald and Doris
Bacon from a cultural and historic resource report. Sp93 p4-23; Fa09 p6; Su11 p13; Valley
Su11 p17.
Shoestring aka Elkhead Cemetery (Yon): Sp12 p16.
Shoestring Lumber Co. (Elkh): Sp93 p14.
Shoestring School: Sp93 p15.
Shoestring Valley Livestock Co. (UC): Sp93 p15.
Shook, Herman H.: Sp12 p6.
“Shootout at the Roseburg P.O.”: Wi97 p79.
Shopp, John (Rid): Fa74 p58.
Shoreham Hotel: Sp03 p15.
Shoreline Drive-In Theater (Reed): Su13 p11.
Short & Loomis (Wil): Sp75 p13.
Short Ranch: Fa00 p60.
Short Family (Wil): Sp69 p15.
Short, Anna: Sp82 p3.
Short, Clarence: Fa08 p20.
Short, Claude: Wi66 p24.
Short, “Cop” & family (Wil): Su05 p18.
Short, George W. (Wil): photo Fa66 p15,18,20; Sp75 p11.
Children: Stanley Fa66 p19.
Short, James & Mrs. (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Children: Maybelle
Short, John: Fa66 p12.
Short, John: Wi09 p7.
Short, Liberty “Lib”: Fa66 p18.
Short, Matt or Lib: photo Fa66 p15.
Shortridge, Mrs.: Fa95 p56.
Shortridge, Willard (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Shoup Creek: Fa01 p62.
Shrum, Ken & Marilyn Myers: Su90 p46; Fa96 p50,51,71; Sp00 p23; Map, courtesy of, Su01 p36;
“Trapper” editor Fa00 through Wi01; Sp03 p22; “Trapper Index” Su03 p49; Su19 p2.
Children: Stephen, Laura, Mary.
Shrum, Nicholas: Sp00 p21.
Shrum Ranches (LR): Su65 p2; Fa92 p65.
Shrum, Sarah Ellen (Mrs. Leaner Linton): Wi12 p7.
Shrum, Steven & Effie: Su90 p47; Sp00 p23; Wi00 p78.
Shrum, Thomas: Wi83 p77.
Shuey, Mrs. E.A.: Wi09 p20.


Shuckle, Tony: Su19 p25.
Shupe, John H. (Oak): Wi66 p12; Wi71 p85; Su72 p34.
Siegal, Leah (later Mrs. Andrew Ervin Street) (CaV): Sp06 p18.
Sienna Ridge Estates: Wi11 p21.
Sienna Winery: Fa16 p7.
“Sierra Nevada” steamer: Su75 p35.
Sigg Family: Su91 p47.
Children: Alma.
Sigg’s Drug Store (Ros): Su91 p47.
Signal Butte: Fa80 p55.
Silent Creek: Wi73 p75.
Siles, Jimmy: Su19 p3.
Siletz Blockhouse: Su74 p34.
Siletz Reservation: Wi69 p89,90; Su74 p34, Su75 p33.
Siltcoos Lake: Fa68 p60; Su11 p6; Su22 p11.
Siltcoos River: Fa65 p11.
Siluslaw Indians: Fa07 p14.
Siluslaw River: Wi05 on map p18.
Silva, Edwin L. & Christine: Sp93 p17.
Silver Butte: lookout Fa01 p59.
Silver Comet Band: Fa22 p8.
“Silver Horde of the Umpqua”: Hugh F. Pearson, Part one Sp66 p7-10; Part 2 Su66 p12-15.
Silver Lake: Fa73 p66, fire p69; fire Su74 p29.
Silver Moon Saloon (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Silver Nook Grill (Ros): Fa91 p51; Fa20 p8.
Silver Salmon: see Coho.
Silvers, Mr. (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Simmonds, W.A. (Br): Fa74 p65.
Simmons, Bill Z. (Dil): Fa06 p11.
Simmons, Emily (Mrs. John Merit Wright): Su68 p32.
Simmons, William Joseph, (KKK); Sp09 p20.
Simms or Sims, Columbia, or Columbus: Sp69 p17.
Simon, Iola (Ros): Wi91 p75.
Simon, Joe (a pelter): Sp68 p9.
Simon, Joe, Senator: Sp04 p17.
Simon, Si (a pelter): Sp68 p9.
Simmons aka Singleton Family Cemetery (Dxv-LR): DLC Sp12 p16.
Simons, Mrs. (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Simons, Mable: Fa87 p70.
Simpson Sawmill (Gard & Coos Bay): Fa69 p65; Su18 p7.
Simpson Shoes (Reed): Wi98 p92.
“Simpsons of Shore Acres, The”: Stephen Dow Beckham Wi72 p79.
Simpson, Mr.: Sp70 p7.
Simpson, Aemilius, Capt.: Fa66 p6.


Simpson, Asa M., Capt.: Sp69 p2; Wi72 p79; Su10 p4.
Simpson, Benjamin: Su16 p12.
Simpson Brothers (Gard): Fa69 p64.
Simpson, Don (Dr): Wi69 p88.
Simpson, George (HBC): Su65 p6,10; Fa65 p12; Sp66 p15; Fa66 p8; Sp72 p10, et seq.
Simpson, J.G. (Ros): Fa78 p50.
Sims, Dale: Sp09 & photos pp10,11.
Dale Sims Men’s Wear: photo Sp09 p10.
“Saved by a Typewriter”: Ray Sims Sp09 p10-11.
Sims Electric: Wi08 p13; Sp09 p9.
Sims, Ray O.: Sp97 pp3, et seq.; Fa08 p3; photos by Wi08 p13; stories by Sp09 p6, p10-15, 18;
Fa09 pp10,20; Wi09 p3.
Sinclair, James (HBC): Sp71 p19.
Children: Jenny (Mrs. Hardy Cole Stanton) Sp71 p19.
Singletary, James W. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Singleton Park: Fa81 p65.
Singleton Valley: Fa02 p62.
Singleton Family aka Simmons Family Cemetery (Dxv-LR): Sp12 p16.
Singleton, Mr.: Sp73 p15.
Singleton, D. E.: Sp00 p23.
Singleton, Dena Henslee: Sp87 p3.
Singleton, Ford: Wi86 p91; Sp87 p3.
Singleton, George: Wi70 p75; Fa72 p64; Fa73 p56.
Singleton, Gran(ny?): Su01 p35.
Singleton, Phil: Wi66 p24; Wi08 p8.
Singleton, Walter (Ros): Sp67 p16; Su95 p28,38; Sp99 p4.
Singleton, William B. “Bailey”: Sp67 p15; Su75 p30; Wi75 p88.
Singleton, William Riley “Bill” & Susan Elviner Chapman: Sp67 photo p15,16; Su67 p17; Fa75
p63; Wi81 p80; Fa02 p62; DLC Sp12 p16;
Children: William B., Thomas J. Sp67 p15.
Sinniger, Mrs. C.W.: Fa20 p12.
Sinniger, Jack H. (Ros): Su83 p33; Sheet Metal Shop Su91 p42.
Sinnott, Mrs.: cover Wi86 p74,83; photo Su11 p18.
Sinnott, Nicholas John, Rep.: Fa87 p50.
Sinnott, Will: Wi19 p11.
Siskiyou Line, So.Pac.: Su11 p4.
Siskiyou Mts.: Sp69 p19; Sp02 p6; Sp19 p18.
Siskiyou Smokejumper Museum, Cave Junction, Ore.: Su20 p7,9.
Sitkum, Ore.: Post Office Su09 p13.
Sitting Bull: Su08 p21.
Siuslaw River: Fa65 p11; on map Wi05 p18; editor error, not Siuslaw-Umpqua Divide but
Willamette-Umpqua Divide, Sp16 p12.
Six Bit House: Wi77 pp88,89.
Sjogren Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.


Sjogren, Fritz (Elg-Ros): Fa84 p54; Wi96 p84.
Skeels, Leanne (Ros): Fa77 p51.
Skelley: Su69 p42; Su11 p20.
Skelley flume (Dr): photo Su69 p42.
Skidmore, J.H., Rev.: Su10 p14.
Skinner, Alonzo A., Judge: Wi83 p75, et seq.; Wi06 p19; Fa19 p10.
Skinner, B.F.: photos by -Fa73 p56,60,62,65,71; Wi73 p77.
Children: Ethel Mae Finlay.
Skinner, Ethel Mae: Wi23 p9
Skinner, Eugene F.: Sp72 p14.
Skinner, Mr. & Mrs. (Dil); Su06 pp5,8.
Children: two daughters Su06 p5.
Skinner, Mr.: Fa09 p22.
Skipworth, E.R.: Sp18 p10
“Skookum”; Shannon Applegate Muller & Susan Applegate Blake Sp83 p4; Wi88 p95.
Skookum Prairie: Fa73 p70.
Skull Camp (CaV): Su68 p40.
Skull Camp Mountain (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Slab Town: see Cottage Grove.
Slack, A.P. (Sut): Su78 p29; Sp99 p10.
Slack, Edgar (Sut): Wi95 p85.
Slacum, William A., Lt.: Fa65 p13; Su66 p3.
Slade, Barton (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Slade, Charlie: photo Su67 p21.
Slane, Barton (Oak): Sp69 p13.
Slate Creek: Fa01 p65.
Slater Act: Su15 p19.
Slater, Harold (Sut): Su78 pp29,30.
Slater, Sen. James A. (Harvey?): Su15 pp19,21.
Slater, John T., (BR): Fa05 p6.
Slater, Tom (LL): Sp97 p7.
Slayton, Samuel R. (Yon): Sp93 p9.
Slattery, Aileen: Su09 p4.
Slattery, Jack (Jack’s Photo Service (CoosB): Wi66 p24; Su67 p13; Su68 p48; Sp69 p2; Su69
p37,46; Fa72 p68; Sp75 p2; Sp84 p6.
Slattery, Jim (Ros): Fa01 p51.
Slattery, Orleana: Sp78 p2.
Sleeper, Mr. (Dil): Sp91 p2.
Sloan(e), Frederick & Co.: Sp02 p15.
Sloan, James (Cala): Su72 p30.
Sloan, John (Cala): Su72 p30.
Sloan, William & Mary (Cala): Su72 p30,32; Su77 p39; Sp02 pp9, et seq.
Sloan(e), William (LSb): Fa75 p69; Fa99 pp55,57; Su00 on map pp31, et seq; Sp02 pp7, et seq.;
Fa13 p11,21; Sp23 p6.


“William Sloan”: Sp02 p14 by William M. Barber.
Slocum Hall photo Fa72 p65; Wi73 p74; Sp87 p3,5; Fa00 pp52,60,71; Sp13 p7,9.
Slocum, Alfred & Catherine “Kate” Martin (Winc): Sp78 p9.
Slocum, Charlie (WinB); Wi72 p88.
Slocum, Delia (Ros): Sp76 p18.
Slocum, E.A. Miss (UAs)(CoV): Fa79p71.
Slocum, Harry C. (Ros): Fa65 p16; Fa00 p52; Wi15 p11.
Slocum, John P. (Ros): Sp13 p6.
Slocum, Mary: Fa65 p15.
Slocum, S.S., Mrs. (Ros): Sp99 p10.
Slocum, William & Sarah (Ros): Fa65 p15; Sp99 p10,14.
Children: Mary (Mrs. Peter Parker Palmer), Mrs. W.H. Byars, Mrs. C.L. Hadley, Harry C., Ed.
Fa65 p16.
Slonecker, Mrs.: Fa11 p13.
Slooper, John: Su06 p5,8.
Sluder, Bev (Cal): Sp94 pp11, on map 12,13.
Small World Store (Ros): Su81 p27.
Smallpox: Su08 p8; Fa16 p19.
Smeed Sound Service: Fa10 p13.
Smick, H.G., Dr. & Mrs. (Ros): Wi71 p93; Sp99 p10.
Smick, William Adam, Rev. & Helen Godwin (Dxv): Su75 p34; Su76 p36; Fa85 p52; Wi88 p78;
Cover Su96 p26,44, photo 45,46; Sp99 p3, et seq, mini bio 10, photo 18; Su01 pp31,44; Sp08
photo p6, et seq.
Smick School (Dxv): photo Fa89 p65; 1932 class photo Wi94 p78,80; Su96 p26on map Su01 p36;
Smith & Aiken Ferry: Sp65 p12; Sp86 p6.
Smith, Jackson & Sublett Trapping Co.: Fa21 p17.
Smith and Son, Marino Rams: Wi15 p12.
Smith River (Bridge River then North Branch Umpqua then Defeat River): Su65 p10; Fa65 pp11,
12; Wi66 p20; Su69 p45; Fa69 p63; Wi71 p84; Wi75 p85; Sp83 p7; Sp00 p16; Fa01 pp52, et
seq., road 67; On map Wi05 p18; Sp11 p8; Su18 p4; Fa19 p18; Su23 p18.
Smith River, Lower Cemetery: Sp12 p16.
Smith Ferry (Elk): Wi72 p81,91,92; Sp73 p8, et seq.; Sp76 p18; Su88 p27.
Smith Ferry Bridge (Elk): Su88 p27.
Smith Ford (NUmp): Fa92 p63; Fa01 pp53,56, bridge 67.
Smith Party Massacre: Map of Smith Massacre Su65 p8 photo 11; Su65 pp 10-12; list of dead,
p12; Wi65 p3; Su66 p3; Fa69 p51.
Smith Rapids: Su08 p19.
Smith River Road: Sp76 p11; Fa11 p20.
Smith Springs (NU): Wi86 p84.
Smith, Jackson & Sublette: Su65 p7.
Smith Family (Np): Wi03 p15,18.
Smith Family (WiCk): Wi01 p81.
Smith, Gen.: Wi77 p83.
Smith, Mr.: Su71 p37; Fa13 pp10,12.


Smith, Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 pp12,15; Fa04 p12,14,20; Wi04 p19.
Smith, Ada (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Smith, Alphonso Anderson “Fawn” (Oak): Fa67 p23; Sp77 p11.
Smith, Alma (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Children: Charles, Winona
Smith, Andrew J., Capt.: Su69 p33; Wi69 p94; Wi77 p92; Sp78 p6; Wi06 p21; mini bio Sp16 p8.
Smith, Archie & Beth (Sb): Wi98 pp88,95.
Children: Margaret, Jane, Carol.
Smith, Art & Mrs. (Np): Wi03 pp15,18.
Smith, B.F. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Smith, B.P. (UC): Sp93 p11.
Smith, Betty Kruse: Fa 80 p51; Wi80 p85, photos pp86,96; Sp81 p3; Wi88 p89; Fa94 p51; Sp13
p21; Su13 p21.
Smith, Burris: Fa70 p65.
Smith, C.D. (Cala): Fa88 p63.
Smith, Cecil: Fa01 p58.
Smith, Chauncey (Yon): photo Wi88 p92.
Smith, Clark (Wil): Su72 p34.
Smith, Charles W. (Pm) & Nancy Price (Grn) (Grant-Smith Road): Su75 p31; Sp79 p27; Bio of
w/photos Su79 pp27-35; Su11 p4.
Children: M. Estelle Su79 p27.
Smith, Connie: Sp21 pp25,27; Fa22 p3; Su23 p3.
Smith, Corey: Wi67 p11.
Smith, “Cyclone” (Ros): Sp70 p23.
Smith, Cyrus (DrCk): Wi83 p77, et seq.
Smith, Dan: alias of Andrew Humason Su70 p27 et seq.
Smith, Don: Sp22 p16.
Smith, Delazon: Wi97 p75; Sp07 p11.
Smith, Ed (Dil): photo Fa67 p10.
Smith, Elizabeth, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Smith, Ella (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Smith, Ellen (Mrs. John Gurly Flook): Wi68 p80.
Smith, Esther (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Smith, Flavius Josephus “Joe” (Oak): photo Sp69 p13.
Smith, Floyd (Oak): Sp77 p11.
Smith, Floyd (Yon): Su82 p32.
Smith, Fred (CH): Sp06 p7.
Smith, George D. & Martha Jane Davis (Oak): Fa67 p23; Su72 p27.
Smith, George H. (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Smith, Gladys (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Smith, Greenberry: Wi14 pp6 photo p7,12.
Smith, Harold: Su65 p20.
Smith, Harry (Oak): Sp69 pp3,12.
Smith, Harry: Wi73 p92.


Smith, Henry, PM (Galsv): Sp19 p17.
Smith, Howard E. (Sut): Sp78 p22; Wi99 p89.
Smith, Irving & Brontie Coffelt (LL): Wi73 p93.
Smith, Isaac & Margaret B.: Su00 p30; Su10 p19.
Smith, Isaac & Sarah (Wil): Su77 p41.
Children: 4
Smith, J.A. (Ros): 1867 photo gallery Su75 p33.
Smith, J.F. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Smith, Jack (Elk): Wi67 p22; Sp73 p14.
Smith, Jack (Np): Wi03 pp8,26.
Smith, Jake (Jacke, Jakes?) & Mrs. (Ros): Sp90 p14,15; Su90 pp30, et seq.
Smith, Jane Ann (later Chadwick): Wi74 p91.
Smith, James B. (Oak): Sp69 p10.
James B. Smith Hardware (Oak): photo Sp69 p10.
Smith, Jedediah Strong “Diah”: massacre Sp65 p6; Su65 p6 et seq.; Fa65 p8, sketch of p9, et
seq; Wi65 p3 et seq.; Su66 p3; Fa69 p51; Su75 p30; Sp84 p7; Sp93 p7; Fa02 p51; Dale
Morgan sketch of, Fa13 p11; Fa21 pp17-19.
Smith, Jerome: Su72 p34.
Smith, Jerry (Rid): Wi70 p83.
Smith, Joe & Anna (Oak): Su76 p47; Sp77 p13.
Children: Agnes, Virgil, Floyd.
Smith, John A. PM (Elk): Wi72 p92.
Smith, John C. (stone mason) & Martha Evans (Wil): Sp69 p17; Fa71 p67,68. Su75 p34, Wi76
Children: Mary (Mrs. O.P. Henderson), Phene (Later Starr, of Oakland), Zack, Lane, Fa71 p68.
Smith, John L. & Esther Wells (Elk); Fa66 p8; Sp67 p20; Sp68 p6; Wi72 p81,91,92; Fa75 p66;
Sp79 pp20,23,24; Su88 p33; Fa90 p71.
Smith, Lee (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Smith, Levi & Dollie Flook: Wi68 p80.
Smith, Lewey (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Smith, Libby: Mrs. Aaron Rose, Jr.
Children: Vinnie Rose: Wi92 p91.
Smith, Linda “Lynn” Engle: Sp21 pp11, photo 15.
Smith, Lloyd (Yon): photo Su82 p28.
Smith, Lon (IP): Wi86 p80.
Smith, Louis “Louie: (Kel): Wi67 p21; Sp73 p13; Su88 p27.
Smith, Louie & Sherman (Np): Wi03 p18.
Smith, M.B. (MC): Fa74 p62.
Smith, M.F.: Sp75 p13.
Smith, Maggie Rone (Np): Wi03 p29.
Smith, Sen. Margaret Chase: Su23 p16.
Smith, Margaret Mrs.: photo credit Wi68 p82.
Smith, Marie (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Smith, Mary (later Henderson): Fa71 p68.


Smith, Maxine (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Smith, Melvin “Bud”: photo Sp21 p12.
Smith, Meriweather Lewis Walker “Smitty” & Elsie Mae (Cal): cover Sp94 pp2,4 photos 5,10,
on map pp12,13, photos pp15,17; Fa03 p54 et seq.
“Smitty”: Ross Myers Fa03 p57.
Smith Minerva Jane (Mrs. John Jackson Long): Wi11 p20.
Smith, Nathan & Emily Hobson (Oak): Wi76 p88,95.
Smith, Newton (Cala): Sp69 17; Su72 p32.
Smith, O.E. & Abigail West: Su93 p45.
Children: West, Su93 p45.
Smith, Olive (Oak): Wi66 p15.
Smith, Orin “Ed” & Fannie (Gl); Wi86 p80.
Children: Agnes (Later Mrs. Ernest Weber).
Smith, Paul (Np): Wi03 p15.
Smith, Paul, typewriter artist: by Don Good and Ray Simms, Cover art & bio of w/photos Sp09
Smith, Mrs. Perry: Fa20 p13.
Smith, Phene (later Starr): Fa71 p68.
Smith, Rebel (CS): Sp79 p4.
Smith, Richard, PM (Oak): Wi71 p85; Wi74 p80; Fa75 p62; Wi75 p85; Fa76 p54; Su10 p15; Fa11
Children: Jane Ann (Mrs. Stephen Chadwick)
Smith, Robert (Yon): Sp72 p15; Wi74 p90; Wi83 p77; Wi92 p74; photo Wi13 p4.
Smith, Ronald “Pop” & Fannie (Sb): Wi98 pp84,95.
Children: Art (Sb): Wi98 p94.
Smith, Sam (Ros): Sp67 p10.
Smith, Sean M.: “Dauntless Gramps” Sp21 pp3-18, photos pp12,15.
Smith, Seneca & Margaret Mary Gilliland: Su89 p42,45.
Smith, Taylor: Wi75 p85.
Smith, Thomas, Judge & Arethusa E. Lynn (Winc): Su66 p14; Wi67 p2; Wi68 p95; Fa71 p67;
Wi72 p87; Su75 p31; Fa75 p50,53, photo p55,60; Wi75 pp85,91; Sp76 p11; Wi76 p91,95;
Sp86 p3, et seq.; Wi93 p75,76; Fa99 p55; Sp02 p15.
Children: 12
Smith, Thomas (UCC): Su85 pp31,33, stockade 35; Wi91 p94.
Smith, Virgil (Oak): Sp77 p11.
Smith, Virginia (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Smith, Mr.& Mrs. (W. G. or C.?) (Eden?): Sp04 pp12, et seq.; Fa04 p12; Wi04 p19; Sp05 pp13,14.
Smith, Wayne (SUmp): cabin photo Wi91 p81.
Smith, “Windy” (Oakl): photo Sp69 p10.
Smith, William (Reed): photo Sp72 p21.
Smith, William R. “Reb” (FO): Sp76 p4; Sp77 p11; Su11 p13.
Children: Alonzo Marcellus, Flavius Josephus, Edwin Marion, Adolphus E., William Howard,
Alphonso Marcellus, Walter Scott, Lucy, Nancy, Susan, Sp77 p11.
Smith, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.


Smith, Willie (Ros): photo Fa85 p57.
Smith, Z.: Sp69 17.
Smith’s Garage (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Smith’s Ferry (Kel): see Smith Ferry.
Smith’s Ford (NU): see Smith Ford.
Smith’s Livery Stable (Oak): photo Sp69 p13.
Smitty’s Wayside Farm: Sp94 photos pp5,10, photos et seq.; Fa03 p54, et seq.
Smithson, Virginia: cover Su05 p2.
Smithsonian Institute: Su74 p45.
Smokejumpers: Su20 p3.
Smyth, George & John: Fa66 p17.
“Snake Country Journal”, 1826: Peter Skene Ogden Sp72 p3.
Snake Pit (Rid): Sp22 p16
Snake River: Sp72 p3; Sp02 p6.
Snedeker, Miss (Ros): Su99 p27.
Sneed, Finley (MC): Wi88 p82.
Snell, Charlie: Sp66 p6.
Snell, D.S. (Sut): Su78 p30.
Snell, Gov. Earl Wilcox,.: Fa14 p17; Su23 p15 et seq.
Snell, Logan (Sut): Su78 p30.
Snelling, George L. (Gard): Fa69 p59 et seq.; Wi72 p83; Fa75 p51; Sp10 p8; Fa11 p3.
Snowberry Creek: Sp78 p8.
Snowbird Mt. (LRiv): Fa73 p70; Wi73 p79; camp Fa22 pp9,10; Sp23 p22.
Snowden & Mason Shipyard: Wi02 p91.
Snowden, Conrad (Dr): Wi65 p6 et seq.; Wi75 p93; Fa76 p54; Su11 p6.
Snowden, Mary (Mrs. Isadore Rice) (RH): Wi75 p75.
Snowden Springs (Dr): Wi75 p75,93; Su11 p6.
“Snows of Yesteryear-Brief Career of a Roseburg Goddess”; Kathleet Stavec Wi88 pp75-80.
Snowstein, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 pp5,9; Fa04 p17.
Children: Miss, Sp04 p5.
Snyder, Amanda Tester: Cover Fa20, p2 et seq.
Snyder, Clyde & Peggy A. Rowe: “Trapper editor from Su11 to Su17; Fa14 p2; Fa15
photo p23; Wi12 p21, Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23.
Snyder, D.D. SP engr.: Su19 pp27,29.
Snyder, Edmond Isreal & Amanda Viola Tester: Fa20 p5 et seq.
Children: Eugene Edmund Fa20 p14.
Snyder, Eugene Edmond: mini bio Fa20 p14.
Snyder, George W. & Elizabeth plus student John Johnson; Su10 p16.
Children: Patterson, William, John, James, Martha.
Snyder, Henry: (Ros): Wi72 p75.
Snyder, J.A. (DC): Fa74 p54.
Snyder, Mariona (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Snyder’s Nursery: Wi11 p6.
Snyder, Ralph & Marion: Su70 p32.


Snyder, Ruth (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Snyder, “Shorty” (Ros): Su91 p42.
Soap making: Sp82 p7.
Society of American Foresters (SAF): Fa01 p61.
Society of Oregon Composers: Fa08 p21.
Society of Professional Journalists: Fa10 p9.
“Softs”: Sp07 pp6,7.
Sohn, Siegfreid & Franziska: Sp23 pp14, photo 16.
Sohn, Fred & Frances Baldauf Fohs: Sp03 p23; Wi19 p15; Su22 p7; Memories of My Father by
Mark Sohn;
Sp23 pp12-18.
Sohn, Howard: Wi19 p15; Su22 p5 et. seq: photo Sp23 p16.
Sohn, Jerry: Wi19 p15.
Sohn, Mark: Wi17 p23; Wi19 p10, et seq.; Sp23 p12, photo 16.
Sohn, Rick: Wi19 p15; Su22 p3 et. seq; Sp23 p17.
Sohn, Ted: Wi19 p15; Su22 p4 et. seq; photo Sp23 p16.
Soil and Water Conservation Districts: Fa08 p9.
“Sol Thomas” Umpqua Bar Tug: Fa65 p18; Sp72 pp17,19.
Solar Eclipse, 16 Mar. 1885: Su01 p42.
Soldiers Home: (This facility has had so many names over the years that for simplicity’s sake
they have all been put here. Ed.) Fa71 p55; Su75 p32, photo p43,47; Wi79 p75; Wi86 p89;
Wi89 p74; Su91 p45; Su93 p30; Wi93 p91; Su95 p30,39; Fa00 p65, Sp01 cover p2, et seq.
photo 5, et seq; cover Sp04 p2, photo pp11,16; Fa04 pp6,11,21; Wi09 p5; Sp12 p14;
Sp17 p13; Sp19 pp5,8; Wi21 p4; Su23 p12; Wi23 p12.
“A History of the Oregon State Soldier’s Home” Sp01 p9-17, by E.A. “Ted” Post.
“Old Soldier’s Home, The” Sp01 pp3-8, Main building photo 5.
“Old Soldiers’ Home, The end of the”: Sp01 p18-23.
“The Soldiers’ Home”: poem by W. Taylor Cooper Su83 p27.
“The Soldiers’ Home”: poem by Frazier Ward Sp01 p23.
Soleim, Harold & Rachel Wessela (SB): Wi98 p90.
Solinsky, Superintendent, Crater Lake Park: Sp23 p24.
“Some LaRaut History”: Ella May Young Su80 p47-48; cont. Fa80 p67-70.
Soloman, Forrest: Fa01 p52.
Solomon, Mr. (GV): Wi86 p75.
Solomon, J.T.: Wi20 p10.
Sons of Veterans: Sp01 p6.
Sorensen, Rebecca “Becky” Joy Rich: “Trapper” co-editor from Wi05 to Sp11; Sp04 p23; photo
Fa11 p21.
Sorensen, Mrs. Walter P.: Sp08 p15.
Sorenson, Olivia: Fa89 p62.
Sorghum: Su79 p28.
Soulia, Bob: Fa01 pp61,62.
Soup Creek (LL): Sp97 p5.
Sour dough Biscuit recipe: Su06 p14.


South Beach: Fa80 p53; photo Fa89 p70.
South Cascade Forest Reserve: Wi00 pp76,80,84.
South Deer Creek (aka Bogus): on map Su99 p36; Wi00 p75; Wi01 p83; Su02 p30,35,38.
South Deer Creek School (Bogus) (Dxv): on map Su01 p36.
South Dillard Covered Bridge: photo Sp11 pp5,6.
South Gate Shopping Center (Ros): Su21 p13.
South, John: Fa66 p17.
South Methodist Church: Wi68 p79.
South Myrtle Creek: Sp67 p2; Su68 p36; Su01 p37; Fa01 p65; Wi14 p8; Su15 p14; Wi20 p3.
South Myrtle School: Su01 p37.
South Umpqua Bank: Su97 p44.
South Umpqua Bridge @ Myrtle Creek; Su65 p3,5.
South Umpqua Historical Society: Wi69 p88; Su70 p33; Su03 p41; Wi12 p14; Su15 p20.
South Umpqua River: photo @ Roseburg Su66 p15; Fa69 p52; photo @ Myrtle Creek Wi89 p79;
Fa01 pp52, et seq.; Wi01 pp75,76,81; Fa02 p60; ferry photo p63; Su04 p9,16; Fa08 p8, Wi10
p8; Sp19 p12.
South Umpqua River Covered Bridge (Dil): photo Sp11 pp5,6.
“South Umpqua River Railroad Bridge” (MC): Wi66 p21-22.
South Umpqua Bridge to Veterans’ facility: Sp01 p18.
South Umpqua Ranger District: Wi00 p84.
South Umpqua Remanufacturing Co. (Dil): Wi89 p92.
South Umpqua State Bank: Sut. Branch Fa86 p68; Su97 p44.
South Umpqua Valley Oil Company (MC): Fa75 p69; Fa80 p50.
Southerlin, (Southerland?) Mr. (Eden); Su04 p8; Fa04 p13.
Southern Oregon Advertising Exhibition: Award of Excellence to the “Umpqua Trapper” Wi69
Southern Oregon Canning Co.: Su05 p9.
Southern Oregon Centennial Exposition: Fa10 p11.
Southern Oregon Historical Society: Su74 p26; Su21 p18; Sp22 p9; Sp23 p22.
Southern Oregon History Revisited: Su21 p18.
Southern Oregon Military Roads: map Fa99 pp60,61.
Southern Oregon University: Fa02 p51.
Southern Pacific Coast & Utah Railway Co.: Sp84 p9.
Southern Pacific Railroad: Su66 p16; Wi67 pp7,24; roundhouse Sp68 p16; Oakland Depot Sp69
p3; Su71 p26,27; Sp72 pp2,16; Wi72 p75; Sp73 p16; Su74 p29; Fa76 p50; Sp77 p3; Fa77 p55;
Winc. Bridge, Cover Wi79 p74; Wi82 p74,75; Sp84 p11; Wi85 p74, et seq., Diesel engine
photo p80; Sp86 p17, Roseburg yard photo 18; Sp87 p3; Roseburg yard photo Wi87 p91;
Roseburg Round House photo Fa97 pp 59,63; Fa00 pp54, photo 55, division point 65, map
68; Sp03 p18; photo Su05 p9; last spike 22; Fa06 pp3,6, warehouse p11; wreck, 18-20
w/photos; vs horse race Su09 p19; Su11 pp5,9,21; Fa11 p11; Wi12 p15; Fa15 p3; Su18
pp5,12; Su19 p27; Wi20 p4; Su23 p14 et seq.
“Southern Pacific Employees Assist in Explosion”: Su19 pp27-29 by Howard Bailey in the “SP
Bulletin”, Portland Div. of Southern Pacific Railroad.
Southern Pacific Railroad History Center: Su19 p29.


Southern Pacific Railroad Land Fraud: Sp82 p4.
Southern Route aka Scott-Applegate Trail, Military Road, Hooker Road, Territorial Road,
California Trail, Oregon-California Stage Road, Emigant Road, Big Road, Great Road: Sp66 p2;
Fa66 p3,10; Wi67 p16; Sp68 p20; Su69 p38; Su75 p46; Wi75 p89; Fa76 pp51,54; Wi76 p74;
Wi77 p83; Sp80 p2; Su85 p28,37; Wi85 p75; Wi89 p75; Wi90 p74,76,78; Wi92 p74; Wi93
p81; Sp93 pp2,3; Su96 pp29 (a somewhat contorted account),39; Wi97 p78; Fa98 p51; Fa99
p57; Sp02 pp3,6,7; Fa02 p56-57; Sp03 p3; Su03 p47; Fa07 p19; Fa08 p3; Wi08 p3; Sp10 p9;
Wi12 p11,14; Su13 p6; Fa13 p19; Wi13 p6; Wi14 p13,16; Fa19 p21.
Southern Stock Company: Sp13 p4.
Southgate Shopping Center (Ros): Su21 p13.
Southwick, Fred: Su92 p38; Wi95 p90.
Sowell, Mary Ann: Mrs. John Hunter, Mrs. James Patrick Day, Mrs. Samuel Gordon, Fa76 p71.
(A book should be written about this interesting lady. Ed.)
Spalding, C.L. “Mont”: Fa66 p2; Wi66 p23; Fa67 p24; Wi80 p87.
Spalding, Ella: Fa89 p62.
Spanish (Mexican) Cattle: troubles with, Wi70 p83; Fa75 p57.
Spanish War Veterans: Sp01 p16.
Spark, Randy & Diana: Wi02 p75.
Sparks, Leo: Wi08 p8.
Sparks, Nadine: Sp22 p11.
Sparrow & Kroll: Su11 p21.
Spaugh, John: Fa67 p24.
Spaulding-Cutlach Yoncalla Farm: Su03 p35.
Spaulding, Bill (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p7.
Spaulding, Henry, Rev. & Mrs.: Sp99 p6.
Spaur, Frank: Sp90 p7.
Spaur, Jacob “Jake” & Sarah Thompson Carland (Gr): Su90 p44,45; Sp06 pp8,21; Su10 p12.
Children: Temperance “Tempie”.
Spaur, Tempie: Sp90 p7; photo Su90 p44.
Speak, Emma: Sp14 p6.
Speak, George Washington: Sp14 photo p6,9.
Speak, Thompson Barker & Sophia Newcombe: Sp12 p8,9; Family legacy: Sp14 issue et seq.
Children: Martha Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Emmaline, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington,
Clarence Elmer, Sp14 p4
Speake Family: Sp14 p3-23.
Spears, Joe W. (Ros): Sp13 p5.
Specialized Parts: photo Su91 p41; Su19 p5.
Spencer Carbine: Su80 p44.
Spencer, Mrs. Alonzo C: Su65 p20; Fa14 p8.
Spencer, Johnny: Su09 p20.
Spencer, Lyman & Stella (Ros): Cleaners Su91 p42.
Spencer, Thomas L.: Sp11 p23.
Spencer’s Butte: on map Wi13 p3.
Spicer Hotel (Sb): on map Wi90 p84.


Spicer, Edward: Fa99 p58; Wi05 p4.
Spicer, Harrison:(Gard): Fa69 p61.
Spielman, Henry “Hap”: Su19 p25.
Children: Robert “Bob”, Richard “Dick”, Trudy.
Spielman, Robert “Bob”: Su19 p10; Fa20 p18.
Spier, William: Wi83 p77.
Spivey, Mr.: Fa82 p68; Su15 p16.
Spash dams: Su67 p7.
Sporer, Buzz (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Sports Center (Ros): Sp87 p5.
Sports Haus (Ros): Su81 p27.
Sportsman, William: Wi92 p74.
Spotted Owl, Northern: Fa01 pp69, drawing of 70 by Mimi Hoppe Wolf.
Spray, June (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Spriggs, Mary (Np): Wi03 p11.
Springboard: Sp94 p8.
Springer, Clarence: Su80 p36.
Springer, Eugene (Ros): Wi20 p22.
Spudds, Sea Capt.: Fa07 p17.
Squash and Pumpkin Hybrids: Quaker Pie, Large Cheese, Hubbard, Warted Hubbard, Summer,
Su04 p21.
Squirrel Hill Academy: see Riversdale School.
Sriedeker, Miss: Su09 p4.
St. Arnoose: See Starncose.
St. Clair, Jimmie: Fa76 p71.
St. George’s Episcopal Church-1867: photo Fa72 p66; Fa75 p66; Sp87 p13; Sp00 p18; Fa02 p70;
Sp03 p26; Su09 p3; Sp12 p15; Su19 p20.
St. George Episcopal Church Columbarium Sp12 p15.
St. Helen’s Wood Plant-Handle Factory (Ros): Su91 p35 photo 41.
St. John, W.E. (Sut): Fa86 p69.
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Ros): Sp12 p15.
St Joseph’s Catholic Church (Ros): photo Wi86 p95; Su22 p3.
St. Joseph’s School: Su03 p50.
St Lawrence Mine: Sp78 p19.
St. Onge, Ralph B.: Wi80 p91.
St. Ores Cemetery (Dr); Sp12 p15.
St. Paul Lutheran Church: Su03 p43; Sp16 p19.
Starfire Lumber Co.: Sp21 p16.
Staats, Stephen: Sp76 p9; Wi14 p18.
Stacey: Post Office Fa11 p14.
Stacey, Mr. & Mrs. (Dil): Su06 p17;
Stage Mt., Stage Pass, Stagecoach Pass, Mt.: Sp85 p37; Sp71 p10.
Stagecoach: four horse Sp06 photo p15.
“Stagecoach Days in Douglas County”: Blanch Burnett Elliott Su67 p19; Fa67 p3,4.


Staggs, Mr. (Ros): Su73 p26.
Stained Glass Windows: Su76 p27 Portia Schiltz.
Staley, Israel: Fa66 p3.
Standard: Wi97 p76.
Standard Oil Co.: Sp85 p16; Wi95 p82; Fa21 p4.
Standards Rock (SUmp): Wi73 pp79,80,82.
Standards Rock Creek (SUmp): Wi73 pp79,80.
Standfield, Robert W., Sen: Sp86 p8.
Stanford University: Library Wi16 p9.
Standley Family (CaV): Wi79 p89.
Standley Bros. Logging: Su92 p40.
Standley, Henry (CaV); Wi92 p88.
Standley, I.P. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Standley, John, Rev. (CaV-CB): Fa74 p67; Su92 p38; Wi92 p88.
Standley, Phillip (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Stanfield Act: Fa97 p62; Su23 p9.
Stanfield, Sen. Robert: Su23 p10.
Stanley place: Su10 p10.
Stanley Steamer Auto: Su73 p46; photo Fa87 p62.
Stanley, Mr.: Wi68 p75.
Stanley, J.F.: Sp79 p24.
Stanley, John (CaV): Fa79 p63; Wi83 p77.
Stanley, Manola (Cnv): photo Fa83 p64.
Stanton, A.W. (Br): Fa74 p65.
Stanton, C.E.: Fa09 p22.
Stanton, C.G.: Sp06 p21.
Stanton, Charles V.: Su75 p26; Sp85 p6; Sp91 p20; photo Sp00 p19; Fa10 p15; Wi16 p16; Su23
p16; Wi23 p13.
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady: Sp20 p3.
Stanton, Hardy Cole (Pm) & Jenny Sinclair (Ros): photo Sp70 pp11,12; Su70 pp27,31; Sp71 p19;
photo Fa72 p60; Su75 p36ab; Wi75 p89; Sp83 p22; Sp86 p6; Wi90 p93; Wi97 p80.
Children: Lucy (Dezendorf) Sp71 p19.
Stanton, Hardy D.: Su67 p24; Sp68 p14; Wi75 p89; Wi90 p93; Fa09 p22.
Stanton, H.E. (Ros): Su89 p42.
Stanton, Lucy (Dezendorf) (Ros): Fa85 p52.
Stanton, Malinda Oderkirk: Fa87 p70:
Staples, M.D., Sea Capt.: Sp69 pp2,17.
Stapleton, H.H. (Ros): Wi71 p94.
Star Laundry: Sp87 p5.
Star Motor Buzz Saw: Wi96 p84.
Star Theater, (Ros): Sp87 pp3 et seq., photo 19; photo Su05 p5; Sp13 pp10,15; Cover Su13.
Stark, Mrs. Anna Cooper (Elk): Fa86 p70.
Stark, Charles (Sut): Wi95 p77.
Stark, Henry: (UCC): Su85 p35.


Stark, J.M. (Elk): Sp75 p13.
Stark, J.R. (UAs)(Wil): Fa79 p71.
Stark, William (Elk): Su67 p4; Fa79 p63.
Starlight Drive-in (Grn): Su79 p27; Sp87 p11; Sp13 p9,15, photo 23; Su13 p14, et seq.
Starmer, Mr. (Eden): Sp04 p7,22; Su04 p5, et seq.; Fa04 p5; Wi04 p18.
Starmer, Andrew, Rev. (Cala): Fa88 p58.
Starmer, Andy (Eden): Fa04 p13; Wi04 p9 et seq.; Sp05 p7.
Starmer, Eva (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Starmer, Donald, Fire Lt.: Wi08 p17; Su19 pp25,26.
Starmer, Luther & Fannie (Eden): Sp04 pp18,22; Su04 p5 et seq.; Fa04 p5 et seq.;
Starmer, Sam W., Sheriff (Ros): Su91 p35; Sp01 pp13, photo p21; Wi08 pp22,23;
Su14 p10, et seq. photo p14; Fa14 pp19, photo 21.
Starncose: Umpqua head chief Fa65 p10 et seq.
otte Sawmill (Yon): Sp93 p14.
Starr, Felix (Cala): Su72 p32.
Starr, Mr. & Phene nee Smith (Oak): Fa71 p68.
Starr, Rocky: Sp22 p6.
Starving Children’s fund: Wi08 p8.
Starveout, Ore.: Su11 p6; Fa11 p2,14; Su15 p10.
Starveout Creek: Fa66 p9; Wi67 p12; Su80 p38; Fa11 p14; Sp12 p14.
Starveout Post Office: Su75 p39.
State Equal Suffrage Association: Sp20 p3.
State Industrial Accident Commission: Sp20 p5.
“State Marks Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Admission”: Clayton V. Bernhard of the “Oregonian”
Sp09 p3.
State Normal High School, Drain: Wi00 p76.
“State Republican” Eugene: Su00 pp40.
State Soldiers’ Home: See Soldiers’ Home
States’ Rights: Wi01 pp86,87.
Stavec, Kathleen (Ros)(DCM): Wi88 p75.
Steadman, R.: Su66 p18.
Steam Burleys: Sp73 p20.
Steamboat area (NUmp): Wi00 pp78,88, Fa08 p10,11; Wi09 pp5,6.
Steamboat Bridge: photo Wi00 p92.
Steamboat CCC camp (NUmp): Wi00 pp85,88, photo 89.
Steamboat Creek (NUmp): Su20 p3.
Steamboat Mining District: Su75 p27.
Steamboat Ranger Station: Wi10 p14.
“Steamboat Roseburg”: Dale Greenley Su21 pp11-14.
Steam Shovel: O&C photo Fa97 p68.
Stearns Hardware (Oak): Sp77 p6; Fa93 p65.
Stearns Hotel (Ros): Wi67 p4.
Stearns Park (Oak): Wi77 p3.
Stearns Ranch (Elk): Su67 p4.


Stears & Chenoweth (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Stearns & Sutherlin Store: Sp69 p4.
Stearns Family (Oak): Sp75 p11; Wi22 p6.
Stearns, Sgt.: Su66 p8.
Stearns, Arba Fay, Judge & Nancy Chenoweth (Oak): Wi67 p6,7; Fa74 p68; Sp77 p10; Sp79 p24;
Sp82 p24; Sp86 p20.
Child: Edwin Sp86 p20.
Stearns, Charlotte Emily (Pengra): Fa02 pp52,54.
Stearns, D.M.: Sp67 p20.
Stearns, Daniel Warren. & Almira Fay (RWV) (Elk-Oak): Fa67 p9; Wi67 p2 photo p5 et seq.; Sp75
p11,15; Fa76 p55; Sp77 p10; Sp79 p24; Wi90 p90; Fa92 p69; Su00 p44; Su10 photo p8.
Children: George J., Arba Fay, Loyal B., John W., Ralph L. “Ral” Wi67 pp6,7.
“Stearns, Daniel W, Oregon Argonaut”: Wi67 p3-7 by Rolstyn Bridges
Stearns, David L.: Su67 p12; Wi71 p89.
Stearns, Edward (Oak): Wi66 p23; Sp73 p5; Sp77 p6,9,11.
Stearns, Fay (Oak): Sp69 p3.
Stearns, George J. (Oak): Wi67 p6; Sp75 p11,13, hop dryer photo p14,15; Sp77 p10; Su97 p45.
Stearns, Harry (Yon): Sp81 p9; Su82 p27.
Stearns, J.W.: Fa75 p66.
Stearns, Jim: photo on cover Wi81 p74.
Stearns, John D., Rev. & Asceneth Campbell: Fa02 p52.
Children: Charlotte Emily (Pengra) and 11 more. Fa02 p`52.
Stearns, Loyal B. (Port): Wi67 p7; Wi71 p89.
Stearns, Martha (Oak): photo Su72 p44.
Stearns, Ralph “Ral” L.(Oak): Wi67 p7; photo Su72 p44; Sp77 p10.
Stearns, Roy & Bess (Oak): Sp77 p10.
Stebbinger Mill: Fa01 p65.
Stebinger Bros. Const.: Fa09 p10.
Stebinger, Carl: Photo Fa09 p12.
Steel, W.G.: Sp84 p9.
Steele, Capt.: Sp69 p19.
Steelhead: Fa81 p66; Wi00 p88; Fa01 pp52,53; Su02 p45; Su08 p8,10; Su18 p9.
Steen, Enoch, Maj.: Fa66 p20.
Steens Mts.: Fa66 p14; Fa02 p60.
Steinback, Marvin (Ros): Wi08 p6.
Steinberger, Rusty: Sp22 p11.
Steinberger, Shirley: Sp22 p11.
Steiner & Chapman Red Cross Pharmacy (Ros): photo Wi86 p87.
Steiver, Frederick, Sen.: Su83 p33.
Stelzer, John: Wi79 p87.
Stemmerman, LeRoy Ranch: Sp12 p10.
Stephens aka Bryant Cemetery (SoMC): Sp12 p16; Wi14 pp9,10.
Stephens, Ore. on Calapooia: Fa88 pp51-63, map w/ residents 52; Su05 p11;
Stephens Covered Bridge: photo Fa88 p54; photo Wi10 p19; Su05 p11.


Stephens Grist Mill (Oak): Sp73 p14.
Stephens Historic District: Fa88 p51; Wi10 p19.
“Stephens Historic District, The”: Marianne Kadas Fa88 p51.
Stephens Place (SoMC): Fa82 p70.
Stephens Post Office: Fa88 p51; Fa11 p15; Wi11 p16.
Stephens Family (Ros): Wi08 p3.
Stephens Family (CoV): Sp65 p9; Fa99 p58.
Stephens, A.W. (MC): Fa68 p71.
Stephens, Alfred (Ros): photo Wi86 p76; Su91 p35.
Stephens, Allen & Joan Jackson Ollivant: Wi92 p91.
Stephens, Benjamin L. (SoMC): Fa82 p68; DLC Wi11 p6; Wi14 p10.
Stephens, Benjamin Graveyard (SoMC): Wi14 p9.
Stephens, Carl (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Stephens, Charlie (Cala): Fa88 p61.
Stephens, Ebenezer “Eb” & Rebecca Stormer (Cala): Sp65 pp16,19; Su72 p30,32 photo p33,35;
Cover Fa88 p50 photo p53,58; Sp06 p22; Wi10 p19; Fa11 p15.
Children: John Wesley, Robert 1854; George 1856; James Alford 1858; Agustus Charles 1861;
Cassie, (Mrs. Benjamin Clark), Mrs. Bailey: Fa88 p50.
Stephens, Elbert (GV): Su91 p29.
Stephens, Elizabeth: Su10 p18.
Stephens, Fanny, Mrs. (MC): Sp67 p2.
Stephens, Floyd (Ros): Fa84 p51; Fa91 p59.
Stephens, George W. & Belle Farnsworth (Cala-Oak): Fa88 pp51,55, house photo 60,63.
Stephens, Johnny: Sp67 p2.
Stephens, Maude (Mrs. Clance Thompson) Su05 p19.
Stephens, Nicholas: Wi09 p23.
Stephens, Robert (Cala): Su72 p35; Fa88 p50; Fa93 p59.
Stephens, Stewart (Ros): Wi86 p91.
Stephens, Elder Thomas (Ros): Su93 pp31,32.
Stephensville: Fa75 p72; Fa11 p15.
Stering, James A.: Su11 p4.
Sterling Bank, (Rd): photo Sp13 p20.
Sterling, James A. & stepson Seymore (Oak); Wi72 p91; Su76 pp46,48; Fa76 p51.
Sterling, Major: Wi75 p80.
Sterling Organs: Wi15 p11.
“Steuben Courier” Bath, N.Y.: Fa19 p11.
Steuart, Mr. & Elizabeth Cooper: Fa86 p71.
Stevens School (Oak): Su77 pp35,45.
Stevens, Clyde: Sp22 p3.
Stevens, E.B.: Wi83 p86.
Stevens, Frank (Oak): Su77 pp34,39.
Stevens, H.M.: Wi72 p92.
Stevens, Isaac (Grande Ronde Police): photo Wi84 p86.
Stevens, Isaac, Wash Gov: Sp07 p7; Su15 p5:


Stevens, John (MC): Fa74 p63.
Stevens, John & Augusta Madantz (Oak) Fa80 pp57,60,66.
Stevens, Nick: Wi12 p23.
Stevens, Raymond (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Stevens, Thomas, Rev. (Ros): Su93 pp31,32; DLC Sp12 p15.
Stevenson, M., Miss (Ros): Sp99 p10.
Stevenson, Mr. (Glen): Fa94 p70.
Stevenson, Mrs.: Fa79 p63.
Stevenson, Charles (Gard): Fa69 p65.
Stevenson, Dick (Ros): Su81 p31.
Stevenson, Eleanor “Ella” (Mrs. Joseph Samuel Lane, Jr.): Fa12 p20.
Stevenson, George: Su67 p19; Su76 p35.
Stevenson, Samuel (MC): Sp83 p15.
Stevenson, Woodley: Su88 p40.
Steward, J.: Fa79 p63.
Stewart Creek, Jackson Co.: Wi06 p20.
Stewart Park: Su83 p35; Sp85 p5; Half Shell Su13 p21.
Stewart truck: Sp73 p8.
Stewart Family (Eden): Su91 pp29,32,33.
Stewart, Miss (Ros): Su99 p27; Su09 p4.
Stewart, Miss Adeline: Fa20 p13.
Stewart, Earle B., Dr. & Pearl: Su83 pp27,33; Sp85 p16; Su91 p47; house photo Su95 p39; Sp01
pp3,18; photo Su09 p13; Su14 p12; Fa20 p13.
Stewart, Earl (Ros): Sp67 p8, photo p11.
Stewart, Gordon & Lois: photo Fa00 p70; Wi08 p10.
Stewart, Helen (Cnv): Wi75 p78.
Stewart, Joseph, Capt.: Su75 p33.
Stewart, Lois Ann Whipple: Su84 p28; Fa95 p54.
Stewart, Mrs. Mildred Waite: Photo Wi12 p17.
Stewart, Nancy: Wi08 p10.
Stewart, R.G. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Stewart, Roxie S.: Fa87 p70.
Stickroth, Richard W. Sr.: Fa05 p3.
Stiles Family: Fa08 p11.
Stiles, Fred & Mrs.: Wi08 p18,19.
Children: Jimmy
Stillings, Margaret (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Stillwell, Elias W.: Fa13 p 16, et seq.
Stillwell, Thomas (Dr): Fa13 p 16, et seq.; Su93 p27.
Stiltner, Sandra: Sp03 p25.
Stobie, J.B. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Stock, Clarence (Yon): photo Su82 p34.


Stock, W.R. (Cnv): Su79 p43.
Stocking, Norman Lyman: Sp76 p2.
Stoechel, Opal M.: Collection (DCM): Su85 pp27,32.
Stomar Lumber Co. (Rid) Fa01 pp52,55.
Stone, Edgar B., Dr. (RWV): Sp75 p6.
Stop & Shop Market (CS): Sp78 p20.
Storey, Mr.: Wi69 p75.
“Stories by Sherley Clayton” Sp06 “Trapper.”
“Stories of Douglas County: Fa09.
“Stories of Loon Lake”: Ray Sims Sp97 pp3-17.
Storms, Murl: Fa01 p71.
“Story of Elgarose”: Patricia Holmquist Gerretsen Wi96 p75-86.
Story Iles Drug (Ros): Su88 p45.
Story, “Sis”: Su74 p41.
Stout, Ben (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Stout, Lansing: Sp07 p11.
Stout, Lewis & Elizabeth Byars: Fa68 p51, photo p58.
Stout, Ray L.: Fa68 p51, et seq. photo p61.
Stouts Creek (SUmp): Fa01 p52.
Stovall, Mary (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Stover, John: Su78 p31; Fa79 p63; Sp02 p21.
Stowel Family aka Winchester Cemetery-1877: Sp12 p16.
Stowel, John (Winc): Sp12 p16.
Stowell, Kigh (Winc): Su08 p7.
Children: Laura:
Strader Family Cemetery-1871 (Dxv): Sp12 p16.
Strader Ranch: Fa01 p67.
Strader, Arthur & Robin Lucile Conn: Wi17 p11.
Children: Kelton.
Strader, Floy (Ferguson): Sp91 p13; Su96 p37.
Strader, Frank (Ros): Fa66 p20; photo Su88 p43; photo Su99 p35; Fa07 photo p22; photo Su09
Strader, Jane Worthington: Sp12 p16.
Strader, John: photo Fa07 p22; Sp12 p16.
Strader, John F. Jr. & Lillie Ann Ward: Su96 p37, photo 38; Fa07 p19 photo pp22,23.
Children: Roy, Phil, Frank, Merle, Verne, Floy, Elvan, Norma (Later Mrs. Dale Hatfield) Fa07
Strader, Martha: Sp12 p16.
Strader, Merle: Fa07 photo p21.
Strader, Norma (Mrs. Dale Hatfield): Fa90 p51; photo Fa07 p22.
Strader, Phil: Fa66 p20; Fa07 photo p21.
Strader, Roy: Fa66 p20; Fa07 photo p21.
Strader, Tom (OCk): photo Fa66 p15; Wi75 p80.
Strader, Verna: Fa07 photo p22.


Strader, William “Bill” (Gl): Wi66 p16; Sp67 p3; Su82 p41.
Strang, Mr.: Sp78 pp4,6.
Strange, Prof.: Sp04 p21.
Strange, F.G. Rev.: Sp99 p8.
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Strange, Mattie, Miss (Wil): Fa75 p72.
Strange, William (GV): Sp79 p6.
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Stratton, Curtis: Wi21 p12.
Stratton, Irene: Su72 p34.
Stratton, Riley Evans, Judge: Sp69 p17; Fa79 p63,71; Sp10 p3; Sp19 p7.
Straw, W. A. (Architect): Fa00 p58.
Strawberry Festival (Ros): photo Fa77 p64; Sp85 p15, photo 18; Wi86 pp77,89, photo p93; Fa91
p63; photo Fa92 p53,54; Su99 pp27,46; Sp00 p2; Fa00 p54; Wi00 p84; Fa06 p15, photos p16;
Su09 p3; Su23 p7, et seq.
Strawberry Hill: see Lane Mountain.
Strawberries, local history of: Fa06 p14-17.
Strawberry School Dist. (Sut): Su78 pp27,29.
Strawberry varieties: Wilson Clark Sp04 p16.
Strawn Family: Su05 p7.
Strawn Mr. & Mrs. Penny (J.C. Penny’s sister): Fa91 p65; Su05 p7.
Street Railway Service: Fa00 p64.
Street, Andrew Ervin & Leah Siegal (Ros): Wi92 p89; Fa98 p64; Sp06 pp16-18.
Children: Charles Francis Sp06 p18.
“Biography of Andrew Ervin Street”: Sherley Clayton Sp06 pp16-18.
Street, Charles Francis: Sp06 p18.
Street, Frances Marion & Mrs.: Sp06 p16.
Children: 4 + Andrew Ervin, Sp06 p16
Street, Leah, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Strickland, Hazel (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Strickland, P.G.: Wi15 19.
Stricklin, Frank (Lg): Sp69 p22.
Strickling, Homer: Sp86 p17.
Strickling, William “Pa” E. & Anna Elizabeth “Bessie” Root (Ros): photos Sp86 pp16, Harvard
house photo p19.
Children: Homer, Eula Mae (later Wallen), Anna Marie (Firman).
“String of Pearls”: Oakland paper Wi66 p15;
“Stink Buggies” (early automobiles): Su81 p26.
Stinson, Eliza Jane (Mrs. Nathaniel Hart Lane): Fa12 p19.
Strobridge, William (Rid): Wi69 p87.


Strong, B.W. (Ros): Su83 p33; Su97 p36.
Strong, Charles (MC): Sp83 p19.
Strong, Earl: Su23 p6.
Strong, H. (Sut): Su778 p29.
Strong, Jefferson Davis & Clara Belle Brewer (MC); Wi88 p86.
Children: Ora, Harry Victor, Milo, Freddie.
Stroud, Ernie (Ros): Sp70 p23; Wi72 pp75,77.
Stubblefield & Chambers Auto Tops: Fa09 p15.
Stubblefield, Mrs.: Fa20 p12.
Stubbs, Jack (Ros): Sp03 p25.
Stuart, Capt. (Camp Stuart): Wi70 p81.
Stuart, Gene: Sp22 p17.
Stuart, Reginald Ray. & Grace Dell.: Sp65 p9; Fa65 p14; Wi90 p90; Su93 pp26,47.
Studebaker: Wagon: Fa06 p15; Su09 p15; Automobile Sp73 p7; Su73 p47.
Studio Theater, (Rd): Sp13 p20.
Stumbo, Allan: Fa10 p16.
Stumbo, Clair: Fa10 p16.
Stumbo, George Jr.: Su80 p32, photo 39.
Stumbo, Harry: Fa10 p16.
Stumbo,Robert: Fa10 p16.
Stumbo, Sam: Fa10 p16.
“Stumbo Strip, The Ballad of”: Charlie Pope: Fa10 p17.
Stump Lake: Su22 p9.
Sture, N.J., Rev. (Elg): Wi96 p75,77.
Sturgeon: Sp67 p4; Su08 p14.
Sturgis, A.J. (Oak): Fa79 p59,65.
Stywig, Nate (Ros): Wi09 p7.
Sublette, Milton: Sp65 p2.
Sublette, William: Sp65 p2; Fa65 p13.
Substation, The: Su88 p40.
“Succession of Thirteens,” re Brumfield: Su14 p17.
Suchoski, Edwin “Ski” & Alice Place (Glen): Sp13 p21.
Sucker Creek: Sp67 p17.
Suckers-fish: Su09 p7.
Suey, Harry (Ros): Sp68 p17; photo Fa86 p56, Fa91 p55.
Sugar Pine: Fa75 p57; Fa01 pp55,62.
Sugar Pine Mt. (CBWR): Sp82 p17; Su06 p8.
Suicide Creek: Su92 p47; Fa01 p64.
Suksdorf, Dorothy: Fa00 p69.
Sullenger, Robert & Rebecca (Cnv): Wi91 p94.
Sullivan, Edna Barge: photo Fa15 p19.
Sullivan, Herbert Vincent & Peggy Marie Baker: Cover Wi09 p3, et seq.
Children: Pat
Sullivan, J.W.; Wi15 p9.


Sullivan, Leroy: Wi09 p3.
Sullivan, Pat Vincent & Edith A. Poirot: Wi09 p4,5.
Sullivan, Mollie, Miss (Cnv): Su79 p43.
Sullivan, Roy (Ros): Restaurant Fa91 p63.
Sullivan, “Smokey” (MC): Wi92 p76.
Sulphur Springs (No. Fk. SR): Post Office Wi75 p85; Su79 p51; Fa11 p15.
Sulver, Samuel: Wi06 p21.
Summers, E. (Ros): Su95 p30.
Summers, Erastus (BR): Fa05 photo pp5,6.
Summit Prairie (Drew): Sp89 p16; Wi91 p88.
Summit Springs: Fa73 p70.
Sumner, Ore.: Su89 p32; Su09 photo p15.
Sumner, Flora Redifer; Fa87 p70:
“Sumner Wallace Brawn, “Star Man”: Betty Kruse Fa84 p68.
Sumner, Walter T., Rev.: Sp03 p4.
Sun Printing Company (Ros): Su92 p35; Fa09 p16.
Sun Studs: on map Su90 p37; Su91 p40; Sp93 p18; Sp23 p12,17.
Sun Veneer: Sp23 p17.
“Sunday Desk” TV program: Su09 p20.
Sundburg Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
“Sunny Hollow”: Margaret McDonald Harwood Fa71 p57.
Sunnydale (Putnam Valley, Tin Pot, Salmon Trap): Wi72 p88; Sp73 pp3,10; school photo Su73
p36; Wi92 p83; Sp00 pp3,10,12; Fa02 p57; Su10 pp6, story of 14; Wi11 p5; Sp12 pp12,18;
Su13 p9; Fa13 pp5,6; Wi13 p7.
Sunnydale aka Putnam Valley Cemetery: Wi11 p12; Sp12 p17;
Sunshine Ranch: Fa00 p60; Fa02 p50.
Sunshine Road: Wi11 p11.
Sunshine Valley: Fa10 p6.
Sunny Valley: Fa02 p56.
Sunriver Resort: Sp21 p8.
Sunset Telephone Co.: Sp09 pp6,7.
Susan Creek: Fa01 p53; Su22 p9.
Susan Creek State Park (NUmp): Wi00 p76; Fa01 p53.
Sutherland, Bert: Sp00 p14.
Sutherland Pasture: Sp05 p9.
Sutherland Warehouse (Sutherlin?): Fa04 p23.
Sutherlin, Ore.: Fa71 p67; Incorporation history Fa86 pp68,69; photo Sp88 p14 et seq., photo
p19; photo Wi95 p76; Central Park and RR Engine photo p21; photos Wi99 p76 & 83; Fa01
pp55,59; Wi03 pp5,29; Water Plant Wi03 pp8,18; Su05 p4, 1 st airplane flight from, photos
Su05 p16; School District WiO3 p12; Su08 p10; Su09 p20; Fa15 p2 et seq.
“Sutherlin in 1908”: Su78 pp27-30 Gladys Denney Madison.
Sutherlin Bakery: Wi95 p81.
Sutherlin Cannery: photo Su05 p9.
Sutherlin Cemetery: Sp12 p18.


Sutherlin, Cheese factory in: Su05 p4.
Sutherlin Community Hall: Wi95 p75; Su05 p4.
Sutherlin Creek: Fa15 p11.
Sutherlin Ford Agency: photo Sp88 p19; photo Wi99 p83.
Sutherlin Fruit Growers Bldg.: Fa10 p20.
Sutherlin Garage: photo Wi99 p83.
Sutherlin Hardware Co.: Fa86 p69.
Sutherlin Hay Field: Su05 p12.
Sutherlin High School: photo Wi95 p86; Su05 pp3,20; 1941-42 basketball team w/ Robert Barge
Photo Fa15 p13; Photos Wi99 p85,87,91.
Sutherlin Hotel: photo Sp88 p19; photo Wi99 p83, photo 89.
Sutherlin Inn: Su78 p27.
Sutherlin IOOF Hall: Wi95 p75.
Sutherlin Irrigated Orchard Lands Co.; Su08 p10,11.
Sutherlin Land and Water Co.: Sp65 p19; Fa88 p62; Sp95 p22; Su97 p46.
Sutherlin Meat Market: Fa15 p9.
Sutherlin Mercantile: Fa86 p68.
Sutherlin Oil & Development Co.: Fa80 p50.
Sutherlin School: photo Su78 p28; photo Wi95 p86.
“Sutherlin School Recollections”: Mrs. William G. Hill: Fa71 p67-69.
Sutherlin Spray Co.: Wi02 p76.
“Sutherlin Sun”: Fa86 pp68,69; Wi95 p81.
Sutherlin, theater in: Su05 p4.
Sutherlin Timber Days: Sp88 p17.
Sutherlin Valley: Su05 p12; Sp16 p9.
Sutherlin Valley Fruit Growers’ Association: Fa86 p68.
Sutherlin, Chub (CS): Sp78 p23.
Sutherlin, Clinton (Oak): Sp77 p20.
Sutherlin, Fendel & Lucy Richardson Brown (Sut): Su65 p17; Fa65 p19,20; Fa71 p69; Fa73 p50;
Wi76 p84, et seq.; Sp77 p3,14; Su77 p35; Fa86 p70; Sp88 p12 mansion photo p13 et seq.; bio
& photo Wi93 pp82,83; Sp95 p22; Su97 p46; Su05 p12; Su08 p10; Wi08 p3,6; Sp19 p7
Children: Francis (later Randall), Annie (Later Waite), Kate (later Grubbe), John R., Stonewall
J. Sp88 p12, Elizabeth Fa71 p69, James Brown (son of Lucy) Fa71 p69.
“Fendel Sutherlin”: photo & bio by Matt Anderson Wi93 p82,
“Fendel Sutherlin Remembered as “loving”: Matt Anderson Sp88 pp12-15.
Sutherlin, John Franklin & Sarah Carmichael: Su65 p17; Fa67 p15; Sp69 p17; Fa73 p50; Fa75
p67; Sp76 p6, Wi76 p94; Su77 p31; Wi78 pp80,81; Sp88 p12, Wi93 p82.
Children: Fendel Fa73 p50, Sarah (Mrs. James F. Levins) Su77 p47.
Sutherlin, John R. & Mary Brown: Su08 p10.
Sutherlin, Malinda (Mrs. Washington H. Crouch): photo Wi76 p89; Fa86 p71.
Children: Louise Belle (Later Crouch)
Sutherlin, Owen: Su65 p17.
Sutherlin, Sampson: Su65 p18; Fa65 p19,20; Su77 pp41,42; Wi78 p81; Wi08 p6.
Sutherlin, Stonewall J.; Sp88 p12; Su08 p10.


Sutherlin, Thomas: Fa65 p19; Su65 p17; Su77 p34, et seq.; DLC Sp12 p18.
Sutter’s Mill, Calif.: Wi00 p75.
Sutton, B.J. (Ump): Fa93 p59.
Sutton, Byron (Sb): Wi73 p90.
Sutton, Jack & Dorothy Darnielle: Wi71 p96.
Sutton, Jackie: Sp03 p 23.
Sutton, James (PO): Fa68 p63.
Swafford Hardware (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Swafford, Harvey (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Swafford, John (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Swaggart, Mr. (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Swain, Leonard: Su13 p11.
Swallow, Clinton J. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Swan, Aaron: photo Sp21 p21,22,27.
Swan Island (Port): Fa01 p53.
“Swan” stern wheeler: Su68 p33; Wi71 p89; Sp73 p15; Su75 p35; Wi75 p89; Wi84 p74; Su21
p12; Wi21 p12.
Swanson Family (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Swanson, Steve: Author of Sp13 issue, p5, photo p23; Author Su13 p3-21.
Swearingen, Andrew J. (Dr): DLC Wi11 p16.
Swearingen, Bert (Dr-Sb): Sp73 p7.
Swearingen, Fred (Dr-Elk): Sp73 p7.
Swedish Lutheran Church (Elg): Wi96 p75.
Sweet Creek: Su11 p10.
Sweeney (SV): sawmill Sp93 p14.
Swenson Family (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Swick, Mr. (Ros): Su72 p45.
Swift, Charles: Su65 p12.
Swift, Joe (Rid): Su71 p27.
Swiftwater Bridge: Fa01 p52.
Sykes Skating Rink: Wi23 p9.
Sykes Street: Wi09 p4.
Sykes, Joe, warden: Su08 p15.
Sykes, Maxine (Ros); Fa95 p50.
Sykes, Sam K. (Ros): Fa72 p53; Su08 p15.
Sykes, William H.: Su11 p20.
Sylmon Valley School (Ros): Fa77 p51.
Symons, Lt. Thomas W.: Fa99 p67.
Table Creek: Sp70 p17.
Table Rock, Jackson Co.; Su69 p31; Wi06 pp15,21; Fa18 p11.
Table Rock Sentinel: Wi97 p76; Sp22 p9.
Table Rock Treaty: Wi66 p2; Fa18 p11.
Tabor Family (Gard): Fa69 p65.

“Tacoma” Steamer: shipwreck Fa69 p66: Sp72 p16 et seq., crew & perished crew names 20;
Wi75 p80.
Taft Mt. Fa01 p56; Wi19 p3 et seq; Su22 p10.
“Taft Mountain Ski Area, A Partial History of”: Dale Greenley Wi19 pp3-20.
Taft, Pres. William H. & Mrs. nee Herron: Su71 p43,45; Fa19 p24.
Tahkenitch Creek: Fa65 p11.
Tahkenitch Lake: Fa68 p60; Su11 p21; Fa11 p13.
Takelma Tribe: Sp84 p3; Wi84 p79; Wi91 p82.
Talburt, Jim: Wi19 p10.
Talcott Pack Train: photo Sp10 p16.
“Tales of the Lower Umpqua”: Legs of a 1917 Journey from Eugene to Coos Bay. David L.
Stearns Su67 p12.
Taliaferro, Marguerite: Wi79 p87.
“Talk About Your Floods”: Rolstyn Bridges Sp65 pp12-15.
“Tall Tales from the Rogue River: The Yarns of Hathaway Jones”: Stephen Dow Beckham Su74
Tandy, Col.: Sp01 p20.
Tandy, Dennis & Marilyn: Wi08 p16,17; Su19 p3.
Tanner, Mr. (Ump): Su05 p17.
Tanner, Kimberly R.: Fa23 p14.
Tanner, Robert: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Tapp, Robert H. “Bob” & Jane Sutherlin (Oak): photo Sp69 p8; Wi74 p80; Fa75 p63; Sp93 p11.
“Tar-heels”: Su74 p35.
Taraunsals, Indians: Wi66 p2.
Tarpin, Mr. (Winc): Su04 p10.
Taste Freeze: Fa01 p53.
Taucher, Marty: Su22 p9.
Taylor Building (Ros): Fa00 pp51, photo 57,58.
Taylor Publishing Company: Su03 p44.
Taylor, Abbie J.: Fa89 p62.
Taylor, Benjamin (RWV) (Dia. Lake): Wi73 p75, mini bio p76.
Taylor, D.L.: Wi98 p78.
Taylor, F.A.: Su18 p12.
Taylor, “Doc” (Ola): Su86 p39; Sp06 p11.
Taylor, G.A. (Ros-Oak): Fa90 p69; Su97 p31; Fa09 p22.
Taylor, Ida: Sp76 p22.
Taylor, Jeremiah “Jerry” (RWV): Sp75 pp4,8.
Taylor, Jessie (CS): Sp78 p20.
Taylor, Jim (Ros): Wi09 p10.
Taylor, Ora W. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Taylor, Richard: Su65 p12.
Taylor, Roy (Sut): Sp77 p14,15.
Taylor, Samuel (DC): Wi75 p80.
Taylor, Samuel W. (Ros): Sp01 pp13, photo of Capt. & Mrs. Taylor 21.


Taylor, William (CS): Sp77 p14; Sp78 p22.
Children: Roy
Teagarden, Jack; Sp22 p4.
Tedrow, J.H.: Wi83 p77.
Tedrow, John W.: Sp76 p6.
Children: Emaline (Mrs. William Wells)
Telephone: Doug. Co. Hist. of Sp09 p5-9.
“Telephone Explosion, The”: Ray Sims Sp09 p6-9.
Telephone and Telegraph Company: photo Sp00 p15.
Temple Brown Road: Fa96 p50; Sp98 p17; Wi11 p7.
Ten Mile Creek (Quick Sand River): Fa65 p12; Wi72 p85; Sp73 p11; on map Wi05 p18.
Tenmile Creek (Tm); Fa76 p72.
“Tenmile Prairie Indian Outbreak”: Fa76 p63-69, Thomas Croxton.
Tenmile, Ore.: Sp68 p9; School Su70 p32; Su72 p43,47; Sp76 p12; Wi01 p80; Grange Hall Su05
p4; Sp06 p8; Fa06 p7, Pioneer picnic photo p12; Wi09 p6; Su10 p19.
Tenmile Episcopal Methodist Church: Fa75 p56.
Tenmile Post Office: Sp76 p20.
Tenmile aka Ten Mile United Methodist Church Cemetery: Sp12 p18.
Tenmile-Olalla Road: Wi01 p81; Wi11 p21.
Tenmile Store: Sp68 p9; Wi11 p21.
Thennis, John (Eden): Su91 p31,33.
Terminal Garage (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Territorial Road: See Southern Route.
Test, Daniel (Sb): Wi73 p90,92; Su87 p26; Fa89 p56; Su00 p44.
Tester, Clarence Marion: Fa20 p5,8.
Tester, George Redford “Red” Fa20 p5,8,11.
Tester, William Jefferson Sr. & Della Lee Hull: Fa20 p5,7,9.
Children: Amanda Viola (Mrs. Edmond Isreal Snyder), Clarence Marion, Vivian Marie,
Jefferson, George Redford “Red” Fa20 p5,8.
Tester, William Jefferson Jr. “Jeff” & Bell Bridges, then Gertrude Silvey, then Margaret Reimer
then Peggy Poor then Stella Krohn Knauss: Fa20 p3, et seq., photos 3,10.
Children: Carolyn Lee by Gertrude, Jefferson & Theodore by Margaret.
Thayer, Adaline (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Thayer, Emma (Mrs. Sylvester Rice) (Dil): Wi01 p76.
Thayer, Gov. William Wallace: Su71 p44; Su75 p44.
The Bright Spot: Sp67 p11.
“The Circuit Rider” Salem statue: Wi70 p74.
“The Democratic Weekly: Sp10 p4.
“The Gleaner”: Wi66 p15; Wi21 p8.
“The Grove”: see Rose’s Park.
“The Old Barn”: poem by LaVerne Murphy Sp06 p3.
“The Old Home”: poem by Evea Applegate Su06 p3.
“The Oldtimer”: Josephine County Historical Society publication, Wi71 p96.
“The Signal Star”: poem by Fanny Forrester in the 12 May 1854 “Umpqua Weekly Gazette.”


Wi13 p16.
Theis, Paul (Yon): Fa83 p69.
“Them Days that are Gone Forever”: Wi76 p75, Edith Powell.
“Then to Now with Roseburg Schools”: by Eli S. Hall Su70 p26, Fa21 p8.
“Theodore Castor Family, The”: Sp80 p3-12.
“There ain’t no Flies on Me” by Helen June Clarke: Sp00 p13.
Theroux, F.F., Mrs. (Sut): Su78 pp27,29.
“They Don’t Make Movies Like That No More!” Edith Dondero Sp87 p3.
Thief Creek (Yon): Fa71 p53.
“Thiel Diaries, The”: Wi76 p83-96; Sp77 p17-23; Su77 p30-48, William Thiel
Thiele Family Gravesite (RH): Sp12 p18.
Thiele, Alfred (Sut): Su78 p29.
Thiele, Arthur (Sut): Su78 p29.
Thiele, Evea (Sut): Su78 p29.
Thiele, Jennings (Sut): Su78 p29.
Thiele, Julian (Yon): Su82 p27.
Thiele, Mildred: Fa01 p69.
Thiel, William & Mary Delila Watkins (CS): Wi76 p83, photo 85.
Children: Oscar F., Arthur A., Mary May, Emma E., Ernest P., William E., Herman V., Otto D.,
Thielson, Mt.: Sp22 p24.
“This was a Man”: Wilfred Brown Su71 p36.
“This was Railroading”: George Abdill Su81 p32.
Tice, Fred: Su67 p22; Fa67 p3.
Tichenor, Frank: Su87 pp27,35.
Tichenor, Capt. William: Wi65 p15; Accounts of Coquille Indian ambush & rescue Su87 p27-31,
Tichenor portrait & Port Orford expedition account p30, et seq; Fa05 p4 photo p5, et seq.
Thoma, Mr. (Eden): Wi04 p20.
Thomas & Meservery, surveyors: Fa20 p19.
Thomas Hotel (Oak): Sp69 photos pp 4 & 5; Sp71 p21; Sp77 p10; Fa90 p65, photo 66; Su07 p7:
Wi15 p14.
“Thomas Metcalfe” a steamer: Wi06 p8.
Thomas Ranch (upper Cow Ck.): Su11 p5.
Thomas Sheridan Hardware and tin shop: Fa72 photo p59.
Thomas, Al & Lois Wright: Sp94 p18.
Children: Lester Sp94 p20.
Thomas, Amidda (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Thomas, Archie: Sp22 p4.
Thomas, C.O. (Ros): Studebaker Fa91 p69.
Thomas, Charity, Miss : Su11 p5.
Thomas, Dewey (Elk): Su94 p40.
Thomas, H.I., Capt.: Wi69 p92.
Thomas, James W., PM: Su11 p5.
Thomas, June (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Thomas, Ida (Elk): Fa81 p51.


Thomas, Lester: Sp21 p25.
Thomas, Lois Wright: Sp94 pp18; Su98 p27; Sam Gordon quit claim deed Sp03 pp6,26; Wi12
p21; Fa15 photo p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Sp21 pp25,27.
Thomas, Richard “Dick” & Mrs. Sarah Hall Cozad (Oak): Fa76 p51; Sp77 p10; Su07 p7; Wi15 p14.
Thomas, Prof.: Wi71 p89.
Thomason Cemetery (Drew): Wi11 p11; Sp12 p18.
Thomason Ranch: Fa73 p57; Wi11 p11.
Thomason, Dory (Gl): photo Sp66 p5.
Thomason, John & Mrs. (Gl): Sp66 p4; Su83 p44.
Thomason, Mollie: photo Sp66 p5.
Thomason, R.W. (Drew): Sp89 p22; Wi91 p86.
Thomason, William Prior (Cal): Wi11 p7.
Thomason, William (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Thompson-Epperhart Ford (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Thompson & Ladd (Sb): Wi15 p6.
Thompson Bridge: Sp93 p12.
Thompson Creek (Ola): Su74 pp45,47.
Thompson Ford: Fa06 p20.
Thompson, warden: Su08 p15.
Thompson, Al: Fa01 p65.
Thompson, Alex Rep. from Clackamas: Sp04 p12.
Thompson, Hanna Ann Ragsdale (CoV): Sp68 p18; photo Su68 p28.
Thompson, Avery, atty. (Ros): Su03 p32.
Thompson, Clarence “Clance” & Maude N. Stephens (Ump): Su68 p32; Fa88 p55; Su05 pp6, mini
bio 19
Children: Two daughters Su05 p19.
Thompson, Claude C.: Sp68 p18; Su68 p28; Fa68 p64.
Thompson, David (CB): Fa74 p67.
Thompson, Dick: Fa01 p56.
Thompson, Edith B. (Yon): Sp20 p20, photo 21.
Thompson, Effie (Sut): Sp78 p24.
Thompson, Elmer & Inez T. (UC): Sp93 p12.
Thompson, George (Ros. Fireman 1959): Su19 p25.
Thompson, George (Ros, RR 1904): Wi72 pp75,77.
Thompson, J.C. (Ros); Fa21 p7.
Thompson, J.M. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Thompson, Jewel: Fa74 pp57,61; Wi87 p83.
Thompson, Jim & Mae Johnson (Milo): Sp89 pp21,22.
Thompson, Irvin (CaV): photo Fa98 p68.
Thompson, Lillian (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Thompson, Lewis Thomas & Hanna Ann Ragsdale: Sp68 p18; Su72 p45; Wi72 p87; Thompson
House, cover Su85 p2.
Children: Caroline (Mrs. John Emmitt), Liza (Mrs. Samuel D. Evans), Claude C., Louis Thomas,
William, Sp68 p18.

Thompson, Louis Thomas & Missouri Ann Wright (CoV); Sp68 p18, et seq.; Su68 p28 et seq.,
photo 34; Su75 p42; Sp76 p20; House, Cover Su85 p26.
Children: 14 including Clarence & Claude C.
“Tragedy on the Trail”: Sp68 pp18-24; Su68 pp27-33.
“Recollections of Missouri Ann Wright Thompson”: Su68 p34-35.
Thompson, M.D., Judge (Ros-Sb): Fa99 p69; Sp18 p10,11; Su21 p12.
Thompson, Miles (Tm): Sp76 p16.
Thompson, Nancy: Sp15 p15.
Thompson, Orrin: Sp89 p22.
Thompson, Sam (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Thompson, S.W. & Ina Byars: Sp19 p9.
Thompson, Thomas (CoV): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Thompson, Tony (Ros): son of cover Su82:
Thompson, Wallace: Fa80 p51, photo 52.
Thompson, Walter: Sp89 p22.
Thompson’s, Wilbur Signal Station: SE corner of Stephens & Washington. (This editor is sure
that it was a victim of the blast, but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned for some reason. The
Wilbur Thompsons were West Harvard Ave. area neighbors and friends of our family.)
Thompson, William (CoV): Sp68 p18; Su68 p28,33.
Thompson, Col. William “Bud” & Mrs. (Plaindealer editor): Fa75 p64, photo 65; Sp76 p18; Fa89
p51; Wi97 p76, et seq. photo 83; Sp08 p3; Sp09 w/photo p18.
Thoreby, Roy: Sp12 p6.
Thorn Apple: Sp11 p20.
Thorn, Sea Capt. “Tonquin”: Wi65 p3; Sp72 pp3,5.
Thorn, Joel: Fa82 p67; Sp15 p9.
Thornton, Billy (Dil): Wi89 p93.
Thornton, Carl Clyde & Pearl Pepiot (Np-GrV): Wi03 pp14, et seq.
Children: Florence Maggie (Feakes then Langenberg), Loyd Dalton, Norma Nadine (Oice then
Smith, Thompson & Winberly), Boyd Bain, Veta Delors (Pruitt), Leo Keith, Larry Clyde. Wi03
Thornton, Cliff, Sheriff: Sp92 p9.
Thornton, Edwin: Su23 p6.
Thornton, Ernie: Wi03 p22.
Thornton, Jeptha J., PM (OCk): Fa75 p56; Su83 p44; Fa11 p9.
Thornton, Jesse Quinn & Mrs. nee Goff: Wi97 p78; Fa02 p56.
Thornton, Jerry (CS): Sp78 p20.
Thornton, Ki (GrV): Wi71 p91.
Thornton, Lane & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Thorpe, Larry: Wi19 p11.
Thorpe, Major: Su65 p14.
Thorvaldsen, Bertal: Wi88 p78; Sp08 pp9,21,22.
“Those Were the Days”: Anton Erlebach Fa83 p61-65.
Tournorocker: Sp22 p13.
Thrasher, Thomas: on map of Coles Valley DLCs Su16 p11.


“Three Jims Wreck”: Wi70 p77.
“Threshing, Early Day”: Su06 p11,12.
Threshing machine, photo & description of: Su02 pp36,37; Su05 p6.
Threshing machine crew positions: Su05 p6.
Thriftway Market (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Thrillkill cabin: Su08 p18.
Throne, John (Ros): Su97 p36.
“Through the Cascades-June 1889”: O.C. Brown Fa73 p55; Wi73 p79-83.
Thrush Family Cemetery-1894 (CaV): Sp12 p18.
Thrush Boys (CaV): Su92 p47.
Thrush, Abraham (CaV): Wi92 p90; DLC Sp12 p18.
Thrush, E.H. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Thrush, I.H. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Thrush, Elvira (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Thrush, Lincoln (Ola): Fa98 p64.
Thunder Mt. (LR) Fa01 pp53,62.
Thurston, Charley: Wi00 p84.
Thurston, Samuel R.: Fa99 pp54,55; Wi06 pp14,15,18.
Tianna, Hawaiian chief: Sp72 p5.
Tibbels, H.H. (MC): Su14 p6.
Tibbetts & Hamblin (Oak): Sp76 p22.
Tibbetts, Albert (Oak): Su77 p36.
Tibbetts, Alvira (UAs); Fa79 pp68,69.
Tibbetts, (Tibbets?) Johnathan Snow, Rev. & Mary nee Redding: Wi70 p74; Fa71 p70; Wi71
p79,81; Su77 p33,47; Fa79 pp57, et seq.; Su86 p38; Fa92 p67.
Children: Flora Ann (Mrs. Binger Hermann) Sarah E. (Mrs. John Pickett Ladd) Fa71 p70,71;
Sophia (Mrs. James McKinney) Su77 p47.
Tibbetts, Sarah E. Miss: Fa79 p57.
Tierney, T.T.: Wi06 p21.
Tierra Senior Living (TSL), Curry Manor, LLC: Sp17 p4.
Tighee (Tyee) Mary: Sp71 p4.
“Tight Slacks Strike”: Wi09 p19.
Tilche, Helmut F.: Fa87 p70.
Tillamook Burn: Su05 p10.
Tillard, Sam: Su85 p28.
Tille, Mr. (Lg): Su16 p6.
Tiller, Ore.: Fa71 p60; photo Fa73 p58; Fa83 p61; Sp85 p16; Sugar Pine Mill Fa01 pp55,58;
bridge photo Wi91 p75 et seq., town photo p91; Bridge photo Fa02 p60; Wi12 p13.
Tiller Hotel: Wi91 p90, possible photo 91.
Tiller Post Office: Su11 p13,19; & Fa11 p3.
Tiller Ranger Station: Wi91 p92Wi00 p76.
Tiller Store: Fa73 photo p58.
Tiller-Trail Hwy: Fa01 p58.
Tiller, Aaron: Su11 p13.


Tillson & Co. Prune Packers (Ros): photo Fa74 p66.
Tilton, Rev. Elsworth & Helen: Wi08 p10.
Tilton, Joanne: Wi08 p10.
Tilton, Myrtle: Sp88 p17.
Timber Cash Entry: Wi91 p94.
Timber Island (MUmp): Wi83 p92.
Timber Toppers: Sp22 pp6,16.
Timber Wolf: Su05 p16.
Tin Frieze, pressed: Fa00 p51.
Tin Pot School: photo Su73 p36.
Tin Pot Valley: see Sunnydale.
Tindal, Tom: Sp86 p6.
Tindall, Jean (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Tindall, Sam (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Tindall, Terrance (Dxv): photo Wi94 p78.
Tioga: Fa77 p50; Fa08 p10; Post Office (Idleyld); Fa11 p15.
Tioga Nursery (IP): Fa77 p50.
“Tioga Pigs”: Su09 p16 E.A. Krewson.
Tioga Resources, Inc.: Fa00 p56.
“Tip Hill-Douglas County Hatcheryman”: Gary Hill Fa08 p10.
“Tippler at Drain Depot, The”: photo Sp84 p22-24. Peggy Meacham Kerr
Tipsu Tyee, Chief: Su69 p33.
Tipton Family: Wi79 p75.
Tipton, Bill Ranch (LR): Fa00 p60.
Tipton, Bill: Fa00 p60.
Tipton, Chief Meshe Paloose “Mace”: Sp70, p7; Fa71 p57; Wi00 p84; Su03 p32; Wi03
p8,24,25,27; Fa08 p11, photo p12; Grave Wi11 p16; Cemetery + photo Sp12 p18; Su16 p4.
Tipton, Cleo (Ros): Su81 p27, photo p30.
Tipton, J. I.: Sp05 p6.
Tipton, Linda: Wi17 p23.
Tipton, M.: Wi83 p77.
Tipton, Meshach: Su75 p44; Sp12 p18; Su16 p4; Fa19 p4; Fa21 p3.
Tipton, Mesch “Mace” & Nance: Wi81 photo p87; Fa86 p51; Wi86 pp78,83,91; Su91 p40; Wi03
pp8, et seq.; Fa08 p11, photo 12; grave Wi11 p16; cemetery Sp12 p18.
Tipton’s Dairy: Wi09 p7.
Tisdale, Mark (Sut): Wi95 p77; Su97 p46.
Tish Creek: Sp15 p15.
Tison (Tyson) Ranch Gravesite (Drew): Sp12 p19.
Tison School (SUmp): photo Su73 p40.
Tison, Carrie: Wi96 p80.
Tison, Clarence: photo Su73 p40.
Tison, Ella: photo Su73 p40.
Tison, Henry Clay (Drew): Wi91 p86; Sp12 p19.
“Titanic”: Fa15 p7.


Titus, Miss (CaV); Wi92 p89.
Tjomsland, Mrs.: Wi99 p79,80.
Tjomsland, Matilda: Fa87 p70.
Tobacco: Su79 p26.
Todd Building Co: Sp87 p5.
Todd, Abbott Levi James, Rev. & Louvina Gaither then Martha Gaiter, Angeline Lorane Tate (Lg);
Su70 p35 et seq. photos pp37,40; Fa70 p59 et seq.; Wi70 p88 et seq.; Su71 p46; Sp76 p18;
Sp79 p6; Fa83 p66,67; Wi88 p88; Wi92 p91; Sp93 pp12,17,19; Su96 p39, photo 40; Sp12 p16,
mini bio p17.
Children: Mary Ellen (Mrs. Ellen Applegate Verbeck) by Louvina, Louvina (Mrs. Louvina
Marsters) by Martha, Su70 p36, Cynthia (Mrs. William Williams of Dillard), Elijah, William
Franklin, Clara Matilda (Mrs. Charles Brown), Aurelius, Levi, Tom, et al by Angeline.
“Rev. A.L.J. Todd, Pioneer Circuit Rider”: Su70 pp35-48, continued Fa70 pp59-72, continued
Wi70 pp88-96 by Aurelius Todd.
Todd, Albert, Rev.: Wi88 p88.
Todd, Aurelius (UC): Su70 p35; Sp93 p19.
Todd, Francis (Oak): Sp77 p14; Su78 p30.
Todd, J.C.: Fa79 p63.
Todd, John: Wi08 p8.
Todd, Lavina: Wi70 p89.
Todd, Levi James (UC): Wi70 p89; Su71 p46; Sp93 p19.
Children: Rainous T., Su71 p46.
Todd, Mary (Mrs. Abraham Lincoln): Su70 p35.
Todd, Rainous T.: Su71 p46.
Todd, Tommy: photo Fa70 p66.
Todd, William: Wi70 p89.
Toftdahl, Ruth: Wi72 p82; Fa83 p59.
Toggery Clothing Store (Ros): Sp87 p5; Fa00 pp51,50,56.
Toketee: Fa90 p51; Fa08 p11.
“Toketee” North Umpqua Hydropower story: Su77 p29 John C. Boyle.
Toketee Falls: Post Office Fa11 p16.
Toles, Carl & Mrs. (Ros): Wi02 pp75, et seq.; Su03 p43.
Tollefson Antique Store (Oak): Sp69 p9.
Tollefson, Terry (Oak): Sp69 p3.
Tolles, Fred (Ros): Fa77 p50.
Children: Walt
Tolles, Walt & Flossie McMillen: Fa77 p50.
Tollman, Wash. Photographer: Sp70 p17.
Tolly’s, Oakland: Wi09 p14.
Tolmie, W.F., Dr. (HBC): Sp71 pp5,6; Su75 p33.
Tom, Chief (Cow Creek Tribe): Wi70 p83.
Tom Folley Creek: Su67 p7.
Tom Moyer’s Luxury Theaters: Sp13 p18; Su13 pp13,16,18,20.
Tom-a-peirre: see Napassant, Louis.


Tom Thumb & Mrs.: Su75 p47.
Tomason, William: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Tomasovic, Bob: Wi82 p90.
Tomlinson, Daisey Mable Walker: Sp06 p7.
Tommy’s All American Grill (MC): Wi20 p3.
“Tonquin”: Fa65 p8; Wi65 p3; Su66 p11; Sp72 pp3,5.
Toothaker, Charles: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Topperwein, Adolph: Su08 p21.
Toppings, W.T. (LL): Sp97 p5,10.
Torrey, William H. (USb): Building Su00 p37.
Tots to Teens (Ros): Fa00 p56.
Totten, Wilda Bessie: Fa87 p70.
Totten, William P. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
“Toulon” ship Sp76 p21.
Tourist automobile: Cover Wi72 p74.
Tourist Inn (Oak): Fa90 p62 photo p63, et seq.
Tourist Restaurant (Sut): photo Sp88 p19.
Tower Antique Mall: Sp22 p7.
Tower, Harriet (later Power): Su07 p10.
Tower, Hull, Rev. (Oak): W75 p88; Su76 p46; Fa16 p15; Sp19 p10.
Towne Club, Oakland: Wi69 p88.
Towne, Marian, Rep.: Sp20 p5.
Townsend Club (Ros): Fa21 p7.
Townsend Plan: Sp91 p5.
Townsend, Andrew “Andy” Jackson & Lulu McClay (Ros): Wi73 p84, et seq., Wi02 pp77,79,81,
photo 82.
Townsend, Bryon: Wi02 p83.
Townsend, J.A., Rev. Dr. (Ros): Sp99 p14, Fa21 p7.
Townsend, Wayne: Su19 p3.
Toyanhu (Elijah Hedding): Su15 pp7,8.
Tracey, Howard (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq.
Tracy, Verly (Ros): Su99 p32; Su09 p8.
“Tragedy on the Trail”: George Abdill Sp68 p18-24; Su68 p27-33.
“Tragedy on the Umpqua”: Harold Avery Minter Wi67 p18-23.
“Trail is Quicker than the Rail, The”: Su09 p20.
“Trail of Tears of the Indians of the Umpqua Valley, 1856,” 1856 by Stephen Dow Beckham:
Sp16 & Su16 issues.
Trail Dust Saddle Club: Sp22 p12.
Trailways: see Continental Trailways.
Train, Mr. (Tm): Fa76 p64,71.
Train, S. S. (Albany): Sp01 p9.
Train Wrecks: Feb. 1899 photo Sp04 p18; Sept. 1907 Fa06 18-20 w/photos.
Tramposch, William (OHS): Su03 p46.
Trapalis, George (Ros); Shoeshine then Liquor Store Fa91 p53.


Trapp, John: Wi13 p8.
Trask (Cnv-DC): farm & ferry Wi91 p82.
Trask, Case (Cash?) (Np): Wi03 p26.
Trask, George (MC): Fa83 p71.
Trask, William (Nump): Wi03 p26; Su16 p6.
“Travel on the Main Umpqua”: Irl Binder Wi72 p80-96, continued Sp73 p3-20, conclusion Su73
Traylor, Henry: Sp67 p24; Su67 p3.
“Treason, Stratagems and Spoils” by W.L. Adams: Sp13 p4.
“Treasures from the Trapper”: Douglas County Hist. Soc., Sp03 p17; Su03 p49,51, Sp04 p2. (Still
available from the Douglas County Historical Society. Ed.)
Treasures from the Past show: Su03 p43.
Trefoil: Fa19 p16.
Treiger, Jay: Fa17 p20.
Trenton Ferry (Kel) (Esther Smith Bridge): Wi67 p18; Sp68 p6; Wi72 p81.
“Tres Reyes” frigate: Sp65 p4.
Trevaris, Bob: Sp22 p5.
Tribale, James M. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Trible, Margaret (Mrs. William Jennings Martin): Sp78 p12.
“Tribute to a Pioneer, A”: Harold Avery Minter Wi73 p84.
“Tribute to Round Prairie”: Sp85 p19 poem by Blanche Burnett Elliott.
Tri City Drive-In Theater (MC-TriC): Sp87 p11 (error, not Winston but Myrtle Creek. Ed.); Sp13
Tri City Mobile Estates: Su13 p16.
Tri City Ready Mix: Fa10 p19.
Tri City School: Fa10 p19.
“Trials of Early Sheep Raisers”: Robert Temple Blakely Wi81 pp80-83.
“Triangle, The”: photo Su92 p39; photo Wi02 p80; Sp08 p14.
“Trio’s Travels, The”: Roseburg Review, 26 Oct. and 2 Nov. 1888, by J.J. Cawlfield Fa73 p55.
Trimble, James (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Trimble, R. (SUmp): Wi91 p86.
Tronson, Sea Capt.: Fa66 p5.
Children, Tillie.
Troupe, Capt. W.H. (CoosB): Sp89 p5.
Trowbridge & Flynn: Sp09 p8.
Trowbridge Electric Company (Ros): Fa00 p56; Sp09 p8.
Trowbridge, Alta Clements: Fa81 p51.
Troxel, Fredrick & Elizabeth Emrick: Fa75 p58.
“Truckee” shipwreck: Fa69 p66.
Truedeau, Paula: Su20 pp13,14.
“True” Magazine: Fa10 p17.
True Restaurant: Wi19 p16.
Trueman, Nora, Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p64.
Truman, George (CaV): Wi92 p89.


Truman Pres. Harry: Fa10 p8.
Trumbo, Frank: Fa00 p52.
Trump, Sadie: Sp78 p20.
Truwe, Ben: Sp19 pp3,5,17; Fa19 p7, et seq.; Su21 pp15,18, Fa21 p7,9; Sp23 p22.
Tsaleel Tribe (Mump): Sp71 pp4,5,6.
Tuberculosis Hospital, Roseburg: Wi13 p22.
Tucker, David & Donna: Wi17 p23.
Tucker, Donald & Beverly (Sb): Wi98 p95.
“Tuff’s Trip”: Don Diego Fa73 p56.
Tuffs, James P. & Margaret Croxton (Tm); Fa76 p69.
Tuggle, Kenneth: Su19 p11.
Tuller, Edith: Sp12 p19.
Tuller Family Gravesite-1895 (Glen): Sp12 p19.
Children: Dr. Clementine Belle, Edith: Sp12 p19.
Tumulty, J.P., Pres. Woodrow Wilson Sec.: Sp72 p2.
Tunnel #8, O&C: Cover photo & story of Fa74 p50.
Turkeys: Fa73 p50; Fa81 p60; Turkey feather dress, cover News Review photo Wi02
pp74,75,76; Wi12 p5.
Turkey Crick Ranch: Su05 p3.
Turkey Growers Assoc.: Fa73 p50; Wi12 p5.
Turkey Hall, Oakland: Su05 p4.
Turkey Hill; Wi11 p16; Gravesite-1895 Sp12 p19.
Turley, Dick: Fa10 pp10,11.
Turnbull, Miss Jean: Su19 p8.
Turnell, Mr. (Dxv): Wi76 p76.
Turner Creek: Su77 p35.
Turner, Edna: Fa87 p70.
Turner, Hod & Harriet: Fa95 p56; Su99 p34. (entry w/photo missing. Ed.); Wi23 p13
Turner, James (Ros): Fa79 p63; Wi08 p6.
Turner, Joe Sr. & Mildred + Joe Jr.: photo Fa15 p14.
Turner, John (HBC): Su65 p7,10,12; Fa65 p13 et seq.; Wi65 p3 et seq.; Su66 p3.
Turner, Kim: Sp21 pp25,27.
Turner, Ralph: Sp22 p6.
Turpin, Baldwin (Winc): Su08 p7.
Children: Mark, Wesly, Ella, Earnest
Turpin, Byron: Sp92 p2.
Turpin, Earnest: Su08 p7.
Turpin, Ella: Su08 p7.
Turpin, Florence May (Cal): Sp94 p3.
Turpin, Harold (Yon): photo Su82 p28, et seq.
Turpin, Mark (Winc): Su66 p12; Su08 p7; Wi21 p15.
Turpin, Press (Yon): Su82 p29.
Turpin, Silas (Yon): Su82 p29.
Turpin, Wesley: Su08 p7.


Tuthill, Lewis (Sut): Su78 p29.
Tuttle, B.B. 1899 Ore. Adj. Gen.: Su04 p11; Wi21 p15.
Tuttle, Helen (Ros): Sp87 p15.
T’Vault & Company’s Oregon and Shasta Express; Wi77 p83.
T’Vault, William Green (CIM): Wi73 p84; Su79 p28; Fa79 p60; Wi80 p75; Portrait & Port Orford
expedition Su87 pp30,31; Su96 p29; Fa98 p55; Fa05 p8, photo p9, et seq.
Twain, Mark: Wi09 p19.
Twelve Mile Creek, Camas Valley area: Wi79 p89; Su10 p11.
Twilight League: Wi23 p9.
“Twilight Sleep”: Wi03 p20.
“Twin Bridges of Oakland”: Rolstyn D. Bridges Fa65 p3-7.
Twin Covered Bridges (Oak):photo Fa65 p6; photo Wi10 p16.
“Twin Sisters” schooner: Su78 pp32,34; Sp02 p22.
Twitchell, J.C., Dr. (Ros): Sp70 p23; Wi79 p75; Wi21 p18.
“Two Old Guns”: Fa76 p57-62, Harriet D. Munnick.
“Two Years Before the Mast”: Sp72 p5, Richard H. Dana.
Tyee, Ore.: Fa01 p62; Su05 pp12,21; Wi11 p16.
Tyee Bridge: Fa01 p67.
Tyee Mountain: Wi71 p89; Fa11 p16.
Tyee-Oakland Mail Express: Su08 p18.
Tyee Post Office Fa11 photo p16;
Tyee Road: Wi11 p21.
Tyee View Cemetery (Sut): Wi11 p9; Sp12 p19.
Tyler, Wayne: Su19 p8.
Tynan, Jim RR man: Wi70 pp75,77.
Tynan, Patrick RR man: Wi70 p77.
Children: Jim.
Typhoon “Freda”: Fa10 p22.
Tyrell, Mr. (GV): Fa78 p70.
Tyson (Tison) Ranch Gravesite: Sp12 p19.
Tyson, Alfred, rev. (Ros): Fa72 p66;
U-Mark: Fa01 p59 (Author error, BLM offices were on S. side of Harvard, west of Mark’s
Shopping Center. This editor grew up two blocks away.)
U. S. Forest Reserve Headquarters: Fa00 p65.
U. S. Forest Service: Sp82 pp4,8; Su83 p35; Wi95 p90; Fa01 pp53,59; Fa08 p11; Su10 p2; Wi10
p14; Wi19 p3, et seq.; Su20 p8,12.
U. S. Forest Service Rangers: Wi00 p76; Su20 p3,7.
U. S. National Bank: Fa70 p50; Wi12 p6.
U. S. Plywood: Fa01 pp52,56.
U.S. Weather bureau: Su74 p31; Fa91 p59.
U.S. Weather Observatory: Fa00 pp65,66.
“U. S. S. UMPQUA” The Story of three Navy ships”: Stuart Kammerman: Wi02 pp91-95.
US West Phone Book: Su03 p49.


Udder City, Ore.: Su09 p15.
Ueland, Miss Alice (Ros): photo Fa95 pp51,54, photo 55.
Ulam Orchard: Su71 p26.
Ulam, Clay (MC): Wi92 p76.
Ulett, George (Sut): Su13 p3.
“Umpqua” Roseburg High School Annual: Su91 p27,47; Fa91 pp59,67.
“Umpqua” a writer: Fa71 p51, et seq.
Umpqua Academy (Old Umpqua) aka Wilbur Academy: Fa65 p14; Wi67 p6; Wi68 p91; Sp69
p22; Su69 p30,48; Fa71 p67,68,71; Su72 p34; Wi73 p84; Su75 p42; Fa75 p60; Sp76
pp4,13,21,22; Su76 p45; Fa76 p51; Su77 p41; Su78 p37; Fa79p55, photo 61 et seq.; Fa80
p70; Fa81 p59; 1860 photo Sp86 p10,15; Fa86 p71; Su88 p26; Su93 pp30,41; Su96
p42; Sp00 p12; Sp03 p3; Su03 p36; Umpqua Academy buggy, Cover photo Fa09 et seq.
Includes list of know student last names; Fa10 p3; Sp19 p4,7; Sp20 p17; Sp23 p10.
“Umpqua Academy at Wilbur” Ray O. Sims Fa09 pp3-8.
Umpqua Amusement Co.: Sp87 p5, et seq.; Sp13 p11.
Umpqua Bank: Sp17 p3.
“Umpqua Beacon” (MC): Fa82 p66.
Umpqua Buhr Graham: Fa09 p16.
Umpqua Building Supply (Reed): Wi98 p92.
“Umpqua the Beautiful”: poem by Isabel Gray Clifford Wi98 p75.
Umpqua and Calapooia Treaty: Sp16 p2.
Umpqua and Coos Bay Railroad: Sp84 p9; Wi90 p93; Wi93 p89.
Umpqua Camp, Indian War Veterans: Wi67 p11.
Umpqua City (Old): Fa66 p6; Fa69 p63; Wi72 p83,87; Su75 p47; Wi75 p89; Sp76 p9; Sp79 p20;
Fa86 p70; 1856 photo of Su87 p33; Sp02 p14,15,18; Fa05 p19, site photo 21; Wi05 Lyman
sketch p13, on map 18; Post Office Fa11 p16, lyman sketch of 17; Fa13 p5; on map Wi13 p3.
“Umpqua City – Eureka-We have Found it”: William M. Barber Sp02 pp15,16.
Umpqua Book of Deeds: Fa99 p57; Sp02 p14.
Umpqua Cavalcade: Sp85 p17.
Umpqua, County: Wi05 p4 et seq. died 6 July 1863, map of p18; Sp02 pp3, et seq.
Umpqua Cannery: Sp72 p19.
Umpqua Canyon: see Canyon.
Umpqua Canyon (Cnv): Road (Military Road) Su00 p34.
Umpqua Cemetery-1850 (Ump): Sp12 p19;
Umpqua Chief Flour: Sp06 p14.
Umpqua Chiefs: Wi86 p91, Fa91 p55; Su23 p9.
Umpqua Squaws: Su23 p9.
Umpqua Community College: Fa00 p60; Sp01 p22; theatre Dept. Sp08 p19; Su13 p17.
Umpqua County, Ore.: Fa65 pp3,17; Wi65 p15; Wi66 p14; Wi67 pp6,18; Sp70 p2; Sp72 p3,10;
Wi74 p90; Su75 pp29,40,42; Fa75 pp53,58; Fa76 p55; Su78 p31; Fa81 p60; Sp85 p17; Su87
p43; Fa90 p68; Wi90 p78; Wi93 p75; Fa99 p55; Sp00 p3; Sp02 pp3, Sheriff Samuel Rich 4, et
seq.; Fa08 p3,4; Fa09 p6; Su10 p15,17; Su12 p6; Su13 p17; Sp19 pp3,4; Fa19 p3.
Umpqua County Court: Fa99 pp55,62; Sp02 p17,18; Sp23 pp7,8.
Umpqua County Volunteer Mounted Riflemen: Wi90 pp76,78.


Umpqua Creamery: Wi09 p4.
Umpqua Customs District: Fa69 p61.
Umpqua Dairy: Fa91 p69; “war wagon” cover Wi09 p2 et seq.
“Umpqua Dairy: History of” cover Wi09 pp3-16, Roy O. Sims, Pat Sullivan, Phyllis Feldcamp.
Umpqua Discovery Days: Su03 pp49,50.
Umpqua Drug Co. (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Umpqua Egg Mash: Fa09 p16.
“Umpqua Ensign”: See Roseburg Ensign.
“Umpqua” etymology: Fa19 pp3-6.
Umpqua Exploring Expedition (aka Klamath Exploring Expedition): Wi67 p2; Fa69 p59; Fa82 p53;
Fa90 p68; Wi98 p80; Su00 p29; Sp02 p16; Fa13 p4,5,21; Sp23 p5.
Umpqua Ferry: Fa67 pp14,15; Wi71 p87, photos pp88, et seq.; Sp75 p11; Wi75 p91; Su04 p11;
Su05 p11, et seq.; Fa11 p17; picnic at mouth of Calapooia Su16 p20.
Umpqua Ferry Post Office: Wi75 p91; Sp98 p22; Su16 p21.
Umpqua Fire Council: Fa87 p69.
Umpqua Fishermen’s Association: Sp03 p21.
“Umpqua Folklife”: Oregon Arts Commission Wi79 p87.
“Umpqua Free Press”: Printed the “Umpqua Trapper” from Sp65 to Su85; Sp85 p10.
“Umpqua” gas boat: Sp73 p16.
Umpqua Gazette, Umpqua Weekly Gazette Democratic Weekly? (Sb): Wi72 p88; Su75
p33; fa75 p72; Wi75 p95; Sp76 p9; Fa78 p53; Fa82 p51; Fa90 p68; Wi90 pp74, et seq; Fa99
pp53,58; Su00 pp 36,37; Sp02 p18; Fa02 p58; Fa07 p10,12; Sp10 p4,7; Su10 p4; Wi13 p16;
Wi15 et seq; Wi22 p19, et seq.
Umpqua George: Douglas Independent reporter Su16 p21.
Umpqua Grocery: photo Fa10 p6.
Umpqua Head: on map Wi13 p3.
Umpqua Historic Preservation Society: Wi85 pp73,74; Fa02 p70; Sp03 pp16,21; Su03 p50; Sp12
Umpqua Hospital (?): Wi08 p19.
Umpqua Hose Co. #1: Fa72 p58; “Mascot” on cover Su82.
Umpqua Hot Springs: Su22 pp13,15.
Umpqua Hotel: Sp68 p17; Su75 p35; Fa84 p65; Sp85 p6; story of w/ photos Fa86 pp51 et seq.
Su88 p45; Su91 p45; Fa91 p55; Wi00 p84; Wi08 p10,11 photo p13,16; Sp09 p4,19; cover
photo on Fa10 p8; Fa14 pp17,19; Su19 p22,28; Fa20 p13; Fa21 p4; Su23 p10; Wi23 p13.
“Umpqua Hotel, 1912-1974”: Edith Dondero Fa86 p51-58; Sp22 p12.
Umpqua Highway Improvement District: Su84 p45.
Umpqua Indian Foods: Sp13 photo p17.
Umpqua Indians; see Umpqua Tribe.
Umpqua Indian Reservation: Wi69 p89, list of Indian signers,90,92,94.
Umpqua Junction, now The Forks: Fa72 p62; Su75 p38; Sp79 p6; Fa81 photo p65, fishing 66;
Sp98 p6.
Umpqua Klan #5: Sp09 p19.
Umpqua Land Company: Fa13 p4.
Umpqua Life Saving Station: Sp72 pp18,20, photo p21,24.

Umpqua Lighthouse: Fa69 pp54,64; Sp76 p9; photo Su77 p26; Fa78 p51; Su00 p40; Fa10 p20.
Umpqua Lounge (Ros): Fa86 p53.
Umpqua Massacre: See Smith Party Massacre.
Umpqua Mill, Baker’s: Su81 p41.
Umpqua Mineral Club: Wi23 p8.
“Umpqua Mission”: Fa09 p5.
Umpqua Mountains: Sp02 p6.
Umpqua National Bank: Gardiner Fa69 p71; Reedsport Wi98 p92.
Umpqua National Forest: Wi00 p76, photo of cattle in 77,80, Diamond Lake Dist. 80,85; Wi19
Umpqua National Forest Lookouts: 1936 list of, Wi00 p80.
Umpqua, Old Fort: See Fort Umpqua.
Umpqua, Ore. (Umpqua Ferry until 1906): Su68 p33; Wi71 p87; prune dryer photo Wi02 p78;
Wi03 p18; Su05 pp3,10; Su08 p18; Fa11 p17; Wi11 p16; Su14 p4.
“Umpqua Origins” sources of the word Umpqua: Fa19 pp3-6, Dale Greenley.
Umpqua Park (Fairgrounds, Ros pna Alexander Grove): Su66 p15; Sp85 p17; Su05 p4; Wi11 p17;
Sp22 pp10,14; Wi23 p9.
Umpqua Park Addition: Wi23 p12.
Umpqua Park Investment Company: Wi23 p12.
Umpqua Porcelain Artists show: Su03 p49.
Umpqua Post Office: Sp98 p20; Su05 p21; Fa11 p17.
Umpqua Plywood: Fa01 p56.
Umpqua Railroad: Sp73 p16.
Umpqua River, Main: Sp65 p7; Su65 p6; Wi65 p3; Fa69 p51, et seq.; 1856 photo of Mouth & N.
Spit Su87 33; Sp00 p10; maps Su00 pp28, et seq.; Fa01 p67; Sp02 p17; Su05 p3; Fa05 photos
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Umpqua River, South: photo @ Roseburg Su66 p15; Fa69 p52; photo looking north to Missouri
Bottom Wi89 p79; Fa01 pp52, et seq.; Wi01 pp75,76,81; Fa02 p60; ferry photo p63; Su04
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Umpqua Sand & Gravel: Sp21 p27.
Umpqua Savings & Loan: Fa91 p53; photo Su97 p37,41; Su23 p7; Wi23 p12.
Umpqua Scratch Feed: Fa09 p16.
Umpqua Ski Patrol: Wi19 p5.
Umpqua Sportsmen: Su23 p17.


Umpqua Station, U.S. Life Saving Service: Fa69 photo p66.
“Umpqua” schooner: Sp76 p12.
“Umpqua” steamboat: Su65 p20; Su66 p18.
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“Umpqua Country Store”: Sp98 p20-23 by LaVerne Murphy.
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“Umpqua Trapper” Index: Su03 p49.
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Uncle Sam: Su72 p26,47.
Uncle Sam’s Emporium (Ros): Wi91 p90.
Underwood Ranch: Su07 pp15,20.
Underwood, Anna: Sp66 p3.
Underwood, Ben (Postal Police Agent): Sp70 p10.
Underwood, D.C.: Wi83 pp77,78.


Underwood, David (Oak): Wi72 p83; Wi75 p88; Fa76 p54.
Underwood, Eliza (Oak): Fa16 p15.
Underwood, James A. (Oak): Sp77 p6; Sp99 p8.
Underwood, Rollin: Su72 p34.
Underwood, Ursula (Oak): Su78 p27.
Underwood, W.C. “Willie” (Oak): Sp77 p6.
Unger, Edward: Sp67 p8 photo p11.
Unger’s (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Uniform Fire Code: Wi08 p19.
Union Creek: Sp70 p17.
Union Encampment: Sp83 p20.
Union Gap: Fa65 p3; Fa76 p54; Sp77 p3,15; Fa80 pp50,65; RR photo Fa97 p68.
Union Garage (Ros): Su91 p37.
Union Grant Club: Wi75 p80.
Union Hall: Gardiner Fa69 p67.
Union Hotel (old Oak) see also Pacific Hotel: Fa71 p72.
Union Oil Co., (Ros): Wi00 p84.
Union Party: Sp09 p18.
Unionist: Wi01 p86.
United Brethren Cemetery-1877: Wi11 pp8.
United Brethren Church: Su01 p47; Su10 pp14,17.
“United Fishermen of the Pacific”: Su08 p15.
United States Bureau of Land Management, Roseburg District (BLM): Sp93 p4; Fa97 p66; Cover
Fa01 p50, et seq.; Fa08 p8.
United States Commissioner: Fa08 p20.
United States Consulate: Su74 p29.
United States Geological Survey: Fa14 p14.
United States Land Office: See Roseburg Land Office.
United States Life Saving Service: photo Umpqua Station Fa69 p66.
United States National Bank: Fa70 p50; Su97 p31.
United States National Bank of Portland: Su97 p41.
United States Navy Exploring Expedition: Su66 pp7,8; Sp72 pp3,10,12.
United Wireless Telegraph: photo Sp09 p9.
Unity, (Douglas Co.) Ore.: Su10 p14.
Upton, Ed & Olive McClay (LL): Wi73 p90.
Unrath House: Su19 p5.
Unrath Mr. & Mrs. + Mary Elise: Wi08 p11.
Unrath, Anna May: photo Fa00 p70; photo Fa95 p60.
Unrath, E.T. (Ros): Sp87 p14.
Unrath, Eleanor: Fa70 p68.
Unrath, Ernest (Ros): Fa91 pp68,69; Fa95 p58.
Children: William Fa91 p69.
Unrath, George: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Unrath, William: (Ros): Wi86 p91; Fa91 p69; Su19 p3,5.


“Up from Slavery”: George Abdill Fa71 p51.
Updegrave Place (Gl): Sp12 p19.
Upper Camas Valley School: Sp06 p18.
Upper Camp Creek (Dil): log camp photo Fa06 p4.
Upper Cow Creek Valley: Fa02 p56; Wi14 p6,12; Sp19 p15.
Upper Curry Rapids (photo): ; Wi21 p14.
Upper Scottsburg, Ore.: map Su00 p31; Sp02 pp3,11,18; Wi05 p7; dock photos Fa07 p16.
U.S.S. Umpqua: Wi02 p91.
Utne, Alice Fest; Fa95 p54.
Utter City, Ore.: Su09 p15.
VFW Hall, Riddle: Sp13 p20.
Vail, Charles & Amanda Caroline Young (Oak): Fa67 p21; Fa76 p54; Wi76 p83,94; Su77 p41;
Su81 p43; Su97 p45.
Valley Hotel (Ros): Fa84 p65; Sp86 p6; Su91 p42,47; Fa00 photo p57.
Valley View Cemetery (Sut): Sp78 p20; Sp12 p19.
Valentine Family (Sut): Wi95 p82.
Valentine Ranch (Douglas Downs): Fa15 p9.
Valentine, Richard: Fa15 p9.
“Valentine” State: Sp09 p3.
VanAtta, Keith (Ros): Sp16 p22.
VanBebber family (Dil): hotel Fa92 p54.
VanBuren, A. (Ros): Fa85 p52.
VanBuren, J.D. (Winc): Sp86 p6.
VanBuren, John: Su69 p35.
VanBuren, Mabel (Ros): Fa85 p52.
VanBuren, Miss Marie: Sp08 p5.
VanLoan, James: Wi17 p23
Van Dine Creek (MC): Wi92 p76.
Van Dine Meat Co. (MC): Wi92 p75, et seq., photos pp79,80.
Van Houten House, Hotel (Ros): Wi76 p74; Wi79 p77.
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Van Winkle, I.H.: Fa14 p16,17.
Vance, Helen: Fa87 p70.
Vancouver, George, sea Capt.: Sp72 p5.
“Vancouver”: ship Sp72 p10.
VanDam, Elizabeth Barge: Fa15 p3,21.
Vandenbosch, James & Mary Jane (Rid): Fa75 p53, photo p54.
VandeVerd, Ted (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Vandover place: Sp06 p11.
VanMeter, Wilma: Sp00 pp18,20.
Vann, “Boot” (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Vann, Jess: Su66 p18.


VanNorman Family Cemetery-1857: Wi11 p18.
Vannoy, James: Su85 p28.
Vannoy Ferry (RR): Wi76 p84.
Vanschorack, N.R., Dr. & son Micajah: Su10 p18.
Vassal, Louis: Su74 p36.
Vattiler, Fred: Su10 p18.
Vaughn, Thomas (OHS): Su70 p33; Su71 p40; Wi82 p85,91.
Vavasour, M., Lt. (HBC): Fa66 p3.
Veach, William (Milo): Wi91 p82.
Veatch, Nora M.: Fa89 p62,63; House photo Su98 p39.
Velada Aldea (Ros): Fa90 p54.
Velocipede: 3-wheeled photo Wi80 p80; Wi04 p15.
Venable, Mr. (Coq): Su69 p27.
Venable, Mr. (Oak): Fa79 p59.
Venable, Nathaniel (Cala): Fa65 p5; Su72 p30.
Venison: Su02 p43.
Venter, Mel & His Breakfast Gang: Sp22 p6.
Veril, (Verril, Verrel?) (Eden): Bros. Sp74 p16; Su91 pp32,34; Sp04 p6; Fa04 p6.
Verrel, Fred: Su91 p34.
Vernon, D.E. (Oak): Sp77 p13.
Veronucerges, Daniel: Su10 p18.
Verveau (Sb): Fa65 p12; Wi65 p3,4; Su66 p7.
Vertrees, J.D.: Wi87 p79.
Vescogni, Leo & Margaret Brown: Wi75 p94; Fa95 p63 et seq.; Sp96 pp7, et seq.; Fa98 p62.
Veterans’ Cemetery: Sp01 p22.
Veterans’ Administration Hospital: Su83 pp27-35; Fa84 p55,58; Sp85 p5,16; Wi85 p81; Su99
p27; Sp00 p19; Su09 p3; Su12 p23.
Veterans’ Administration Golf Shop: Fa01 p64.
Veteran’s of Foreign Wars: Fa23 p7.
Veterans’ Memorial Hall: Fa01 p64.
Vian, Bill (Ros): Wi82 p85,92.
Vic Rice Orchestra: Sp22 pp5,6.
Victor, Frances Fuller: Fa67 p17; Wi01 pp93,95.
Victor Vacuum Cleaner: Fa20 p23.
Victorian Architecture: Fa00 p51.
Victory Builders: Sp08 p18.
Vida, (pna Gate Creek) Oregon; Wi03 pp3,9; Su09 p10.
Village Realty (MC): Wi20 p3.
Villard, Henry: Wi65 p12; Su66 p16; Fa74 p50; Fa97 p59; photo Su06 p13.
Villard, Michael Heilprin: Wi65 p12.
Vincent, Gene: Sp22 p6.
Vinegar Hill (GV) (Troost St.?): Su91 p31; Fa92 p59.
Vinson, Mr. (Eden): Sp04 p5,14; Sp05 p5.
Vinson: RR fireman Fa06 pp18,19.

Vinson, William R. “Billy” (Winc-Ros): Su66 p14; Su85 p41; Wi89 pp75,87; Su05 p4, photo 19;
Su08 p7.
Children: Ralph, Iva, Vernon, Bird. Su08 p7.
Vineyard, Celia: Fa87 p70.
“Violence in Roseburg”: Sp09 p18.
Virden, Eugene (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Virden, T.B. & Mrs.: photo Wi12 p17.
Virgin, Thomas: Su65 pp11,12.
“Virginius” warship: Sp19 p7.
Virtil: Su90 p33.
Vizcaino, Sebastian: Sp65 p4.
Vladimiroff, Bud: Fa01 pp64,71.
Vlick, Charlie & Mrs. (IP): Wi86 p84.
Children: Myron, Marie.
Vogel Covered Bridge: Cover Sp77 p2; Wi10 p18.
Vogelpohl, August (Sut): Wi95 p77.
Volcano Mt.(S.Ump.): Wi73 pp80,82.
Volhard, George (Oak): Fa78 p50.
Volk, Karen; photos by, Sp03 p10.
“Volume Library, The”: Sp06 p18.
Vonarb, S. (Ros): Fa78 p50.
VonPessel, Edward: Sp76 p8.
Vosburg & Wiard Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa91 p51.
Vosburg(h), Earl & Mrs. (Ros-IP): Wi79 p87; Fa91 p51; Sp09 p22.
Vose Family (Winc): Su66 p14; Su08 p7.
Vroman, Clara Miller (Hh): Sp81 p20.
Vulcan Spar: Sp73 p15.
“W.A. Frater”: George Abdill Sp80 pp13-16.
“W.J. Bennet, Architect”: Sp17 p13-20.
W. L. Main’s Great Shows: Wi04 p18.
W. R. Barr Muzzle loading rifle: Su68 p26.
W.R.G.: Fa04 p6 et seq. (If anyone knows what W.R.G. stood for, please notify us. We suspect it
is a typo of W.R. C., Women’s Relief Corps, the G.A.R. auxiliary.)
Wachino, Forster (Grande Ronde Police): photo Wi84 p86.
Waddingham, Helen: Fa20 p12.
Waddingham, Miss Jean: Fa20 p13.
Waddingham, John: Fa20 p12.
Wade & Delaunay: Fa75 p61.
Wade, Bradbury & Co. (Ros): Sp78 p9.
Wade Hotel (Gard): photo Wi72 p90; Wi76 p74.
Wade, A.B., Rev. (MC): Wi88 pp82,88.
Wade, Cecil Roy & Margaret Murphy: Sp12 p7.
Children: John B. & Eugene:

Wade, Henry, Sea Capt. & Elizabeth “Lizzie” Belle Burchard: Fa69 p67; Wi72 p88; Sp73 p7; Wi90
p83; Fa07 p14; Su18 pp13, bio 18-20.
Children: Margery H. (Mrs. Warren Pason Reed) Su18 p13.
Wade, J.R.: Sp69 p17.
Wade, John & Mary Steers: Su18 p18.
Wade, William & Elizabeth Elliot Lyster (Gard-Sb): Fa69 p65; Wi72 p88; Fa97 p51, photo 52;
Sp97 p7; Su18 p7.
Wadsworth, Gregor & Lorraine (Gl): Fa90 pp56,61; Sp03 p23; Wi09 p23.
Wadsworth, Peters & Ladd (USb): Su00 p37.
Wagers, Violet: Wi01 p75.
Waggoner, Amanda: Wi92 p89.
Waggoner, Clarence & Margaret Black (Mwd): map Fa93 p60.
Waggoner, Lanora: Sp88 p16.
Waggoner, Warren (Sb): Su16 p21.
Wagner Creek (Kel): Su88 p33.
Wagner Creek Mill: Su88 p33.
Wagner, Henry (UC): Wi78 p80; Sp93 p19.
Wagner, J. (Kel) Su88 p33.
Wagner, William C.: Sp90 p6.
Wagoner, Mr. & Mrs. plus children: Wi18 p22.
Wagoner, John: photo Wi72 p93.
Wagoner’s Saloon, (Oak): Su72 p45.
Wahl, Asher: Fa67 p3.
Wahl, Hugh: Wi03 p22.
Wahnsley, L. B.: Su04 p9.
Wainscott, E.J. Dr. (Oak): Wi71 p93; Sp77 p8.
Wainscott, Dr. (Ros): Fa84 p65; Su91 p47.
Wait, S.M.: Wi78 p75.
Waite Ranch: Sp03 p 22.
Waite, Mrs.: Sp03 p 22.
Waite, Annie Sutherlin: Sp88 p12.
Waite, Douglas & Eva Marie Lane: Sp85 p17; Sp88 pp22,23; Wi12 p4, photos p14 &17.
Children: Katherine (Mrs. Walter M. Bain) Wi12 p4.
Waite, Frank (RCk); Sp77 p6; Sp89 p16.
Waite, Frank (Sut): Su78 p27; Wi95 p82; Su97 p46.
Children: Ethel & a son. Su78 p27.
Waite, Frank B. (Ros): Wi20 p7.
Waite, Jasper B. “Jap”: Sp70 pp13 et seq.
Waite, Katherine (later Bain): Su12 p12.
Wakefield, Mrs. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Wakefield, Rex: Su20 p8.
Walden, Greg, US Rep.: Su20 p15.
Waldo, John & Avarilla (Gl): Wi75 p82.
Waldo, Mrs. Sp07 p17.


Waldo, Peter Lane: Wi01 p92; Sp07 p17.
Waldorf, W.F.: Su14 p14.
Walgreen’s: Sp17 p3.
Walinsby, Mrs. L. B., Laura T.: Fa04 p5; Wi04 p9.
Walker CCC Camp (Scholfield Creek): photo Fa83 p59.
Walker Creek (Elkh): Sp93 p13.
Walker Valley (Yon): Sp93 p15.
Walker Family (WC): Wi01 p81.
Walker, Miss (Wil): Fa95 p65.
Walker, Mr.: Su01 p44.
Walker, warden: Su08 p15.
Walker, Aileen: photo Fa00 p70.
Walker, Agness (Win): Su06 p10.
Walker, Babe (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Walker, Charley: Su10 p6.
Walker, Courtney Meade: Sp16 p4, mini bio p12.
Walker, Daisey Mable (Later Tomlinson): Sp06 pp7,9.
Walker, Dorothy (later Mrs. Raphael Wise): Su05 p19.
Walker, Ed (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Walker, Edgar (Dil): Sp06 p7 et seq.; Su06 pp9,10; Fa06 p22.
Walker, Eli & Ruth (UC): Sp93 pp8,18.
Walker, Eva Estella (Later Mrs. Grant S. Clayton): Sp06 pp7,9.
Walker, Gratz (Dil): Sp06 p7,9; Fa06 p4.
Walker, Jeff Davis (Dil): Sp06 p7; Fa06 p11.
Walker, Jesse Hayes, Col (RWV): Su69 pp31,33; Wi77 p83; Sp91 p3; Sp06 pp7,9.
Walker, Jim: Su19 p8.
Walker, Joe: Sp65 p2.
Walker, John Edgar (Win): Sp69 p18;
Walker, Merle Jo: Fa75 p54; Wi89 p89.
Walker, Rebecca nee Huntley: Sp06 p7.
Walker, Ruby Josephine: Sp06 p7; Su06 p10.
Walker, Sara Agness, (Later Zachary): Sp06 p7; Su06 p10.
Walker, Susan Rose (Later Alexander): Sp06 p7.
Walker, Thomas Alva (born in Sb, Win, Coq): Fa67 p23; Sp06 p7; Su06 pp10,12.
Walker, W. W. “Bud” or “Monied” & Rebecca Huntley (Lg): Su86 p39; Sp06 p6, et seq.; Su06
p9; Fa06 p3.
Children: Children: John Edgar, Thomas Alva, Sarah Agness (later Zachary), Ruby Josephine,
Susan Rose (later Alexander), Jeff Davis, America Jane, Eva Estelle (later Mrs. Grant S.
Clayton), Gratz, Daisy Mable (later Tomlinson), an infant, Jessie Hayes.
Walker, William & Catherine Friend (Tm): Wi75 p85; Fa20 p12. .
Walker, William:
Children: Eva (Mrs. Grant Clayton), Susan (Mrs. R. Alexander).
Walkinshaw, Sam (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Walkley, Mr. A. S.: Fa04 p22; Wi04 p7.


Walla Walla Indians: Wi06 p13.
Walla Walla Massacre: See Whitman Massacre.
Wallace, A.S. (Ros): Su84 p47.
Wallace, William (PFC): Sp65 p5.
Wallen, Eula Mae Strickling: Sp86 pp17,19.
Waller, Rev. A.F.: Wi15 p6.
Waller, Washington: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Walling, A. G.: Fa66 p6; Sp67 p17; Sp68 p12; Su00 p29.
Wallowa Mts.: Su02 p27.
Walls, June: Fa87 p51.
Walmsley, Laura: Sp05, p19.
Walnuts: Wi01 p75.
Walton, Mr.: Su75 p31.
Walton, Frederick: Sp17 p8.
Walton, George: Su85 p30; Fa11 p15.
Walton, James E. & Elizabeth: Fa75 p66; Wi75 p82; Sp76 p15; Sp90 p3; Wi90 p80,81; Su10 p18;
Sp19 p11; Wi21 p12.
Children: John.
Walton, J.J.: Wi66 p10.
Walton, J.W.: Fa79 p63.
Walton’s Store (Winc): Sp69 p16.
Walsh, Archie (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Walsh, Frank K.: Wi72 p78.
Walsh, Raymond (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Walsh, W. T.: Sp04 p5.
Walters & Wright (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Walters, Barbara: Owned Curry Manor Wi16 p12; Sp17 p10.
Walters, Jack: Su19 p25.
Walters, Molly: Fa09 p9.
Walt’s Towing: Fa10 p20, Wi19 p5.
Wanaville: Post Office Fa11 p17.
Wandling, Shirley Dusseau: Fa95 p54, photo 55.
Wannacott, G.W. (MC): Sp99 p8.
Wanted Poster: Dr. Brumfield Su14 photo p11.
War Loan Bonds: Sp87 pp8,22; Su23 p6 .
War Production Board: Sp87 p5.
War of the Rebellion: Sp01 p4.
War Surplus Store (Ros): Fa91 p67.
“War Wagon” Umpqua Dairy: Wi09 cover.
Ward Creek: Wi11 p4.
Ward, Frazier (RWV) & Mary Ann (Polly Anne) Flournoy (Elg): Wi83 p77; Sp86 p4; Sp92 p21; bio
& photo Wi93 pp90,91; Su96 p37; Wi96 p75; poem Sp01 p23; Fa07 p19 photo p20. Fa11 p17,
photo p18.
Children: Oscar A., Samuel H., Howard L., Lillie Ann (Mrs. John Strader, Jr. Fa07 p19),

Mary Viola, Thomas F., Winnie Olive, Margaret Alice (Later Weekly), Waify Wilhelmina,
George Cleveland. Wi93 p91.
“Frazier Ward & Mary Ann Flournoy Ward”: photo & bio by Norma Strader Hatfield Wi93
Ward, Grandpa (Frazier or Oscar): Fa07 photo p20.
Ward, Harriet: Sp97 pp3,18.
Ward, Lillie Ann (Mrs. John Strader Jr.): Fa07 p19 photo p20.
Ward, Mag: photo Wi17p18.
Ward, Ole: photo Wi17p18.
Ward, R.C.: Fa68 pp68,69.
Ward, Ray L. & Cora Weber (Ros): Fa91 p61.
Ward, Tom: Su82 p29; photos Wi17 p18,19.
Ward, William (UC): Sp93 p11; Fa11 p9.
Ward, Winnie: photo Wi17p18.
Wards Butte: Fa65 p12; lookout Fa01 p59.
Ware Bros. Ranch (GV): Sp67 p8.
Wardrip, Herbert (MC): Fa06 p8.
Wardton Post Office: Wi93 p91; Fa11 p17.
Wardville: Post Office Fa11 pp17,18.
Warner, Barnice (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Warner, Hugh (Yon): Sp20 p21.
Warner, J.J.: Wi65 p4.
Warner, Mikell De Lores: Su74 p34.
Warner, Mildred: Fa20 p12.
Warner, Oscar (Elk): Su67 pp7,9.
Warner, Robert “Bob” & Pat: Owned Curry Manor Wi16 p12; Sp17 p10.
Warner Mts.: Fa02 p56.
Warre, Henry J., Lt. (HBC): Fa66 p3.
Warren, Harold (Gard): Fa69 p67.
Warren, Minnie: Su75 p47.
Warren, W., Dr.: Su68 p45.
Washington, Chief: Sp69 p23; Su69 p27.
Washington, George “Wash”(Ros): Sp76 p20.
Washington, Pres. George: Wi01 p86; Wi08 p4.
“Washington” propeller steamer: Fa65 p2; Wi69 p74; Fa75 p58,68; Fa78 p52; Sp84 p9; Su84
p44; Sp00 p10; article about Fa07p3, Wi15 sketch p5; Su18 p18.
“Washington” steamer-sloop: Sp72 p5; Sp76 p11; Su18 p18.
“Steamer Washington” Queen of the Umpqua River: William M. Barber Fa07 p3-18.
Washington Street: blast photo Wi08 p12.
Washington, Univ. of; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p16.
“Wasp, U.S.S.: Fa15 p14.
Wassom, Carl (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Wassom, Phil (Ros): Wi09 p6, photo 7.
Waterfront (Ros): House of Prostitution Fa91 p71.


Waterfront Tavern (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Watermelon Field: photo Fa08 p17.
Waters, Alfred & Velma (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Children: Ronald
Waters, James, Col. & Mrs. (Lg-Ola): Wi70 p90; Su72 p37; Wi75 p95.
Waters, Norm: Fa22 p3.
Waters, Ronald (Yon): Sp81 p21.
Watkins Pure Lemon Extract: cure Fa98 p70.
Watkins, Mr. (Oak): Fa81 p66.
Watkins, Abraham B. & Mary Martha Wallen Watkins: Wi76 p85.
Watkins, Martha M. (Mrs. Addison Crandall Gibbs): Sp73 p2.
Watkins, Rick: Wi19 pp5,10.
Watkins, Walt: Wi19 p5.
Watson Mountain: Su65 p2; Wi10 p20.
Watson Family (Peel): Fa68 p71.
Watson Family (NUmp): Fa02 p67.
Watson, Alton & Freddie: Sp22 p20.
Watson, C.B.(Emp): Sp72 p17.
Watson, Charles (Gl): Fa90 p51.
Watson, D.L. (MS): Sp66 p22; Wi83 p77.
Watson, Edward B.: Fa02 p67.
Watson, Emma: Su84 pp35,37.
Watson, Floyd (Til): Fa83 p63.
Watson, James F., Judge & Emily Adams (LR): Sp71 p14; Wi75 p80; Wi83 p78, et seq.;
Wi93 p95; Sp99 p10; Wi08 pp3,6.
Children: Sara Jane, Wi93 p95.
Watson, James O., Atty (Ros): Su97 p26.
Watson, Jim & Margaret (Sb): Wi98 p95.
Children: Beverly.
Watson, Sarah Jane (Mrs. Dr. Salathiel Hamilton): Sp03 p3, photo 7; Flint St. House photo,
Sp03 p10; Fa09 p5.
Watson, “Squeaky” (LR): Fa92 p61; Fa95 p58; Wi00 p80.
Watson, Mrs. T.C.: Fa20 p13.
Watson, Mrs. T.S.: Fa20 p12.
Watsonville, Ore. (Later Coos City): Su09 p15.
Watts, Elbert: Fa68 p52.
Watts, Georjean; photo Sp03 p18.
Watts, Jim (Ros): Fa01 p51.
Watts, Steve: Sp88 p7.
Way, Mae (Shirtcliff) (MC): photo Su82 p42.
Wayside Farm (Cal): photos Sp94 pp5,10, photos et seq.; Fa03 p54, et seq.
Weatherly Creek aka Hudson Creek aka Patterson Creek (LP): Fa65 p10; Wi72 p86,87; Sp73
pp6,7; Su75 p40; Wi90 pp76,79 on map 84; Su93 p30; Su00 p31; Fa01 p53; Sp02 pp22,23.
Weatherly Eating House (Elk): Wi72 p89,91 photo p93.


Weatherly Home: Wi72 photo p86; photo Wi05 p19.
Weatherly, Charlie (Elk): Wi72 p89.
Weatherly, Del (Elk): Su67 p9
Weatherly, Dorothy C.: Fa87 p70:
Weatherly, Elmina: photo Wi72 p86.
Weatherly, Fred: photo Wi72 p86.
Weatherly, Hiram: photo Wi72 p86; Sp73 p6.
Weatherford Apartments: blast photo Fa09 p14.
Weatherford, Mr. (Dxv): Su01 p35.
Weatherford, Harriet Groves: Fa00 p69,71.
Weatherford, Will: Su01 p35.
Weathers, Kathryn Howard: Su07 p12.
Three large and unrelated Weaver families in Myrtle Creek present a history nightmare.
Weaver Road: Su14 p14.
Weaver Family Drowning: “A Tragedy of the Early Days” Ora Weaver Carter Fa66 p9.
Weaver Family, unknown which: Su05 p7.
Weaver, A.J. (Ros): Fa86 p51.
Weaver, Adam (DC): Fa74 p52; Sp82 p11.
Weaver, Arthur: Fa83 p63.
Weaver, Billy & nee Adams: Wi67 pp15,16.
Children: John
Weaver, Caroline (Mrs. Charles Bealman): Sp82 p12
Weaver, Cleland (MC): Fa66 p11; Wi67 p17; Fa74 p62; Fa83 p71.
Weaver, Dave: Su71 p29; Wi80 p90; Sp84 p4.
Weaver, Edwin Co. Comm. & Margaret Ann Dyer (MC): Fa66 p9; Wi67 pp14,16; Fa74 pp58,60;
Su14 p7,14; Fa21 p7; Wi22 p5.
Children: Ora (Mrs. Harlan B. Carter) Sp83 p17.
Weaver, Fred (MC): Wi67 p15; Fa78 p50; Fa82 p69.
Weaver, George: Fa66 p11.
Weaver, Gilbert: Fa66 p11.
Weaver, Hank: Sp83 p15.
Weaver, Hans Jr. & Harriet Bigham (MC): Fa66 p9, photo 10; Wi67 pp12, et seq. photo 13; Sp76
p15; Sp83 pp5, et seq.; Sp15 p8.
Children: Robert James, Susannah (Mrs. John Hall), Edwin, Hans III, Elizabeth, John, Fa66 p9;
John Rhemic, Isaac, Henry, George, Cleland, Fa66 p11.
“A Tragedy of the Early Days”: Ora Carter Weaver Fa66 p9-11.
Weaver, Henry: Fa66 p11; Sp76 p11.
Weaver, Isaac S. (MC): Fa66 p11; Su14 p20.
Weaver, J.W. (MC): Fa74 p62; Fa83 p71.
Weaver, James B. “Uncle Jim” (MC): Wi67 p12,16; photo Sp83 pp8,9; Wi83 p86.
Weaver, John (DC) (brother of Caroline & Adam): Sp82 p12.
Weaver John (son of Billy): Wi67 p16; Fa74 p62.
Weaver, John Rhemic (son of Hans): Fa66 p11; Wi67 p16; Fa68 p70; Fa74 p62.
Weaver, Lulu, Miss: Fa83 p71.


Weaver, Mark & Constance: Sp16 p22.
Weaver, Ora Carter: Fa66 p9.
Weaver, Pete (Cnv): Su79 p48.
Weaver, Robert: Fa66 p9.
Weaver, Susannah (Mrs. John Hall): Fa66 p9.
Weaver, Thomas: Wi67 p17.
Children: T. Lewis
Weaver, T. Louis (DC): Wi67 p17; Fa83 p63.
Webb & Co.: Fa75 p58; Fa07 p13.
Webb, Rev. & Mrs. (Dxv): Su01 p33, et seq.
Webb, Blanch Lurley: Fa11 p5.
Webb, Ethel: Fa20 p10.
Webb, J.C.: Su66 p18.
Webb, James J., PM: Fa11 p5.
Webb, Jeanette (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Webb, Lucy (Mrs. Rutherford Birchard Hayes): “Lemonade Lucy” Sp71 p19; Su75 p48.
Webb, Ona (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Webb, Percy, Deputy, Sheriff: Fa72 p55; Sp03 p9; Wi08 p23; Fa11 p5, photo p22; Su14 pp8
photo p9,15; Fa14 photo p4, et seq.
Children: Rosa?
Webb, Mrs. Tom & Rosa (Cavitt Ck.): Fa72 pp52,55. (daughter of Percy Webb, married &
maiden name the same?)
Webber, Mr. (Oak): Fa79 p59.
Webberley, Don: photo Su19 p30.
Weber Pianos: Wi15 p11.
Weber, Billy (Ros): Fa84 p61.
Weber, Cora (Mrs. Ray L. Ward then ?): photo Fa77 p52; Wi86 p77, photo p81; Su91 p45; Photo
Fa92 p62.
Weber, Effie: Cover Wi86 p74; photo Su11 p18.
Weber, Elza (GV): photo Wi86 p76, photo pp81,92; Su91 p40.
Weber, Emily (Later Ferguson) (GV): photo Fa77 p52; Sp91 p26, pho5o 28.
Weber, Ernest & Agnes Smith (Ros): photo Fa77 p52; Fa84 p61; Wi86 p77,80 photo 81; photo
Wi87 p81; Su91 pp27, et seq.; Photo Fa92 pp62,63.
Weber, Fred: Wi19 pp6,12,14.
Weber, George & Effie Stephens (Ros): Sp74 p10; photo Fa77 p52,53; Cover Fa84 pp50, photo
p63; photo Wi87 p81; cover Su91 p26; farm photo p30; home photo Fa92 p63; pruning at,
cover Wi94 p74.
Children: Maurice, Ernest, Cora (Tinglot), Elza (Kronke), Henry V. Su91 p26.
Weber, George Jr.: Fa84 p61.
Weber, Henry V. & Grace Duncan (Ros): Fa84 p50, et seq., photo p56; cover Wi86 pp74,94 w/
photos; Cover Fa91 p50; Fa92 p59; photo Su11 p18; Sp23 p27.
Weber, James & Roberta Lee Hebard: Fa93 p67.
Weber, Leopold: photo Su91 p28.
Weber, Maurice “Bud” & Kathleen (Ros): Fa84 p51, et seq.; cover Wi86 photo pp74,75, photo

p76, photo 81; Su91 p26,31; Fa91 pp59,69; Fa92 p61, photo p62; photo Su11 p18; photo
Wi17 p19.
Weber, Maurice Jr. (Ros): Fa84 p61; Su91 p26.
Weber, Morris & Emma Fisher (GV): Sp74 p3; Wi86 p77; Su91 pp26,27 family photo p28; Fa91
pp50,65; Su97 p36, photos Wi17p18,19.
Children: Emily (later Ferguson), Johanna “Josie” (later Edwards), Oscar, Leopold. Wi86 p77.
Weber, Paul (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Weber, Ruth (Ros): photo Fa84 p57.
Weber’s Bakery: Fa84 p51, et seq.; Wi84 p95; Su91 pp27,42; Fa91 p51; Wi09 p4; Sp16 p21.
“Weber’s Bakery”: by Henry Weber Fa84 pp50-66.
Weber’s Bakery delivery truck: Fa84 photos pp56,57.
Weber’s Oregon Bakery: Fa84 p61.
Webster, Mr.: Su04 p3.
Webster, Alexander & Anna Su93 pp42.
Children: Dorothy (Mrs. Walter G. Miller)
Webster, Gauius & Anna Augusta West (Ros): publisher “Roseburg Ensign” Wi91 p80; photos
Su93 pp38 & 39,45.
Children: John Su93 p45, Etta, photo Su93 p38, Alexander, photo Su93 p43.
Weed, Abner Logging Camp: Sp89 p16.
Weed, Thurlow: Su68 p45.
“Weekly Umpqua Gazette”: Wi15 et seq.
“Weekly Oregonian, The”: Su67 p18; Fa07 p15.
Weekly (Res): Post Office Fa11 p18.
Weekly, Edward E. PM (Res): Su75 p39; Fa11 pp11,18.
Weekly, Dale & Merle Ledgerwood (Boomer Hill): Sp92 p15, ranch photos pp16,17 & 18,20.
Children: Richard Sp92 p21; Wi92 p74.
Weekly, Elmer & Margaret Ward (Glen): Sp92 p21.
Children: Dale Sp92 p21.
Weekly, Kenneth Dale & Debbi Kay Rogers: Sp92 p23.
Children: Joseph Allen, Susan Elaine,
Weekly, John & Emily Rebecca Fish (Lk): Wi83 p77; Sp92 p21.
Children: Elmer.
Weekly, Richard & Patricia Ann Ronk: Sp92 p23.
Children: Kenneth Dale, Sp92 p23.
Wegner Meat Market (Sut): Sp95 p20.
Wegner, Herman & Alvina Ella Spletter (Sut): Sp95 p20, house photo 21,22, photo 23;
Children: William “Bill”, Walter, Arthur, Albert, Cyrus “Sid”, Orgene Holly, Margaret “Miggs”
Sp95 p20.
Wegner, Orgene Holly (later Hawley): Sp95 pp20,22.
Wegner, Sid: Sp95 p20.
Weiker, Dianne: “Trapper” co-editor Wi05 to Su17; then Wi17; Sp04 p23; Su10 p20; Wi12 p21;
Fa15 photo p23; Wi15 p23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23.
Weinman, or Weiman Constance, Miss (Sut): Wi95 p83; Wi99 p84.
Weir, Robert J.: Su66 p18.


Weir, Ron; photo Sp03 p18.
Weiss, Edgar P. “Billy”: photo Sp74 p11.
Weiss, John & Dorothy: Sp74 p11.
Weiss, Paul: Sp74 p11.
Wel Hammett (Willamette?): Su65 p9.
Welch, Ella L., Miss (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Welch, Mary, Mrs. (Ros): Sp99 p10.
Welch, O.D. (Ros): Su91 p40.
“Welcome to the Umpqua Valley”: song by Ron Bolt and Abe Mantle Fa09 p20.
Welker Gravesite (Gl): Sp12 p19.
Welker, Marlene: Sp86 p16.
Welker, Sam (MC): Sp67 p2.
Well’s Addition (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Wells Fargo Bank: Su97 p41.
Wells Fargo & Co.: Express Su67 p21,22; Su69 p35; Su70 p27; Wi71 p85 et seq.; Fa72 photo
p60; Su74 p31; Roseburg photo Wi97 p80; Glendale Fa08 p23.
Wells Logging: Fa01 p65.
Wells Creek (Sb): Sp81 p2; Su00 pp31,35; Fa13 p22.
Wells Family aka Wells Cemetery (Elk): Sp12 p19.
Wells, unknown boat rower in 1861 flood: Su00 p35.
Wells, Aseph (Elkton): Sp68 p3.
Wells, Chuck & Anabelle Smith (Sb): Wi98 pp94,95.
Children: Charlene, Candy.
Wells, Daniel, Dr. & Eliza (Elk): Fa66 p6; Wi67 p4; Wi90 p79; Fa13 p13,22.
Wells, David (Elk): Wi72 p83; Su75 p47.
Wells, Esther (Mrs. John L. Smith) (Kel): Sp68 p6.
Wells, Francis Franklin (Elk): Fa67 p23.
Wells, Frank (Elk): Fa67 pp21,23.
Wells, Frank L. (Ros): Wi97 p86.
Wells, Gene & Dad: Fa01 p65.
Wells, H.F.: Sp76 p19.
Wells, Ira & Anna Chandler (Elkton): Sp68 pp5,6.
Children: Esther (Mrs. John L. Smith) Sp68 p6.
Wells, James (Ola): Fa76 pp63,69.
Wells, Leander Holmes & Fanny Arrington (Ros): Cover Wi97 pp74,86.
Children: Albert “Prince”, Alice, Lee A. Sr., Wi97 p86.
Wells, Lee A. Sr. & Mrs. nee A.J. Lilburn (Ros): Wi97 p86.
Children: Lee A. Jr., Frank L.
Wells, Lee A. Jr., Dr.: Wi97 p86
Children: Lee A. Jr., Frank L. Wi97 p86.
Wells, Marshall (Reed): Sp18 p18.
Wells, Mary (Elk): Sp67 p20; Fa67 p21; Sp73 p15; Su75 p31; Fa75 p66; Su00 pp30,34,40
Wells, Roy: Ranch Fa67 p12.
Wells, Sarah (Mrs. Rufus Butler): Wi72 p84


Wells, William & Emaline Tedrow: Sp76 p6.
Wells, William N. (Sb): Wi90 p81
Wells, William R. (Olalla): Sp68 p10; Store Wi69 p83.
Wells, W.W. (Sb): Wi71 p83
Welton, Capt. (RWV): Wi77 p89.
Wert, Stephen (BLM); Fa82 p70
Wertz School (Yon): Sp06 p18
Wertz, M.A. (Glen): Su85 p45
Wescott, Charlotte (Ros): Sp87 p15
Wescott, Lyle: Su19 p25
Wescott, “Okie”: Su19 p25
Weseman, George: Fa72 pp71,72; Sp86 p18; Wi87 p88.
Wesley, Harry: Sp22 p11.
Wessela, Helena M.: Fa89 p62.
Wessela, Paul (Sb); Wi98 pp84,94.
Children: Rachel
Wessolach, Richard (Elk): Su94 p40.
“West by Wagon”: Della Rice Crawford Su74 pp41-44.
West Coast caulks (spike soled logging boots): Fa01 p52.
West Fork, Ore.: photo Su85 p44,45; Fa94 p71; Sp95 p15 photo 17; Su11 p10,20.
West Fork Cow Creek: Creek Covered Bridge, Su65 p3 photos 4; Fa68 p59; photos Sp11 p15;
West Fork Hotel: Wi76 p74.
West Harvard Blvd.: Fa01 p59.
West Side School (Sut): Sp78 p24.
West Umpqua: Fa66 p6.
West, Mr. & Mrs. (Eden): Sp04 p5; Su04 p3; Fa04 p13; Sp05 p4.
Children: a daughter Su04 p3.
West, Anna Augusta (later Webster) (Ros): Su93 p29, et seq, photo 38.
West, Calvin (Burnside or Brookings?) & Elizabeth Ludlow Hudson (GV): Sp65, p9; Fa65 p14; DLC
Fa74 p59; Su75 pp35,47; Wi90 p78; cover & Bio w/photos Su93 p26-47; DLC Sp12 p20; Fa13
Children: Anna Augusta (Mrs. Gaius Webster), David “Davy” Simpson, Calvin “Cally”
Burnside, Lydia, Jane “Jennie”, Sarah, Abigail “Abby” (Mrs. O.E. Smith), Elizabeth “Lizzie”
Su93 p34.
“Calvin B. West of the Umpqua”: Reginald R. & Grace D. Stuart Sp65 p9; Fa65 p14.
“West Family of the Umpqua”: Su93 p26-47 by Reginald Ray and Grace Dell Stuart, edited by
Doris Bacon.
West, C.P. (C.B.?), Rev. (Wil): Fa79 pp60, et seq.
West, Charles: Sp79 p24.
West, David Simpson & Merit Wright (GV): photo Su93 p31,32 home photo p33 et seq.;
West, H.F. (MC): Fa74 p63.
West, Jack: Jewelry Store Fa86 p53; Su19 p19.
West, Laverne: Sp00 p21; Wi15 pp22,23; Sp16 p22; Wi17 p23; Sp21 p20.
West, Levi: Fa00 p60.


West, Mrs. (Laverne?): Su03, p37.
West, Lavina: Sp15 p15.
West, Oswald, Gov.: Sp97 p17; Fa00 p60; Fa14 p16; Sp20 p5,6,7; Wi22 p6.
West, Richard: Sp12 p23.
West, Victor C. (North Bend): Sp70 p6; Sp84 p12.
West, William “Wink” (Ros): Wi09 p12.
West-Winniford family aka Calvin B. West Cemetery (GVJ): Sp12 p20.
Westenhiser Family, history in Douglas County w/photos and family tree: Fa16 issue.
Westenhiser Bible: Fa16 p3,14.
Westenhiser Homestead: Photo Fa16 p16.
Westenhiser, Annie Barbara: mini bio Fa16 p18.
Westenhiser, Bernice (later Merk): cover photo Fa16.
Westenhiser, Charles Lewis & Sarah Elizabeth Long: cover photo Fa16 p2, et seq. Sarah photo
p5, Louis photo p10.
Children: Charles Reynolds, William “Willie”, Annie Barbara, Mary Alice, Minerva Ann, John
Louis, Frederick Herman, Ralph. Fa16 p5,7.
Westenhiser, Charles Lewis IV: Fa16 p3.
Westenhiser, Charles Reynolds & Cassie Etta McKee: mini bio fa16 p17.
Children: Ethel Faye, Victor Edison, Helen Dorothy, Charles Louis.
Westenhiser, Christian: Fa16 pp3,4 photo p13.
Westenhiser, Fredrick Herman: Photo Fa16 p10, mini bio p19.
Westenhiser, John Louis & Amelia “May” E. Norman: Photo Fa16 p11,18 mini bio p19, photo 21.
Westenhiser, Mary Alice (later Richards): Fa16 pp5,6, photo 11, mini bio 18.
Westenhiser, Minerva Ann: Photo Fa16 p11, mini bio p18, sketch of 22.
Westenhiser, Ralph & Harrie Kitely: Photo Fa16 p11,18, mini bio p20, photo 21.
Westenhiser, William & Emma Reynolds then Coral Archer: Photo Fa16 p11, mini bio p17,
photo 21.
Wester, Marilyn Deloise: Wi76 p87,89; Wi78 p79.
Westerdahl, Ed: Su70 p32.
Westerdale, sea Capt. (Gard): Fa69 p68.
Western Auto (Ros): Su19 p20.
Western Battery Mill: Fa01 p58.
Western Field Magazine: Sp89 p9.
Western Oregon University: Fa08 p19.
Western Out-of-Doors: Su23 p11.
Western Red Cedar: Wi10 p3.
Western Star Normal School (Dr): Wi93 p89.
Western Store (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Western Taxpayers’ Association: Su23 p14.
Western Union: Office, Roseburg: Su74 p31; Su92 p42; Fa00 pp58,65; history by unknow author
Fa09 p21.
Westrope, Charles & Mrs. (Dil): Fa06 p8.
Wetherell, William Peabody & Alvia Eva Scott: Wi69 p87; Fa70 p58; Su75 p26; Fa78 p54, Fa80
p71; Sp85 p17; Fa10 p5; mini bio Wi13 p12.


Wetzell, Ruby Laurance: Sp91 p16, 18; Su91 p27; Fa92 p49.
Children: Vickie Fa92 p50.
Weyerhaeuser Co.: Sp88 pp17, et seq.; Sp94 p17;Fa01 pp59,61; Fa03 p66; Wi03 p23.
“Weyerhaeuser Railroad Operated only 15 Years”: Stephanie Bond Sp88 p18-21.
Wharton Bros. Farm Equipment: Fa91 p63; Su99 p28; Su09 p4 photo p5; Wi23 p5 et seq.
Wharton, Mr.: Su99 p30; Su09 p6.
Wharton, Charles W. (Ros): Su83 p31; Wi23 p5.
Wharton, George & Jennie (Ros): Fa72 p63; Su91 p45; Wi23 p6.
Wharton, Glen William: Wi23 p5 et seq.
Wharton, Jack R. & Sabra nee Young: Su74 p45; Sp75 p18; Wi23 cover, bio pp5-9, 12,15.
Children; Glen William (Billy Bump)
Wharton, Joseph & Elizabeth Neill (Ros): Sp89 p2; Wi23 p5.
Children: Charles, Thomas, George, Jack
Wharton, Joseph A. (UCC): Su85 p40.
Wharton, Sabra: Wi86 p82; Fa91 p63.
Wharton, Thomas “Tom” & Evelyn (Ros): Wu83 p26; Wi86 p88; Sp89 p2,9 photo 12; Su91 p45;
Wi23 p6.
“What I know About China Sam”: Eddie Kohlhagen Sp68 p14-17.
Wheat: Wi01 p74.
Wheat Prairie, Valley (Camas Valley): Su68 p43, Wi92 p88.
Wheat, Mr.: Fa13 p16.
Wheat, Myrtle (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Wheat, Viola (Brk): Sp06 p17.
Wheatly, Nancy E., Mrs. (Cnv): Wi83 p77.
Wheeler, Abraham Building: photo Sp05 p16; Sp09 p5.
Wheeler excavator: Fa06 p21.
Wheeler, Ernest & Bessie Brown (CaV): Sp96 p5; photo Fa98 p62.
Wheeler, James A.: Wi87 p93.
Wheeler, S. (Oak): Fa67 p21.
Wheeler, Simeon (UC); Sp93 p11.
When Dreams Come True: Loring Wood, Fa23 p8
Whig Party: Sp78 p3; Wi06 p15,19; Sp07 p4.
Whipple-Woolley Mill (Dr): Wi98 p80.
Whipple Ranch (Kel): Su88 p27.
Whipple, Mr. Wi69 p75.
Whipple, Hugh (Ros): Fa80 p53; Fa84 p61.
Whipple, James, Mrs.: Su70 p32.
Whipple, Lloyd: Su66 p16.
Whipple, Mr. & Mildred Wilcox: Sp84 p17; Su89 photo p33.
Whipple, R.L.: Su66 p18; Fa20 p7.
Whipple, Thomas: Su74 p41.
Whipple, William: Su66 p16;
Whipple, W.H.(Dr): Sp73 p16; Wi75 p78.
Whiskey Camp (Wright’s) (Drew): Sp89 p16, photo p19,21; Wi91 p88.


“Whistle, The”: by Clare D. Chapman Sp74 p22.
“Whistler” bark: Sp69 p2.
Whistler, Elijah F. & Sarah Ann Van Buskirk: Fa75 p62; Su10 p18.
Children: Margaret Ann (Mrs. David Hurst)+ 6 more.
Whistlers Bend: Fa75 p62; Sp89 p9-14, photo p10; Su95 p30; Photo Wi04 p5.
“White City by the Sea” (Gardiner): Su69 photo p45; Fa69 p65; Wi72 p87; photo Su73 p33.
Whitaker Family: Su75 p27.
Whitaker’s Groceria: Sp22 p19.
“White Mule”: Sp11 p23.
White Rock Butte: Sp68 p7; Fa22 p11.
White Supremacy: sp09 p 20.
White-Tailed Deer: Su08 p10.
White Family (UC): Sp93 p17.
White, Mr.: Su16 p6,8.
White, Ore. Adj. Gen. Ared: Su05 p22.
White, Bill: Sp94 p18.
White, Buck (CaV): Su92 p38.
White, Clara Belle Stevenson (MC): Su76 p35.
Children: Madge Gazley
White, Cornelius, Sea Capt.: Su65 pp,13,14.
White Dick C.: homestead photo Su84 p36.
White, Don: Sp22 p16.
White, Elijah, Dr.: Su66 p3 et seq.; Su15 pp7,8; Sp84 p5; Sp93 p7.
White, Elwin (Grn): Fa10 p19.
White, G.W. (MC): Wi20 p4.
White, Genieve (Ros): Sp87 p15.
White, Helen: Su23 p8 et seq.
White, Hugh (Kel): Wi72 p91.
White, Jerry: Wi95 p95.
White, Leon: Sp22p17.
White, Levi, Rev. (Ros): Fa88 p58.
White, M.F. (UC): Sp93 p11.
White, Martha Hermann: Su86 p27.
Whiteaker, John, Gov.: Su87 p43; Sp07 p19; Fa08 p5; Sp19 p21 (Misspelled here).
Whitehead (Indian): Su16 p5.
Whiteley Harvester & Binder: Wi15 16.
Whitesite, Mr.: Su89 p39.
Whiting, Mr. (CaV): Wi92 p89.
Whitman Bittersweet Chocolate Cigarettes: Su09 p9.
Whitman, Hoppy: Sp21 pp23,27.
Whitman, Marcus, Dr. & Narcissa: Sp72 p12; Fa75 p57; Sp99 p6; Su15 p9.
Whitman (Walla Walla) Massacre: Su74 p37; Su15 p7,9; Fa18 p3.
Whitman Mission: Fa75 p57.
Whitmore Gap: see Union Gap.


Whitmore, Dr. (Cnv): Su79 p43.
Whitmore, George A. & Mary (Oak): Fa65 p3; Fa76 p54.
Children: Delia (Mrs. Geary Young)
Whitney, Hattie Baimbridge (Oak): Fa90 p64.
Whitney, Norman (Dr. Richard Brumfield alias): Su14 p6,15,16; Fa14 pp3,18.
Whitney, Thomas: Sp08 p17.
“Whiton” bark: Sp76 p22.
Whitsett, Anna (Mrs. William Melton): Wi67 p8.
Whitsett, Jackson J. & Nancy Dodson (RWV): Wi67 p8 photo p10, et seq.; Fa75 p63.
Children: Anna (Mrs. William Melton) Wi67 p8.
“J.J. Whitsett, Indian War Veteran”: Wi67 p8-11 by Carola Bakken.
Whitsett, Tom & Mrs. & infant (Dxv): Su01 p38; Wi11 p6.
Whitsite, Mr. (Mt. Dodson area): Su89 p39.
Whittaker, Frank: Cover Sp88 p2.
Whittier, John Greenleaf: Wi16 p7.
Whittslsey, Prof.: Wi04 p21.
Who Who, Mr (Ros): Sp16 p21.
Wiard & Vosburg Grocery (Ros): Su81 p27; Fa91 p51.
Wieder (sp?), Curt: Sp22 p11.
Wieder (sp?), France: Sp22 p11.
Wiggins, Rufus Jr.: Su19 p3.
Wigholm, C.A.: Su66 p18.
Wigwam (Teepee) Burners; Fa01 photo of p57,58; photo Fa09 p18; Su19 p6.
“Wide West” sternwheeler: Su71 p37.
Wiard, Clyde & Effie (Ros): Fa91 p51.
Wicox (typo for Wilcox?), George: Sp91 p13.
Wilborn-Lewis, Viola (Ros): Fa99 p69.
Wilbur, Ore. (Bunton’s Gap): Wi68 p91; Sp69 pp15,16,22; Su69 pp34,48; Su72 p47; Su75 p27;
Sp76 p22; photo Sp86 p13; Wi90 p76; Sp00 p12; Sp02 p18; Wi02 p75; Su04 p11; Fa04 p23;
Sp08 p15; Fa09 p3 et seq.; Community Club Fa09 p8; Methodist Church & Parsonage: Fa09
pp3,8; Su10 pp3,5; Post Office: Fa11 p19; Sp12 p17, Sp19 pp7,11.
Wilbur aka Reed-Hill Cemetery-1855: Wi11 p2; Sp12 p13,20.
Wilbur Academy: See Umpqua Academy.
Wilbur aka Umpqua or Academy 1 st Cemetery-1861; Sp12 p20.
Wilbur Community Club: Fa09 p8.
Wilbur Grange: Sp79 p6.
Wilbur High School: photo Fa95 p64; Fa10 p5.
Wilbur House: photo Wi68 p94; photo Su69 p32; Wi76 p74.
Wilbur Inn: Su75 p4.
Wilbur Post Office: Fa11 p4.
Wilbur School: Fa09 p8.
Wilbur, James Harvey, Rev. D.D. “Father Wilbur” & Mrs.: Fa65 p20; Wi66 p7; Sp69 p22; Wi70
p74; Sp73 p22; Wi74 p94; Fa75 p67; Sp76 pp4,22, photo 23; Fa79 p50,55 et seq.; Fa81 p59;
Su93 p30,43; Fa09 p3, photo p4,8; Fa11 p19; DLC Sp12 p20.


Wilcox Swimming Hole, Calapooia: photo Fa19 p6.
Wilcox, Mr.: Su14 p8.
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (Lg): Wi84 p91.
Wilcox, George Sr. Su72 p35.
Wilcox, George Jr. (Cala): Wi66 p23; Fa70 p58; Su72 p30,35; Su78 p30; Fa88 p58; Su89 pp27,
photo 33; Fa90 p58; Wi90 p94,95; Sp91 p13?; Wi96 p86; Sp03 p26.
Wilcox, Mildred (later Whipple): photo Su89 p33.
Wilcox, Robert (Cala): photo Su89 p33.
Wilcox, Robert (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Wilcox, S.M. (Oak): Wi71 p86.
Wilcox, Virginia Price (Sut): Wi99 p90.
Wild Birds Unlimited: Sp21 p27.
Wild Cat Creek: Fa06 p3.
“Wild Cattle Hunting in the Umpqua Valley”: Su21 pp15-17.
Wild Hogs: Su77 p44; Wi88 p82; Sp06 p9.
Wild West Show: Su75 p40; Sp85 p15; Su08 p21.
Wilder & Agee Clothing (Ros): Sp68 p17; Fa84 p51; Su91 p44.
Wildlife Safari: Sp21 p12.
Wiles, Annabel Denn: Su92 pp27, photo 41.
Wiley: 1911 Co. Commissioner Wi71 p95.
Wiley, Mrs. Earl: Fa20 p12.
Wiley, Gladys Greer; Fa87 p70.
Wiley, Henry (MC): Fa74 p63.
Wiley, John (CaV): Wi79 p89; Wi92 p89; Su10 p10.
Wiley, Thomas (MC): Wi88 p82,88.
Wiley, William (MC): Wi88 p88.
Wilkes Expedition: Su67 p11; Fa21 p13.
Wilkes, Charles, Capt.: Fa65 p13; Wi65 p3; Su66 p7 et seq.; Sp71 p3; Sp72 pp10,12; Fa21 p13.
Wilkes, P.M. Ada (Later Cleveland): Su11 p4.
Wilkey, Dennis (Dxv): Sp98 p17.
Wilkins, Mr.: Wi04 p18; Sp05 p8.
Will, Bill: Su05 p13.
Willamette Cattle Co.: Su66 p3.
Willamette Industries: Sp21 p14.
Willamette Medical Department: Sp23 p11.
Willamette National Forest: Wi00 p85.
Willamette Pacific Railroad: Su66 p19; Su69 p46.
Willamette Pass: Wi19 p5.
Willamette Real Estate Co. Fa81 p60.
Willamette River: Middle Fork of Wi00 p76.
Willamette University: Wi68 p79; Sp69 p22; Sp02 p18; Fa10 p10; Fa14 p15,16; Sp19 pp4,7.
Willamette Valley: Sp00 p3; Wi00 p76; Sp02 p6.
Willett, Richard “Dick” (Ros): Wi20 p19 et seq; Fa21 p5.
“William and Ann” brig: Su66 p11; Fa73 p51.


“William E. Rackleff”: William M. Barber Sp02 pp21-23.
William H. Torrey Building: Su00 p37.
William, Tyee, Chief (Umpqua Tribe): Fa70 pp51,53.
Williams Bakery: Fa84 p59.
Williams Dillard Gardens (Dil): photo Su86 p44; Sp91 p10, photo 11.
Williams Place (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13.
Williams River (Coos River) (Cal): Wi95 p94.
Williams, Loren Saloon (USb): Su00 p37.
Williams, Capt. (RWV): Wi77 p89.
Williams, Asa “Ace” & Mary (LR): Sp70 p9.
Williams, Amos (Dil): Fa06 p4.
Williams, Bass (Bazz): Fa84 p59; Wi84 p95.
Williams, C. C.: Fa04 p9.
Williams, C. O. J.: Fa04 p9.
Williams, Mrs. Cynthia Ann Todd: Su70 p38.
Williams, Elizabeth: photo Fa00 p70.
Williams, Emery (Ros): Sp99 p3.
Williams, Frank (Elk): Fa67 p23; Wi75 p85.
Williams, George (Lg): Wi83 p77,86.
Williams, George “Dutch” (MC): Sp83 p11,20.
Williams, George (Peel): Fa92 p63.
Williams, Gerald W.: Fa83 p51.
Williams, Hank: Sp22 p8.
Williams, Huldah (Mrs. George Hoover): Wi75 p95.
Williams, J.E.: Wi83 p85.
Williams, J.S., PM: Fa11 p15.
Williams, James (Lk): Wi83 pp77 et seq.
Williams, Joe & Nora (Dil): Fa92 p55.
Williams, John R.: Wi74 pp80,90; Wi22 p9.
Williams, Jean (Mrs. Delbert Leatherwood): Su05 p19.
Williams, Jefferson: Wi75 p95.
Williams, Loren L. (CIM): North Umpqua Exploration Party Wi65 p15 photo p17; Sp66 p22-24;
Su66 p21-24; Fa66 p21-24; Sp73 p84,86; Su75 p27,41; Fa75 p57,67; Wi83 p78, et seq.; Cover
Su87 p26 his account of Coquille Indian incident p27-29; Sp97 p3, photo 4; Fa98 pp55 photo
61; Su00 p37; Sp02 p18; Fa05 p3, photo p9, et seq. photo p21; Wi05 p4, et seq.; Fa08 p3,
photo p4; Sp10 p4; Sp23 p7.
“Williams, L.L., Report of the 1863 North Umpqua Exploration”: Part one Wi65 p15-20; Part two
Sp66 p22; Su66 p21; Fa66 p21-24.
“Captain L.L. Williams”: Richard W. Stickroth Sr. Fa05 p3.
Williams, M.A., Rev.: Sp99 p8.
Williams, Milton & Nancy Withers (Lg): Wi75 p95.
Children: Peter, Jefferson, Huldah (Mrs. George Hoover) + 8 more.
Williams, Nancy E. (Mrs. Edwin M. Moore); Wi75 p89; Su12 p6.
Williams, Peter & Susan Mitchell (Lg): Wi75 p85,95.


Williams, Robert L., Capt. (RWV): Wi67 p8,11; Wi77 p92; Wi91 p93.
Williams, Sally Winterbotham: photo Su88 p30.
Williams, T.H.: Sp76 p11.
Williams, Tex: Sp22 p6.
Williams, William & Cynthia Ann Todd (Dil): photo Fa70 p68.
Williams, William: See Eads, William.
Williamson, Elisha (Cala): Su72 p32.
Williamson, H.M.: Su66 p19.
Williamson, Mollie (Oak): Wi66 p15.
Williamson, Solomon “Saul” D. & Adeline Reed (Cala): Fa67 p11; Su72 p32; Su76 p36; Su77
p33,47; Wi13 p6,11.
Williamson, Whitey (Til): Fa83 p64.
Willard, Mr. (Oak): Su77 p31, et seq.
Willis Creek: Wi69 p75; Sp71 p17; Su74 p43; Su89 p36; Wi01 p75,76,78, Wi10 p13.
Willis Creek Cemetery-1857: Wi01 pp74, et seq., photo 79; Wi11 p2, Sp12 p20.
Willis aka Hahn Cemetery-1858 (Dxv): Sp12 p20.
“Willis Creek Cemetery”: Ellnora Young, Wi01 p75.
Willis Creek School district: Sp91 p8; Wi01 p78.
Willis Gulch: Su74 p43.
Willis House: drawing of Sp71 p19; Su71 p40; Sp99 p4; Wi01 p93; Sp03 p20; Su03 pp40,41,47;
Sp08 photo p7; Sp12 p23.
Willis, Albert Garrison (RWV).: Wi69 pp81,83; Sp71 p17; Su74 p41; Su89 p39; Wi01 p75.
Willis, Alex & Dorcas: Su74 p42.
Willis, Andrew (Dxv): Su01 p31, et seq.
Willis, Miss Belle: Sp71 p17; Su71 p45; Sp08 p5; Fa09 p22.
Willis, Bill (MC): cover Su94 p26.
Willis, Bill: see Willis, William.
Willis, Bob: Sp22 p6.
Willis, Brownie (MC): cover Su94 p26.
Willis, Capitola (Ros): Fa06 p16.
Willis, Caroline Haines: Su71 p41 photo 42; Sp12 p23.
Willis, Ella (Dxv): Su01 p40.
Willis, Etta: Sp71 p17; Su71 p45.
Willis, Harriett J.: Wi01 p78.
Willis, Helen J. (Mrs. Robert Phipps): Wi01 p80; Sp71 p17; Su74 p41.
Willis, Jim (MC): cover Su94 p26.
Willis, Mrs. John: Fa22 p22.
Willis, Lulu: Sp71 p17; Su71 p45; Fa85 p52.
Willis, Maggie: Su74 p41.
Willis, Martha Ann (Rice).
Willis, Mary (Mrs. Alexander Gilliland): Sp71 p17.
Willis, Owen L. “Stump” (Dil): Wi01 p75; Sp71 p17; Su74 p41.
Willis, Parrish L. (RWV): Wi69 p75; Sp71 p17; Su74 p41; Su89 p39, et seq.; Wi01 p75.
Willis, Sarah Elizabeth: Sp71 p17; Su74 p41; Su89 p39; Wi01 pp75,76,78.


Willis, Snow, widow of Stephen II & George Bolton: Sp71 p19.
Willis, Steven D. I & Nancy A. Ross (DLC) (WiCk): Wi69 p75,86; Sp71 p17; Su71 p44; Su75 p29;
Fa76 pp64,71; Su89 p36; Wi89 p95; Wi01 pp75, et seq; Sp12 p20.
Children: Martha Ann (Mrs. Harrison Rice), Mary (Mrs. Alexander Gilliland), Albert Garrison.,
Parrish L., Owen “Stump”, Sarah Elizabeth, Helen (Mrs. Robert M. Phipps) Wi01 p75,78; William
“Bill” R., Sp71 p17; Wi01 p76; Su89 p36.
Willis, Stephen II & Snow (Dil): Sp71 p17,19; Su71 p45.
Willis, W. A. Rev. & Virginia Caroline Gilmore (Dxv): Su01 pp31, et seq.; Sp12 p20.
Children: Andrew, Ella.
Willis, Willard (MC): Sp67 p2; Su74 p41.
Willis, William Ross., Judge & Harriet J. (died 1859, Wi01 p78) then Caroline Haines (Ros): Su67
p24; Wi69 p75; Sp71 p14 et seq. photo 18; Fa71 p67; Su74 p41; Su75 p29,34,48; Sp76 p6;
Su76 p46; Wi83 p88; Su89 p36; Wi90 p83; Wi97 p88,90; Sp99 p4; Wi01 p78; Sp08 p3 photo
p7; Fa09 p22; Sp19 p12.
Children: Lulu, Etta & Belle, (Mrs. S.D. Evans (Ros) or Mrs. C.W. Sherman of Calif.), Stephen,
by Caroline Sp71 p17.
Willitt, Richard “Dick” (Ros): do co cream Su91 p42; Wi20 p19 et seq.
Willitt & Berg (Do. Co. Creamery): Su92 p35.
Willoughby, Amos D.: Fa89 p62.
Willow Flats: Su22 p10.
Willson, Helen: Su03 p50.
Wilson 18-mile House: Sp79 p2.
Wilson Family Cemetery (Glen): Sp12 p20.
Wilson, Mr. (Cv): Fa74 p52.
Wilson, Albert C. & Elsie G. (Yon): Sp93 p20.
Wilson, Benjamin & Sarah (CaV): Sp96 p3.
Wilson, Bernice (Yon): Sp20 p20, photo 21.
Wilson, Billy (Yon): Wi68 p95; Su75 p42.
Wilson, Blanche (later Keyes): Wi17 photo p19.
Wilson, Carrie Ladd Wilson: Fa71 p70.
Wilson, Charles & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p65.
Children: Elmer, Daisy, Edward
Wilson, Clarence (Yon): Su82 pp33,35.
Wilson, Collins (Gard): Fa69 p61.
Wilson, Dan & Cynthia Rockney: Wi17 p23; Su18 p22; Su19 p30; Wi19 p21; Sp21 pp20,25,27,28;
Su22 p22; Fa22 p3; Wi22 p3; Sp23 p24; Wi23 p4.
Wilson, Daisy (CaV): Fa81 p56; Fa98 p65.
Wilson, Dan: Sp21 p27; Fa22 p3.
Wilson, Dee (Yon): Sp81 p21; photo Su82 pp30,38.
Wilson, E. E. (Corv): Sp03 p5.
Wilson, Eric: Su09 p12.
Wilson, Erma Arant: photo Wi17 p19.
Wilson, Eula: Su10 p13.
Wilson, F.J. (Oak): Wi71 p86.


Wilson, George (Emp): Sp72 p17.
Wilson, Glenn (Wil): Wi71 p91.
Wilson, Helen G.: Su03 p50.
Wilson, J.D.: Sp79 p24.
Wilson, J.R. (Ump): Sp98 p22.
Wilson, James L., Rev. (MC): Su76 p29.
Wilson, John Dial (Yon): Fa71 pp53,55.
Children: Mable (later Klemm) Fa71 p55.
Wilson, Joseph: Sp69 p17.
Wilson, Joseph E. (Ruby PM): Fa11 p13.
Wilson, Joseph J. (Cnv): Su65 p18; Fa74 p52.
Wilson, Joseph P. (DC): Wi91 p86.
Wilson, Joe (Oak): Su77 p41.
Wilson, Kathy (Rd): Su13 p21.
Wilson, Mabel (Clev): Wi79 p95.
Wilson, Myrtle E.: Fa11 p13.
Wilson, Lewis G. & Vera Augusta Goetz: Sp87 p6; Fa87 p51; Su88 p42; Su90 p47; Fa95 p54; Su98
p27; Fa02 p69; Sp03 p 25; Su03 p44,45; Su09 p3; Wi12 p8; A Tribute to Sp16 p19.
Wilson, P.A. (Rid): Fa74 p51.
Wilson, Pearl (Mrs. “Doc” Carter) (CaV): Fa81 p56.
Wilson, Ray (Wilbur): Wi71 p91.
Wilson, Sarah: photo Wi11 p4.
Wilson, T.J. (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Wilson, Thomas (Cnv): Sp82 p10.
Wilson, Vera (Ros): See Wilson, Lewis
Wilson, William Hunt & Hannah R. Dickinson Gillan (Yon): Fa71 p51, et seq.; Sp72 pp13,15; Fa75
p72; Life of Hannah Wi90 pp94-95, photo 95; Cover Wi13 p4, photo p5, et seq.; mini bio
Sp16 p10, family photo p13.
Children: John Dial Fa71 p53, William, Sis (Later Cowan) Ella (Later Burt) Sp72 pp13,14,15.
Wilson, William Jr. “Bill” (Yon): Sp72 p13; Su75 p42; Su77 p31,47.
Wilson, William L. & Harriet Hoskins (Rid): Wi75 p95.
Wilson, W.R.: Wi21 p7.
Wilson, Pres. Woodrow: Sp72 p2; Sp77 p6.
Wilson’s Chapel of the Roses: Su22 p13.
Wilton Troupe actors: Wi75 p74.
Wilton, Ted & Judith (Ros): house photo Su95 p44.
Wimberly aka Wimberly Family Cemetery-1852 (LR): Sp00 p21; Wi11 p2; Sp12 p20.
“Wimberly Cemetery, The”: Laverne West Sp00 pp21-23.
Wimberly Cemetery Association: Sp00 p23.
Wimberly Family (LR): Fa68 p71.
Wimberly, Fort (LR): Sp00 p21.
Wimberly Place (LR): Su65 p2.
Wimberly, Mr. (Ros): (Doug. Natl. Bank) Fa91 p53.
Wimberly, Mrs. (Ros): Sp09 p3.


Children: Don.
Wimberly, Carl (Ros): Su95 p30; Sp00 p14; Su23 p8, et. seq.
Wimberly, Don: Su99 p27; Su09 p3.
Wimberly, Enoch (RWV) & Nancy A. Marks (LR): Sp68 p7; Sp00 pp21, photo 22,23.
Children: Ira, Lee, + 10 more, Sp00 p23.
Wimberly, Elmer (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Wimberly, Elva (Ros): photo Su21 p4.
Wimberly, Florence (Ros): photo Sp99 p20.
Wimberly, Glenn V. (Ros): Su83 p33; Fa20 p12,13; Wi23 p6; Wi23 p12.
Wimberly, Ira: Sp68 p7; Sp00 p23.
Wimberly, Lee & Cora (Gl): Sp00 p23.
Wimberly, Lennox L. (Ros): Wi71 p94, Fa20 p12.
Wimberly, Miss Sarah: Sp08 p5.
Wimer, Troas Church: Sp91 p13.
“Windmill, The” (Grn): Su05 p4.
Winants family: Su65 p14.
Winchester, Ore.: Su65 p3; Sp66 p6; Fa66 p6, Sp69 pp16,17; Fa71 p67; Wi72 p83; Su75 p42;
Wi75 p91; Fa76 p51; Fa79 p60; Sp00 p10; Fa01 p55; Wi01 p92; Sp02 pp15,18; Su04 p10;
Fa04 p23; Sp05 p5 et seq.; story of Su08 p7 et seq.; Wi08 p4; Fa09 p4; Wi09 p22; Sp10 pp5,6;
Fa12 p11; Fa13 p5; on map Wi13 p3; photo Su16 p5; Su16 p17; Sp19 pp10,11.
Winchester rifles: 44-40 rifle: Sp04 p5; Fa04 p22; 38-56 caliber Sp74 p22; Model 1872 30-30
Su89 p34.
Winchester Apartments (Ros): Fa01 p53.
Winchester Arms Co.: Su08 p21.
Winchester Auto Sales: Su08 p11.
Winchester Bay, Ore.: Su68 p48; Fa69 p54; Wi72 p84,88; Su75 p36; photo Fa80 p54; Sp00
pp16,18; Sp02 p14; Su18 pp4,6.
Winchester Bay Mill Co.: Su18 p6.
Winchester Bridge, original: Sp65 p12; Su65 p3; Fa75 p63; Wi75 photo p83; photo Wi90 p91,
photo 92; Su05 p10; Su08 p5.
Winchester Bridge #2: Wi75 p80, photo 83.
Winchester Cemetery-1859: Wi11 p2; see Stowel Family Cemetery.
Winchester Dam: photo Su66 pp13,14; Cover photo Wi67; Cover photo Wi79 p74; story of Wi90
p91-93, photos p92; Su08 p7 photos 11,12; photo Fa10 p7; Su16 p17.
Winchester Ferry: Wi68 p95; Fa75 p55; Wi75 pp85,93; Fa85 p49; photo Sp86 p7; Su08 p9; Sp19
Winchester Fish War: Su08 p16.
Winchester Hotel: Sp19 p11.
Winchester, Payne & Co. (LSb): Fa66 p6; Wi67 p2; Fa69 p59; Wi90 pp75,76; Su00 p36; Sp02
pp14,16,17; Fa08 p3; Fa13 p21; Sp23 pp5,7.
Winchester Post Office: Su08 p8.
Winchester Power Plant: Cover Wi79 p74.
Winchester railroad bridge: Wi67 p5; Su08 p7.
Winchester Rainbow Garden: Su05 p4.


Winchester Ranch: Fa00 p60.
Winchester School: Fa09 p8; Wi11 p18.
Winchester School aka Lane Cemetery: See Lane Cemetery.
Winchester aka Stowel Family Cemetery: Sp12 p16,20.
Winchester Trollers: Su08 p16.
Winchester, Herman: Wi p6; Wi67 p2; Su08 p7; Sp23 p5.
Winchester, T.D.: Sp68 p3; Sp84 p9; Wi90 p76,81.
Windy Cove (WinB): Fa80 p54.
Windy Creek (pna Phart Creek) (Glen): Wi65 p12; Sp72 p2; Su80 p38; photo Fa06 p5; Su11 p13.
Winebarger, Louise Briggs: Fa82 p70.
“Wing and Wing” schooner: Sp72 p19.
Winkleman, Louis: Su66 p18.
Winkler, Joel: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Winkler, John: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Winn, Merle: Fa01 pp62,71.
Winniberg, Ruby (Ros): Fa91 p55.
Winniford Post Office: Wi71 p87; Su05 p12; Fa11 p19.
Winniford place: Su08 p18.
Winniford Brothers: Threshing machine Su05 p6.
Winniford Family (CoV): Sp65 p9; Su72 p35.
Winniford Family (Ros-GV): Sp08 p15.
Winniford, Gale: Su05 p6.
Winniford, George B. & Ella Gannaway (Ump): cover Fa71 p50; Su93 p47;
Su05 pp12,15, mini bio 21.
Children: two boys, two girls Su05 p21.
Winniford, Ida Witt: Sp08 photo p15.
Winniford, Joe (Cala): Su05 p6; Fa14 photo p17.
Winniford, John (Cala): Sp96 p17; Su05 p6.
Winniford, Lee ` Fa71 p50; photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Winniford, Mae (GV): photo Fa74 p59; photo Su05 p8.
Winniford, Marvin: cover Fa71 p50.
Winniford, Ralph: Su05 p6.
Winniford, Thomas W. & Margaret (Cala): photo Fa67 pp14,15; Fa71 p50; Wi71 p87; Su75 p46;
photo Sp76 pp19,20; Fa11 photos p19.
Winniford, Vere: Sp96 p17; Su05 p6.
Winnemucca, Nev.: Fa02 p60.
Winningham, Ike (Tm): photo Fa81 p57.
Winslow, James: Su74 p36.
Winterbotham, Jerry: Su70 p32; Su88 p27; Fa90 p68; Wi90 p90; Wi93 p75; Sp03 p22; Su03
pp47,49; Fa13 p22.
Child: Sally photo Su88 pp30,31.
Winston, Ore. (Coos Junction): Su75 p41; Wi01 p78; Su05 p4; Su06 p5; Benetta Theater Sp13
Winston & Agee Orchard (Dil): Fa74 p68; Wi87 p75.


Winston Baseball Team: photo Su72 p42.
Winston Bridge: Sp06 p8; Su06 p5.
Winston aka Civil Bend Cemetery: see Civil Bend Cemetery.
Winston-Dillard Water Dist.: Fa06 p23.
Winston Family: Wi01 p83; Su05 p7.
Winston Ferry: Fa69 p85; Su75 p41.
Winston, Bill: Su05 p4.
Winston, E. (CB): Fa74 p67.
Winston, Eula: Wi79 p89.
Winston, George & Susan Lander: Sp06 pp19,21.
Winston, Harrison: Wi01 p83.
Winston, Norma (Ros): photo Fa95 p53.
Winston, Susan (RC): Sp06 p19.
Winston, W.C. & Agnes “Aggie” M. Rice (CB): Wi69 photo p84; Su74 p41; Fa74 p67; Wi01 p80;
Sp06 p21.
Winston, W.H.: Fa74 p68.
Winston, William (Grn); Wi83 p77, et seq.
“Wisconsin to Oregon”: Fa80 pp56-66, Frederick William Madantz.
Wise, Alva (Yon): Su82 p27.
Wise, Claude (Yon): Su82 p29, et seq., photo 34.
Wise, Lloyd & Della Hanan (Yon): Su82 p27; Su88 p26; Su05 p19.
Child: Raphael.
Wise, Raphael & Dorothy Walker then Nilda Curtis (Yon): Su82 p33; Su05 pp4, mini bio 19.
Children: a son by each wife Su05 p19.
“With Rod and Gun on an Oregon River”: Alfred Powers for the “Oregon Sportsman,” Jan 1918
Wi83 p89.
Withers, Lt. Jonathan: Wi90 p76; Fa99 p58, et seq.
Witt, Mr. (Wil): Fa79 p58.
Witt, Daniel (Sb): Sp02 p15.
Witte Family (UC): Sp93 p17.
Wittschen, Mrs. Jessie: Wi21 p3.
Wittwer, Rosalie (Dxv): Fa90 p52.
Wixson, Desda (Tiller): Fa71 p60.
Wofford’s Café (Sut): Wi95 pp75,81.
Wolbert, Cliff: Wi19 p4.
Wolcott, L.F. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Wolcott, U.E. & Mrs. (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Child: Percy Fa98 p63.
Wolf, Timber: Su05 p16.
Wolf Creek, Ore.: Fa68 p71; Sp78 p14.
Wolf Creek Tavern: Sp71 p10; Wi82 p83.
Wolf Creek (Main Ump) Su08 p16,18.
Wolf Creek (LR): Wi00 p78; Fa01 p56, foot bridge 67; Su22 p9.
Wolf Creek Boy Scout Camp & Trail (LR): Fa95 p56; Fa01 p67.


Wolf Creek Civilian Conservation Corps (LR) Cover Fa83 p50.
Wolf Creek Job Corps (LR): Fa83 p50; Fa95 p56; Fa01 pp64,67.
Wolf Creek, Josephine Co.: Fa10 p16.
Wolf Valley, (Tyee): Fa67 p15; Fa92 p49; Su05 p11,21;
Wolf Valley aka Tyee burial grounds: Wi11 p16.
Wolf(e) Valley Cemetery-1910 (Ump): Sp12 p21.
Wolf Valley Indians: Su05 p11.
Wolff, Mimi Hoppe: Fa01 p70.
Wollenberg Park (Rid): Su71 p28, photo p32 et seq.
Wollenberg Bros. dry goods: Wi15 18.
Wollenberg, Mr. (DC): Fa74 p54;
Wollenberg, Mrs. (Cnv); Su75 p48.
Wollenberg, Hyman & Julia Shirpser: Wi65 p12; Sp68 p16; Sp71 p11 photo p15; Su79 p43; Fa85
pp52,55; Su91 p47; Su97 p31,41; Wi12 p6.
Children: Mable W. (Mrs. Edgar S. Lewis), Natalie (Baum) Wi12 p6.
Wollenberg, Isodora & Mrs.: Sp08 photo p6.
Wollenberg, Mable W. (Mrs. Edgar S. Lewis): Wi12 p6.
Wolverine: Su66 p24.
“Woman on the Roof”: Gertrude Adams Gordon Sp95 p20.
“Women in the West: Unheralded Courage on the Oregon Frontier”: Robert Casebeer Fa02
Women of the Moose (Ros): Fa20 p17.
Women’s Airforce Service Pilot (WASP): Su20 p12.
Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU): Su67 p2; Wi88 pp75,78; Fa89 p51-55; Su96
p26; Su03 p33; Sp08 p3, et seq.; Sp22 p19.
“Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Growth of Women’s Organizations”: Fa89 p50,
Daniel C. Robertson.
Women’s Exhange Department: Fa22 p22.
Women’s Hats & Theaters: 1897 Plaindealer article Sp13 p8.
Women’s History Month: Fa02 p51.
Women’s Relief Corps: Sp80 p14; Su86 p27; Sp01 pp6, et seq.
Women’s Suffrage: Fa75 p71; Fa89 p51; Sp08 p3.
Women’s Suffrage Flag: Sp20 p24.
Wonacott, George W., Judge & L.A. (MC): Wi71 pp93,95; Su76 pp35,36; Wi21 p 5.
Children: Susie, Maude, Roy, William, Charles, Su76 p35.
Wonacott, Susie (MC): Su76 p35.
Wood Bros.: engines Fa67 p19.
Wood & Ulett Theaters: Sp13 p18.
Wood, sea Capt.: Su87 p35.
Wood, Eldon: Su85 p43 et seq.
Wood, Ellis & Lilah: Fa23 p5.
Wood, John, Rev. (MC): Su76 p27;
Wood, Kelsey: Wi09 p23.
Wood, Lloyd (Sut): Su13 p3.


Wood, Loring & Amy Gagel Wood: article, Fa 23 pp 5-16, cover photo.
Wood, Marshall: Su02 p44.
Wood, Mary (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Wood, Orville (Ros): Sp87 pp6, et seq.
Wood, R.H.C. (Ros): (Roseburg Book Store) Su95 p30.
Wood, T.A. (or A.T.?), Rev.: Wi75 p75,89; Sp05 p15.
Wood, Steve: Su09 p12; Su15 p22; Su20 p10; Fa22 p18.
Wood, W.A. (MC): Sp18 p17.
Woods, George Lemuel, Gov.: Fa97 p54.
Wood’s Bay (Mump): Fa69 p54.
Woodard, Corinne C.: Fa87 p70:
Woodbury Sweep: Fa67 p13.
“Wooden Shoe” sled boat: Su03 p38.
Woodfield, U.H. (CaV): Fa98 p63.
Woodley, Stephenson Shop (Ros): Sandwich Shop Su88 p40; Fa91 p59.
Woodmen of the World (WOW): Sp77 p10; Fa00 p52,60; Sp12 p4.
Woodrich, Marilyn T.: Sp84 p17.
Woodruff Mt.: Wi84 p74.
Woodruff Family: Su75 p27; Fa79 p65.
Woodruff, Anthony Hart (Clev): Su72 p37,39; Wi79 p93; Su83 p36; Fa86 p64; Su93 p31.
Children: Elizabeth
Woodruff, Betty (Cala): Fa88 p63.
Woodruff, Dale & Betty Lou Moore: Su83 pp36-41; Su93 p47.
Children: Nancy Lucinda (Howell), Pamela Ann (Graf), Scott Glen. Su83 p41.
Woodruff, Delph: Wi89 p75, et seq.
Woodruff, E. N.: Su05 p7.
Woodruff, Elizabeth (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Woodruff, Evan T. (Clev): Wi79 pp93,95.
Woodruff, Fannie (Clev): Su68 p34.
Woodruff, George: Wi83 p78.
Woodruff, Glenn Elgwyn & Georgia Grace Sergent (Ros): Su83 p36, photos pp39,40; photo Fa86
Children: Dale, Helen (Mrs. Myron Lehne), Hazel, Harold, Gladys, Glenn Jr. Su83 pp36,41.
Woodruff, Helen (Mrs. Myron Lehne): Su83 p36; Fa86 p64.
Woodruff, Jonathan “Jock” (FS): Wi69 p92; Su72 p37,39; Su83 p36; Sp86 p10; Fa86 p64; Su93
Children: Thompson Sp86 p10.
Woodruff, Dr. Jonathan Durley & Lucretia Mae Stearns (Ros): Su83 pp36-41; Fa86 p64.
Children: Glenn, Helen (Mrs. Myron Lehne) + 7 more
Woodruff, Johnathan W. (Clev): DLC Su68 p26; Wi69 p92.
Woodruff, Luella (Clev): Wi79 p95; Wi92 p89.
Woodruff, Robert & Margaret Cathcart (CoV): Fa67 p18; Wi83 pp77, et seq., photo p82.
Children: Mort, Virgil.
Woodruff, Thompson: Sp86 p10.


Woodruff, Virgil: photo Wi17p18.
Woods, A.E. (Cnv): Su79 p47.
Woods, Clifford (Cal): on map Sp94 pp12,13,20; Wi95 p94.
Woods, George Lemuel (Gov): Wi83 p86.
Woods, Gus (Kel): Wi67 p23.
Woods Sawmill (Cal): Sp94 p20.
Woodson, J.L: Fa99 p69.
Woodson, Jess (Elk): Wi65 p8; Sp75 p13.
Woodson, Mary M. (Mrs. Henry Beckley): photo Sp67 p21.
Woodson, W.T.: Sp79 p24.
Woodson, Willetta (Eug): Fa80 p56.
Woodward Lumber Co. (Sut): Sp88 p18.
Woodward, Mr. & Ida Witt Winniford: Sp08 p15.
Woodward, Amos: Sp90 p6.
Woodward, Henry H. (RWV): Wi67 p11; Wi69 p92; Su75 p38; Fa75 p53; Wi93 p75; Wi97 p75;
Sp01 p6; Fa19 p4; Fa21 pp15,13.
Woodward, W.G. Harness shop (Ros): Wi15 p12.
Woody, Frank: Sp16 p22.
Woody, Marjorie Bell: Fa87 p70.
Wool, John E., Gen.: Wi69 p94; Fa75 p57; Sp78 pp3,4.
Woolley Center: Sp01 p22.
Woolley Logging Company: Fa01 p67.
Woolley Lumber Mill (SR): Fa01 p55.
Woolley Planing Mill (Dr): Sp76 p14; Fa01 p55.
Woolley: Post Office Fa11 p20; Cemetery Wi11 p15.
Woolley Ranch: Wi11 p16.
Woolley Family: Wi11 p10.
Woolley, Donna: Wi82 p90.
Woolley, Glen: Fa01 p65.
Woolley, Harold: Fa01: pp58,65.
Woolley, Anna L.: Fa11 p20.
Woolley, Frank & Mrs. nee Berry (Ros): Sp83 p22.
Woolley, W.R. & Mrs.: Sp17 p17.
Woolman, Golda: Su13 p5.
Woolworths Dept. Store (Ros): Fa91 p53; Su99 p28; Su05 p4; Su09 p4.
Worcester State Hospital; Sp03 p15.
“Work for the Night is Coming”: Wi87-94 by Margie Brown.
Work, John (also Wark) (HBC) & Josette Legace: Su65 p6; Fa65 p12; Wi65 p4; Sp66 p11 et seq.;
Wi66 p5; Wi67 p24; Cover Sp68, Bio p2; Sp72 p9; Sp76 p20; Sp84 p7; Sp93 p7.
Works Progress Administration (WPA): Su79 p27; Sp85 p16; Sp01 p20; Fa02 p60; Fa03 pp57,58;
Fa19 p3.
World War I: Fa00 p54; veterans of, Sp01 p16.
Worley, F.O. (DC): Fa74 p54.
Worley, George M. (DC): Fa74 p52.


Wortman, Jacob & Eliza Stumbo: Su80 p31,32, photo p37,39.
Children: John.
Worthington, Chester: Sp12 p16.
Worthington Covered Bridge (DC): photo Sp74 p13; photo Sp11 p14;
Worthington, Wade & Mrs.: Su65 p20.
WOW: Fa00 pp52,60.
“Wreck of the Steamer Tacoma, The”: George Abdill Sp72 p16-24.
Wright’s (Whiskey) Camp (Drew): Sp89 p21.
Wright Family Cemetery-1857: Wi11 p18.
Wright Family (LR): Sp66 p4.
Wright, Mr.: Su16 p8.
Wright, Ben, Capt.: Sp69 p18.
Wright, Burley: Wi65 p2.
Wright, Calvin W. (Glen): Sp71 p2.
Wright, C.W.(Ros): Fa70 p50.
Wright, Charlie: Wi65 pp2,6; Sp66 p5,6.
Wright, Charles Humble: Sp66 p6.
Children: Perry Sp66 p6.
Wright, Dale: Sp21 p13.
Wright, Donald & Norma Jean (Gl): Fa90 pp50,52, photo 57.
Wright, E.W.: author of “Marine History of the Pacific Northwest” Sp72 p20; Fa07 p10.
Wright, Edgar: photo Sp66 p5; Wi83 p77.
Wright, Eli (Til): Sp89 p18.
Wright, Esther (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Wright, Frank: Su16 p7,8.
Wright, Fred M.: Sp09 p4.
Wright, George (Drew): Sp89 p22.
Wright, Glen: Sp12 p23.
Wright, Harriett (Mrs. James H. Beane) Sp12 p8.
Wright, Hubert: Sp66 p6.
Wright, J.T., Dr.: Wi69 p94.
Wright, J. W. (CoV): Wi83 p77, et seq.; Wi04 p23; Sp05 p8 et seq.
Wright, Jackson & Marinda Richardson: Sp76 p8.
Wright, James (Oak): Su77 p47.
Wright, Jay (Drew): Sp89 p16, et seq, photo 19, Wright Bros. Barn photo p20.
Children: Robert
Wright, Jeff (MC) M. C. Mail publisher after Schiltz; Sp84 p17.
Wright, Jessie: see Perry Wright.
Wright, Jim, Sheriff: Fa67 p3; Sp70 p10; Fa85 p52.
Wright, Joe & Gertie Higgins (DC): Sp89 pp16,17.
Children: Jessie, Edna.
Wright, John (Gl): Su83 p44; Fa90 p50;
Wright, John & Virginia Rose (MC): photo Wi12 p17.
Children: Gary, daughter.


Wright, John (Ros): Fa72 p54; Su11 p14.
Wright, John B.: photo Sp66 p5.
Wright, John Franklin “Penny”: Teacher photo Sp66 p5,6.
Wright, John Merit & Emily Simmons (FS): Su68 p32; Su75 pp35,42; Wi83 p77.
Children: Missouri Ann (Mrs. Louis Thomas Thompson)
Wright, Josephine (later Bigham): Sp15 p9.
Wright, Joshua & Nellie May Higgins (Milo): Sp89 p16 et seq., photo 19, Wright Bros. Barn
photo p20; Sp15 p10,12.
Children: George, Beatrice
Wright, Kevin: Sp16 p22.
Wright, Laura (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Wright, Lazarus & Becky (MC): Wi67 pp12,15; Sp68 p7; Wi68 p93; Su69 p40; Wi75 p87; Sp83
pp9,19; Su10 p18; Sp12 p9; Su15 p22; Sp19 p13.
Children: Seven Su10 p18.
Wright, Lazarus Hotel: Sp19 p13.
Wright, Lula (CS): photo Sp78 p21.
Wright, Mickey: Su19 p7, photo 8.
Wright, Missouri Ann, (Mrs. Lewis Thomas Thompson): Sp68 p18; Su75 p42.
Wright, Nathaniel “Dan” (Drew): Sp89 pp16,18.
Wright, Norma Jean: Sp00 p23.
Wright, P.J.: Sp67 p10.
Wright, Perry & Jessie Louetta Hatfield: Sp66 p3,4, photo 5; Wi66 p15; Fa68 p50; Wi73 p81;
Wi81 p78; Fa86 p53; Wi86 pp75,80,82; Cover Fa90 pp51-61, w/photos; Fa93 p67; Wi00 p94;
Sp03 p22; Su03 p43; Wi03 p24; Fa08 p11.
Child: Donald.
Wright, Jessie, Memories of: Fa90 p51-61, Norma Strader Hatfield.
Wright, Perry II: Sp66 photo p5.
Wright, Pete (Dil): Su06 p17.
Wright, Ray (SUmp): Sp89 p16; Fa99 p69.
Wright, Robert (SUmp): Sp89 p16; Wi91 p88.
Wright, Dr. T.J.: Wi69 p94.
Wright, Verna Sp87 p15.
Wright, W.T. (Ros): Fa73 p70; Su97 p36, Fa21 p7.
Wright, Walter: photo Sp66 p5.
Wright, William (CoV): Wi83 pp77, et seq.
Wright, William & Lulu: (MC) Sp67 p2.
Wright, William P.: Wi83 p86.
Wright, Winfred: Sp66 p6.
Wroe, Dorothy (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Wroe, Floyd A.: (SR): photo Su73 p37. Fa11 p20.
Wroe, Harriet (SR): photo Su73 p37.
Wroe: Post Office Fa11 p20.
Wroe, William M.: (SR): photo Su73 p37; Fa11 p20.
Wurlitzer Organ: Fa08 p21.


Wyatt, Mr.: Su01 p42.
Wyatt, Mike, Mayor (Ros): Sp88 p9.
Wyatt, Steve M.: Sp22 p9.
Wyatte, Mrs.: Su01 p38.
Wye track: Wi72 p75.
Wyeth, Nathaniel: Sp72 p12.
Wyley, Mr. (Eden): Sp04 p5, et seq.; Su04 p4.
(Maybe the same?)
Wylie, Walter (Eden): Sp04 p4, et seq.; Fa04 p4 et seq.; Wi04 pp4,6,10; Sp05 p3 et seq.
Wynatt Prune dryer: photo Fa74 p64.
Wynd, Crater Lake Naturalist: Sp23 p24.
Wyneger, W. Preston & Helen P.: Sp22 020.
Y Café (Reed): Wi98 p92.
Y2K (Year Two Thousand) computer snafu: Wi12 p8.
Yakima Indians: Wi06 p13.
Yakonan Nation: Sp71 p4.
Yale Univ.; Sp03 p15.
Yates, Spencer: Su23 p16.
“Years with the United States Forest Service” Eldon McLaughlin: Wi00 p75-95.
Ye Olde Art Shoppe, (MC): Sp13 p18.
Yellow Creek (Mump): Sp66 p11; Fa01 p61.
Yellow River: See Coast Fork Willamette.
Yeoha, Mr. (Wil): Fa79 pp58,59.
Yett, Bessie (Mrs. John Johnson) (GV): Fa77 p53.
Yew Tree: Fa03 p66.
YMCA: Fa10 p6: Sp17 p17.
Yokonam Indians: Fa21 p14.
Yokum Covered Bridge, Cow Creek: photos Sp11 p10.
Yokum Ferry: Wi12 p14; Sp19 p15.
Yokum, Calvin: Su71 p26.
Children: Newt Su71 p26.
Yokum, George (Rid); cover Su71 p26; Su88 p26.
Yokum Grade: Su67 p21.
Yokum, H.: Fa74 p58.
Yokum Haying Crew: photo Fa19 p14.
Yokum, John Sr. & Malinda: DLC Su71 p26: Wi12 p14; Sp19 p15.
Children: James Andrew Jackson
Yokum, James Andrew Jackson & Lelah Davis: Su71 p26: Wi12 p13.
Children: five plus George, Calvin & Pearl A. (Mrs. Charles Edward Merritt then Mrs. Asa
Wilson Lawson) Su71 p26.
Yokum, Newt: Su71 p26.
Yokum, Pearl A. (1 st Charles Edward Merritt-2 nd Asa Witson Lawson): Su71 p26: House photo
Wi80 p90; Wi12 p13, photo p18.


Yokum, “Peg Shoe” (MC): Fa78 p50.
Yokum, Ruby: Sp19 p15.
Yokum, Tom: Su71 photo p31.
Yoncalla Butte: on map Wi13 p3.
Yoncalla, Ore.: Wi76 p83; photos Fa94 pp52,55,; Sp00 p12; Wi00 p76; Fa01 p61; Sp02 p7; Su03
p40; on map Wi05 p18; Su07 p14; Su09 p20; Fa09 p6; Sp10 p6; Wi11 p16; Sp12 p17, Wi12
p13; Su13 p6; Fa16 p5; Sp19 p10.
Yoncalla Eagles Baseball Team, 1921: Su82 w/photos p27-38.
Yoncalla Cemetery: See Applegate Pioneer Cemetery.
Yoncalla School: photos Su73 pp44,45; Wi88 p93; Su05 p19.
Yoncalla Historical Society: Su03 p49,51.
“Yoncalla – Home of the Eagles”: Annie, Anne, Applegate Kruse Wi69 p91; Wi75 p91; Sp85 p20;
Fa88 p62; Wi05 p20.
Yoncalla Institute: Sp72 p15; Fa75 p61; Wi05 pp7,8.
Yoncalla IOOF: Fa16 p20.
Yoncalla Post Office: Wi75 p91.
Yoncalla Valley: Wi65 p6; Su68 p44; Su72 p39; Sp00 p3; Sp02 p7; photo Wi13 p8; Sp16 p9.
Yoncalla Women’s Study Club: Fa89 p55; Fa16 p18.
“Yoncalla Women Win!”: Tricia Powell Sp20 p17-23.
“Yoncalla Yesterday”: Yoncalla Historical Society Su03 p51.
Yonce, Finn (Dil): ferryman Fa06 p10.
Yonkers, Mildred: Fa87 p70.
York, Elmetta Bailey: Fa96 p70.
York, John W., Rev.: Fa85 p49.
Youcola Butte: on map Wi13 p3.
Youth Conservation Corps (YACC): Fa01 p67.
Younce, Finn (Dil): Fa06 p10.
Young Mill (lumber), (Oak): Su05 p3.
Young Family (WC): Wi01 pp81,83.
Young, A. G.: Wi72 p92.
Young, A. J. (Ros): Su83 pp31,33; Su05 p7.
Young, Ambrose C. & Mrs. nee Reed: Su76 p46.
Young, Beatrice L.: Sp85 p20.
Young, Brigham: Wi68 p85.
Young, Caleb (MC): Sp83 p11.
Young, Clara, Carla, Carol? Mae: Wi66 p15 (Oak); Wi01 p83.
Young, Cora: Fa00 p69.
Young, Don: Su19 p19.
Young, E.G. & Co. Bank (Oak): Sp69 pp10 bank photo 11; Wi71 p85; Sp73 p14; Sp77 p4; Su97
Young, E.G. Jr. (Oak): Sp77 p11; Su78 p27; Su97 pp41,45.
Young, Edgar L.: Sp12 p11.
Young, Edward G. Sr.: (Oak): Fa65 p3; Wi 71 p85; Su76 p46; Fa76 p54; Sp77 p6; Fa80 p65; Su81
p43; Su97 p41,44; Su10 p19.


Children: Geary, Fa65 p3; G. Gary, Su97 p45.
Young, E.G. Merchandise Store (Oak): Sp77 p9,10, photo 12.
Young, Ella May (DCM): “Trapper” Pub. Committee Su83 to Wi86; Su80 p47; Wi80 p75; Fa83
p71; Sp85 p12; Wi85 p74; Sp88 p11; Su91 p27,33; Sp92 p3; Fa92 p61; Sp03 p17.
Young, Ellnora Rose: Wi01 pp75, photo credit 79,83; Sp12 p22; Wi12 p8; Sp19 p19; Memories,
Sp22 pp8,9.
Young, Ewing: Fa65 p13; Wi65 p4; Su66 p3; Sp84 p7; Sp93 p7; Fa08 p3.
Young, Faith (Later Debernardi) (Ros): photo Fa95 p55.
Young, G. Gary (Oak): Su97 p45.
Children: Edward G. Jr., Su97 p45.
Young, Geary & Delia Whitmore (Oak): Fa65 p3; Sp77 p10; Fa81 p60.
Young, Glenn L. & Phala Rabun (Ola-GV-GS): Wi01 photo pp82,83.
Children: Betty (Later Mrs. Abner Rice, Jr.) photo Wi01 p82,83.
Young, Harry Logging: Fa01 p56.
Young, James (Oak): Wi66 p12; Sp99 p8.
Young, Jim & Judy (Np): Wi03 p24.
Young, Jimmy (Oak): Sp77 p14.
Young, John: (UCC): Su85 p35.
Young, John H. & Mrs.: Fa75 p59; photo Wi12 p17; Wi23 p6.
Young, Maybelle: Su86 p27, et seq.
Young, Mildred: Wi21 p10.
Young, Peggy Carter: Sp85 p17.
Young, Ray M. & Opal Dodd (GV): Wi01 p83.
Children: Ellnora Wi01 p83.
Young, Rendall (Ros): Su99 pp27,28; Su09 pp3,4.
Young, Rosa M. (Glen): Fa67 p2.
Young, Roy O. (Ros): Fa76 p56; Su78 p30.
Young or Yung Sam: See China Sam.
Young, Virginia: Fa95 p54, photo 55; Wi09 p23.
Young’s Bay Logging: Fa01 p56.
Yount, Helen (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Yreka, Calif.: Su05 p13; Wi06 p14; Sp19 pp4,10.
Yung, Joe (MC): Wi92 p76.
Zachary, George (Ros): Fa85 p57.
Zachary, Sarah Agness Walker: Sp06 p7.
Zaidlicz, Ed: Fa01 p61.
Zegers, Phyllis: Su21 pp3,5.
Zelinsky, Hyman: Su10 p19.
Zenev, Irene (DCM): Su97 p27.
Zenor family: Wi01 p75.
Zigler, Mildred (Ros): Sp87 p15.
Zigler, Norma Jean: Sp22 p6.
Zimmerick, Helen (Ros): Sp87 p15.

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